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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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injured at this location. >> a milwaukee police detective says officers went to the duplex and a 24-year-old man who lives and a 24-year-old man who lives there answered the door and let , them in to look around. >> they were let in, and once inside they found the body of a white female in her early 20's deceased. the man who let police in was arrested, but we've since learned it was for drug possession not related to the dead body. we've learned the victim is 23-year-old kayla bauske from milwaukee originally from west bend. police aren't saying yet how she died only that she wasn't shot , and they're calling it a homicide. bauske has a prior conviction for prostitution and sources tell 12 news that may have been what brought her to the home. a 22-year-old man police are calling a suspect, who is believed to have lived at the residence, turned himself in a few hours later at a police district station. he has no criminal record and we're not identifying him because he hasn't been charged yet. police say they're continuing to investigate tonight. i did speak with one of kayla bauske's relatives this afternoon in west bend, but she didn't wish to comment.
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unsettling. wisn 12 news tim elliott spoke with one resident who lives directly below the crime scene. >> it's a little scary. normally this is quiet nice little normal neighborhood, so it is a little startling. adam burg lives below the unit where police found the woman's body. >> there are two upstairs and two lower units. i live in the back lower unit. officers knocked on his door in the middle of the night. they wanted to know if he had hearyt he was asleep. >> everybody in the building kind of keeps to themselves. i really don't know anyone else in the building. >> shortly after milwaukee police cleared this block and traffic was allowed through, dpw crews showed up and boarded up the front door. they don't want anyone getting into the crime scene. >> it's a safe block. it's a safe area. i mean i don't have any problem walking around. john mesch and his girlfriend live next door. when they woke up and saw police out front, they knew something was wrong. >> we came outside this morning and the police officer said we
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house for a little while. despite this violent crime taking place so close to home, burg and mesch say they won't be changing their habits. >> i'm not worried. i think it's a bit of an anomaly. it's not really par for the course in this neighborhood. >> in milwaukee tim elliott, wisn 12 news. toya: you can follow this big story on and our free app. as soon as we learn any new information, we'll post it right away. with the app, we'll also send an alert right to your cell phone. patrick: we're also learning new details about a beloved bar owner shot and killed. 44-y mike's place on 36th and silver spring. wisn 12 news mike anderson is following the investigation. >> brian parteka and sharon lobermeier were out early tuesday morning paying tribute to a neighbor they called a gentle giant. 44-year-old michael patton was gunned down inside the tavern he owned monday afternoon. >> he was our friend, and he was very well-liked. he was a very nice man. he would do anything for
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the neighbors say patton is not normally at the bar in the early afternoon. >> was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or people knew he would be here? i don't know. >> michael patton's family did not speak on camera, but told 12 news they're looking for answers too. and some other business owners say they're fearful they could be next. >> we have no clue what is going on at this time, it's our hope we can all work together. somebody knows what happened. somebody should say someg. if you have any information, you're asked to pass it along to police, even anonymously if you have to. in all, there were four homicides in a 24 hour period in milwaukee. the mayor says he doesn't want to see crime anywhere in the city. >> everyone appeared to be separate, and everyone appeared to be senseless. people are solving the problems by using violence.
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bring the total number for the year to 115. there were 123 at the same time last year. toya: investigators are working to identify a body pulled from the k.k. river in milwaukee. the man was discovered this morning just north of k.k. and becher on the south side. the medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy to figure out how he died. stay with wisn 12 news for updates on this story. also tonight new information , tonight on an oconomowoc woman accused of killing her husband. the attorney for amy van wagner is requesting her trial be moved out of waukesha county. in recently filed court documents, her lawyer argues the pre-trial publicity makes it difficult for his client to have a fair trial. investigators say the 52-year-old shot and killed her husband, stan, in may of 2015. she's accused of hiding his body in their home for three days. patrick: if you haven't cleared the leaves from your storm drains, now is the time. rain is moving this way right now. chief meteorologist mark baden is tracking it from the weather
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mark: you had a really good point i want to emphasize. especially milwaukee and milwaukee county, all those leaves are sitting on the curb. you want to get them away from the drains. we have a lot of rain moving in. downpours moving in during the day tomorrow. it will take a while before it makes it hereto southeastern wisconsin. our steadier rain will arrive during the day tomw. showers arriving by 11:00. that steady rain will be fun nasty day tomorrow. more on that coming up in a couple of minutes on weatherwatch 12. patrick: thank you. in our commitment 2016 coverage tonight, chelsea clinton is in madison at this hour campaigning for her mother, hillary clinton. the former first daughter spoke to students at u.w. la crosse. she said this is the most important election she's seen in her lifetime. in part, because it's her first
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election has been challenging and not because of donald , trump's attacks on her mother. >> what i find far more troubling are the things donald trump says about whole swaths of our country and of his demeaning remarks about women, about minorities, about americans with disabilities, about our service men and women. that is far more upsetting to me than whatever diatribe he's on a given day against my mom. patrick: donald trump's son will campaign in wisconsin tomorrow. eric trump will make stops at the republican field offices in bayside and waukesha. trump's daughter ivanka visited the state last week. toya: with two weeks to go until election day, both donald trump and hillary clinton spent today in the battleground state of florida. in an appearance at his golf club outside miami, trump said the affordable health care act is "blowing up." trump's comment was in reference to the federal government's announcement that some premiums will increase by 25% next year. >> obamacare has to be repealed
