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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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52nd street in kenosha. hillary mintz is headed live to the scene. the traffic is down to one lane. it is not completely shutdown. we are going to matt, and what you are learning about the crash? reporter: there is a delay headed in that direction. this is south of the mars cheese castle exit. they have been forcing the traffic from the freeway there. this is the highway looking to the north. now to computer, you are going to see a slow down, 142, and seeing the slow downs to 158. this is one lane re-opened. expect delays. you can use the frontage road. back to you. tim: hillary is live in kenosha county and what are you seeing
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reporter: tim, we have just arrived to the scene and i will step out of the way, a number of emergency personnel are here and investigating the pedestrian fatality. one lane of traffic moving by. instead of being forced off, it is condensed down to one lane and people are moving and again, as we have learned around 3:00 this morning, the ken somehow on the interstate in the southbound lanes and hit and killed by a vehicle. we are still looking into what happened and how the person wound up in the interstate. again, one lane southbound headed to illinois in kenosha county near i-94 and 158. that is the latest. ben: hillary, thank you.
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sal? sally: from wet to wonderful. we have a good looking forecast moving into the weekend, a few clouds passing by from time to time but 60s a couple of days are headed our way. even today still overall a mostly cloudy sky. northwest winds. this morning 43 and about 46 degrees. some locations inland cooler. a lot cloudy skies. high near 50. tomorrow breezy, warm up. the high of 65. saturday or sunday get out for a morning rake and walk in the afternoon, the temperatures 56 to low 60s. ben: milwaukee police officer is charged with sex all-assault and prostitution returns to court. brown is accused of sexually
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prosecutors say a the 24-year-old watched the cough raj of the unrest at a bar with the victim. he had explicit photos on his phone with him and another man. the prostitution charges date back to 2014. brown was arrested last week and suspended from the department without pay and facing a sentence of 8 if convicted. >> brown deer officer accuses of shooting an unarmed man in the back is due in court next month and charged with aggravated battery. she says she feared for safety when shooting 26-year-old back in march. he survived but lost part of a lung. officer crammer is on paid leave
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milwaukee, a man was shot around 9:00 last night. tim? tim: this morning the police are looking for the suspect in this late ets shooting death. this is near 16 thd and olive. there was a report of a suspicious vehicle in an alley. a man in his 30s was found suffering from a gunshot wound. sunday. ben, back to you. ben: in commitment 2016, today hillary clinton is campaigning together with first lady michele obama. tooz donald trump is campaigning in ohio.
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clinton and the first lady is sharing the stump. she's one of hillary clinton's compelling surrogates on the trail. >> hillary knows that our country is powerful. >> wow, thank you all. >> clinton finishing up the swing in florida and turning up the heat on donald attention to his business than the campaign. >> in an interview trump dismissed the criticism. >> i am all over the place but can't take an hour off. she does one stop. >> donald trump stopped in north
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for black americans. >> i want the child to walk down the street in peace. >> trump outlined the plan before a mostly white audience. >> and only wisn 12 news is teaming up with abc to bring you big story coverage on the election night all night, on air, and online starting at 4:00 p.m. >> the campaign stops are stopping in wisconsin, tim v tim kaine is campaigning in wisconsin. clinton has not been to wisconsin herself since april. >> job fair is opening in downtown milwaukee. a hundred employers will be there as well. a wide range of fields are represented manufacture, healthcare and hospitality.
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group. >> a chance to work for the packers, the operation that does is hire for the stadium is holding a job fair at 4:00 inside of lambeau field. part time seasonal positions are available, including bartenders, cooks and servers and more. you are encouraged to fill out online application before stopping by. >> disappointing start to the bucks opening season. la n ended with a late charge from the bucks, though not enough to make it up. they play the nets saturday night at the b-mo. >> the cubs tied up the series. kyle two hits, two rbis, 5-1.
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game 3 tomorrow night. most people are saying the series going 7 games. >> you think so? >> yes, so evenly matched. >> we'll see if the cubs can do it. >> halloween in chicago. if the cubs are in town, wow. >> madness. >> well, the clouds are sticking for us throughout the day and staying cooler. but the forecast is improving a lot. we are saying so long to the showers. we have a partly cloudy skies. a lot of low clouds in place this morning. i anticipate gradual clearing. you will want a jacket early. we have been falling, but rebounding for today with the temperatures reaching close to 50 degrees. matt? >> still watching trouble in kenosha with the delays from a fatal accident involving a
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that has things down to one lane. just north of how 50 at 158. delays. the computer is showing you what i am talking about on the map here. on and off the brakings for that stretch. try the frontage road. the rest of the system is looking good with the travel times all in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. only on 12, off duty attacked by a group of teenagers in his garage. tim is following this story, tim, what is the victim saying about this attack? >> it is ben, and he's sharing the story as a warning. he was packing up the car for a shift with bell ambulance and noticed an s.u.v. near the garage. moments later hit over the head and attacked by five people.
