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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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at my workplace, and so we were a little bit concerned. we've feel really safe in this neighborhood aside from that. i still feel safe. it is concerning. >> because this reported assault happened so near an elementary school, we reached out to milwaukee public schools to see if they were issuing any warnings. a spokesperson told us in fact -- an fact, "we did send out safety reminders to families of students enrolled in bay view area schools." so far, police have not made any arrests and don't have a good description of the suspect. patrick: now to the breaking news in the wisconsin presidential recount. a court says the lawsuit to stop the recount can move forward, but in the meantime, the recount will continue. 12 news political reporter kent
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county recount headquarters to sort this all out. >> a lot happening at the last second. a federal judge in madison denied a request by some donald trump supporters to immediately stop this recount, but there has allowed the lawsuit to continue. there will be a hearing next week. so for now, these people will keep working and counting, and the chairman of the wisconsin elections commission told me today that he believes the recount must continue. inspectors and counting machines began the work, came the move to try to stop it. two pro-donald trump superpacs asking a federal judge for a restraining order to halt the counting. the head of one of those groups, the great america superpac, says green party candidate jill stein should not have been allowed to request a recount, and calls the process a massive waste of taxpayer resources. >> it would be a shame to stop
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of the wisconsin elections commission. he says a couple of counties have already completed their recount, and the statewide count should continue. >> i think it's inappropriate to say stop. i mean, people have volunteered. they're doing it. they're working hard. we should let them do their job. >> when word of the lawsuit broke early friday, the elections commission sent a message to all counties to keep counting. thomsen says he's confident the recount will be completed. >> this thing is going to get done, and get done as scheduled. >> now. i just got off the phone with the executive director of one of the organization that filed this lawsuit. he talked about what happens next in this process. we'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. patrick: we're already getting some results from the recount. in menominee county, gary johnson picked up 12 votes. jill stein, who's paying for the recount, added 17 votes. the clerk blames human error for
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the wisconsin elections commission plans to post updated results every night. michigan and pennsylvania are also dealing with a recount. the president-elect won both of those states. after a deadlock vote in michigan's elections board today, the recount there will proceed despite a request to block it. it's scheduled to get underway next week, as long as the courts do not intervene. in pennsylvania, a hearing is scheduled next week to determine if the ballots should be counted by hand. the electoral college is scheduled to meet on december 19 to formally elect the next president. joyce: republican national committee chairman reince priebus says the recount is a joke. priebus, who trump has picked to be white house chief of staff, spoke with upfront host mike gousha just hours ago. >> the president-elect has expressed concerns about illegal voting. could this possibly address some of these concerns? >> the problem is there is nothing that is going to change
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this thing here is a publicity stunt for either jill stein or some other entity that we have no idea who is benefiting from all of this. joyce: tonight on 12 news at 6:00, mike asks priebus whether milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will end up in the trump administration. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is back in manhattan tonight. he hit the road to indiana and ohio, and today the president elect re today to continue work on filling his cabinet. last night in ohio, he announced his pick for defense secretary, retired marine general james mattis. >> i said i am going to be putting on the greatest killers you have ever seen. we need that. it is time. it's time. it's time. we have a great, great cabinet. i'll tell you. it is coming, and wait until you see what we have next week. joyce: as for general mattis,
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defense secretary. current law requires that members of the military be out of uniform for seven years before filling a civilian post. mattis retired in 2013. patrick: snow is in the works for this weekend. mark, it will be the first measurable snow, for most of us, this season. mark: you don't have to run to the store. you will be all right. snow is on the way. it will be enough to make things slippery. it is sitting out in montana. this will come sunday. that is what we need to be ready for, our first measurable snow for southeastern wisconsin. again, it is coming in sunday. coming up, i will go over when it comes in, when it moves out, and what you can expect. that is just minutes away. patrick: you can track the weather wherever you go with the wisn 12 news mobile app. you can also access interactive radar and get mark's latest forecast.
