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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us melinda: breaking news this morning, a burglary suspect starts shooting at milwaukee police. what happened overnight moments before officers arrested the man. ben: firstug wisconsin but our neighbors to the west are dealing with snow. we're tracking when the flakes could fly in our area. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this friday, november 18th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: i am in early this morning and we are talking about the weekend windchill. this morning mostly fair sky early and the cloud deck
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throughout the day today. the snow is flying across northern parts of nebraska and enling into iowa and minnesota. take a look at the temperatures 20s and 30s in the plains and 40s in minnesota and here in southeast wisconsin mostly 55 and 60 degrees and i still think we get in on warmer air, in fact, we climb up to upper 60s today and tie the record of 69 in 1975. a couple of spotty showers ahead and then the temperatures are tumbling and the winds. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. tim: right now, we're following breaking news. a burglary suspect starts shooting at milwaukee police overnight.
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p.m. near 26th and ruby. that's just west of teutonia avenue. police say they were called to the area for a burglary in progress. when they got to the scene, the suspect allegedly started shooting at officers. an officer shot back, but everyone missed. no one was shot. the suspect ran away but was caught a short time later. police tell wisn 12 news the milwaukee county district attorney's office is now reviewing the case to decided investigators are still working in the neighborhood. so you might want to avoid the area on your way to work today. ben, back to you. ben: wisn 12 news was the first to report this breaking news online overnight. you can always get the latest news on and the wisn 12 news mobile app. melinda: right now, there's a debate over how to fight crime in milwaukee. aldermen from different areas are at odds each saying their
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people we spoke to on the south side say that crime has gotten worse in their area and response times are slower. they blame it on overworked police officers but leaders on the north side say crime affects the entire city and all areas need better police coverage. >> this north side, south side argument is an old argument and we really should be backing away from this polarizing rhetoric. melinda: ashantiam wisn 12 news there are plans in the works that would help fight crime across the entire city. that includes adding more than a dozen officers who would target violent zones. ben: an appeals court decides to keep brendan dassey behind bars until a new trial begins. dassey was convicted of helping his uncle steven avery kill teresa halbach. there's been a lot of back and forth between state officials and courts trying to decide if dassey would be set free this week. this past summer, dassey's 2005
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confession was involuntary. since then, the state has been fighting to keep dassey in prison while they retry the case. yesterday, an appeals court sided with the state attorney general and ruled that dassey will not go free. dassey's uncle steven avery is working to appeal his conviction. this case drew national attention thanks to the netflix series "making a murderer." ben: later today, a progress report on milwaukee's streetcar. a common council committee is meeting to talk about the streetcar plans. the works for years. it should be ready for riders in 2018. today's meeting will cover recent activity on the project. the schedule for what's ahead and the budget status. melinda: only on wisn 12 news, a determined young mom is raising her kids the usual way loving them, cuddling and nurturing them despite being in a wheelchair. ashley dall was left quadriplegic after a car accident. now she's a successful mother of
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>> the hardest thing for me is not allowing the self-doubt that i had in myself to stop me from being a good mom. melinda: a lot of parents might learn something from ashley. wisn 12 news' hillary mintz brings us her exclusive story tonight on wisn 12 news at ten. ben: later today, tickets go on sale for the first two big headliners announced for summerfest 2017. pink and red hot chili peppers will both play next summer. 10:00 a.m. and at noon for red hot chili peppers. you can buy them at the summerfest box office or online through ticketmaster. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:35. two young students caught fighting in class. melinda: the reason they aren't in trouble this morning and the adult who's dealing with consequences for egging them on. ben: plus, a fight breaks out outside of a bar. in the middle of that brawl, a car crashes into the crowd. now police are trying to find
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talking about with the cold front and ahead of it we may set a record high. this morning we are dry. a couple of showers across iowa and southwest wisconsin. right now this thing is hung up stationary, but it is coming through as a cool front. the chilly area behind the boundary, so a while before we cool down. look at the blizzard warning not 55-60. melinda, jeremy discussed it, we are going 69 degrees ahead of the cold front. we may tie or break another record. it is late today and tonight that the temperatures will tumble. melinda: thank you, sal. out the door looking good.
