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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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generosity. >> get your day started by checking in with sally severson. >> the sun is up 43 minutes or so, and enjoying the sunshine for today. but we have clouds around as well. nice few days in store for us. looking at the highs around 47. today 57. we have a few extra clouds tomorrow. look at the beautiful sky in the background. we look at the highs 57 with a mix of of sun and clouds. we have a system coming in later the week. >> on to traffic watch 12. getting you out the door. 794 at second door. there they come. drive times are all in the
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to the zoo 5 minutes. the big story this morning the transition is in full swing, president-elect trump is naming appointments. including a face from wisconsin. the president-elect sat down for the first post election interview and we have live in washington with more. good morning. reporter: good morning, today president-elect trump spoke with china's president that congratulated him and also called for cooperation the u.s. and china. >> i have never done anything like this. >> donald trump is letting the election sink in and sitting down with the first interview on cbs' 60 minutes. >> are people surprised about how you conduct ourself as the president? >> i will conduct myself in a very good manner. >> many continue to protest the election, he appealed for calm. >> don't be afraid.
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country back. >> the president-elect outlining the top priorities, including immigration, appearing to soften the stance. >> are you really going to build a wall. >> yes. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas, i would. but in some areas a wall is more appropriate. >> he announced the first appoints, r chief of staff and steve bannon. >> in this campaign ks he's been the general and worked closely with reince priebus. >> but some are criticizing bannonfor the ties to breitbart. live in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. a statement, president-elect
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qualified leaders. >> governor walker shared congratulations on twitter and tweeted reince priebus will be an outstanding chief of staff and ryan tweeted i am proud and excited. the republican party of wisconsin, which reince priebus once led, we con grat you late him on the role. >> the new apointments are continuing. >> at of of cities are protesting, the protests organized in new york city by immigrants rights organization called make the road new york, they march frommed the hotel to trump tower. they were carrying signs too in english and spanish. no reports of arrests at this march. seven other cities holding the protests. on the leapt is a march in philly. the gathering was in support of
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the incoming administration. that was largely a peaceful gathering. a different scene in oregon, things got ugly and police arrested 71 people. back to you. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:04. maybe it is fall, but we are talking summerfest. >> the first two head liners of 2017 are announced. big hillary. reporter: big, big, big, the red hot chile peppers and pink coming to summerfest.
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>> the rock icons are playing opening night june 28th, mark your calendar. july 2nd, it is time to get the party starreded with pink. it is the first concert date for pink in north america since 201 # 4. so let's talk about the tickets, for pink on sale friday at 10:00. for the peppers friday at noon. tickets if you buy one for the show, summerfest. another big announcement for pink, she's announced that she's pregnant with her second child. that is a quick turn around. but again, they are on sale on friday and i will see you at the concerts. live at a summerfest, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i will be there, hillary. thank you. >> 6:05. the packers are starting the
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nashville. pack losing to the tennessee titans and making it three straight losses, rodgers passing on every down. 51 passes, two touchdown passes for the day. the defense no match for the titans' offense. the titans win 47-25. the pack travels to washington to play the >> here is something that the packer fans can be happy about, tonight the line backers are signing autographs at lambeau. they are teaming up with the salvation army. different player are signing autographs on monday nights and you are asked to donate a minimum of $20 if you can and rodgers is matching the donations during the signings.
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winter. thema is live with a look at what is planned for today. good morning, thema. reporter: good morning, melinda, every year the milwaukee firefighters leave the fire stations and add the role of chief coat collector to their job description. that is part of the department's warm up winter campaign. starting today, they are going to deliver all of the coats they have collected. they have been racing money all yearlong and you may have seen them at the boots out. the firefighters cleked almost $130,000. thanks to the donations, they are delivering 7,000 new winter coats to students at 12 milwaukee schools. this is video from last year's coat delivery event. today they are starting this year's deliveries. so you may see the firefighters and the fire trucks in the
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throughout the week. >> thema, thank you. later today, you are invited to learn more about a proposed community center in milwaukee. they want to transform a five story warehouse into a homeless shelter and service center for the homeless. including showers, a place to eat and emergency warming center. the leaders are laying out the plan this afternoon at the building on center street. >> later today, weighn school calendar, they are considering an early start date. district leaders saying it is giving the students more time to get ready for the advanced placement and ip tests. learn more tonight at 6:30. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:08. we are talking about the super moon this morning. >> yes, i am going out to look. >> you might catch it.
