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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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rooms. it is 4:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning. great to have you with us. >> i'm melinda davenport. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning" a young girl hit and killed on her walk to church, the services planned today to honor her memorily. >> first, a this foggy tuesday morning. >> we are on traffic and weatherwatch 12. sally? >> it is all about the fog this morning, variable and patchy. no advisories related to the fog. starting with the visibiliies it is low in washington and kenosha counties. seven miles in racine. a half mile in waukesha.
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a fair amount of clouds throughout the day. >> cool front from the north and west and coming through later today and tonight and bring in the clouds. we are keeping the overall forecast for dry. for today, temperatures reaching up to 57 degrees for this afternoon and once again for tomorrow. >> sal, thank you. traffic watch 12, matt salemme has the day off. 43, 94 at looking good. all in the green for the travel times. >> new, a woman is dead and another is hurt after a shooting in milwaukee. police are calling this a case of domestic violence. police say they are looking for the shooter that may be related to one of the victims. the streets are open this morning. >> today family and friends are saying good-bye to a
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that huhs and killed earlier thismont. hillary? reporter: the milwaukee police are making progress in the case and they have arrested two people and one is facing charges and no doubt today is a tough and emotional day for little the family. the five-year-old was crossing the street and holding her mother's hand when an s.v her and kept going. the woman lied to the police saying that the s.u.v. was stolen. they have arrested her boyfriend, the alleged driver. visitation and funeral services will be held later this morning. we are live at the milwaukee police headquarters "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. right now the police in
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help in finding a missing man. >> jordon white is missing out of janesville. this is my friend's cousin. i saw him at a wedding this past summer and he's missing now. this is a picture of him taken over the summer here. he was last seen leaving his house on a bike on tuesday, election day. he's six feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. if you have information, call the number is up on the screen. back to you. >> tim, thank you. a man's conviction that gained international conviction in making a murderer could be coming home by thanksgiving. when he was 16 years old he was tried an convicted for a murder
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a judge ruled that dassey should be allowed released until the appeal is heard. >> steven avery is appealing the conviction. the lawyer tweeted our bet is brendon will be home for thanksgiving no matter >> this morning a waukesha woman has a warning for the neighbors after she was attacked while walking her dogs. kathy is saying it happened yesterday afternoon in front of a bus depot downtown waukesha. a man wearing a red make america great again tried to kick the dogs and turned on her. >> he grabbed he my by the
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on the grass, he said it is time to put you in your place woman. a she called the police and the investigators are looking into the incident. >> we are hearing a lot of messages of support for the woman that punched in bay view. she was walking her dog at the time. the jaw is wired shut for five weeks now. the community is coming together to help her a woman planned a self-defense class on thursday. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:05. more time, that's what you have in you live in milwaukee and putting off raking your leaves. thema is live on the east side with details on why you have that extra time. good morning, thema. reporter: good morning, melinda, sometimes one of these can make people not excited about fall. but here in the city of
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excite you, the deadline to rake leaves into the street is extended. the residents have until this supped to rake leaves into curb lanes for the crews to pick up. now the original deadline was today, but you can relax, you have one more weekend to cross off leaf raking from the chore list. now last year the city collected 16,000 tons of leaves. if you plan to rake your leaves into the street, keep them wa from the storm drains. don't put your leaves in a plastic bag. a paper bag is okay. now, if you are not able to get your leaves raked out into the street by sunday, well, you have to take them yourself to one of the city's self-help centers. live in milwaukee "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thema, thank you. she's helping out there too. for free. >> yes. >> nice day to do it too.
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dealing with patchy dense fog across southern wisconsin. kind of a little radiation fog developed for us. it is fairly persistent. some of the locations vsibility is good. other places reduced visibility. patchy dense fog for us this morning and and ben, the temperatures are climbing up to the mid to upper 50s. ben: thank you, sal. traffic watch 12, we have a live look at 94, 13th street. moving along fine this tuesday morning. drive times are all in the green right now. 41, 45 southbound highway q to the zoo 13 minutes. 10 # minutes brown deer into downtown.
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>> the police document released photos of two women that may have information about the 24-year-old. investigators are sharing these pictures right here. the police think these woman could know something about the death. he died this month after being severly beaten outside of a pizza parlor. the cause of death was traumatic drain injury. he was an exchange student from saudi arabia. the case is being as a homicide. >> thank you. tonight your family is invited to get wild. >> yes t oak creek public library is hosting a show called the wild theatre. it is about protecting the rivers and ocean animals. it is 6:30. >> also tonight, help support adoptions in milwaukee. wendy's is donating 15% of the
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that group works to homes for kids in foster care. just stop by 4:00 and 8:00 tonight. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:09. pipeline protests. >> the high profile visitor that is joining the demonstrations against the pipeline. >> plus a tribute to ben franklin backfires and pennies
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>> tuesday morning, live, this is mounted here at the station. you are seeing patchy fog across much of southern wisconsin, especially the usual areas, the low lying valley areas. we have big changes in the forecast.
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60 thursday and friday. but we are seeing 20 degree temperature drop between the highs on friday and saturday. this morning, keeping an eye on the patchy fog, low beams and slow speeds in the foggy areas. we are mild and partly cloudy skies. upper 50s. ben. >> we are looking good. a live look outside 43 moreland. a little fog out there. if you are headed out th the drive times are all in the green... >> a well known political figure is supporting the protestor at the pipeline. >> we are learning more information in the news room. tim. >> rfk is travelling to the standing rock reservation to join in on the protestor. he's president of the water keeper alliance seeking to protect watersheds.
