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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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ben: searching for answers after three women were killed in downtown milwaukee. the mystery police are trying to solve this morning days after a deadly crash. melinda: plus, helping you find a job one ride at a time. the big announcement expected thousands of people here in southeast wisconsin. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. another cold morning and rain is on the way. we're keeping a close eye on your forecast. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, october 25th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center, good morning, sal. sally: good morning, it is a beautiful crescent moon on the way in. clouds are still off to the
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temperatures taking a nose dive. warmer along the lake with the temperatures near 40s with fair skies. clouds are moving in for us early risers and treated to a liteel sunshine before the clouds are filling in for us today. the skies remaining mostly cloudy and the showers staying to the light winds this morning. getting up to the 50s this afternoon. remove the leaves from the street to open up the storm drains. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. melinda: new from overnight, milwaukee police are investigating a homicide. it happened near arlington and hamilton. that's a block north of brady
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police say a woman was found dead inside a home. investigators say they do have a person of interest in mind. they are now looking for him. this is the fourth homicide in the city in the last 24 hours. ben: right now, police are looking for another person involved in a hit-and-run crash that killed three women. the driver of the car has already turned himself in but a passenger is on the run. police sources tell wisn 12 news that 23-year-old jasen randhawa was behind the wheel. he turned himself in to police yesterday. he has a history of drinking and driving. court records show randhawa was found guilty of owi last year after driving the wrong way on a divided highway. he is not yet facing charges. melinda: three women were in the uber car that was hit. tim, what are we learning about them? tim: all three women lived in chicago and worked in the advertising business. one of them, 30-year-old ashley sawatzke, was from southeast
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she grew up in menomonee falls and graduated from uw. 35-year-old lindsey cohen and 32-year-old amy taylor were also killed. they were all visiting milwaukee for the weekend on their way back to their hotel when the crash happened. sawatzke's uncle has commented on facebook asking people to keep the victims in their hearts and prayers. melinda? melinda: uber released a statement about the crash calling it tragic and extending families. the company says they will help the investigators any way they can. the driver of that uber car was seriously hurt. he is in the hospital this morning in critical condition. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:33. a milwaukee family is planning a funeral this morning after their 14-year-old died in a crash in grand chute. police say the boy was driving a stolen car and crashed into a light pole in an ihop parking lot. police say they had gotten
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driving and chased the car before calling off the chase because of unsafe speeds. right now the state patrol is investigating. melinda: looking ahead now, milwaukee county is launching a new bus line designed to help your loved ones find work. it's called job lines. it will include bus routes that take people from milwaukee out to washington and waukesha counties. an announcement is expected today. officials say there are more than 150 employers along these bus routes and the routes could help people get new opportunities. ben: right now, uw campuses across the state need repairs, about two billion dollars worth. that's the backlog that's been built up over the years. the uw system is requesting that the state allow the board of regents to help manage campus construction projects. those projects would not use state money. they're also asking for $713 million in state funding over the next two years. melinda: election day is two weeks from today and this morning, the road to the white
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chelsea clinton will be in wisconsin today campaigning for her mother, hillary clinton. there are events in lacrosse, stevens point and madison. the trump campaign does not have any wisconsin events on the calendar right now. ben: right now, there's a push to put a milwaukee legend in the spotlight at the world series which starts tonight. >> as you know monty, vaughn has been working on a couple of new pitches, the eliminator and the humiliator, to compliment his fastball the terminator. i heard that. dynamite dro m that broadcast school has really paid off. ben: that's brewers announcer bob uecker who played an announcer for the indians in the movie major league. well, now the indians are in the world series and fans want uecker to announce the games. more than 44,000 people have signed a petition on asking fox broadcasting and the mlb to have uecker replace joe buck. buck responded last night on
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would make him happier than having uecker in the booth. that would be quite a team. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:36. one man's day on the town ends with a trip to jail. melinda: coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," why the suspect says he walked into traffic while dressed as a tree. ben: plus, a massive manhunt is underway this morning after a deadly crime spree in oklahoma. what the killer allegedly posted
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sally: we are tracking wind and rain, heads up for wednesday, but on this tuesday morning skies are fair and the readings 31-40. 40 is where we find the airport this morning. lighter east winds for much of the die today. clouds are coming back and looking at the rain and winds tomorrow. think about clearing the street and storm drains in front of your house from the leaves, we could be looking at urban flooding or ponding if the drains are not clear.
