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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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this tuesday morning. matt is tracking the commute, but first meteorologist sally severson. >> bidding farewell to the rain. it was steady sunday night and monday and later again on monday. most of the locations picking up one inch. we are dry for now. in fact, seeing a little sunshine. visibility is good. 45 at the airport. winds are southwest at dew point down 37. so the air mass is beginning to dry out. any early clouds are thinning out a bit. calling for party sunny skies and up to 56 degrees this afternoon. we see the southwest breezes 12-22 miles per hour. matt, we fall back to the 40s for the next few days. >> the roads are starting to dry
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condition. light volume, full freeway speed. looking good right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. i am here at the breaking news desk and learning more about the plane crash in columbia. dozens of people are dead, including members of a soccer team. the team's chartered plane went down in the mountains. 81 people were on board. among the passengers were members of brazil's first division soccer team. there are reports that five people survived the crash. the emergency crews are looking through the debris there in case of more survivors. several people have been rushed to the hospital.
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while on the way to the airport. they are looking into what went wrong here. now the team was scheduled to play in a tournament tomorrow. the soccer federation can sellinged the activities until further notice. >> stay with wisn 12 news and abc news as we work to learn more. morning america." >> $3.5 million is the cost for recounting the votes in wisconsin. >> that money is due this afternoon. the green party are on the hook for the bill and they say they have the money to cover it. it is up to each county to determine whether the ballots are counted by hand or by a machine. the green party is going to
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every county. the head of wisconsin's election commission is saying that the voting machines are not connected to the internet and a number of checks to ensure they are working correctly. here is the timetable, the recount starts on thursday shs needs to be completed by monday december 12th by 8:00 p.m. >> is criticizing the recount in wisconsin. president-elect donald trump is going to make big announcements today about his cabinet. >> this morning we are expecting the president-elect to name the health secretary. the president-elect is setting down with tennessee senator and
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>> the meeting went pretty well. we met for an hour and walked around the world and showing the grasp of the variety of challenges out there. >> on twitter, the president-elect is saying he's impressed with pe trus and more announcements could be coming today. >> thank you. >> david clarke, with president-elect donald trump yesterday. >> now the packers snapped the four game losing streak with a win over the eagles. dan needles is in philly. >> the packers came into philadelphia desperate for a vickty to keep them alive for the play off race and they got it. thanks to to the offense, found
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two drives of the game. rodgers with two touchdown passes to adams. >> third downs were the key for us. we started fast and hitting the first six and helped us to make the lead and giving the defense confidence. >> one oun one matchups, outside, defense was key down the stretch and the special teams taking on the best return unit in the league and came up lig we had three stops. >> rodgers ininjured his hamstring in the third quarter but finished out the game. you will expect he's starting against houston as the packers are playing again at lambeau field for the first time in nearly a month. >> thank you, dan. >> this morning, the fast food
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restaurants, they are demanding higher pay and benefits and right to unionize. they are going to protest outside of the mcdonald's and mash ching around city hall. workers are planning to walk off the job at o'hare in chicago. hillary mintz is live at mitchell international and keeping an eye on things. good morning, hillary. reporter: o'hare is one of the 20 airports with the planned strikes today, fortunately, milwaukee is not on the list. now, thousands of airport workers across the country are walking off the job today, baggage handlers, cleaners and john tors and wheelchair attendants, not tsa or air traffic controllers.
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benefits. the workers held off for striking until after thanksgiving. but if you are flying out of o'hare today or through milwaukee, you never know, it could be a trickle down effect. all of the departures so far are on time. it is a wait and see situation. >> hillary, thank you. new numbers from the 2016 gun deer system. so resources says there have been more than 140,000 deer tagged throughout the state, but overall the numbers are down for the season. a final tally released later today. yesterday marked the start of the ten day muzzle loader season. >> new this morning, governor walker is asking the department of agricultural for help with the crop losses. producers in ten wisconsin counties suffered from the
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they want low interest loans available to the farmers. frost and freezing on may 13, 1 # 4 afshted the apples, strawberries and hops and crops. >> agencies are trying to fieptd more sites to serve as warming centers for the homeless. they are training the organizations that are interested to open the doors temporarily to house the homeless. you can call 211 to be directed to a warming center. >> it is great for the warming centers, but today you may not need it. >> maybe an umbrella? >> you can tuck away the umbrella. we have a shot of the spring-like weather today. starting tomorrow the conditions becoming colder. that is true for much of the rest of the week.
