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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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>> a lot of people [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now on wisn 1 action a century in a making. ben: sally severson will have a look at your forecast coming up in a minute. good morning, everybody. welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. melinda: i'm melinda davenport. it's thursday, november 3. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sally: it is foggy out there. early this morning, a dense fog advisory covers a good portion
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can see especially away from the lake. near zero visibility there. 3/10 at watertown. half a mile at sheboygan. it covers all of our inland counties. sheboygan, we can see this as patchy fog. whether you are in the advisory area or not, but the dense fog advisory is until 10 :00 this morning. visibility at a quarter of a mile or less in many areas. we are on our way to a very pleasant forecast. today, early, the patchy fog. low 60's and light north winds. we can see patchy fog friday morning, bevent partly sunny skies tomorrow with highs in the low 60's. wait until you get a load of the weekend forecast. you will be happy. melinda: thank you. when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news
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tablet. breaking news this morning. the curse is broken. the chicago cubs are the 2016 world series champions. ben: it took 10 innings to do it. an incredible game. the cubs beat the cleveland indians in game seven at progressive field late last night. tim elliott is following all the reaction this morning to this historic win. tim: it's been more than a century since the cubs took home the world series title. now, the loveable losers have a reason to celebrate. look at that. a lot of booze flying in that locker room. a locker room celebration to remember. cubs fans have been waiting a long time for this moment. many weren't even born the last time the team made it to the world series in 1945. thousands of people made it out to last night to watch their team win at wrigleyville bars. now, plenty of fans are flying the w after the cubs' astonishing comeback from a 3-1
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let's show you some of the highlights from last night's epic game. dexter fowler got things started with a homerun in the first inning. veteran catcher david ross capped off the last game of his career with a home run. the indians caught up in the eighth inning, but the cubs scored twice in the 10th inning following a 17-minute rain delay and ended up winning the game 8-7. so the billy goat curse is broken. now of course, this morning, the cubs' series champions shirts are already flying off the shelves at many stores. back over to you. ben: i am sure the party is still going on in wrigleyville. it is you is has a team in chicago and cleveland this morning. for updates starting at 7:00 this morning.
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milwaukee police officer. earlier this week, the department terminated dominique-heaggan brown following an internal investigation. he's the officer who shot sylville smith in august sparking days of unrest. , however, he wasn't fired for the shooting, but something he is accused of doing afterwards. prosecutors charged heaggan-brown with sexually assaulting a man, and investigators say he may have had as many as four victims since 2015. the board of fire and police commissioners will meet later today regarding the termination of heaggan-brown. a brown deer police officer accused of shooting an unarmed later today. officer devon kramer is charged with aggravated battery. last week, she made her first court appearance, claiming she feared for her safety when she shot 26-year-old manuel burnley back in march. he survived, but lost part of his lung. officer kraemer has been on paid administrative leave since the shooting. ben: an investigation is underway this morning after a 17-year-old girl is struck and killed by a school bus. marisol cevallos was hit while
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ninth and oklahoma yesterday morning. friends and family gathered to remember the high school senior at a vigil last night. police say the driver of the school bus is a 62-year-old woman from south milwaukee. she stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. melinda: in commitment 2016 now, the election is just five days away. wisconsin continues to be a target for both presidential campaigns. this morning, chelsea clinton will campaign for her mother in milwaukee. the former first daughter will hold an event starting at 9:00 at anodyne coffee roasting in yesterday, she rallied voters in eau claire and uw-osh kosh. the campaigning doesn't stop there. eric trump will also be in wisconsin today. the son of donald trump will be in eau claire this afternoon. tomorrow, vice president joe biden will hold a rally for hillary clinton in madison. ben: here's a look at how the race for president is shaping up here in wisconsin. this is all according to the latest marquette law school poll.
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donald trump. 46% to 40% among likely voters in wisconsin. that's 1% tighter than the last poll in early october. this is the final marquette law school poll before the election on tuesday. only wisn 12 news is teaming up with abc news to bring you big story coverage on election night. live coverage from throughout wisconsin and around the country all night on air and online starting at 4:00 p.m. wisn 12 news time is 4:36. highway confusion. melinda: entered of solving a missing persons case. ben: tragedy in iowa.
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sally: soup around southern wisconsin. we take a look at lower downtown. 40's across the board so you want a jacket. patchy fog. quite variable. very good visibility at the airport, 10 miles. closer to zero at dodge county.
