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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 3, 2016 2:02am-4:00am CDT

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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: sound familiar -- listen up. [crunching sound] dr. oz: that's the soundtrack for stress eating. today i'm revealing why it's actually ok to stress eat this time of year if you do it right. and to help you deal with that just the right way a quiz to
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actually ok show. turns out you will be at your lowest rate right now today. probably your lowest rate. right now until the new year when festive events are happening, your weight will start creeping up. now, imagine if you can just break or slow down that cycle. licensed therapist tia brown is here. stress eating will get you 11 pounds this year. what is happening in your brains that is hard wired? >> listen, we are all stressed and coping mechanisms are the ways we deal with stress, right? dr. oz: yep. >> if sometimes when we stress that becomes a learned behavior. remember the study when we were younger, ring the bell, the dog starts to salivate, that's basically what we're doing to our bodies as soon as we recognize anxiety, you know what we say we have to do -- eat -- and that becomes the cycle. dr. oz: don't blame yourselves anymore. we have the quiz that helps you identify your stress eating type. you have the clipboard. all of you at home, get your
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intervene. come on up, tia. ilstart with michelle. we'll do the first question together. how are you? >> hi. how are you? dr. oz: this is what happens in a lot of people's day. it starts off prime and goes off the rails. you are tense. you start running late for work. then a problem with your car. you have a list of errands. it gets longer and longer. how do you react -- a, opening a bag whatever is closest to me and start make a pit stop to get your favorite junk food or fantasizing what i want to eat later? there are the three options. everyone at home, look at it carefully. what do you do when your day starts getting off the rails? >> a, start munching. with three kids, a job and school, i am constantly on the go. i always have something in my purse and if i'm really stressed out it's normally chocolate. dr. oz: chocolate. it makes you feel better,
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it sooths me. i start to -- it soothes me. if i have three kids screaming saying they want something i say, too bad. i got mine. there are three options here. i have three more questions. audience as well. tell you what kind of an eater you are when you are stressed. second questions comes to sasha and sasha, i am going to read this along. tia, you take it away. >> sure. now sasha, think about this. when i am at my peak stress levels, i know there's food around, b, i'm eating something that i crave or c, i'm in the clear and i can treat myself to a big meal? >> for me when i'm stressing i cannot eat a morsele until whatever it is is finished. when i'm done i know i have my mind on a 48-ounce steak or pasta. so i would probably say this. >> ok.
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clear you don't eat nothing but then look forward to the big prize. remember you have one more question left and get your reward. suzie, take the last question. it will make or break what category you're -- you are. when i'm stressed i crave whatever is closest to me, potato chips, crackers or is it b, comfort foods? looking ry sweet option. in other words, ice cream or french fries? or is it c, nothing right now, nothing at all but i know there will be a gargantum celebration with chicken parm or cheese steak or wine? payoff. >> hands down i'm a, whatever is closest. i will open up whatever it is and i'm kind of equal opportunity here so i might take a pretzel, dip it in
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afterwards. dr. oz: but you want the food around you? >> around me. dr. oz: tia, thanks. we will reveal the answers now. audience, you all have your questions in front of you? you answer a, b or c. raise your hands. let me see the a's. about a quarter of the audience. i will keep my hand up. i am an a. >> i am so surprised. dr. oz: i am a constant eater. i can't go anywhere if i don't have food around me. w because if i travel i always put a bag of something in my -- what's a characteristic of a constant eaters? >> they are people always indulging when they're stressed. so a good way to figure out if you are a constant eater if you have snack drawers. like little pockets of snacks in different places and for constant eaters it's not always about the quality of food. i know that's not the case with you but it's about the quantity. so they are always picking up things here and thrts not
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the b's. half the audience. comfort eater. >> comfort eaters, the food is a way to help you kind of cope with the stress that you're dealing with. you know you're a comfort eater if when you're stressed it's about instant gratification. you put pause on the issue and you're willing to do whatever it takes to get that specific thing, right? you might go for a drive and go through a drive-through and go to your favorite restaurant. why? because the food is making you feel bet dr. oz: this is a big category. how about c's, the reward eaters. >> they are about the big payoff. they handle the stress in the moment but in the back of their mind they're like, you know what, i know exactly how i'm going to treat myself when this is done. i'm going to have that big juicy steak. you know, that big pint of ice cream. dr. oz: you are definitely a c. she's describing it. how many c's out there? oh, my goodness. i was wrong before. this is the biggest category.
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on that note, when we come back, a surprisingly easy solution to help stop your stress eating.
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dr. oz: what's your stress eating type? how would you answer, when my day starts going off the rails i open the bag close hest to me, b, making a pit stop to pick up my favorite junk food, c, fantasizing about what i want to eat later? if you answered a, you could be a constant eater. if you answered b, you a comfort food seeker. if you answered c, you could be a reward eater. [applause] now you know what type of stress eater you are, tia brown is back to how to control your cravings. let's get to the a's out here, the stress eating type, that is a constant eater. what's the first step for people like me? >> the goal is to remove the temptation. so you want to clear out those snack drawers.
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away all the food you can get to quickly as soon as the stress arrives. dr. oz: so they need to chew when they stress. use chewing gum to reduce our stress cortisol levels. you say there is a science behind it. >> first, you have to keep your mouth busy. it's already stimulating that need to make sure you're chewing. but studies show by chewing it reduces your cortisol which reduces anxiety, which reduc increases your focus. that is a win-win-win. so chewing gum is the way to make sure that you are minimizing your stress and not eating more. dr. oz: when i was going to the operating room i would take chewing gum with me but you cannot chew gum for 10 hours. i would swallow it. i disproved you can't get rid of it for seven years. >> t.m.i. dr. oz: all the b's out there
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because they are using food as a security blanket. >> absolutely. instead of dealing with the issue you actually just eat and kind of masking and not addressing the issue. so number one, you have to accept that you are able and willing to hit the issue, you know, head on, right. so don't try to hide from it. don't try to run from it. just address the issue. we know this is a lot more challenging than it sounds, right? it's hard to work through these things. we asked a nutritionist to ask us for steps. dr. oz: comfort food good for you that's straight from our kitchen. >> cheese is an excellent example, and the reason for that is cheese is high in protein, which is saving. hard cheeses like parmesan that are also salty and satisfy that savory craving. the important thing, though, is to remember to portion control. portion control ahead of time. a slice of cheese or the amount of about two dice is a proportion. dr. oz: get to the last stress
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mostly c's out there are the reward eaters. you're in that category. >> i am in that category. dr. oz: tia says for those folks you need to reward yourself at breakfast. for example, have your cake in the morning. why does it make a difference when we have our reward? >> so this is kind of like my favorite because of course it's applicable to me. it's saying if you delay your gratification a little bit longer you win in multiple ways. now, the study shows if you eat at the end of the day, what tends to happen with your food? say if you're eating will eat every morsel of that cake because, why, your will power is lower at the end of the day. now, if you decide to delay that reward until the morning, this is what happens. studies show you're more likely to eat less of whatever you're indulging in. whether it's cake. whether it's -- whatever food you are going to eat less. in addition -- now this is the big one, dr. oz. if you couple this with a protein in the morning, it will reduce your cravings for the rest of the day.
