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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. joyce: a call for milwaukee county sheriff david clarke to resign. the reason a county supervisor wants him out, and how clarke is responding. >> we're going to make american great again, you watch. patrick: donald trump kicks off his victory tour. the major cabinet pick he revealed to the crowd. >> how much did you say you had to drink? >> one beer. joyce: a milwaukee police officer once busted foun now up for a promotion. we begin with this story, a milwaukee county supervisor is demanding sheriff david clarke step down before more people die at the county jail. patrick: sheriff clarke, his national profile has risen in recent weeks, now coming off a meeting with donald trump monday for a possible spot in his administration. christina palladino is live at the county jail. christina, four people have died there in the last six months. >> since april, three inmates and a newborn baby have all died
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circumstances. one of the deaths was ruled a homicide. milwaukee county supervisor supreme moore omokunde is calling on sheriff david clarke to step aside. >> i am calling for the resignation of sheriff david clarke jr., who is responsible for operations of the milwaukee county jail, where four people have died in a six-month period. >> omokunde says he and the county board have repeatedly asked for more information into the investigations of these deaths, but has received no answers. >> he's more interested in creating a public persona for himself, travelling around the country. >> 38-year-old terrill thomas died of dehydration in the jail late this spring. thomas was accused of opening fire at potawatomi casino. the medical examiner's officer determined his death was a homicide. over the summer and fall two more inmates died and one gave birth to a stillborn baby. 12 news reached out to sheriff clarke. he replied, "supervisor who?
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in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected president of the united states." supervisor omokunde insists this is not about politics. >> i want to stay away from personalities as much as possible. this is about doing one's job, and i'm asking sheriff clarke to do his job. >> the county board once an independent investigation into how all those deaths occurred here. medical examiner says he was threatened by sheriff clarke. wisn 12 news obtained an email dr. brian peterson wrote to the county executive. in it, peterson says during a phone call october 28, clarke yelled at him for minutes over 3 issues, namely releasing to the public information about a jail death not notifying the , sheriff's office when more information about a previous jail death was to be released and his office's response to a , death at the airport.
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properly in all cases. he goes on to write, "i appear to have sustained some 20 minutes of yelling and threats against my licensure for ultimately no good reason or even a bad sheriff clarke's one. attitude was hostile, his mood was angry, and my attempts to mollify him were rudely rebuffed." 12 news asked sheriff clark if he had any comment on the emails. he told us simply no. joyce: a milwaukee police officer once arrested for driving drunk with a child in his car is now up for a promotion. us live downtown. ben, the promotion could have happened tonight but the fire and police commission meeting was canceled? >> not enough commissioners were able to get to tonight's meeting to act so a decision on the , promotion will have to wait. >> i can't believe i'm that guy and made that choice. >> that's milwaukee police sergeant john corbett in 2011 during an interview with wisn 12 news' nick bohr. eight months after he was , arrested for drunk driving during a hunting trip in fond du
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to drink? >> two. >> two beers? well, you are under arrest for dwi. >> according to a police report, corbett blew a .18, more than twice the legal limit. he said he didn't recognize he had a problem with alcohol until it was too late. mpd released the following statement about the pending six years ago and sergeant corbett served a 60-day suspension, which was his department punishment for the incident. as a result of the suspension, he lost approximately $17,000 in pay. sergeant corbett has not received any discipline since this incident." the fire and police commission will have the final say over whether he gets that promotion. a meeting has been rescheduled for monday morning. in downtown milwaukee, ben
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underway. this is a live look from inside the recount headquarters in waukesha county, where they are still sorting ballots. they're prepared to go until midnight every night until all the ballots are tabulated. the recount got started at 9:00 in all 72 counties. a.m. menominee county is the only one to finish so far. in that county's recount, hillary clinton lost a vote, while donald trump lost two. green party candidate jill stein, who requested the recount, gained 17. the recount is being done in front of observers from various parties, including members of trump's campaign. >> significant difference in the numbers. it's not going to impact the outcome, but we're just here to make sure nothing unusual happens. joyce: trump won wisconsin by about 22,000 votes. there are recounts also requested in michigan and pennsylvania, all states that trump won.
