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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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milwaukee later today. but first we want to get your day started with a look at your forecast and morning commute. matt salemme is on deck but let's check in with meteorologist sally severson. >> matt will have great sunrise pictures this morning. the temperatures already in the 40s. we have been looking at the gusty winds setting up. right now 47. we look at the third ward. it is a southwest breeze. look at the picture in the background. a few high clouds around. 45. dew point down to 32. the air mass is dry. really on the mild side for the early morning hours in november. cool front is situated to the north and it is enough to drop the temperatures tomorrow. it is nice weather overall settling in. party sunny today. 66 degrees. gusty southwest winds. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, we are over the zoo
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overnight construction on northbound 894 and 94 eastbound was closed and now open and running smoothly in the area. now to the travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. breaking overnight, protests around the country and crowds are filng against donald trump. demonstrations are in at least seven major cities. >> tim is live for us in the news room with more on this situation. tim. tim: donald trump has been president-elect for about 24 hours or so, but thousands are marching in the streets, like in chicago, they are chanting not my president outside of the trump power. on the west coast, the freeway in downtown los angeles was
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flags. a similar seen in seattle as well. the biggest protest in new york city, they gathered outside of the trump tower and blocking the traffic there and we have learned 15 people were arrested. of course, we are continuing the watch the protests and bring you new information as it is coming in. >> tim, the prozests are coming hours before donald to the white house to does the transition of power. we are live in washington with a look ahead. >> good morning to you, ben, the white house is saying that president obama and president-elect trump don't have a personal relationship and today's meeting could be interesting. >> the last thing that we need
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>> after months of attacks on the campaign trail, this morning the president and president-elect try to bury the hatchet. >> it is no secret that we have significant differences, but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had significant differences. >> but he's planning a smooth transition of power when meeting with donald trump. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. the first lady, and mr. trump and vice president-elect head to capitol hill with a sit down with paul ryan. he turned politics on its head and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. >> today's meeting coming against the backdrop,s an antitrump proests erupted around the country. >> donald trump is going to be
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chance to lead. >> clinton is offering to work with president-elect trump. live in washington "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. this morning big wisconsin names are tossed around at potential picks to serve on the trump cabinet. milwaukee county sheriff david clark is a possible for the homeland security. and governor scott walker is saying that trump and governor mike pence hinted about finding a place for him on the administration, however, the governor is finishing out the term. >> and this morning we are learning more about wisconsin's role in the presidential election. voter turnout in the badger
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low. hillary mintz is live downtown with new information. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, ben. yeah, we are here downtown, this was a very popular polling place on election day and we were here and the lines wrapped around the hallways, because they were much lower numbers than we saw in the last presidential election and it hurt clinton more than trump. now to the numbers, trump won percent. 2.9 million voted. that is 66% of the voting age population. the turnout in the past two elections was 70%. officials say that not all of the voter filled out the presidential portions of the ballot. don't forget, they are unofficial numbers at the moment, this would make for the lowest turnout since 1996.
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news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. new, milwaukee police are on the scene of a fatal shooting. this happened near 57th and philip place, south of townsend street. someone has died. police have not released the information about the death. >> also, streets in a different neighborhood re-opened after a rollover crash. this is the scene there. the car was flipped this happened around mid night at 2 # 4 thd and beecher on the south side and the car hit another parked car. no word on whether anyone was seriously hurt. developing, a four alarm fire near the whitewater campus. this happened at the university gardens apartments where a number of students live. we are following the latest on this story. tim?
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looked on the scene. we have cell phone video. this is a picture, captured as the flames were lighting up. the father and pre-teen son trapped on the second floor and jump frommed the window to escape it. they were shaken up, but overall they are okay. >> the one guy like bounced and fell to his head but the boy seemed like he was okay. he was scared. >> no one was injured in this. the red cross is assisting the students and residents. >> thank you, tim. later today, 24 milwaukee fire department recruits are putting the training to the test. a vacant home is set on hire at 36th and clarke street and recruits are executing what they
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>> wisn 12 news time now is 6:08. and there's nothing bad to say about the weather. unbelievable. nothing. >> it is november, but it is not, but it is, sal, but it is not. sally: it is not behaving like november, but toward the end of the month colder air. until then, kindover crazy warm. it is the warmest start ever to november. we have had record the average temperature so far has been 56 and a half degrees, that is 12 degrees above the normal. now, the forecast high for today 66. the record for is 65 set in 1999 and 2012. now let's join matt up in news chopper 12. beautiful sky shots this morning? >> yes, it is going to be a gorgeous sunrise.
