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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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rienth now, a historic morning in wisconsin and what you need to know about the ballot recount taking place. >> no snow yet, why you will soon have to watch where you park. >> and there's rain, even snow falling in southeast wisconsin right now, matt is on deck with the morning commute. but first -- >> we are checking in withmy nelson. >> we have the rain and southwest of milwaukee this morning. the pavement may be a little damp in the city but rain and snow is falling in waukesha, jefferson and walworth counties and drizzle in kenosha county and slowly working through. temperatures are above freezing in almost all of the locations. the pavement is staying damp this morning. now the bus stop forecast could
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for the kids. temperatures in the 30s. low 40s with mainly clouds this afternoon. we talk about the weekend coming up. now to the morning commute with matt. >> good morning, we are encountering just a little wet pavement. a lot of the areas still dry as well. light volume. we are seeing dry and we are seeing full freeway speeds. if you are leaving the house soon, ry out the door. back to you. >> matt, thank you. now to our big story this morning, all eyes are on wisconsin as the state is recounting the presidential election results. nearly 3 million ballots are counted over the next 12 days. the efforts are starting at 9:00 this morning. hillary mintz is live on the south side with the look ahead.
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this city warehouse will be a busy place, this is where the hundreds of thousands of ballots will be counted for milwaukee county. as you can see, the ballots inside and tight security. each of the 72 counties can decide whether to count by hand or using a machine, more than half say they are counting by hand, but milwaukee county is using electronic machines. it is done by county workers and poll workers. every night they have to report the running totals and they are going to post the numbers online. recount is paid for by the campaign of jill stien. once the ballot bags are open, the police and sheriffs are
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for now, live near kk and maple. >> hillary, thank you. so here where it is standing now, wisconsin's recount starting at 9:00 in all of the 72 counties and ballots can be counselleded by hand or machine and security at the locations and the state is finishing december 12th. a day before the federal recount deadline. anyone can show up to observe and you have to bring a photo, id. >> the green party is targeting pennsylvania and michigan. tim is in the news room with the latest efforts there. >> the ballots could be recounted by hand beginning tomorrow after a request by jill stien. now this state's recount policy is counting each ballot by hand and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.
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state by nearly 11,000 votes and now he has 7 days to file a written objection to the recount. as far as pennsylvania, a hearing is scheduled for next week to determine if the ballots will be counted by hand. the electoral college is meeting december 19th to elect the next president. >> president-elect donald trump is celebrating a victory with stops in we are in washington with the details. >> reporter: first on the ie tin ri is a stop in the hoosier state. from trump tower to indianapolis, indiana, drektdz is unveiling a deal he made with carrier, preventing some of the jobs from moving to mexico. >> it is a relief.
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the jobs back. those jobs now are not going to mexico. >> a campaign promise. >> a lot of times they don't do what they promise they are going to do. if he does it, i will tell him thank you personally from me. >> the deal will keep 800 union workers. what about the other few hundred jobs that were set to go to mexico? today we may carrier is saying that the deal is possible because of the incoming administration. >> way too many companies in the country and saying what about me, you have benefitted them. >> after indiana, trump is headed to ohio, the first stop of the thank you tour.
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>> liz, thank you. no announcement of trump visiting wisconsin yet. vice president elect met with paul ryan and reince priebus. >> preventing overdoses in milwaukee. 217 deaths related to opioid use this year. michael murphy introduce a task force to help fight the problem. the meeting is this morning at 9:00 at city hall. >> the first of its kind drug mail back program. it is aimed to make it easier to dispoes of unwanted medications and unused. the postage paid envelopes are
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>> there may not be store on the roads yet, but the parking rules are going into effect this morning, so keep an eye on the date to know which side of the street you are allowed to park on and four inch rule and the snow emergencies declared. the rules are in effect until march first. no snow right now. >> but it is chilly out there. >> a few flurries. >> a couple of flurries, especially ind but the precipitation is rain. it is december 1st and rain showers across parts of central. rain showers around madison and sweeping to the southeast early this morning. some drizzle and light rain. 36 degrees. above freezing. we are going to continue to see the temperatures above 32.
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afternoon and clouds and a sprinkle or a flurry. we look ahead to the weekend forecast. first to the commute with matt. >> so far so good. with the light volume on the roads now you have little competition and no reason to rush on the wet pavement. the volume is light and looking good. no road work through the zoo. the travel times are green... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. ben: thank you, matt. we are learning more information about the death of a 7-year-old boy on milwaukee's south side. >> four people are under arrest for that little boy's death, including a woman with previous abuse charges. the 7-year-old was rushed to the hospital and didn't survive.
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18 months in prison for involvement in 20 # 03 death of a one-year-old baby. we reached out to the adult daughter and she's not spoken to the mother because of the abuse she suffered growing up. two men were taken into custody. it is unclear the relationship between the 7-year-old and the people arrested. we expect to learn more from the >> tim, thank you. >> thousands of protestor in north dakota are camped out in the cold temperatures and ignoring the governor's demand taxpayer evacuation orders. the tribe in north dakota is saying that the pipeline is threatening the drinking water and culture sites. the fight is coming to downtown
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the bank is one of the several institutions financing the 3.8 billion dollaring pipeline. >> the transit system is honoring the life of rosa parks. all of the buses have a seat reserved for the civil rights activist. today marks 61 years since parks refused to give up here seat to a white man in alabama that to the landmark ruling that outlawed segregation on public transportation. wisn 12 news time now is 5:10. >> killed in the line of due di. >> a police officer shot a number of times trying to protect a mother and children. >> shopping and baseball system, saving on the gifts for your
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gloomy start to the day. we have a lot of clouds in milwaukee and just to the west of the city there are a few rain showers, maybe a couple of snowflakes trying to mix in, primarily damp wet weather early on this morning. the temperatures are key when we talk about the rain in december. we are above freezing in most of the spots. the reading in waukesha reads too cool. it is more like 33, 34. pavement is wet at the moment. we are going to the expert and find out more with matt. >> some others are wet and some areas are dry. the good news is that is volume is light. things are moving well. right now quiet as far as the rest of the system. no crashes and no road work. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you.
