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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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>> good morning, thanks for waking up with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. 5:00, wednesday, november 30th. right now, we are foming big developments in the recount process in wisconsin. the courtroom back and forth that could impact how the ballots are counted. >> deadly storms in the south. >> we are on traffic and weather >> good morning, sal. >> skies are becoming mostly cloudy early this morning and the temperatures are upper 20s and low 30s. the clouds are mostly cloudy in western parts. johnson creek the clouds are coming up next. low pressure is continuing to pivot. it weakens and drifts by but with it a couple of disturbances. today it is dry though.
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is possible this afternoon. lows tonight 35. a little spotty light mix or flurries. this is minimal amounts of moisture and a slight chance of a light mix going in the morning as well. we hold in the 40s. matt? >> it is quiet across the system. the pavement is dry for the morning ride. 41 #, 94 here. no troubles on the freeway system. travel times are looking great. here are the travel times... no crashes being reported on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> developments in wisconsin's presidential election recount, a judge ruled that the ballots don't have to be counted by hand. an appeal could be filed today. it is a back and forth watched by the people across the
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milwaukee this morning with the latest on the recount. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, ben. every county has a secure location for the recount. for milwaukee county it is here. we are here kk and maple. in a court hearing last night the judge decided the the counties can count the ballots by hand or electronically. that is up to them. that is a green party candidate, that is the one that started and paying for the recount process. she wanted the recount by hand. a judge decided that request may be appealed. the statewide recount is going on as scheduled tomorrow at locations again like this one here in milwaukee.
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in time if milwaukee county is doing it by hand or electronically and the news could be coming at any time. we are live in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, last night the green party hosted a training session for anyone interested in observing the recount process. people are allowed to batch, take notes and record video. there are 2.9 million ballots to be recounted. if you see a problem, you can step in and say something to an >> to recap, the recount is starting tomorrow. dane county ruled that the ballots can be counted either way. now to state hopes to finish if recount in 12 days. the electoral college is meeting december 19th. now, to the latest on the trump transition, president-elect is expected to announce more i
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the new names. >> president-elect donald trump is rounding out the economic team with the latest selections. today president-elect donald trump is set to name former goldman director. the pair are part of a rollout including georgia congressman for health and human services for secretary of state. >> i have a wonderful evening with president-elect donald trump. we have had discussions about the affairs around the world. >> he touted an agreement with carrier, the indiana air conditioning company and reached a deal to keep close to one thousand jobs in the state after threatening to move the
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the president-elect plans to make a major announcement in indiana on thursday, the same day he's launching a thank you tour to voters with a rally in ohio. >> thank you. both republicans and democrats are speaking out after president-elect donald trump tweeted there should be consequences for anyone that burns the american flag. this is in direct conflict >> milwaukee police are investigating after a shooting outside of a high school. one person is in the hospital this morning. tim is following the latest in the news room. tim. tim: good morning, ben. this shoots happened across the street from vincent high school. someone shot a 19-year-old man and took off. a student driver and instructor were in the area.
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the stunt and the car were not directly involved in this, but the injured man told them he had been shot. now the police say that the man went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. right now the investigators are tracking down whoever shot that person. >> thank you, tim. va is facing more trouble, this time with a dental clinic. they were no to the standards. 600 vets will receive screenings now for possible infections for hiv and hepatitis. the dentist is removed from the patient care. >> the numbers are in after wisconsin's nine day gun deer hunt season and killed 197,000 deer, that is a 6% drop from last year.
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sold 13,000 fewer licenses than last year. >> 5:07. what a day yesterday. >> so nice. >> spoiled. >> reality check, sal. >> yes, we had temperatures well into the 50s yesterday. and the clouds, well, they are coming back overnight. clouds are fills in. we look at a mostly cloudy sky. we have a couple shots of snow and or mix and it is all gh winds are light and southwest. skies are fair at racine. we have a sliver of partly cloudy as you can see. but leading edge of the clouds as they are rolling in for us. we hold in the 40s. matt? >> right now we are looking good on the roadways. volume is light. no road work leftovers and no crashes on the system right now.
