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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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if we reach it, that is a record breaker for us. the current record is 65. maybe a jacket early this morning and the temperatures are climbing up quickly and most in the 40s. by noon up to 60 degrees. i expect the highs in the neighborhood 2:00, 3:00 to 66 degrees and windy, gusty winds are helping to bring the temperatures up. fair skies early tonight. incrng the 60s and falling into the mid 40s overnight. now to matt salemme as he's driving to news chopper 12. >> we are on the way out, good shape on the roadways and no complaints. 94 eastbound, you have to make a decision to exit hie one hundred earlier. things are quiet.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. md ben: right now, protests are going on across the country against president-elect donald trump. demonstrators walked the streets overnight in cities from new york city to los angeles and in between. some set fires others blocked highways. tim, just how big were these protests? tim: in new york, around 5,000 people gathered outside of trump tower overnight. and that's just one of the cities involved. thousands of people gathered on the 101 in los angeles blocking traffic. they crowded onto city streets, blocking traffic there too. traffic was backed up for miles. los angeles police arrested at least 13 people overnight. and this is the crowd in chicago overnight. the protesters marched through downtown and onto busy streets. they walked through traffic to show their frustration with the
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and in san francisco, it was also a busy night as hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in outside of city hall. there were even more protests overnight in portland, oregon, philadelphia, dallas and more. back to you. today, donald trump will visit his future home. he'll be at the white house meeting with president obama. together they'll plan a smooth transition of power. the president called trump yesterday to congratulate him on winning the election. in a speech yesterday, obama and that he's proud of hillary clinton for all her work. ben: hillary clinton gave her concession speech yesterday. she thanked all her supporters and encouraged them to keep moving forward. she also had a special message for young girls. >> to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every
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own dreams. ben: clinton said in that speech that she called donald trump and offered to work with him during the next four years. melinda: the milwaukee county sheriff has been an outspoken trump supporter. in the past, sheriff david clarke has said he'd be honored if trump offered him a job. but right now, he isn't saying whether that's in the works. clarke released a statement saying, i am the sheriff of milwaukee county. i will continue to be the sheriff of milwaukee county until i am no longer the sheriff of milwaukee county at which time i won't be the sheriff of milwaukee county. the sheriff says he supports trump because he believes in his leadership. ben: here in wisconsin, voter turnout hit a 20-year low. 2.9 million people voted which is about 66 percent of the voting age population, but not all of them filled out the presidential portion of the ballot. this is all based on the unofficial tally. turnout in the past two presidential elections was around 70 percent.
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day. about 20 kids in milwaukee are expected to find forever families today. hillary mintz is live downtown now with a look ahead. good morning, hillary. reporter: i love this story, if you are a parent, you can appreciate the thought of a child not having a warm and loving home, it is heart breaking. today that is going to change for 20 local kids. and it is all part of the children's court in wauwatosa. it is adoption day for milwaukee county and 20 kids are finding forever homes and families. last year in wisconsin, more than 600 children adopted from foster care. at any given time, up to 8,000 kids need homes. very, very exciting day for these kids. today adoptions begin at 9:00 a.m. with a celebration
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care for her premature son the way she sees fit, but the state is fighting her. wisn 12 news' colleen henry investigates. >> the mom claims her strict religious beliefs forbid certain medical treatment. now, child welfare advocates are stepping in claiming it's a matter of life and death for the newborn baby. >> i want my son to live, but i don't want his body being polluted with anything that is not necessary to sustain his life. >> 12 news investigaa dramatic case unfolding right now in milwaukee's children's court. ben: see colleen henry's investigation, faith versus medicine, tonight only on wisn 12 news at 10:00. ben: wisn 12 news time is 5:35. a driver stops in the middle of a street and attacks a motorcyclist. melinda: the social media feud that started long before this fight. and why the attacker says he's the real victim. ben: plus, the election is over and it's time for those
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a few clouds out there. 45 degrees at the airport at this hour. the temperatures are climbing. the breezy southwest words and spring like. the average high and low 50 and 35. get outdoors. it is going to be windy, but the highs around 66. that would set a today. >> we are breaking news out of pennsylvania, they are searching for whoever shot two police officers overnight 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh. we have been working with our sister station to find out more about what happened.
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hospital. no word on how they are doing. the suspect is still on the run right now. the officers are trying to find that person. i will be watching for new information throughout the morning. melinda: new this morning, a court appearance turns into a brawl in ohio. ben: officials say a man barged into the courtroom and demanded to talk to the judge. when he wouldn't listen to police, officers wrestled him to the ground. police say he had a personal dispute with police and the court. contempt of court and assaulting a court officer along with more charges. ben: new this morning, an attack that seemed to come out of nowhere caught on camera. melinda: this all started with an instagram post. a driver hopped out of a car and attacked the biker. the driver admits that he did it but says the biker started it. he claims that the biker threatened him on instagram in a fight over the biker's girlfriend, but the biker says he had never met the man before.