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tooth or that tooth that you -- you know, that desire that you had, but you're not eating more later in the day. so it's definitely a big win. dr. oz: so move this bad habit, the payoff over to here and you will get much better. >> and you think of other rewards you can give yourself at the end of the day, right? if you need something in that moment. many it's a pani-pedi, maybe a tea. maybe something smaller and proactive and a win-win. dr. oz: you can find the stress on take a look at this for a second. carrying a cup of coffee like this, does it ever stress you out? coming up, what science says you can do to avoid spilling child for it. >> absolutely. dr. oz: we'll be right back. >> this november, all access pass.
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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: have you ever had a day where your stress levels are through the roof and then this happens, right? this is why doctors have brown stains on their scrubs all the time.
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scientific secret to how to hold your coffee to reduce spillage. amazingly a team of researchers actually studied the motion of coffee and they investigated what happens to it while you're walking. you guys ready for the secret? [applause] you really ready for it? all the benefits. ok. so most of us hold coffee like this, right, with a hand around the cup like this. science says this is actually a mistake. we should be grabbing it like a now, here's why. clawing the cup like this around the rim reduces the magnitude of acceleration which means we're not swirling the coffee around unintentionally with so much force as we walk around. now, i don't know if you believe this or not because a bunch of scientists did it. i will give it a road test. who is up for it? who wants to test this out? hustle out here. what's your first name? >> kendra. dr. oz: come over here, kendra.
2:21 am
thanks for coming to the show. do you drink a lot of coffee in louisiana? >> yes, a lot. dr. oz: how would you hold your coffee? >> like this. dr. oz: are you willing to give the claw a shot today? >> sure. can i have a sip of this? dr. oz: no, you can't. i would normally not mind. at the end you can have it. you are going to hold it like this. claw it like this. >> claw. dr. oz: now i will hold it the old-fashioned way. we will line up on the starting mark. you have to beat me bt' you spill at the same time. >> ok. dr. oz: are you ready, audience? will you cheer us on? three, two, one, go! [cheers and applause] that's not fair at all. is that how you do things in louisiana? >> yes. dr. oz: come on over here. unfortunately these are all my spills. we can probably do slowmo of my spills over here. when you walk around and run around, as you're running like this this happens. look at the coffee. this happens.
2:22 am
demo. what kind of run is that? that's it. now when we walk like this you can do it naturally with your arm. next time tell your friends in louisiana. you will be clawing your coffee. now you can drink away. are you happy? >> yes, thank you. dr. oz: ok. happy and healthy starts at home. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit ncic russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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okay. we're back with the mix and your chicago cubs fans, but how much is it worth to be right there on progressive field in cleveland to see the cubs win? >> you know, it's all relative. >> it is all relative. >> if you're made of money, $20,000, sure. >> perhaps this guy was made of money or took out a small loan. there's one chicago cubs fan who apparently paid nearly $50,000 for two tickets to last night's game seven stub hub confirming, not saying who the person was, as you see, many, many fans there celebrating in chicago. by the way, just as comparison,
2:26 am
tickets? $1823. >> that i would pay. $47,000? not so much. >> worth it. >> here's one from my other hometown, my second hometown, london, a white rabbit hanging out near barnes bridge, a neighborhood in west london, a beautiful neighborhood. there he is. this white rabbit, creation of local performance artist named spike, allegedly doing this >> why a white rabbit? why not just a rabbit? why do we have to look at colors. >> this one person tweeted, anyone see the white rabbit waving at 8:00 a.m. yesterday? or was i just really hungover? >> probably hungover or probably still drunk at the same time or something else kicking in. who knows. this is interesting story. a michigan dog wins release from death row.
2:27 am
so jeb was found standing over the body of a neighbor's dog, lad, and jeb here, accused of killing the dog and sentenced to being put down. there was dna testing. >> falsely accused? >> proving he was wrongly accused, and court ordered release. >> he can't speak up for himself, outrageous. >> thank god for dna testing. >> they decided to step into this, seemed friendly enough. and they brought the kangaroo
2:28 am
2:29 am
2:30 am
makes the play, it's over! and the cubs have finally won it all! 8-7. >> can you believe it? in our time. lovable losers no more after more than a century of falling short, the chicago cubs have finally won the world series beating the cleveland indians. we're going to join in the major celebration coming up. also -- even though it's party time in chicago for cubbies fan, for their first baseman, the emotional roller coaster was too much to handle. why he was channelling a news anchor from the dugout, a certain fictional news anchor.
2:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and what a game. are you excited? are you pumped? >> very! i'm so pumped! go cubs. >> linzie janis here. what an exciting game seven. we want to show you the pictures in wrigleyville right now, although it's in the early morning hours, there are people still out there. there you see police keeping the peace. never before in any of our lifetimes have we been able to see that sigha looking at right there, that says simply -- >> world series champions. 1908. >> nobody has ever seen that. >> the curse is reversed. >> yes, it is. and you see the cubs fans. they are all out there still in wrigleyville on the north side of the city. they've been out there, and they were riding a roller coaster ride throughout the game, weren't they in. >> they sure were. it was incredibly stressful, i have to tell you. i have to tell you.