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times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. at least three people are dead after storms ripped through alabama. a possible tornado hit the town of roselee. there are reports of other injuries, including four children at a day care. dozens of homes were destroyed. >> deadly wild fires continug thousands have been evacuated, including tourists visiting the great smokey mountains. tim is looking at the destruction in the news room this morning. tim. tim: we are looking at the active fires in the gatlinburg, tennessee area, that is where the flames destroyed 15,000 acres. we have a lot of activity on the map. the wild fires are blamed for three deaths. strong winds there and dry conditions are helping to spread
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the national park service is saying that the fire is human caused and under investigation. tennessee's governor is saying it is the largest fire in the state for the past one hundred years and unclear when the residents are able to return home, if at all, any time soon. thank you, tim. >> 5:09. it looks like the milwaukee bucks are taking a page from the brewers. >> what could be on tap, get it, for the new bucks >> i like that. >> plus, brightening the milwaukee skyline, a preview of
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>> 12 minutes after 5:00, wednesday morning. clouds continue to stream into the eastern part of wisconsin. early today a few peeks of sunshine before the clouds are settling in.
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saturday, but overall mostly cloudy skies. a couple of shots of snow and or a light mix. temperatures are going to fall back into the low 40s. for today shs we keep the readings in the mid 40s. mostly cloudy skies. matt? >> nice and quiet on the roads. no worries. no reason to rush. 27th street and the bypass, no trouble ats it is no sweat across the system right now. that is a look at the morning commute. >> thousands are paying their respects to former cuban dictator fidel castro. the ashes will be buried on sunday. president obama is not sending a delegation. instead two high level officials
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united states. >> investigators are looking into what motivated an ohio state university to carry out a vicious attack. isis is now taking credit. tim? >> authorities are saying that before the attack the suspect posted on facebook complaining about the treatment of muslims. isis is not mentioned in the post. but the terrorist group is claiming hefts a soldier of the islamic state. all investigators are they believe that the student was inspired by isis and he was shot and killed by an ohio state police officer. he crashed into a crowd of people and stabbed the people with a butcher knife. 11 people were hurt and four people remain in the hospital this morning. >> thank you, tim. >> we are learning about the plane crash in columbia yesterday morning.
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survived. the charter plane carried a soccer team and some posted the pictures of the journey on social media. they suffered an elect cal failure. >> 5:15. a big night at the bradley center for the bucks. the team ended the defending world champions four game winning streak. 118-108. >> a new brewery could be part of the new entertainment district. we have the documents that the bucks filed with the city of milwaukee and mentioned a highly visible transparent building show casing large scale brewing equipment. this is a rendering showing the
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named. the possible brewery is next to a beer garden. >> how about a winery too? just asking. >> start one, melinda. >> a yeah, yeah. >> toys for tots collection this sunday at lambeau field. the cash donations are accepted as well. the u.s. marines will be stationed in the parking lots to the beginning of the game. >> this morning we are counting down to another favorite. >> miller coors holiday lights december play is opening to the public, but we are getting a peek this morning. joining us is jeremy with a preview. hey, jeremy. jeremy: good morning. we have miller coors, we are in the miller valley, this is a tradition going back to the 50s. it started in 2005.
