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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. ? kathy: a local band gets the honor of playing the macy's thanksgiving day parade. only on wisn 12 news, how it's handling the news that isis now calls the event an excellent target. joyce: breaking news, donald trump sends reporters sc sneak the president-elect unannounced. kathy: only on 12, after plenty of time in children's hospital, this six-year-old wants to give back. our big story, a threat from isis against the macy's thanksgiving day parade. joyce: christina palladino is live at greendale high school, as students there prepare to perform in that parade next week. but we begin with patrick with more on the threat. patrick: the department of homeland security released this bulletin today emphasizing the holiday season could be a target for terrorists.
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group called the macy's parade an excellent target. millions of people attend the parade each year. the magazine is pushing for so-called lone wolves to use trucks as weapons to attack major outdoor gatherings, similar to the deadly bastille day attack in france over the summer. police in new york insist there is no credible threat against the parade, but security will be tight as always. the police commissioner there says they handle large-scale events almost daily, and the parade will be the safest place in new york city on thanksgiving. marching band is one of a select number of bands performing in the parade next week. christina palladino is live in greendale. christina, officials there are not taking this lightly. >> there have been conversations among school leaders parents and , students about security concerns in new york. but the marching band tells me tonight they're not letting fear win. ? >> as they take to the field for one of their last rehearsals
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city on members of the greendale sunday, marching band have a bundle of emotions. >> i am really excited. i am also a little nervous. it kind of feels surreal, but at the same time it's super exciting. >> with the threat of a potential terrorist attack looming over the macy's thanksgiving parade, safety has been top of mind. >> i think people are nervous , but i have faith in our staff and the police. i think it will be good. >> the greendale marching band is just one of seven high scho in the event in new york. for the last two years they have practiced every movement to every song, and in just a little over a week they'll represent , wisconsin in the 90th macy's thanksiving day parade. >> it's a big feather in the cap for the greendale marching band program, that we were chosen to represent the state and be on this national stage. >> certainly a big honor for them.
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between parents and teachers, about 800 people from greendale will be leaving for new york on sunday by bus. joyce: greendale has won the state marching band championship for the last 12 years. 175 bands applied for macy's and they chose only seven. they will play one-hour along the parade route and get to rf the creative director of the parade tells us why they chose greendale. >> they do just great storytelling on the field and they perform at such a high level they made the cut and we , included them. joyce: greendale's routine is called step in time, music from mary poppins. kathy: we're following breaking news, the milwaukee bucks basketball team has reportedly stopped staying at donald trump-branded hotels. espn reports the bucks are one of three teams opting for other hotel options when they play on the road in cities like new york and chicago. the report also says the bucks
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trump tower in chicago before playing the bulls in the pre-season. we've reached out to the bucks for comment, but have not heard back. more breaking news, an unannounced trip by president-elect donald trump sends reporters scrambling in new york city. he left his home for dinner without telling the press, breaking protocol by not taking them along with. -- along with him. a spokeswoman says he was having dinner with his family and asked that the press respect that. re happened to be at the same restaurant took this picture of trump receiving an ovation as he walked in. trump has been inside trump tower the past few days meeting with various officials as he works to fill his cabinet posts. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is on his way to serving a second term as speaker of the house. today, house republicans unanimously nominated the janesville republican for the leadership role. the full house will vote in january. ryan took to twitter calling it a tremendous honor and adding that now it's time to go big.
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joyce: oklahoma city's airport is back open tonight, after a shooting earlier today forced it to close. police say a man shot and killed a southwest airlines employee, as the victim walked from the terminal at will rogers airport to an employee parking lot. officers put the airport on lockdown as they searched for the suspect, who was eventually found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a pick-up truck in an airport parking garage. police say the attack was pre-meditated. while they're not releasing a motive just yet, they have identified the victim as kansas city chiefs. kansas city chiefs. wisconsin's attorney general tries to stop the release of a once-convicted accomplice in a high-profile murder. patrick is following the developing story. patrick: brendan dassey's conviction for his role in the murder of theresa halbach was overturned and a new trial was ordered. a federal judge ordered dassey be released while he awaits that new trial. today, state attorney general brad schimel filed an emergency appeal to stop his release. schimel notes dassey's attorneys claim his original confession
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but, he says even if it was, that does not mean dassey did not help his uncle, steven avery, kill halbach. schimel says dassey should still be considered a serious public safety issue. schimel asked the court of appeals to decide on the emergency motion by tomorrow afternoon. dassey's attorney says his family still hopes dassey will be home by thanksgiving. joyce: just over a week from thanksgiving, aaa is predicting the biggest travel rush in years. more than 48.7 million americans are expected to drive or fly next week. an improving economy and growing prompting more people to make travel plans. this is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving since 2007. kathy: three major surgeries in a year and a now a six-year-old half, racine county boy has a plan to make his peers smile this christmas only on 12 news' ben hutchison reports love comes in the form of a toy drive >> i am an expert in toys.
