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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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what they wear to class. how you can make your voice heard today. ben: first though, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. it's quiet right now, but we're tracking when you might see a little snow in your neighborhood. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, november 30th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: it is a sliver of early morning sunshine before the clouds return. 34 and fair at the airport. the winds are southwest. the temperatures are 27 and 34. there are the clouds moving in for us. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day today. the gray sky come back. a light mix is possible after 5:00 tonight as the disturbance is pivoting through overnight. a mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. 40s as the highs for both today
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friday, party sunny. we look at the highs near 40 degrees. we are close to around 40 for saturday and sunday as well. we time out the moisture for sunday coming up. now to matt. >> if you are headed out the door, things are in good shape on the roadways. the pavement is dry for the morning ride. the volume is light. travel times are where they should be for this time of the morning. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> now to our big story this morning, developments in wisconsin's presidential election recount. late last night, a judge ruled that the recount does not have to be done by hand. melinda: but an appeal on that decision could be filed later today. tim is here with a look at where things stand this morning. tim: the judge's ruling is a big blow to former green party presidential candidate jill
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# is paying for his recount process. she filed a request yesterday demanding that all counties recount ballots by hand rather than electronically. at a hearing last night, a judge decided to deny stein's request. that means counties can decide for themselves whether they will recount by hand or electronically. stein's attorneys say they are considering an appeal. it would have to be filed today. regardless of the appeal, the tomorrow. later today, the election commission will hold a conference call with all county clerks. ben, back to you. >> each county will have one secure location to do the recounted. hillary is live on the south side with a look ahead. >> communities across milwaukee county their ballots recounted at a warehouse here, we are near
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this is the election commission's warehouse here. this is the secure location. a milwaukee police officer is here and keeping an eye on things. preparations are in full swing for the recount tomorrow. there was a training session last night for anyone interested in observing the recount. people are allowed to watch the process, take notes and record o. to be a change or anything but i still think it's an opportunity. >> i'm interested in how the whole election process works and how it doesn't work. >> it's about learning the process of what to look for, discrepancies wise, if there is a discrepancy on a ballot. reporter: if you see problems in the recount process, you are allowed to step in and say something to an election official. there are 2.9 million ballots to
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and here in milwaukee county 440,000. we expect to hear at any time this morning whether or not milwaukee county will be recounting the ballots by hand or electronically. we are live in milwaukee "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. so here's where things stand right now. wisconsin's statewide recount officially starts tomorrow. election officials will hold a conference call with all county clerks later today. last night, a judge ruled that counties can decide themselves whether to count by hand or electronically. jill stein could file an appeal to that ruling sometime today. stay with wisn 12 news for updates on this big story. melinda: looking ahead, today is your last chance to weigh in on next year's school calendar. mps is working on a plan that would have the school year start in mid-august and end in late may. mps is also considering a district-wide uniform policy. this morning is the final community meeting. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at south division high school.
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experts will be at marquette law school discussing school vouchers. scott jensen is an advocate for school choice. julie underwood is a critic of school vouchers. they'll talk about the pros and cons of vouchers and how they affect kids and communities. the talk will start just after noon. there's a waiting list to be in the audience. ben: today, wisconsin celebrates snowplow driver appreciation day. governor walker declared the day to highlight the important job. he's calling on drivers to give snowplows plenty of room to work and to stay off the roads during severe winter wehe the dot recommends staying at least 200 feet behind plows and to be very careful when passing plows. >> this holiday season we're visiting holiday lights displays across southeast wisconsin. here's a display in menomonee falls. this home is decorated with santa's sleigh and reindeer. and you can help us light up the holidays. if there's a display in your neighborhood you think should be on tv, send us an email with the address.
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5:35. forget peppermint and cherry candy canes. melinda: how about bacon and wasabi? ben: how about it? melinda: anyone? the new flavors being rolled out for your favorite holiday treat. ben: plus, mystery in a local neighborhood. a body is found inside a burning home. the one item missing from the crime scene that has police
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sally: gray skies return as we look at the weatherwatch 12 camera network on this wednesday as we close out november. yesterday 54 and the sunshine. today satellite, snow remains across minnesota and pivoting a mix in here later this afternoon, more than anything, we are talking about a return of clouds today as the temperatures hold in the mid 40s. the early morning start, 32 bay view. 30 brown deer. 33 at greenfield. we call for 40s. we time out the rain snow mix later today coming up in a moment. >> sal, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a bold thief in new york city walks away with solid gold.
