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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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st. luke's hospital with "numerous injuries." he died a few hours later. >> it breaks my heart because i love kids. that is really sad to hear. >> a neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says the boy only recently moved into the apartment. >> they are always arguing. you can hear them down the hall. >> she heard physical violence. two men 47 and 23, and two women 47 and 44 are under arrest on suspicion of child neglect causing death. the 44-year-old woman has a prior conviction. also for child neglect causing death from a 2003 case in which a one-year-old boy died in her care. she served 18 months in prison for that death. that child wasn't related to the
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again police are still , investigating how the boy wound up in that apartment. the medical examiner's autopsy here is completed but the , details aren't being released yet. toya: thank you. a dramatic scene unfolds in downtown milwaukee gunfire , erupts outside the milwaukee county courthouse. no one was hurt, but police say the suspect fired several shots at a 27-year-old man and a woman near ninth and state at about nine or 30 a.m. this this morning. one car was hit by a bullet, but no one was inside the vehicle. we're told the suspect and the victims knew each other and that the incident was related to a criminal court case. police are investigating. patrick: a recount of the presidential election will be well underway by this time tomorrow. county clerks across the state will start recounting the ballots at 9:00 a.m. it's up to the individual counties whether they want to count them by hand or by machine. president-elect donald trump currently leads hillary clinton by 22,000 votes in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein is paying for the recount. it's expected to cost about $3.9
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and, time is of the essence. the count needs to be finished by monday, december 12. milwaukee county's recount will take place in a city-owned warehouse on the city's south side. 12 news kent wainscott is there. kent, preparations are underway. >> yeah, we have seen a officials coming in going while we have then out here. all of the ballots from throughout milwaukee county are locked inside this facilty ready for the recount to begin planning began last week but all , of the pieces for the recount really began to fall into place over the last few >> we're hours. excited about this and i know , our staff is ready for it. >> local election officials say everything is in place for the biggest recount in wisconsin history. >> they have voting machines that are stored there. they have tables and chairs that
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>> the day started with officials from across the state working out details during an hours long teleconference. meanwhile all of milwaukee , county's ballots were moved from a storage room in the courthouse to the southside city warehouse, where the recounting will take place. 440,000 ballots will be run through scanning machines, a hand count only for write in votes. 130 tabulators will be on hand each day at $15 an hour, all campaign. there will be two separate rooms. in one room, individual suburbs, in the other milwaukee's count will go, right up until the december 12 deadline. and the public is welcome to come and watch but the county , clerk says, in the end, he doesn't expect to see much change. >> we're not anticipating any wide variance in the vote totals. i don't think we're going to see a change in the outcome of the winner of the election in wisconsin.
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the county will report its running total to the wisconsin election commission, which will post the numbers on its website. again, it all begins at 9:00 tomorrow morning here in this warehouse, and in every county across the state. and security is tight, there are sheriff squads parked right behind that door there. coming up at 6:00, will give you a look at how tight security is. patrick: thank you. the view questioned her during an interview with the green party candidate this morning. >> do you think this can actually overturn the election results? tell me yes. >> we don't know, and that's the thing about voting you don't , know in less you look to you don't know unless you count the paper ballots. patrick: she joined the hosts via satellite from boston. she explained that counting the
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pennsylvania, will show whether there was any tampering, hacking or human error. toya: you might be in for a messy ride home. here's a look at doppler 12 radar. depending on where you're heading, you could deal with some rain or snow. lindsey's in the weather center tracking it all for us. lindsey: right here, a rain-snow mix. not all of this is reachth home, you may see a couple of flurries flying. i'm not worried about accumulation, but you can see right now in madison and dane county that there is some snow. i have then talking with the madison national weather service, and all of this is not reaching the ground, but flurries will be moving into our areas, a little near jefferson county.
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get here as we head into 7:00 tonight, so further updates on that. plus, when the next big weather system arrives, i will have that next. toya: thank you. remember, you can take lindsey's forecast with you wherever you go. just download the free wisn 12 news mobile app. patrick: president-elect donald trump is legally cutting ties with his billion dollar company. he made the announcement on twitter, saying he'll leave his business to his children in order to fully focus on running the country. meanwhile, he continues to fill out his cabinet, tapping fellow billionaire wilbur ross as secretary of commerce and former goldman sachs executive stev >> making sure we repatriate trillions of dollars back to the united states, and the personal income taxed the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. patrick: tomorrow, trump and vice president-elect mike pence will travel to ohio for the first stop on what they call a thank you tour. in congress house democrats , voted to let nancy pelosi keep her job as house minority leader.
