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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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surveillance cameras in, "i know i should not have drove her co- -- drove." >> he then contemplates filing a false police report alleging that his car was stolen. he and two other individuals then go back to the crash scene in an attempt to make off with his car. >> the prosecutor asked for a million dollars bond. randhawa's attorney asked the court commissioner to lower it. >> he is a graduate of homestead high school and is both working, is working full time as well as going to matc part time. >> we have 12 felony counts here. i am actually going to follow the recommendation of the state and order $1 million to assure your appearance in court. >> coming up on 12 news at 6:00 you'll hear what randhawa's , attorney said after court. live in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news.
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talk to them numbers so i can get up to my cell, man. toya: appearing to have no remorse a milwaukee man found , guilty of killing two children, swears his way through his sentencing. some of the victims families, so overcome with emotion, shouted back, and had to be taken out of the courtroom. >> shut up. you don't know what you are soon as the first person testified at michael morgan's sentencing. >> sit down. sit down. no one says anything or you are out. >> hey, hey, hey. toya: morgan set his estranged wife's home on fire last october near 36th and silver spring. killing his 10-year-old stepson kevin little, and little's two-year-old cousin tenaejah. his estranged wife asked the judge for a harsh punishment.
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around the fact that my son is on. >> -- my son is gone. >> after she finished, she had to be escorted out of the courtroom, overcome with anger. then it was morgan's turn, he went after the judge. >> you target black men in the community, so that's all i wanted to say so that this courtroom is biased. >> continue. >> talk to them numbers so i can get up to myself. >> i have to make a hook up. january out? >> in the end, the judge sentenced morgan to 71 years in prison. >> i am truly thankful that he will not see the light of day anymore. he truly got white heat is our.
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at peace with the outcome of this case. toya: again 10-year-old kevin little died, along with his-year-old cousin taenajah morgan. police say little woke up his grandmother and helped her and 4 other children escape. but then went back in for taenajah. the two were found huddled together on a bed. patrick: new tonight the , milwaukee police officer being investigated for a fatal shooting will head to trial on sexual assault charges. dominique heaggan-brown waived his preliminary hearing while wearing a yellow padded suicide prevention suit. his case will now to go trial. heaggan-brown is accused of sexually assaulting a man at his home the night after he shot and court documents detail heaggan brown had at least three other victims between 2015 and 2016. if convictied, he faces more than 80 years in prison. heaggan-brown is suspended with pay from the department while the sex assault case and the shooting investigation continue per state law. toya: milwaukee police are investigating another homicide tonight bringing the number to
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last night near 16th and olive. officers were called for reports of a suspicious car running in an alley. police say they found the body of 38-year-old derrick carson inside. he'd been shot. there's been no arrests. this eighth investigation brings the number of homicides in milwaukee to 118 so far this year. there were 123 this same time last year. milwaukee police are also 21-year-old man. he was found inside a vehicle near 26th and clybourn around 8:30 this morning. right now, police are calling it sudden death. an autopsy will be performed to determine exactly how the man died. patrick: new tonight, a woman robbed in a downtown parking garage in the middle of the day. now, police need your help catching him. take a look at this surveillance video of the suspect from inside the garage at milwaukee and wisconsin. police say the man pulled a knife on the woman, robbed her,
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it happened shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon on tuesday. anyone with information should call police. a 30-year-old burlington man is dead after being hit by a car on the interstate in kenosha county. investigators say a milwaukee couple was in the car driving south on i-94 near highway 158 when they hit the man around 3:00 this morning. no word on why the man was on the freeway and not in his car. investigators say right now neither speed nor alcohol appear to be factors. it's the last place you'd expect to be in harm's way. but wisn 12 news' colleen henry has learned that some family hot spots are under more scrutiny than ever. >> victim after victim. >> these people were beating on us and they wasn't no help at all. >> 12 news uncovers volumes of records showing the ugly underbelly of popular spots that cater exclusively to kids. the information kept secret from customers, and why cities are now stepping in to take action. patrick: you can watch colleen henry's 12 news investigation
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10:00. toya: commitment 2016 coverage tonight. and with just 12 days to go until the election, the two presidential nominees pull out all the stops to try to woo voters in key swing states. as reporter lana zak shows us, one of the nominees was joined today by a very special guest. >> for the first time in this political campaign, two first ladies take the stage together . michelle obama campaigning alongside hillary clinton. >> seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than michelle obama? >> many believe with her vitality that mrs. obama is clinton's strongest advocate in fi >> among the many real privileges i have had is to see the president and the first lady dance. >> obama brought her full throated support for clinton to north carolina. >> we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend hillary clinton.
