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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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continues right now. >> it is what they call a historic event, but to be really historic, we have to do a great job, i promise you i will not let you down. >> breaking overnight, donald trump elected the president of the united states. full reda kriket results, rea and the keyol played in the victory. votes are still being counted even though trump is declared the winner. here in the last hour as more votes are tallied, hillary clinton now leads in the popular vote by about 50,000 votes. clinton and trump have 48%.
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electoral college votes at 276, which is more than the 270 he needed to win. clinton now stands at 217 a couple of states are not called yet. diane has more on the election. >> i just receive add call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us, on our victory. donald trump celebrating victory early on dn >> i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. >> hillary clinton campaign chairman addressing the somber crowd of the clinton supporters. >> several states are too close to call so we have nothing more to say tonight. >> after a bruising several hours for the democratic
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on clinton's lead began to shrink and giving the lead to donald trump. then several key battleground states considered essential for trump tipped in favor of the republican nominee. trump winning ohio, florida and north carolina. nail biter races continued into the morning hours with thin margins in pennsylvania and new hampshire and one point separated by just 18 votes. of wisconsin and winning it along with key states like arizona and pennsylvania. trump pulling up a long shot victory to become the 45th president of the united states. >> with ten votes at stake, all eyes were on wisconsin. >> the badger state numbers helped to push trump over the votes needed to win.
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milwaukee and this is the place where many of the three million people voting in wisconsin came to file a ballot. drum z is the first republican presidential candidate to win wisconsin since ronald reagan in 1984. the two were separated by 26297 donald trump winning all by 13 of wisconsin east 72 counties. now as for here in milwaukee county, hillary clinton did get a majority of the votes, more than 66% but not enough to get the votes needed for the presidency. wisconsin was one of the last states called for president-elect donald trump. >> thema, thank you. "good morning america" has more reaction and resulteds from the
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after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> critical races across wisconsin, senator ron johnson is re-elected to a second term. johnson the projected winner in the wisconsin senate race. tim is here following with stoir for us. tim: this race getting a lot of attention and the polls had them separated by one point and in the end johnson fought to keep his seat against former u.s. senator russ johnson took that seat from feingold back in 2010. this is one of several tiekt senate races. the republicans kept control of the senate. rand paul and john mccain won in their home states. in wisconsin, all eyes on ron johnson. we have a report from the
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>> the crowd of the supporters optimistic and even senator johnson himself saying they were surprised by the margin in the race. the room erupted when the first projection of the johnson victory came in. shortly after, the senator spoke to his sporers. >> america is giving us a chance and opportunity to nation on the right path. >> i am surprised by the results. i am pleased with the result and the confidence that wisconsin is placing with me. >> senator johnson said he felt the momentum shifting after labor day and recently.
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feingold akreszed the supporters last night and here is his message to the crowd. this could be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. and it is going to be up to you, particularly the wonderful young people that worked on this campaign. they are going to have to heal the wounds and bring us together, we'll get through this and i look forward to helping it is now up to you. thanks so much. many eyes watching the house speaker race, paul ryan and he's re-elected to the 9th term to congress. ryan faced a challenge.
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conference later this morning. >> the win was many for the republicans in the congress around the country. here is what the balance of power after last night's races. the g.o.p. clinched control of the house, republicans have extended their six year lock on the chamber of the legislature. >> we have a full break on and the let's talk about the nice weather that we are having. >> no kidding, yesterday it was nice out. >> we have had a few clouds yesterday, but plenty in the way of sunshine and a breezy warm up on deck for tomorrow. take a look, this is concordia university, 39 degrees. lighter northwest breezes. the third ward and 40 degrees. officially at the airport,
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northwest and light northwest winds and becoming a little more south tomorrow. we have lots of dry days on track for us. we are warm tomorrow. briefly cooler on friday. warm again for the weekend and the weekend is shaping up nicely and sunday back up to 60 or better. now to matt as he's in news chopper 12. >> we are over 43, 94. beecher under the freeway. you can see the light volume and dry pavement. no complaints. travel times... no crashes to slow you down right now. back to you. >> matt, thank you. back to the breaking news, donald trump elected president. he sent out the first tweet saying quote such a beautiful
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and woman never forgotten before all coming together as never before. >> this is a picture tweeted out showing times square a photo of trump there and the caption, 45th president of the united states. more coverage on this historic election coming up on "wisn 12
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>> 6:12. sun is up at 6:37 a.m. we'll get a fair amount of sunshine in place for us. i am forecasting a number of dry days. you can see much of the nation is really looking at fairly tranquil weather. a few showers over the pacific northwest.
