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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CST

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commute. first to the forecast with sally. >> it has been a while since that much snow in the upper midwest. it is pivoting into minnesota. for us, big changes. we may well approach or a record today. the record is 69 set in 1975. we broke a record yesterday. we are going to see the wind and cold than the rain or snow. view. 55 waukesha. take a look, 55 beaver dam. belgium 60. sunrise 6:48. a beautiful shot of the early morning glow. wind, warm and up to the mid to upper 60s. a couple of showers popping up the afternoon in advance of the cold front and turning windy and colder.
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>> sally, over 41 #, 45, watertown plank. things are moving nicely. good volume. the travel times are showing no need to worry. no crashes on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. melinda: matt, thank you. a suspect shoots at milwaukee police i am joined with tim at the breaking news desk. tim z the officers shot back too. no one was hurt a. 23-year-old is now in custody. this is here ruby and 26th. hillary is live with us with the latest. reporter: we are near 27th, ruby.
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the officers were called here for the burglary and then shot at. now according to the police, after the suspect fired at the officers they returned fire. then the suspect takes off, police chase him down and make the arrest. we know that the suspect is a 23-year-old man and this is not the first time he's been taken into custody. the milwaukee police are thankful that the officers were not hurt in the shooting. >> hillary, thank you for that. wisn 12 news was the first to report this breaking news online, get the latest news at and free mobile app. >> president-elect donald trump
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we have the latest from washington. good morning. >> good morning, to you ben, later today president-elect is expected to move the meets from new york to new jersey and scheduled a sit down with mitt romney. >> drum assist a phony, a fraud. >> they were bitter foe throughout the campaign and tomorrow president-elect donald trump and 2012 g.o.p. nominee mitt romney having a face to face. >> mr. trump are mr. romney. >> the news comes as a senior trump official reveals that this president-elect is officering the chief michael flynn a job as national security advise or and following the meeting with the foreign leader, japanese prime minister. >> i am convinced that mr. trump is a leader with whom i can have great confidence in. >> photos provided by the
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with trump and ivanka. so far no explanation about why ivanka was a part of that meeting. in the meantime, the president-elect took to facebook and saying it was a pleasure to have the prime minister at his home. live in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. as mentioned, the president-elect is headed to new jerseyve be at the golf club in the town of bedminster. >> governor walk is saying the first act should be to rescind president obama's executive orders. governor walker said that the orders put the wisconsin economy at risk. the governor is in touch with the transition team add not not for a cabinet position.
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restrained and focussed on being the president. i can only manage there's a moment at which after the election it sinks in, there's a certain humbling affect when you realize you have earned the trust of the people to lead. >> the governor says he thinks that donald trump's success will come as long as he focuses on helping everyone. >> looking ahead, to protest the incoming administration. the member of the young people's resistence committee is holding a meeting on sunday. they don't advocate hate or violence. all are welcome at the all peoples church 6:00 sunday night. >> brendan dassey is not leaving prison as the legal team had hoped. the court of appeals blocked the
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out in court. brendan dassey is serving a life sentence. the case gained international attention thanks to the netflix series making a murderer. a federal judge over turned the constriction. state attorneys are appealing that ruling. on monday, a judge ordered brendan dassey freed while the appeal is pending, but the state filed a motion to stop that release. >> thousands of warrants are tossed out, 15,000 cases during the three week warrant where do you live wednesday program. the program allows the people suspensions lifted simply by showing up to court. 2400 defendants turned up and 4,000 warrants were lifted and 2900 suspensions vacated.