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at this time. enjoy the beautiful moon tonight. for this week, mild and quiet through thursday. in fact, temperatures thursday and friday 60, maybe better. we are keeping our wie on the storm system later in the week. look at the beautiful sky. sunrise at 6:43. you can see some of the cloudiness around. a mix of of s throughout the day. highs though upper 50s later. ben. >> on to traffic watch 12. a live look outside, no accidents or incidents to talk about so far. the drive times are in the green. 6:10. leaders at uw facing a federal
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work. tim is in the news room learning more about this case coming from uw eau clare. >> two students were told that their service hours are not counted because of working at a church. they group that filed the case for the students alliance defending freedom says that all forms of the community service should be treated as equally valuable and worthwhile but the school is saying that this guide book states that time promoting religious doctrine is not counted. >> the moon is glowing extra bright. >> we have a live look. it is so pretty. it is going away quick. three things to know to get a perfect picture.
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>> 6:14, monday morning. we are getting a live look at the network. early morning sunrise at 6:43 a.m. and we are going to see a few clouds around this morning and off and on throughout the day today. the noon low 50s. our above average high will continue over the next few days as the warm november is remaining in place. temperatures 43 at the airport. temperatures elsewhere 40 or better for most of the metro. >> sal, thank you. now to traffic watch 12. you can see near miller parkway it is looking smooth out there.
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green. no incidents or accidents out there. >> new this morning two sheriffs in south carolina are recovering after investigators say a suspect attacked the men with one of their batons. the fight happened yesterday along the highway in the eastern part of the state. there was a report of a man walking barefoot along the road. the officer took the suspect took and hospital and he later died. >> a manhunt in florida after a shooting death of a baby and two women. tim, this happened outside of a convenience store? >> yes a group gathered outside of the store and someone started shoot. the victims drove to a fire station for help. five people were shot. a woman died at the scene. the other woman and a baby later
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police think an argument between two women triggered the shooting. the names and ages of the victims are not yet released. >> new this morning, southern rock legend leon russel died yesterday at the home in nashville at the age of 74. he had been recovering from a bypass. russel wrote tight rope, delta lady and a song for you. some of the songs cove russel was inducted in the hall of fame five years ago. >> tributes for leonard cohen are piling up outside of his home in canada. he died on thursday at 82 years old. a memorial is taking place in los angeles. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:16. today on ellen we find drama at
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one of the co-stars was not on the red carpet. >> i was there and i go to the premier and you don't. >> i wasn't invited to the premier. >> liar. >> oh my god. >> of course you were invited. this is a timeout for you. >> they are catching up over a glass of wine from brand. >> welcoming the first male model too. followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00. you are outside this morning and looking up, you will see a rare sight in the sky. a glimpse of the supermoon. this is the closest. a nasa photographer has advice
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by itself. get a landmark in, something, to give it a reference point and sense of scale. if you are using a smartphone, tap the screen and hold your finger on the moon to lock in the focus and slide up or down to lighten or darken the exposure. that way to get the proper light balance. bring the kids along, get creative, have them hold moon up. it is right near the horizon right now. >> it is almost gone. >> it is not techicly full tonight. there may be a couple of clouds around, overall a nice few days. november is returning over the weekend with a bite. take a look.
