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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  October 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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now is a good time to get the flu shot. how you can get vaccinated for free today. to a look outside, we are on traffic and weather watch. >> now to meteorologist sally severson. sally: we are starting with the sunshine, but the clouds are filling in quickly. the weather story early is the temperature, it is chilly. we have 32 degrees in waukesha. 40 at it is a cloudy comeback. this afternoon the seasonal highs and overcast. we stay dry throughout the day today. it is tonight and tomorrow that we are talking about wind and rain. 39 at the airport. 32 degrees at waukesha. here is a look at the satellite, the clouds are returning quickly. if you are out and about, grab the shades. matt? >> it is quiet right now. a freeway closure 94 westbound
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out of the way. 94 and ryan road, things are looking good. system wide we are seeing light volume. no delays at this point. we are looking good through the construction zone z. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. melinda: matt, thank you. a woman is found dead on the milwaukee's lower east side and the police are searching for whoever killed her. this is the fourth homicide in the past 24 good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, we are a block north of brady street. a lot of police are on is scene here and the area is taped off as they investigate. a little before 10:30 as night police got a tip that lead them inside of a home and they found a woman dead. the victim is in her early 20s. they have a person of interest
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and how the person was killed is under investigation at this time. a very violent 24 hours, this is the 4th homicide in the past 24 hours. there were three homicides reported yesterday afternoon. if you live on the east side this is the scene here. this is off of brady street here. we are live on the east side, "wisn 12 news this morning." ben: hillary, thanks. that area is less than a block away from a recent murder scene a. chef prosecute the hotel stabbed to death in hotel outside of a bar. police say that 32 year died while coming to the rescue of a female friend in an argument. >> election day is two weeks from today and hillary clinton
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we are live in washington with the latest. >> today hillary clinton is kicking off a trip to florida and donald trump is pushing there with back to back rallies. donald trump on a sunshine state swing projecting confidence. >> we are leading and we are going to win the whole thing. i actually thing >> on jimmy kimmel, president obama reading one of trump's tweets. >> president obama will do down as one of the worst presidents in the united states at real donald trump. well, at real donald trump at least i was will go down as a president. >> trump is trailing by five
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>> this election is going to turn on who is motivated to vote. >> clinton campaigned with massachusetts senator who vowed to put trump away for good. >> we nasty are woman going to cast your nasty votes. >> the trump campaign sees it has an uphill climb. it cnd 270. >> hitting the trail today trump's running mate mike pence is in ohio and chelsea clinton is stopping in wisconsin. >> u.s. senator candidate russ feingold cast his ballot and he's challenging senator ron johnson.
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2015. feingold has a two point lead in the polls over johnson. that is within the margin of error. tim? >> well, early voting is open statewide and the commission set up a website so you can check out the races and all of the issues on the ballot this year. to get a ballot to your home, the deadline for the request at the clerk's office the thur november 3rd, election day just two weeks from today, tuesday, november 8th. you need a photo id to cast your ballot in this election. state law allows write-in votes but only for registered write in-candidates. there are four registered write-in candidates for president now.
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if you plan to vote on election day, you can check on your polling place at look on the politics page. >> thank you, tim. today senator johnson is touring in lacrosse. he's stopping at lb white. they make heating systems. johnson is speaking to workers at 11:15 this morning. >> 5:06. it is time to start preparing your family for flu season. today milwaukee mayor tom barrett and the city commissioner of health is getting the flu shots and encouraging every six months old and older to get vaccinated. you can get a shot for free. they are available on a first
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colder weather. it is getting there. >> have you turned on the heat? >> not yet. i am waiting. >> speaking of, we have had a warm fall and this is a look at the stats so far, so far in milwaukee coldest temperature is 38. right now it is 39. so we may tie that this morning. we have had 195 days with days. we are going to look at this fairly mild pattern. the temperatures either seasonal or above seasonal. the clouds are coming back today. we time out the wind and rain for tomorrow as the low pressure is pulling closer. matt? >> an overnight closure, that is picked up. in good shape right now. 42 and hampton. pavement is dry, the volume is
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system wide we have really light volume. no delays out there. even through the construction zone. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, four people are dead in australia after a theme park accident. two men and two women died on a riverap that whips the people around in a swift moving river. two people were ejected from the raft, two caught inside. it is unclear whether the two people were trapped under the water or caught up in the machinery of that ride. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. ben: thank you, tim. it is 5:08. you might see star power in the
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thema live is live with a look ahead. good morning, thema. reporter: good morning, before the bucks take on the hornets tomorrow night for the opener, they are out in the community and paying attention to other basketball courts. bucks player and volunteers and community players are taking part in a dozen events to high light tippoff week. later today the bucks player at and journey house and the united community center and working on the courts. it was just yesterday afternoon when steve novak and others were on hand in sherman park and other parks and replacing the back boards and the rims and nets and painted on the courts. the bucks are contributing $230,000 of equipment and
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for the tickets, they are donating tickets for the season here to each of the places where they are out and volunteering this week. keep an eye out. >> thema, thank you. stage is set for game one of the world series. >> first pitch is 7:00 tonight in cleveland. the cubs are ready to go against the indians. they are getting a workout there. the series since 1945 and the last time they won was 1908. >> the indians tweeted a shot of the field, the lights on, ready to go. cubs pitcher jake is taking time to get on social media to show up the game balls that were used in the series. look at that. wow. ben: try to get your hands on one of those.
