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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  October 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn 12 news starts now with breaking news. joyce: the airplane for vice-presidential candidate mike pence skids off a runway. what pence and reporters on the plane are saying tonight. kathy:ights at local family restaurants. 12 news investigates the local plan to stop them. >> that was from the beginng of the diagnosis. joyce: only on wisn 12, a local woman's halloween tradition, with a little extra magic. how it's helping her fight with we begin with an update on breaking news, a close call for republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. kathy: his campaign plane skidded off a runway tonight in new york. patrick's live in the newsroom. patrick, the plane had just landed. patrick: one person described it as a hard landing when the charter flight arrived at laguardia airport tonight. this is the aftermath. what appears to be gashes in the concrete on the runway.
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the brakes, and people could smell burning rubber. the plane came to rest on a patch of grass after sliding off the runway. everyone on board was evacuated. journalists on that flight say pence came to the back of the plane to make sure everyone was ok and told them there was mud on the front windows. investigators say the plane had no visible damage, but about 80 arrestor beds on the runway were destroyed. >> arrestor beds are faa required installations at the end of runways to do exactly , which is slow down an aircraft approaching the end of the runway. the arrestor beds served their purpose tonight. we're not going to speculate on the cause of the incident. patrick: pence had this to say on twitter, "so thankful everyone on our plane is safe. grateful for our first responders and the concern and prayers of so many. back on the trail tomorrow."
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trump, told a crowd in ohio that he spoke with pence and everybody's fine. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton tweeted "glad to hear mike pence, his staff, secret service, and the crew are all safe." and just minutes ago, governor walker also tweeted, "glad my friend mike pence is ok. thank god." around 50 passengers and crew members were obo everyone appears to be ok. ntsb investigators are expected to be there tomorrow. kathy: a woman punched and robbed in her neighborhood. joyce: blocks away, a man attacked by five teens in his garage. tonight, christina palladino is asking what can be done to stop crimes like this in our neighborhoods. >> 12 news talked with this paramedic wednesday night after he was jumped by teens and five nearly beaten to death. he lives in the cooper park neighborhood on milwaukee's northwest side.
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recently. residents like adam jensen are nervous even to walk his dog. right after the paramedic was beaten, a woman was punched twice and had her purse stolen. police are investigating if it's the same group of kids. mayor tom barrett reached out to that woman. >> i shared my concern with her as to what is going on. we are working hard, and i believe we have some leads that will be effective in helping us all that crime. >> -- helping us to solve that crime. >> in crime in the city lately is disturbing. there have been a number of carjackings and eight homicides since sunday. jessica jones is a block watch captain for the cooper park neighborhood. she's hoping extra police patrols help. >> why we work together as block watch captains and people in the neighborhood coming together to discuss what can we do different, what is bringing the crime here? >> the neighbors we talked with are happy with the response from police officers here at district 7. there is a meeting planned soon between police and the community to discuss these issues.
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a man is accused of hitting a car, three women debt, and is now charged with 12 felony counts. >> i am going to order to assure $1 million your appearance in court. joyc afternoon for jasen randhawa. he's accused of hitting an uber car early sunday morning at 2nd and clybourn. the three women were passengers in that uber car. their driver was injured. in that uber car. their driver was injured. prosecutors say randhawa was drunk, going 63 miles per hour in a 30 zone, and ran a red light. if convicted on all counts, the 23-year-old could face nearly 200 years in prison. in a story making national headlines, more women are coming forward with sexual assault allegations against a u.w.
