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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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today a mix of sun and clouds. it is feeling like a spring morning and going to the highs up to 69 degrees. you will not need the heat in the car this morning. by noon, we are in the mid 60s. south breezes 12-25 miles per hour and helping the temperatures reach up to 69 degrees. but take a look at this snow potential for minnesota. 6-10 inches. we are windy cold, but not much in the way of snow. matt? >> right now it is quiet across the freeway system. very little in the way of trouble for you. greenfield and the bypass looking good there right now full freeway speed and dry pavement. the travel times out there...
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the big story this morning, right now we are closely watching to see if brendan dassey will be a free man by the end of the week. the wisconsin attorney general is fighting to stop the release from happening. tim is live at the columbia correctional facility in portage. good morning, tim. tim: good morning melinda and ben, we are here in wisconsin and we are brendan dassey watch. he's spent the past ten years of his life here. he was sentenced to life in prison. but we are in a holding pattern in case he's released. this case is world famous by the documentary making a murderer.
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headlines. he was convicted of helping steven avery kilter sa halbach. the judge overturned the dassey conviction. since then, a kind of complicated back and forth proceedings between lawyers and judges and wisconsin's attorney general. at question is whether dassey should be released while awaitingew yesterday the judge ordered he be released by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night and the attorney general filed an emergency motion with a federal appeals court to stop that release from happening. he could be released today or tomorrow. we are waiting here and see what happens. reporting live from portage, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> tim, thank you. while we await for the decision, the state is trying to keep
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attorney says he should be released while awaiting a retrial. the state is saying he's a danger to the community. while that situation is playing out, steven avery is appealing his conviction. the new defense team is awaiting an order for the retesting of hundreds of pieces of evidence in the case. of the developments in the dassey case. follow the happenings on the cases at and the free mobile app. >> developing overnight, a deadly explosion in ken central illinois. the explosion happened in the city's downtown area last night leaving one person dead and 11 people hurt. the official cause is under
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natural gas related. >> this morning the police in west allis are looking for whoever shot a customer at cricket wireless. the police say that the person that was shot was take ton the hospital and is expected to survive. a number of law enforcement agencies responded to the scene to help. >> contaminated water at schools. the tests at elementary came back positive for a bacteria connected to e coli. copper was found in a sink of the ben franklin school. that causes stomach issues. they are retesting again today. >> the wisconsin gun deer season is two days away and a push to let the hunters on private
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let the hunters access the private land to retrieve a deer with proper authorities even if the landowner says stay away. the dnr has not commented. saturday is the first day of gun deer season. >> 5:05. it is a chance to own a piece of milwaukee history and helping the homeless. the original the riverside theatre up for sale and the money is going to the domestic animal control commissioner, a set of two chairs mountd with carpet. online auction launched yesterday and due to the high demand, the auction ended now and the packages are sold for $400 each all for a good cause. >> we really want to give back.
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money. we don't just want to sell the tickets. we want to make a difference in the community. >> this never happens. we don't get the phone calls. our organization is rarely the top of the list. so this was like i said one of those once in a lifetime opportunities for us. >> look at that baby. this is river. he's named at the theatre and available for adoption in a few days if not owners. look at that face. so sweet. >> what a day to walk a dog, huh? >> yes. this is the last day of the balmy weather. >> yes a lap around the block. breezy south winds, and the temperatures warm up nicely today. a mix of sun and clouds in store for us.
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warm front, winds are kicking up from the south. the record is 69 degrees set in 1953. we are going to get close to it or break it. tfts 44 when i got up this morning. the hour by hour forecast calling for temperatures well into the 60s. south breezes. sunshine will be coming through. we are looking at a record setter today. matt? >> right now we are in goo no complaints. thijs are looking good. wind on the highway 18 camera. both hands on the wheel. otherwise no problems out there at this point. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> right now airports are gearing up for a busy holiday travel week in years.
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expect if you are flying for thanksgiving. good morning, hillary. reporter: well, ben, if your holiday is starting early, good news for you because the busiest day to travel from mitchell here will be the wednesday before thanksgiving. according to triple a, 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more, with most of them driving to the destination. now in wi time in a decade triple a is saying a million people will be travelling for the holiday, in part because of the low gas prices around 2.03 across the state n. milwaukee area it is lower than $2s a gallon. if you haven't booked a flight yet, prices are expected to jump 21% by thanksgiving. if you plan to jet set out of here, most people will be travelling west, the top
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diego, san francisco. that would be nice this time of the year. the busiest day will be the wednesday before and the sunday after thanksgiving. >> las vegas, san diego. >> sounds like a plan to me. >> protestor threatened. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning", the law maker that is demanding consequences for the students rallying against president-elect donald trump. >> a
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>> 5:12, thursday morning. we take a live look at the network. this morning the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 52 at the airport.
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breezes are pushing up the temperatures big time. we still have time, but we are living on bar rowed time. skies are partly cloudy today and the temperatures up to record territory. matt? >> right now things are looking good on the roadways. no trouble in front of you. nice and quiet here. both directions are moving smoothly. traffic watch 12 computer is showing that the travel times are in dt that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:13. president-elect donald trump continues to hold high profile meetings inside of trump tower. trump is sitting down with lawmakers today and mike pence is holding the talks in washington. that is where we have the latest. >> the list of scheduled meetings from the foreign loreds
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candidates for the trump administration a. who's who meeting with the president-elect. florida governor rick scott and south carolina governor. >> it is a new day. >> halley is under consideration for a number of positions. >> i would say it is false to say it is not going >> the trump team pushing back about the transition. the vice president hosted vice president elect mike pence. last night the party's former candidate appearing since the concession. >> a lot of people have asked themselves if america is the country we think it is.