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are expected to rally outside of the offices of the army corps of engineers. $3.8 billion pipeline would run through four states and the activists have saying it is going to hurt the environment. >> new this morning the plane of the former presideia candidate hillary clinton is putting to good use. the university of dayton used the plane yesterday to fly to alabama. the university didn't know it was going to use the plane. dayton plays university of alabama today. >> more names are emerging as president-elect continues to fill the administration whochlt is on the list and on tap for the transition today?
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team mike pence is expected in new york today. he's been by donald trump's side for most of the campaign and now rudy giuliani is leading continue tender for the secretary of state. we are looking for men and women that share the president-elect's vision. >> as they discussion the names, the team is pushing back against the criticism for steve bannon. >> look at the full resume. he's god a degree and officer. >> the appointment of a bigot in the white house is not serving america. >> president obama reserved
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donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states, and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> the president said that he wouldn't discuss mr. trump's appointments but it is up to the president-e lejt to send signals of unity. >> thank you. a spokesperson for jewel july is not for the consideration of secretary of state. >> a large crack is growing in the head stone of ben franklin. they toss the pennies at the head stone as a tribute. but thousands of pennies have done so much damage, there is a fund raising campaign to raise $10,000 for repairs.
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poes with the 36th president. he's playing the president in the new film lbj. he decided to take a picture with the bus at the capitol before the premier party. >> joe thomas is greeting the fans and signing the autographs at the admirals game. it is also taco tuesday at the arena. bucks. the game is at 7:00 tonight. >> packers head coach has won 65% of the games in green bay and reminding the nay sayers after the team's 47-25 loss to tennessee. the team's third straight loss for the season. we have not forgotten. the defense allowed 21 points in the first quarter. they are saying they are not
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faith in each other and play as one and sticking together and not pointing the finger. >> we are not playing the blame game or pointing the fingers. we are in this together. >> i'm a builder, a developer, i said that the first day i arrived here. >> i went to a packers party over the weekend and everyone is talking about >> a major piece of new arena is new in wisconsin. you may have seen the set of steel beams delivered yesterday. they are from europe. the steel is some day making up the roof of the future wisconsin entertainment and sports center. they are working to prep the steel before installing it. the new arena ready to go fall
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tomorrow night at the b-mo. >> looking cool. ie was driving in the area the other day and stopped at a stop light, it is loud. >> no kidding. >> it is loud down there. >> you know, with the construction underway. >> yes. >> this morning the temperatures showing up in the 30s and 40s and for the most part the take a look. we have temperatures 40s around the metro. 48 at the airport. brown deer 44. greenfield at 44. 37 at west bend. 39 waukesha. 45 in at kenosha. a fair amount of cloudiness out there for us, but we have this patchy fog and take a look at the visibility.
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county. somers is reporting dense fog. we are getting some patchy dense fog in west bend as well. so allow for extra time when travelling today. low beams and slow speeds. the clouds are prevalent throughout the day as well. more clouds than the sunshine but a peek of the sun moving through. overnight it is quiet for us and foggy again early tomorrow morning. much of the balance of wednesday providing the s easy upper 50s. the winds are picking up later wednesday night and thursday. thursday nice and dry. but we are looking at temperatures into the low 60s and a cold front on friday night. today, tomorrow and thursday and friday the readings above normal. low 60s for thursday and friday. now friday night, a sharp cold front is coming through and with
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showers friday night and saturday. this storm system windy and cold. >> thank you, sal. 5:20. it is down to the final four. >> even perfect scores couldn't save a couple from elimination on dancing with the stars. we hear from the latest dancer. >> a family that doesn't have to fight over who is taking out the trash, a little boy is volunteering to do the his parents.
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>> good morning, shorewood. thank you for the tuesday morning school shout out. wisn 12 is visiting the classes across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a
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on the school logo. >> we are down to the final four couples on dancing with the stars. >> four left. >> she and partner had two perfect scores last night, dancwi tango. how did they get eliminated? >> because calvin johnson is a megatron. >> yes. he's so good. >> yes. they are coming up on "g.m.a." and talking about the experience. see that interview at "g.m.a." at 7:00 right after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> new this morning, hollywood boulevard into a paradise.
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making who is trying to save her community. dwayne the rock johnson is in the movie. some of the music in the film written by miranda the creaor of hamilton. >> going viral this morning, not so friendly soccer match between bosnia and greece. the and so what does he do. >> oh, pulling the pants down. oh, no. >> that's bad. >> oh, look. he's mad at him. okay. what happened he was sent off with a red card. that is bad. kicked out. >> red is bad. pulling the pants down is bad too. >> all the way down. this is embarrassing.
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>> i am embarrassed for him. oh, wow. >> that match ended in a 1-1 draw. >> can't we all just get along. >> reduced reuse recycle. >> coming up, how social media could impact your next trip to recycling. >> time to make the stuffing and the pumpkin pi shop for the staples. >> taking a live look. this is traffic watch 12. we are going to look at the
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ben: shots fired overnight outside a local apartment complex. one woman is dead and another is seriously hurt. the search underway right now for the person who pulled the trigger. melinda: plus: it's called the doomsday clock and it may be getting closer to midnight. why atomic scientists are meeting today to talk about threats to global security. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. our mild fall temperatures z


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