2:32 am
everyone, wow. >> yeah. so they're experiencing the joy right now of the world series champions for the first time, as we mentioned in well over a lifetime. >> after a nail biter of a game including a rain delay in extra innings, the cubs pulled it out beating the cleveland indians in cleveland, final score 8-7. they battled back the cubs after being down three games to one in the series winning three in a row, and they made the taste of victory all the more sweet. >> people said the rain delay helped them to pull it off off, and this was the moment that brought tears to some grown men. it has, of course, been a night to remember for the city of chicago. >> look at this. >> oh, man, as you soak in that moment, let's get out to abc, in chicago, in wrigleyville now with the revelers, and i have to imagine that, brian, that all
2:33 am
this hour? >> caller: oh, yeah, about 108 years of stress, frustration being released in one night, probably a few nights, i'd think, once that game ended, and it was stressful, just as you mentioned. it was basically a sigh of relief. there was some tears, and then, of course, a roar of cheers. that's pretty much what we've seen ever since, people partying, waving w flags. i got sprayed with something. i don't know what that was. the fun co you know, people are taking pictures out in front of the marquee. taking pictures in front of the statues, and it's just a big party, and i expect it to roll well into the morning hours. >> oh, i wish i was where you are. sounds like a lot of fun. now, at one point, the cubs might have felt like they had it in the bag, right? up by quite a bit. >> oh, my gosh, 5-1 at one point. i was in murphy's belief herbs, which if you're familiar with
2:34 am
they were singing. they were dancing. it was an incredible sight, and then all the sudden the hit party started with the indians, and then you sat in the 8th inning, the two-run home run by davis, and all of the sudden things got very, very, very quiet, and you throw in that 10th inning rain delay in there, and people's nerves were shot. i have a feeling people are going straight to the doctor tomorrow morning because their blood pressure was all over the place. it was just an incredibly tense moment, and two runs in the top of the 10th, life sprung back into the sports bar, and they were able to finish things off, and that's when the explosion of joy happened, but just an incredible ride for about, what, four hours there, just very, very intense. >> so, ryan, relive that moment when joe buck announces that the cubs are world series champions. what does -- describe some of
2:35 am
display, just the -- i think we're seeing some of it right now -- describe that moment being there in wrigleyville. >> caller: yeah. you know, first of all, the point leading up to that moment, we saw people with hands folded, hands covering their face. you nknow, they had a feeling that there was something lurking in the corner, right? in 2003, five outs to go, cubs close to winning the world series and then things unravelled. people flash back to 11984 when the bottom fell out that time too. the people here knew it was not over until it was over, and so when it was finally over, just an absolute relief, just a burst of cheering. interestingly enough, the televised broadcast we were watching was on a slight delay. people were listening to the radio outside and far away. we heard them burst out into cheers first, and then we saw the play play out, so it was
2:36 am
in the streets. >> you saw bill murray in the middle of the celebration. ryan, thank you so much for joining us. >> congratulations. >> you saw that sign, it did happen. if we needed further proof, there's the cover of the "chicago tribune," tomorrow's cover or today's cover simply saying "at last." >> at last. >> congratulations. >> more coverage on the cubs and the victory, especially since the celebrations are going right now at in the midwest, but we want to move on to politics because we're five days away from elec elections, and candidates looking to convince sporters in state after state that every vote counts. >> they are both headed to battleground north carolina today continuing to criss cross the country as they each roll out an army of surrogates. our latest national poll is tighter than ever with trump and clinton tied at 46%.
2:37 am
trump pulled five points ahead in ohio thanks to his appeal to working class voters across that state. they are neck and neck in florida with a slight edge for clinton of the all of those numbers are within the margin of error. >> clinton spoke to 15,000 cheering supporters in tempe, arizona last night, one of her biggest crowds ever, hoping to win over the traditionally republican state reminding voters that her husband was the only presidential candidate to turn arizona blue 60-plus years and counting on support from hispanic voters disenchanted with trump plus every group he's insulted. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, p.o.w.s, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us
2:38 am
out on the campaign trail. his wife, melania, campaigning for the first time today giving a speech in suburban philadelphia. trump lashed out in a rally in florida, but managed to remain on topic for the second straight day. it's your voice, your vote. more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: donald trump taking florida by storm, urging supporters to fight like underdogs. >> pretend we're slightly behind. you got to get out. we don't want to b >> reporter: trump casting this election as the final battle for the heart and soul of america. >> the future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics, not the critics, certainly not the media. we're asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power, should rule the day. >> reporter: trump beginning the race as a family enterprise, and that's how he's ending it as well. his children campaigning in five key states. ivanka trump with three stops in
2:39 am
in detroit, don jr. pushed the campaign's passenger on jobs and trade. >> he wants to infuse common sense back in the equation. >> reporter: with hillary clinton's e e-mails back in the headlines, trump's appeal to democrats? it's not too late to change your mind. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since your vote. >> reporter: he's right. people who already voted in wisconsin are allowed to switch their votes. same goes for michigan a pennsylvania. it just doesn't happen that often. on "the view," the campaign manager, conway, touting abc news washington post poll showing trump and clinton neck and neck. >> loving the abc news poll, it's our favorite poll. >> will it be crooked again if it goes, if he slips in the polls? >> what i think you need to do
2:40 am
donald j. trump. >> reporter: acknowledging trump has to close the gender gap, struggling with women, so they are handing out pink women for trump signs, seeing them as much as any other sign now. voters convinced he's going to win. >> media says he's losing everywhere, but this is encouraging see ing all the people here. >> so you're motivated? >> i am. >> going to wake up november 9th, and the whole country will be red. like it was back when reagan was. >> reporter: amid the excitement, this ominous image, an african-american church in mississippi torched, and scrawled on the wall outside? vote trump. the campaign put out a statement saying that mr. trump and the campaign denounced it in any form, and on a recent endorsement from the ku klux klan newspaper, they are calling that repulsive saying that newspaper, that publication does not represent the tens of millions of trump supporters who are now backing this campaign.
