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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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>> plus, keeping milwaukee kids warm this winter. first though, a live look outside on this monday morning. take a look at the super moon. >> it is pretty. melinda: it is gorgeous. we are starting the day with sally severson. >> it is full officially full in just a moment. a gorgeous moon and a nice night to view it as well. the temperatures are showing up the 40s. sunday morning. the readings are 40 or a little better. a few clouds associated with a weak boundary coming through the area. the temperatures not bad. 24 at bismark. the readings are above the seasonal normals. typical high 47. today 57. 41 waukesha right now. 44 at racine and kenosha.
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and clouds throughout the day as the temperatures reach up to 57. >> thank you, sal. on the traffic watch 12 now. not a lot of traffic at 94 and wisconsin one hundred. drive times are in the green. 13 minutes on 41, 45 southbound from highway q to the zoo. >> the transition is continuing, the president-elect is naming the he sat down with the first post election interview. we have more from washington. >> reporter: today donald trump spoke with china's president that congratulated him and calling for cooperation between u.s. and china. donald trump letting the election sink in and sitting
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>> are people going to be surprised in how you conduct yourself as the president? >> i will conduct myself in a good manner. don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. >> the president-elect outlined the top priorities for the administration, including immigration. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain area but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. >> the interview comes as mr. trump announced the first appointments, rnc chair. >> the think about steve bannonis that in this campaign he's the general, he's worked closely with reince.
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called a peddler of white supremist themes. >> they called them highly qualified leaders. >> governor walker shared congratulations on twitter and tweeted reince will be on outstanding chief of staff and others are offering support, including house speaker paul ryan and tweeted i am proud and excited for wisconsin said we congratulate him on the role and the historic opportunity. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:03. protest against the new administration continue this weekend, tim, this was the scene in new york. >> yeah, that protest orbed by immigrants' right group make the road new york. marched from the trump hotel to the tower and carrying signs in english and spanish.
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march. seven ore cities held the protests over the weekend. this is a march in philadelphia. they said it was in support of those feeling marginalized by the incoming administration. now it was a different scene in portland, oregon and protestor were out for the fifth day and getting ugly and 71 arrests. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:04. it may be summerfest. >> yes, overnight the first two head liners are announced for 2017. hillary mintz is live at the summerfest grounds with the big announcement. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, it is time to give it away now, the first two major head liners, red hot chille peppers and pink. just put it up on the screen
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it is going to be rocking. ?? reporter: classic. the rock icons are opening night june 28th. july 2nd it is time to get the it is a decade since both artists played at summerfest. it is the first concert day for pink in north america since 2014. so tickets, pink's is going on sale friday, november 18th at 10:00 a.m. for the chile peppers at noon on the same day. pink is expecting her second
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a quick turn around as he's going to rock the stage in july. live at the grounds "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. the packers start the 3-game road trip on a sour note in nashville. the pack losing and making that three straight losses. rodgers is forced to pass on every down. 51 passes in all. 371 yards, two touchdowns for rodgers. this one to starks there, not that one. defense no match. titans beat the packers 47-25. the packers travel next to washington to play the redskins on sunday. >> tonight line backers martinez and ryan are signing autographs tonight at lambeau. the team is teaming up with the
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during the holiday season different players are signing autographs on monday nights. fans are asked to donate a minimum of $20 and rodgers is matching the donations during the signings. >> thanks to people in milwaukee, thousands of students will be warm this winter. thema is live with a look at what is planned later today. good morning, thema. reporter: good morning, melinda, every year the firefighters add the role of collecter to the job description as part of the warm up winter campaign. starting today, they are delivering all of the coats they have been collected. they have been raising the money all yearlong and you have seen them at intersection with the boots that they have, and maybe putting money inside yourself. firefighters collected $130,000. thanks to the donations, they are delivering 7,000 winter coats to students at 12 milwaukee schools.
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coat delivery event. today they are starting this year's deliveries. back live outside of the fire station downtown, you will see the firefighters and their big trucks out in your neighborhood this week, they are delivering to 12 schools all week long. live in milwaukee "wisn 12 news this morning." >> great cause. thank you. >> later today you are invited to learn may be r a proposed new community center in milwaukee. the homeless organization warehouse into a shelter and service center for the homeless. the center includes showers and place to eat and warming center. the leaders are laying out the plan this afternoon. >> later today, weigh in on next year's school calendar for mps. they are considering adding early start days and giving the stuvents more time to prepare
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ip tests and hear about the plan at the milwaukee school of the arts on high land at 6:30. >> a gorgeous weekend behind us. >> cooler weather is on the way. >> well, it is at the end of the week. now early this morning the temperatures are showing up in the 40s. now, currently 46 degrees as we look at the third ward at this hour. the normal the first cut forecast then this morning we see easy climb into the mid 40s as we push up to the mid 50s for this afternoon. we look at light breezes overall this morning. light and west 5-10. 6-14 later and highs up to 57 degrees. a look ahead at the storm system at the end of the week, we have more on that coming up. >> thank you, sal.
