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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Saturday  ABC  November 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] >> now, on 12 news. >> right now on wisn 12 news this morning, more than a dozen reports of tiny machines stealing credit card information at gas stations around wisconsin. the four steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. returns to milwaukee. the city's annual holiday parade starts in a few hours. the best streets to watch all the floats and marching bands. first a live look outside, we have flurries falling in parts of the area. we are tracking how long the snow flurries will stick around. good morning and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. it's 5:00 a.m.
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day with us. we will get a check of our forecast with jeremy nelson. november reality has set in this morning. jeremy: a wintry look and feel outside our weather window this morning. a couple snowflakes, that camera was in upcoming walk. the snow has reached us in milwaukee. a little snow accumulation in some of here is a live look outside. some of those snowflakes in milwaukee, the first of the season. 34 degrees right now. winds sustained at 20 miles per hour. gusting at 30-40 miles per hour. mulched and grassy areas have minor snow accumulation. here is your forecast today.
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wind chill in the teens and 20's. no improvement this afternoon. we will talk about what is in your forecast for the rest of the weekend, coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. happening now, milwaukee police are investigating a shooting on the north side just after 2:00 this morning. investigators have not released many details, officers are on the scene. we will bring you any new information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. as you heard jeremy say, the cold weather, settling in. many families don't have the basic necessities to cope with the cold, namely winter coats. only on wisn 12 news, adrienne pedersen shows us how local charities are scrambling to provide enough warm coats. adrienne: these hangers at catholic charities in milwaukee are usually full this time of year. the coats you see here only
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>> its 70 degrees out, who is thinking winter coats at this time? adrienne: now that it's getting cold local charities don't have the coats they desperately need. >> these coats mean a lot. i can't tell you how many times clients and their children will come in and have no coat. adrienne: brother rob roemer at st. ben's, a ministry providing meals six days a week, tells us the same thing. >> adrienne: he's worried about how the people he sees almost everyday will stay warm. >> i just went and purchased four pairs of gloves because i know they are not coming in and we need them soon. adrienne: robert eubanks eats at st. ben's about twice a week. >> it was a person that gave me a coat, an older man. it kept me warm and i told him, i'll never throw this coat away because he gave it to me off of his back when i didn't have one.
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year now. >> that was adrienne pederson reporting. leaders at catholic charities say they need boys and men's coats the most. they say they usually get plenty of coats for little girls. there is a food drive today during the holiday parade in milwaukee. you are looking at video from that parade. volunteers from the hunger task force will be pushing shopping carts along the parade route and collecting non-perishable food items. the food collected will go to local food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. this year, when you donate, you will get a 25% off coupon to boston store. and we've got a look at the route for you. the holiday parade steps off at 9:30 this morning from the corner of astor and kilbourn. it winds down kilbourn to old world third street, before wrapping up at the grand avenue mall. anchor toya washington and chief meteorologist mark baden are in the parade and wisn 12 news contributor van mcneil will have live reports from downtown
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after the parade, you can check out the decorations at the boston store in downtown milwaukee. for the first time in years, the store is bringing back its holiday-themed windows at the location on 4th and wisconsin. this year's theme is built around its holiday gift guide, featuring the store's best brands. >> the department store retail is all about creating excitement and magic. especially during the holiday time. back to our store in downtown milwaukee. things from our childhood that have fond memories of the holiday season. >> the holiday windows will be on display through the end of the year. new this morning, credit card skimming machines are popping up at stores around wisconsin. police in madison and green bay are warning shoppers and businesses owners to be alert. there have been at least two similar incidents in green bay
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investigators in madison say they have found 11 skimmers at gas stations within the last month. arrests have been made in madison and investigators are working to see if any of these cases are connected. police have some advice for consumers. >> they can also hide their hand when they are typing their pin number. >> police say there are 4 things to keep in mind to avoid having becoming a victim. account and report fraudulent activity right away. pay inside the gas station. purchase gas station gift cards in small amounts and use those for pay at the pump transactions . avoid using gas pumps with no tamper evident sticker. in milwaukee, the family that owns 3 popular local restaurants is heading to prison for skimming millions of dollars. the bouraxis family runs el fuego, el beso, and omega burger.