2:41 am
tune in next week for abc's election coverage with full reports throughout the tuesday night evening as the results roll in. >> this election's feeling like game seven. coming up, more from the world series. plus, our other major event last night. >> celebrities turning out for country music's biggest night of the year. who took home top honors, and the pop superstar who stole the show. a full wrap upcoming up. but first, another warm day ahead for many. "world news now" weather brought to you by musinex fast max clear and cool. musmusen. whn cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst.
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it's been another clash between police and the pipeline protesters in north carolina. cops used pepper spray as the demonstrators tried to use a creek to pray and protect sacred sites they say the construction is disturbing. they criticized the company for not rti sooner. the man accused of killing to iowa police officers had a list ri of run ins with police officers and school officials. he was told to leave a high school football game after displaying the confederate flag. he was taken into custody after killing justin martin and tony be beminio.
2:46 am
growing memorial for the two men. bill cosby's attorneys say his eyesight is so bad he can't take part in his own defense, and the sexual assault charges should be thrown out of court. the lawyers claim cosby was a political pawn in election efforts by the district attorney there in pennsylvania. if the charges stand, cosby's set to go on trial in june. and a study has found a link between not getting enough sleep and eating too much. european researchers say people who don't sleep, well, they calories the next day. that's about the same as a frosted cup cake or serving of french fries. the lead researcher says poor sleep is a risk factor for obesity. tell us something we don't know. >> yeah, really. when we come back, the big winner and show stoppers at last night's cma awards. >> the big moments are next. "world news now" continues
2:48 am
a your thursday morning skinny starts with country music's biggest night of the year. >> last night's star studded 50th cma awards hosted by brad paisley brought together country music legends with the hottest new names and celebrities of all
2:49 am
quarterback, peyton manning. >> are you here to sell insurance? ? no i'm here for one of my favorite singers ? ? thank you so much is it me ? ? no it's not it's kenny crestny ? . >> oh. that was a cute >> absolutely brilliant. he is so brave to sing there. >> he needs to sing more often. despite some backlash from country music fans, a person who really stole the show last night was beyonce who really, she slayed, as she would say. >> reporter: the texas native performed daddy lessons from lemonade joined on stage by the
2:50 am
>> it was a six minute performance. it was fantastic. it was great. they brought in some fans of country music who didn't want to watch country music awards because -- but they watched because of beyonce. >> that's good to be good for country music, huh? >> exactly. a nice blends of everything. the night's climax was dolly winning the willie nelson featuring country's most beloved women singing her hits. >> she tried her best not to cry because she didn't want to mess up her eyelashes. >> just like that. >> i don't blame ya. >> they gave out awards, underwood taking home female vocalist of the year. >> stapleton winning male vocalist of the year, and the top prize, coveted entertainer of the year goes to garth
2:51 am
your chicago accent comes out. >> no. i'm trying a country accent. >> that's what it is? >> southern, i don't know. >> it's good. >> all right, as is the case with all award shows also taking center stage last nights, red carpet fashion. >> carrie making an argument for a live action sleeping beauty remake, you might say, channelling a princess aurora in the pink dress. >> miranda stunned in a low cut black and sheer gown. that wasy >> of course. >> oh, that was the heels. i should have heard of those. >> of course, yes. no, these are -- >> next to the louis -- >> yeah. nicole in old hollywood glamour with her husband keith urban as the main accessory. wow, that was cruel. >> she is old hollywood glamour. he's a great accessory. tim and faith kept it simple in
2:52 am
silver. >> and garth and trisha, they looked beautiful. beyonce looked the best. p, we'r- ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward.
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2:55 am
he difference with k-y ultragel. ? ? what a song. what a city. plenty cubs won the world series. it ended early this morning, historic victory. >> you can't be happier for a better town, better team, live pictures outside wrigleyville, thousands of fans out in the street of the windy city, never seen their team crowned as champions. the team's 108 year wait, for a title. >> it was not easy. not at all.
2:56 am
8th inning when davis tied it with a two-run home run. this is really intense moments. then before the game went into the 10th, extra inning, everyone waeted out a 17 minute rain delay. >> this is how the cubs came back. they drove in two runs, and they were feeling good. cleveland got a run back, though, in their half of the 10th, but it was not enough, and them this was >> makes the play! it's over! and the cubs have finally won it all! 8-7 in ten. >> they did. final score, 8-7, so the guy who had the ball in his glove at the end of the game -- >> anthony rizzo. >> yes. so after the game, he said that he couldn't put the feeling of winning a world series into words. rizzo had plenty to say in the dugout during the game.
2:57 am
ron burgundy you'd say in a chat with ross. >> it's only going to get worse. just continue to breathe. that's all you can do, buddy. >> i'm in a glass case of e emotion right now. >> yeah. >> i'm in a glass case of emotion! >> are you okay? >> so ron burgundy moment right words. >> a glass case of emotion. oh, my gosh, so, so stressful. i have a photograph of my family all in chicago watching the game at a bar in a chicago suburb, and extremely stressful. i was texting with them, and they were all excited and thought, you know, chicago was winning, and then, you know, the indians had a comeback. there they are. these are my brothers and my husband's brothers. isn't that cool? >> and the babies.
2:58 am
can see. >> cubs it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
2:59 am
3:00 am
good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm linzie janis in for diane macedo. here's the stories we're covering for you on "world news now." the chicago cubs are world series champions defeating the indians last night in ten innings to win the title for the first time in 108 years. chicago's ben zobrist names series mvp. full coverage coming up. >> from cleveland as well, and donald trump and hillary clinton battle it out for the crucial make-or-break states, going to north carolina today, as melania trump holds her first campaign event in philadelphia. details ahead.
3:01 am
killed in an ambush-style attack. the suspect is in custody, but not yet charged. a mild day for millions with 80s expected well into the mid atlantic. those are the top stories we're following on the history making morning, thursday, november 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> this says it all, at last, the chicago tribune saying they've done it after 108 years, can you believe it? excitement. >> very >> across everywhere. >> both teams deserve the credit. it was an incredible game. so much to be proud of. >> celebrations in the early morning hours, a nail biter, absolutely throughout. >> really stressful. a lot of people in chicago losing their mai thais at one
3:02 am
to tell kendis about the let's go to cleveland where the drama of game seven played out. we talked to rob powers, anchor for our abc cleveland station, wews. rob, let us start by offering you our condolences. how are you feeling? >> caller: what a night! i'm fine. we just got a torrential downpour here in cleveland, so the rain is actually tears running down my cheeks right now. what's the atmosphere like there? >> caller: you know, during the game, during the rain delay, during that last inning, fingers crossed, and i don't know that i took a breath for about an hour there, and then when you were able to exhale, it was tough. it was tough. >> so, rob, take us through the roller coaster ride that was game seven because, i mean, they were down. they came back. you had the rain delay.