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green. melinda: new this morning, a fight breaks out outside of a bar in florida. ben: it was interrupted when a car plowed into the crowd. police say it seems the driver got stuck on the curb. surveillance video shows him trying to move forward and backward. then the car surges forward into the middle of the fight. right through the window. police say they know who the driver was and they're working to track him down. >> this morning, the aftermath of an explosion in illinois. melinda: we're getting a look at the damage and finding out more about the victim. take a look. this is what downtown canton looks like after the blast on wednesday. one person was killed. authorities say he worked for a power company and was on the job at the time. this morning, people in the community are working to rebuild. melinda: young kids in chicago forced to fight in the classroom. ben: one of the students in this video says a teacher made him
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there is an adult voice in the video telling the boys what to do. they're in 5th and 6th grade. the boys' parents say they are outraged. as you can imagine. the school district says the woman was not an employee and she's no longer a part of after-school activities. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:41. adoption mix-up. melinda: why a man who came to america as a toddler is now being forced to leave. the one mistake his adoptive parents made. ben: high the bet that landed a man with a permanent reminder of the election's outcome and why he shared the whole ordeal on
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sally: there we are live on the weatherwatch 12 camera network. big changes between quarter to five in the morning and quarter to five in the amp when we see the colder air moving in. >> yes, it is riding in on the gusty winds and initially mild
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windchill. jeremy: yes, look at the drastic change. now we start off late afternoon and everily evening, 6:00 p.m. feeling like the 50s. look at western part of the state with the 20s and 30s out there and a free fall as we go into the evening. windchills teens and 20s. we wake up tomorrow morning to feels-like temperature the coldest they have been mid to upper wisconsin. we keep that real cold feel around. tomorrow is starting the gun deer season here. it is a frigid feel as the hunters are headed to the woods. a couple of snow flakes in the air. highs may be close to 40. not going to feel like that with the windchills in the 20s. we continue to have the updates with the changes coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. ben: right now, montana is under
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the city of red lodge got a few inches yesterday which is good news for local businesses. the snow comes just in time for ski season. last year the area had a mild winter which kept visitors away. this year they're hoping for more winter weather. ben: snow in colorado caused some problems yesterday. the state's busiest interstate was impassable for hours after a 23-vehicle crash. a semi jackknifed and caused a 22-car pileup. that was just one of the crashes on colorado's snowy road >> right now we're following breaking news from overnight. melinda: an armed man starts shooting at milwaukee police. tim is live in the newsroom with the latest. tim. tim: melinda and ben, i have a map pulled up here showing where all this happened overnight. this is 26th and ruby in the central part of the city. police were called to the area around 10:30 last night for a burglary. when they got there, a man allegedly started shooting at them. an officer shot back. despite the bullets flying, no
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the 23-year-old suspect ran away but was caught a short time later. this case will be reviewed by the milwaukee county da's office in the coming days. we'll be watching for new information throughout the morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tim. ben: new this morning, a toddler's birthday party turns into tragedy. seven people were shot during the party in tennessee. neighbors say the toddler's mother was killed. police believe it is gang related. they're searching for three suspects. there's no word from officials hurt. melinda: new this morning, a washington man adopted from south korea as a child now set to be deported. adam crapser moved to the u.s. as a three-year-old. he and his sister were abandoned by their adoptive parents and crapser was abused by his second adoptive family. he now has a wife and children and owns a barber shop. after reuniting with his sister, crapser found out that his adoptive parents never filed the
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so he applied for a green card. that's when immigration stepped in and started the process to deport him. now a judge has ruled that crapser has to go back to south korea. >> i thought i was a citizen. i have little kids that depend on me. melinda: crapser could be deported any day now. ben: new this morning, a group the holiday season the here and you are going to feel it in the wallet. the national retail federation says an estimated $655.8 billion will be spent on retail shopping in the coming months including presents, meals, and travel. experts say, you should take steps to prevent going into debt from it all especially if you already have loans. >> for example, we're hearing from retailers that the average spending level may be well over $900 this year per person. so if that's true, cut that in half and use that additional funding to actually give a gift
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melinda: experts say in 2016, the average graduate has more than $37,000 in student loan debt. that's up six percent from last year which is why they say to cut back where you can on holiday spending. >> that number probably goes up with grad school, law school. >> yes, any post graduate education. that is tough to start out to be in the hole that early today this has been the change-up day. i am tired of talking about the cold front and glad to get it through. jeremy is talking about the windchills likely in the teens. >> we have not heard windchills at all. >> well, in 24 hours searching from the record highs to the windchills. that is what we are talking about. there is a storm watch for lake michigan. there would be 14-18 foot waves
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winds building in. the nice november get another few hours. yesterday 72. we crashed that record. today's record 69 set in 1975. the warmest november ever and the warmest fall ever. we have a few more hours of it. the clouds are filling in for us. a few spotty showers. the boundary is stationary, but sagging to the south. the cold air and the moisture is front. the snow is lining up across south dakota and minnesota. today and tonight, wind and cold for us. blizzard warnings for dakotas and western minnesota. we are in the territory of a wind advisory. now currently 60 at the airport. southeast wisconsin 55-60. we still have a little up in the forecast.