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alec cook faces charges in five separate assaults. investigators say they found a book in his apartment where cook described in detail the women he'd met and what he wanted to do to them, with statements of killing and sexual desires. cook, who is from minnesota, has been suspended from the university. kathy: police fire bean bags and pepper spray to break up a group of protesters in north dakota. the protesters set up camp on private land to block construction of a pipeline to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. many refused to leave, starting fires and firing a gun. 200 law enforcement officers moved in, arresting those who refused to leave. to commitment 2016 election coverage and the race for president. patrick, both campaigns are shifting in to high gear. patrick: stretch of the race. the election is 12 days away. first lady michelle obama joined hillary clinton for the first time on stage today. it comes as another batch of hacked emails was released by wikileaks, allegedly from one of bill clinton's longtime aides. it shows donors to the clinton foundation were allegedly encouraged to hire the former president for lucrative speaking engagements. new polls show the race is tightening in key swing states. trump was in ohio tonight hillary clinton in north , carolina. kathy: donald trump is leading hillary clinton in the costume
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trump is leading sales of masks 57% to 43%. a company spokesperson tells us in year's past, the highest selling mask has won the election. wisn 12 news is teaming up with abc news to bring you big story coverage on election night. live coverage from throughout wisconsin and around the country all night on air and online, starting at 4:00 p.m. on november 8. joyce: it's harry potter come to life in hartland. aw for halloween and you can check it out. only on 12 news, ben hutchison gives us an inside look, and the woman behind the magic shares why it means so much to her. >> business going to be the potions area. >> the plans are coming together. >> this is the great hall table. >> that is not all. for the fifth straight year dody , marriott is transforming her garage into hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry made famous in harry potter.
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>> part of the train that carries students back and forth to the magical world. >> the smokestack is 14 feet tall. >> you are not messing around. the most important story is that this year's event is very special. the whole time these moments bringing harry potter to life >> that was from the beginning of the diagnosis. >> sharing her passion with the community. >> the first kid that comes through is thrilled, so excited, and that makes it worth it. >> in hartland, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. joyce: hogwart's is located on capitol drive in hartland. you can visit on sunday and
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encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to be donated to the hartland food pantry. time now to congratulate one of our own. kathy: 12 news' managing editor renee rafaelli was among the honorees tonight at the annual coalition for children gala. renee was named outstanding advocate. our mike anderson served as the event emcee. a family restaurant becomes a magnet for trouble. joyce: what's being done to stop it. >> starting tomorrow, many milwaukee panhandlers will have to move. i will explain why a new ordinance is not just about them. mark: it may be late october, but we are not done with the warm temperatures. when we'll get to enjoy the 60's and maybe even 70 next in weather watch 12. kathy: children had to jump from the windows of this burning
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>> talk them numbers so i can get up to my cell. we're black, man. you're here to hang us, man. kathy: a milwaukee man being sentenced in the deaths of two children hurls profanity at the judge. michael morgan was convicted of setting his estranged wife's house on fire one year ago, killing his 10-year-old stepson and the boy's two-year-old
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the judge sentenced morgan to 71 years in prison. we've all seen them, people panhandling or selling water in the medians on busy streets. joyce: starting tomorrow, loitering like that in the city of milwaukee will be banned. 12 news' adrienne pedersen is live at 25th and st. paul. adrienne: we are talking about median we're talking about medians like this one, five feet wide or smaller. an alderman tells us it's all about safety. >> the way people drive, you are taking your lives in tear own hands by standing in those medians. adrienne: that's why alderman bob donovan is happy to see the new loitering ordinance. it bans people in the city of milwaukee from standing on medians less than five feet wide. we saw several panhandlers at this spot on 26th and st. paul. one not even using a median and
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the median isn't five feet wide. i talked to one of the panhandlers. he says he has no problem with the new rule as long as they don't kick them off the sidewalk. the alderman promises the new ordinance isn't just for panhandlers. you do have a church group standing in the median, would you walk up to them and find them? >> we would call the police and ask them to move along. adrienne: i have the new ordinance here. those tickets will range from $50 to but the alderman tells us $250, police will most likely warn people first. live in milwaukee, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. joyce: parents in fond du lac county are allowed to host underage drinkers in their home. a state appeals court overturned a county ordinance which barred such parties. the case centers on a van dyne man who was cited last year for allowing minors to drink at his son's graduation house party.
