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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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melinda: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," we are just hours away from the start of wisconsin's election recount. what the state is doing to protect all of the ballots. ben: plus, a big milestone for a local landmark. aftent celebration you're invited today to mark the grand reopening of milwaukee's mitchell park domes. melinda: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look at radar. some rain and maybe even a few snowflakes are possible today. we're tracking conditions in your neighborhood. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. ben: and i'm ben wagner. it's 4:30 on this thursday, december first. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center filling in
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good morning, jeremy. jeremy: good morning, everyone. we have our eyes on the dopplar radar network. to the west, and western parts of waukesha, rain mixed with a few wet snowflakes and rain showers and snow shower shower mixed in. there is a little steady batch of precipitation out there. the pavement may be a little warmer than that and expecting just wet conditions early on this morning. rain or snow showers through 7:00, 8:00 a.m. and cloudy and low 40s in the afternoon and a sprinkle or flurry in the afternoon. sunset is 4:18. >> thank you, jeremy. ben: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news
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it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> our big story this morning, the largest election recount in wisconsin's history starts today. millions of ballots across the state will be recounted over the next 12 days. melinda: the massive effort starts about four and a half hours from now. tim is here with a look at what you can expect. tim. tim: melinda and ben, all 72 counties in wisconsin will officially start the recount at 9:00 this morning. nearly 3 million ballots are involved across the state. each county is keeping their facility. each county has the option of recounting by hand or electronically. the recount will be done by county employees and municipal poll workers. every day during the 12-day recount each county will report its running total to the wisconsin election commission which will post the numbers online. wisconsin's recount is expected to cost $3.5 million. it is being paid for by the campaign of former green party presidential candidate jill
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ben, over to you. ben: security is tight at recount locations across the state. police and sheriff's deputies are in charge of guarding the facilities. milwaukee county's ballots will be counted at a warehouse near kk and maple. deputies stood guard yesterday as workers moved the county's ballots out of the courthouse and loaded them into a moving truck. squads also followed that truck all the way to the warehouse. been opened there will be 24 hr security provided by the sheriff's department. there will be a sheriff's deputy in the building 24 hours a day. well, there will be more than one. there will be at least two sheriff deputies in the building at all times. ben: campaign officials, lawyers, media, and members of the public can observe the recount. a photo id is required to enter a recount location. every county is setting its own daily recount hours. melinda: recount hours will be different every day, but today the recount in all 72 counties will start at the same time,
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there are 2.9 million ballots in the state. ballots can be counted by hand or machine. the state plans to be finished in 12 days on december 12th. that's one day before the federal recount deadline. the electoral college is scheduled to meet on december 19th to formally elect the next president. stay with wisn 12 news for coverage of wisconsin's recount from now through the deadline. >> 4:34. ben: later today, a man convicted in the death of five-year-old layla peterson will be sentenced. her grandfather's lap when bullets were shot into the home. laylah was hit and killed. police say the shooters fired at the wrong house. carl barrett junior was one of the people who fired those shots. he was convicted of reckless homicide. later today, we'll find out what the punishment will be. prosecutors say two other men were involved in laylah's death. they are both waiting to be sentenced. melinda: right now, four people are under arrest connected to the death of a seven-year-old
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hospital tuesday with serious injuries and did not survive. authorities have performed an autopsy but are not releasing any information on what they found. wisn 12 news spoke to a friend of the boy, an 11-year-old who lives nearby, and used to play with the victim. >> sometimes he would come across the street and be sad and scared and i would ask what happened and sometimes he would tell me he don't want to say. i was mad and disappointed because he died, he was like one of my best friends. melinda: that boy told wisn 12 news that he was scared to go over to the victim's house to play. ben: later today, celebrating the grand reopening of the mitchell park domes. ben: milwaukee county executive chris abele is hosting the celebration tonight. it's free to attend. the event lasts all day. it kicks off at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 5:00 p.m. all three domes have been open for more than a month after some extensive repairs. >> there's still some discussion over how to pay for those repairs.