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glendale. brown deer 32. 35 degrees at hales corners. temperatures 30s and 40s. the clouds will be filling in the west. >> thank you. check your halloween decorations. ben: there's a recall to tell you about this morning. target is pulling 127,000 window decorations from its stores. the consumer product safety commission says the window clings could causes here is a look at them on the screen. the clings are made of gel and include an led light which can come apart. if you have one at home, return it to target for a full refund. >> new this morning, a deer walks into a bar. you have heard that joke before. that may sound like the start of a bad joke but it's real. melinda: take a look. this happened in alabama. this is a real thing. the deer got inside a tavern somehow. it's an old bar that's in the
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the deer wasn't doing much damage but officials still wanted it gone. eventually the deer was able to walk out the front door. off he goes. ben: the people are getting out of his way too. melinda: right now, a man in maine is in some trouble with the law after he dressed up as a tree. ben: you heard that right. he put on the tree outfit and stood near a portland intersection. it's not illegal to dress up as a tree that's not why he's facing charges. police say he was blocking traffic. so now he's in a county jail. police say the man wanted to see how people would react to his so-called performance. that is not a performance. it is a good costume though. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:41. free donuts thanks to a legendary basketball player. melinda: the athlete teaming up
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halloween and what the adventure could mean for any of you looking for a snack. ben: plus, a rescue on the great lakes. the two things a group of friends did while in the water that may have prevented a
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sally: 4:45 on this tuesday morning. plowing through october and november is next week. 40 degrees. winds are calm. away from the lake the readings freezing or below 32 degrees this hour in fair and frosty for the early risers this morning but the clouds are coming back. skies are fair. the clouds rapidly filling into the southwest and moving across the state and mostly cloudy today and hitting the mid 50s. ben: right now, a manhunt in oklahoma in the town of wellston. officials are searching for a murder suspect. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom with the latest details. tim. tim: police say that michael vance has shot six people,
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two of the people who were hurt are police officers. officials say the two people who died were vance's aunt and uncle. those crimes sparked a shoot out with wellston police. officials say vance shot two officers and then stole their vehicle. then he carjacked a man at a nearby trailer park. vance is still on the run this morning. investigators say they think vance is still in oklahoma, possibly in the same county. back to you. ben: abc news has a crew in look for a report today on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. that's after "wisn 12 news this morning." melinda: right now, protests are still going on over a north dakota pipeline. the protesters have created roadblocks the last few days over a county highway. roads in the area are closed while officials try to get control of the protesters. more than 250 people have been arrested since august. now, court systems in north dakota are overwhelmed trying to
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ben: police in california are investigating after a school bus overturned with students on board. three students and a bus driver were taken to the hospital after the crash. they're all expected to recover. police say there was another vehicle involved in the crash, it went off the road and hit a tree. four special needs students were on board the bus. melinda: new this morning, three boaters are safe after spending a night stuck on lake erie. their boat got stranded after a fishing net ta they waited 10 hours for help to arrive. they lit off all their flares and the very last time rescuers spotted them. soon all three men were back on dry land warming up after their cold night. >> basically just trying to stay warm the whole night, just trying to make it through. melinda: they huddled together
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made sure they had sturdy life jackets before they went off on the boat which gave her hope that they would be found safe. thanks mom. ben: several states opened up early voting yesterday with massive turnout. this was the scene over a polling place in houston, texas yesterday. the first day of early voting shattered records there. people waited for hours to cast their ballots. early voting started in alaska, arkansas, florida, illinois and of course, statewide here in wisconsin. melinda: jimmy kimmel had a high-profile guest last night president obama. the commander in chief stopped by to talk politics and read some mean tweets. >> my mom baukt bad hair
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at least i will go down at a president. >> phone drop. oh boy. he's a funny president. jimmy kimmel is a funny host though. >> you have to throw in a couple of the donald trump tweets in there. >> chilly 31 degrees watertown. 32 waukesha. fair and frosty this morning with the light winds over night the temperatures really dipped. clouds are coming in fast. we have low pressure and actually a little warm front getting organized to the south and west. you can see rain showers across the dakotas and moving into