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but please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. >> hillary clinton was being honored by the children's defense fund while disappointed by the outcome of the election, encouraged the supporters to stay engaged. >> thank you. in the wake of the presidential election, thousands of students from coast to coast are walking out of class to protest the president-elect. now one iowa drafting new legislation aimed at the antitrump protestor. he wants it to be a crime for the protestor to disrupt the traffic on the hows and target the schools using the taxpayer dollars to fund election related sit ins. >> it is a kiepdz of over the top thing to say. >> iowa's university is saying
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protests. a hundred protestor shutdown interstate 80 for an hour. >> new this morning, president obama is rolling out the red carpet for the newest recipients for the medal of freedom. 20 heavy weights will all be honored tuesday. among those are talk show len and more. >> it turns out bob dillon is not travelling to sweden to accept the nobel prize for literature. he can't make it because of preexisting commitments. he feels honored by the award and wished he could be there in person. >> a woman in new york going to
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rings back after accidentally tossing them into the trash. she chased the trash truck and it stopped. four hours of searching and six tons of trash later the rings were found by one of the drivers. she was not messing around. >> she was determined. four hours of searching in the trash. >> listen you have to do what you have to do. >> i guess. >> another sign of the season >> milwaukee holiday lights festival. jeremy nelson is live at pere marquette park. >> it is gorgeous, later on we are kicking off the holiday light celebration. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is such a family friendly event. what are the events going on this evening? >> it is family friendly and
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pro show at 5:30 at the park with the main show at 6:30. we have a great talent line up. plat yum is playing. they are a ten piece band. and we have a visiting folk ensemble. it is a great night of variety show and tons of entertainment and free and fun for the whole family. >> and santa and >> yes, santa and fireworks as the finale of the evening and flipping the switch on the lights downtown. >> we have ben and melinda here emceeing the events. the holiday celebration is coming up and we talk about the jingle bus and seeing the lights for free this evening. don't miss out on that. perfect weather. bring the family here. we'll have more coming up in the next hour.
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>> we are so excited to be there for that tonight. melinda and i are hosting the holiday festival tonight. music, fires and santa as well. if you can't make it downtown, you are able to watch it live on wisn 12. i'm really excited about this one. >> it is going to be good. >> the crowds will be large give tennessee fact, even at 6:30 the temperatures in the 50 enjoy the beautiful lights. we have a storm coming in tomorrow. now for today, we may set a record. the current record is 69 degrees set in 1953 but much colder air is beginning to stream in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. the weekend highs near 40 and windchills in the teens and 20s. now early this morning we have clouds out there, but breezes
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overnight. warm front is coming through today. look at the watches and warnings. clipping to far northwest iowa and much of minnesota. no watches or warnings for wisconsin. we could get a stray flurry early saturday morning but overall we don't have much to worry about other than the wind and cold. 63 degrees at des moines. 66 in kansas city. the cold 52 now at the airport. this morning we are looking at dry weather and staying dry today, tonight and tomorrow morning. tonight at 6:00. afternoon highs 69 degrees. for tomorrow, a good chunk of the morning will stay dry and warm. easily see 60s. look at the heavy wet snow in minnesota. cold rain across northern wisconsin. now we get to 3:00 in the afternoon.
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of the cool front. the cool front is sailing through between 2:00 in the afternoon to 5:00. and there we are with a look at some of the rain and snow that moves through, moisture for us is is limited but a few flurrieses could be mixing in with the stray showers friday night and early saturday. 60s today and tomorrow. gusty winds. >> 5:21. >> coming up, why your list of facebook friends may shrink by the end of the day. >> plus, damage undone t 80s
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>> i like that on this thursday morning. good morning, shorewood. thank you for the great shout
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classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, go to >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:25. if you have scrolled through facebook and realize you don't recognize the names popping up in the feed, today is for you. >> it is national unfriend day. jimmy kimmel designated as the the facebook. the suggestions the ones that giveaway the ends of the tv shows. people that overshare and those that post the questions that can be easily answered online. >> you know, we friend everybody, we have fan pages. get on our facebook fan page and just friend away. >> that is right, melinda.
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>> rocker jon bon jovi is credited for saving a part of history. we talked about the ben franklin grave site. there was a crack on the tombstone and now it is being restored after a generous contribution from him. >> a salute to local veterans. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning", a ceremony putting mill waublg in the spot light. >> a a judge is telling a mother she can't have any more kids. >> looking at the d.o.t.s here, and we have a check in with matt
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ben: fighting over a convicted killer's freedom. a decision on whether brendan dassey will be released from prison could be just hours away. the high-stakes debate playing out right now. melinda: plus, keep your eyes on the sky today. the world's largest passenger plane is heading to milwaukee. the role wisconsin's weather is playing in it's special mission. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. southeast wisconsin could see a record high fall temperature
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there's also a chance of rain and maybe even some snow. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this thursday, november 17th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: this morning you don't need much heat in the car the temperatures well into the 40s and 50s. it is a mild start. readings are reaching up to the mid 60s by the noon hour. south breezes hour. the amp high 67 and 70 degrees. certainly close to the record territory. now we are going to see the sun and clouds trade places from time to time today. periods of sunshine and periods of clouds, but we are staying dry. the early morning temperatures 46 waukesha and 52 degrees at the airport. we are easily get another 15 degrees. we talk 60s tomorrow. we time out the cold front coming up. now the matt salemme on the way


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