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overnight because they switched the exit point for highway one hundred off of 94 eastbound. so the construction closure is open, but now you have to make a decision on whether you want to exit at i-94 and highway one hundred a mile before previously. pay extra attention. it happens coming down the hill from sunny slope on the waukesha county side of things. right now no delays in the construction area. travel times... system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, thank you, matt. milwaukee city leaders are looking at banning smokeless tobacco from the venues. right now a third of all mlb stadiums are tobacco free. if a player is caught chewing
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seminar for women. it is helping the women succeed or find a job or explore a career. >> later today, we energy is handing out the cookie book. hundreds lined up saturday for the book. today's distribution is outside of the waukesha county expo center. nearly knowns in wisconsin. the free giveaway is 10:00 this morning. >> 6:10. some world series shirts will never hit the shelves. >> coming up, why the mlb is destroying one team's gear just a week after a championship win. free game of golf, how you can play for free just in time for
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>> early this morning waiting for the sunrise at 6:38. the temperatures ranging from about 37 degrees, 38 degrees now at beaver dam to 47 degrees at sheboygan. the temperatures are continuing to climb. the winds gusting up to 20 at sheboygan. windy and warm for the weath spray for the ponytail. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, here is the gorgeous sky shots. beautiful sunrise is underway. no problems on the road. right now things are in good shape. this is the bypass, 60th over the freeway. it is busy but moving at full speeds.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. developing overnight, a shooting no downtown seattle sends five people to the hospital, two in critical condition. tim is following the story for us. tim. tim: good morning, ben, this happened as antitrump rally taking place, here is what we know, a plan started fire into a crowd after an argument outside of a 7-eleven. police are still looking for the suspect who ran away from the scene. now just blocks away from the shooting a protest here over donald trump. seattle is one of the cities across the country holding demonstrations over the
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chicago. many of the protestor there tell abc news they were looking to get their voices heard and make sure that trump listens to them once he takes office. now we want to get to breaking news we are following out of pennsylvania, two police officers are shot overnight 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh. our sister station in pittsburgh is trying to learn more about the officers' conditions, the suspect is still on the run here. that person. it is unclear this morning what lead up to the shooting, but we are watching for new information throughout the morning. ben, back to you. ben: thank you, tim. mlb is breaking from a tradition, they usually donate the world series gear made for the team that doesn't win. this year they are asking the retailers to give the gear back to destroy it.
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since 2005. >> veterans day is tomorrow. the events are underway. governor walker will honor vets at a prayer lunch in fort mccoy. tonight you can attend a concert to benefit veterans. guitars for vets rock to remember it is at 6:00 at best place milwaukee. ten bucks in advance and the proceeds go to the guitars for vets. >> a lot of businesses are days. >> tomorrow the vets can golf for free at the milwaukee county golf courses. jeremy is live in franklin. november 10th. great day to play golf today. hard to believe we are saying that. >> yes, we have the earlier sunrise times. and no frost delay this morning. the temperatures in the 40s.
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it is picking up out here. it is feeling cool early but with the sunshine record warmth in the afternoon. it is a perfect day to get the clubs out, hit the links, probably not the last time this year, but get out here today with the beautiful conditions. tomorrow for veteran's day all of the 15 golf courses offering a special for the nation's veterans and current service you can golf for free and the great thing call ahead and reserve a tee time and one thing to mention, tomorrow will be colder and wear the layers, how can you beat free golf in november and beautiful weather for today. no snow. we are not complaining. the crews are working on the course this morning. we are at oakwood in franklin. >> jeremy, thank you. i can't believe that the sun is
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face and looking warm. >> it is such a warm start to november. ben: unbelieve bl and wearing a light jacket. sally: yes, that is waterproof. we have been dry and staying dry until at least tuesday. so you know, get outside. car wash weather. it will stay clean. here is a look at the camera network. look at th morning sky. a gorgeous water color. the temperatures 45 over 32. the air mass isry and quite warm today. the forecast high 66 degrees. now most recently set in 2012, 65. we could well set a third record high in november today. it is not staying long. a cool front is to the north and west and coming through for us later tonight.