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his so-called victory thank you tour, making a stop in cincinnati. >> i'm here today for one main reason to say thank you to ohio. , thank you. patrick: trump carried ohio in the election. earlier today, he stopped in indianapolis where he touted a , deal with a company to keep 1,000 jobs from being moved to mexico. governor walker says trump could visit wisconsin in the next couple of weeks. during tonight's stop in cincinnati, the president-elect announced his pick for defense secretary, retired marine general james mattis. the 66-year-old retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of u.s. central command. joyce: a milwaukee man gets 65 years behind bars in the shooting death of laylah petersen. >> i know you might think that i'm guilty because of the verdict. i don't agree with it, but at the end of the day i'm guilty. i'm sorry for your loss. joyce: that's carl barrett speaking in court today during his sentencing. he was found guilty of firing the bullet that struck five-year-old laylah peterson in 2014 as she was sitting on her grandfather's lap.
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>> laylah was the light to many of our lives and a piece that will forever be missing. she was as charismatic as they come. because of your actions she will , never have the opportunity to live her life to the fullest. joyce: two other men have also been charged in peterson's death. a protest at the wells fargo in downtown milwaukee. locals are putting pressure on the bank in an attempt to block the pipeline that threatens tribal land in standing rock, north dakota. wells fargo is one of several financial institutions funding the dakota access pipeline. patrick: only on wisn a look at 12, the big construction project that's happening underground. crews are working to stop milwaukee's city hall from sinking. the wood pilings that have supported city hall since the 1890's are losing the fight against time. the cracking walls and leaning door frames above ground warn of what's happening below.
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steady and alarming enough to prompt us to action and to do something about it. patrick: an estimated $40 million will be spent on the project, which includes shifting the load of the building off of the wood pilings and onto concrete and steel. all of the mitchell park domes are back open. milwaukee county celebrated the grand reopening today with free admission. the domes were closed for most of the year to repair falling concrete. the holiday floral show also opened in the show dom it runs through january 1. joyce: there was an empty seat on all milwaukee county buses today, a tribute to rosa parks. the transit system tagged one seat on every bus, marking the 61st anniversary of a momentous day in the history of civil rights in this country. parks, an african american woman, refused to give up her seat to make room for a white passenger on a bus in montgomery, alabama, sparking the montgomery bus boycott. college students across the country are worried what the trump presidency will mean for their immigrant classmates.
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college is taking to protect them and can it really work? ,joyce: a wisconsin teacher's vision for a class more practical than any textbook. ahead, how the idea is now racing around the world. mark: plus, you knew it was coming. we could not avoid it forever. winter. when our high temperatures will only reach the 20's next in weather watch 12. patrick: and a wisconsin hunter's strange encounter with a deer.
