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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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morning america" and join us on ben: a tragic situation in tennessee. at least five students killed when a school bus crashes. now the driver is facing charges. why police say he's at fault. melinda: have you packed up the car yet? families across the country are for thanksgiving. what you need to know before stepping out the door. ben: plus, another chilly start this morning. the winter weather is rolling in just in time for the holidays. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, november 22nd. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. sally: good morning, ben and melinda. this morning keeping an eye on the radar and the satellite. i saw the moon on the way in but
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throughout the day and a little snow edging out of eastern iowa. almost all of this is going to evaporate, however a stray sprinkle in the west counties as we helicopter to warm. a sloppy mix edging into iowa and minnesota. most of this nasty weather is headed to the north. right now 23 waukesha. 28 degrees at forecast for today, becoming mostly cloudy. the rain is holding off until later tonight. a stray sprinkle in the western counties mid to late morning. tomorrow off and on rain. mid 40s tomorrow. mid 40s on thanksgiving day. we high light the travel around wisconsin and the midwest coming up in a moment. >> thank you, sal. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app.
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melinda: new this morning, the driver in a fatal school bus crash is now under arrest and facing charges. at least five children were killed in the crash yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has the details. tim. tim: 35 elementary students were on the bus in chattanooga on their way home yesterday. officials say the bus rolled and crashed into a tree. at least five children were killed. around 20 were taken to hospitals. police say the 24-year-old driver was going tooas he's facing five charges of vehicular homicide and could face more charges. now police are working to get the bus's black box so they can learn more about what happened. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:32. millions of americans are traveling this week for thanksgiving and that has safety officials on alert. air and rail passengers are being reminded to allow enough time to go through security. this week is amtrak's busiest time of the year.
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to be on the lookout and to report unattended bags or anything else that seems suspicious. triple-a projects that 48 million americans will travel more than 50 miles from home this week. the vast majority of people will drive, but there will still be a spike in other transportation options like airplanes, trains, buses, and even cruises. melinda: later today, a spanish train maker will be recognized for bringing jobs back to milwaukee. talgo will repair and refurbish dozens of subway cars for los angeles. the company left milwa i 2012 after the state backed out of a plan to create a high-speed rail system. today the rail-advocacy group "all aboard wisconsin will salute talgo and honor alderman robert bauman. melinda: later today, a franklin police officer receiving a big honor for rescuing a bus driver. the driver had a medical emergency which led to the crash. news chopper 12 was over the scene in april. officer mullikan had to break into the bus to save the driver. he'll be honored with a life-saving medal today.
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be honored too. the ceremony starts at 6:30 at the franklin municipal court room. ben: looking ahead, you could be the next milwaukee police aide. mpd is looking for high school seniors or recent graduates. they're now accepting applications for the aide program. aides get benefits and pay starts around $23,000 a year. you can learn more about the program today at noon at city hall. ben: later today, possible changes to the school schedule in milwaukee. the proposal would have the school year start in mid-august and end in late may. adding a uniform policy for all schools. mps leaders are looking for input from you. there's a meeting today at rufus king high school. it starts at 6:30. melinda: rewarding students in sherman park. last night more than 100 students at townsend elementary scored free tickets to the bucks game because of their perfect attendance. the kids got tickets for themselves and their family and free bucks gear. families say it's good to have something positive after this
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>> it's been so much problems in that sherman park area and for them to give back to the bucks community is a really good thing uplifting the children and gives us the parents to spend time with our children. melinda: the surg restaurant group and phoenix investors sponsored the event. >> it's almost time our annual "food for families" phone bank! wisn 12 is partnering with the hunger task force to help local families in need. last year you helped us raise more than $100,000. we want to year. the phone bank starts at 6:00 a.m. we will pass along the number onces lines are open. wisn 12 news time now is 4:35. >> while parts of the country are dealing with sno,w - los angeles has a different problem. the floods that put lives in danger and the rescue missions that kept californians safe. ben: and a clerk fights back. the worker who wouldn't go down without a fight even when faced with a metal pipe.