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to either fix the landmark or replace it. different projects could cost anywhere from 15 to 75 million dollars. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:36. getting accepted faster than ever. melinda: the uw school that's using selfies and social media to let high school seniors know they got in, and the reaction it's getting from from future uw students. ben: plus, a thousand pound animal stuck inside a storm drain. how rescue crews got the manatee out and where it's staying now
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>> 4:39. you are watching "wisn 12 news this morning." it is the first day well finally cold enough to get to snow, but primarily rain showers showing up on the radar. mostly in the eastern part of jefferson county and wet pavement east and west on 94. a little damp outside in the milwaukee area. we continue to track the rain
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what to expect for the weekend coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. to traffic watch 12, everything is looking good. drive times are in the green too. melinda: new this morning, a quick thief gets away with diamond rings. ben: the man posed as a customer at a zales jewelry store. when the clerk pulled out rings to show him, he grabbed them and took off running. he made it out the door before anyone could stop him and got into a car. this happened a few weeks ago in plantation, florida. we're just now getting a look at the video. police are searching for the suspect this morning. ben: also new this morning, a crash in california leads to a flood. melinda: the driver hit a fire hydrant which started shooting water into the air. police say the driver lost control of his car, hit several cars at a dealership and then the fire hydrant. no one was hurt. the driver and passenger ran from the scene. police tracked them down nearby. the driver is under arrest,
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melinda: a manatee in need gets help from firefighters in florida. ben: the animal got stuck in a storm drain in florida. it's not clear how the 950 pound manatee got in there. firefighters and wildlife officials got the manatee out. it's now at sea world. experts gave the manatee an exam to make sure it's okay. no broken bones, just a few scratches. i wonder how he gotth 4:41. tennessee dealing with massive wildfires this morning. melinda: one of the state's most famous residents is giving back. how dolly parton is helping out thousands of families and how you can pitch in, too. ben: plus, an 11-year-old girl learns cpr in school and uses that lesson to save a life. how she saved her baby sister
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>> 4:44, you are watching "wisn 12 news this morning". we have a live look outside right now. it is wet further inland and parts of waukesha and jefferson county mainly rain an drizzle. this is wrapping and the area of the low pressure. here are the temperatures, most at or above 32 degrees and that is good news with the wet pavement in early is just wet out there. 32 waukesha. we are keeping an eye on the roads and the radar and let you know what to expect coming into the weekend. >> thank you, jeremy. melinda: new from overnight, a police officer killed in tacoma, washington. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom where details have been coming in overnight. tim. tim: this all began with a domestic violence call. police responded to a home and shots rang out. one officer was shot. he was rushed to the hospital
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a woman and two children got out of the house safely. the suspect may still be inside. this is an active stand-off situation. police have a large perimeter set up around the neighborhood. they say it's possible the suspect left the home slipping away while police took the officer to the hospital. i'll keep following the latest information all morning. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. ben: police in michigan searching for a man who fired shots at police officers. about an armed man and a possible drug turf war. that suspect started firing at the officers who quickly drove away. the police chief called it an ambush. >> as they got in view of this street, they could see the suspect with what appeared to be an assault-type rifle. we believe the suspect fired anywhere between 8-10 rounds. ben: swat teams locked down the area. they found the weapon but not the shooter.