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through the clouds. racine 44 degrees. another vantage point. this is third ward, 45. winds are light and northwest. we are looking at light west winds for most of the day today. not as breezy today. there are clouds associated with the early morning weather. a trough of low pressure is coming through. it is coming through dry. here is another beautiful vantage point as we look at the sunrise this morning at 6:43. a nice little climb. 57 degrees in store for us. lighter west winds overall. cloudiness from time to time. we stay dry through the early part of the week as well. tonight at 5:00, all is quiet for us. lows tonight hold in the 40s. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00, again, a few clouds around
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now, for today, tomorrow and wednesday, i will keep the highs mid to upper 50s. the winds light. the lows in the 40s. warm front approaching for thursday. it is a breezy warm up and highs near 60. a cold front later on friday, i expect maybe a few thunderstorms friday afternoon as we reach up to 61. and then much colder air diving in and looking at a mass in place and chilly highs in the 40s. maybe snow in the north woods over the weekend, not a lot. >> nothing here though? >> no snow here. but you are going to feel the cold. >> it is coming. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:20. a daring attempt to swim across the ocean. >> a british man is on the move and trying to get into the record books. >> wild fires across kentucky
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>> good morning. thank you for the monday morning shout out. wisn is stopping by classes across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the logo. >> right now, a british man is swimming into the history books. >> this i hooper is attempting to swim is atlantic ocean from africa to south america. here is the website to track the progress. he left yesterday and is 9 miles into the crossing. now the entire journey is 1635 nautical miles. >> wow. he's followed by a boat to stop and eat and sleep, he hopes to raise a million dollars for three children's charities and
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>> down to final five couples on dancing with the stars. >> tonight, each team has to do a trio dance. the final dancers are... this week he's dancing with give me some loven. that means the special prop on the dance >> we are going to have my indy car on the dance floor with us this week, which she's so excited about. >> i love it. it is playing into the story and everything that this song means to james and his car out there, that is super cool. >> very cool. well, for the other number, the partner is blindfolded. >> the two hour show is at 7:00 on wisn 12. >> 6:25.
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trump. >> what a group is offering to families concerned over the results. >> animals left stranded by an earthquake in new zealand. first to traffic watch 12, looking at the roads from the dot cameras. traffic is starting to pick up just a little bit. no incidents to report at this hour. we'll have a check back in a few
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ben: a wisconsinite named to one of the top jobs in washington. reince priebus was chosen to be donald trump's right hand man. what it could mean for his presidency. melinda: and protecting your family and the water you drink. the meeting happening today that could decide how much money goes toward fixing the lead pipe problem. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. another cool morning in southeast wisconsin. look at the sunrise. we're tracking temperatures in your neighborhood as you get ready for work and school. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this monday, november 14th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is
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good morning, sal. >> a light layer or two will do this morning. we don't have the chill in the air like saturday and sunday morning. sunrise 6:43. there are a few clouds. a weak boundary is rolling through and the disturbance bring us some clouds. early temperatures cooler in beaver dam and waukesha, upper 30s. everyone else low to mid 40s. 44 the forecast then for today a party sunny skies. light west winds, high of 57. 44 tonight. dry today, tonight and for tomorrow. a couple of extra clouds. 56 tomorrow. still in the 50s wednesday. we take a look at a storm system later the week and it is a november game changer. >> sounds cold, sal. on the traffic watch 12, not much going on out there.
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green. that is a good thing. ben: our big story this morning, a wisconsinite chosen for one of the top jobs at the white house. donald trump has named reince priebus his chief of staff. he's currently the republican party chairman. priebus grew up in kenosha and graduated from uw-whitewater. later he practiced law here in milwaukee. choosing priebus could be a sign that trump wants to work with establishment republicans. priebus worked to reunite the gop after the presidential primary caused some deep divisions. melinda: trump has also chosen his chief strategist and senior counselor. that decision is leading to some backlash because of steve bannon's history with the conservative site breitbart. bannon served as campaign ceo for trump. before he joined the campaign, breitbart news supported trump. the site has been widely criticized and accused of promoting racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism.