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sally: all eyes on the radar this morning. we are on the network and this camera is mounted here at the station. i saw a couple of students
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down to the holiday break. becoming cloudy for today. a slight chance of a sprinkle in the west counties this morning. for the most part we are staying dry. we jump into the 40s this afternoon. a wet wednesday. but sandwich in thanksgiving day with dryer weather. 24 at racine right now. mitchell 28 degrees. winds are stayingig this amp. >> thank you, sal. on to traffic watch 12. maybe people are taking the week off. 94 looking good. we have everything in the green in terms of the drive times. ignore to road close there. melinda: heavy downpours in california lead to flash flooding. ben: rescue crews had a busy day
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island. firefighters say four people who are homeless live on an island in the la river. when the water started to rise, they needed to be rescued. another man had to be rescued from underneath a bridge. officials say the rain led to several crashes in the area too. ben: an armed robbery foiled by a brave clerk. melinda: he fought back when a man attacked him with a metal pipe. the clerk was working at a florida gas station when the suspect came in. he hit the clerk in the back. the clerk fought back using his fists. he managed to get the pipe away from the would-be thief. that suspect ran off. police are searching for him this morning. the clerk is doing just fine. ben: good for him. melinda: also new this morning, an extreme reaction to the election. ben: a man in ohio went on a rant and then set himself on fire outside of a coffee shop. he survived. he's being treated for some serious burns. police say the man was upset about protests after the election.
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see the footage there, the man reportedly stepped outside asked someone nearby to record a video and then covered himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. police say he will not face charges. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:41. security on the water. >> miami is setting up the security zones in the ocean. the high profile visitor is designed to protect over thanksgiving. >> mega-star is in the hospital and kanye west caned
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sally: this is a look at the cam ma at the milwaukee school of engineering thanks is a look at cathedral square.
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for the holiday season. this storm is pulling up the moisture from the gulf of mexico. the warm front is close enough to provide the lift and bringing in the rain tonight and tomorrow. 30 port. mid 20s coming in for both racine and kenosha. the travel overall is pretty good. generally dry weather. a few showers moving into the afternoon. for tomorrow, more of a rain snow mix, especially to the north. ben: right now, japan is dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake and a tsunami. the 7.4 quake hit the fukushima prefecture. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom following the latest information. tim. tim: officials say this massive quake was an aftershock of a 2011 earthquake that hit the same area.
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officials have lifted that tsunami warning this morning. we've learned that at least 14 people were hurt in the aftermath of the earthquake. there are some reports of damage and even fires that broke out at buildings. officials say those have all been extinguished. back to you. >> thank you, tim. ben: right now, bolivia is under a state of emergency because of a drought. the capital city a paz has a water shortage. officials are blaming the drought on climate change. it's considered the worst melinda: happening now, more protests in north dakota over an oil pipeline. right now, protesters are demanding that the sheriff of morton county resign. this comes after a tense night between law enforcement and protesters. sunday night officers reportedly used water cannons and tear gas to stop protesters from crossing a bridge. protesters say hundreds had to be treated for hypothermia. but law enforcement officials say the protesters were throwing objects at the officers.
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force, with water cannons, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets in unbelievable amounts. it was horrific, a horrific scene. melinda: 16 people were arrested yesterday during the protest to demand the sheriff's resignation. ben: new this morning, more protests in portland, oregon over president-elect donald trump. around 100 students gathered at a park after school to voice their concerns. the students walked through the streets and even blocked roads. school officials in portland warning that there could be more student protests this week. ben: just hours after meeting with tv network executives and anchors, trump lashed out at the media on twitter. he sent out this message yesterday calling the media crooked. one of the tv execs trump met with is the founder of bet, bob johnson. after the meeting, johnson said trump is committed to reaching out to african-americans. melinda: trump will be spending thanksgiving at his home in miami. the coast guard is working on special security zones for the
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melinda: boaters have to receive permission to enter any of the three zones starting today. the coast guard says the zones will protect trump and everyone else in the area from any subversive acts. trump often spends thanksgiving at his mar-a-lago resort. ben: a nominee to become trump's national security advisor was here in wisconsin last night. general michael flynn spoke at ripon college last night. hundreds of people attended. it was standing room only to hear flynn talk about national he talked about isis, russia and north korea. flynn said that leaders need to focus on the long term. >> we've got to figure out our strategy, our grand strategy, as we go forward in the rest of this century. ben: some students who attended the speech say they wanted to hear flynn discuss cyber security along with international and domestic issues.