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>> this year it is bigger and better than ever? >> yes, that is correct. we have double the liebts than in the years past. we are excited. >> this is going on friday, what do you recommend for the people coming here? >> we recommend everyone to come down to the center and take one of the mini tours for the public holiday lights, they start 4:40 on friday and running through 9:00 p.m. and every 20 minutes. we have a great little tour set up, comes up to see the lights and caves and getting the great beer samples at the end and it is all free. it is a family friendly tour as well. >> if people miss out on friday and saturday, how long is
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>> two more weekends, so through the 17th of december, fridays and saturdays only. >> this is just some of the lights. we have going to get the thing going here. stay tuned, we'll have a sneak peek of the miller coors holiday lights, you don't want to miss that. see you in about aen hour. back to you. >> jeremy, thank you. that will be fun. >> we have decorated here. as i drive in, i am always looking around and seeing th lights. for friday, nice weather for the kickoff in the miller valley. party sunny skies then. so long to november, cooler air is arriving, seasonal highs for the weekend. closer to 40 degrees. rain and snow mix chances are increasing. we'll keep an eye on next week. now this morning, we are nice and dry, we get a little sunshine in place over the far east for a while.
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this low is weakening and drifting by. we have disturbances around the low. that allows for moisture headed our way. right now at the airport 34. winds are light and southwest. we look at southwest winds today 10-20 miles per hour overall. for this afternoon, first and foremost the model is running chilly. lunchtime nice and dry. s northern iowa. we don't get much in the way of snow. i think we look at more of a mix in store for us this afternoon. the temperatures are going to be in the 40s. too warm to support the snow. this is at 3:00 in the afternoon. we are looking at a light mix this afternoon and for tonight. now, over night, as we get colder, we may transition to a stray snow shower or two. the clouds stay in place for us
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overall moving into thursday and friday. friday we see peeks of sunshine. 44 today and for tomorrow. a little mix in store for us this evening. 35 tonight. near 40 then as we push to friday and saturday. chance for a rain snow mix moving into sunday. we keep an eye on next week. >> sal, thanks. 5:20. she's the star of the christmas party. >> jennifer anniston is sharing what surprised her. >> everyone came to the house and no one really under stood that justin wasn't going to be there. you saw the faces falling. the room was like, depressed. it was like, guys, i'm here. okay.
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>> i don't know. >> he's european. he wouldn't celebrate thanksgiving any way. that's why he probably wasn't there. >> jennifer is there. >> justin though. >> jennifer though. >> okay. >> ellen is at 4:00. he's very handsome. she's atrackive too. >> shopping for a good cause. >> the company causing the black friday profits to fight clay mat >> a million dollar robbery, the hunt for this man wanted for stealing a very valuable bucket
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ben: good morning wauwatosa. thank you for the wednesday morning school shout out. >> if you are interested in getting a visit shs head to and click on the logo.
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of viral videos is going go phenomenon. >> it is on display at the smithsonian. they have opened an exhibit on history of philanthropisty. it raised $50 million for als research. >> i paid the money. >> okay. that is just add good. >> i did the challenge and so did >> very nice. >> he didn't have a choice. >> unfortunate. >> one company is using the biggest shopping day of the year to give back, patgonia pulled in millions of sales and they are donating it, five times more than the outdoor clothing was expecting to earn. the money is going to environmental groups around the world. >> they call themselves the tennessee 20 #.
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jackpot. >> yes, play the office pools. they have played as a group for years. they each get $12.7 million. and they do plan to stay on the job for now to help train the replacements. >> oh, okay. >> 12 and a half million bucks. >> train the new guys. >> and out. bars. how two men escape add california prison, and how one of them was captured overnight. >> too many donations, how a wisconsin organization is responding after the response to the toy drive. >> we are looking at the roadways near. we have the commute coming up
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ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," more back and forth overnight in wisconsin's election recount. what could happen later today impacting how ballots are counted. melinda: plus, changes to the school year. it's a proposal that could
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what they wear to class. how you can make your voice heard today. ben: first though, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. it's quiet right now, but we're tracking when you might see a little snow in your neighborhood. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, november 30th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: it is a sliver of early morning sunshine before the clouds return. 34 and fair at the airport. the winds are southwest. the temperatures are 27 and 34. there are the clouds moving in for us. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day today. the gray sky come back. a light mix is possible after 5:00 tonight as the disturbance is pivoting through overnight. a mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. 40s as the highs for both today


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