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replaced with something much less expensive for the people. otherwise, this country is even in bigger trouble than anybody thought. toya: hillary clinton didn't address the increasing health care costs during an appearance in coconut creek, florida. the former secretary of state picked up the endorsement today from another former secretary colin powell. clinton plans to spend tomorrow in florida as well, where early voting is underway. >> the energy we are seeing across florida and america is against. it is about what we are for. it really is. it is about fighting for that future where everyone counts. toya: abc news coverage of the race for the white house continues next on world news tonight with david muir. coming up, the new nightly strategy the trump campaign has launched with just 14 days to go . plus why the clinton campaign , says their goal has become more than just winning the white house. patrick: get your flu shot. the message tonight from the
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commissioner rolled up their sleeves and got their vaccines during a clinic at the neighborhood house on the city's west side. health officials are urging everyone six months or older to get vaccinated. one big change, the flu vaccine no longer comes in a nasal spray. >> the cdc last year that the mist was not that effective. we want to give people the best chance to be healthy, so you only have one option now. patrick: according to the health depant hospitalized in our area last year for the flu. toya: we have an overnight road closure to tell you about tonight. matt salemme is over i-94 in news chopper 12. matt. >> 84th street, 94th street west bound, that's where they will force all the traffic off of the freeway. you can head north of blue mound or south to greenfield, jump back on highway 100. this will be going on from 10:00 tonight at 5:00 tomorrow morning.
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we might not get to 50 degrees tomorrow. toya: were you excited to say that? patrick: we will just have to hand it off to mark. mark: we will be closest to the 40's tomorrow. i will let you know how long this chilly air will last before we turn it right back around. patrick: the instagram postflight by justin timberlake that might have broken the law. >> i have three kids. i know what it is like to be pregnant. toya: apparently her fourth time was different. meet the woman who went to the doctor with stomach pain and left with a newborn baby. the reason she says she had no idea she was pregnant. >> good evening. i am melinda davenport. making tv magic in the big apple. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning we'll take you , behind-the-scenes of rachel ray's hit show. hear the special message her crew has for milwaukee.
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watch tracking rain in your neighborhood.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're
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paolantonio, and weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. toya: new tonight, an amusement park accident on australia's gold coast has killed four people. it happened at dreamworld in queensland. investigators there say the thunder rivers rapids ride malfunction throwing two people , from the ride. the other two were caught in no word on what caused the ride to malfunction. despite a flood of nationwide protests over deadly force, americans' respect for law enforcement has climbed to a near-record high. patrick: a new gallup poll found 76% of adults said they have a great deal of respect for their local police. that's a 12-point jump since last year and one point shy of , the all-time high in 1967. justin timberlake is facing some legal heat over this selfie he posted on instagram. toya: he flew from l.a. to his hometown of memphis, where he's
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ballot early in the presidential election. he snapped this picture and posted it on instagram. well, he might have broken the law. last year, the governor of tennessee signed a bill that bans photos and videos in voting booths. tmz reports the matter is under review. officials say it's unlikely timberlake will be prosecuted. violators of the law do face a 30 day jail sentence. patrick: right all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: new tonight at 6:00, a major mortgage company in the hot seat tonight. 12 news investigates the shocking notice thousands of local homeowners got from their bank saying they owed money, and what you should do if you were one of them. plus, caught on camera, thieves stealing from children in a foster family. what one of the suspects had to say when he returned to the home. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. patrick: thank you. we have a lot of rain in our forecast tomorrow. and the showers will help showcase a new project at alverno. weather watch 12 meteorologist lindsey slater shows us how it
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lindsey: when it rains, it pours, but this is what can happen when it's too much too fast. alverno college is trying to prevent that in a unique way but -- unique way by installing this, a bioswale. what's a bioswale? associate professor of biology sherry seston explains that it's essentially a bit holding tank for excess water. >> it runs down and trickles through the soil slowly, micr allowed to go into the groundwater rather than running dirty water off the surface into the river. >> it was completed in august 2015 thanks to grants, which also funded a green roof that helps with rainwater runoff and even heating and cooling of the building. much like a natural thermostat. so next up -- >> we are studying on the
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receives a lot of water. lindsey: and it's at this parking lot they will plant native plants to help with excess runoff. they're hoping to start this in 2017. in milwaukee, i'm weather watch 12 meteorologist lindsey slater. toya: tomorrow is going to be ugly. patrick: the rain will be all day? mark: pretty much all day. you might get a break or two for a half an hour. it is a trifecta of loveliness, rainy, windy, and raw. we will be lucky to get to 50 tomorrow. there is always a positive somewhere. this will only last one day. there is some great-looking weather in this forecast, which will: five with them of your halloween i have duties.
