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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," all eyes on wisconsin. the step expected today in an effort to recount the state's votes from the presidential election. >> plus, monday night football is almost here. wisn 12 news is in philly with the packers this morning looking at what it will take to defeat
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>> but first, weather watch 12. rain has been moving through southeast wisconsin overnight. we're tracking conditions as you head back to work and school after the extended thanksgiving weekend. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda has the day off. it's 5:30 on this monday, november 28th. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. if a sort of a morning you want after a long weekend and up and out the door shs this is not the weather for it. and forecasting extra mug of coffee and tea tomorrow morning after watching the game tonight. 43 and rain at the airport. the winds are south at 15. gusts up to 24 miles per hour. gusty winds 15-25 for today. temperatures, well, as we look at the steady overnight rain move fog the east, we'll see
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rain in the afternoon hours. between now and noon, scattered showers and drizzle. low 40s. between noon and 3:00, steady rain is moving closer. from 3:00 until 10:00 a widespread, light to moderate rain with the south winds, temperatures back in the mid 40s. matt? >> low clouds are keeping the chopper parked. nothing to complain about on the roads right now. things are moving smooth 94 westbound at highway t, not causing a problem. the rest of the system is looking pretty good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> right now, a lot of eyes are on wisconsin and a recount of our presidential votes. the wisconsin elections
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good morning, andy. reporter: good morning, ben. timing is the crucial issue with 3 m recounteded. today the wisconsin elections coissis etday set a timetable for when the recount will start. on friday, former green party candidate jill stein officially requested the recount. it could begin onthursday. the county are providing the cost estimates and tabulation methods and going to the green party campaign by the end of the tomorrow. tomorrow is campaign must submit payments to the elections commission and after full elections costs are tabulated, that is when the recount will start. it should be noted, under federal law, all recounts across the country must be done by tuesday, december 13th.
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panic at a local hospital after reports of a dangerous person. tim, what have we learned about this situation? tim: this happened at west allis memorial near lincoln and 92nd street. police were looking for a man who was armed and dangerous near the hospital. police say that person was possibly suicidal. the hospital was put on lockdown as a precaution. a short time later police found the person dead. it's still not clear yet how they died. this morning, the lockdown is normal at west allis memorial hospital. ben, back to you. >> black friday has come and gone, now cyber monday is here. amazon is one major online retailer offering huge ses hillary mintz is live in kenosha at the amazon center. hillary? reporter: there is a chance something you order today could be coming from here. that is what is keeping the
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week. there is going to be new deals added on added every five minutes. last year they sold 34 million items. everybody is clicking away. this is 24/7 operation and this is one of the busiest, if not the busiest days of the year. another super bowl shopping day as pe there are a lot of deals for prime members and for non-prime members too. every five minutes something comes up. gadgets, we have cooking things, one of the mixers here. i'm told kitchenaid is a big deal. it is half off today. we are going over the items throughout the morning. live in kenosha "wisn 12 news
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moving pieces there. hillary, thank you. 5:35. >> later today, the packers take on the eagles right here on wisn 12. the pack arrived in philadelphia last night. the big 12 sports team is in philly this morning with a look ahead. >> philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly, and the town where the fans once pelted santa claus with snowballs. the packers are playing here coming up tonight on monday night football. the young philadelphia fans that never said anything wrong or did anything wrong but you know the heart of the eagles fans. >> i never booed the opposing team. the fans are passionate and aaron rodgers loves that. he gave a great story earlier in the week about the 2006-07 whene some of his favorites.
