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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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mix-up, but not before more than 3,000 wells fargo customers got this alarming letter in the mail. >> i knew all our taxes had been paid. and i knew our water bill had just been paid. >> still, sue dufek had a moment of panic when she opened this letter from her mortgage holder, wells fargo. >> past-due property charges. >> that's right, which i knew. it just shot right through me because that is not our style. i mean, everything is paid. >> but there were the words, outstanding property charges, on letter with her name and account number. >> only ones. i really thought that this had just come to us. >> but when she went to city hall with her concerns about the letter, she quickly discovered she wasn't alone. the south milwaukee treasurer's office told her that more than a half-dozen homeowners had called about the same letter. it happened in milwaukee too, and also wawautosa, where the city posted this alert on its website. >> this is a huge mistake on somebody's part. >> somebody at wells fargo. in a statement to wisn-12 news, the company admitted it's error
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were incorrectly notified that their real estate taxes were delinquent. we are in the process of reaching out to these customers." but a spokesman declined to say exactly how the mistake occurred, leaving sue dufek with questions. >> i'm hoping somebody gets to the bottom of this. >> the company tells me that the bad letters only went to wells fargo customers in milwaukee county and dunn county in northwestern wisconsin. if you got one of the letters and you have questions we have a , number on your screen and on our website for you to contact >> the wounds in her head, it's unbearable to look at. it's sad. kathy: a tearful plea from a milwaukee mother. an off duty correctional officer is accused of shooting her daughter in the head. it happened after an argument at onyx a nightclub located at 31st and villard. tonight the owners voluntarily , suspending their alcohol and entertainment license.
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at froedtert hospital, where the victim remains partially paralyzed. >> fantajah harris has been here in the hospital since she was shot in the head outside onyx nightclub on october 16. the da has charged the off-duty correctional officer with first degree reckless injury in the case, but the victim's mother wants more serious charges. >> >> kimberly hughes held her granddaughter in her arms the child's mother fantajah harris, while she is in the hospital trying to recover from a gunshot , wound to her head. >> the wounds in her head, it's unbearable to look at. it's sad. >> 22-year-old correctional officer lillie jones has pleaded not guilty in the case. jones is accused of arguing with harris inside onyx nightclub and taking the fight outside.
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and i want her to get charged , with attempted murder. >> in the criminal complaint, investigators say jones told them she did not shoot even , though she admits having a gun that night, that someone else must have shot. jones gun has not been found. she works at taycheedah correctional institution in fond du lac. >> it's sad because her left side, she can't move it at all. she's in a lot of pain. she's angry. she cries a lot. she says mom, "why did this happen to me?" >> the d.a. says there isn't enough evidence to prove jones pulled the trigger with the intent to kill. it is unclear how long she will be here in the hospital. meantime the woman accused of , shooting her in the head is out of jail on $10,000 bond. reporting live at froedtert hospital, terry sater, wisn 12 news.
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again, onyx nightclub voluntarily surrendered their license today following the shooting. the common council president says the bar has had some challenges, which have been a problem for residents living nearby. this is the third shooting related to the business this year. in a fight outside turned into a february, gun battle. everyone survived. in a man was shot inside the january, club. he also survived. joyce: a young woman is found murdered and hidden in a house on milwaukee's east side. we've learned the victim is 23-year-old kayla bauske. a tip sent milwaukee police to the duplex near arlington an nick bohr is there live with what we're learning about her and the suspect now in custody. >> that unit is boarded-up tonight. police were specifically sent here to see if the woman was all right. one of the residents let them in the search the place and they , found the body of 23-year-old kayla bauske hidden inside. it's not clear yet how she died but we're told she wasn't shot.
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, tell 12 news that may be what brought her here to the house yesterday. a detective on scene told us someone who knew she was here became worried and called police. >> information sent us to that location. and once at that location we , made contact with an occupant, and once inside we talked to that occupant, we were led, and we found a body inside the residence. >> that person willingly let you inside? >> yes. >> where the body was? >> i'm not going to get into specifics on how we located the body. >> that person was arrested on a drug charge that is not believed to be connected to the homicide. instead police arrested his , 22-year-old roommate early this morning on suspicion of homicide. we're not naming him because he hasn't been charged yet. he has no criminal record. kathy: thanks.
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, going to stick around for a while. chief meteorologist mark baden is tracking the showers in the weather center. mark: it better be sturdy because it's also going to be windy. it will not be a pleasant day. in the meantime, we are dry everywhere in these in wisconsin. it will take a while before we see some of that rain make it to the surface, so if you have plans in the next couple of hours, youul rake up those leaves before the rain comes in. the rain will get steadier and steadier throughout the day tomorrow, but again, if you're headed out this evening, showers in our western counties by 9:00. it will last quite a while. i will let you know how long this will continue and how much rain we will get an winter temperatures will turn around, coming up in weatherwatch 12. joyce: thank you, mark.