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gold flakes. then he just walked away. look at this. the gold is worth $1.6 million. that truck was wide open. police in new york city say the truck's guard stepped away for just a moment. police say the bucket weighs more than 80 pounds, so heavy that it took the thief an hour to walk a distance that usually takes ten minutes. >> i wonder what they are going to be look. he's walking pretty fast. >> oh, he's walking away with the gold. >> also new this morning, thieves target a gun store in florida. melinda: they rammed a truck through the glass windows to get inside. they stole at least 35 guns. it's not the first time a gun store has been targeted in that area. the atf has been investigating to see if those crimes are connected. >> a woman on board a united airlines flight makes a quick exit. ben: while the plane was on the tarmac, she opened the emergency
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it's about a 20-foot drop from the plane's wing to the ground. she climbed to the wing of the plane and jumped off. then she ran away from the plane. this happened at the houston airport. of course it did. airport police quickly arrested the woman but so far, no charges have been filed. wisn 12 news time now is 5:41. back to normal at a busy work after striking for a day, what it means for travellers today. >> an animal dealing with severe
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>> early morning temperatures 28 degrees in west bend to 36 degrees in madison. we have fair skies early this morning. the clouds are going to fill
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out of the 30s and reaching up to the mid 40s. we are going to time out a mix in store for us later this afternoon and tonight. we also look at the weekend forecast. in the meantime, matt salemme is getting ready to launch news chopper 12. >> it is nice and clear. things are in great shape on the roadways. no construction leftovers and no crashes on the travel times are looking good... i will jump in the chopper and check back coming up in just a bit. back to you, tim. >> matt, thank you. we are foming a breaking story, president-elect donald trump is up and busy tweeting this just came out, i am holding a major news conference in new york city
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fact that i will be leaving my dot dot dot. he finished the tweet, leaving my great business and totally focussed on running the country in order to make america great again. while i am not mandated too... , this is a continuing thought. he's planning on leaving the great business as he calls its later this month before he assumes the presidency. so ben, a morning as donald trump looks to take over the oval office. >> thank you, tim. 5:46. ben: new this morning, an autopsy will be performed today on a body found in a burning home in wisconsin. the fire happened yesterday in the town of newark in rock county. investigators aren't sure how the person died or what sparked the fire. police are now asking for the public's help finding the victim's pickup truck which is missing.
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across the country the workers had one goal, $15 an hour. there were protests here in the milwaukee area. police in west milwaukee say they arrested ten people for blocking miller park way during the demonstration. it was a nationwide effort called fight for 15. protests went on in dozens of cities across the country from california to new york and in between. most of the workers who went on strike for the day work at fast food restaurants, airports, and even some health care facilities. wage say it would lead to millions of lost jobs. melinda: happening now, workers back on the job at chicago's o'hare airport after a strike. workers stood outside the airport yesterday waving signs and chanting. hundreds of airport workers walked off the job. baggage handlers, airplane cleaners and other employees are fighting for higher wages. airport officials warned travelers that the strike could cause delays. ben: chicago police could be changing the way they patrol the streets. the police superintendent is
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revise the department's use of force guidelines. this comes after some high-profile police shootings in the city. in less than two weeks, there have been four deadly police responses. the new guidelines would put an emphasis on de-escalation and mental health training. the policy also calls on officers to interfere if they see a co-worker breaking the rules. >> if nobody else understands how difficult it is out there to make these decisions, i do. i've been involved in shootings myself, so i know it's difficult. ben: officials say there are always exceptions to guidelines and they're asking officers to use common sense. chicago pd will take public feedback until december 5th. >> a police department gets too many ddonations. they have been collecting stuffed animals. think give the child an animal for comfort and now expanding the stuffed hugs program and
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are handing them out to kids that visit the station. officers say it helps the kids deal with stressful situations. >> it is a great experience, and turn around something with a negative long lasting effect on the children and they can turn it around and think f us in a positive. >> cleaning services were donated. >> new thi cows are safe. the cattle broke out of the transport trailer yesterday while the driver napped on the side of the road. the cows wondered off the streets of sacramento and trampelled the fences and air conditioning units. the california highway patrol was called in. the woman is pretty calm watching the cows in the backyard. the patrol herded the cows back
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>> she put the costume on polly as a joke but it actually helped. polly went from a nervous wreck to a happy goat. the woman runs a farm in new jersey with more than two dozen special-needs goats. that is super cute. she's planning to expand her tu look at eating the costume. >> snacking on the outfit. >> she's so calm. i bet she was running around like a crazy goat and now just hanging out. >> a t-shirt on one of them too. >> candy canes. i have some here. candy canes are a holiday
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tell me if you would try this. message us. go to the weather page too. we want to talk about it. one of the strange new flavors, wasabi. yes t stuff you put on the sushi. >> that is where it belongs. >> tiny bits of it is all i can handle. >> all right. along with wasabi, there's sriracha, another spicy flavor. and pickle and bacon. no. you would try it. sal? >> i might try it. it is the crunchy part and the pickle flavor. >> yes. the thought of what it looks like. the candy canes, you you expect the mint.