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since the election was decided. and tim protests are still going on. tim: overnight there was a march through san francisco. the protesters marched through the city blocking traffic in some areas. this is video from above showing what happened. this was one of several protests in the bay area yesterday. and yesterday there was a protest in springfield, massachusetts. more than 1,000 people gathered there to protest against donald trump. the protests yesterday were all last week, police in portland, oregon said a protest there turned into a riot. melinda: here in wisconsin, the activist group voces de la frontera is holding forums to talk about president-elect donald trump. at meetings yesterday in milwaukee and racine, people talked about their concerns after the election and their hope to unite. there's another forum later
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>> a man is hurt in a shooting overnight in milwaukee on the south side. the man was shot during a fight near a tavern and they are looking for the shooter. the streets are oe opened this morning. ben: debating how milwaukee county should spend your tax dollars. thema is live downtown with a look ahead. good morning, >> good morning. the boards of supervisors will meet today to decide whether to sign off on county executive chris abele's veto. last week, the board submitted 44 amendments to abele's 2017 budget. abele accepted all but one which would have slashed jobs from the county executive's office. today the board will decide whether the budget can move forward. now the plan also includes a new wheel tax. we have talked about this for a couple of weeks now.
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registration year every year, that is half of the original proposal. >> thema, thank you. melinda: keeping milwaukee's water safe for your family. that's the goal of a meeting happening at city hall later today. the city's finance committee will talk about the replacement of lead water service lines. 11 million dollars in next year's budget would guard against lead exposure. the money would go toward removing lead in homes and in the pipes that deliver water to 70,000 milwaukee homes. ben: now to more on that problem ri wisn 12 news' kent wainscott investigates how it could be putting your family at risk. >> it is not just a problem in the city, but the suburbs as well. the lead lines. >> it's a decade or two decade-long problem. this isn't something you're going to fix in four years. who's responsible for fixing the problem and how it could cost you even if you don't have the lines. ben: wisn 12 news investigates, kent wainscott is uncovering more lead pipe problems tonight
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>> who is ready for summerfest. two head liners were announced this morning. hillary mintz is live from the summerfest grounds and 7 months until the opening day. can't wait. reporter: yes, they want to make it a very memorable year, this is is 50th year. get the ?? get the people rocking, it is her first north american concert since 2014. but wait, there is more. hall of famers the red hot chil err peppers are opening
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friday. so, yes, we have a few months to go before summer, but hey, we have got a beautiful sunrise in the making here along the lake front here, so we can always just think about those warmer days ahead as we layer up and put on the hats and gloves soon enough. now live at the summerfest grounds "wisn 12 news this morning." >> warm thoughts, thank you. steve martin and martin shore are coming to milwaukee. >> you have time, there is stand up comedy, discussion and movie clips on the career. tickets are going on sale this friday. >> now to a check on the traffic. outside 43, 94 at national avenue. we are moving along just fine here. 6:36 on this monday morning.
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the green, folks. >> a train goes off the rails in kentucky. > this is the scene yesterday. take a look. a local highway shutdown. the train was headed away and 22 cars left the rails. the train had a total of 161 cars. ofal spilled because of the derailment. now they're working to clean up the mess. >> right now, cleaning up after a powerful earthquake in new zealand. melinda: that 7.8 quake triggered a tsunami overnight. here's a look at some of the damage on new zealand's south island. at least two people have died because of the quake. officials say the worst could be yet to come as strong waves head for the island. they're expected to be the biggest waves seen in new zealand in almost 40 years. officials are warning people to stay away from the coast. >> new this morning, in the aftermath of that earthquake, some cows are in trouble. ben: they're stranded on an
6:38 am
pasture splintered into pieces. there are three cows stuck on the small patch of grass. it's not clear yet how or if they'll make it back to solid ground. >> more signs of the season. >> coming up, the big holiday celebrations that your family is invited to this week. >> power earthquakes in new zealand and the search is underway for the
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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>> next few days promise to be mild and dry. we see a mix of sun and clouds and i anticipate the highs remain at or above the seasonal normals in the 50s. by thursday near 60 degrees.