3:03 am
exactly -- take us through that ride for fans, for yourself, where everybody was there in cleveland. >> caller: yeah. i'm so glad i didn't have supper tonight because i don't know it would have lasted long. we were all over the place. like i said, so excited when the game starts because you want to see your city in the best possible light. everything was pointed in cleveland's direction, and it was just great to be a part of it, and then you lose the lead. and then you start going, well, you know, they can come back, so -- >> that moment was incredible, huh? >> caller: huh? >> when they came back. >> caller: unbelievable. unbelievable. i don't want to say people in the news room gave up hope, but the carpets were being worn. i was pacing back and forth. i had a baseball in my hand, and just watching this, and then the rain delay, and it just -- an incredible evening. i'm sorry it didn't go my way. >> thank you so much, rob. >> caller: thank you.
3:04 am
you know i'd do anything for you. >> we love you. >> caller: have a great night, bye. >> bye. >> thanks to rob in cleveland. a tough morning, but everybody should be happy with what they achieved. >> should be, yeah. a couple people happy at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, president obama tweeting out, it happened, cubs win world series. that's change even this south dakota cider can believe in. want to come to the white house before i leave? and we should mention that michelle obama, as well, in a tweet, she said rooting for you since i was a kid, and so incredibly proud tonight. >> i dare say they'll take up that invitation to the white house. >> sure they'd love to get there before the president leaves, and you see the scene there from wls of wrigleyville from above giving you a true sense of all the people there gathered at clark and addison side. >> quite the celebration. i remember going to the ballpark as a kid. very cool. >> great moment. e presidential candidates,
3:05 am
of the cubs, but the presidential candidates pulling out the stops in the final days of the election. it's five days away. can you believe it? >> hillary clinton paymenting a grim picture for minorities of life under donald trump, and donald trump is zeroing in on the e-mail controversial. sanders is rallying for hillary clinton, and trump relying on his family to speak out on his behalf. it is your voice, your vote the two candidates shrinks to nearly nothing, both hammer down on key battleground states. hillary clinton in las vegas continues to go after trump's character. >> no matter who you are, what your background is, if you don't fit into a very narrow category of people that he can relate to, then somehow you don't have a
3:06 am
that really bothers me. >> and trump triples down with three events in florida, another state locked in a tie. >> what a great honor, a great crowd. >> reporter: bashing clinton. >> as i've been watching hillary, she's unhinged. we don't want any of that. she's become unhinged. >> reporter: battleground states are a must-win in this year's race where every vote counts. abc news washington post national tracking poll shows clinton and trump tied at 46% each. president obama drives home in north carolina. >> i hate to put a hilt pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering, and you, north carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction. >> reporter: clinton's team of big name sporters are spreading out for her across the country, and president obama is no exception. he's expected to campaign for
3:07 am
the election. abc news, washington. >> and more on the presidential race, donald trump's wife headlining her first campaign event today speaking at suburban philadelphia. her first speech since criticizing for play seniorizing lines from first lady michelle obama. she's expected to talk about her experience and love of america and share what she hopes to accomplish as first lady do stay tuned tuesday night 7:00 eastern for full election coverage here on abc and live streaming at the burning of a black church in greenville, mississippi is investigated as a possible hate crime. the words "vote trump" were spray painted on the side of the baptist church. the mayor called it a heinous, hateful, and cowardly act vowing to find and fully prosecute the culprits. as coalition forces
3:08 am
outskirts of iraq's second largest city, the leader of isis appears to urge the mill tonights not to give up the city. they released an recording, and if true, it is the first time he's been heard from in a year in the recording, the speaker calls for suicide attacks in other countries. iraqi special forces are now mopping up isis neighborhoods in eastern mosul. protesters and police clashed where former kkk leader da u.s. senate race. dmop straiters angry that duke used a historically black university as a platform for his views. police used pepper spray when some tried to enter the debate hall. what do you think is the worst and best airport in this country? well, there is a new list that is out thanks to the folks over at the here it is. the travel site came out with the list finding out that phoenix sky harbor airport is
3:09 am
and laguardia airport in new york -- >> oh, no surprise to me. >> or any of us if you've been to laguardia, you understand. >> i think when donald trump says the third world, he's referring to laguardia, i dare say. >> with the other airports here nearly as bad, though, describing it from a third world country. >> something they agree on. >> yes. laguardia opened in the 1930s, and the present phoenix airport 50 years later. they are improving. the taxi thing is a problem. >> yes. coming up, thrill of victory and agony of defeat. >> tale of two cities playing out right now in chicago and cleveland after the cubs' historic world series win last night. plus this -- >> stay with us because we have fun ideas for your tailgating or home-gating experience. great recipes, fun food ideas, so stay with us. you're watching "world news
3:10 am
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3:13 am
the cubs the cubs, win the world series! >> with that, the cubs ended their century-long world series drought beating the cleveland indians 8-7 last night after ten innings in last night's game seven. it was epic! >> it was teams just getting to the world series really an accomplishment decades in the making, but the mood in chicago this morning can only be described as jubilant. bill murray brought to tears. here's how wls is covering the reaction. >> reporter: absolute bedlam. elation. i mean, this place erupted in emotion. raw emotion. part relief. part excitement. people just, you know, right
3:14 am
>> he blessed my rosary before the playoffs and carried it all the way through. >> couldn't miss it, man, no way. so fantastic, god willing here next year, but now we're celebrating. >> i grew up watching with my grandmother, and never seen this. this is a once in a lifetime experience. >> this means everything to our city, to our families, the farmers, go cubs! >> man, i've been with the cubs since '84, so, i mean, this is an amazing feeling. took the whole team effort, all year long, beating the best pitcher in every series! there's no excuse. >> cheering and yelling and
3:15 am
can't believe the cubs made it! >> ha-ha! >> what a lucky little boy! >> i know. >> to witness that. >> telling you somebody not celebrating. there's a guy on twitter, who several days ago or earlier before game seven -- >> oh, no, he didn't. >> he decided to tattoo 2016 champs right next to his cavaliers tattoo, and he said he had faith. >> he'll have to get the 2016 changed. >> after the fact he regrets. they are coming back. didn't quite happen. wrigleyville, a lot of people out. >> yeah. >> still. >> celebrating. coming up, switching from baseball to football, creating the perfect tailgate party. >> tasting tipping coming up for you. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:16 am
3:17 am
? ? we're in the heat of football season, of course, and that means only one thing, yes, tailgating parties. joining us this morning for easy tasty ideas for the ultimate tailgate party is america's chief entertaining officer, tim laird, and, tim, this is my favorite segment. >> i love it. it's party season. a lot of football left. i have great ideas whether you
3:18 am
a fun cocktail. >> okay. >> this is the pig skin punch. there's 18 ounces of apple cider. to that, add nine ounces of jack daniels. >> only nine. >> only nine. one part jack daniels two parts of apple cider. the kicker is, you want cinnamon or apple pie spice to go in. just a couple shakes. good couple shakes of that. that kicks it up. i'm going to pour what's great about the cocktail, when it's colder out, use warm cider, and that works great. >> that's a great idea. >> alcohol free version is just the cider and apple pie spice without the jack. i have to taste the soup. >> cheers to that. >> happy tailgating. >> wow. >> the one with jack is delicious, but it is nice to have an alcohol-free version. >> it is nice.