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talking fans out there. i remember they were yelling at me when i was a back up, we were playing up there in six or seven and screaming and yelling at me about getting the splinters out of my butt. i give them credit. >> i don't know if the packers want to hear this, i was at the 4-26 game, to beat the packers in the playoffs, sending them to but dan, it is a diplomat -- different year. the eagles team 4-0 here at this field. >> very few games in the pack herbs history that have a name, and that was one of them. the packers lost in nfl championship game. none of that means anything tonight, thing paers take on
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fringe of possibly getting a shot at reaching the playoffs. we have all of the coverage tonight here at lincoln financial field. back to you. >> see you tonight, guys. you can see that game only on wisn 12. our special "monday night football" coverage starts at 6:30. the big 12 sports team will report live from the city of brotherly love. kickoff is at 7:30. then stay tuned for live post-game coverage on wisn 12 news. wrong. rning, what caused a driver to crash through a store's wall trapping an employee inside. >> plus, another sign of the season in downtown milwaukee. the popular holiday display opening today and the role wisconsin hunters played in the
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>> new this morning, a driver in las vegas loses control and crashes into a building. police say three people had injuries after the crash. they're all expected to be okay. the driver crashed through the wall of a burlington coast -- coat factory store. the car trapped one employee between a wall and the cash register area. firefighters were able to get
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police say drugs and alcohol were not involved. >> a car crash sends five kids to a hospital along with two adults. is behind bars accused of she's charged with reckless endangerment. her pickup hit a minivan carrying a family of seven. emergency crews had to extricate them from the van. three kids have life-threatening injuries. two other kids and the two adults were seriously hurt. 5:42. a scare in the air overnight for dozens of airline passengers. coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," what happened to an american airlines flight thousands of feet above ground that forced pilots to declare an emergency. >> plus, a blockbuster broadway musical targeted. the crime spree that's impacting fans of "hamilton" in new york
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>> think about a couple of extra minutes for this morning. it is all about the radar, the steady rain overnight has drifted to the east and we are
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43 degrees at the airport. light rain. winds are south. rain gear with a liner will do it today. as we head back to work, we look at drizzle this morning and a round of rain in place this afternoon and for tonight. i will show you why tuesday is the pick weather day coming up a moment. now to traffic from matt. >> things are in decent shape on we are looking good across rest of the system. a disabled vehicle, 94 eastbound at county t. the rest of the system is looking pretty good. ten minutes southbound. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. a scare in the air for dozens of airline passengers. a flight made an emergency landing overnight after losing power in one of its engines. tim is in the newsroom with the latest.
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overnight for everyone on board a plane flying from dallas to las vegas. this involved american airlines flight operating out of a southwest airlines plane. pilots reported an engine failure and requested an emergency landing. passengers used their cell phones to record video as the plane touched down in albuquerque, new mexico. thankfully the pilots were able to land the plane safely. you can hear the applause there no one was hurt. investigators are now working to figure out exactly what went wrong with the engine. ben, back to you. ben: new from overnight, seven people are hurt after a shootout in kansas city. the crime scene was spread out across several blocks. police say officers were called to the neighborhood for reports of gunfire. that's when they saw people in different cars shooting at each other. at least one officer also opened fire during the incident. >> also new from overnight, a
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deputies shot and killed a man who allegedly murdered a woman, ran over two people with a car, and then crashed into an ambulance. officials say good samaritans stopped to help the original victim who was laying in the street. the suspect then hit them with his car. he was later killed by deputies during a chase. >> right now, new orleans police are looking for two suspects wanted for a shooting in the french quarter. the weekend shooting left a 25-year-old man dead and nine othersur the victims were all hit by stray bullets that were fired during an argument in the city's busy tourist district. wisn 12 news time now is 5:48. >> new this morning, a theater thief hits broadway. police in new york are looking for a woman who robbed people outside the theater where the hit musical hamilton is playing. police say that six different people have had things stolen while they waited outside the theater to see the actors. the suspect has already charged
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that don't belong to her. >> a big winner in tennessee. one person is $421 million richer this morning. a single ticket sold in tennessee matched all six powerball numbers in saturday's drawing. if you missed the drawing and not in tennessee, you didn't win. the jackpot is worth almost $421 million. the winner has not come forward yet, they have 180 days to claim the prize. it is rarehat you s one winner for such a large jackpot. >> i wonder if they picked the numbers or quick pick. >> i like to hear the numbers, this is my kids' birthdays. >> yes. really no luck with the weather today. it is coming back tomorrow. sunshine and better than 50 tomorrow. but today it is wet off and on. rain moved in the evening hours
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and the steady rain is over michigan and we still have low pressure situated to the west, as this is pivoting to the north and east shs another round of rain rolling in this afternoon and this evening. the temperatures within a degree or two of 42. it is 37 waukesha. 43 at the airport. 42 port and 43 at fond du lac. winds are gusting of the day today. 30-mile-per-hour gusts at the dells. windy, rainy for much of the day. clouds are stubborn as well. lunchtime mist and drizzle. this afternoon is low pressure is moving to the north and east. 3:00 this afternoon, this is a steady light rain in place.