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volunteers are packing up the boxes at the warehouse on college avenue. the boxes are all filled with thanksgiving trimmings. once the boxes are filled they are handed out to 800 local families. >> also, students at barton elementary and stewart is getting a visit from the milwaukee firefighters and they are handing out new winter coats. this year firefighters raised coats. those have been handed out at 12 milwaukee schools. those jackets, you don't need this morning. >> but you will need them over the weekend. >> yeah for the firefighters. early this morning the temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. the clouds are beginning to fill in. filtered sunshine throughout the
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a couple of light showers in the southwest corner of the state. winter storm warnings and watches to the west. we certainly are looking at blustery conditions. 59 at the airport. sunrise 6:48. today plan on temperatures mid to upper 60s. several warm hours before the cold air comes in tonight. >> sally, we are over 894, hale interchange on the top of the frame. you can see right now as we move to north no delays. 5 minutes from the hale up to the zoo. looking at 10 minutesen 94 eastbound into downtown. no crashes on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:08.
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light ticket in the mail, but he wasn't behind the wheel. tim is live with the details. tim. tim: check out this picture from a red light camera, the quality is good, crystal clear here, but the guy driving doesn't own the guy. this is sa suspect in the car theft. the owner says that the car ruckus taken from his aportment complex in los angeles earlier in the month. the police had a few leads the case and he got a red light ticket in the mail with a picture of the suspect. it was for an illegal left turn. he's contesting the ticket. the police are looking for this guy that was driving the car. the police say this is a solid lead. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> 6:09. padding your paycheck before graduating from college. >> the best programs local
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racking up the extra debt. >> it may be fall, but time to
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>> how about that early morning sunrise at 6:48. we put together several dry and warmish hours. by 2:00, things are changing up. >> part of the state. the temperatures there in the 30s. we look at this sweeping across southeast wisconsin, yes, another day of record warmth in the milwaukee metro area. watch this, by 6:00 p.m. 40s in madison. 30s in lacrosse. low 50s in milwaukee. overnight the drastic change, gusty winds sweeping across the area. look at this, in the afternoon,
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30s, possibly 40. when you talk about the cold and wind, well, that gives you a frigid feel. it is going to be cold in the woods. dress warm and stay safe. >> thank you, jeremy. now to traffic watch 12, matt is watching the commute live for us in nudes chopper 12. matt? >> we are on the south side, 43, 9d 4, holt avenue under the right now, the collector onramp is quiet. just a slight tap on the brakes between the airport and downtown. looking good. we are looking good across the system. 94 southbound from brown deer into downtown. 10 minutes eastbound. no crashes to slow you down. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. i have joined tim in the news room. >> 23-year-old man accused of
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officers last night near ruby and 26th. the officers were responding to a burglary as it was happened and a man started shoot at them. an officer shot back. the suspect ran away, officers chased him down and he's in custody right now. neither he or the officers involved in this were hurt. we are working to learn the names of the suspect and the officers involved and when we get the information we'll bring it t >> happening now, president obama on the way to peru after wrapping up the talks in germany. he boarded air force one and left berlin 45 minutes ago. yesterday he met with german chancellor and the president called on the president-elect to quote stand up to moscow. this is president obama's final overseas trip as president. >> also happening now, iraqi troops are working to enter the eastern districts of mosul but
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the isis militants. that were air stiek strikes and rm shooting at dawn. troops only made it to a few eastern sections of the city. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:16. your paycheck after college may depend on where you choose to go to school. according to the data, graduates of career training programs at public colleges tend to land profit schools. the average difference in earnings the nearly $9,000. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:16. new exhibit opening today at the milwaukee art museum and 50 works of art by martin johnson heed is on display until february and known for painting
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jamaica and panama. there is opening reception tonight. >> the children's museum is showing the brand new exhibit big league fun, 2,000 square feet, hands on experience and visitors can learn pitching, fielding and hitting and learn about the vocabulary and pretend to be an announcer. >> now on to college football t badgers travel to indiana see it on wisn 12 at 11:00. and big sports saturday at 6:30 and breaking down the badgers chances of winning the big ten title. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:17. official, the holiday season arrived here in southeast wisconsin. >> last night we flipped the switch on the holiday lights festival.
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>> amazing. it was, the fireworks and fire brigade was cool. we had people from around the world too. >> yes, it was cool to see all of the crowd there and this is an annual tradition that we the first time we broadcast that live on wisn 12. you can also see displays at the parks, the festival runs until january 1st. the fireworks were phenomenal. shout out to the crew, engineers, production staff, it went off without a hitch. it is quite a production. >> dwayne, one of the guys dancing there, yep, going on very little sleep.