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san francisco beat representative tim ryan from ohio, 134 to 63. ryan launched a bid two weeks ago to take pelosi's place, calling for change after democrats lost the presidency and failed to regain control in both chambers. pelosi said today she's exhilarated by the vote. as for wisconsin's congressional democrats, gwen moore and marc pocan both voted for pelosi. ron kind has refused to say how he voted. toya: no criminal charges will be filed against the officer accused of shooting and killing a man in north carolina. keith lamont scott was s with police back in september. if you recall scott's wife , recorded the incident as she repeatedly told police her husband wasn't armed and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. his death sparked days of protests. today, investigators unveiled surveillance video they say shows that scott was armed and ruled that the officer acted lawfully. the scott family's lawyers say they're not done fighting. >> we still have real questions about the decisions that were made that day, in terms of how
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toya: prosecutors are publishing their report of the shooting online. patrick: we're now learning the plane that crashed in colombia killing 71 people on board might have run out of fuel. the pilot was heard on air traffic control asking persmission to land due to electric failure and lack of fuel. the aircraft went down monday night, about eight miles from the medellin airport. the plane was carrying a soccer team from brazil. six people did survive. toya: the fbi just released new information on the suspect i they say abdul razak ali artan was born in somalia. he was a refugee who came to the u.s. by way of pakistan. they say the ohio state student might have been inspired by the islamic state group. police say artan drove his car onto a sidewalk monday, plowing into pedestrians, then got out of his car and attacked others with a knife. in all 11 people were hurt. , an officer shot and killed artan. abc news is monitoring the latest on all of these developing stories.
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world news tonight with david muir. that's next at 5:30, right here on wisn 12. well taking a stand to help , local animals by taking a seat. patrick: the riverside theatre has made its official donation to the milwaukee area domestic animal control commission or madacc. the theater sold some of its original chairs to benefit the shelter. each of the 60 chairs was installed when the theater was first built in 1927. they raised more than $30,000. >> week it animals that have been starved, injured, and we never have enough money to take care of those animals and get them adopted. we struggle so much, so it is so meaningful to get this money. patrick: there was a lot of interest. the seats sold out in less than a week. prepare yourself for a price
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agreement behind the spike. patrick: what led up to this case of road rage and where it was captured on camera. lindsey: a few flurries to our west. when you may see the flakes flying, that is ahead in weatherwatch 12. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news, bell and the young talks to us about the new mission she is on to help save lives. >> and december is here when you , might see snow in your neighborhood. we will see you tomorrow morning
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patrick: flames fill the night sky in kansas city, missouri. take a look at this incredible video of this pipeline explosion overnight. the 10-inch line carrying liquid propane was buried underground. officials are still looking into what exactau blast. the louisiana-based company was able to shut the pipeline off and the fire was out in two hours. no one was hurt. now to a violent case of road rage caught on camera. this happened in england earlier this month. surveillance video just released by police, first shows three men exchanging information after they crashed. then, the situation got heated. you see the driver of the pick-up truck back into the semi, smashing the bumper off. he then tried to climb into the cabin and shattered the window with a shovel.
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toya: on the cusp of winter, news you likely don't want to hear, gas and heating prices could be going up significantly. opec has agreed to cut its oil output for the first time since 2008. so here's how it breaks down. daily output will be at 32.5 million barrels. that's down 1.2 million barrels a day. experts say, in the short term, the cut will result in somewhat more pricey oil, meaning higher gas, heating, and electricity prices. however, those same experts say it's highly unlikely to see the highs of two years ago. today, the price of oil is up to a little over $49 a barrel. that's up 9% from yesterday. patrick: you might not know his name, but you've probably tasted his creation. two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, all sandwiched between buns. we're talking about the big mac. james delligatti, the man behind the burger, is being remembered tonight. the mcdonald's franchisee died at the age of 98 at his home in
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according to his son, delligatti ate at least one big mac a week, since creating the fast food favorite nearly 50 years ago. toya: right now we want to take a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, hit again. one month after someone set fire to the cars in his driveway, mixed martial arts megastar anthony pettis finds himself the victim of a new crime. what happened and the reward he's offering tonight. and only on 12 news, it's being weather forecasting. a firsthand look at how scientists at uw madison are helping us forecast the weather more accurately. join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00. toya: lindsey is cheering. thank you. thank you. patrick: no snow on the ground yet but winter parking rules are , about to start up in milwaukee.
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begin tomorrow. >> it is a pain, a big pain, yeah. >> east side residents like jessica burnette don't exactly welcome back the winter parking rules in milwaukee. >> a lot of towing. >> you have been towed before? >> yet. >> so tomorrow's december 1, jessica, ok? don't get towed, and you won't if you look up before parking. because on even calendar days you park on one side of the street, odd days the other. two other rules that will come four-inch rule, and no parking on snow emergency routes. this is mainly for plows and emergency vehicles to get through. >> it is going to be -- since i have classes latest night, it's always hard. >> a big pain. >> no with a choice.