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shot a number of times responding to a domestic violence call. tim? >> officers are describing the scene as chaotic. a standoff is taking place outside of the home where the officer was shot. the suspect barricaded himself inside after the shooting and shot the officer a number of times. the officer died at the hospital. his body was moved to the medical overnight. the suspect is not yet arrested. the police have a large per imter set up around the neighborhood there. >> thank you, tim. >> new, the last inmate that escaped from a county jail in california last week has been captured. chavez was arrested after a 7 hour standoff with the police. chavez and three other prisoners
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repelling to the ground on a rope made out of the sheets. all four are now back in custody. >> you might notice the apps turning red today, today marks world aids day. 35 million people have died from aids related illnesses. apple parter inned with the organization red for the past decade to raise money and abareness. the goal is ending the disease by >> it may be december, but baseball, brewers and shopping. the clubhouse sales open to the public tomorrow and save on everything. brewers suite hold everies and season tick ed holders get special early access starting today at 2:00, all other shoppers can come tomorrow or saturday starting at 8:00 a.m. while at miller park, the
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special photo shoot. get your picture taken, a photo station is on the main service level today, tomorrow and saturday. fans are encouraged to wear brewers gear. the photos will be used for the next season's marketing campaign. wear jersey for players that are playing on this year's team. >> cameos by hank? >> i hope so. >> hopefully hank shows up for that. >> we have not seen him. >> he's on tour. >> he's in the off season. >> well, when you let the dog out this morning it is wet. wet pavement. not icy. the temperatures are above freezing across the area. we are looking at quiet weather for friday.
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across southeast wisconsin. hour by hour forecast, i wish we had better news. it is dreary and above average temperatures and a handful of rain. showers out there, could be a couple of wet snowflakes mixed in. there may have been a little brief period of wet snow in western waukesha. this is primarily drizzle and light rain showing area this morning and then mainly a dry day ahead. outside of the weather window, the clouds are hanging above downtown milwaukee. we start out with gray skies. a little drizzle reported at mitchell international. the runways and the highways nearby damp early on. now to the future here and preview thursday's forecast, gray is clouds.
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or a flurry throughout the morning. a couple of flurries in the afternoon. this is 4:00. here is a couple more near beaver dam. outside of that, gray skies for today. that gives way to maybe partial sun for friday and saturday. no big arctic air masses in the 7 day forecast. instead we cool down just a little bit for the weekend and giving way to rain or te sunday. monday is mostly cloudy. rain on tuesday. could be a wintry mix or snow on wednesday. >> thank you. >> if you watch ellen, she's in the middle of the 12 days of giveaways. >> today he's getting help from actor tj miller.
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>> miller is on the right. >> i don't know what that is. >> that is moves. >> i barely recognize tj miller. the show starts at 4:00. this is your chance to win a prize as well. what is he in? >> silicon valley and voice for the >> stay tuned for ellen at 4:00. >> 5:20. a big surprise for a group of college students. >> coming up, the celebrity that decided to give them a golf cart ride back to campus. >> i can't believe you knew that. scandal star's mission the most important role yet and helping cancer patients around the
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>> good morning, everybody in pee pewaukee, how about that. we are stopping by the schools across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to, and click on the school shout out logo. while there, you can submit nominations for the monthly top teacher award. >> students in need of a safe ride home get a surprise. >> here is a hint, all ride, all ride, all ride. i don't know what i would do. that is matthew giving the students a lift on a golf kavrt around the campus and raising
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that the students don't have to walk home alone and he posed for a few selfies. i want the texas accent to come out. he's a 1993 texas graduate and he lives in round rock, which is close to austin. >> he's a huge ut austin fan. >> yes, big time. >> 23 pound lobster is giving a second chance of life. he was caught by fisherman. i know what you are going to say. >> lobster bisque tastes good. >> a woman paid $230 for the giant lobster to be set free. instead of the dinner table, he's now, look at this. >> returning back to the water to be caught again and eaten. >> he knows better this time. >> does he? is>> maybe, i hope so.
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>> you are going lobster diving. >> the new york city lighting of the christmas tree. >> 50,000 lights on the 94 foot tall norway spruce, performs by the rockets and sara and andy. >> it is a holiday classic, charlie brown christmas tonight at 7:00 on wisn 12. >> wisn 12 news time i 5:26. a major loss for a jewelry store. >> coming up, how thousands of dollars of diamonds were ripped from the hands of an employee. >> a brand new use for social
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melinda: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," we are just hours away from the start of wisconsin's election recount. what the state is doing to protect all of the ballots. ben: plus, a big milestone for a local landmark. after months of repairs, the celebration you're invited today to mark the grand reopening of milwaukee's mitchell park domes. melinda: but first, weather
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at radar. some rain and maybe even a few snowflakes are possible today. we're tracking conditions in your neighborhood. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. ben: and i'm ben wagner. it's 4:30 on this thursday, december first. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center filling in for sally. good morning, jeremy. >> good morning. a lot more rain than the snow in southeast wisconsin. just a few wet snowflakes mixed in and melting on here is the radar network, a little drizzle out there. currently 37 degrees at ka theed bral square. a west breeze. here is the planner, cloudy skies in milwaukee and a little drizzle at the moment. maybe a lit el wet snow flake trying to mess in.


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