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it is just common sense. i know what will happen tomorrow. there are so many leaves and they will not move it away from the sewer drains, and they will get cloth and your street will it up like this and you will have some trouble. clear your drains and gutters right now. one inch of rain plus, some areas may pick up an inch and a half of rain. sudden, which is good. it will be drawn out, batons moderate to heavy. no rain right now. our dew point is really low. what is that mean? it is dry air and it will take a while to saturate things from the cloud level to the service. you need that number into the higher, and that dew point will go up throughout the night as
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same story in green bay with the dew point and nine, temperature 48. we got to 55 degrees. 48 west bend. 48 waukesha. temperatures will not go down a whole lot more, which is good because with all this rain coming in, we can start talking right crazy things like snow. there is no snow in this forecast. temperatures up to the west are warm. 78 lincoln, nebraska and wichita. i want to show you this, because we have warm air as well be dealing with all this. rain-colbert all day long. at times, moderate rain. at times, not heavy, but on the light and ugly side. scattered showers trying to move in, running and drier air, so it will be a while before we see any of this make it way into southeastern wisconsin. you will be alright deceiving if you have plans and want to get
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with an inch of rain because it is on is impossible to move those around after they get wet. watch as we head into the overnight hours, not a whole lot of rain. 6:00 a.m., we will see some showers around the area. 9:00 a.m., some pockets of moderate to heavy rain. there are a few breaks here in there, but most of the day it will be raining to an end wednesday night into thursday morning. i general three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain is what we can is back. take your spot. it will not be a huge difference depending on where you're located. expect an inch of rain where you live, and i think we will be close to that. i will go with 50 because i don't want to put out the 40's
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67 on saturday. we are not done with the nice weather. 50 on sunday for a quick cool down. that is when a lot of people will be trick-or-treating. some will be trick-or-treating on saturday and halloween itself to 64 halloween. nowhere near the record, which is 80. we will have more on this that's -- on the statistics at 6:00. thank you. patrick: coming up new at 10:00, up fight against terror when an opioid abuse since the airways. plus, when you fly come and you wonder if your bags make it with you? the airline letting you to track them in real time. toya: it's a story you have to see to believe. patrick: a woman unexpectedly
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why this mom says she had no idea she was pregnant. toya: then, a wild car chase caught on camera. the reason this driver was running after his own car on the highway. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program,
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s deny coverage to cancer patients.
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patrick: tonight's tuesday's child likes superhero shows, building things and being , outside. toya: and after an adventure with kathy mykleby he is adding , to that list. she joins us now to tell us all about it. kathy: do not adjust your television screen. we are about to play a game of glow in the dark mini golf. the course glowshe dance the tree shivers. there is even a charging station for the iridescent golf balls. orion had a knack and a perfect name for this glow in the dark golf game with a mythological twist. who gave you your name? >> my mom. >> what does it mean? >> it is a constellation. >> and you are the hunter. orion is 11 lives with his mom and two sisters. he's on the waiting list for a volunteer big brother to show him the ropes. where did you learn that? here?
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kathy: now that he's mastered this game, he's added indoor mini golf at bryzingumun's in hartford to his kid to do list. kathy: look at you. you got it in the hammer. >> the hammer. kathy: that was fun, but not fun for maybe it took me about 10 tries. he is hoping he gets to challenge to another round. you would probably be him, too. >> probably. kathy: find out how to get involved with big brothers big sisters of washington county call 262-334-7896. it was fun, except for the hammer. toya: a man is forced to chase his own car down the highway. take a look at this video from switzerland. police say the man had parked along the side of the road to talk to a truck driver when the
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but not before the car crashed into a guardrail and a traffic sign. police, by the way, are now looking for the man to answer for the damage. patrick: it's a good thing that those other cars slowed down. a woman in georgia checks herself into a hospital for stomach pain. toya: she left with a new baby boy. stephanie jaegers says she thought her stomach pains were kidney stones. jaegers says she recognized the pain because she's had them before. she also has already had three children. her doctor ordered an ultrasound, made the discovery , and then rushed her into emergency surgery. he was breach. he was sitting his feet were up by his head. i was scared because i hadn't had any prenatal care, no ultrasounds. toya: baby shaun jude jaegers was born perfectly healthy at seven pounds, three ounces. an interesting note, a year earlier, doctors told jaegers she was going through pre-menopause and would likely not be able to have anymore children. patrick: i can't even imagine the shock and disbelief.
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of hours, then that is pretty much it.
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tonight, breaking news. the emergency in midair. the passenger jet taking off from the u.s., the pilots and the entire crew suddenly falling ill. the pilot then declaring a medical emergency at 37,000 feet. on edge. the manhunt at this hour, now statewide. the officer who managed to shoot back. and where is the suspect now? donald trump telling supporters, we are winning. and what trump asked his workers to do in front of the cameras today. then, taking aim at obamacare. and colin powell tonight, revealing he's voting for hillary clinton. the deadly ride. what we've now learned tonight, after four were killed on the kind of ride so many of us have been on. saving his life.


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