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or a mix going wednesday and thursday with very weak disturbances. quick look at the d.o.t.s. here's matt. >> lesser travelled areas are damp. we are looking good across the system right now. highway 41, 45 at i-94 through the zoo, not seeing troubles there now. the travel times are trouble free... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. . >> thank you, matt. stunds led a prayer vigil at ohio state university for the victims that were attacked. >> the school is organizing another one today at the st. john arena on the campus. yesterday a student plowed the car into a group of pedestrians and got out of the car and began
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11 people were hurt here. one is still in critical condition. that student is 18-year-old a somalia student. the school is offering >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:10. unexpected flee market find. >> a woman opens a box and finds a lost purple heart and what it took to track down the american hero it belongs to. >> changing lives one decoration
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>> we are on the weatherwatch 12 camera network, yesterday's rainfall beneficial across southern wisconsin. we say so long to the showers as the action is moving to the east and north. still snow across the dakotas. clearing skwie for us and temperatures up into the 50s. this morning everyone is 40 or better. matt? >> right now n roadways. freeways in good driving condition. you are seeing light volume there as well. travel times no complaints at this point. we are looking at 5 minutes from the hale up to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. oocht>> happening now, the fire crews in colorado nearly contained all of this wild fire
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mountain. some of the families had to evacuate. the fire burned about 300 acres. so far no reports of injuries and the fire is 90% contained. >> wild fires in tennessee right now. tim? tim: officials are turning to social media to get to word out about the state of emergency. hundreds of homes and businesses have been damaged by this, many more in danger the flames are inching towards dollywood. now mandatory evacuations are being ordered. a meteorologist with the abc station there tweeted this photo showing a welcome sign that you
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the officials are saying stay off your cell phones unless it is an emergency and using the facebook safety check feature. >> thank you, tim. health officials in california trying to figure out why a thanksgiving meal killed three people and making five sick. the food was prepared at an american legio all eight victims were admitted to the hospital. 835 people ate the same food. part of the meal was mreeped -- prepared by volunteers and some zoe nated by restaurants. >> one of the most honored medals sold at a flee market for $10. the woman came across a purple
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market. in just 24 hours she found the niece in alabama who shared his story. he was a u.s. navy gunners in world war two and survived the attack in pearl harbor and died in 1944. >> i knew in a minute, in a second, that this has to be returned to somebody, to a family. >> we are thrilled. to continue speaking with her for a while, because i got emotional. >> this is incredible. she's shipped the medal to the correct family. >> 5:17. a home built with a holiday twist. they are ginging off the gingerbread house fundraiser today. good morning, andy.
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habitat is looking like a santa workshop this morning. we have diane mcgee with us. thank you for having us. >> thank you for being with us. >> smelling good. you build live changing homes and now these homes could change lives as well. >> there is no better way to kick off the holiday season than others building the houses with us. >> how do people donate and play a part in all of this? kicking off the week as a fundraiser for habitat and come in and vote for your fan favorite house. >> yes, vote often. >> yes, at the end of the week, we have a silent auction and you can take one home. >> if you want to make one, here are the friends at sweet perfections bake shop donated
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>> yes, come in and buy a cookie and eat that. we don't recommend eating the gingerbread houses though. >> yes, i like to eat the building materials. i will try not to. we are checking back and seeing how the houses are doing and for more information head to >> thank you, andy. that is my problem, i eat the building supplies every time. o or keep the dog we lost more than one to the family pet. >> yes, they are nice than any one i have built. mine fall over. >> well, we finally said good-bye to the rain. it was a beneficial rain and on the way to a spring like day. i saw the star shine on the way in this morning. there is the rain from yesterday
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the great lakes at this hour. the low pressure is stacked to the west. we don't have to worry about that for today. as it is drifting to the east over the next 24-36 hours increase in the clouds. 41 waukesha this morning. these temperatures will warm up nicely for today. we are seeing the mid 50s. good amount of sunshine. breezy but not terribly windy. we'll enjoy the sunshine. a few clouds about, especially as we get into the north counties. here we are at 5:00. all quiet for us. overnight a little progress east from the area of low pressure and certainly a few clouds in for tomorrow. a couple of disturbances in place, we could get a few
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on thursday, the moisture is nothing to worry about it. it is minor if it happens at all. 40 tonight. 48 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. a light mix showing up wednesday or thursday in the afternoons. peeks of sunshine on friday in the low 40s. >> opening up miller park in if off season. >> up to pack the stands this weekend and how to land a billboard around town. >> handle with care, a dozen sick turtles are being nursed back to health and the force is
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class. good morning to everybody in wauwatosa. that is a big class. thanks to the tuesday morning school shout out to start the day. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the logo and we'll try to schedule a time to stop in and say hello and submit a nomination for the top teacher award. >> calling all milwaukee brewers fans. >> the team wants you for a special fan photo shoot. the team is taking pictures of fans thursday shs friday and saturday. swlekt photos will be used in the marketing cal pain, including on the billboards and print ads. bring your friends too. kids around 18 need a waiver signed by a parent. this week the the clubhouse
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coming to town. the bucks won the last game on the road and tippoff is at 7:00. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:26. mystery on the side of the road. >> baby vanishes after a car crash and how the girl manged to stay safe throughout the events. >> nearly an entire soccer team killed in a plane crash, the the news room about what may have caused the plane to go down. >> first, to traffic watch 12.
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>> breaking overnight, a soccer team's plane crashes in the mountains of colombia. emergency crews are at the scene right now. what we're learning about the people who survived. melinda: plus, victory in philly. the green bay packers snap their four-game losing streak. we're with the team overnight as they celebrated the big win. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside.
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wisconsin. we're tracking how long that will last. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, november 29th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. >> we are starting in the 40s and going up to the 50s. the clouds are thinning out and the visibility is good. the winds are south, southwest and going up to the mid 50s. the typical highs around 40 degrees. the clouds are coming back tonight. we are mostly cloudy tomorrow and starting a downward trend and the highs continuing to fall through the 40s. we time out a light mix in store for us wednesday and thursday.


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