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, than two dozen sex related crimes. yesterday, 20-year-old alec cook was charged with 15 counts of sexual assault against one of his classmates. since then, madison police say dozens of women have come forward with information related to cook. prosecutors say more charges are coming. >> just how many people have felt uncomfortable in mr. cook's presence. it has been disturbing. >> those happen, we will learn more down the road. joyce: search warrant documents reveal there was a journal seized from cook's apartment with entries detailing what he wanted to do with women. cook remains in jail tonight. he's been suspended from u.w. madison. he's due in court again later
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2016 now and the race for president. the children of hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning in our state this week. today, chelsea clinton made several stops, including madison, la crosse and stevens point. the former first daughter met with voters and encourages people to vote early. she also spoke about her mother's opponent, donald trump. >> what i find far more troubling is what donald trump says about whole swaths of our country and of his demeaning remarks about women, about minorities, about americans with disabilities, about our service men and women is more upsetting to me than whatever diatribe he's on on a given day against my mom. kathy: campaign in wisconsin tomorrow. eric trump will make stops at the republican field offices in bayside and waukesha. trump's daughter ivanka visited the state last week and trump , junior campaigned for his father earlier this month. joyce: a new public service announcement is making its debut on t.v. screens across milwaukee. the goal, showing the tragic impact of drug overdoses. >> 911. >> i need an ambulance. my son is not breathing. >> what is the address? >> yes, hurry.
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agency put together the psa to coincide with the roll-out of a new online education program in schools nationwide. the 30-second spot uses audio from an actual 911 call. it's part of the dea's wake-up milwaukee campaign. kathy: after an exhaustive search, the wisconsin state fair board has chosen a new leader. kathleen o'leary has been named the new executive director. o'leary stepped up as interim ceo back in may. she has worked at the fair for nearly two decades and says she's thrilled to begin this new chapter. >> iie the entity not only in the 11 -day annual wisconsin state fair, but i believe in the fair industry and i believe in this entertainment destination venue that's active 48 weeks out of the year and i couldn't be , prouder to be at the helm. kathy: o'leary and her staff are already busy looking ahead to next year. the 2017 state fair runs from august 3 to august 13. roughly 280 days away.
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huge parking garage closes ahead of the first bucks game of the season. the impact on tomorrow's game and what the bucks are telling 12 news tonight. plus, when you fly, do you wonder if your bags made it with you? the airline now letting you track them in real time. that's tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. kathy: he's served his community for nearly a decade. now, a fond du lac firefighter is taking on a new mission overseas. it's lieutenant shawn kneeland's third deployment with the wisconsin air national guard. it's the first time he's had to leave a child behind. during a sendoff ceremony today, his fellow firefighters reassured him that his family would be well taken care of. >> there is a lot of support in the community, from the chief, and from my fellow employees. they wished me luck. it shows there is a lot of support even though conflicts have been going on for about 15 years now. kathy: lieutenant kneeland has two more shifts at the fire
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he will be back next summer. raw, windy, and nasty. joyce: tomorrow is not the takes day of the forecast? mark: there is some good news on the way. i will let you know when our temperatures are back in the 60's and weatherwatch 12. joyce: plus, caught on camera a , local foster family robbed. what the group of teens took, and why one of them returned to the home. then -- >> how big of a cubs >> i'd like to think i'm at the top, one of the top ones. kathy: twice in a lifetime. 71 years after the chicago cub'' last went to the world series, the prediction from one cubs superfan getting ready to see
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joyce: caught on camera. thieves stealing from children in a milwaukee foster home. kathy: as 12 news hillary mintz reports only on 12, the suspects took off with all the children's bikes. >> just before 10:00 p.m. on a typical tuesday night, an open garage, and in walks one, two, then three teens. they quickly ride off with bikes, even a pink one.
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scooter all belonging to kids , who live in a foster home near 33rd and state. >> we had one bicycle for each child. they just came in, grab, and left. they went for the low hanging fruit. >> marc and jessica benzakein had a burglar in the past, which is why they have security cameras. in this case, marc says crews working on their basement forgot to shut the garage. >> if you leave the opportunity open to them someone will snag , it. to us. >> that like was brought back to the front porch and return to the family, and that's when jessica had a chat with the young man who took it. >> he said he was sorry and would do his best. he was a good kid who made a poor choice. >> a year ago when we talked to them, they were caring for three foster kids.
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>> it is almost like having a slumber party and the house ever night. >> they've done major renovations, adding four more bedrooms. >> we have a shared bedroom in here. >> marc and jessica uprooted their lives from rural rhinelander to milwaukee's central city, all to make a big difference. >> it's just one big fun family, and something a few stolen bikes won't change. >> in milwaukee, hillary mintz, kathy: we first introduced you to the benzakein's last year, because they wanted to talk about the importance of fostering. joyce: they tell us that they may soon be adopting all seven foster kids in their home. tonight is the night cubs' fans have been dreaming of for decades. kathy: it's game one of the world series in cleveland. one fan is looking forward to seeing his team play for the pennant for a second time. jim mowery was just 12-years-old when he watched the cubs in game seven of the world series at
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so seven decades later, what's his prediction this time around? >> i think the cubs are going to win it in six. i wish four, but i think they'll win in six. kathy: by the way, his world series ticket back in 1945 cost $1.50. come friday, to sit in the same section, a ticket will cost roughly $4,000. joyce: i think about that. mark: i have my 1982 world series from st. louis. joyce: i have 1981. it is chilly and cleveland tonight, mark. mark: it is chilly in cleveland. it would be nice if it was the brewers in the world series right now. it is 50 in cleveland.