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afternoon out ahead of the cool front. now here we are a couple of stray showers 3:00 in the afternoon. this is when we see a quick run into the 60s and the colder air is going to move in and there is a chance, jeremy talked about it, a couple of stray snow showers in here, this is overnight. we begin to clear out and the cold air entrenches for the weekend and near 40. today 69. rn tonight. the low 32. 40 saturday and sunday. saturday windy and raw. thank you, sal. ben: new from overnight, thousands of volkswagen employees losing their jobs. tim has new details that came in overnight. tim. tim: vw says they're cutting 30,000 jobs. most of them, about 23,000 will be cut in germany. there's no word on whether jobs in the u.s. will be affected. the auto company says they need to cut costs after facing
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emissions tests. volkswagen will pay a $15 billion fine in the u.s. over the scandal. the job cuts will save around $3.9 billion every year. around the world, 11 million cars are equipped with the deceptive software. back to you. >> tim, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a man in iowa loses a bet and has to pay up. instead of handing over cash, zach cobert had to get a tattoo of donald trump. cobert bet his friend that trump wouldn't win the election. he's a bernie sanders supporter, but now trump will forever be a part of him. he broadcast the entire process on facebook. oh, that's so big. it's big. >> it is good though. melinda: it is so big. the entire process is put on facebook live. his followers chose the picture
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>> i'm thinking about my life. and how it went wrong and now i'm laying in a chair and getting a trump stamp. >> i mean, he's thinking about his life. now? he called it quote the stupidest thing he's done for views facebook. i mean, that's a big one. it is not his first one. >> a former fox news anchor speaking out about sexual harassment. gretchen is on the way we talk about it.
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when they come forward. it needs to be a safer environment so it is no longer he said she said. but maybe just she said. >> more of that exclusive interview tonight on a special hour long edition of 20/20. >> one of the most recognizable faces and voiced in the world. mickey mouse is celebrating his 88 birthday. he debuted in the 1928 film steam boat willy. the properties are planning the celebrations today. >> 4:54 a. car thief caught on camera. >> this is not a cell phone or surveillance video, it is a red light camera. it is a clear picture too. >> donald trump is teaming up with an old rival and the advice
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president-elect. plus... ?? >> that is sa lady gaga and one of the dozen performing at the american music awards. watch the amas under night at
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>> new, booster seats for children are safer than ever. >> they are saying that companies that make the seats are designing them to better protect kids, in fact, of the 53 boosters ratings. the only seats not recommended by the group two juvenile models. >> having a negative attitude could be harmful to your health. highly pessimistic people are more likely to die from heart
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today calling attention to a national public health crisis, drug and alcohol addiction. nearly 21 million people in the u.s. have a sub tans abuse disorder, that is more than the people with cancer. opioids are using more often than tobacco. only one in ten with addiction get the help they need. this is first time that report on the addictions. >> two studioeys are showing that zika is causing strange infections in south america. it is caring viruses all tame at the same time. >> wisn 12 news time now is
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>> kwm, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'med melinda davenport, it is 5:00, friday, november 18th. we have breaking news out of milwaukee, a suspect shoots an officers and runs away. we have more information about what led to the confrontation. >> in montana they are ready for the >> we have a look at the radar showing that system in northwest wisconsin right now. matt has a check on the morning commute up next. first, to the friday forecast. sally? >> it is all about the snow to the west as the snow is flying across the dakotas and northern parts of nebraska and edging into minnesota for today. it is a reality check for us. we may set a record.


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