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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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this morning," massive flames burning just feet from a local home. the widespread damage left behind after an overnight fire. melinda: thanksgiving is almost here. today is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. we're keeping an eye on conditions as you hit the road or catch a flight. ben: but first, here's a live look downtown. you can expect rain this morning. we're also tracking snow that'll impact any of you heading northwest for the holiday. good morning and welcome t gner melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, november 23rd. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: it is early today that we are looking at light rain, mist and drizzle around. now at the airport 42. winds are south, southeast at 13 miles per hour. you are seeing the low clouds around and the patchy rain throughout the day today. here is a look at the network,
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southwest to northeast and move to the north, the snow is lining up to the north. now, even still, the snow totals are 1-3 inches. low pressure is continuing to spin to the south and drift to the east. it is taking showers with it but not until tonight. grab the umbrella. most of us are headed to the grocery store today and the tonight. matt? >> quiet on the roadways, just one fender bender on the south side. now a little north of there, there is a crash, eastbound 894 in the mitching interchange aroaching the southbound 9d 4 ramp. be careful around that. the rest of the system in flowing in the green. no reasons to rush out.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. ben: only on wisn 12 news, flames rip through a barn in kenosha county triggering a massive emergency response. here you can see the fire that was reported overnight. let's get to tim with the latest on what happened. tim. tim: it was quite the scene around midnight as a barn and at least one car went up in flames. you're looking at video from pleasant prairie in kenosha county. the property is lo road just south of wilmot road. for a little perspective that's not far from the pleasant prairie outlet malls. the fire was so hot it peeled the siding on the garage next door. we're told no injuries were reported. no word yet on what sparked the fire. >> also new from overnight, a car starts on fire after a wrong way crash in greenfield. it happened near 76th and layton. hales corners police say officers tried stopping a car for speeding.
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drove the wrong way and hit an suv. the suspect and two people in the suv were hurt. >> and finally, all lanes of i-43 are back open after an overnight crash. it happened near bender road. part of the interstate was closed while emergency crews responded. we're still working to learn more about what happened and whether anyone was hurt. stay with wisn 12 news and the 12 news app for updates throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you, tim. ben: this morning, new information about a police officer shot in detroit. he has been released from surgery. police say the campus officer was shot in the head while patrolling near wayne state university in detroit. police say he was investigating stolen car radios when someone shot him. a person of interest is in custody right now but police haven't said whether that man is the shooter. melinda: right now, millions of
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thanksgiving. hilly mintz is live at mitchell international airport this morning. good morning. reporter: sometimes when you think about travelling and flying, you get a little stressed out and i am seeing a lot of happy faces this morning, mainly it is not super crowded here. this is typically the biggest rush of the day here. we are showing you and southwest. it is not bad here. it is a steady s you know, once you check in here, it is not taking you very long. we are hopping up through security here. you know, this holiday season, there is about 4 million people going to be taking to the skies. that is up one and a half per september from last year and the most travelled thanksgiving since 2007. but again, we have been here for an hour so far and the crowds just don't seem to be that bad.
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lines. again, you may breeze through it. at times the starbucks line is longer than the security line here. all in all, guys, it is not bad, just remember a lot more families are coming through the lines and that comes with the strollers t car seats, it is taking time, and just give patience. >> hillary, all right a lot of the triple-a says 89 percent of travelers will hit the road. in wisconsin, the average gas price is two dollars for a gallon. that's four cents less than a year ago. if you're traveling to minnesota, you'll pay even less for a tank of gas, but it could cost more in illinois. >> chances are you are ordering gifts online. the thieves know that and
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packages. there's not much you can do to prevent thieves from walking away with your mail, but you can take steps to make sure they don't get away with it. the most important thing is having security cameras, especially ones with night vision. >> the problem with hidden cameras if you don't enough lighting outside, especially at the night time, it is hard for the camera to pick up a good image. >> he says there is increase in the people wanting to install security systems this time of the year, have a cameras in different spots to get different angles of the suspects. melinda: only on wisn 12, he's tackled the challenge of running the state of wisconsin, but tonight former governor marty schrieber is facing the biggest challenge of his life. ?? >> a love story interrupted by
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about caring for his wife of 55 years, elaine. it's been hard on you too? >> i didn't realize it. i think what happens to a spouse is you morph from a loving spouse to a caregiver and you don't know what's happening. melinda: governor schreiber tells kathy mykleby why he's opening up about the challenges of alzheimers and what he hopes to accomplish. it's only on 12 tonight on wisn12 new ben: it's almost time our annual "food for families" phone bank! wisn 12 is partnering with the hunger task force to help local families in need. last year you helped us raise more than $100,000. the phone bank starts at 6:00 a.m. we will pass along the number onces lines are open. wisn 12 news time is 5:37. hitting the jackpot. melinda: the day could end in a massive payout if you play the lottery. just how big the powerball jackpot is right now.