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your cell phone. breaking news from green bay. the packers injury report is out, and aaron rodgers is on it. joyce: the packers are playing the texans sunday at lambeau. 12 sports dan needles is here, dan, the big question is will rodgers play? dan: the packers quarterback, who is celebrating his 33rd birthday today, is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury. he suffered that injury late in the third quarter of monday's win in philadelphia. rodgers didn't miss any snaps in that game, and has been receiving treatment all week. mike mccarthy said today that he expects rodgers will py against the texans sunday. rodgers has started every game the last two-plus seasons. the last time he missed a start was 2013, when he sat out seven games with a broken collarbone. joyce: thank you. an investigation is now underway into medical care at both the county jail and the house of correction. this is following four deaths at the county jail in recent months. the county's audit director tells 12 news his staff will investigate whether armor correctional health services is meeting the requirements for
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armor contracts with the county to provide care at both the jail and the house of correction. >> i don't think there's too many people who will say four deaths in custody in eight months isn't worth a very robust effort to try to understand what happened. joyce: the four deaths at the jail include an infant, and are still all under investigation. patrick: fire at a construction the fire department got the call just after 1:00 this afternoon at a building near 1st and becher. a couple of welders were working on the roof when the fire started. no one was hurt. joyce: a former student at university school of milwaukee pleads guilty to up-skirting. austin halbrooks will be sentenced at a later date. he plead guilty to one charge of invasion of privacy as part of a plea deal. investigators say they found photos of seven girls on halbrook's phone and laptop. patrick: if you shop at trader joe's, you might want to check your fridge. the grocery store is recalling
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listeria. the two flavors impacted are the mediterranean and white bean and basil. trader joe's says if your hummus has a use by date through december 15 and the plant identification code c, you should throw it away right away. there's also a number you can call for more information. it is on your screen. 626 599 3817. we also have this information on joyce: ford is recalling more than 680,000 cars. it comes after at least two people were hurt in two separate accidents. the vehicles in question are certain fusion, lincoln mkz and mondeo models from 2013 to 2016. ford says the problem could cause a seatbelt to snap during a crash. you'll get a notice from ford if your vehicle is impacted. a new jobs report shows unemployment is at a nine year low. the jobless rate dropped to 4.6%. analysts say it is mainly because 226,000 americans left the workforce, and many who are out of work have given up
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u.s. stocks opened lower following the jobs report. here's a look at how they closed. the dow jones down 21 points. the countdown is on in the weather center patrick: you're eager to mark day one of snow aren't you mark? mark: most meteorologist get excited about the snow. why i don't think this one will cause too much trouble on the roads next in weather watch 12. ,joyce: to get your mind off snow, let's summer the massive sale going on right now at miller park.
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patrick: the death toll from dangerous wildfires in tennessee ha today, residents in gatlingburg are being let back into their neighborhoods to check on their homes. investigators believe the fire in the resort town was started on purpose. police arrested a man yesterday. the governor of tennessee has declared a state of emergency. joyce: it's a story that made national headlines, a california mother disappears for weeks, only to return battered but alive. >> my home phone rang. i pick it up. it was my wife screaming in the
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"20/20," an abc news exclusive. sherri papini's husband keith talks with abc's matt gutman sharing intimate details about her disappearance and her return. >> she is screaming, you are back, where are you? then the phone is taken away from her super quick. joyce: interview and the latest on the search for her captors tonight on "20/20." that is 9:00 followed by wisn 12 , news at 10:00. right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00 a local mother charged in , the death of her three-month-old son. 12 news investigates, after learning this isn't the first time one of her children died in
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, bond between a man and a construction crew. how that bond formed and the surprise way the crew is now thanking the man. join us for all stories new tonight at 6:00. patrick: thank you. brewers fans are cashing in at the annual clubhouse sale, which is still open tonight and tomorrow. joyce: wisn 12 news hillary mintz shows us there's something for every milwaukee baseball fan. >> it's a sale that brings the die hards out. >> we have a brewers license plate. today w summer. >> today mariel hildenbrand is shopping for a future brewers fan arriving next year. greg koentopp picked up this cooler bag for himself, and this garden gnome he just had to have. speaking of unique.