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the showers are up and over the warm front. all this action is moving to the east and that will be the focus for the wind and the rain. 40 at the airport. 33 at madison. regional readings are showing 40s and 50s. a bubble of warm air over the plains. we make it up to the 50s. it is a frosty start. 31 # watertown. 32 waukesha. 33 elk horn. for today, between now and 7:00, frosty and fair. becoming cloudy for today. we make it up to 54 and staying dry for the day. but the clouds are going to fill in. look at the rain lining up, 10:30 tonight across minnesota and iowa. any time at 2:00 a.m. we could be seeing the rain moving in. this 7:00 tomorrow morning steady rain in place for us. in addition to very gusty winds,
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showers hang on there. they are lighter in the afternoon, but hanging on throughout the afternoon and evening hours. the cloud deck is fairly stubborn on thursday. today 54. becoming cloudy. 44 tonight. gusty winds and rain for tomorrow. highs near 50. clouds are stubborn on thursday close to 50. a warm up on friday. a stray shower is possible lateser in the afternoon. >> a nurse that survived ebola file add lawsuit. >> it has been two years and she's suing the hospital where she worked and the lawsuit is settled. they have released how big the settlement is. the lawsuit claimed the the
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ebola. back to you. >> thank you, tim. new, jarod fogel's ex-wife is suing subway. she said that subway knew about his interest in children and failed to take action and allowed him to work in the schools after the company found out about past allegations. >> new this morning a man's murder trial featured on serial could be out on bail soon. he's serving a life sentence in maryland convicted of murdering his girlfriend and now he's getting a new trial and the attorney wants him out bail during the trial.
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it is partnering with a gun store to offer the deal. they have been doing it three years now. in texas it doesn't raise eyebrows. >> farming, hunting, ranching, it is all intertwined, so it is just a natural fit for texas. >> look at that great hat couples buy the engagement rings and get a gift certificate for a shotgun or a rifle. >> the shaq is sharing the love for donuts, he's owning a krispy kreme shot in atlanta and speaking for the company and now you can win prizes and shack
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>> summer may be over, but a dog in alabama is not done with the summer treats. when he hears the ice cream truck coming he runs out, there he is, he runs out to meet the truck. the driver and rambo has been meeting like for a year. he gets a sweet treat to enjoy. >> today on kwauntico stops by. >> the only thing i new about fbi and the c.i.a. was what i watched on tv. i didn't know how to announce yourself. it is such a sense of power going fbi, fbi, in that voice. you feel so powerful.
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afternoon at 4:00, stick around for 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick. >> the bucks season opener is tomorrow. >> that is right, what the team is doing today to help local schools. plus, cold and flu season is here and the announcement plan announced designed to keep your family healthy. a popular ride that took the
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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>> welcome back. new this morning, one in four cancer deaths in the united states is linked to smoking cigarettes. >> that is according to the new society, it is higher among men in southern states. researchers analyzed 2014 health surveys and government data in the study. >> if your mom or grandma had hot flashes you are more likely to get them as well. now scientists have found a genetic reason, the good news is that research could help develop
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prevent them. >> research is finding that many doctors are prescribing the wrong doctors for infections, ear and sore throating and sinus infections get the incorrect antibiotic half of the time. researchers think that part of the problem is that the patients request specific antibiotics. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. a violent start to the week, four homicide in less than 24 hours in milwaukee. new information about a victim found dead in a home overnight. >> plus, it is time to roll up
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now is a good time to get the flu shot. how you can get vaccinated for free today. to a look outside, we are on traffic and weather watch. >> now to meteorologist sally severson. sally: we are starting with the sunshine, but the clouds are filling in quickly. the weather story early is the temperature, it is chilly. we have 32 degrees in waukesha. 40 at it is a cloudy comeback. this afternoon the seasonal highs and overcast. we stay dry throughout the day today. it is tonight and tomorrow that we are talking about wind and rain. 39 at the airport. 32 degrees at waukesha. here is a look at the satellite, the clouds are returning quickly. if you are out and about, grab the shades. matt? >> it is quiet right now. a freeway closure 94 westbound


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