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until 10:00. we would take a look at the weekend forecast, something to smile about. ben: this is a live look outside. a couple of cars rolling through this green this morning. drive times in the green. right now, long lines at the pump because of fears of a gas shortage. melinda: gas prices in the southeast have skyrocketed after a pipeline explosion in alabama. on monday when a construction crew hit it with a piece of heavy equipment. one person was killed. the pipeline runs from refineries in houston to terminals in new jersey. newly-released dash cam video shows florida troopers pulling over a man driving on the wrong side of the highway. ben: a toll employee called for help immediately after he saw the driver. police say the 76-year-old man wasn't hurt, but he seemed confused. his wife had reported him
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be medically reevaluated to see if he's still eligible to keep his license. melinda: check this out. an american tourist in australia recently captured this heart-stopping video of a close encounter between a shark and a group of surfers. ben: way too close. melinda: you can see one of the surfers catching a wave right over one of the sharks. the shark eventually swam away. to close -- too close. happening. ben: he had no idea, and probably a good thing. melinda: the case of vanishing halloween candy. ben: how a thief with a sweet tooth got away with a break in. melinda: it is holiday shopping season. we have a list for you that has one celeb russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program.
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good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. if you're up here, senator johnson's been your guy in washington. voting for special tax breaks for wall street and multi-millionaires, like himself. even taking a shady ten million dollar corporate pay out. but around here, johnson's stacked the deck against the middle class. opposing pay rises for you. he'd even abolish the minimum wage.
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of this advertising. >> leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news this morning with melinda davenport, ben wagner, and tim elliott from the breaking news desk.
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on this thursday morning. a little bit of fog out there and temperatures in the 40's. we are on our way to highs that will continue to remain above normal for this is the year. earlier this morning, giving with a little patchy dense fog. the advisory covers over inland counties. -- our inland counties. area, be prepared for the patchy fog. 48 at the airport. light west winds. clearing skies. going to be a nice day. ben: new from overnight, or people are dead after a crash that happened around 10:00 p.m. on i-94. a honda pilot hit two sedans
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from illinois were also killed. a man from whitefish bay was seriously hurt. this morning, two iowa police officers killed in an ambush style attack are being remembered this morning. 24-year-old urbandale officer justin martin and des moines officer tony bemino were both shot separately while sitting in their squad cars yesterday morning. now, the search for the suspected killer is over. tim elliott's in the newsroom with the latest on the gunman's arrest. tim: looking for. scott michael greene is in custody. the 46-year-old turned himself in yesterday morning after an hours-long manhunt. greene is accused of shooting and killing both officers in separate ambush-style attacks. this is not his first run in with the law. just hours before yesterday's shooting rampage, he was in court for abusing his mother. he was also kicked out of a high school football game after complaints he was flying a confederate flag in the stands.
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but this morning, there is now a growing memorial outside both police stations for the fallen officers. back to you. melinda: the trial is set to begin today for the former police officer accused of murdering an unarmed man in south carolina. michael slager is accused of shooting walter scott as he was running away. the jury is made up of 11 white people and one african-american person. ben: we're learning more about a deadly school bus crash in baltimore earlier this week. records show the 67-year-old driver had a hisry violations. officials say on tuesday, the school bus, which had no students on board, rear-ended a car, veered into oncoming traffic, and slammed into a commuter bus. both bus drivers died along with four passengers. 10 other people were hurt. three are still in the hospital this morning. melinda: right now, the fbi is looking into a hate crime at a mississippi church. a fire badly damaged this historic african american sanctuary late tuesday night.
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investigators believe the suspect who set the fire also spray painted the words "vote trump" on the side of the baptist church. church leaders say the building is 80% destroyed. ben: a thief with a sweet tooth and a conscience. police at kansas state say someone broke into a student's car and only got away with a kit-kat. the freshman says he noticed the candy was missing from his car, bu the candy thief left behind an apology note saying he was hungry. kit kat says they'll replace the stolen treat. melinda: how about that? ben: how about don't break into someone's car. it was nice he left a note and took nothing else. with halloween over, there are now a lot of rotting pumpkins being thrown out. melinda: but university of oregon students decided to freeze them and throw them off the roof.
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-- that is really cool. wow. they dipped the pumpkins in liquid nitrogen, cooling them to negative 321 degrees. then, they dropped them off a 4-story campus rooftop to watch them shatter. i think that is the coolest idea. look. watch. i wonder how happy that would be. slow-mo. that is pretty neat. ben: slow-mo camera. melinda: it looks so ben: the science students have all the fun. melinda: we did not think of that. don't try this at home. sally: no. ben: 321 degrees below zero. sally: very cool. wish i thought of it. sunshine in place for the next couple days. we meet periodically sees some of the fog, and that is what we
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is our usual spots inland that are the foggiest. sheboygan has been going back and forth between .5 miles and one mile. juneau not at all uncommon to see some fog there. 3/10 of a mile coming in from waukesha ander inland counties, but don't get caught up on who is covered and who isn't because it can be the patchy fog we have seen. overall, nice ridge of high pressure. we will stay dry and get a few passing clouds from time to time. overall, the coming forecast is a beauty. 43 at beaver dam. 48 at the airport. a jacket for today.