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>> probably more than 100. >> he spends hours with his best buddy oso. >> from children's hospital. >> the two are inseparable. and oso has been there through good and bad. it was almost two years ago cody's mother says he started undergoing tests at children's hospital. >> what he had become where his skull closed prematurely. >> three surgeries followed. cody always kept his smile his spirit never broken even though his skin is scarred -- is scarred. >> they were all like this. >> after his most recent say that stay a few months back -- >> he said, mom, we are doing a toy drive. >> it is called toys for
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holidays better. >> i want to help everyone get to stay home for christmas and give them toys. >> he truly does have a wonderful hard. if you want to help out, you can drop off toys here until december 14. kathy: they're asking for new toys to be donated. they have to be left unwrapped and smaller than 18 inches. they'll be delivered to children's hospital. it will make the kids 'oso'good. there's a reward tonight to help find the people who caused mayhem near sherman park. joyce: the surveillance video of one of the fires being started, and how many people investigators are hoping you can help track down. kathy: a muslim student beaten to death on the street near a uw campus the women now being , questioned. mark: plus, we are on borrowed time. how long you can enjoy more warm
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us a visit next in weather watch , 12. joyce: a magician inspired by david blaine comes to milwaukee. he pulls a couple of fast ones
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kathy: there's a big cash reward
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in sherman park. joyce: we are getting our first look at some of the suspects tonight. sheldon dutes is live at the bmo harris bank on fond du lac with more. sheldon: $10,000 is up for grabs. i was reporting here the night crews responded to fires at this bmo harris and other nearby businesses. it was chaotic, but the atf hopes you might have seen something. take a look. surveillance cameras were rolling the night police say these suspects broke windows to get inside this bmo harris bank. once insidol building. that fire spread causing a million dollars worth of damage. it was one of several businesses in the sherman park area set on fire during the unrest the night police killed sylville smith. >> i just need to emphasize that we really need the public' help. sheldon: assistant special agent joel lee says the atf has been investigating the fires from the beginning. torching businesses is a federal crime. that means these suspects could face serious charges. they could theoretically be facing felony charges? >> felony federal charges, yes, sir.
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the beauty supply store and o'reilly auto parts also burn that night. they are around the corner for where i am standing right now. it's unclear if the suspects are connected to those as well. if you want to get in on that $10,000, you need information that would lead to an arrest or conviction. call police with any information. joyce: the unrest was sparked by the fatal shooting of sylville smith. the shooter was charged with sexual assault in an unrelated case. kathy: charges are filed in the hit-and-run death of a five-year-old milwaukee girl. patrick, this comes the same day she's laid to rest. patrick: rickyia langham was remembered today as a princess
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struck by a car at hampton and fond du lac november 6. she was on her way to church, at the time. the accused driver never stopped. the child's family is still struggling to make sense of it. the accused driver, 30-year-old sherman dwayne liddell, appeared in court today. he's charged with two felonies. police say he was driving on a suspended license. his girlfriend, lasheba crowder, is also charged with obstructing police say she lied to officers, telling them her suv had been stolen. kathy: completion of a controversial oil pipeline in north dakota is being delayed. the army corps of engineers is calling for more study before moving forward with the project. the nearly 1200 mile pipeline would span from north dakota to illinois. the standing rock sioux tribe in north dakota says the pipeline threatens their drinking water
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it's sparked months of protests, including here in milwaukee today. dozens gathered outside the wells fargo bank downtown, one of several institutions financing the pipeline. several dozen wildfires are scorching the southeastern u.s. several states have burn bans in place, meaning no campfires, fireworks, smoking and even parking a car off-road for fear hot tailpipes could spark more fires. the smoke briefly stopped flights into charlotte's airport as air quality alerts are up across the region. a bald eagle that swept social media after it was rescued from a storm drain in florida has died. the audubon center for birds of prey said the eagle had fluid around her heart or air in her abdomen, indicating other injuries. it got stuck in a drain last week with another eagle, which flew away. joyce: a warning before you pull , into a parking lot in milwaukee, beware, a tow truck may be waiting. 12 news' ben wagner investigates.
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unsuspecting drivers getting a rude awaking in milwaukee parking lots. >> we have had our customers spend thousands and thousands of dollars in the last couple weeks bailing their cars out from a private tow company that's towing across the street. 12 news exposes the parking lots being targeted, what action the city is trying take, and we go right to the tow companies with with our questions to get answers. joyce: see ben wagner's investigation tomorrow on wisn a local grocery chain starts a growth spurt. sendik's cut the ribbon this morning on the new location on miller park way and burnham. it's been working to open the west milwaukee store for several years. the store hired 130 new workers. sendik's plans to open five more locations next year. make sure you're with us thursday as wisn 12 helps kick off the holidays. melinda davenport and ben wagner will host the 'holiday lights festival' live from pere marquette park at 6:30 thursday night. there will be music, fireworks and of course a visit from , santa. if you can't make it down there, join us on your couch to watch it live here on wisn 12,
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normally you would bundle up for the holiday, but not this year. kathy: the warm air is not done yet. mark: it is not. i would not be surprised if the temperature is 60 degrees when we'd like those lights. by this weekend, when santa is in the milwaukee holiday parade, he will need everything he god. temperatures cooling down, lock running out. we were warm into friday, but those temperatures start to fall. wendy and warm to windy and quite cold. it will be a winter like weekend, at least with our temperatures, and we are not used to it, so it will feel especially cold until we get acclimated. every day this month, above normal, including today. the average highs 47.