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post national tracking poll shows this race is only getting tighter trump catching up to clinton. she now leads by just six points. overnight, a new issue for the clinton campaign. another batch of hacked emails released by wikileaks, allegedly from one of bill clinton's longtime aides. abc news has not been able to validate the stolen documents that purport to show how donors to the clinton foundation were encouraged to hire the former president for lucrative speaking engagements. these efforts called bill clinton inc. trump hitting the clintons on determining those wikileak hacks came from russian officials trying to interfere in the election. >> just imagine what they would do given the chance to once again control the oval office. we have had enough, honestly. i think we have had enough of the clintons. >> clinton did not talk about the wiki leaks from the trail, but they put out a statement saying they would not be commenting on specific e-mails.
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will campaign in wisconsin. he will hold events in appleton and madison on tuesday. clinton has not been to wisconsin since losing the state's primary in april. wisn 12 news is teaming up with abc news to bring you big story coverage on election night. live coverage from throughout wisconsin and around the country all night on air as well as online starting at 4:00 p.m. on november 8. patrick: another political heavy-hitter is in town today. campaigned alongside senate candidate russ feingold in milwaukee this morning. booker met with supporters and volunteers at a north side campaign office. he stressed the importance of early voting, and urged the crowd to help democrats re-gain control of the senate. earlier, booker sat down with upfront's mike gousha to talk about wisconsin's role in the election. >> folks here have to understand that this is going to be an election, both at the senate level and the presidential level where, unlikely new jersey where
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this state can really determine the destiny of our country. patrick: you can watch more of the interview sunday on upfront with mike gousha. it air sunday morning at 9:00. toya: new tonight, helping put veterans back to work. the national firm, recruit military held a job fair for veterans at miller park. the event was open to anyone on active duty in the national , guard, or in the reserves. 47 companies, including wisn 12's parent company, the hearst corporation participated in today's job fair. recruit military holds 110 job fairs around the country each year. new on 12 from our partners at biztimes milwaukee, the point burger bar will hold a job fair next saturday for its new location in pewaukee. the restaurant is opening at the site of the former american tv store off of i-94.
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it's looking for managers, bartenders, servers, and kitchen staff. the job fair will be from noon until 4:00. patrick: looking ahead tonight a , stretch of interstate will look a lot different next week. matt salemme is over the area in news chopper 12. matt, a zipper merge will be removed. >> that's right. we will be saying goodbye to the zipper merge along 894 northbound. the new lanes will be to the inside and northbound at national avenue, so we won't have that zipper m. the good news is that you will have three lanes open. this is all expected to happen tuesday morning, november 1, so be ready for that. pay attention the extra first couple of days. you can only access 94 eastbound, then things get tricky towards the zoo interchange. you will have to pay attention. as always, stay with trafficwatch 12 in the very latest.
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update. get ready for an autumn warm-up. toya: mark, temps are going to jump the next 24 hours mark: and it is a big jump. how long we will stay in the 60's next in weather watch 12. patrick: then, a warning for you tonight about a nationwide irs scam. the phone call thieves are using to steal millions of dollars. toya: and, kelly ripa's co-host search might have a new
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patrick: that's the sound of one of the buildings that collapsed during two powerful earthquakes in central italy. the first quake was a magnitude 5.5. then two hours later, a more powerful 6.1 quake. the earthquakes happened 12 miles from the one in august that killed nearly 300 people. officials say no one died in toya: new tonight on wisn 12, the federal government busts a huge international scam they say tricked at least 15,000 people out of more than $300 million. patrick: investigators say callers in india posed as tax and immigration agents threatening to arrest, deport, or otherwise punish the victims unless they paid them money. callers targeted the elderly and minorities, extorting thousands of dollars at a time, demanding they put the money on prepaid
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do not call in demand immediate payments to ovoid deportation or arrest. don't pay any money. instead, report the call to law enforcement. patrick: 61 people in the u.s. and india have been charged. twitter is getting rid of vine. vine lets users record six second videos. twitter says it will be doing away with the platform in the coming months. the social media giant says you'll still be able to see and access the videos you've made. you'll be notified when things toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: a milwaukee county employee sentenced to jail time for embezzling your money is taking more. 12 news investigates how he's profiting off taxpayers, even from behind bars. then, in a story gaining national attention a u.w. student accused of dozens of sexual assaults. the new cases now coming to light, and the reason police questioned him months ago, but let him go.