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we will stay dry. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. clouds off and on. take a look at how things are shaping up. passing clouds. low 60's. 41 tonight. mid 60's for the weekend. cleansing in the way of sunshine. i will hold on to the mid-60's for monday. slight chance for stray showers, but many will stay dry. melinda: thank you. all this traffic what, let's get you out the door at almost 5:00. everything is looking pretty good right now. check out the drive times. all in the green. ben: 4:51. over in north dakota, more arrests and clashes with police over a controversial pipeline.
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story closely this morning. tim: this is the scene of the latest standoff that's been happening for months over the dakota access pipeline. you can see police hitting protesters with pepper spray as they try to cross the water. the activists are trying to stop construction of a 1200 mile pipeline from north dakota to illinois. critics say the pipeline would disturb sacred native american cultural sites and could pollute rivers and water supplies. the pipeline company says it will be safer and cheapeth using trucks or trains. now president obama says the army corps of engineers is looking into the possibility of changing the pipeline's path, but that decision could take weeks. in the meantime, protesters say they aren't going anywhere. back to you. ben: thanks, tim. the show must go on later today at boerner botanical gardens. last night, the rain washed out the china lights lantern festival. the display closed because the grounds were too wet.
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there are now three days left of the festival. it was a tradition for many of you, seeing oprah's favorite things on t.v. around the holidays. you get a car. you get a car. melinda: so exciting. ben: now that her daily talk show is over, she shares her list in o magazine. this year's list will be revealed today on good morning "good morning america." we're told it includes jewelry, travel cases, truffles, and pound cakes. you get a poundcake. you get a poundcake. some of the items start at about $14. catch oprah's favorite things, today on gma, after wisn 12 news this morning. there's one thing we do here in wisconsin better than just about anywhere else. melinda: that's right. coupon clipping. take a look. >> what did i save today? >> $78. >> i have my coupons for boston store. melinda: we like to brag about it too, right? folks all over the place told me what they do to save money.
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don't you know about store coupons? that is the question here. a retail expert shares some timely info on how you can crack the code for getting the best deals. what you really need to know about coupons is coming up in my special report tonight at 10:00. ben: there is one thing a lot of people do not know. melinda: yes, and i cannot tell you. you have to wait and see. you will not believe it. you will be like, how do you do that? tonight. watch "cracking the coupon code" only on wisn 12 news at 10:00. ben: looking forward to it. melinda: this is my thing. ben: she was saying i cannot wait. melinda: very exciting. pushing for higher wages. ben: what milwaukee county leaders are doing later today that could have an impact on some of your paycheck's next s next year. melinda: plus, the cubs are the world series champs, but the brewers are already looking forward to next year.
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig.
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uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. melinda: welcome back. new this morning, the nation's leading airlines are confident they can handle higher thanksgiving travel this year. ben: that's because more people have signed up for quick-screening programs that are designed to keep airport
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group, more than 27 million people will fly on u.s. airlines between november 18 and the tuesday after thanksgiving. that's up 2.5% from last year. melinda: researchers say drinking two or more two milliliter servings of sweetened drinks doubles your risk of developing diabetes. a standard 12-ounce drink is more than 300 milliliters. researchers say the level of risk was about the same regardless of whether the drinks used rsu so choosing the diet option may not even make a difference. ben: looking ahead to lunch already today is sandwich day. , in honor of this very important holiday, subway is giving away a free sub for each one that you buy with a drink. bring a friend. the popular sandwich chain will also donate a meal to feeding america. the nonprofit organization runs a network of 200 food banks across the country. subway is calling the promotion
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melinda: people who use facebook may live longer than those who don't. what? researchers at u.c. san diego looked at 12 million active facebook users. they found that group's death risk was 12% less. ben: what? melinda: people who had larger social networks, posted the most photos, and accepted the most facebook friendships lived the longest, but experts say it's important to be social in person as well as online. ben: totally agree. melinda: facebook, everybody. 5:00 news continues right now. >> now on wisn 12 news. melinda: i love it. -- i love the goggles. no champagne gets in the eyes.
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the team's first world series we need more than a century. good morning to you. ben: it is 4:59 on this thursday, november 3. more on the cubs's historic win. first come a check on your weather and traffic. let's check in with meteorologist sally severson and your forecast. sally: plenty to be happy about with the overall fort, wrinkle this morning in the way of patchy fog. visibility three miles at west bend. now half a mile at west bend. 3/10 of a mile in medicine in watertown so take it easy across jefferson county and 94. dense fog advisory in place until 10:00 from inland counties. this is for variable


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