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gorgeous night. if you are headed to the holiday parade tomorrow and stepping off, you will want the heavy coats. this morning 59 over 46 at the airport. southwest breezes. for this morning, we see increase in the clouds and certainly sun filtered sunshine and keeping on the shower activity showing up just nosing into the southwestor state and associated with the boundary. the temperatures, the cold air, you can see it, we are starting to see the intrusion of the blue and the 30s coming in tonight. early temperatures 55-60. 55 waukesha. 60 racine. timing for today, windy, cloudy, we have a dry morning. maybe a stray shower west as we
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close to 69 degrees. the temperatures hold through 4:00, 5:00 before the colder air really begins to stream for tonight with lows tonight at 32. now here is a look, as we move to lunchtime, there is a little thunder up north in the warm and unstable air, we may get a rumble of thunder. we get a couple of showers in advance of the front itself. then we put together a couple of dry hours. tonight the colder air is coming in, the winds are out of the northwest and we look at a chance, a couple of snow showers going, especially in the north counties. the ground is very warm. this is tomorrow at lunchtime. breaking out a little sunshine and windy and chilly weekend. today setting a record ahead of the cold front 69 degrees. cold air is coming later this afternoon and tonight and over night. 40 tomorrow. it is staying windy, raw.
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6:20. we are a week away from black friday. >> a step to take from overspending. >> plus, wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix are here with the weekend picks. >> good morning. who remembers zelda? what is it, the legends. it is a it is outstanding. all the music. coming up, wes and a lot of southeast wisconsin is headed to madison. >> yeah. >> where is he headed? we tell you coming up.
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?? >> oh, i love this. this is my favorite one. i say that every week. it is so good. thank you for that song and the shout out. i love this class. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interesd visit, go to >> 6:25. we have made it to friday. it is a big weekend for the sports fans. >> wes and elizabeth are ready to cheer on their favorite teams. here with their weekend picks. >> good morning, it is exciting for southeast wisconsin because it is the state football championship in madison. >> yes a lot of games. today is the milwaukee ones are
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waukesha. brookfield east, and franklin, my daughter is a cheerleader at franklin. i am headed there. they have a tough opponent. 12-1 for franklin. kimberly 13-0. go sabres. >> i a just kidding. all the local kids. have a great weekend. >> 6:26. a new way to get around downtown milwaukee. >> where to go to weigh in on the streetcar product. >> two students brawl in the middle of a classroom and the teacher is to blame. >> first, traffic watch 12, we look at the roads and sunrise
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matt is up in news chopper 12.
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melinda: breaking news this morning, a burglary suspect starts shooting at milwaukee police. what happened overnight moments before officers arrested the man. ben: first though, it may feel like spring here in southeast wisconsin but our neighbors to the west are dealing with snow. we're tracking when the flakes could fly in our area. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this friday, november 18th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: i am in early morning with jeremy nelson and we go to spring like to winter like. 54 degrees in sheboygan. the dew 48. the winds out of the south and staying southerly for much of the day. the cool front is coming through this afternoon. the clouds beginning to fill in this morning. this would tie the record high for today.