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more than $3 million and paid workers in cash to avoid paying taxes. bouraxis was sentenced to two years in prison, his son a year and a day, and his wife will serve six months house arrest. you have a few more weeks to stop in at one well-known downtown milwaukee shop. george watts and son, and the watts tea shop, near cathedral square, will shut down at the end of the year. it will continue to sell china, crystal and other high-end goods the company was established in 1870. happening now, thousands of hunters are getting ready for the start of wisconsin's gun deer season. it opens this morning at sunrise, with many hunters already on their way to the woods. the department of natural resources says tens of thousands of hunters have already bought licenses, but sales are down about 16,000 from last season. hunters tell wisn 12 news, they look forward to these nine days
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>> definitely the camaraderie with people you haven't seen for a whole year. we all get together and play cards. drink a little beer. >> the season runs through the sunday after thanksgiving. later today, you can enjoy a feast and football in milwaukee's sherman park. local officers will join neighbors for a couple of friendly games of flag football. there will be food and snacks. organizers say it's a way to bring the neighborhood together for a little fun before the holidays. the acties until 4:00. anyone is welcome. also later today, you're invited to a housing resource fair in milwaukee. you can get your questions answered on issues like home financing, repairs or foreclosures. the event is at north division high school from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. representatives from various city departments will be there, as well as habitat for humanity, the fair housing council, and other community organizations.
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more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students will get their diplomas during today's fall commencement ceremony. it's at the kern center, starting at 10:00 a.m, the graduates are receiving degrees in fields ranging from engineering to nursing. congratulations to all. and good luck. time right now is 5:09. scientists find more than greens inside popular bagged salads. how you can avoid getting sick the next time you grab one for lunch. plus, this may be the closest they get to snow in california. what sent this oozing white foam spewing into streets in one neighborhood. and speaking of snow, jeremy nelson is in the weather center. i keep saying this, we are facing a winter reality this morning. jeremy: that's right, it is back. a return to winter. i will let you know how long
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news this morning. with weather watch jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news this morning continues. >> welcome back. 5:13. news this morning. the zika virus outbreak is no longer an international public health emergency. the world health organization issued that declaration on this does not mean zika may not be a problem where you live, but on a global level, the spread of zika is under control. zika is spread mostly by infected mosquitoes and can cause birth defects in unborn children. the world health organization says it will now create a technical committee to handle zika research and efforts going forward. right now, there is no vaccine or medicine for zika. in south florida, bacteria may be the secret weapon in the fight against zika.
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infected with bacteria to limit the insect's ability to transfer the virus. the epa has previously approved the use of infected mosquitoes in the florida keys. also new this morning, pre-made bagged salads may contain high levels of salmonella. researchers in the u.k. recreated the bagged salad environment, and found the combination of moisture, plus nutrients leaching out of the greens, can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. the scientists say the best way to avoid food poisoning is to eat the greens the same day you buy them and avoid bags with mushy leaves. daily exercise has far-reaching effects for almost every part of the body from the brain to the heart. a new report on sports injuries lays out why workouts should be done in moderation. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor doctor timothy johnson. dr. johnson: getting in better shape?
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active country, with 213 million people last year reporting regular physical activity. but today, a new cdc report showing sports-related injuries are responsible for 8.6 million annual visits to doctor's offices and hospitals in the u.s. the most common activity that led to these visits for both men and women of all ages, it was general exercise, like running or weight-lifting. but it was young men engaging in team sports like basketball and soccer who appeared to be at the highest risk. the good news? half of these injuries were easily addressed without expensive e.r. visits or hospital stays. also important to remember that most who exercise don't end up with aches and pains that require medical attention. and as we all know most , americans don't meet recommended guidelines for
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so for most of us, it would seem the benefits outweigh the risks. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> later today, you're invited to stuff the squad at piggly wiggly in mount pleasant. the police department is holding a food drive from 9:00 this morning until 3:00 p.m. at the store on washington avenue. you can buy premade bags of food for either five dollars or all $10. the items will be donated to the racine county food bank. also later today, you can check organization's north american nationals competition. handlers and their dogs perform a choreographed musical program for prizes. the competition starts at 9:00 this morning at the olympia resort and spa in oconomowoc. admission is free. and today at discovery world, you're invited to an interactive event aimed at inspiring more women and girls to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, or stem. admission is included with your discovery world ticket. those are $18 for adults and $14