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us through 6:00, through 10:00 tonight and finally lifting off and away. tomorrow morning looks to me clearing predawn. we enjoy sunshine. there are clouds to the north and west, that is associated with a trough passing through tuesday night and enough to drop the temperatures. tomorrow workweek pick day with sunshine and temperatures low 50s. breezy south winds around for tomorrow. 48 is the forecasted high. grab the 43 tonight. now, cloudy, cooler wednesday. 45 on wednesday. cloudy skies on thursday shs friday, saturday, sunday. a light snow or mix on thursday. we keep the highs in the upper 30s. >> a breakthrough in syria. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest developments there tim? tim: government forces say they've made progress in the city of aleppo. the syrian city has been under
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controlled by rebels for more than four years. officials say they have seized control of two districts that were under rebel control. people continue to flee aleppo as thousands are still stuck there. the un estimates that at least 250,000 people are trapped in the city as rebels and government forces battle for control. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. 5:52. >> you probably spent some time in the grocery store getting ready for thanksgiving. one couple celebrated the holiday there with a thanksgiving wedding. they got married at the same grocery store where they met four years ago in georgia. the groom was looking for cranberry sauce at the time. store officials say it's the first time they've hosted a wedding and they were thrilled to be part of the celebration. they even helped the couple plan it. >> on thanksgiving, i mean, we all have things to be thankful for and we appreciate them allowing us to be a part of this
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are we going to have our wedding at and i said obviously where i met you at. ben: the wedding cake was topped with cranberries and every guest walked away with a jar of cranberry sauce. >> new this morning, the salvation army is looking to hire more bell ringers this holiday season. about 50 people are needed between now and christmas eve in milwaukee county alone. the ed is especially great for kettles assigned to the milwaukee west worship a >> a cub's fan uses his skills as a chef to create a massive holiday treat. it's a gingerbread wrigley field. it weighs more than 400 pounds and it's all edible. except the players who are made out of legos. the seats are crackers. the scoreboard is edible paper. they have the metro driving around santa's train. it took more than 70 hours to build the replica.
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milwaukee later day. b-mo harris bank will officially unveil its annual christmas display at 9:00 this morning. wisn 12 news got a sneak peek er the weekend as s . this in plaid flannel and blaze orange. t is th 4t year that people have been stopping by to see the display. >> we actually have a book where we encourage people to write down their memories of coming here for the holiday display. we have done that year after year now and it's really a fantastic way to gather those feelings and memories coming here and feeling that tradition. >> the display will be up through january third. it's located inside the bank's downtown milwaukee location near water and wells. >> if you or your neighbors have a great holiday display, we want to know about it. email us at wisn tv news at be sure to include your name, phone number and the address of
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12 news at ten. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:54. holiday shopping season in full swing. today is cyber monday. we'll take you inside amazon's kenosha facility to see what it takes to ship items out all around the world. >> plus, new allegations from president-elect donald trump. why he says he does not want a recount despite thinking millions of people voted
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>> wells fargo want the closed door arbitrations instead of going to court. last september, the company agreed to pay $185 million to settle the allegations ta that the work erss opened millions of accounts without permission to reach aggressive sales targets. could rule that boeing got illegal subsidies for the latest plane. those from washington state involve the newest jetliner 777x. >> traders on wall street are hoping that the friday uptick
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president-elect will target the growth. on friday, both the dow and the nasdaq closed with record highs. 5:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning. thank you for being with us on "wisn 12 news this m i'm ben wagner. melinda davenport is off today. it is 6:00, monday, november 28th. right w morning", from the cream city to the white house, the meeting today that could lan milwaukee county sheriff a job. >> holiday deals and steals online at cyber monday. we go live inside of the amazon warehouse. >> plus, rain has been moving through here overnight. matt is on deck with a look at the wet morning commute.
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>> the rain is drifting and over-michigan and lake michigan early this morning. we are left with low clouds, mist and drizzle. the round of precip moving through michigan at this point. we are still going to pivot another area of moisture through. the snow across the dakotas. the temperatures in the metro, around 40. we find waukesha 39. 41 bay view. 41 greendale. 41 west bend. topping out at 48 degrees. mirs and drizzle around this morning and steady light to moderate rain this afternoon and tonighting this evening. we look at the warmer conditions for tomorrow. matt? >> it is decent on the roads. wet pavement to deal with. the volume is light.


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