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at national avenue and mitchell street. looking good. the pavement is dry. nothing is slowing you down. drive times are in the green... >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:10. leaders at uw are facing a federal lawsuit over the student service work. tim is in the news room learning more about the case. tim. tim: it is all over the requirement for graduation, the students have to complete 30 hos graduation. now two students were told that the service hours are not counted because they worked at a church. one taught sunday school and one assisted in a religion class. the group that filed the class for the students says that all forms of the university required community service should be treated as equally valuable and worthwhile. but the school is said that the
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religious doctrine is not counted. >> moon glowing extra bright this morning. >> we have live look at the moon. it is called the super moon. drama on the red carpet finding
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>> we get a live look at the camera network, 5:14, monday morning. temperatures are showing up 40 or better across the board. not as chilly as it was during the weekend but sort of the calm before the storm. we stay mild with above seasonal highs through thursday and 60 or better on friday and then a cold front is coming through. from the 60 to the 40s. >> sal, thank you. traffic watch 12 here. out the door, the traffic is looking like it is picking up on 94. still smooth sailing. the drive times as well...
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>> two sheriffs in south carolina are recovering after investigators say a suspect attacked the men. the fight happened yesterday in the eastern part of the state. the deputies were called in for reports of a man walking barefoot along the roadways. the deputies used a tazer on man. the state investi looking into the case. >> happening now, a manhunt in florida for the suspect in a shooting death of a baby and two women. tim, you are learning what happened here? >> yes, it happened in jacksonville, florida, a group gathered at the store last night and someone started shoot and the victims drove to a fire station for help. five people were shot. one woman died at the scene and
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hospital. an argument between two women triggered the shooting the names and ages of the vick tips are not released yet. back to you. >> new this morning, leon russel died and passed away at the age of 74. he was recovering from a bypass. he wrote tiekt rope and delta lady and a song by you. russel was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame five years ago. >> tributes for leonard cohen is piling up. the crowds are still gathering and leaving flowers. he died on thursday at 82 years
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there was a little drama at the finding dory premier. >> one of the co-stars not on the red carpet. >> i go to the premier and you don't. >> i wasn't invited. >> liar. >> oh my god. >> you were of course invited. >> this is a timeout for you. >> that's funny. at they catch up over a glass of wine. >> welcoming the cover girl first male model. >> well, if you are out this morning look up, a glimpse of the super moon. it is not happening again for another 18 years. nasa senior photographer, three
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picture of the moon by itself. find a landmark for a reference point and sense of scale. two, if you are using a smartphone tap on the screen and lock in on the moon and focus it and slide your finger up or down to darken or lighten it. and bring the kids along. get >> this is putting us to work, this is a lot to remember. >> i had no idea you hold your finger on the smartphone like that. >> yes. >> i will take one during the commercial break. >> we have good photographers doing it for us. >> send in your pictures too. >> yes. in some of the locations later
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setting and rising it is looking the biggest. this morning the temperatures in the 40s. the bus stop weather for this morning a light jacket will do it. later 57. not nearly as breezy today as it was. we were windy late saturday and pushing into sunday. a few clouds around from time to time. the early morning temperatures better than 40. brown deer glendale 44. everyone this morning with a partly cloudy sky. just a couple of degrees cooler beaver dam and lake geneva. here are a coupe of the clouds associated. we'll stay nice and dry, in fact, the dry look in the forecast through friday morning. until then, periods of clouds
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by 2:00 or so 57 degrees. tonight then lows are holding in the 40s. we are going to be looking at cloutediness around for the morning tomorrow. tomorrow in the mid to upper 50s. the typical highs are closer to 47. so today ten degrees on that. a fair amount of sun and a few clouds. a couple of extra tomorrow. thursday and friday i will push us up to 60 or better. a warm front and a very strong cold front and in between the two starting with a little thunder on friday afternoon and friday night and much colder air mass coming in here. the highs 46 saturday. i am hoping for 41 on sunday at this point. there could be a little snow shower in the north woods, not in the south, but in the north
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season a little tracking. >> get the puffy coat out of the basement. >> yes. >> daring attempt to swim across the atlantic ocean. >> a reason a british man is on the move. >> wild fires are raging across
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>> good morning, class. thank you for the great school shout out. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout outlogo and we'll schedule a time for a visit. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:24. right now, british man is swimming into the history books. >> i can't believe someone is even trying this. a former police officer is
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atlantic ocean from africa so south america. he left yesterday and is 9 miles into the crossing. the entire journey is 1035 nautical miles. >> he hopes to raise a million dollars for three different children's charities. he says he wants people to learn how to swim. >> down to the final five couples on dancing with the stars. >> tonight, each team is doing a trio dance. this week, dancing to give me some loven, so that is a special
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>> we are going to have my indy car on the dance floor with us, and she's excited about. >> so exciting. i love it. it plays into the story and everything that this song means to james and his car out there, that is super cool. >> for the other number, the partner is blindfolded. >> mega-tron is still in it >> protests are continuing over the victory of president-elect trump. >> what a wisconsin group is offering to families concerned. >> animals left stranded by an earthquake in new zealand. >> first, traffic watch 12, a look at the roads here from the d.o.t. cameras. we have updates on the traffic
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ben: a wisconsinite named to one of the top jobs in washington. reince priebus was chosen to be donald trump's right hand man. what it could mean for his presidency.
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family and the water you drink. the meeting happening today that could decide how much money goes toward fixing the lead pipe problem. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. another cool morning in southeast wisconsin. we're tracking temperatures in your neighborhood as you get ready for work and school. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this monday, november 14th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: it is an easy forecast for today a currently in the low to mid 40s climbing up to the mid to upper 50s for almost all of us, even fond du lac and sheboygan mid 50s. the typical highs are the upper 40s. i expect the hit or miss clouds for a couple of days and for today lighter west wind. 57 the forecasted high for milwaukee. the early morning temperatures not bad, 46 madison. 43 at the airport. almost everyone around the metro


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