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days in the 60's, seven days in the 50's. and we continue to get cooler and cooler, but our warm streak continues. 185 days of 50 degrees or warmer. we will tie the record. then we get to the 60's thursday and friday before saturday. the record is 188 days set back in 1988. let's focus on what is to,. this will be a whopper of a low pressure sender -- center. maybe a passing shower, but there will be snow out of this. you are hearing things, is it going to snow here? i can't rule out a passing flurry on saturday, but that is about it. the accumulating snow will be in minnesota and extreme northern
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not around here. here, it will be windy, 30, 40, maybe 50 miles per hour. this is a strong low-pressure center that will strengthen. the cold air will russian behind that, and it will bring in cold air sitting to the north of us, bringing us our first deep-freeze. it is cool out there, but this is still well above average. this is not where is. it is 51 degrees in des moines. 57 in kansas city at 10:00 at night. where is the cold air? more to the south, and that is what will be changing. the jet stream will go all the way to the south, and that will bring us the cold air. first the warmth, then the big tumble. be ready. we are not used to it. it will be cold.
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patchy fog tonight into tomorrow morning. 45 degrees at 9:00 a.m., skies sunny, and we warm up nicely to 55. 60 five and wendy on thursday, so if you're heading to the holiday lights festival, it will be breezy. you will need a fleece or heavier jacket. 65 on friday. that's about noon. will start to go down. they will continue to go down. 42 for the high on saturday, windy all day, uncomfortable, 40 degrees on sunday, breezy, 40 two on monday, then temperatures warm up a little bit for thanksgiving week. also the possibility of a storm next wednesday into thursday, which could impact your travel for the holidays. joyce: speaking about traveling for the holidays, it may not
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the ninth ranked badger basketball team is not exactly filling up on cupcakes to open the season. next week, the badgers head to hawaii, where they could face tennessee, georgetown, and oregon. tonight, they took on 22nd -ranked creighton in omaha. wisconsin trailed 8-0, then started draining threes. bronson koenig for the lead. then it's nigel hayes for three. 24 of wisconsin's 30 first half points came on three pointers. they attempted 39 on the night. creighton energized by the home crowd, finished the first half on a 13-2 run. that is marcus foster. back and forth this game went. zak showalter for three, and the
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free throw for the first 34 minutes of the game. koenig with the tough step back jumper. he scored 21. uw down two, nigel hayes, hello, he finished with 16 points but , the blue jays took over late the half khryi thomas with the second half. steal, takes it all the way for two and a foul. an upset, 79-67 beating wisconsin. the operation football season ends this week in madison. state titles, cedar grove-belgium, catholic memorial, franklin, and brookfield east, who will play monona grove friday afternoon in the division two championship game. it is expected to be a shootout. the silver eagles have the top scoring offense in the state, and the spartans have all-state running back sam santiago-lloyd at full strength but this is , about more than just the players for brookfield east. they are hoping to make a school and community proud in their first-ever trip to the state
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special, but to see the energy in the school hallways, teachers comments, that positive culture, it has been a lot of fun. >> i think it will be huge, just the history of the school and how far we've come, because i don't think anyone thought we would get this far, and for us seniors, it would be really cool to go out on top. dan: we wish them good luck. wisconsin stays at seventh in the new college football playoff rankings. in baseball terry francona of , the indians and dave roberts of the year. coming up in our next half hour, why jordy nelson refuses to buy the notion that the packers playoff streak will end this season. kathy: thank you. two somewhat basic items with an un-imaginable price tag. joyce: first, a pair of shoes with a technical twist. coming up, how much self lacing shoes will cost customers in the coming weeks. kathy: then, apple is releasing
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accused of gunning down a 30-year-old mother. joyce: kortni thornton and another woman were shot outside the ridgewood apartments just south of county line road last night. as wisn 12 news terry sater reports, several people witnessed the attack. >> some lady was out there laying on the ground and they had thrown a sheet over her. > >> neighbor lorraine murphy looked out her window last night to the aftermath of domestic violence at ridgewood apar police say a 32-year-old man shot 30-year-old kortni thornton to death and sent a 57-year-old woman to the hospital. >> killed her 'cause she caught up with some other man. that's what i heard. >> a woman i talked with who witnessed the shooting but didn't want to go on camera said it happened right outside her apartment window. she saw the man with the gun at his side. the next thing she knew he opened fire. >> the guy came up and was arguing at the lady. then it escalated to that. and started shooting. neighbor sylvester thomas says it was 9:30 p.m. monday night.


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