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34 waukesha. the airport at 41 degrees. we zoom into the mid 50s. plenty of sun glare. we call for party skies today. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sal, we have gone from the north side to the south side. capitol drive. right now, no trouble down there on the roadways. things are no crashes to get in your way. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:13. breaking news, donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. >> all eyes on wisconsin down to the wire. tim is following the political
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yes, first the associated press called the race for trump in wisconsin and declared him the winner. it is coming down to electoral college count. even though hillary clinton actually has 48,000 more popular votes nationally. in the end, it is coming down to wisconsin with ten electoral votes going to trump there. here are the final numbers from the badger declaring victory early this morning. hillary clinton called him to congratulate him. we are waiting to hear from hillary herself. we are continue to follow reaction to trump's victory throughout the morning. back to you. >> tim, thank you. donald trump taking 62% of the
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>> donald trump racked up the votes, supporters gathered here to watch the results coming in. this watch party hosted by the republican party. supporters were glued to the phones and screens and throughout the night the republican voters told me they were cautiously optimistic and reflected on the momentum before confirmed the new president o >> well, the people are speaking. they are tired of the past 8 years and the people want their control back. >> i have been saying all week that i am hopeful and that we are going to win, that donald trump will be our next
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>> there is a take on the brexit movement. some in texas are talking about leaving and others are talking about succeeding from the united states. >> ben: the financial industry is bracing for a big blow today following a shocking outcome in the election. melinda: wisn 12 news hillary mintz is live from the newsroom with the latest. >> the stocks are tumbling on wall street and the market was banking on a before the opening bell, we are seeing major panic in the markets after news broke with trump winning, the futures dropped 700 points. but this could make for the worst point loss since 2008. overseas is also tanking because they feel uncertain with trump. the major banks are fearing that
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what does this mean for your money, well, the experts say if you have money in a pension fund, that will take a hit. >> the dow jones will fall, s&p 500 will fall, we'll see the value of the dollar declining, mexican peso will take a big hit because of this election results. >> on the upside, gol these election results will shake things up for a while, but don't change your behavior too much, stay calm and let the market settle down. >> "good morning america" has more reaction from the markets in the hours after trump was declared the winner at 7:00.
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encountering a few issues. >> why the clerk's office is looking into a ballot shortage. >> it was completely smooth sailing in waukesha county. 150 people were affected with voting issues early in the day. it is still confusion exactly how that happened. voter turnout is huge across waukesha county. they did tir enough ballots and they were notified some of the precincts ran out of ballots. it took a few hours to get them new ones, in the meantime, people using alternative ways to vote, some voiced frustration to the waukesha county clerk over the phone. ie talked to a couple of people and they indicated they didn't vote then but indicated they would go back later. >> no one was actually turned
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out of ballots. they were given alternative ways to vote. that was replenished. >> here is sa look at what turnout looked like across wisconsin, three million people voted. turnout was expected to be high add a record number of early voters. 52,000 people cast their early. >> we have much more coverage on the elections online and at the wisn 12 mobile app. >> 6:19. it is going to be a banner day today. >> don't put the hey jacket away just yet. but today 55. 60s tomorrow.
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glendale. we get a look at i-43. you can see glendale and bay shore mall, traffic is moving along 43. we have matt coming up. early temperatures, we have 20s to the north. 24 stevens point. here in the south, the temperatures for the most part 32 and 41. high pressure will continue to influence our weather. right now providing a light north wind. throughout d high is slipping to the south and east. that means that the winds shift up from the south. we are looking at a breezy warm up for tomorrow with highs into the 60s. for today, we are talking about sunshine. we'll see mid 50s. all is quiet. the lows tonight 39 degrees inland and 40s along the lake. thursday is bringing the
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now, thursday night and early friday morning a disturbance is passing through. the clouds associated with it. we look at north, northeast winds and putting a chill in the air on thursday with the northeast breeze and warming up again for the weekend. mid 50s for today and sun. 67 tomorrow. windy. highs on friday near 50. saturday 55. 60 early next week the temperatures above normal. >> thank you, sal. wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. just into the news room, president obama congratulated donald trump on the victory and invited him to the white house tomorrow. >> drum z is elected the 45th president of the united states overnight. we have the reaction and the coverage of all of the races across wisconsin.