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southwest breezes and temperatures into the mid to upper 60s today. 60 by the noon hour. enjoy the sunshine. dry tonight. watch what happens as we move to after mid night, this cool front is sailing through and with it, clouds. especially earlier tomorrow morning and during the day tomorrow calling for a mix of sun and clouds. north breezes keep the chill in the air with the highs around 50 degrees. certainly warmnd then we start another warm up. warmer for saturday and sunday. 66 for today. 40 tonight. 50 tomorrow. with a mix of sun and clouds. 55 saturday. 60 on sunday. still holding 50s next week and a shot of showers on tuesday. >> thank you, sal. he played screech on the tv show saved by the bell. >> actor dustin diamond is opening up becoming a childhood
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a man in 2014. later today, diamond is appearing on the dr. oz show. other childhood actors todd bridges and jamie foxworth also lking about the life after stardom. watch dr. oz at 11:00 this morning on wisn 12. >> no average trip to the mall. coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning", the 93-year-old wisconsin woman that decided to skip the stores and take a record setting lovers worst night mare, why the internet is blowing up about a
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ll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. >> hi, i'm miss hicks. >> i'm miss ravine. >> and i'm miss peterson and this is our fifth grade class at hoover and we would like to say good morning west allis! >> good morning everyone in west allis! thanks so much for this thursday morning shout out! wisn 12 is stopping by different classrooms all across southeast wisconsin. if you're interested in getting a visit, head to and click the school shout out logo. then we'll try to schedule a time to have meteorologist
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ben: wisn 12 news time is 6:25. a 93-year-old wisconsin woman is proving you're never too old to live life to the fullest. melinda: margaret gruner and her friends from eau claire went ziplining at the mall of america yesterday. she says her daughter gave her the idea. she says she wants to go again maybe after she goes water skiing or scuba diving! >> i don't knowou at the mall. melinda: this morning, a night-time school custodian is being recognized for going the extra mile and bringing smiles to students. ben: he works in new hampshire. every night ron munsey vacuums a different design in the carpet. he can do shapes. and even charlie brown. he says he's always wanted to do it but his wife won't let him do it at home to their living room. he also tries his skills at sports logos.
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new design every morning. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:26. finding a forever home. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning", why thanksgiving could have a different meaning this year for a dozen local kids. >> a mayor proves she's tough on crime, how she went from vick toim the hometown hero. stay with us, you are watching
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melinda: breaking overnight, thousands take to the streets protesting president-elect donald trump. from new york city to la, the impact the demonstrations had on traffic early this morning. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. it is a gorgeous sunrise. it's going to be a windy day. we're also tracking a warmup that could break a record. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this thursday, november 10th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: we are looking at a gorgeous early morning sunrise. some high clouds out there. 45 over 32.
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wind. 44 in sheboygan. everyone on the way to sunshine. temperatures currently cooler beaver dam and watertown and going up to the 50s quickly. the winds are picking up. winds are ramping up today, windy and warm. sunny skies. a record for today, record is 65 set back in 2012 and in jeopardy for today. matt is on breaking news. >> breaking news from the north side, 57th and townsend a man shot this morning here. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the milwaukee police have the evidence markers down between the garage and the back door of the home. right now the milwaukee police
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investigating. no word on suspect at this point. reporting live in news chopper 12 "wisn 12 news this morning." back to you. >> 6:31. ben: right now, protests are going on across the country against president-elect donald trump. demonstrators walked the streets overnight in cities from new york city to los angeles and in between. some set fires others blocked highways. tim, just how big were these protests? tim: in new york, around 5,0 tower overnight. and that's just one of the cities involved. thousands of people gathered on the 101 in los angeles blocking traffic. they crowded onto city streets, blocking traffic there too. traffic was backed up for miles. los angeles police arrested at least 13 people overnight. and this is the crowd in chicago overnight. the protesters marched through downtown and onto busy streets.