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, in milwaukee, hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. toya: tickets can run anywhere from $20 to $60. if you're car gets towed expect to pay more than $100 to get it back. for more information about the we have a link on our website, parking rules, with no snow on the ground, it's a little odd to be thinking about winter parking rules but , lindsey, that may soon will change. lindsey' next big potential storm. that one will be next week. i want to talk about the here and now. let's talk about it, what is ahead in the forecast. the next few hours, a rain-snow mix happening. tomorrow, cloudy. over the weekend, we are cooling down. next week is when we have this big potential system, and i will be talking about whether i think it is rain or snow.
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can change. it could easily change. i will give you what i am thinking, but right now, the radar network is showing a rain-snow mix. do you see how it is flip-flopping? that's an indication this keeps changing from flurries, a mix. over the next hour, areas to the east of johnson creek, flurries, more likely rsn drizzle, then some snowflakes mixing in. 6:00, 7:00, that will be happening in waukesha county. further along in the night, some flurries by 8:00 new the lakefront, but this is a rain-snow mix. the closer to the lakefront, more likely light drizzle. our snow chances, tonight, light rain-snow mix, not expecting accumulation.
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to the west, but it should not be impacting traffic. we have another chance sunday night, monday morning, a very small chance of accumulation. the numbers are not astonishing, barely even an inch. the next system i am watching starts on tuesday, goes through early thursday. i think at this point that it is a tossup right now, more like a rain scenario, but if this area below pressurve right now, swirling area of low pressure right here. let me take about the snow chances. they are very, very slim tonight, not much. look at that. a little blip over i-94. that is it. i would not be too worried if you're driving home. tomorrow morning, i doubt you will see anything on the ground, maybe some light mixed, but all of this should the done
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big weather system. first, the potential of any accumulation tonight, again, this is a weather model. it is small folks, less than half an inch expected overnight into tomorrow. i want to give you that heads up, right there, the panhandle hook, starts in texas, works its way up through missouri, illinois, and smack dab into wisconsin. the track will depend on what we see, and at this point warm, so i think it will be more of a rain issue. thursday morning, flakes right there. overnight tonight, tomorrow, and the seven day does feature chilly weather, feeling like winter, so we are keeping an i on those next few systems right now. patrick: coming up new on wisn 12 tonight at 10:00, a scare for a local family when a bullet flies through their patio door. what investigators know about
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and aaron rodgers will be changing his shoes this sunday. the cause he's trying to help, and what the league says about that change in uniform. that's coming up tonight at 10:00. how many hours of sleep did you get last night? toya: if the answer is not enough it could be costing you. , and we're not talking about just your health. we're talking about your money. we'll explain new sleep research that might have you banking more shut-eye. patrick: netflix is working to pull you away from amazon prime. the new feature the video
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patrick: for many people, sleep is a luxury. toya: but you might consider making it a top priority in fact an investment. to put it into fiscal terms, your sleep deprivation could be contributing to the loss of $411 billion to the u.s. economy. researchers studied the sleep and work habits of more than 60,000 people in five different countries. those who got fewer than six hours of shut eye lost about six days of productivity per year compared to those who slept seven-plus hours a night. additionally, lack of sleep puts workers at higher risk of accidents and injury. patrick: here's an idea for your next family vacation. universal studios is playing right into your nostalgia with nintendo-themed attractions in the works at parks in orlando, hollywood, and japan. characters from your favorite
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donkey kong, and pikachu will be featured. there will be a couple of years however before the park is complete. big news for fans of netflix. toya: the video streaming service is adding an option to download movies and shows. this would come in handy if you want to watch something while you're away from wi-fi, maybe during a long flight. the move comes about a year after one of netflix's competitors, amazon prime. the feature is free for all netflix members. patrick: and now you can watch google has updated its satellite time-lapse feature for several cities and landmarks adding new , data that dates back to 1984. this is the time-lapse for milwaukee in 1984 and today. there's also a search feature, so you can see how places all around the world have changed over the years. a unique view. well if you've been watching, , you know ellen is in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. toya: wisn 12 viewers have a chance to win all of the 12 days prizes, that's right, each and every one.
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bottom to register. be sure to watch tomorrow to see what you could win. lindsey is standing by with
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full supply tonight in an all-new episode of "designated survivor." patrick: finally, after two weeks. here's a sneak peek. >> once you're face to face with kirkland, i want you to do exactly as it says. ? >> there's no way i'm doing this. >> these are the terms, jason. this is not a negotiation. patrick: the plot thickens. "designated survivor" airs tonight at 9:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: perspective. why he has to do this. i don't want to ruin it for people. lindsey: here is a look at our doppler 12 radar, some flurries moving in, but it is a rain-snow mix. it may make a little messy commute, but no accumulation. patrick: world news is coming up next.
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anywhere with, facebook, twitter and all our mobile apps. we breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the fueled by the winds. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight.


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