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>> hi, i'm mrs. brennan with the third grade class at robinwood elementary and we want to say good morning franklin!
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good morning, class. thanks for this wednesday morning shout out! wisn 12 news is visiting different classes all across southeast wisconsin. melinda: if you're interested in getting a visit, just head to and click on the school shout out logo. we'll try to schedule a time to have meteorologist jeremy nelson stop by to say hello! wisn 12 news time now is 6:25. now to more election results that have been coming in overnight. ben: there were a number of school referenda on the ballot across the area. voters in cudahy were asked to approve 7.9 million dollars for renovations and improvements in the district. they voted yes. melinda: in franklin, more than 43 million dollars on the ballot for building a new middle school. voters said yes. ben: in oconomowoc, voters were asked whether to approve nearly 55 million dollars for a new elementary school and district improvements. again voters said yes. melinda: the arrowhead school district wanted $64 million for campus-wide renovations, including a new pool and fine-arts center. voters said no. ben: and in germantown, they
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performing arts center. that got a yes. melinda: our big story this morning, breaking news about the presidential race. ben: donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states. we are headed to tim at the breaking news desk. tim. >> trump wins in big bold text there at the top. we are taking a look this morning at the new york times cover, it and capturing the presidency, stunning clinton in the battleground states. we have more coming up on "wisn
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>> breaking news, donald trump elected president of the united states. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> trump also praised hillary
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others are protesting. ben: president-elect donald trump. melinda: some are calling it a surprising victory. hillary clinton had a small lead in most polls ahead of election day. here's a look at the numbers coming in overnight. wisn 12 news' nikole killion is in washington. nikole, what is trump's message this morning? good morning. and >> this morning, president-elect donald trump said his work is just beginning and pledged to unite the country. let's get to the package. >> it is being called a historic event, but we have to do a great job and i promise you that i will not let you done. >> trump addressed supporters
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election headquarters after he was propelled to victory in critical battleground states and the industrial midwest striking a theme of unity. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> trump also praised hillary clinton and said she called him to concede. >> we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean that very sincerely. >> clinton did not make an appearance at her campaign party across town but her campaign chairman did. >> we are so proud of her, she has done an amazing job and she is not done yet. >> we await a statement from hindz this morning, the white house is saying that president obama called her and expressed his admiring for the campaign
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congratulate him on the victory and invited him to the white house tomorrow. >> at lot of surprises over night. we are live downtown in milwaukee with a break down. thema. reporter: well, this is the place where many people came to cast their signs are packed up and moving on. now drum z is the first republican presidential candidate the win wisconsin since ronald reagan in 1984. nearly 48% of wisconsin voters cast their ballot for trump. that is compared to 47% who voted for hillary clinton. the two were separated by 26297 votes. donald trump winning all by 13 of the wisconsin 72 counties.
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majority of the votes, more than 66%, but not enough to get her the votes needed for the presidency. back here live outside, wisconsin was one of the last states to be called and putting trump to the 270 needed he needed to become the president-elect. >> thank you. "good morning america" has more coverage on the presidential election results at after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> ron johnson defeating russ feingold for the second time in a row. the polls had them separated by one point and when the voters turned out it wasn't that close. johnson with the three point lead.