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national park. the spot where this elephant got stuck and how rescuers finally
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5:40. if you're feeling lucky, today could be your day. ben: today is the day to buy a ticket. thema, good morning. reporter: good morning, $359 million, that is what is up for grabs. signs flashing here this morning. maybe wishing you good luck. now the powerball is 44 states, washington dc, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the odds of winning the jackpot, just more than one in 292 million. now, if you would like to try your luck, here is what you will need. just $2 and go out and buy a
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could be the next 259 millionaire. we'll have the winning results tonight at 10:00. >> thema, i hope you got a ticket. >> she's got to two bucks. ben: new this morning, a violent robbery at a jewelry store in new york. melinda: two men got away with five watches worth $300,000. surveillance cameras showed two men walking in. one of them pointed a gun at employees while the other broke display cases and grabbed the watches. hurt. this morning, the store is open again with extra security. melinda: new this morning, a rescue mission to save an elephant. ben: the animal fell into a ditch filled with water in zimbabwe. one of the rescuers held his trunk above water so the animal could breathe. eventually they used a tractor to pull the elephant out. a group that works with endangered animals posted the video. they say the elephant would have died within minutes if the rescuers hadn't gotten him out in time. the elephant has been released back into the wild.
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5:42. a turkey terrorizing a city in wyoming. melinda: the bird that's turned into a celebrity there even though people say they're afraid of the turkey. what he's been up to that has people running away. ben: plus, turning america's pastime into a learning opportunity. how a trip to a fake ballpark can help keep your kids healthy
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>> there we are live on the radar network showers are pivoting through southern wisconsin and a few across iowa and northern illinois this morning. we keep the rain and mist and drizzle throughout the day there is a little snow flying in the north woods. it is north of green bay. jeremy? jeremy: i will take the rain here in southeast wisconsin over the snow up in the northern part of the state. look at the scenes. this is last evening as the precipitation, well, snow in the northern half of wisconsin. this is around warsaw. they have picked up an inch or so.
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this thanksgiving holiday, you have to get north of green bay and north of stevens point to find the snow this morning. otherwise scattered showers in southern wisconsin. here is futurecast, flu -- blue is representing the snow. the green is rain. if you are travelling up to the north or into the u.p., snow in those areas and drying out thanksgiving. we have the winter forecast coming up tonight at wisn 12 news at 6:00. we have a preview of the winter. here is matt to get you out the door this morning. >> low clouds are keeping the chopper parked. rain, drizzle and road spray getting around this morning. no delays out there at this point. we have a crash, fender bender,
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heads up there. otherwise, the rest of the system is nice and quiet. travel times are all looking good that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: this morning, we're learning more about the children who were killed or hurt in a bus crash in tennessee. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has more in the newsroom. tim. tim: 12 children are still in the hospital, six of them in critical condition. five children were killed in the crash on monday, four girls and a boy. the driver of the bus is under arrest charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. police say he was speeding. a doctor who treated injured children says it was a long process to reunite them with families because many were too traumatized to remember their own names and others were too young to know their birthdays and parents' names. back to you.
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melinda: new this morning, a giant waterslide in kansas is closing down permanently after a fatal accident. this summer a 10-year-old boy died on the ride. the park says getting rid of the slide is the only proper action after that tragedy. the park won't be allowed to take down the ride until the investigation into the accident is complete. ben: new this morning, brad pitt will not face charges in a child abuse investigation. the fbi has closed the case and child services cleared pitt of any wrongdoing. they started investigating pitt after he was accused of abusing private plane. one day later, angelina jolie filed for divorce. melinda: new this morning, a celebrity turkey is wreaking havoc on a wyoming city. they call him thomas gobbles. he's a wild turkey that lives in casper, wyoming. people there keep track of him on social media sharing stories and photos, but they say he's not a friendly bird. >> to those of us who have been
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thing. everyone knows not to mess with them, or they get attacked. >> are you scared? >> maybe a little. ben: she's looking over her shoulder. melinda: more than 1500 people follow thomas gobbles' every move on facebook. he's known for chasing people and even cars. he's known for chasing your night mares in the dreams too. watch out. >> when he walks on the street, you don't keep driving. all the cars stop. 5:50. ben: it's almost time our annual "food for families" phone bank. wisn 12 is partnering with the hunger task force to help local families in need. last year, you helped us raise
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a.m. we will pass along the number onces lines are open. >> it is one of those things you have to be careful not to forget the gloves. i forgot them today. you need them. still need them. >> we are talking 30s and 40s. the rain in the south and the snow in the north, it is more of a nuisance than anything. now, as far as temperatures are concerned, readings are showing up the 30s and 40s this morning. we are also looking at the snow. this is well north of green bay.