3:19 am
>> here's another idea. no double dipping in this party. i have actually individual containers with dips, so here's vegetables and dill dip. pretzels and cucumbers and hummus. no double dipping. >> that's great. >> and then moving on to shrimp cocktail on a stick. basically i got a shrimp, tomato, dip into -- >> noticing a theme. there's no forks. >> no forks. no utensils or plates needed. grab and go. >> great. >> pork lollipops. they are pork pops, actually, it's pork tenderloin. i love these. we use them displayed on a pineapple where guests grab them.
3:20 am
marinade. try that marinade. >> awesome. >> it's a basting sauce and real simple to make. few ingredients as you taste that. >> oh, that's great. >> is that good? >> a little soy, ginger, and custard, and that recipe is on world news now. great marinade, i just love that. >> takes a lot of time. >> no. it's easy. dijon, brown sugar, soy, light oil. i make a double batch to save for basting too grilling your po off, but it makes it delicious, juicy, and gives it a good kick. >> okay. >> dessert, ending with that. >> oh. >> these are the brownie bites, take out, dunk in the caramel, chocolate or strawberry. the dunking action. you can do double. do the triple crown. all three. it works. >> wow. that is a sweet ending to the
3:21 am
simple, very easy, and i love it. i mean, obviously, it's tailgating. you're not supposed to worry about the calories, but you tried to make this a healthier version. >> definitely. a healthier version of this. simple, easy, and we love it, and once you set this out, you can enjoy the tailgate party as much as the guests. that's what i love about it. >> that's true. >> self-service. >> off on your own. even with, like, the drink there, it's healthy and there's apple. >> cider's in there. the jack daniels, and like i apple cider in a mug, and, of course, the jack daniels. >> all right. thank you, my friend. happy tailgating. >> see you kendis, cheers my friend. >> tim laird, thanks for joining us. for these and more tailgate party ideas, enter the website at you're watching "world news now." i'm digging in right now.
3:22 am
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difference with k-y ultragel. willie nelson thought of me. >> have you ever tried this stuff? >> yeah. i tried it once in college. you all know the jingle. >> yeah. ? you'll forget your troubles every time you nelson's pot and meat ? >> i got the munchies now! >> yes, he does. pot jokes aside, they joked about the contents of the basket of deplorables. everyone was going home with it last night. >> political joking aside, though, last night's cma awards featured old school legends alongside fresh new names, and a pop music superstar who stole the show.
3:26 am
from nashville. ? play me some mountain music ? >> reporter: a massive star-studded open not 50th annual country music awards. ? don't rock the jukebox ? >> reporter: including an emotional surprise to kick off country music's biggest night. >> randy travis. >> reporter: randy travis making his first award show appearance since suffering a massive stroke in 2013, and then underwood and paisley opened their monologue with what else? the election. ? the election is taking forever and ever ? >> reporter: and a big award. >> entertainer of the year? garth brooks! >> we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music! ? we got married in a fever ? >> reporter: from --
3:27 am
>> reporter: to legends of dolly honored with a lifetime achievement award. >> i just want to thank all my fans, everybody, for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. >> reporter: and then the surprise performance of the night, beyonce, with the dixie chicks. ? ? >> reporter: there you have it, so many great moments, and if you missed any of it, it's okay, because all the performances are posted right on kendis and linzie? >> good to know. >> good thing it's posted because so many were watching game seven of the world series. >> yes, they were. more news after this.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," hell has frozen over. >> the chicago cubs are world series champions. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> with game seven now in the books, the celebrations have begun. wrigleyville now a land of winners leaving the cleveland indians in the underdog dust. >> we'll have all the highlights as we head to the championship city of chicago, my hometown, on this thursday, november 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> hell has frozen over. >> hell has frozen over. this just in -- apparently, there were sightings of pigs flying as well. the chicago cubs.
3:31 am
i'm sure you've all been watching. what a night, huh? >> if you're waking up, it's a new world. something nobody could say in 108 years, the chicago cubs are world series champions. very exciting. >> this is what it looks like when you're fans and waited your entire life rewarded with a world series title. >> that's a moment right there in wrigleyville. >> partying like it's 1908. >> exactly. went wild. this was the scene in cleveland in the locker room there at progressive field. the cubs, players, fans, media members, friends, family members all celebrating. >> champagne. >> even some beer flying. many of the victorious cubbies donning goggles, of course.