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at the end of the week. right now 44 racine. 43 at the airport. we are looking at sunrise in one minute. mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. highs upper 50s. >> thank you, sal. a live look outside. this is 94 at wisconsin one hundred. moving through the construction zone there. we are looking good. only delay right now 94 eastbound from moreland downtown. ben: new this morning, a sheriff's deputy in california gunned down on the job. this happened in hughson about a hundred miles east of san francisco. tim is live in the newsroom with the latest. tim: officials in stanislaus county say they have arrested the man who shot and killed deputy dennis wallace. the deputy was responding to a suspicious vehicle at a park when he called for backup. officials say soon after that he was shot at close range. another deputy found him in the parking lot with two gunshot
6:43 am
>> we know for a fact that the gun used in this crime was in direct contact with his head when the trigger was pulled twice, this is an execution. tim: the suspect left the scene but officials found and arrested him yesterday. officials say his name is david machado and he was wanted on a felony warrant. back to you. >> tim, thank you. melinda: right now, police in upstate new york are searching for someone who fired a gun inside a mall. they say the suspect was not targeting random shoppers and it all started with an argument between two people on saturday. the gun went off at a mall in albany and the suspect was able to get away. officials quickly put the mall on lockdown. police say they have some solid leads. >> we are following up on several leads. there is no arrest yet. we have leads we are following up on. the residents should know this
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melinda: police say no one was hurt in the shooting. >> new this morning, a four-year-old girl and her mother are in the hospital after an accidental shooting in indianapolis. police say the girl got ahold of a gun while the mother was sleeping. the child accidentally shot the mother and herself. police are calling it tragic and they're investigating and reminding parents to keep guns and ammunition out of reach of children. ben: new this morning, a muslim student in ann arbor threatened near campus. the student told police that a man approached her and threatened to set her on fire if she didn't removr she removed the scarf and then ran away. the threat prompted an emergency alert for all students at the university of michigan. >> also new this morning, when people showed up for services at a maryland church they found vandalism. take a look. the words trump nation whites only were written on the building and across a banner that advertised spanish church services. members of the congregation worked together to replace the vandalism with the message love
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>> somber day in paris. the attacks were carried out by the isis gunman a year ago. people who survived the attack are sharing their stories and one has written a book about the experience. >> there was no way to look at this and the only way to recover was to find into myself the inner strength and that is one of the reasons that i wrote this book. >> that man was inside of the theatre a year ago. >> orlando held a pride parade yesterday.
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yesterday marked the five month anniversary of the attack that killed 49 people. around 150,000 people came to the parade. 49 crosses were on display at a history center in orlando. at the end of the day, there was a moment of silence along with a reading of the victims' names. wisn 12 news time now is 6:46. melinda: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city. the iconic rockefeller center christmas tree was put up this weekend. it's 94 feet tall, the second-tallest ever for rockefeller plaza. the norway spruce was grown in upstate new york. the lighting ceremony is set for november 30th. ben: back here in wisconsin, milwaukee's of christmas tree is being decorated outside city hall. the tree lighting is planned on thursday. the 38-foot colorado spruce was harvested earlier this month from a home near 52nd and washington. melinda: also thursday the milwaukee holiday lights festival starts. you can check out decorations at cathedral square park, pere marquette park, and zeidler union square. wisn 12 is a proud sponsor. ben and i will be out there on
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>> yes, we will. the holiday parade is saturday, 15 bands and a hundred floats kicking off and of course santa will be there. this is the 90th year for the parade downtown milwaukee. >> a neighborhood is teaming up against singer wayne newton because of peacocks. the people that live near the ranch in nevada say that the birds are taking over the community. newton's lawyer is saying that the the neighbors disagree and saying they want help dealing with the problem. man, that is heated. the newton family is willing to remove the birds even though it is not their responsibility. ben: a group of bikers in new jersey see another biker stranded on the side of the road so they stop to help. they were in for a surprise though, that biker was bruce springsteen. his motorcycle had broken down. the bikers gave him a ride to a restaurant nearby.