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>> this is a night of opportunity, we have grand valley ina chance and we are going to seize the chance and working together because one group of people that i haven't thanked is all of you, you made this possible and working together as wisconsin, as america,, we are going to save this country. >> the campaign went on the say that the election is proof that johnson has been effective senator for the past six >> russ feingold called johnson last night. >> feingold spoke to the reporters. >> surprising loss here tonight for russ feingold and his campaign. he add a strong lead in the polls and recent days that lead narrowed a very close and hard fought election in the final
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>> something happened in this country tonight, i don't understand it completely. but we as americans have to heal the pain in this country and get people to come together. >> so russ feingold fails to win back to senate seat that he held for 18 years first elected in 1993. the into power as a republican and is voters have spoken again on tuesday night leading ron johnson back to u.s. senate and russ feingold on to the next chapter of his life. >> there were several senate races across the country and here is what the balance of power, the republicans kept control of the senate, how
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the democrats. rubio and mccain won in their home states of florida and arizona. >> back to the breaking news, american voters have spoken and choose donald trump. hillary clinton called him last night to congratulate him on winning the election. >> here are the numbers, trump won the electoral college and right now clinton has more popular votes. one of the surprise victories for um >> people threatening to move to canada if the candidate loses, well last night the people trying to find out how to move to canada saw this. this is an error message from the immigration website. overwhelmed last night. the site going down around 10:30. according to the business
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to canada have been growing over the past few months. in addition to last night, searches also spiked a few months back after donald trump won the republican nomination. >> the big focus is on politics, but we can't forget about the weather. >> yes, that is right, sally? >> one of the prettiest cameras is mounted on the journal time building in racine. winds are out of the northwest. the light house. we are on the way to sunshine for today. another beautiful vantage this morning. 41 # at the air mass is dry and cool. we are looking at northwest breezes for much of the day. great afternoon. get out and take a lap around the block. the temperatures up to the mid 50s. we stay mild. these temperatures 5 degrees warmer than the normal for this time of the year. fair and cool tonight. windy warm up tomorrow. i tell you about that coming up. now to matt in muse chopper 12.
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smoothly. this is lincoln over the top of the freeway. looking good. you have a little slow, 94 eastbound coming down the hill. we remain crash free on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:38. authorities in california are investigating a shooting near two ll ben: the locations were shut down while officers surrounded a home. this happened in the los angeles suburb of azusa. police say officers killed a man after he shot and critically injuring two women. police say the shooting was not election-related. more "wisn 12 news this morning"
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morning. we are live on the weatherwatch 12 camera network. we take a peek at lake michigan this morning. the temperatures showing up 30s and low 40s. 36 sheboygan at this hour. this is mounted at blue harbor in sheboygan. it is beautiful early this morning. a few clouds over the lake. 41 at the airport. skies are fair. the air mass is dry and cool. the into illinois and the tennessee valley over the next 24 hours. high tomorrow 64 degrees. the temperatures ride up and down a bit. overall the readings are above normal for this time of the year. now to traffic with matt. >> we are tracking delays through brookfield, slow downs coming down the hill.
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moreland road. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: it's official, president donald trump. america has elected the celebrity businessman. ben: wisn 12 news' tim elliott has the latest information on the election and the reaction. tim. tim: this came as a surprise to a lot of people, hillary clinton was ahin according to the latest numbers, he won the electoral vote and hillary with the popular vote. last night he thanked all his supporters and made a promise to the people who didn't vote for him. >> i pledge i will be a president for all americans. for those who chose not to
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i'm reaching out for your guidance so we can unify our great country. tim: trump took the time to thank his family, other republican leaders and the voters. he also congratulated hillary clinton on a hard-fought campaign and thanked her for all her service to the country. back to you. melinda: local hillary clinton supporters gathered last night for what was supposed to be a celebration. ben: but those supporters went home disappointed. wisn 12 news' nick bohr was at the clinton watch party in milwaukee. >> they were poised for the celebration, but the votes were not breaking their way as 300 people slowly left with sad faces of hillary clinton facing defeat. we talked with mayor tom barrett as well as congresswoman gwen
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what happened with the race. >> i have had great relationships with the obama and the white house, and i assumed with the clinton team, i don't know about the trump team. so that is a little disconcerting. >> we have had a nationalistic message that resonated with a lot of people and it was a message that was, that white americans to stick with him. >> and clinton supporters here are already talking about how they can regroup and get a different result four years from now. in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> in wisconsin, trump going into the election as the under dog. >> but voters spoke otherwise. hillary mintz is live in the
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trump won unexpected counties. >> wisconsin playing a role on election day, trump not favored to win a number of the areas, but the victories sealed the deal for him. trump went into the election day down in the polls but doing well in eastern and central parts of the state. despite the poll numbers, with the voters here, it is not surprising that trump won. >> trump i probably should have been expected to do well here. the state is older, whiter and more blue collar, those are demographics that trump plays well with. >> he believes that with senator ron johnson's margin of victory, when voting for johnson they picked trump. for trump, it is the unlikely
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this morning." >> hillary, thank you. >> 6:46. we could learn more about the voter turnout today. >> long lines at the polling locations across wisconsin. the overall numbers are probably similar, and higher than in 2012. the longest long islands in the morning and evening. >> there was a ballot shortage in the city a 150 people stopped by to vote during that time period. most of the voters used alternative ways to vote and they were still frustrated. >> some voters in madison got a
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election results online and on the wisn 12 news mobile app. it is free for your smartphone or tablet. we are talking about the forecast, and sal, i have a question for you. >> you know the wisconsin weather better than anybody. it is true. does this warm weather surprise you? >> this is unusual for november. yes. is it surprising to me, yes. it is a little we have had the warmest november, we have not had a hard freeze in november. this is the 8th latest hard freeze. maybe one friday night. yes, this is surprising warmth to me. for the first week, no. as we look at lambeau, sunshine statewide.
