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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 30, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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>> now, on wisn 12 news. adrienne: {adrienne/utl} it is now the laul sheldon: a week from this tuesday we should know whether donald trump or hilary clinton will be the next president. but as abc's richard cantu shows us the clinton campaign is facing a new challenge tonight. richard: the fbi has obtained a warrant to review emails found on the laptop of hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin and her estranged husband, anthony weiner. federal agents first discovered the e-mails potentially relating to hillary clinton weeks ago,
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james comey until last thursday. the next day, in a letter to lawmakers, he revealed the renewed inquiry that has thrown the campaign for a loop. hillary clinton, now fighting donald trump. ms. clinton: i mean he's such a downer, right? richard: and james comey-- ms. clinton: it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. richard: justice department officials had advised against alerting congress, citing department tradition of not talking about ongoing investigations and not doing anything that would be seen as influencing an election in its final days. for donald trump, it's a late-game windfall. mr. trump: now it's reported that the department of justice is fighting the fbi, that's because the department of justice is trying so hard to protect hillary clinton. richard: comey now caught in the
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this was a terrible error in judgment by the director. richard: in a scathing letter, senate minority leader harry reid accuses the fbi director of being partisan, and says he may have broken the law. comey has begun briefing lawmakers on the new emails. meanwhile, the latest abc news national tracking poll shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump, down to one point. richard cantu, abc news, new york. sheldon: you can now cast your ballot early across the state. this is video of people voting early in downtown milwaukee this weekend. voters we spoke with said their minds were made up before the new clinton e-mails were released. but there is a little-known rule that allows early voters to change their minds up to three times, if they decide to vote for someone else. >> being able to change your vote that many times, i worry that would open the door to other interests to come and sway you after you've made your personal decision. sheldon: if you're voting on election day, you can check for your polling place on the new just look at the politics page. the question now, is how much
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mike gousha explores that and looks at what donald trump needs to do to do well in waukesha, ozaukee and washington counties tonight on upfront. >> new jersey senator cory booker is one of the democrats rising stars. tonight, i will sit down with her to ask him if he is, what about the democrats chances for winning control of the u.s. senate. but i will ask why donald trump has been struggling in wisconsin's most republican counties. more than 505 -- more than 4000 voters have already voted early in the state. it is all coming up tonight at 11:00 right here on upfront. adrienne: chief meteorologist mark baden is joining us tonight. you keep telling me it is going to get cold or something, but i'm just not feeling it. mark: eventually we will get cold.
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will snow. you can count on it. that is a promise. not tonight. it is still chilly out there. there may be some frost if you are inland. tomorrow, warm air, and then it gets crazy warm on tuesday. it is the 70's on the first day of november. that is pretty nice stuff. not quite to record territory, but not far away either. heading out to the bus stop tomorrow, 42 degrees in the city or nearly michigan. colder than that. heading home, partly cloudy skies in the forecast. not a completely sunny day, not a completely cloudy day. it will be kind of interspersed with some cloudy period and some sun. it will be windy. winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour for tomorrow. it will not be quite as nice as that 62 degrees. the wind will be less on tuesday when we get to 73 degrees. there will be a lot of sunshine. not bad at all for halloween.