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the state law. but while law enforcement won't be giving out citations for parents, they won't change their response. >> they're still going to be look for underage individuals that could be at these types of parties, still looking to issue citations for underage drinking. joyce: the fond du lac county sheriff's department says if kids get in an unwanted situation where there's drinking, to call their office and they'll come get them, no questions asked. kathy: gun-toting security guards wielding mace to manage the unruly. it center but it's happening at , some of the milwaukee-area's most beloved places to throw a birthday party. tonight, 12 news' colleen henry investigates trouble at the family-fun venues. >> local officials cracked down on chuck e cheese nearly a decade ago you may remember this. the three milwaukee-area restaurants stopped serving alcohol to try to stop the mayhem but 12 news has , discovered the restaurants continue to court chaos.
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, wild at chuck e cheese locations all across the country. >> it is just terrible. >> last fall, acacsha jackson went to the west allis chuck e cheese to celebrate her son's first birthday. >> i walk him around, put him on stage, let chuck e see him. >> she soon found herself in the center of a chuck e cheese smacked down. the baby's father's estranged family was at the party too. >> his older sister hit me in the face. >> jackson was pregnant and decided to get her kids out of there. >> two of his sisters grab my baby. >> police arrested two women for assaulting jackson. nine years ago, the company gave up liquor licenses at its milwaukee-area restaurants
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behavior? 12 news spent weeks combing through police calls since 2014 to the chuck e cheese restaurants in west allis, brookfield, and milwaukee hundreds of pages detailing , fights, thefts, battery, domestic violence, disorderly conduct and child neglect. west allis highlights include children left behind, an impaired parent with a carful of kids repeated car break-ins outside, and purse and phone thefts inside. brookfield, a brawl where suspects tossed pepper shakers, bacon, and racial slurs. and a father charged with felonies for attacking his kids. and m involved as many as 50 people some reported to have guns. , chuck e cheese arms its security guards with guns and pepper spray, and police reports indicate innocent patrons have been maced, including a pregnant woman, children, and a baby. 12 news went to chuck e cheese for comment. >> what can you tell us? you think things have improved in recent years? >> i can't comment. you up to call our corporate
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high-profile incidents than some other places. i don't know why. >> west allis' mayor says if trouble continues in his city chuck e cheese could face licensing action. ,is it fair to say that west allis is watching chuck e cheese? >> i think that is a fair statement. this type of behavior is unacceptable, and it will not be tolerated. >> 12 news took the police reports to milwaukee alderman tony zielinski a decade ago, he spearheaded the move to get booze out of the children's venue. people involved in a fight, all this type of stuff is new to me and i'm going to have a lengthy , discussion with the police department as to why this wasn't brought to my attention. >> 12 news has learned alderman zeilinski also plans to call chuck e cheese in front of the licensing committee at renewal time when it could face , disciplinary action. kathy: you did get through to the company. >> chuck e cheese wouldn't comment on camera but says in a
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wholesome, safe experience is of utmost important to us. they add that having guards, cameras and other safety measures make it a safer place for families, and that they will not stop trying to improve. kathy: thanks. joyce: we barely made it to 50 degrees today. mark, tomorrow will bring quite the change. mark: from 52 65, a big jump in temperatures. there is one caveat, the wind will be strong. be ready for that. in the live look from discovery world. wind out of the south at five miles per hour. it will stay out of the south tomorrow, and it will get blustery, but that is what will bring in some warmer air. temperatures in the 40's. i would not be surprised if there were upper 30's as the night goes on, but then temperatures head up tomorrow. it would be a good idea to grab that cup of coffee at 43
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at 722 a.m., some sunshine breaking through as the day goes on. this is coming here. we will not get to 70 or the 80's, maybe 70 on halloween here at 63 des moines, that will be here tomorrow. this is warm stuff for this time of year. we are keeping that warm streak going. 166 days in a row of 50 degrees. it is not a record. temperatures will stay mild next week. we have not been below freezing for 198 days in a row. still not record-breaking. this is what you would see this weekend. gorgeous shot of holy hill last weekend. not a lot of color left. there is some. you can still enjoy the weekend, but the rain did not help a lot.