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ransacked. the photos is showing a footprint on the car. is suspects taking off. as a single parent, dying was not an option. >> i just knew if i gave up, my son wouldn't have a dad any more. so i just knew that i cowedn't stop fighting. >> the milwaukee police confirmed a woman was and her purse was stolen just minutes of that attack. they are working to see if the incidents are related and they are searching for the suspects. melinda: thank you, tim. getting between here and chicago getting easier. >> how to weigh in on the plans to change the amtrak schedule. >> halloween is not just for the humans, how to get your pet's
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tacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold
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>> record setting rainfall across many of the locations yesterday in southern wisconsin w the rain and the wind. breezy north winds today and keeping a lid on the temperatures with highs close to 50 degrees. we have a breezy warm up for friday and saturday. a stray shower saturday night. matt? >> still watching the closur southbound toward illinois, fatale pedestrian crash from earlier this morning and the traffic is getting by in a single file line. this is near highway 158, by the kenosha airport. the delays start there. you can use the frontage road. good news, the rest of the
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commute, back to you. ben: new developments, the novt is being ordered to stop asking veterans to pay back the bonuses. tim? >> right now the payments are suspended while the officials look into resolving the situation. this started in 2010 when thousands of national guard members were promised the big inest element yesterday secretary of defense ash carter ordered those repayments to stop, at least for now. he's ordered a team to establish a better process to settle the cases by the first of the year. >> the search is off for a man that went missing of attempting to set a world record. the u.s. coast guard say a 50-year-old man from china was attempting to sail from san
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the sailboat was found near hawaii but only a life jacket was on board. >> you can weigh in on a proposal to add more amtrak trips from milwaukee to chicago up to ten trips daily. today there is a public hearing in milwaukee from 4-7. >> halloween party for the pets. >> wisconsin holding the event this weekend. >> jeremy has a preview of the event. jeremy: how about dressing up the pets too, there is an event coming up at the humane society campuses. good morning. >> hi, good morning.
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>> this is duncan and izy. they are available here. we are show casing the event tomorrow starting at 7, the halloween howl. we have a bone dig, a k-9 contest. registration is all online. it is a great event and all of the proceeds are going pack to the shelter. come join us for these fun events. michele is talking about dressing up the pets. jeremy: what do you recommend for the pets? >> these costumes were donated
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impairing the ability to hear or see. we have the halloween howl tomorrow and sunday here. so looking forward to that and again safe and fun costumes for the dogs and keep in mind the candy safety tips. >> sounds good. when the doorbell rings, have the pets humane society for halloween howl. >> thank you. >> how adorable. look at him. >> they are doing so well. my dog won't move with the costume on. >> well, i think that the halloween weekend is looking great. we had record setting rainfall
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locations and cooler air and north breezes today but 65 for tomorrow. take a look. days until halloween five. hey, day light saving time is a week from saturday. a week from saturday night. less than two weeks to the election and less than a month for thanksgiving. skies are mostly cloudy this morning. a couple of holes are trying to open up. the cloud deck is fairly low and i a in the sky today, cooler air aloft and reenforcing the clouds for a time. cool front is situated to the south. warm front is headed our way. the temperatures make it up to the 60s friday and saturday. evening temperatures in the 40s. but pretty fantastic with the 50s and 60s for the highs
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this morning we have a chill in the air. 40s. 3 west bends and waukesha. 43 lake geneva. fond du lac 42. you are seeing we are nice and dry and the clouds are fairly stubborn today. i do anticipate a mostly cloudy sky. we hold the temperatures 48-50. this is tonight, overnight around mid night. we start friday with the sunshine and rolling a few clouds by in the afternoon, but breezy south wds temperatures climbing up to the mid 60s. for today, near 50. mostly cloudy. dry. 44 tonight. 65 tomorrow. 64 saturday. now there is a slight chance of a shower saturday night with a weak cool front, and early morning clouds on sunday and upper 50s. 67 degrees on halloween. >> looking great, sal, thank you. >> a woman returns from the
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>> surprise instreweder they find hiding out. mark your calendars when all 3 of the mitchell domes are
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>> hello in south milwaukee. look at this. thank you for the thursday morning shout out. wisn is stopping by classes throughout the school here. >> if you are interested visit, go to and click on the school shout out logo and we'll schedule a visit to stop by and say hello. >> a teen that lost everything in hurricane matthew also thought she lost the chance of going to homecoming. >> the home was destroyed by a fire and the community rallied to send her to the dance. oh, so pretty.
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hair services. she's thankful she got to go to homecoming and felt like cinderella. >> very cool. >> a homeowner is cleaning up after her home was ransacked by a squirrel. the woman returned home from vacation to a mess. she thought that burglars broke in. they the home, maybe using peanuts. the woman had been feeding it. >> i'm sorry, i must have missed something. >> careful, she's learned her lesson now and stop feeding the squirrels. look at that mess from one squirrel. >> you think feeding squirrels is a good idea. that is nod a good idea inside of your home.
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>> and talking about the engagement ring. >> this is real jewelry. most of my julie is made from candy. he's like what's going on. >> catch the interview on ellen at 4:00. >> 5:26. keeping kids ot >> changes that a group is looking to make. >> social media hack, the impact it is having on 911 operators. >> all lanes of 94 in kenosha county are back open. they were closed earlier after a pedestrian was hit and killed.
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oh no.
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man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," breaking news from overnight. a pedestrian is hit and killed while on i-94.
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>> we are watching a situation in kenosha county, a pedestrian was hit while in the southbound lanes of i-94. this is near 52 nd. all lanes reopened just a few minutes ago. hillary mintz is live along the interstate with the latest. good morning, hillary. rert minutes, the sheriffs pulled away from the scene here and now everybody is moving along and continuing southbound on i-94. here again, this happened a little after 3:00 a.m. this morning, somehow a person was hit by a vehicle on the interstate and was killed. they have spent the last couple of hours investigating and trying to figure out what happened. that is all the details we have


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