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camera. >> the mayor of a florida city falls victim to a purse snatcher. ben: but she made a quick decision to chase after the suspects. she was able to spot his license plate and now police have three people in custody. it turns out they were armed with a bb gun. mayor alice burch is thanking police in miami shores for tracking down the suspects. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:41. a child disappears in florida and it's four days before an amber alert goes out. asking why investigators took so long and whether an earlier alert could have helped find the missing nine-year-old. ben: plus, think back to your favorite childhood toy. there are some that make a big impression.
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>> we are beginning to get light across southeast wisconsin. the temperatures currently in the 40 z and going up to the 60.
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maybe tuesday. it is car wash weather. a blue ribbon weekend is headed our way. matt, i was looking at the d.o.t.s and the commute is picking up. >> yes, things are slow in some areas, otherwise it is quiet across the freeway system. we had the overnight construction on the system and resulted in 94 exit to highway one hundred a mile before you stay on your toes through the construction zone. we are jumping in the chopper now and checking back in a bit. back to you. ben: our big story this morning, thousands of people protesting in streets across the country overnight. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is live in the newsroom with an update. tim. tim: the demonstrators say they're protesting against the election of donald trump. from new york city to chicago and los angeles, thousands of people gathered overnight.
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down the 101 freeway, 13 people were arrested there and thousands of people gathered outside of trump tower in new york city. many of them are calling for the u.s. to stop using the electoral college. donald trump won the election by reaching 270 electoral votes even though hillary clinton won the popular vote. president-elect trump will be at the white house today to talk about the official transition of power. benning back to you. ben: now that the election has been decided, officials say it's time to take down your yard many communities have rules about when those political signs have to come down. officials in eau claire say homeowners could face fines if they don't follow the rules. but so far, they've never had to issue a citation for it. city leaders say the rule is meant to keep neighborhoods looking their best. >> they are allowed for a certain amount of time to provide information about the election, but once the election is over it is time to take them down so they are not cluttering up people's neighborhoods and
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ben: here in milwaukee, you have five days after the election to take down yard signs. that means they need to be gone by sunday or you could face a fine. melinda: new this morning, the family of a missing child is asking questions about why officials took four days to issue an amber alert. nine-year-old diana alvarez disappeared from florida in may. at first, investigators said they didn't have enough information to issue an amber alert. but now, emails reveal within hours they had a suspect's name, a description of his vehicle and a direction of travel. hours of the amber alert but there was no sign of diana. >> whether that is a miscommunication abandon the law enforcement, the sheriff's and the law enforcement, it is alarming that we have a suspect formed so quickly and that the amber alert didn't go. it could have possibly gone out earlier and may have done something. melinda: diana has been missing for five months. investigators are still
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ben: new this morning, a mom in idaho is facing criminal charges after feeding her daughter marijuana. kelsey osborne says she did it for medical reasons, but now her two children have been taken away and she's charged with injury to a child, that's a misdemeanor. her three-year-old daughter was suffering from seizures at the time. osborne says she made a smoothie with marijuana in it and gave it to her daughter. >> it's something that i'm going to fight for and i'm not going to give up until i have them back home where they h ben: osborne and medical marijuana activists rallied outside the boise health department yesterday. officials say they have to follow the current laws and that their priority is keeping kids safe. melinda: new this morning, an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. a california mom appeared in court facing charges for selling a bowl of homemade ceviche. now we've learned this isn't the first time she's been caught selling food illegally. the district attorney says whatever the court decides, she
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bar. some people on the internet say they are outraged over changes to the toblerone bar. the makers of the candy bar have widened the gaps between their famous chocolate triangles. the company blames the change on higher ingredient costs. but customers say it would have been better to shorten the bar, instead of making the gaps bigger. look at them. they are pretty big gaps. ben: did they think that the ben: a pair of cake artists in chicago are celebrating the cubs win with a massive cake. take a look. it's made from 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate, and ten pounds of rice krispies. it's on display at the chicago french pastry school where the chefs work. next week, the cake will be presented to chicago's mayor and city council.