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food for families phone bank. last year we raised $100,000. the phone bank is starting at 6:00 a.m. and we'll pass along the number when the lines are open. >> we have spifed that up a bit, haven't we. >> it is looking good. >> early this morning mostly cloudy skies. i saw a little bit of the moon on the way in. lots of dry s errands and we are looking at the temperatures this morning overall low to mid 20s. where we have the clouds the temperatures are a little warmer as well. waukesha 23. everyone becomes mostly cloudy for today as we look at the satellite and the radar. i am keeping an eye on the moisture, this is light snow,
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iowa may very well hold together enough to get a sprinkle going in the western counties. this is the low. drawing up the moisture from the gulf of mexico and becoming stronger moving to the north. travel impacts for today, tonight and tomorrow are minor over northern wisconsin, but likely drive into snow, especially during the later day hours tomorrow. here we are tonight, mid night, you are seeing the rain holding off for us. periods of light rain overnight tonight and for early wednesday. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. tomorrow at lunchtime the snow showing up. wet snow, a little reduction in the visibility to the north overall. we are continuing to look at periods of showers on wednesday and wednesday night before we bring in the dryer air for the holiday. then we look at wet once again
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so today mostly cloudy. the rain holding off until tonight. dry but mostly cloudy on thanksgiving. late thursday night and friday a light mix is possible for us, just minor grassy accumulations lfr the sunshine on friday. >> traffic out there. 41, 94. that road closed is thing. it is a real thing. it is actually closed. that is why it says that. you would think. 94 eastbound 16 minutes to downtown. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:51. ben: right now, police in san antonio have a man in custody. he's accused of shooting and killing a police officer. police say otis tyrone mckane has admitted to killing detective benjamin marconi. marconi was shot twice while sitting in his patrol car on
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the shooting sparked a massive manhunt in san antonio involving the fbi. mckane told reporters that he was upset that he wasn't allowed to see his son. mckane apologized to the officer's family. >> kanye >> that news is coming after he cancelled the rest of the national tour. 21 concerts in all. the ticket site live nation is saying all customers will be refunded for that. the police officers were called to a house yesterday afternoon. west is suffering from exhaustion and stress. kim kardashian was expected to
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night. back to you. >> the "g.m.a." team is following the latest information on kanye west and more details at 7:00 a.m. after "wisn 12 news this morning". melinda: police in kansas have made an arrest in a disturbing case. a woman is accused of killing a mother and kidnapping her newborn baby. police say the woman had been faking a pregnancy for months and then returned home to texas with the baby. the baby girl was not hurt. she's staying with family members this morning. ben: new this morning, a texas woman wash was tazed. the woman uses a wheelchair because of a lower back injury. she was using a cell phone to record her friend's arrest when she got into an argument with police. one deputy grabbed her phone and threw it into her car. minutes later another deputy tazed her. >> i feel like they actually abused the law and used it to
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ben: she wants the deputies to face charges too. the sheriff's office says the deputies are being investigated and may face consequences once the investigation is finished. melinda: okay, by this time on friday you may be out there with lots of other focused shoppers looking to score a deal or the hottest item of the season. and many of you will be after the "must-have" toy of the year. >> never underestimate the power of seeing children's eyes, right. melinda: you know it's true! just what drives us to extremes to get the hottest toy or gadget? i go to some experts to help us understand. >> one of those experts is a guy that specializes in consumer behavior? >> yes. an increed bli fascinating job.
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needs. don't miss it tonight at 10:00. i tell you, the hot toys, wait until you see them. >> is this guy helping us shop more or less? >> probably more. >> a chance to meet an olympic gold medallist. >> where your family can go today to get autographs. >> changes ahead of the busy travel season and what amtrak is
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>> welcome back. music lessons could be the key to treating kids with adhd. >> the study followed 3 then look the music lessons and then the mri saw changes in the brain. the prior researched adhd and autism to a decrease in the connections. >> a study from massachusetts general hospital was small included 23 obese teens, most were 17 years old and the special ct scans showed high
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mass. adolescence is the time we reach the peak bone mass. >> women are the ones that suffer the most during the cold and flu season. researchers found that women are likely to report symptoms as muscle aches and ear aches and fatigue. the women's symptoms last longer than men. >> i will get you a refill on th can you hear my sickness right now? >> no. >> the news continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. 5:00, tuesday, november 22nd. >> a town in mourning after a tragic bus crash, six children
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school in tennessee. >> dangerous chemicals are lurking when you turn on the tap. the plan that the leaders are discussing today to protect the drinking water. >> first to a live look outside. we are on traffic and weather watch. we are going to sally severson. >> good morning, early temperatures are showing up the 20s and the clouds, well, they are going to fill in. a fairly dry day in place as we look at mostly cloudy ie up the moisture from the gulf of mexico and chilly rain in nebraska and kansas and a mix in minnesota and iowa. however, the north woods will pick up some snow. the bottom line tricky travel tomorrow, especially if you are headed to the north woods. if you can, leave today to avoid driving in the snow. later tonight and especially for


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