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more tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00. toya: raven symone is leaving the view. symone announced on the abc talk show today she plans to leave before the end of the year. the actress plans to produce and star in a remake of the sitcom that's so raven for the disney channel. symone has been on the view since june 2015. also new tonight, the pennsylvania high school teacher who won the social media contest to co-host with kelly ripa is in the running to become her permanent host. this video of her with actor fred savage. according to tmz, richard curtis "blue everyone away with his performance on friday." the show today tweeted this picture of the two announcing curtis will return as co-host monday, november 7. patrick: how about that? a familiar face makes a stop in milwaukee to host an event. robin roberts of good morning america was the keynote speaker at the american massage therapy association's annual convention. she spoke this morning at the milwaukee theater. she also sat down with wisn 12 news melinda davenport. roberts says massage helped her recover from cancer. she says she wanted to give back to the profession that helped
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>> i know that they heal people. they heal their clients. and so other than hanging in milwaukee and having a good time, it is wonderful to say thank you. to say thank you to this group for the work that they do and there are tangible results showing that massage therapy helps you with the symptoms from going through cancer. patrick: until saturday. you can watch robin roberts on gma, weekdays right here on wisn 12. the show starts at 7:00 a.m., right after 12 news this morning. toya: we just barely made it to 50 degrees today. patrick: you want to know why? because the streak continues. mark: we have had a lot of them and set some records so far. i'm not sure we would get any
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in a row, but we are doing pretty good if you like it warmer. we have had 166 days of temperatures 50 degrees warmer. the record is 20 two more setback in 1998 of 188 days in a row. we have been above freezing for 198 days in a row. the record was 222 in 1985. we have warm weather in this forecast. it will be substantially warmer than it is right now in horny three degrees, west, southwesterly wind seven miles per hour, so not nearly as windy as yesterday. not as ugly, but still kind of ugly because we did not get much in the way of son. 48 milwaukee, dew point 37. 45 it lambeau field, cloudy. sheboygan, cloudy. yesterday the waves were crashing over the south.
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change from wednesday to the next and a few hours can make big changes in southeastern wisconsin. it is chilly out there. 40's out there in milwaukee, waukesha, and beaver dam. 45 in fond du lac. cool here, not so much here. 83 denver. 82 and nebraska. , yes, we will get that. will we get the 70's? probably not. we will get the 60's as early as tomorrow. this is from the past weekend. one of my favorite shots of holy hill. it will be some color, but we are kind of past the nicest color around here, but it will be eccentric him as you can
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we do have good weather to do that tomorrow or saturday or sunday. the rain we had was not very nice to the trees. how about those temperatures this weekend? things are looking pretty good. cool, 53, saturday, 48 on sunday. green bay, 63. local down a little bit on sunday. here is theee for that. temperatures don't drop and we stay with the cloud cover. tonight, try and chilly. we warm up big time. wind out of the south at 30 miles per hour. mild condition saturday, 67. we cool it down on sunday. here is the deal, a slight chance of a shower on out-of-date evening. if you have some plans, there is
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for that, but most of the time it will be a ok, cools down, dry cell on sunday, unbelievable monday. it's not crazy to think we might get 70 on halloween. patrick: i can't believe it is the end of october and close to 70. coming up, should parents be allowed to have under age drinking in their home? kids jumped from the bedroom windows of their burning home. the reason the family is now 10:00. toya: october leads us into holiday shopping season, right around the corner. patrick: while mark is getting ready -- walmart is getting ready. they want to help you get through their checkout lines without headaches. the special team they're hiring. {toya/vo} then, this story is just too cute not to stick around for. we'll tell you about these superhero newborns. >> recovering with the help of art.
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help local women heal. sally severson on weather watch as you make those halloween
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toya: wal-mart will have an army of holiday helpers this year. patrick: their job is to help you through the checkout line. they'll help shoppers find the shortest line, open registers and even quickly grab an item , you forgot. the holiday helpers will start on november 4 as wal-mart switches into holiday shopping mode. the retailer usually hires thousands of workers for temporary holiday jobs. newborn babies in one missouri hospital are treated to a halloween surprise. toya: nurses and volunteers made babies in the nicu at st. luke's in kansas city. the parents could choose which costume best matched their baby's personalities. the goal here, to allow parents to feel a sense of normalcy. the idea was such a hit, the hospital is working on ideas for the 12 days of christmas. by the way, we have this posted on our facebook page if you'd like to check it out again. patrick: it is such a small gesture, but it means so much.
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johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. check senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold
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tonight to "grey's anatomy." >> hey, guys. anybody sitting here? patrick: see what happens when doctor murphy shows up on an all-new episode beginning at 7:00. then stay tuned for notorious at 8:00 followed by how to get away , with murder at 9:00. we'll see you here for 12 news at 10:00. patrick: how is it tonight? mark:lo temperature in the 40's, cloudy, eventually more breaks and some sunshine today, but that was about it. we will be dry. sunset this evening by the way is 22 minutes from right now. patrick: we will take your word for it. mark: it will be way better tomorrow, windy, but warm, and
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patrick: world news is coming up
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tonight, breaking news. the new polls just out. as michelle obama joins hillary clinton for the first time on the trail. what they reveal about each other. just as wikileaks reveals major questions about millions made by bill clinton. and donald trump tonight, appearing to surprise even melania. the deadly six-alarm fire here in new york city. the dramatic rescue. the major storm hitting. snow, ice, freezing rain from d.c. to philly to new york. the college student accused of sexual assault, and tonight, the list of women. what was allegedly discovered in the book next to his bed. diane sawyer is here tonight. isis in america. one-on-one with the college grad, the star student behind bars. his stunning answer, what drew him to isis. and made in america is back.


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