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>> wasabi burns your nose. >> i would give it a go. i will look for them. >> all of them? >> no. >> bring them in. >> well, early today early morning sunshine and becoming cloudy, there it is. you are seeing the clouds edging into the earn part of the state. i do anticipate we get a few peeks of sun friday and the low is weakening and drift to the north. disturbances around the low and providing the snow in parts of minnesota. it is going to move our way as the low cruises to the north. we have a chance of a light mix or sprinkles and tonight good chance for a little light snow as well. 34. skies are fair the airport.
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per hour. for today, the model is keeping a fair amount of sunshine throughout the morning. mostly cloudy by lunchtime. the highs in the mid 40s. the model is running a little on the cool side. you can see the model is painting the moisture as snow. i think it is a mix. the temperatures are in the 40s. once we get past sunset, the temperatures crawl back and looking at a mix again, pos transition to a stray snow shower or two over night and early tomorrow before that little disturbance pivots off and away. no worries about accumulation. just a little chilly rain an a mix. 44 today. 35 tonight. 44 tomorrow. friday brings a little sunshine and saturday. highs are near 40 degrees. a mix of snow on sunday and next week. >> sal, thank you.
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california jail and one is back behind bars this morning. tim is following the latest information. tim: both inmates escaped last week along with two other men who were recaptured almost immediately. laron campbell was on the run until late last night. another man, rogelio chavez, is still on the loose. the group escaped by cutting through the bars on a second-story window and using a bedsheet rope to climb down. if both men are convicted, they could face life sentences for burglary, extortion, false imprisonment and more. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. 5:54. forget batman and super man, they are looking for the city's real life super heroes. nominate faces in the crowd, whether people donating time and talents or putting their lives on the line. winners of the celebrating our super heroes contest will be
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party in january. >> really whatever a hero means to you. we didn't want to come up with a lot of rules and regulations. we really want to keep this process as open as possible. what's a hero to you might be different from what's a hero to me. so we want to hear from everyone. ben: you can nominate your hero on the milwaukee press club's website. the deadline is this friday. >> 5:55. remember is ice bucket challenge? >> you are part of the history, and the viral challenge is part >> bucks take down the champs, the player that clinched the win
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there's a new medicare plan in town.
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>> final figures are in more cyber monday oocht shoppers spent $3.4 billion according to a company and 12 pbt more than last year. mo 34% increase on the tablets and smart phones. >> another recall for the dehumidifiers. they were manufactured by gree. sold under a number of name brands. they can overheat and catch on fire. >> food manufacturer kellogg is
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advertising on that is run formerly by steve bannon. the far right news and site has come under fire on social media for what some consider racist and sexist. >> mcdonald's is testing fresh never frozen beef for the quarter pounder burgers. they have conducted in tulsa, oklahoma and made when ordered. changes to the menu. it is using butter instead of margarine. >> cheese curds here? >> i heard about it here. >> 5:59.
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welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm me linda davenport. >> storms turn deadly in the south, a possible tornado toufrped down. >> we have a look at the morning commute. >> first to sally. >> early this morning the teat upper 20s to the low 30s. right now 34 degrees at mitchell international. the bus stop weather for this morning becoming mostly cloudy and out of to 30s and into the 40s. now here is a look at the airport. the skies are fair and 34. the winds right now southwest. we look at the southwest breezes for much of the day today. as far as snow chances, as we roll into december, there is a


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