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job. the question though is how long this is going to last and how many fingers are poking holes in it to get the icing? that would be me. ben: maybe a second cake to eat. sally: some are just pretty, works of art and not meant to be eaten. well, you want to get outside today. gorgeous weather on deck. jeremy has been the free golfing for vets coming up. it is certainly outdoor weather time. this morning just a light jacket for the kids at the bus stop. they are going to leave it in the backpack this afternoon as we reach up to 66 degrees. gusty south winds today. that is helping to push the temperatures up. it is not lasting long, a cool front tonight and with the cool front wind shifts from the north
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in store for us tomorrow. we are already warming up for the weekend. the early temperatures, cooler in watertown and beaver dam upper 30s there. 40s across southern wisconsin. 45 at the airport. port 47. we are talking lots in the way of sunshine for the day. again, windy. 5:00 all is quiet for us. quiet throughout the evening. mid night, you can see the cool front is coming through with the cloudiness. we are looking at temperatures cooler as we look at the winds shift from the north and likely a mix of the sun and clouds tomorrow. when you have the chilly air it has a tendency to keep the clouds around. 66 for the high. 44 tonight. 50 tomorrow. saturday and sunday 50s and 60. next week maybe a shower by about tuesday.
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trying to join isis. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is here with more information. tim? tim: aaron daniels will be in court today. prosecutors say he tried to travel to libya and join the islamic state. daniels is 20 years old and from ohio. he's also accused of sending money to the terror group. a federal prosecutor says he wired $250 to an isis operative. he was arrested earlier this week at the columbus airport after an investigation that went on for months. at today's hearing, prosecutor behind bars until he goes to trial. back to you. >> tim, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a four-year-old boy's dream comes true in massachusetts when he gets drafted by a college baseball team. ari schultz loves to play baseball even though he has some serious health problems. he's been through three open heart surgeries. look at that smile. now he's waiting for a new heart. his parents say through it all ari never gives up.
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holds for him, but if you look at him, you see how active he is. every day he has a zest for life. melinda: assumption college made his baseball dreams come true. his parents hope that one day ari can get drafted for real. ben: new this morning, a dog in florida has been reunited with her owner after swimming for about two miles. gypsy is 18 months old. this week her owner let her outside and she disappeared. her owner thinks she saw something in the water near his backyard and jumped in. she ended up swimming all the away. her owner says she's not a very good swimmer but she made it somehow. >> every time i've seen her try to swim in a pool or at the beach, she sinks. ben: a towboat worker spotted gypsy trying to swim ashore but branches were blocking her way. so he picked her up and brought her to dry land. the owner is thrilled to have gypsy back and he's thanking those workers this morning.
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changes are coming to summerfest. the musical festival is building a new bike and pedestrian plaza. here's a rendering that shows what it will look like. the plaza will someday lead into the midgate of the summerfest grounds along the lakefront. it should be ready to go for summerfest's 50th anniversary, next year. ben: inspiration for your holiday decorating. there are only four more days left to check out the christmas fantasy house in delafield. dozens of decorators teamed up to transform the mansion into a winter wonderland. ticket sales benefit the ronald mcdonald hse kids and their families year-round. tours run through sunday. >> new this morning, the national toy hall of fame is getting ready to reveal its class of 2016. melinda: a panel of experts has chosen the honorees. they will be revealed during a ceremony later today. there are 12 finalists. here's a list of some of them, care bears, rock 'em sock 'em robots, transformers, uno, dungeons and dragons, and nerf foam balls. >> clue there too.
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>> 5:54. danger near campus. >> massive four alarm fire forces a local college and the students out of the apartments overnight. the people whether or not were trapped inside and how they made it out.
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." general motors is laying off workers for the first time in six years.
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factory jobs in january. the job losses are hitting 1200 workers in ohio and 800 in lansing, michigan. >> the stock market seemed to have bounced back after the election, despite the concerns. the markets around the world are up, the dow gained 250 points yesterday, and the outlook for wall street today is positive and states credit rating is holding. >> roughly two million workers are seeing the minimum rates rise. they have approved the increases to the pay rate to at least $12 an hour by 2020. the voters in south dakota rejected the law to reduce the 8.50 per hour minimum wage to 7.50 for nontipped employees under 18. >> starbucks is releasing the
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finally! they are expected to feature snowflakes and deer. last year they were plain red. that created an uproar. they hope customers like the cups betteder this year. >> i department mind the cup last year. the ombre. that's a thing. >>l ben: good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:00 on this thursday, november 10th. right now we're following breaking news. protesting the president-elect. the message thousands are sending across the country overnight ahead of a major meeting at the white house today. ben: and it's a baseball
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milwaukee later today. but first we want to get your day started with a look at your forecast and morning commute. matt salemme is on deck but let's check in with meteorologist sally severson. >> matt will have great sunrise pictures this morning. the temperatures already in the 40s. we have been looking at the gusty winds setting up. right now 47. we look at the third ward. it is a southwest breeze. look at the picture in the background. a few high clouds around. 45. dew point down to 32. the air mass is dry. really on the mild side for the early morning hours in november. cool front is situated to the north and it is enough to drop the temperatures tomorrow. it is nice weather overall settling in. party sunny today. 66 degrees. gusty southwest winds. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, we are over the zoo


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