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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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>> kwm, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'med melinda davenport, it is 5:00, friday, november 18th. we have breaking news out of milwaukee, a suspect shoots an officers and runs away. we have more information about what led to the confrontation. >> in montana they are ready for the >> we have a look at the radar showing that system in northwest wisconsin right now. matt has a check on the morning commute up next. first, to the friday forecast. sally? >> it is all about the snow to the west as the snow is flying across the dakotas and northern parts of nebraska and edging into minnesota for today. it is a reality check for us. we may set a record.
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the record today is 69 set in 1975. we have several hours of warming in place before the screaming wind and cold is coming in, especially for tonight. now the clouds are filling in for us. i anticipate at least some sunshine off and on throughout the day today. a few spotty showers developing over iowa. pretty much near that bound ri. the coldest of the air holding off until tonight and the snow staying to the forecast for today, windy warm up. we expect 69 degrees. some afternoon showers. cold front passes this afternoon. the cold air tumbles in tonight and lows at 32. matt? >> we are in great shape on the roads. the pavement is dry right now. barely a car on the frame. just one in the distance there. the old rock freeway. otherwise travel times are
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. a suspect shoots at a milwaukee police officer overnight. tim, you have new information? tim: yes, and the milwaukee police fired back and the suspect is in custody this morning. this happened near 26th a ruby. good morning, hillary. reporter: we have a couple of police officers here still on the scene near 27, ruby. they are investigating here. the two officers were called here for a burglary, and the next thing they know they were being shot at. after the suspect fired at the officers, they returned fire.
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chased down and arrested. he's a 23-year-old man and it is not the first time he's been taken into custody. this shooting remains under investigation. for live near 27th, ruby "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. we were the first to report the news online overnight. get the latest news on and the free wisn 12 news mobe app. ben. >> thank you, tim. 5:03. president-elect donald trump selected a national security advisor. we are in washington now with the latest. >> ben, later today president-elect donald trump is moving the meets to new jersey for the weekend and adding a sit down with mitt romney. >> he's a choke artist.
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tomorrow president-elect donald trump and mitt romney are expected to have a face to face. >> mr. trump is excited to meet with governor romney. he was the last republican nominee for the president. >> the news is coming at a trump official revealed that the job for security offered. >> i am convinced that mr. trump is a leader to whom have great confidence in. >> he's not only sitting down with trump and his daughter and renewing the role of the children playing in the administration. so far nothing from the trump team on why ivanka was included.
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this morning." >> the president-elect is headed to new jersey over the weekend and a spokesperson is saying he's at his golf club. >> governor walker is saying that the first act should be to rescind the executive orders. governor walker said that some of the orders put wisconsin's economy at risk. walker has been the trump team. >> she's been fairly restrained and focussed on being the president. i can only imagine as the president-elect and for any of us taking an elected office, there is sa moment of it sinking it and the humbling affect when you real you have the trust of the people to lead. >> the governor says that he
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wants to help everyone, those that voted for him and those that didn't. >> looking ahead, a student group formed a protest the in coming administration. the members of the committee are holding a meeting on sunday. the group posted on facebook saying they don't advocate hate or violence, the goal of the meeting is plan events and take questions. all are welcome at 6:00 p.m. sunday >> brendan dassey is not walking out of prison today. the court of appeals ordered him to stay in prison. brendan dassey is serving a life sentence for helping his uncle murder teresa halbach. state attorneys are appealing the ruling.
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brendan dassey free. the state filed an emergency request to stop the release, which the 7th circuit granted. >> thousands of warrants are tossed out. the judges handed out 15,000 cases during the three week warrant withdrawal wednesday program. that program created to get the warrants lifted just by showing up in course. 4,000 warrants lifted and 2900 suspensions vacated. >> later today, we are talking tush key at the hungry task force and volunteers are parking up the boxes. now the boxes are filled with turkey, potatoes, trimmings as well. once the boxes are filled, they are handed out to 800 local
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school in milwaukee are getting a visit from the firefighters and they are getting new winter coats. this year they bought 7,000 winter coats. those have been handed out to 12 different milwaukee schools. >> congratulations to them, 7,000 winter coats. >> that is a lot of students too. >> bring them with you. right, sal? sally: you are g if you are out and about this morning through the evening tonight, throw in a heavy coat in the car. we are starting in the 50s. we may set a record for the day. look at the temperatures. 58 hale's corners. mid 50 dz away from the lake. several hours of warmth and a potential record setting day.
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into the 60s. 69 for today. a few scattered showers ahead of the cool front and cold tonight. >> hands on the wheel today. right now we are calm out there. 94 and highway one hundred looking good. no problems out there. in fact, right now, construction is picked up. the travel times are looking great. no crashes. that's a loo t >> thank you, matt. new this morning, a california man gets a red light ticket in the mail but it wasn't the one behind the wheel. tim? tim: check out this picture from the red light camera, the quality is great the picture is clear and the suspect in a car theft. the car was taken from the apartment complex in los angeles earlier in the month.
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picture of the suspect. it was for illegal left turn. he's contesting the ticket and the police are looking for the missing car and the suspect. investigators say it is a very solid lead. back to you. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:10. padding your paycheck before graduating from college. >> up next, the best programs that local students can attend to avoid racking up extra debt. >> it is fall,ut bawl.