3:32 am
chicago during the picture parade and celebration. >> sure will. cubs won it by scoring two runs in the top of the 10th inning. that followed a rain delay, and a cleveland rally that tied the score in the 8th. that was the latest tie in a world series game like that. the cubs won it, 8-7, took the series, four games to three, former "world news now" anchor eric hurks hung talked to fans in chicago. >> reporter: t p relief, part excitement after the last out, and people right now are still kind of stunned. i'm exhausted, emotionally, all the cheering behind me. we're running on fumes. i want to talk to some of the cubs fans right now. starting with you, tell me, a lifelong cubs fan? tell me about this moment. >> oh, my god. this is surreal. 33 years i've been waiting for this, and it happened. they deserve it. this is the best team we've had
3:33 am
we deserve it. >> i looked over at you after the last out, and you had tears in your eyes. what was in your heart at that moment. >> born and raised a die hard cubs fan, i bleed cubbies blue, it's not a sport. it's not a game. it's a life, it's a lifestyle. it means everything to our city, to our families, go cubs. >> go cubs, indeed. our thanks to eric there in chicago. >> it's a life. >> it is a life. next year is now for cubs fans. >> yeah, yeah. >> you can understand the excitement there from cubs fan, chicago sun times is out with the front page saying simply, "what a wonderful world." . >> what a wonderful world. >> one of the heros is world series mvp, ben zobrist. >> putting chicago ahead and in the locker room, he received the mvp trophy from the commissioner of baseball with his rowdy
3:34 am
he called the whole thing unbelievable. >> i can't put it into words what this team has battled through all yearlong, and believing that we're the best team, the ups, the downs, fighting through things. i mean, it's an unbelievable team to be a part of. every guy on this team roots for each other. >> good for them. zobrist awarded a chevy camaro. it was waiting for him on the field maybe we'll see the car in chicago's victory parade. a camero. >> you used to go to wrigley field as a kid. kid. has it sunk in yet for you, family members, friends in chicago? >> everybody's really excited. one of my little brothers is roaming wrigleyville inebriated. i'm concerned. >> i'm sure he's not alone at all. of course we'll have much more from chicago throughout the morning as well as "good morning
3:35 am
for us as well. we want to turn to politics. >> as tense as game seven. >> it is, yeah. donald trump and hillary clinton taking final shots at each other five days before voters head to the polls. >> trump is calling clinton unhinged, a word she often uses to describe him. he targeted clinton over the fbi e-mail investigation but managed to stay focused reminding himself out loud to be disciplined in a rally in florida. >> stay on point, donald, stay on point. no side tracks, donald, nice and easy. i've been watching hillary the last few days, she's totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. >> trump's wife hits the trail in pennsylvania today, and president obama stomps for clinton. >> clinton still has a wider path to victory, but they are now in a dead heat. she's not taking anything for granted. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton mobbed in florida. she cheered on early voters during an unannounced stop at a
3:36 am
battleground state heading to another, nevada first then arizona, a democrat not winning there in 20 years. clinton boarding that cross country flight knowing her squad of surrogates is swarming the battlegrounds. in north carolina, long lines, people waiting hours to see president obama. >> you know what? she's not flashy. as a consequence sometimes she is underappreciated here at president. >> reporter: the president with a direct appeal to young and african-american voters. >> back in 2008, i won north carolina by 14,000 votes, that's about two votes per precinct. two votes the other way, i would have lost north carolina. how can you say your vote doesn't count? each of you could swing an entire precinct for hillary if you vote. >> reporter: in florida, vice president joe biden turning the
3:37 am
>> this guy's got a fixation. have you ever heard anybody ever talk as much about and be so preoccupied with women's bodies? this guy doesn't deserve to be president by any account. he really doesn't. >> reporter: and vouching for clinton. >> we've been friends for a long time. look, she not only gets it, e' started. >> reporter: with the polls tied, clinton is looking beyond the battlegrounds dispatching sanders to blue states, michigan and wisconsin. >> the choice is clear. >> reporter: states trump is trying to win too by appealing to white working class voters. >> not only is he going to lose on november 8th, but he and his friends, his billionaire friends, are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> reporter: with days to go, some clinton supporters already
3:38 am
female president. >> i just wish my mother and dad could see all of this. >> reporter: in prescott, arizona, 102-year-old born before women had the right to vote, remembering watching her own mother vote for the very first time. >> they all came down to watch women vote. even the men were happy. >> reporter: cecil news, las vegas, nevada. >> what a cute woman. >> what a great, great story. >> yeah. what a beautiful woman. >> amazing moment there. good reminder. 102 years old. born before women could vote. >> good moment for her. our thanks to cecelia there. we point out that abc's election night live team coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern tuesday running through the early morning hours of the following day. hope you will join us. coming up, liberation for women in parts of iraq. the new images showing the
3:39 am
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so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ? we learned the man suspected of killing two iowa police
3:43 am
run-ins with police and school officials. video shows police officers telling scott green to leave a high school football game after he displayed the confederate flag. you see there. green was taken into custody for the ambush-style killing of justin martin and des moines police sergeant tony beminio. mike pence spp to mississippi now, the torching of this black church in greenville investigated as a possible hate crime. the words "vote trump" spray painted on the side of the hope world missionary baptist church. the fire chief tells the "wall street journal" the person of interest is being questioned in arson. consolidating control of mosul. going door to door looking for residence, some men are shaving the beards they were forced to grow in the isis occupation of the iraq's second largest city.