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and coming up on 5:17 this saturday morning, it is snowing outside. jeremy: this is winter. this is what it is like. >> i'm not ready to go out on the whole game of thrones, winter is coming. it is not here yet on the calendar. jeremy: it feels like winter, even though it is fall. we are cold temperatures and first snow of the season. we were spoiled. not a lot of snow sticking. not only snowflakes this morning, but when guests today may hit 40 miles per hour. they will hit in the teens most of the day. frigid range in the 20's. if you are a deer hunter, stay
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you head out into the woods. then deer season begins at sunrise. teens and 20's. wind will stay up most of the day, staying 20-30 mile per hour's. an elevated tree stand in a tree, be careful. temperatures nearing 40 degrees. roads are wet in the milwaukee metro. this is our tech campus, wells street here. temperatures for today. close to 40 degrees by afternoon. the winds are sustained in a northwesterly direction. at least 20 miles per hour, probably higher at times. we will try to mix in some from time to time. any snowflakes should fall early in the morning. wind advisory with gusting towards 40 miles per hour for
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that will go until 6:00 p.m. this evening. even after that, it will stay breezy. a live look outside. we had a burst of snow about an hour ago. enough to get grassy areas on the white side. snowflakes coming down on the north shore. gusty west to northwest breeze at 15 miles per hour. low 30's and strong winds gives you a wind chill for what it feels like. like 15. wind chill 19 through parts of dodge, jefferson county and lakeshore areas. snow working through right now. mainly showers and also flurries that's been through the great lakes today and try out in the afternoon. it will keep the chill up. forecast highs, upper 30's to around 40 degrees.
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but on sunday. a little less wind for the back half of the weekend. wind is the big story for today. your saturday afternoon forecast , a little more sunshine but no warmth for today. upper 30's to around 40 degrees. tonight, the coldest night of the season. low-to-mid. here is your weather watch. don't forget, forecast now includes thanksgiving. we may get a little bit lucky because the storm system moves in wednesday. you can travel in some rainy weather to get to friends or family thursday. turkey day looks dry. a chance of rain or snow, we will keep tabs on that for the day after thanksgiving. thema: time is 5:20. the cast of the musical hamilton get their shot at addressing the vice-president elect. the message they shared with the incoming administration. and later, pink is the new orange.
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wearing blaze pink gear before you head into the woods this
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new this morning, no, that isn't snow in california. it's foam fire retardant that spilled into the streets yesterday in santa clara, california. fire officials say an alarm went off inside a new airplane hangar, causing the foam to spew everywhere. because there was no fire to extinguish, the foam just kept spreading. people were warned not to go in it, as it can cause skin irritation, though some people couldn't resist. no one was hurt. also new this morning, vice president-elect mike pence took last night off from his duties as head of the presidential transition team and took in a performance of hamilton on broadway. but the audience didn't exactly greet the incoming v.p. with a standing ovation. [boo] thema: as pence walked into the
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and some scattered applause. after the performance the cast , took a moment to directly address the vice president-elect. brendan dixon who plays vice , president aaron burr says the new administration's rhetoric has alarmed many americans. >> but we truly hope the show has inspired you to uphold our american values. thema: hamilton's creator, n- outspoken clinton supporter. he hosted a special showing of the musical back in july to raise money for her campaign. later today, friends and colleagues will celebrate the life of veteran journalist gwen ifill. she died monday from cancer. a service is being held this morning at her church, metropolitan ame in washington, d.c. one of ifill's colleagues at pbs, judy woodruff, tweeted this picture yesterday. it shows a name plate for ifill
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according to woodruff, only a few icons have received this honor, including frederick douglass and now ifill. coming up on 5:26. transforming a milwaukee landmark into a winter wonderland. up next on wisn 12 news this morning, the holiday surprises you can expect the next time you stroll the streets of old milwaukee. and a live look outside as we had to break. look at the screen. outside.
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>> now, on wisn 12 news. thema: good morning and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm thema ponton. thank you for spending this saturday morning with this. coming up on 5:30 right now and a check of our weather. today, you are not anyone's friend. i don't mean that. but it is feeling cold and windy out there. jeremy: maybe my popularity went
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and overnight. the first snowflakes arrived in southeastern wisconsin in parts of dodge. your window this morning, a scene like this. this from iron ridge. a light dusting of snow. roads still in pretty good shape. the ground is still too warm. snow spinning in the area. look outside in milwaukee. a few flurries. winds will gust 35-40 miles per hour today. above freezing here. that is why the snowflakes are melting. it does not feel like teens and 20's for wind chill across the state. a wind advisory towards 6:00 p.m.. the blustery field hangs out for the rest of the day.