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show their frustration with the election. and in san francisco, it was also a busy night as hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in outside of city hall. there were even more protests overnight in portland, oregon, philadelphia, dallas and more. melinda: wisn 12 news time is today, donald trump will visit his future home. he'll be at the white house meeting with president obama. together they'll plan a smooth transition of power. the president called trump winning the election. in a speech yesterday, obama said he is rooting for trump and that he's proud of hillary clinton for all her work. ben: hillary clinton gave her concession speech yesterday. she thanked all her supporters and encouraged them to keep moving forward. she also had a special message for young girls. >> to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt
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powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. ben: clinton said in that speech that she called donald trump and offered to work with him during the next four years. melinda: the milwaukee county sheriff has been an outspoken trump supporter. in the past, sheriff david clarke has said he'd be honored if trump offered him a job. but right now, he isn't saying whether that's in the works. clarke released a statement saying, i am the sheriff of milwaukee county. i will continue to be the sheriff of milwaukee county of milwaukee county at which time i won't be the sheriff of milwaukee county. the sheriff says he supports trump because he believes in his leadership. ben: here in wisconsin, voter turnout hit a 20-year low. 2.9 million people voted which is about 66 percent of the voting age population, but not all of them filled out the presidential portion of the ballot. this is all based on the unofficial tally. turnout in the past two presidential elections was
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melinda: looking ahead now, today is milwaukee's adoption day. about 20 kids in milwaukee are expected to find forever families today. hillary mintz is live downtown. >> this is a feel good story, dreams are coming true for local families and 20 kids in need of a permanent home. the excitement is happening in the wauwatosa. 20 kids are getting a forever home. according to the department of childrens and families 600 children were adopted from foster care. at any given time, up to 8,000 kids need homes. it is a very, very exciting day ahead for the kids and their families.
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>> hillary, thank you. ben: a milwaukee mom wants to care for her premature son the way she sees fit, but the state is fighting her. wisn 12 news' colleen henry investigates. >> the mom claims her strict religious beliefs forbid certain medical treatment. now, child welfare advocates are stepping in claiming it's a matter of life and death for the newborn baby. >> i want my son to live, but i don't want his body being polluted with anything that is not necessary to sustain his life. >> 12 news investigates a dramatic case unfolding right now in milwaukee's children's court. ben: see colleen henry's investigation, faith versus medicine, tonight only on wisn 12 news at 10:00. matt. >> a gorgeous sunrise. a glimpse of the morning sun. enjoy it. we have gusty winds up here.
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things in good shape here. things are looking good here. we have no delays across the system. no crashes reported on the system right now. that is a look at the morning commute. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you. >> a court appearance turns into a brawl in the room. >> the officers wrele the ground when not listening to the police. he had a personal dispute with the police officers and the court. he's now facing charges. ben: new this morning, an attack that seemed to come out of nowhere caught on camera. melinda: this all started with an instagram post. a driver hopped out of a car and attacked the biker. the driver admits that he did it but says the biker started it. he claims that the biker threatened him on instagram in a
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girlfriend, but the biker says he had never met the man before. >> the mayor of a florida city falls victim to a purse snatcher. ben: but she made a quick decision to chase after the suspects. she was able to spot his license plate and now police have three people in custody. it turns out they were armed with a bb gun. mayor alice burch is thanking police in miami shores for tracking down the suspects. a child disappears in florida and it's four days before an amber alert goes out. melinda: now the family is asking why investigators took so long and whether an earlier alert could have helped find the missing nine-year-old. ben: plus, think back to your favorite childhood toy. there are some that make a big impression.