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shot at officers. melinda: a north carolina police officer is recovering after being shot. police were responding to a home invasion call when the officer was shot, so was the suspect. the suspect is in critical condition this morning. the officer has serious injuries but is expected to survive. north carolina's state bureau of investigation is working to find out what exactly happened. melinda: overnight, people took to the streets in charlotte. they protested a district attorney's decision not to prosecute anic and killed a man two months ago. both the officer and the suspect were african-american. the shooting led to protests and riots in charlotte. officials say the officer acted lawfully. >> our determination is that at that time, his belief was reasonable that he was in imminent threat of death or the death of his fellow officers, and that he was justified in shooting. melinda: police say they found scott's gun at the scene but
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officers. witnesses at the scene said that scott was holding a book not a weapon. the police officer is still facing an internal investigation. ben: a uw school using the app snapchat to deliver good news. students who are waiting to hear from uw green bay could find out about their admission status on snapchat. the school is sending out acceptance letters through the app along with the regular mail. admissions officials say it's a faster way to let students know that they were accepted. >> they'll screen shot the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfie. they get really excited about that and it's really cool. we're proud of our admitted students and we want them to know that. ben: admissions officials say students spend a lot of time on snapchat so they see the message right away instead of having to wait for the mail to arrive at their home. melinda: good idea, we spend an
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you do a lot too. >> we do fun things on there. >> yeah, i love it. >> this morning the rain or snow across the area, nothing to shovel or push away, just a couple of snowflakes are mixed in. the temperatures are warm for the early december standards. we are previewing a typical december, average 38 on the high on the first. look at the snow though about 10.6 inches. we go in search of the snow in the 7-day in a moment. first to radar network. we have rain and showers further inland. early this morning the temperatures above freezing. this is melting on contact. hartland and lake country and
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of snowflakes mixed in. right now in milwaukee, gray skies and drizzle and 37 degrees with a west breeze 5-10. the highs going to up to the lower 40s. a chilly breeze west 8-18 miles per hour. lots of clouds throughout the day. don't expect much in the way of sunshine. passing rain or snow shower this morn afternoon. lots of gray. here is the weatherwatch 12 week away. damp. drying out for friday and saturday. sunday could be rain or snow. and by next week, a little more impressive storm system moving in with the temperatures that will be lower 40s to upper 30s across the area with a chance of
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we are colder system, parts of the eastern u.s. it was severe weather. tim: several tornadoes hit the southeast and caused some serious damage. at least five people were killed in the storms in alabama, georgia and tennessee. there were at least three twisters in northern alabama. trees and power lines were knocked down and some buildings were reduced to rubble. three more tornadoes were reported near atlanta. no one was hurt there but the damage. strong winds stripped metal roofs off buildings and took down trees and power lines. tennessee also saw one tornado. two people died there. ben, back to you. ben: devastating fires, still burning in tennessee near gatlinburg. right now 7 people have died and dozens have been hurt and 700 buildings destroyed and hundreds
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gatlinburg. the town is under evacuation orders. the u.s. forestry service is saying that 15,000 acres of parkland have have burned. one of the resorts the dollywood. parton is promising to donate a thousand dollars a month for the families affected by the fires to join in by donating to the dollywood foundation. "g.m.a." has more on the wild fires. >> a middle schooler in florida arrested for bringing a loaded gun to class. the 13-year-old girl pointed a gun at the classmates and chased after them but the gun jammed. the district released a
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situation could have been prevented if the gun was properly secured at home. >> they did an announcement and everybody should be at the library. >> the kids these days, i don't know what is going on, is it bullying or not getting along with this person or that person. >> an adult has been arrested for not properly securing the weapon. >> new this morning, a starts to choke and the 111-year-old sister saves the day. the baby was just two days old. the sister just learned cpr at the school in massachusetts and so when the mother started panic, the girl took over. >> you weren't nervous? >> a little but i stayed in the moment and tried to save her. >> now the 11-year-old says when learning about cpr and help a
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come in handy as she was having a new baby sister. he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. >> new this morning, abc star is using her voice to educate about lung cancer. bellmy young is known for scandal. young lost her father to lung cancer. so now he's launching a called test talk talk action, it is the role that the bio markers play in the patient's care. >> bio markers are the clues that tell the doctor the type of cancer and they can hone a treatment program that is specific to you. >> you can see more of young as first lady grant on the first season of scandal january 19th
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4:54. taking a stand to stop drug abuse. >> the change that could be coming to milwaukee county. >> plus, for the bus riders could notice something different
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>> welcome back. new this morning, surprising treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. >> they they have approved a clinical trial. a new study involves 230 patients. the study listen done under the controlled conditions and doesn't mean that the street ecstasy is safe to take. >> smokers under the age of 50 face a greater risk of heart attacks. younger smokers tend not to have other heart attack risk factors are seen in the older smokers.
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rienth now, a historic morning in wisconsin and what you need to know about the ballot recount taking place. >> no snow yet, why you will soon have to watch where you park. >> and there's rain, even snow falling in southeast wisconsin right now, matt is on deck with the morning commute. but first -- >> we are checking in withmy nelson. >> we have the rain and southwest of milwaukee this morning. the pavement may be a little damp in the city but rain and snow is falling in waukesha, jefferson and walworth counties and drizzle in kenosha county and slowly working through. temperatures are above freezing in almost all of the locations. the pavement is staying damp this morning. now the bus stop forecast could


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