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has 12 news 10 continues, here's a live look at the recount headquarters in waukesha county. they are prepared to go until midnight every night until all ballots are counted. the recount started at 9:00 this morning in all 72 counties in our state. inauguration day is in less than two months and some worry how , aggressive the trump administration will be when it comes to undocumented immigrants. patrick: across the country are signing petitions hoping to protect their undocumented peers. adrienne pedersen explains how much power schools have to fight immigration authorities. >> good evening. as of now, the petition to make matc a sanctuary campus has more than 250 reporters -- the supporters. the matc student union movement asks the school to bar immigration officials from entering campus without
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undocumented and "daca-mented" students. immigration attorney erich straub says matc can keep officials off campus, but it would really just be a hurdle. >> they have the option to go adjudging get a warrant and come back if they can show by probable cause that the person they want to arrest as they are. >> -- arrest is they are. we reached out to matc and received a statement from the school's communication director on behalf of the president dr. vicki martin. it says in martin is gathering additional information and input from key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive response. dr. martin is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all of our students. student jesse goss backs the petition. >> again, petitions like this one a part of a nationwide trend, including students at uw madison who signed something similar. patrick: while the u.w. chancellor's office says she doesn't have such power, a spokesperson for system
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would be closely watching what donald trump does with immigration policy. the obama administration announces support for requiring women to register for the military draft. under current law, women can volunteer to serve in the military, but aren't required to register. it would take an act of congress to add women to the selective service. joyce: tragedy at a walmart in iowa. as many as three people have died after a truck crashed through the front doors. it happened in pella, iowa, about 40il the truck made it well inside the grocery area of the store. investigators say they don't believe it was intentional. the driver and another person were injured and taken to the hospital. walmart says it's heartbroken by what appears to have been a tragic accident. the death toll from the wildfires that ripped through tennessee this week has risen to 10. three more bodies were discovered today. the search continues for others still missing. the wildfires centered on the resort town of gatlinburg near dolly parton's theme park dollywood. the singer has promised to
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a medical scare for buzz aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. he had to be medically evacuated from the south pole after becoming sick. he was there as part of a tour group on exploration. there he is, giving a thumbs up on his way out. and later he was seen smiling , while in his hospital bed in new zealand, being treated with antibiotics. patrick: a story trending on twitter today. a virginia school district has suspended the use of two classic books some say is a slippery slope. a parent filed a complaint against the use of to kill a mockingbird and the adventures of huckleberry finn because of their use of racial slurs. a committee has been established to review the books and make a recommendation to the superintendent. a surprise decision from the ceo of starbucks. howard schultz is stepping down next year, but will remain as chairman, focusing on opening more high-end shops. the company's stock dropped 3% after the announcement. joyce: brewers fans have a chance to add to their collection of team gear this
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sale, which starts tomorrow. jerseys, displays, programs, they're all set up in the visitors' clubhouse. the sale is tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., and saturday from 8:00 until 5:00. an unusual sight for shoppers at a maryland dollar store. check it out. a wild beaver was seen checking out the christmas trees in the decorations aisle. it knocked a few things off shelves. the local sheriff's office posted these photos on social media, saying, "it was safely apprehended and released to a wildlife rehabilitator." >> so did you go shopping at macy's and get that collar? oh, come on now. joyce: one wisconsin hunter's encounter with a deer is going viral. brian powers says he was hunting last week outside wausau when he found a deer with an orange scarf around its neck. the animal came right up to him. powers says he's never experienced anything like it. they hung out for about 10 minutes before parting ways, powers telling the deer keep your head low, and see you next year.
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patrick: 10 minutes together? joyce: blaze orange on the deer. nothing will strike that, right? for the final time, president obama and his family lighted the national christmas tree in the nation's capital. patrick: besides the dazzling tree, the celebration included performances from kelly clarkson, marc anthony and garth brooks. the national christmas tree has been a washington tradition for more than 90 years. the very first ceremony took place under president calvin coolidge in 1923. ? that is a show a , dancing display in tonight's tour of holiday lights. this home on 69th street in kenosha is lit by bulbs synchronized to music. people who pass by and tune their car radios to 101.3 fm, hear the tunes that go with the light show. if you see a decked out home you think needs to be on t.v., send us an email at
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address. that is impressive. joyce: i thought we were looking at miller valley there again for a second. patrick: it would be nice to have a little snow on those holiday lights. joyce: mark, that could be happening soon. mark: you would love that, wouldn't you? joyce: a little, yes. sunday, we get to the snow possibilities in this forecast, and the bigger story next week is the cold. now, 30 eight degrees. our average low is 25. it is cooler to the last, 24 rapid city, 24 denver. nothing unusual. the cold has been locked up in asia in extreme northern sections of our alaska for most of the fall and early winter. you can see the colder air.