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weekend, saturday warmer. 67 madison. 74 in rockford, so warm air in place. a cold front on saturday night brings a slight chance of a shower in the evening and overnight, but most of sunday looks like it will be dry. it will be cooler. we are only four days away from halloween, 10 days away from the end of daylight savings time. 12 days to the election, and four weeks from thanksgiving. saturday, sunday, or halloween monday, i think it is looking pretty good. cool on sunday, monday will be quite warm. that is when we could get to 70 degrees. not a record. a record high on halloween is 80 degrees. i don't think we have to worry about rain or snow. here is the cloud cover rolling in right now, but more break says the night rolls on. 7:00 a.m., some sunshine, not a
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saturday, but most of the time it will be nice. here are some of those light showers trying to move in on saturday. 65, 67, 57, 68. all these temperatures are above average. we continue to go down into the lower 50's next week as we head into november. the last day of october will be halloween, monday, 60 eight degrees. 60 on tues 57. now we get to try things out and it looks good for the halloween weekend. kathy: thanks, mark. parents of teenagers are navigating all kinds of new territory. joyce: one family wants other parents to know that when it comes to your child's mental health, missing the warning signs can be life changing. is it my kid wants attention? or my kid has a mental illness? and you just don't know. joyce: their seventh grade daughter would later take her own life. the difficult story that one local couple wants to share, in
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a gripping interview that parents and caregivers should see, tomorrow and my special report on 12 news at 10:00. kathy: a third uw-madison student is diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis. joyce: coming up, what students are being told to avoid until the vaccine becomes effective. kathy: from unrest in sherman park to kindness and hope. the organization that brings life to homes in the milwaukee
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: the packers injury concerns continue, but there is good news. clay matthews and t.j. lang both expect to play this weekend in atlanta despite hamstring and hip ri however, there is no improvement with the condition of cornerbacks. as for the running backs, yes, you can play ty montgomery at the running back position in your fantasy league now, but don jackson is back this week, and hopes to offer a hand in green bay's run game. after hurting his left wrist and hand after touching the ball only twice in his debut, he has worked with a protective pad this week getting ready to play.
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ways to keep protecting it so that come sunday it feels great. i'm trying not to do stuff with the other hand, but i am happy with today. i did not backtrack at all. i think i will be good. stephanie: also today, the packers reaching an injury settlement with wide receiver jared abbrederis. the wautoma native and former badger had only one catch this year before being placed on injured reserve earlier this week with a thigh bruise. abbrederis was a fan favorite and favorite of aaron rodgers, but parts ways with the packers after only 10 regular-season catches since being drafted three seasons ago. injuries limited his production each year. he was the first badger player that she and ted thompson had ever drafted. -- that general manager ted thompson had ever drafted. as for the current badgers, eleventh-ranked wisconsin hosts seventh-ranked nebraska saturday night under the lights at camp randall stadium. the two head coaches, paul
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friendship dates back 25 years. that's right, a quarter of a century. and even though they're longtime friends, they'll put that aside come saturday at kickoff. >> he is a great friend and has had a huge impact on me, but part of the reason i have a good relationship with his we believe in a lot of the same things, and this game is not about us. it is competitive. you, the staff, and er and in so many hours of preparation, and you want to win. it does not make any difference who you are playing. stephanie: that's barry alvarez, who knows all about coaching against old friends. he went against hayden fry for many years when fry lead the iowa hawkeyes. coming up in our second half hour, how the badgers and huskers defenses are among the top in the country. joyce: if you turned on good morning america this morning, you may have noticed robin roberts was missing.
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milwaukee. coming up why she was the , keynote speaker for a massage convention. joyce: also ahead, the china lights at the botanical gardens
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