5:31 am and our free app are your best sources for weather information while on the go this weekend. you can check the hour-by-hour temperatures and also watch for any future rain on the interactive radar. it's that time of year again, gun deer season starts today. the dnr reports tens of thousands of hunters have already bought licenses, but sales are down about 16,000 from last season. and there are some new changes this year. the dnr wants hunters to keep in mind. first, make sure you have a carcass tag, not just your license. hunters harvesting a deer without a carcass tag in their possession will face a fine of more than $300. another change hunters will notice this year is that blaze pink is now allowed as a legal hunting color to go along with the traditional blaze orange. as 12 news ben hutchison reports, some retailers are testing the market, and the color is drawing all kinds of customers.
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specific or bids? reporter: it's that time of year at blain's farm and fleet in waukesha charlotte gottsacker helping people find hunting gear. she's talking about blaze pink items. back in february, governor walker signed a bill allowing hunters to wear the color in addition to the traditional blaze orange. gottsacker hunts, she says if it gets more women into hunting >> it gives them another shot to say we are women and are proud to be hunters. reporter: but moments after our interview jeff and anthony zuercher proving it's not just for women. >> you are used to seeing orange in the leaves. this pink will be like, wow. reporter: they decided not to
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our clothing from have not gotten the pink yet. reporter: general manager rob scherper says only a handful of customers have even brought it up but he wants to make one thing clear so people stay safe outdoors for gun deer hunting season. >> this is an example of a pink hunting garment that is not a legal garment. reporter: in hales corners, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. thema: sherper's says they'll consider adding blaze pink items for next year. and farm and fleet is already planning on having significantly more options for their customers in the future. wisconsin's gun deer season runs through the sunday after thanksgiving. and governor scott walker is ready to go hunting. he posted this photo of his deer tag on twitter. the governor plans to hunt in vilas county. a wisconsin man gets quite the surprise when a deer he thought was dead, wakes up in the trunk of his car. the man hit the deer on an adams county road thursday night, then
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, still alive, he called the sheriff's department. squad video shows a deputy about to put the deer down, when the animal springs to its feet and takes off, stunning both men. they are just standing there staring at it. that same deputy made national headlines two years ago after arresting a drunk driver who claimed he smelled of alcohol because he ate beer-battered fish at a fish fry. the sheriff's department posted on facebook, things are never boring when deputy brian is working. menomonie police say they have a suspect in the death of a u.w. stout student who was beaten halloween weekend. 24-year-old hussain alnahdi was a junior from saudi arabia. police say they have no evidence indicating his death was a hate crime. police say the suspect is not a student. his name is being withheld pending charges. while we deal with the cold, and some flurries parts of south , dakota and minnesota are covered in snow right now.
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cars and roads are covered with snow and ice. the minnesota state patrol responded to more than 340 accidents at least two of them fatal. some areas saw more than a foot of snow. well you will want to bundle up if you're heading out to the milwaukee holiday parade. it steps off this morning at 9:30 from the corner of astor and kilbourn. it winds down kilbourn to old world third street, before wrapping up at the grand avenue mall. while you're there, make sur wave hello to wisn 12's toya washington and mark baden, who will be in the parade. bundled up, as well. the hunger task force will be collecting canned food along the parade route. all food collected will go to local food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. this year, when you donate, you will get a 25% off coupon to boston store. wisn 12 is teaming up with the hunger task force to raise money this holiday season.