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we have snow wrapping in as far northwest corner of the state. duluth, superior, ashland. but again, the moisture is light. now to low is continuing to slip to the east and rapping the moisture around and taking it away from us by tonight. early temperatures 30s and 40s over the plains. 3 # 7 waukesha. holding steady in the low 40s toda the model is over doing the snow in the north. periods of light rain throughout the day. by mid night, most of this is wrapping off and away. cloudy for thanksgiving day. dry and a little disturbance early, 3:00 friday morning, a little light snow waking up on friday morning. the forecast for today, it is a wet one. periods of showers off and on. light. 43 thanksgiving day.
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50 as we move to sunday, monday. >> thank you, sal. right now, officials in colombia are working to end a civil war. tim, what's the latest development? tim: after one failed peace deal with the group farc, the colombian government is trying # again. the president has announced that he'll sign a new peace deal tomorrow. once both sides sign the peace deal, it goes to congress for approval. the last deal was rejected by voters in a nation-wide referendum. leaders from both sides have worked around the clock since then to find compromises that the public won't reject. farc has been at war with the government for more than 50 years. ben, back to you. >> new this morning, baseball season is over but it's still time to play ball. melinda: a first-of-it's-kind experience for kids is now open in southeast wisconsin. for more on that, we're joined by the newest member of the wisn
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andy: good morning, melinda and ben. the new exhibit is at the betty brinn children's museum here in milwaukee. "big league fun" is 2,000 square et of hands-on exhibits all about america's pastime. there's a ticket gate, press box, and announcer's booth. you can run the bases, hit the ball, pitch and work on your stance. exhibit designers tell wisn 12 news they want to recreate the helping kids learn. >> it's good for their bodies to be physically active, it's also important for a child's brain. children learn more when their physically active, their brains are more receptive to learning and they remember what they've learned longer. andy: the "big league fun" exhibit will be at betty brinn until the spring. ryan braun look out. >> diapers in the dugout, good
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we talked about this last hour, wisconsin is not new for you. >> i was in madison for a while, been away for a number of years and the cheese was calling me back. >> yes. >> thank you, andy. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:55. hundreds of votes not being counted. the mistakes that voters made that took their ballots out of the equation, right here in wisconsin. ben: plus, president-elect donald trump making some big important position that could
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>> new, facebook is building a tool in attempt to gain a foothold from china. >> the software would block certain posts from the news feeds in some parts of the world. the move is designed to appeal to china where facebook is currently blocked. the company work in progress. >> apple could be bringing back an old but popular style of the cell phone. it is a flexible iphone that folds in half. the patent has a touch screen with a design from the clam shell cell phones and closes like a notebook.
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future phone. >> because it is. it is a throwback. >> disney company is launching an expansion of the hong kong disneyland resort. it is first themed areas based on frozen. the castle is renovated and the crews are building an attraction based on the animated film. wisn 12 news time now is 5:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning. thank you for being with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i'm melinda davenport. a recount, why the ballots in wisconsin should be looked at acar. >> a scar crashes and bursts into place as it was trying to
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>> and right now, lines are opening for wisn 12 food for families food bank. 414-799-9476. there is everyone. waving too to the viewers. every dollar matters. give us a call at 414-799-9476 to help the hunger task force buy the food for local families in need. the volunteers are standing by now. first, here is a f sally severson. sal. sally: the volunteers are coming in with the rain and the drizzle. grab the umbrella. we have 43 degrees. winds are southeast at 20. patchy, misty and drizzle today. you are going to run the wipers. we hold in the low 40s. there will be dry time as well. the showers are not done until this evening.


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