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the sun is up. gorgeous early this morning. the temperatures are in the mid 40s. the winds out of the southwest. 13 miles per hour at this hour. we are seeing the winds 15-25 miles per hour today and helping the temperatures to reach up to 66 degrees. this may be a record setter for us. the current record 65 degrees. we are tracking a lot of dry time as well. no rain until certainly it is car wash weather. we are on the way to a blue ribbon weekend. matt? >> we are flying along 94. the westbound is where the delay is here. a lit m brake tapping around 68th street and continuing to the zoo interchange. 12 minutes from moreland road
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you will need the shades. >> new information out of pennsylvania, one of the two police officers shot overnight died. the officers were shot early this morning while responding to a domestic disturbance 20 miles out of pittsburgh. protesting in streets across the country. tim is live for us in the news room. tim: the demonstrators say they're protesting against the election of donald trump. from new york city to chicago and los angeles, thousands of people gathered overnight. in los angeles, protesters shut down the 101 freeway, 13 people were arrested there and thousands of people gathered outside of trump tower in new york city. many of them are calling for the u.s. to stop using the electoral
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donald trump won the election by reaching 270 electoral votes even though hillary clinton won the popular vote. president-elect trump will be at the white house today to talk about the official transition of power. back to you. ben: now that the election has been decided, officials say it's time to take down your yard signs. many communities have rules about when those political signs have to come down. officials in eau claire say homeowners could face fines if they don't follow the rules. but so far, they've never had to issue a citation for it. city leaders say the rule is meant to keep neighborhoods looking their best. >> they are allowed for a certain amount of time to provide information about the election, but once the election is over it is time to take them down so they are not cluttering up people's neighborhoods and yards. ben: here in milwaukee, you have five days after the election to take down yard signs. that means they need to be gone by sunday or you could face a fine.
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family of a missing child is asking questions about why officials took four days to issue an amber alert. nine-year-old diana alvarez disappeared from florida in may. at first, investigators said they didn't have enough information to issue an amber alert. but now, emails reveal within hours they had a suspect's name, a description of his vehicle and a direction of travel. the vehicle was found within hours of the amber alert but there was no sign of diana. >> whether that is miscommunication between the law enforcement and florida department of law enforcement, it is alarming that we have a suspect formed so quickly and that the amber alert didn't go out. if it wept out earlier, it may have done something. melinda: diana has been missing for five months. investigators are still searching for her. ben: new this morning, a mom in idaho is facing criminal charges after feeding her daughter marijuana. kelsey osborne says she did it for medical reasons, but now her
6:45 am
away and she's charged with injury to a child, that's a misdemeanor. her three-year-old daughter was suffering from seizures at the time. osborne says she made a smoothie with marijuana in it and gave it to her daughter. >> it's something that i'm going to fight for and i'm not going to give up until i have them back home where they have been begging me to be. ben: osborne and medical marijuana activists rallied outside the boise health department yesterday. officials say they have to follow the current laws and that their priority is keeping kids safe. melinda: new this morning, a four-year-old boy's dream comes true in massachusetts when he gets drafted by a college baseball team. ari schultz loves to play baseball even though he has some serious health problems. he's been through three open heart surgeries. now he's waiting for a new heart. his parents say through it all ari never gives up.
6:46 am
his parents hope that one day ari can get drafted for real. >> i love that smile too. ben: new this morning, a dog in florida has been reunited with her owner after swimming for about two miles. gypsy is 18 months old. this week her owner let her outside and she disappeared. her owner thinks she saw something in the water near his backyard and jumped in. she ended up swimming all the way to a nature center miles away. her owner says she's not a very good swimmer but she made it somehow. >> every time i've seen her try to swim in a pool or at the beach, she sinks. ben: a towboat worker spotted gypsy trying to swim ashore but branches were blocking her way. so he picked her up and brought her to dry land. the owner is thrilled to have gypsy back and he's thanking those workers this morning. >> a california mom appeared in
6:47 am
selling a bowl of ceviche. this is not the first time. the district attorney is saying whatever the court decides she's not facing jail time. >> there is uproar over the candy bar. it is thinner. the company blames the ingredient costs, but the customers say shorten the bar instead of the gaps. >> candy fans are not letting them get away with it. ben: a pair of cake artists in chicago are celebrating the cubs win with a massive cake. take a look. it's made from 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate, and ten pounds of rice krispies. it's on display at the chicago french pastry school where the chefs work. next week, the cake will be presented to chicago's mayor and
6:48 am
we hope it is in the refrigerator. >> inspiration for hollywood decorating, four days to check out the fantasy house. they teamed up to transform the mansion into a winter wonder land. it is so nice. ticket sales benefit the ronald mcdonald house. tours are running sunday. >> the national toy hall of fame. melinda: a panel of experts has chosen the honorees. they will be revealed during a ceremony later today. there are 12 finalists. here's a list of some of them, care bears, rock 'em sock 'em robots, transformers, uno, dungeons and dragons, and nerf foam balls. >> which one is getting? >> i love uno.