6:48 am
and promised his rescuers free tickets. this morning, the bikers' story is going viral. wow. >> well, did you see the moon? did you look up? >> yes, the supermoon. the biggest one in 68 years. the moon looks bigger and brighter because the full moon happens while the moon is at its closest point to the earth. if you missed it, it is still pretty super tonight. >> it will. enjoy it tonight as well. night but some of the pictures are spectacular this morning. early today we are talking mix of sun and clouds and temperatures easily 50. the normal highs are 47. we are already 43 at sheboygan. we get a look at the camera mounted at blue harbor and a milky appearance to the sky. a few clouds and for us.
6:49 am
boundary a few extra clouds in place for us. the winds are much lighter. light and west for us. the next big weather maker friday and saturday. this has teeth associated with it. low pressure and a warm front and cool front and between the two 60 on thursday and friday and look at temperatures that will become much, much colder for saturday and sunday. i do expect a rumble of thunder before transition to a c week. 49 watertown. 46 port. 42 sheboygan and fond du lac. kenosha 42 for this morning. so we are looking at a fair amount of sun and clouds. tonight the lows 40s. for tomorrow still talking about mid to upper 50s for tuesday and wednesday before that warm front approaching on thursday and closer to 60.
6:50 am
the week. we bid farewell to the 60s by the weekend. you can see sharply colder air saturday and sunday. until then, mid 50s today through wednesday. 60 on thursday. we see some of the rain developing on friday. >> sally, thank you. traffic watch 12, it is looking like it is picking up out there. this is 41, 894, ay one delay on 94 eastbound. >> right now, dozens of wild fires in north carolina, kentucky and more states. >> evacuations are in place as the fires continue to spread. tim, officials say 120 fires may have been set on purpose. >> yes, the guy did it for attention and possibly start a career a. 21-year-old man confessed to setting the fires in eastern kentucky.
6:51 am
weatherman and trying to draw attention to his facebook page. he makes the posts warning people about the danger of wild fires, but now he's facing felony charges. in all 43 wild fires burning in 8 states across the southeast. totalling 70,000 acres that are burning. >> tennessee is under a state of emergency, the state is dealing with drought and now the the air quality. it is especially bad for the people with asthma and respiratory problems. >> every time i walk outside i have to come back in because it is always smokey. when we go to school in the morning, from her walking from the house to the car she's wheezing and coughing.
6:52 am
>> wisn 12 news time now is 6:51. a final check on the morning commute and the top local headlines are coming up. >> first, a live look at the d.o.t.s. everything is looking good here. forecast also coming up and the
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>> wisn 12 news time now is 6:55. a wisconsin of the top jobs at the white house. >> reince priebus is named the chief of staff by the president-elect. he's interviewed today on "g.m.a.." >> protests still going on against donald trump nearly a week after the election. over night, a march in san francisco. thousands of people gathered there. it is one of the many protests that happened in the bay area yesterday.
6:56 am
zealand after an earthquake. hundreds of tourists and residents are stranded in a coastal town while the crews make the rescue plans. >> packers are looking ahead to sunday, after oh man, that was rough. they lost to the tennessee titans it was the packs' third loss in a row. on sunday they take on the redskins. >> better news here, the first head liners for summerfest 2017. red hot chile peppers head lining. pink is playing july 2nd. tickets going on sale on friday. >> how about the sunshine. we look at a mix of sun and
6:57 am
warm air ahead of a storm system. it is a november game changer, folks. the temperatures will be familiaring back to the normals. the normal high is 47. we are spoiled. the warmest fall on record. >> enjoy it. >> take wisn 12 news everywhere you go. >> a lot of donald trump coming up on >> have a great week.
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good morning, america. donald trump's new team. >> donald trump. >> the outsider president-elect taps an insider, reince priebus, to run his white house, and sparks bash lash with his pick for chief and violence by his supporters. >> i'll say to it the camera. stop it. >> his new chief of staff joins us this morning. devastating blaze. more than 40 wildfires tear through the southeast. burning 70,000 acres. eight states on alert. the dangerous smoke warnings. parts of north carolina in a code red, as residents are warned to wear masks or evacuate. twin murder mystery. the yoga instructor arrested


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