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could see a few scattered showers, especially in afternoon ahead of the cold front. northwest winds gusting 35-40 miles per hour and colder air is barging in, especially this evening and overnight. now you are seeing the clouds filling in for us overall, the heavy snow is staying well to the west. matt? >> that cloud is providing a gorgeous sunrise a. beautiful sky this morning. the roads are in great shape and i will turn the camera to the roadways, it is a beautiful start on the roads as well. here is the bypass, no delays. delay free on the system... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. flush thank you, matt. tim: right now, we're following breaking news. a burglary suspect starts shooting at milwaukee police overnight. officers shot back but no one
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p.m. near 26th and ruby. that's just west of teutonia avenue. hillary mintz is live from the scene with us. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, tim. yeah, the police are still on the scene here. they have been here all night long and we are in an alley. we have one officer here and one at the far end of the alley. this is all under investigation. this began with a call burglary. when they got to the scene, the suspect allegedly started shooting at officers. an officer shot back, but everyone missed. they chased down the man and arrested him. the suspect has an arrest history. it is going to the district attorney to determine if charges will be filed in this case. for now live at ruby and 27th
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ben: wisn 12 news was the first to report this breaking news online overnight. you can always get the latest news on and the wisn 12 news mobile app. melinda: right now, there's a debate over how to fight crime in milwaukee. aldermen from different areas are at odds each saying their neighborhood needs more police protection. people we spoke to on the south side say that crime has gotten worse in their area and response times are slower. they blame it on overworked police officers but leaders on the north side say crime affects the entire city and all areas need better police coverage. >> this north side, south side argument is an old argument and we really should be backing away from this polarizing rhetoric. ben: ashanti hamilton tells wisn 12 news there are plans in the works that would help fight crime across the entire city. that includes adding more than a dozen officers who would target violent zones. ben: an appeals court decides to
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dassey was convicted of helping his uncle steven avery kill teresa halbach. there's been a lot of back and forth between state officials and courts trying to decide if dassey would be set free this week. this past summer, dassey's 2005 conviction was overturned. a judge ruled that dassey's confession was involuntary. since then, the state has been fighting to keep dassey in prison while they retry the case. yesterday, an appeals court general and ruled that dassey will not go free. dassey's uncle steven avery is working to appeal his conviction. this case drew national attention thanks to the netflix series "making a murderer." ben: later today, a progress report on milwaukee's streetcar. a common council committee is meeting to talk about the streetcar plans. the streetcar system has been in the works for years.
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2018. today's meeting will cover recent activity on the project. the schedule for what's ahead and the budget status. melinda: only on wisn 12 news, a determined young mom is raising her kids the usual way loving them, cuddling and nurturing them despite being in a wheelchair. ashley dall was left quadriplegic after a car accident. now she's a successful mother of two, including a newborn. >> the hardest thing for me is not allowing the self-doubt that i had in myself to stop me from being a good mom. how her therapy team at froedtert quickly moved into ben: later today, tickets go on sale for the first two big headliners announced for summerfest 2017. pink and red hot chili peppers will both play next summer. tickets for pink go on sale at 10:00 a.m. and at noon for red hot chili peppers. you can buy them at the summerfest box office or online
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now to a check on the morning commute with matt. >> i found a cool shot the share. the air bus 380, the largest airplane. it is on the ramp at mitchell international right now. it is cool looking huge double decker there. now, if you are headed out the door, we are down by the mitchell interchange. we are looking good. in fact, we are complaint free across the system. no delays. no crashes to slow you down. that is a look at the morning commute. tim, back to you. we have breaking news about the president-elect's team. they have chosen alabama senator
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michael flynn at the security adviser. >> a fight breaks out in a crowd. >> a car crashes into the crowd. the car surges forward and into the middle of the fight. there it is there. in r into the building too. the driver ran away from the ca they are now working to track him down. >> this morning, the aftermath of an explosion in illinois. melinda: we're getting a look at the damage and finding out more about the victim. this is what downtown canton looks like after the blast on wednesday. one person was killed. authorities say he worked for a power company and was on the job at the time. this morning, people in the community are working to rebuild. melinda: young kids in chicago forced to fight in the classroom. ben: one of the students in this
6:38 am