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after another powerful earthquake in central italy. it was strong enough to bring homes and churches crashing down. abc's jennifer eccleston takes us to the scene. jennifer: a 6.6 magnitude tremor caused widespread destruction, this drone video showing crumbled buildings in the town of amatrice in central italy. the same town that was already hit by a deadly earthquake in august. the new tremors causing even more damage. panicked residents ran to safety. embracing, kneeling, praying in the central plazas, fears rising with each aftershock, as more buildings disappear in a cloud of dust. firefighters helped cloistered nuns to safety, their church destroyed, the bell tower on the point of collapse. one nun describing what she felt, saying there was this end of world feeling, you just can't say a tremor. it was more than that, all the
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the earthquake was the strongest in italy in 36 years, hitting a mountain area just north of rome. pope francis mentioned the quake in his weekly sunday blessing, saying i pray for the injured and for the families who have suffered damage. italy's prime minister promised help, telling reporters that we will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. that might take a long time with thousands of people left without a roof over their heads. and churches lying in a heap of rubble. jennifer eccleston, abc news, italy. adrienne: new information tonight about the american airlines plane that caught fire at the o'hare airport in chicago. a piece of the boeing 767 engine actually broke apart. a close inspection of the plane revealed that the stage two disc of the high pressure turbine
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flames. investigators found part of the engine roughly 1600 feet away. officials say that type of engine failure is rare and serious. >> it's a very dangerous kind of mishap, very dangerous kind of failure. we're very lucky this happened while it was still on the ground. 161 passengers were on board, -- adrienne: 161 passengers were on board, they are safe tonight. investigators are still working to find why the turbine broke. sheldon: a safe return home to planet earth. three astronauts from the united states, japan and russia were welcomed back to gravity today. the crew spent the past 115 days on board the international space station. the capsule landed safely this morning in kazakhstan. their trip back to earth took about 3.5 hours. sweden is getting ready for a rare visit from pope francis tomorrow. the pope's visit marks the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation. sweden's population is overwhelmingly lutheran. pope francis says he hopes his
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>> anyone. adrienne: an unusual offer to anyone who has a municipal warrant in milwaukee. some judges say they'll toss it out if you'll do just one thing. wisn-12 news kent wainscott explains. >> we're your friendly neighborhood municipal court judges. kent: it came in a facebook video from milwaukee's three municipal court judges a first of its kind offer. >> anyone with a city of warrant, drivers license suspension or car registration suspension can have those warrants and suspensions lifted without making any payment whatsoever. kent: just show in court on any of the first three wednesday's in november, they say, and the court will toss the warrant and help get back on track and there's one more promise. >> no one will be arrested. kent: it's not exactly a get-out-of jail free card. people will still be responsible for any fines, but the idea they
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outstanding warrants, working with the system. mayor tom barrett: i think they're trying to make sure that people can get themselves out of that hole. obviously i hope it's successful. kent: mayor tom barrett says it was the elected judges who came up with the plan. the judges were in a city budget hearing today and declined to comment, but the mayor says one question that remains is the financial impact of the plan. mayor tom barrett: that's something we want to have our budget office involved in, to see what kind of fiscal impact this will have on the city. kent: no one is sure what kind of turnout to expect, but sources inside the courts tell us they believe a lot of people will take advantage of this offer. in milwaukee, i'm kent wainscott , wisn-12 news. adrienne: the judges' offer does not apply to any zoning and building code violations those will still be heard on a case-by-case basis. sheldon: one local woman's halloween home is the closest thing we are going to get to stepping into a harry potter movie. adrienne: this year, the
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more. we will tell you how they may actually be helping her heal from a serious health threat.
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adrienne: a hair-stylist is becoming well-known for her extensions of halloween. april benson owns and cuts hair at the tease salon and barber-shop in la crosse. for 4 years now, benson has dressed in costumes through the
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an array of get up there. she says it's something her customers enjoy seeing and have grown to expect. benson says while 31 days of dressing up might make for a little extra work the payoff is well worth it. harry potter comes to life in hartland. the awesome display is up for halloween and you can check it out. sheldon: only on wisn 12 news, ben hutchison gives us an inside look and introduces us to the woman behind the magic who shares why it means so much. potions area. i'm kind of shifting it over this year. ben: the plans are coming together. >> this is the great hall table. ben: that's not all >> i used to have honeydukes in here. honeydukes is going to go in a tent out there. ben: for the 5th straight year dody marriott is transforming her garage into hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry made famous in harry potter. >> we have our hogwart's express sign. it's all carved out of styrofoam. ben: part of the train that
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to the magical world. >> smokestack and everything on it, it's about 14 to 15 feet tall. ben: you're not messing around. >> nope. ben: with all the spells and books out there, the most important story is marriott's. this year's display is extra special. >> march i was diagnosed with breast cancer. i had a mastectomy in april and was having chemo until 2 weeks ago. ben: the whole time these moments bringing harry potter to life the focus. >> that was from the beginning and for the diagnosis. if there's one thing i want to keep on my plate that i want to do, it's hogwarts. the community. >> the first kid that comes through and they're just thrilled with it and they're so excited and pointing at everything, that makes it all worth it then. ben: in hartland, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. sheldon: hogwart's is located on capitol drive in hartland. you can visit tomorrow evening, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. admission is free, but you're encouraged to bring non-perishable food items for the hartland food pantry.