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this is the weekend, i believe, headed to tennessee for a noon game on sunday. i love this picture racine and 39 degrees. milwaukee, a few high clouds out there. 41 degrees. we look at the light northwest winds for most of the day today. the satellite and the radar, high pressure is influencing the weather. lots in the way of blue skies. this high in the valley. that's going to allow the temperatures to climb up tomorrow. for today, sunshine, mid 50s. lows tonight 39. 40s along the lake. windy for thursday. temperatures tomorrow upper 60s. then tomorrow night, we watch a bound ri coming through. that's going to drop in a northeast wind for us. the temperatures cooler, a few clouds on friday, then we warm
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5 today. 40 tonight. 67 tomorrow. it is windy though. a fair amount of cloudiness and breezy on friday before saturday brings mid 50s and sunday 60. >> one of the most power members of congress is keeping his job. >> paul ryan keeping his seat. 65% of the vote. we are in janesville where ryan spoke to the reporters. >> good morning from janesville, wisconsin an speaker paul ryan winning. ryan took the stage for 3 palestinian uts thanked the family, friends and supporters. >> i am so eager to return to work for you, and get on with fixing the country's problems, we have so much potential in this country. if we are just tap it. that is what is ahead for us.
6:51 am
he didn't mention hillary clinton or donald trump. he did say this. >> by some accounts this could be a good night for america. this could be a good night for us. fingers crossed. >> he's collecting his thoughts and will make remarks later this morning. for now, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> the housef up for grabs last night. we are finding out how congress may vote for the next few years. tim? >> here in wisconsin all of the u.s. house incumbents kept their seats. in the 4th district, she's re-elected and received 75% of the vote. here is a look at the balance of power in the house, republicans have kept control winning the majority of the seats in the house of representatives.
6:52 am
the senate going against the predictions by the polls. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> president trump, that is what is coming next for our country. the empire state building paying tribute to the country's decision and projecting trump's face on the building with the word president. we'll be right back in just a moment with more coverage op the
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>> breaking news, america has spoken and the voters have choosen donald trump to become the 45th president of the united states. trump votes. this morning trump made a proms to the voters. >> it is what they call a historic event, but we have to do a great job and i promise i will not let you down. >> trump thanked his family and republican leaders and the voters.
6:56 am
against the predictions about this race. wisconsin defying expectations here and going red for the first time since 1984. "g.m.a." has more much on this election coming up. now up to matt with a look at the traffic. >> things are looking decent. we are headed to the zoo interchange. expect brake tapping out to the zoo. eastbound no crashes either. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. sunshine all over the place. >> oh, the sunshine is gorgeous. sunshine mid 50 dz today. mid to upper 60s tomorrow. gusty winds. the temperatures recovering
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>> we have had a nice string of the weekends. spoiled. >> yes, get the chores down and hanging up the lights, maybe. >> patrick is still growing tomatoes. >> yes, he is. >> gorgeous. >> take 12 news everywhere you go. >> "g.m.a." crew probably tired this morning. a lot of election coverage from yesterday. america" coming up next. >> we have more coverage tomorrow morning too.
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good morning, america. the most stunning upset in american history. donald j. trump elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> the political outsider billionaire businessman, reality tv star completes a slashing and populous campaign by promising to heal and unite america. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. trump winning in an unprecedented victory over hillary clinton. her campaign defiant till the end. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? and she is not done yet. >> but hillary clinton conceding early this morning in a phone call to donald trump.


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