6:49 am
nerf balls. >> sal? is>> some where back in staging rock 'em sock 'ems. if i can find it. nice and warm again. mid 60s for the high. that is a record. the current record is 65 i think we are on the way to 66. warmest start to november ever. the average temperature and this is the average temperature when you put together the night and the day, so 56.5 degrees, that is 12 degrees above the normal. we are nice and warm today. gusty winds and a cool front coming in tonight.
6:50 am
47 at port. 41 waukesha. 44 coming in for racine. 45 for sheboygan. i am keeping an eye on the winds gusting. it is ramping up. as the sun is higher in the sky, that is when we see the winds beginning to pick up for us. plenty in the way of sunshine for us. southwest breezes. tonight all is quiet. the clouds beginning to fill in. this is mid night. the clouds arein we could squeeze out a sprinkle or two in the north counties. you will feel the wind. i expect a fair amount of clouds soernted with this, especially in the morning and early afternoon. for today then, 66 degrees. windy, warm. 44 tonight. near 50 tomorrow. breezy and cooler. 55 saturday. pushing 60 on sunday. and maybe a chance of a shower
6:51 am
now to matt. >> sally, delays 94 eastbound, typical stuff. the exit point for highway one hundred coming a mile sooner than you had to in previous times. stay on your toes. be prepared for delays. 12 minutes from moreland road into downtown. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. another american accused of trying to join isis. tim: aaron daniels will be in court today. prosecutors say he tried to travel to libya and join the islamic state. daniels is 20 years old and from ohio. he's also accused of sending money to the terror group. a federal prosecutor says he wired $250 to an isis operative. he was arrested earlier this week at the columbus airport
6:52 am
on for months. at today's hearing, prosecutors will ask a judge to keep daniels behind bars until he goes to trial. back to you. >> tim, thank you. changes are coming to summerfest. this is a new bike and pedestrian plaza. that is a rendering. this leads into the mid gate and ready to go for the 50th anniversary next year. "g.m.a." isom national and international headlines. >> first, a live look outside from news chopper 12. we are on traffic watch and the weather and local headlines are
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>> we are foming breaking news in pennsylvania. >> two police officers were shot and one of the officers died and the other in the hospital. >> overnight across the country, thousands of people took to the streets to protest donald trump. there were protests in new york city, los angeles and chicago. later today, trump is at the white house and meeting with president obama. >> and here in milwaukee, the police are investigating a
6:56 am
morning near 57th and philip place. the victim died at a hospital. the police have not released the information about a suspect. >> now to a look at the traffic. matt. >> looking good here at 94 and holly road. there are delays westbound, a lit m brake tapping 76th treat to the we are looking pretty good. grab the shades. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> i am looking around the corner at the weekend as well, but for today 66 degrees this afternoon. it may be a record high. the current record is 65. windy will help us get into the 60s. gusty southwest winds 15-25. briefly cooler tomorrow.
6:57 am
the weekend is looking perfect. 55 saturday, 60 sunday. maybe a little rain by tuesday and maybe a storm toward the next weekend. >> all right. >> that is a long way out. >> get the dog today. he looks at you with the eyes. dog park time. he knows it is nice out. >> take wisn 12 everywhere you go. >> they can feel it in their >> "g.m.a." is coming up next. they are covering the protests taking place across the country
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. anti-trump protestst erupt coast to coast. peaceful ones turning violent. police fighting back with tear gas. >> tens of thousands of protesters taking to the york and chicago. more than a hundred arrests. donald trump heads to washington, vowing to bring the country together after a bitter election. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> he'll meet president obama in the oval office this morning. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> as the first lady hosts


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