3:44 am
extreme religious measures impose by isis. the kurdish news outlet showing filmed a young girl taking off her black facial vail after kurdish forces liberated her village. the kurds are advancing from mosul on the south. things got physical in a parliament meeting in hong kong. two politicians barred from insulting china sparked chaos scuffling with security guards, on the other handed to stay away until there's a legal challenge to the swearing in. when the guards tried to throw them out, supporters joined the fight, and, no, this is not a scene from our current presidential race. >> this happens in russia, in lots of places throughout the world. shocked it's nots happened in capitol hill. > here at home, a high school in wisconsin, and exercise in driving home the danger of teenage distracted driving
3:45 am
>> yeah. it started off with the announcement of four students killed in a car crash, after the initial shock came the truth. here is abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's a morning announcement like no other. >> there's been a series of wrecks in multiple wreckless driving, and we've currently lost a handful of fellow students. >> reporter: students sitting on camera, announcing the death of four schoolmates who died in a car crash. some kids crying. >> one girl went home because she was having a >> reporter: minutes later, the truth, students told there was no accidents. their classmates were very much alive. those four students and parents in on the secret. turns out, the school said it was a simulation intended to teach a lesson about distracted driving and safety on the road, and some parents are fuming. one mother sounding off on facebook saying enough with the barbaric scare tactics. the superintendent says the district would like to apologize for unnecessary stress this
3:46 am
serious issue. and that idea was approved by school officials, but it came from the student council, and a member there said it was worth it if even one life is saved. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> students maybe don't always have the best ideas, the adults should step in. i think it's outrageous. so many people have died because of texting and driving, find the family member of someone who has been lost and talk to the students. don't play a dirty trick. i don'ke >> it was a little extreme. >> boo. >> speaking -- >> boo. >> speaking of -- speaking our peace. if you have been blinded by another driver's high beams, you'll appreciate this. traffic police, this is in southern china, cracking down on drivers who forget to turn off their bright lights. >> okay. that is called torture. those caught have to stare into the police high beams for 60 seconds. oh my word. the police department
3:47 am
and one said a minute was too short and suggested water boarding. just kidding. >> let's hope not. so coming up, we're going to head back out to the campaign trail. it's blazing a fiery divide right through america's schools. we're going to go back to the classroom and hear how teachers are struggling to handle this particularly bitter presidential race. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:48 am
? ? we don't love to see it ? a resolution. >> a revolution. >> a revolution. what? a revolution as well. cubs winning the world series. >> it is a revolution there. presidential election is also defined as one.
3:49 am
still too young to vote. >> particularly in the battleground state of pennsylvania. this year's presidential race is not only a nail biter on the campaign trail but also inside the classroom. we are up all nightline in new bethlehem, pennsylvania. with terry moran. >> reporter: the real election is still six days away, but in just a few hours here at red bank valley high school, students will be casting their votes for president. it's a predominantly white community and this mock election is the culmination of a unique civics program tackling a divisive election head on. >> i know there's teachers, i talked to them, their administration has specifically told them do not deal with the election. >> reporter: because they are so concerned about controversy. >> where better to deal with controversy than social studies. >> nice to meet you. >> how many of you know somebody
3:50 am
who specifically? >> this ad is targeted for an area like this. >> i have a couple questions. >> yeah, please, do. >> that was fun, thank you. i was struck by, powerful when you asked how many of you have been affected by job loss. can i see that again? pretty much everybody. >> in these hallways, there's signs that the trump movement is strong here. keep immigrants out. a lot of make america great again. i can't tell if that's con. hard to be a hillary supporter here. the latest poll has clinton at 48 and trump at 43. in this election -- >> and contrary to him, i don't think it's rigged. >> reporter: the teachers are working to make sure students understand how democracy works. polls are about to close. there's excitement in the air. it may be a mock election, but there's something empowering about all of this for these young people. >> campaigning.
3:51 am
carefully counted and "nightline" is the first to report the results. >> hillary clinton 48 and donald trump 340. donald trump with a landslide victory here for red bank valley. bernie sanders got a write-in. the gorilla got a write in. is there anything the adult world could learn from how these kids have handled and learned about this election? >> we need adults just as engaged as them, but, al, saw it, it's okay to agree to disagree. it's okay to be a trump fan or a hillary fan, and you can sit next to each other and get along and it's not the hatfield and mccoys where you create a rebellion. that's what makes america. we're so diverse. we're supposed to be nice. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm terry moran, red bank valley
3:52 am
those are trump supporters. >> they are. let that gorilla rest in peace. >> do you remember mock elections? >> not a single one. >> i did one in 1988.
3:53 am
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okay. we're back with "the mix." you're a chicago cubs fans, but how much would it be worth to be right there at progressive field in cleveland to see the cubs win? >> you know, it's all relative >> if you're made of money, $20,000, sure. >> perhaps this guy was made of money or took out a small loan. there's one chicago cubs fan who apparently paid nearly $50,000 for two tickets to last night's game seven stub hub confirming, not saying who the person was, as you see, many, many fans there celebrating in chicago. in wrigleyville. by the way, just as comparison, the medium price for game seven
3:56 am
but this guy i'm not quite sure. >> that i would pay. $47,000? not so much. >> 47,000, wow. her's one from my other hometown, my second hometown, london. a white rabbit hanging out near barnes bridge. this is a neighborhood in west london, a beautiful neighborhood. there he is. this white rabbit, creation of local performance artist named spike, allegedly doing this since november of 2015. >> why a white rabbit? why not just a rabbit? why do we have to look at colors. >> this one person tweeted, anyone see the white rabbit waving a cut outheart at 8:00 a.m. at barnes bridge yesterday or was i just hung over? >> probably hungover or probably still drunk at the same time or something else kicking in. who knows. this is interesting story. a michigan dog wins release from death row. follow me.
3:57 am
so jeb was found standing over the body of a neighbor's dog, lad, and jeb here, accused of killing the dog and sentenced to euthanasia. there was dna testing. >> falsely accused? >> that proved jeb was wrongly accused. the court ordered his release. >> he can't speak up for himself, outrageous. >> thank god for dna testing. it's saved all of the dogs. we have time for our quick >> yeah. >> single kangaroo got lost, decided to step in an rv to greet the local humans there. hello he's saying. this kangaroo seemed friendly enough, but it has to be coaxed to leave the vehicle. the father of the family achieved this by bringing the kangaroo an apple. but what happens when you see animals, right? check it out. the whole family.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this thursday morning, the curse reversed. the chicago cubs are world series champions after winning an epic game seven in an extra inning thriller. the celebration still going on and lebron james trying to fire up the crowd. the final push. the candidates hitting key battleground states. our experts on which states donald trump needs to win. and the new polls showing a neck and neck race with just five days to go until the election. trapped on a mountain in a blizzard, a group of firefighters stuck on one of america's highest peaks. the video of their ordeal. and vape mishap. an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket.


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