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>> there we are looking at temperatures for this afternoon around wisconsin. the focus is what is happening at 2:00 this afternoon in the twin cities. >> yes, it is headed our way. we had 60s in southwest
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around minneapolis 36. it is moving from the west to the east. look at the surge of cold arriving by 6:00 p.m. overnight temperatures drop to 30 degrees. but the difference is we don't recover at all on saturday. maybe 35 and 40 degrees down here in southern wisconsin as people head to the woods for the start of the gun deer season. frigid, windy, flurries. windchills in the teens to 20s tomorrow with north west breeze at 20-35. we talk about the big changes coming up in a few minutes, ben. >> thank you, jeremy. matt is keeping an eye on the morning commute. matt. >> so far so good. the pavement is dry. if you are headed out for the gun deer season tonight, keep
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around. looking good, check it out. no crashes out there. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. i have joined tim in the news room. tim: we have a 23-year-old man accused of shooting at milwaukee police officers. this happened last night near ruby and 26th. the officers were responding to a burglary a shoot at them. the officers shot back and didn't hit him. the officers chased him down and he's in custody. he was not hurt. we are working to learn the names of the suspect and the officers involved. back to you. >> happening now, president obama wrapping up the talks with
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president-elect to quote stand up to moscow. today president obama is meeting with french, italian and spanish leaders and then travelling to peru. >> iraqi troops are working to enter the eastern districts of mosul and facing resistence from the isis militants. they heard the air strikes and rounds starting at dawn. the operation to retake mosul from isis start add month eastern sections of the city. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:16. your paycheck after college may depend on where you choose to go to school. according to new data, graduates of career training programs 5 at public colleges land better jobs than those that attended the for profit schools. the afrnl difference is $9,000. about 1.3 million students are
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programs in nursing, welding and other fields. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:16. a new exhibit opens today at the milwaukee art museum. 50 works of art on display until february. he's known for the travels to brazil and jamaica and panama. there is a reception tonight. >> also, the is debuting big league fun. it is a hands-on experience. you can learn the experiences of pitching, hitting and play by play announcer. the badgers travel to indiana tomorrow to face purdue. you can see the game on wisn 12,
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chances of the badgers winning the big ten title. 5:17. o it is official, the holiday season arrived to southeast wisconsin. >> yes, last night we flipped the switch on the holiday lights festival. ?? >> that was amazing. >> that might have been a better view than we got. incredible, and the dancers too. >> everything was so good. production was phenomenal and kudos to our wisn 12 production and engineering team, they were spot on last night. you can see the lights at the parks. the festival runs until january 1st.
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>> flip flops. >> i was out and about and it was still 63 at 6:00 and i thought of the crew and all of you, perfect. >> we really didn't need the jackets. >> we have the christmas holiday parade in milwaukee downtown. this is a look at the parade tomorrow. much different than last night. the parade is starting at 9:30. 8:00 in the morning windy, cold. the air we are going to look at chills in the teens tomorrow morning. so definitely puffy coats, hats, gloves, hand warmers. it is going to stay cold for much of the morning. heads up for the parade tomorrow. mark will be in the parade as well. today we are watching the clouds beginning to fill in, a couple of stray showers lining up southwest and into eastern iowa. the snow is moving out into
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dakotas today. the wind advisories in place for parts of northern wisconsin. we are close to advisories. as far as snow is concerned a little in the north. here in minnesota they are looking at the accumulation of the snow. the timing now through noon windy warm up. right into the 60s. 69 for the high. lots of dry warm hours yet for today. in tonight. now 3:30, spotty showers ahead of the cold front. dry through 6:00. staying mostly dry. the moisture is sparse here in the south. most of the snow is north. here is the colder air tumbling in after 8:00, 9:00 tonight and you will hear the wind howling and howling for much of saturday as well. for today, 69 degrees. 32 for tonight.
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near 40. >> thank you, sal. black friday a week from friday, but the sales already started. >> what to do now to keep yourself from overspending. >> wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix with the weekend picks. good morning, guys. >> good morning, thank god it is the weekend. we are going international at wisconsin state fair expo. >> it is the folk fair international. >> it is a way to travel around the world. >> coming up next, speaking of travelling, guess who is coming to town? santa! santa is coming to town. where to see him. we all know that. >> well, we are telling you where he's going to be this weekend. thanks for watching "wisn 12
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>> i love that. oh my goodness. is that the first choir song school shout out? >> yes. >> that is brilliant. >> that is good. >> thank you for singing shorewood. we are stopping by the classrooms like this one across southeast wisconsin. >> one take. that is all they needed. visit, head to and submit your nominations for teach every as well. >> we made it to friday. plenty to do to get into the holiday spirit. >> wes and elizabeth from 99.1 is mix are here. >> good morning, and santa is coming to the town. i know in december, but tomorrow, this weekend, at the milwaukee downtown holiday parade. >> and all of us, we are in it.
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year and seeing so many people coming downtown. saying hi, shaking hands and kissing the babies. >> the weather off thes shifts. last year, you can tell we had snow. >> yes, it is the holiday parade. it is supposed to be that way. >> santa will be in the parade tomorrow morning the parade at 9:30. we'll be there and waving. >> elbow, >> i like that. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:26. a new way to get around downtown milwaukee. where to go to weigh in on the streetcar project. >> two students brawl in the classroom, why officials in
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melinda: breaking news this morning, a burglary suspect starts shooting at milwaukee police. what happened overnight moments before officers arrested the man. ben: first though, it may feel like spring here in southeast wisconsin but our neighbors to the west are dealing with snow. we're tracking when the flakes
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"wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this friday, november 18th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: the weather buzz for today the cool front that we have been talking about slated to move through this afternoon with the coldest air of the season rolling in tonight. we could set a record high today. yesterday 72 degrees. really sort of smashing the old record of 69 which was in today 69 degree record set in 1975. we are settling for 69 degrees today. but big changes. so this morning the clouds are filling in, windy, warm. everyone is already in the 50s. question reach up to mid to upper 60s. a couple of scattered showers ahead of the cold front.


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