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hosting our annual food for families phone bank. last year, you at home helped us raise more than $100,000. we look forward to this year's event. right now, millions of americans are getting ready to hit the road next week. so if you're planning on traveling this thanksgiving, you can save big later today. the a local church in milwaukee is giving away free gas this weekend. members of the kingdom faith fellowship will give away $1000 in gas before the thanksgiving holiday. starting at 10:00 this morning, they will issue gas vouchers to the first 100 cars in line at the b.p. gas station near first street and west capitol. and more people are expected to drive to their destination this thanksgiving. that's in part because of low gas prices, hovering around $2.03 locally. a total of 49 million people are expected to travel, making it
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if you're planning to fly, the busiest days to fly out of mitchell will be wednesday before, and the sunday after thanksgiving. here in the midwest, workers at one of the largest airports are threatening to walk off the job. hundreds of baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, and wheelchair attendants at o'hare voted to go on strike next week. the workers say they want a $15
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news this morning. with thema ponton and jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news this morning continues. thema: right now, president -- we are on weather watch this morning. it is cold. there are snow flurries and in some places, it is sticking to the ground. we are in the weather center with jeremy nelson, who is keeping an eye on our conditions for today. jeremy: i always find it how amazing it is, if we can bottle it up and let it out in february when we are wrapping up winter, but it is exciting this
5:43 am
out the shovel. jeremy: let's talk about the weather headlines. drastically different than anything this fall. a wind advisory, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. if you haven't seen snowflakes, look soon. we see snow early this morning. lows in the mid 20's. the doppler 12 radar still spinning flurries and snow showers through the area. in milwaukee, still some light snow and flurries. no or anything above freezing. we talk about the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. thema: thank you, jeremy. right now, president obama is in south america for the last stop of his final foreign tour as president. air force one touched down late last night in lima, peru. president obama will meet with the peruvian president. tomorrow, he will attend an economic summit with asian leaders. well in a stunning reversal, president-elect donald trump is
5:44 am
against his now defunct trump university. the settlement was for 25 million dollars and no admission of wrongdoing. while campaigning, trump vowed he would never settle the 3 civil lawsuits. a trial had been scheduled to begin later this month. later today, trump is expected to meet with one of his harshest critics. former presidential nominee mitt romney will sit down face to face with the president-elect at trump's golf club in bedminster, new jersey. a majority meetings have taken place in new york. yesterday, trump made picks for more top posts in his administration. his choice for attorney general is alabama senator jeff sessions. and kansas congressman mike pompeo to head the cia. on thursday, he appointed retired lieutenant general michael flynn as national security advisor. all 3 have been critical of president obama's handling of terrorism and foreign relations. and trump's national security adviser pick will be in
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lieutenant general flynn is scheduled to speak at ripon college on monday. some in the hispanic community are fearful about a donald trump presidency. a local latino leader tells upfront host mike gousha that they have reason for fear. >> is a major concern. i can tell you that following the election, we started to receive a substantial number of calls from concerned parent. and friends of those who have been affected, a lot of have been taking place, not only here in milwaukee, but all over wisconsin and in the country. thema: sunday on upfront, the head of lulac on what they hope the new president will do regarding immigration. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00. after upfront, stay tuned at 9:30 for this week with george stephanopoulus. that's followed by matter of fact with soledad o'brien at 10:30. this week, a special report on
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after, for the fifth time in history, the candidate who won the popular vote failed to win the presidency. donald trump's supporters are now asking for their starbucks drinks under trump's name as a movement against the coffee giant. after a viral video showing a trump supporter yelling at a barista gained traction earlier this week, other supporters have banded together to protest what they view as political and anti-white discrimination. the protesters are using the hashtag trump cup starbucks baristas yell trump's name and write it on their coffee cups. starbucks has responded to the protest by clarifying that it doesn't require its employees to write or call out names. i know, 5:46. there are a lot of big holiday traditions opening this weekend. the milwaukee public museum is transforming the streets of old milwaukee into a holiday wonderland. deck the streets kicks off today with holiday programs, musical
5:47 am
today's event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 the exhibit will p.m. stay decorated through january. over at the mitchell park domes, it's the holiday floral show. visitors can explore the show dome which will be transformed into a winter forest. the exhibit is free with regular admission. and don't forget to check out the holiday folk fair international. it's at the wisconsin expo center at state fair park in west allis. it is open today from 10:00 until 10:00. and tomorrow from 10:00 until 7:00. you can buy tickets online or at the door. 5:7 and we are -- who knew it would be real snow this morning. jeremy: i did. thema: i didn't talk to you last week.
5:48 am
we were talking about a warm up later in the week with thunderstorms and people were wow, it is thundering? thema: i remember you said there would be a storm around thanksgiving. jeremy: a chance of rain or snow after this. a busier stretch of weather we are in. a nice warm day, thunderstorms and the it changed. it means cold, windy weather. if people go out, they want the winter gear on. a couple extra layers. wind chill in the 20's. wind gusts could hit 40 miles per hour for the morning into the afternoon. is this a precursor to our winter? all of the answers, i have been breaking down. this is what i love to do. the winter forecast coming up.