there is an adult voice in the video telling the boys what to do. they're in 5th and 6th grade. the boys' parents say they are outraged. the school district says the woman was not an employee and she's no longer a part of after-school activities. >> wisn 12 news time is 6:38. snow is falling in some of the areas. >> we have a check on the forecast next. adoption mix-up. why a man who came to being forced to leave. the one mistake his adoptive parents made. ben: high stakes. the bet that landed a man with a permanent reminder of the election's outcome and why he shared the whole ordeal on
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>> good morning, 6:41. thank you for joining us. we are tracking 43 northbound, southbound, looking good. travel times are all in the
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that is going to change up as long as the temperatures. sal. >> in early this morning with jeremy. coming up at 6:48 sunrise. we are talking about the filtered sun. we are talking about a record high of 69 and we have a shot at it. >> yes, that would be the h the windchill is back. 6:00 p.m. in milwaukee this evening, not bad. look to the west, 34 madison. the cold air is sweeping across the state in the evening. if you are headed out tonight, wear a heavy coat. teens and 20s for the windchills. when you step out the door tomorrow morning feeling 18
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unfortunately statewide not much recovery with the windchill stuck in the 20s for the entire day. as the hupters are headed to the woods for the start of the gun deer season, frigid, lots of wind out there. be careful in the tree stands. flurries across the area. maybe touching 40 degrees. it is not going to feel like that with the windchills in the 20s. looking at the first real push of cold air headed to the winter season. >> 20s. okay, jeremy. ben: right now montana is under several inches of snow. the city of red lodge got a few inches yesterday which is good news for local businesses. the snow comes just in time for ski season. last year the area had a mild winter which kept visitors away. this year they're hoping for more winter weather. ben: snow in colorado caused some problems yesterday. the state's busiest interstate was impassable for hours after a 23-vehicle crash. a semi jackknifed and caused a
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on colorado's snowy roads. >> right now we're following breaking news from overnight. melinda: an armed man starts shooting at milwaukee police. tim is live in the newsroom with the latest. tim. tim: melinda and ben, i have a map pulled up here showing where all this happened overnight. this is 26th and ruby in the central part of the city. police were called to the area around 10:30 last night for a burglary. when they got there, a man allegedly started shooting at them. an officer shot back. despite the bullets flying, no one was shot. the 23-year-old suspect ran away but was caught a short time later. this case will be reviewed by the milwaukee county da's office in the coming days. we'll be watching for new information throughout the morning. back to you in the studio. >> tim, thank you. ben: new this morning, a toddler's birthday party turns into tragedy. seven people were shot during the party in tennessee. neighbors say the toddler's mother was killed. police believe it is gang
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suspects. there's no word from officials on whether any children were hurt. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:44. melinda: new this morning, a washington man adopted from south korea as a child now set to be deported. adam crapser moved to the u.s. as a three-year-old. he and his sister were abandoned by their adoptive parents and crapser was abused by his second adoptive family. he now has a wife and children and owns a barber shop. after reuniting with his sister, crapser found out that his adoptive parents never filed the documeto so he applied for a green card. that's when immigration stepped in and started the process to deport him. now a judge has ruled that crapser has to go back to south korea. >> i thought i was a citizen. i got little kids that depend on me. melinda: crapser could be deported any day now. ben: new this morning, a group a former fox news anchor is
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>> we shouldn't judge the women when they come forward. we have a make it a safer environment. so that it is no longer she r he said, she said, but maybe just she said. >> more of that interview with gretchen tonight on a special hour long edition of 9:00 followed by wisn 12 news at ten. >> disney is unveiling a high-tech attraction drone show creating the holiday themed shapes like the christmas trees. it is as the disney world, expected to run through the end
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melinda: new this morning, he has one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the world! today, mickey mouse is celebrating his 88th birthday. mickey made his animated film debut in 1928's "steamboat willie." disney properties around the world are planning celebrations today to wish mickey a happy birthday. >> the holiday season is here and you are going to feel it in your wallet. an estimated $655.8 billion will be spent on presents, meals and travel. take the steps to prevent going into debt, especially if you have loans. >> for example, we're hearing from retailers that the average spending level may be well over $900 this year per person. so if that's true, cut that in half and use that additional funding to actually give a gift to yourself and pay down some debt. melinda: experts say in 2016, the average graduate has more than $37,000 in student loan debt.