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a young boy and his father are instead sharing a special halloween treat. four-year-old jaden hayes lives in florida, and this year he dressed in an army costume. the outfit was inspired by his dad jermaine, who's a u.s. army soldier stationed in iraq. but jermaine will be home to celebrate with his son. >> it was a surprise my wife set up. i was just supposed to meet him when he was trick or treating. and i just showed up. it was a surprise for me and him, daddy. adrienne: will go out trick-or-treating tomorrow. that is so special. sheldon: it never gets old singer union videos of fathers and their kids. in sports, how a letdown by the defense cost the packers a chance at a win in atlanta. plus, a comedown for the bucks after last night's thrilling win. adrienne: and, a pair of reunion's highlight the badgers first basketball game of the season. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. first, here are tonight's
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>> big 12 sports, presented my minard. dan: the packers host -- earlier in this season, the packers defense was carrying the offense. today, the roles were reversed although that offense couldn't carry them to a win. the falcons rolled up 367 yards, moving at will against the packers defense. matt ryan passed for 288 yards and 3 scores in the 33-to-32 win over the packers. to be fair, green bay was missing their top 3 cornerbacks, and clay matthews but the defense took the blame anyway. >> they got receivers. >> a guy like that coming got a get hits on him. it is back to the drawing board. watch the film, study it, get ready for the next one. dan: the packers host
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to fall to 3-and-5. detroit was the only other nfc north team in action today the lions fell behind 14-to-0 at houston, thanks in part to this touchdown pass by brock osweiler . the texans hold on for a 20-to-13 win. there were 2 overtime games today. the bengals and redskins tied in london, and the raiders beat the buccaneers in tampa. derrick carr to seth roberts for the winning score, 30-to-24 the final. carr passed for a raiders record 513 yards. the badger football team moved up to 8th in both of the college football polls after last night's overtime win over nebraska, 4 big 10 teams are in the top 10. wisconsin plays at northwestern saturday, and the question is, who will start at quarterback? paul chryst alternated alex hornibrook and bart houston each threw a critical second half interception but houston was behind center in overtime. according to chryst, those issues will be addressed but for now, a win is a win.
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knew that we wanted to play both bart and alex in the cornerback stop -- quarterback spot. we have to have everyone here it -- everyone. >> everyone wants to play, but at the and of the day it is good to get a win. dan: basketball, less than 24 hours after a thrilling buzzer beating win over the nets, the bucks played in detroit and the effort, and result, was not the same. former badger jon leuer with the slam for the pistons. the bucks answered right back, jabari parker to giannis for the alley-oop. giannis led the bucks with 17 points and 8 rebounds. in the third quarter, the bucks trying to cut into a 10 point deficit giannis with the , 3-pointer. then, former piston greg monroe rolls to the basket for the finger roll. monroe had 11 points and 5 rebounds. but that was no match for andre drummond, 20 points, 23 rebounds for drummond, and the pistons
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the badger basketball team opened their season today with an exhibition against uw-platteville, matching the gard brothers, greg and jeff. the excitement was provided by kahlil iverson from zak showalter for the dunk. bronson koenig scored all 12 of his points in the first half, including this buzzer beater. here's the move of the game by the explosive iverson, who finished with 9 points the badgers pull away to win 86-to-58, 12 sports center. stephen: this game was not much more than the badgers getting a win and fine-tuning their game. greg gard and his brother jeff coached against each other tonight. they wanted to raise awareness for brain cancer and honor their father, who passed away from the disease exactly one year ago. >> this program one, just on the stage that we were able to make
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him inside the kohl center. >> we wanted him centre court for this game. he was going to show no favoritism. stephen: they were not the only brothers on display today. the showalter's square it off just like old times on the court in germantown. >> we will were never this game for the rest of our lives. not many brothers getting -- get an opportunity to play out here. >> game, we made a couple comments to each other. just a lot of fun, and we were very happy and lucky to have that opportunity. stephen: all 17 badgers saw the floor, getting good reps before the regular season kicks off with central arkansas on november 11. inside the kohl center, stephen watson, wisn 12 sports. dan: in chicago tonight, a win
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kris bryant with a solo home run to tie the game in the fourth inning. they take the lead. a sacrifice fly. they held on for a three-to win. -- 3-2 win. cleveland still leaves the series 3-2. now the baseball team could end up taking a 3-1 lead and losing, the executor op. cit. of the of the cavaliers.
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russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy
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mark: as we had to rub the date mark, it will be a cool
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for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] mike: today, on "upfront," control of the u.s. senate hangs in the balance. next, new jersey democratic senator cory booker -- campaigning in wisconsin on democrats' chances of flipping the senate. then, donald trump's hopes of winning wisconsin rest on the "wow" coun and early voting is well under way in wisconsin. the strategy behind turning out voters weeks ahead of time. >> covering the issues important to wisconsin. this is "upfront with mike gousha." mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to "upfront." we're counting down to the november 8 election with a flurry of activity in wisconsin in the final days. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will return


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