5:49 am
this season? we will talk about the overall weather pattern and have a wrapup in the weather watch 12. first snow of the season for everyone across southeastern wisconsin, all kinds of photos. this one showing the wind and snow up in sheboygan. stop by the weather updates facebook page. if you missed out on the snow this morning or are still in bed, go to facebook. i have posted a video the snow in milwaukee. a week burst coated the ground a little bit. i did not notice any snow sticking in milwaukee. pavement just wet. a few more flurries this morning. they are wind swept. the wind gusts in the last hour. 32 miles per hour in milwaukee, at times today, we may see the wind between 35 and 40 miles per
5:50 am
this is close to lakefront. 33 degrees. sustained winds at 15, gusting at 30. that is driving down our wind chill temperatures. snow coated the ground earlier, grassy services, you can see a little snow left over. but the ground is so warm it will not as soon as the snow ends. around, but the chill will be around for today. 19 in west bend, same in watertown. 18 beaver dam. no improvement today. what you see is what you get. flurries this morning, cold temperatures throughout the day, 30's to 40 may be this afternoon in milwaukee. a little sunshine and tonight, clearing skies.
5:51 am
20's statewide. we have not seen temperatures in the 20's this season in milwaukee. tomorrow afternoon, mid-to-upper 30's for highs. the only plus side of sunday's forecast, more sunshine and the little less wind. more like 10-20 miles per hour. 40 degrees monday. near average most of thanksgiving week. rainy heads our way tuesday. hoping dry weather on of rain or snow friday or saturday. we will keep tabs on that. thema: wisn 12 news time is 5:51. a return to hogwarts. coming up, a preview of the harry potter fan favorite fantastic beasts and where to
5:52 am
john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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thema: time right now is 5:54. news this morning. the world of harry potter comes to life again. entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has a preview of fantastic beasts and where to find them. kevin this week eddie redmayne : stars as a young wizard on an adventure in new york, with a very unusual suitcase by his side, as the world of harry potter expands to america in
5:55 am
find them. >> yesterday a wizard entered new york with a case. a case full of magical creatures and unfortunately some have escaped. kevin eddie redmayne stars as : the wayward wizard with a suitcase full of magical creatures, who escape into the city and cause chaos, threatening to expose the magical world. behind the scenes was magical for the cast in a lot of ways, including the amazing recreation >> these sets are so detailed. you do feel and nursed in the period. every detail feels so it's so captivating for us too. it's the closest we'll ever get to time travel and it's pretty fun. kevin and for redmayne, being : part of the next wave of stories from j.k. rowling was a dream come . -- come true. >> i feel like we grew up in some ways watching those films and getting to dive into that
5:56 am
cozy. it was like sort of getting hug every year or two from jk rowling and um i love the idea of another generation having something similar and even though fantastic beasts is a different period, it's got all, it's still the harry potter world. it's still that it's got that same warmth and kindness. >> but it's got some scary elements to it. >> don't panic. there's absolutely nothing to worry about. kevin for entertainment tonight, : i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. thema: thank you, kevin. don't forget, tomorrow more than a dozen artists are performing at the american music awards. you can watch the ama's live tomorrow night, starting at 7:00. that's only right here on wisn 12. we are checking our cold, our snow, our wind. jeremy: all of the above.
5:57 am
forecast, but early this morning, first snow of the season arrives after midnight. snow showers and flurries across the area. little to no accumulation. some grassy spots seeing snow. 30's and 40's in the city. our discovery world camera, you can see snow. that is what it feels like outside. thema: we face reality this morning. remember, you can news w denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. news w cept denny's all-new liday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody.
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good morning, america. new this morning, the trump transition. the president-elect inviting a fierce former critic mitt romney to a meeting at his golf course compound in new jersey. is trump teeing up romney for secretary of state? this as other new appointments come of racism. plus, what's being called trump's stunning reversal. why he is suddenly settling those trump university fraud cases. casting callout. mike pence's broadway visit to "hamilton" overnight. the vice president-elect divided welcome and the message from the cast. >> we, sir, we are the diverse


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