6:48 am
year which is why they say to cut back where you can on holiday spending. i know you want to hot toy or present, if you have loans. >> pay the rent first. >> pay yourself first, you know, give yourself a gift and pay down your debt. keeping an eye on temperatures for tomorrow. the holiday parade at 9:30 tomorrow morning. ends up on wisconsin avenue. but it is puffy coat weather for tomorrow. 8:00 temperatures around 30 degrees. 32 at 9:30 when the parade steps off. the windchills in the teens with gusty winds. not much of a warm up. be prepared for the deep cold in place, especially for tomorrow. now early morning temperatures for us showing up the 50s and
6:49 am
plenty in the way of sunshine. the heavy snow is moving into minnesota and it is heavy. it is pushing up to the arrowhead of minnesota. 30s over the dakotas and coming our way tonight. 48 minneapolis. 59 degrees at the airport. most of the locations between 55 watertown, west bend, beaver dam to this morning windy and cloudy overall, staying dry. spotty showers are possible this amp ahead of the cool front. temperatures are holding at least through 4:00, 5:00 and beginning to fall tonight. so let me show you what is happening, 3:30 spotty showers ahead of the front. still in the 60s. the evening hours, still 60 or better. by 9:00 the temperatures are really starting to fall with the north winds.
6:50 am
no worries accumulation. the colder air coming in windy, raw for much of saturday. today though, breezy, warm. temperatures up to 69 degrees. that would tie a record for today. now, turning much winder and colder tonight. the lows 32. 40 for both saturday and sunday. 40s next week. wet again by wednesday. matt? the south and the sun is cracking above the horizon line, it is a gorgeous sunrise and warm one with the gusty south winds. i will turn the camera, we are problem free on the roadways. this is state yum interchange. no delays. 10 minutes east bound into downtown. no delays into the construction zone no. crashes to slow you down. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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thousands of volkswagen employees losing their jobs. tim has new details that came in overnight. tim? tim: vw says they're cutting 30,000 jobs. most of them, about 23,000 will be cut in germany. there's no word on whether jobs in the u.s. will be affected. the auto company says they need to cut costs after facing massive fines for cheating on emissions tests. volkswagen will pay a $15 billion fine in the u.s. over the scandal. e $3.9 billion every year. around the world, 11 million cars are equipped with the deceptive software. back to you. melinda: new this morning, a man in iowa loses a bet and has to pay up. instead of handing over cash, zach cobert had to get a tattoo of donald trump. cobert bet his friend that trump wouldn't win the election. he's a bernie sanders supporter, but now trump will forever be a
6:52 am
on facebook. his followers chose the picture of trump and the location of the tattoo. >> i'm thinking about my life, and how it went wrong, and now i'm laying in a chair and getting a trump stamp. >> i don't think how he's thinking about his life. she should have thought about that fo he's called it. he said -- >> he's got a story now. every time he goes to a pool. >> stupid thing he's ever done, that is what he said. "g.m.a." is up next. >> first a look outside, a final
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." now to a check on the head lieps. >> a man behind bars after shooting at the police officers. police say an officer shot back at the suspect, no one was hit. the suspect was arrested. >> now the breaking news in racine, the crews on the scene of a house fire reported this
6:56 am
we are told a person has been taken to the hospital. the investigators are figuring out what caused the fire. >> brendan dassey will not bereleased from prison. the conviction was overturned and the state wanted him behind bars until the new trial. >> now to college football t badgers are travelling to indiana tomorrow to face purdue. see it on wisn 12 at 11:30. >> now to matt high above us in news chopper 12. matt? >> we have a fantastic friday rolling on the freeways. 94 eastbound, westbound.
6:57 am
them. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> we have several more dry and mild hours of the temperatures climbing up to the 60s. between noon and five a few spotty showers ahead of the cold front. the temperatures will be tumbling. 32 tonight. 40 and windy tomorrow. >> that would be five records in november. >> yes, if we break or tie this one. >>is though. >> yes. >> all right, that is all for us
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good morning, america. breaking news. donald trump names retired general michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holds his first face-to-face with a head of state. blizzard warning. the first major snowstorm of the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes.


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