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fairbanks. five below in old crow. i wonder how people live in old crow? we will watch this colbert, because for the first time since last winter, we will start to bring this air here down south. see those purples? those are below zero temperatures. we will see the coldest air we have had in a long time around here. this is next thursday and friday, but nt prepared, because what talking about highs only in the 20's. i would not be surprised if we get lows in the lower teens and single digits, specially if we get snow cover. the coldest so far the entire fall has been 24 degrees. only three days in november where our temperatures were below average. no measurable snow yet and milwaukee. that could be changing. chances for snow starting on
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see some snow on the grassy surfaces. the nice thing is the roadway temperatures are warm, and the temperature will be right around freezing or above. the next round will be rain or snow tuesday into wednesday. thursday and friday, the cold comes in. as we head into sunday, it does not look that impressive, but i think there will be a nothing we actually do some snow on the grass. and a meantime, a flurry or two county, washington county, not a big deal, and temperatures remain above freezing. that will continue in tomorrow morning as well. friday morning, 30's, not that much wind, which is nice. i think the clouds will be tough to get rid of on friday. some sunshine on saturday, not a bad day here, not a bad day to get the leaves on the ground before the snow moves in.
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a mild monday as temperatures warm to the mid-40's, then that chance of rain or snow moving into here tuesday and wednesday, then it gets colder. a high on thursday coming in at 25 degrees. fair warning, everyone. patrick: about 300 people live in old crow. were doing some research over here. it's not in the forecast, but waukesha county is preparing for the first big snowfall. joyce: coming up, this year that could make for faster and cheaper plowing. patrick: plus, it's the busiest time of year for shipping companies. and if you're expecting a
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephen: hammy-gate is in full swing. packers quarterback aaron rodgers was limited in practice today as he continues to nurse a hamstring injury. brett hundley took a number of the first team snaps as rodgers worked alone with a trainer. linebackers clay matthews, jake ryan, and blake martinez were also limited. just in case there is further injury to rodgers, the packers brought back a familiar face to the practice squad.
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bay after spending time with the saints, and most recently with the cleveland browns. he was not at practice today. damarious randall was also limited today, but he was a full participant on monday night against the eagles, the corner starting after missing five games due to a groin injury that required surgery. randall tied for the team lead with seven tackles and had a pass deflection, but most importantly, he suffered no setbacks. >> just getting shape. obviously you can't like, there is no way you can basically put you in a game and have game like >> is the main thing, and i am happy in fortunate fortunate tot through the game without having any setbacks and looking forward
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season is that they play up to teams, warriors and cavs for example, but they also tend to play down to teams. well, that wasn't the case tonight in jason kidd's return to brooklyn against the nets. first quarter, check out this no-look dish from michael beasley to jabari parker for the slam. later in the half, parker shakes and bakes down the baseline for the flush. he had 22, nearly half of the bucks points coming from parker and giannis antetokounmpo. with the steel there the greek , freak with a space jam like finish in transition. but then giannis goes all giannis in the third quarter, spin cycle, and one, 23 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, and he didn't even play in the 4th quarter, but thon maker did, and he shows off his length in transition. not in my house, he says. 10 blocks for the bucks defense tonight. they win the nets come back to 111-93. the bradley center on saturday. coming up in our next half hour, the badgers continue to prep for penn state and they believe they are deserving in a spot in the college football playoffs if they win.
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spots in downtown milwaukee. patrick: still ahead, one former waitress is now suing the water street brewery. why she claims she was
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joyce: now i store you will only see on 12, a restaurant server is filing a lawsuit for not being paid overtime and being forced to pay for things like lost silverware. patrick: terry sater talked to the former employee going after water street brewery. >> i believe i'm a hard dedicated worker. >> angela brandt used to wait tables here at the water street brewer o but this week she filed a federal complaint against the milwaukee-based restaurant chain and owner robert c. schmidt, jr. she accuses them among other things of violating the fair labor standards act, making servers pay for discarded silverware, even if someone else was to blame. >> weather i threw it in the garbage or the busser put it in the garbage by mistake, i'd get charged as the server? >> correct. the server would get charged for it. >> wisconsin law says no employer may make any deduction from the wages due by any employee for lost or stolen


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