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to have cleveland plain milwaukee because they had snow on the field. it won't snow tonight. it is clear. temperatures falling back into the 40's. in chicago, there is no roof there either. they are lucky they are not playing their tonight or tomorrow night, where it will likely still be raining. it is cool, but look in this warm air building out to the west. we will see some of this warm air moving in. not in the meantime though. tomorrow. there's no way to sugarcoat it. it will be pretty much awful. 51 degrees, dew point 42. south, southeasterly wind at six miles per hour. that went will get blustery tomorrow. we will be on the roller coaster. we start off cold, get warm again on saturday. it's not crazy to think we get back to 70 degrees.
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to 64 on monday, then 57 on tuesday. not unusual to see the big changes this time of year. with all this rain, one inch or more. clean out those sewer drains. if you know where the drains are, make sure there are not any leaves so they can flow properly. here's the timing. overnight, showers developing, 40's. the steady as rain is during the daylight hours tomorro of dry hours in there. have a sturdy umbrella. it's not only raining, wind out of the southeast at 15-25, gusting to higher levels, and a few showers remain into tomorrow night. it is not look that impressive on the doppler 12 radar network, but it is just coming together right now. no rain in our area yet, but this will fill-in during the nighttime hours.
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not the heaviest rain, but some rain for the morning commute. that will slow things down. we will have the latest on that. steadier rain pushing in throughout the rest of the day. at times, moderate. it should not cause any flooding issues, but it was certainly add up. it has been raining for quite a long time, so we will not have any of those flash flooding concerns. how much rain? three quarters of an inch to an inch and some spots more, some less. maybe getting 250. 53 thursday. it will clear out during the day. high temperatures on friday at 60 degrees as we start to warm things up. a great day on saturday, 67 degrees. 57 on sunday, than halloween is looking good and warm, 64, then
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so we just have to get through tomorrow. just take a nap all day long. the rest of the forecast looks pretty good. joyce: that sounds pretty good. the packers' offense is a work in progress right now. dan: it is. aaron rodgers is being forced to spray the ball around to a number of different receivers. jordy nelson discusses that in our exclusive one-on-one. plus, after spending last night in denver working for espn. why charles woodson was hanging
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? dan: mike mccarthy confirmed today that, yes, the reports are true. cornerback damarious randall had surgery, and says he will be out this week. randall actually could be sidelined four-to-six weeks. what about the offense? 12 sports stephen watson has our exclusive one-on-one with jordy nelson. stephen: a lot of obstacles and that game against the bears, how important is that for the confidence of this offense? >> the more guys making place
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dimensional, puts more stress on the other team. those two guys have put in a lot of time and work. stephen: the starting running back for that team, but what do you see from both of them that they do differently? >> i think they had more opportunities. what he's been able to do at of the backfield, he is making the most of it. you can only make the place that come your way, and he got a lot of calls on thursday. aaron rodgers like that matchup and exploited it. stephen: is the offense back? >> i don't know. we will find that out over time. it would not be just one week. we need to be consistent with our execution and putting points on the board.
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what a night to be in cleveland. the indians and cubs open the world series, and across the street the cabaliers open their , season and receive their championship rings. the bucks have to wait one more day to open their season tomorrow night against the hornets at the bradley center. newcomer tony snell, a projected starter, probably won't play because of an ankle injury, but he did take part in individual workouts today. >> the next step is to see how he feels tomorrow. just continue lot of good stuff we see from him early right now. dan: and finally, the plaques of bo ryan and donald driver were added to the wisconsin athletic hall of fame in downtown milwaukee today. now it's on to the new class of inductees. former heisman trophy winners ron dayne and charles woodson will be inducted next april along with golfer sherri , steinhauer. >> it ranks up there with the best moments you have in life. to be selected to be a part of the hall of fame for anything is
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testament to being a part of one of the most storied franchises in the history of our game. dan: the vikings have cut former whitnall and badgers quarterback joel stave from their practice squad. joyce: thank you for being with
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy. he also has a plan for medicare... turn it into a voucher program and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket or are left without coverage altogether. ron johnson isn't working...
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new brad/angelina divorce damage. will they quit hollywood and is angie moving the kids out of the country? >> and a side of oprah never seen before. >> right now. think about it. >> a private crisis for four secrets from james corden karaoke with lady gaga. >> do not ccll. this never happeeed before ? ga, ga ? >> and a sneak peek on the all-female "oceans" movie. >> whatever george knows i want.


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