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ben: putting a finishing touch on the look for halloween. melinda: this morning experimenting with makeup with tim elliott and the terrifying transformation. ben: plus a color changing planet, the new images from
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>> as are fire this morning and it is chilly. 39 degrees at the airport. 32 this morning in waukesha. mid 50s for today. we are tracking the wind and rain for tomorrow. so heads up situation. clear the storm drains around the house and the streets. it is going to be a washout tomorrow. >> rolling smoothly out there on
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college and i-94. moderate volume. system wide those are the conditions we are seeing. full freeway speeds. travel times are looking great. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 5:15. at least 59 people killed during a suicide attack in pakistan. were training to become police officers? >> yes, suicide bombers were targeting the pakistani police academy. this happened just before mid night in the southern part of pakistan. police say four attackers killed the watchtower guards and forced themselves into the training
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all the attackers are now dead. no group has claimed responsibility for this, but leaders are blaming the taliban and al qaeda linked groups. >> tim, happening now, camps are set up to house families displayed during the campaign to retake mosul from isis. the camps have room for 60,000 people, but some think over hundred thousand need shelter. the offense started last week with p ground support and air support from the u.s. >> the obama administration is saying healthcare premiums are going up next year by double digits. the premiums are going to jump 25% next year. mid level plan it costs $300s a
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one in five consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from. 85% received federal subsidies. the next enrollment period is november 1st. >> saturn is changing colors. check out these pictures. from 2012 to now there's color change from a bluish to golden hue in the planet's north polar it could be an affect of the seasons, particularly to the hazes in the atmosphere as it is approaching summer. >> if you are looking for costume ideas we have a treat for you. >> tim, you have enlisted the help of a very talented makeup
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terrifying. check out this time lapse video of me getting a complete and terrifying makeover from regular handsome tim to scary pirate tim. a wisconsin based makeup artist self-taught and doing it for five years now. check this she's doing designs for parties too. the creations are a way of expressing herself. >> i really love the whole process. i love being creative and my favorite place in the world to be is any imagination. i really like creating something and watching it to come to life.
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check out the samples. >> that is really good. check her out on facebook. that is a favorite. how awesome if you shall a little kid. if you don't have a costume give her a call. you will be the hit of the party. >> i wish you could have saved that for >> yes. >> i like the regular handsome tim. 30s this morning, 39 at the airport. 32 waukesha. skies are fair overnight. take a look at the clouds. we'll look at the skies becoming mostly cloudy. showers in place this morning. this is just getting organized.
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from the gulf of mexico and windy and rainy wednesday on deck for us. 50s and 60s over the plains. we are holding in the 50s today. it is a frosty start. 32 waukesha. 35 beaver dam. 32 west bend. 36 for racine. the hour by hour forecast, climbing up to the 40s and 50s. the clouds around, but staying dry all day here we are much of the day today we are dry and mostly cloudy. so today would be a great day, rake, clear the storm drains around the house. this is tonight at 10:30. by 3:00 in the morning steady heavy rain to the west. this is at 7:00 tomorrow morning. this is a steady rain with gusty southeast winds, quite blustery
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looking at a good amount of rain. 1-2 inches is possible. thursday by noon the clouds are moving off. this is potent storm system for tomorrow bringing in the wind and rain. today dry for the day. 54. 40 tonight. wind and rain after 2:00 in the morning. cloudy on thursday. >> thank you, sal. a sudden announcement about the future of prince's estate. >> what city leaders in minnesota have decided to do about his sprawling mansion and studio. >> plus halloween danger, target is pulling thousands of
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>> good morning. thank you for the tuesday morning school shout out.
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throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout outlogo. >> 5:25. exciting news for prince fans. >> estate will become a permanent museum. the city voted to rezone the estate. the city has put planning on hold citingff safety concerns. with that vote, tours can start again. 57-year-old died april 21st of this year. >> new this morning, a major milestone for carrie underwood.
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2005 sold 8 million copies hitting 8 times triple platinum. wow. she's playing shows across the country. she was just in milwaukee. the story teller tour played in milwaukee earlier this month. >> and she's hosting the country music awards. it is the 9th time they have hosted the show together. you can watch the cmas november 2nd on wisn >> 5:56 a. presidential addition of mean tweets. >> president obama is reading insults written about him on social media. >> plus, buy a ring, get a gun. you neek promotion that is
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage.
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senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests, not wisconsin. ben: searching for answers after three women were killed in downtown milwaukee. the mystery police are trying to solve this morning days after a
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melinda: plus, helping you find a job one ride at a time. the big announcement expected later today that could impact thousands of people here in southeast wisconsin. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. another cold morning and rain is on the way. we're keeping a close eye on your forecast. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, october 25th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center, sal. sally: early this morning skies overnight and the temperatures took a nose dive. the clouds are filling in rapidly and the early risers seeing the sunshine today. the clouds are going to fill. in low pressure is organizing to the west and spreading the rain across the dakotas and minnesota and iowa. lighter winds. temperature this is morning in the 40s.


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