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>> yep. >> endless clothes, hats, posters, even locker nametags, most with prices slashed 75%. how about this cardboard cutout? >> our playground upstairs was built last year, totally redone. we have taken the giant metal those. >> the brewers 36th annual clubhouse sale, once again proving there's something for everyone. at miller park, hillary mintz , wisn 12 news. joyce: now that we have you thinking about baseball spring , training tickets go on sale monday at 9:00 a.m. the first game in arizona is february 24. their home opener is april 3. christmas came early for kids at
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center. patrick: volunteers from kohl's delivered one thousand gifts to the center on 26th and kilbourn. nearly all of the children served by penfield live at, or below, the poverty level. the gifts aim to make the holiday's a little brighter for them and their families. >> today is an exciting day. we have thousands of associates who have participated. we are just proud to support them so they can ensure all these children have something special to open this holiday season. patrick: the wrapped gifts will be hde ? joyce: that's the vincent high school drumline bringing a little sounds of the season to a special christmas party. johnetta borum, a postal worker, started the tradition in 1971, organizing a holiday community meal complete with presents for deserving mps students. that first year, 20 students came. now 45 years later, borum has passed on, but her legacy lives
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grown to include nearly 300 mps students. >> this is one of the most amazing surprise parties ever. this is like -- they don't know what to expect next. it is an amazing gift. joyce: you see it there. even santa himself made a special appearance. we're told over the years more than 15,000 mps students have attended the parties. patrick: it that does not get you in the holiday spirit, maybe some snow will. joyce: mark, this will not be a serious storm. mark: no, but this is what we have to remember any time we get that first snow. this will stick. some of that will stick to the roads. you have to remember how to drive in this. most of you have lived here a while. plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you, slow it down. i live look at cathedral square,
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as we add snow to that. 35 degrees, cloudy and cool, a typical december day. west, north westerly wind at seven, so it feels like 29. now let's focus in on what is to come. i don't want to make this sound like a spectacular snow, it's not. it's the first one of the storms to give us a chance of snow on the roads. we will be quiet tonight and during the day tomorrow. if you need to get anything done, put her christmas lights up, do that tomorrow, because it will be a dry day. maybe you still have leaves on the ground. get those off before the snow moves in. that is something i will be doing tomorrow for sure. now, sunday, 8:00 in the morning, here comes the snow, and i think everybody see snow. it does not matter where you are, you are going to get some
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hours, it stays all snow come a but there could be some rain that mixes in during the afternoon as it warms up just a little bit. again, this is on sunday. anywhere from 1-2 inches is what i am expecting. most of that will be on the grass, although there will be some accumulation on the secondary roads. here it is, most areas coming in around an inch of snow. this is not a huge one. it is fi most of it will be on the grass. road temperatures are above freezing. salt will work great because temperatures are between 32-35. watch out on bridges, overpasses, on ramps, this is where we usually have problems, the side roads, the driveways. a light snow impact. this is sunday during the day, high confidence this will happen. wet snow mainly sticking on the
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not major impacts here. on the highways, if you're going to green bay to check out the packers on sunday, you should be all right. the salt will be on the roads. i'm sure the road crews will do a great job. 8:00 a.m. to noon, 32, sunday, not saturday. you are fine on saturday. light snow mixing in with rain sunday afternoon, then flurries and a little bit of drizzle as we head into sunday evening. we might get a bit of sunshine. snow changing possibly over to a mix of snow and rain, mostly cloudy. decent day on monday, then here comes the cold. the chance of rain or light snow tuesday, wednesday, cold air moves in. 28 on wednesday. 20 five on thursday. staying in the 20's most of next week. patrick: layers, layers, layers.
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the safety problem, and how long it will take to fix. and country star luke bryan is accused of slapping someone in the crowd during a concert. what drove bryan to confront the man. that is coming up tonight at 10:00. still ahead at 5:00 a new trio , at the milwaukee county zoo. joyce: the important decision zoo keepers had to make that delayed their public debut. patrick: check it out. and a fish tale with picture proof. where this massive catfish was caught and what the person did after he posted this pictu t
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patrick: new on wisn 12, some new additions to the milwaukee county zoo. joyce: cue up the oooos and awwws. three tiger cubs made their say hello to kashtan, eloise and bernadette. kashtan got an infection shortly after he was born. he had to be separated from his two sisters and his mother to get special care until he recovered. reintroducing him to the pack could potentially create some problems with the mom, so zookeepers decided to hand raise him, but he still gets plenty of time with his sisters. >> when he gets to play with his sisters he gets to actually be a , tiger and learn those cues from his sisters.
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other tigers play and how they communicate with each other. joyce: she is like stop biting on to me. the ten week old cubs each weigh about twenty pounds. you can check them all out in the big cat country exhibit at the zoo. patrick: now to something you don't see every day. he brought his parrot to county court with him, and he left the bird in a tree outside, but the jue violating the terms of misdemeanor theft. >> this was his pet. he had had this bird since the bird had been hatched. the bird is four years old. i could just tell how he was so concerned when he went into custody. this bird was so special to him. patrick: he had a friend pick up and care for the bird until his case is resolved.
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catches a 112-pound catfish. what else might surprise you, at 112 pounds, this catfish is still five pounds shy of the state's record. >> i didn't realize how big he was until i actually got my hands underneath him. i feel pretty good about it. i wish it was a little bit bigger so i could beat it of course, but i'm happy with the catch. joyce: the third record, not the fish. ok. so what does one do with a 112-pound catfish? brewington said he released it back in the river. no, this wasn't caught using the hand fishing technique in the show hillbilly cat fishing. i can't believe i sat through the episode. it was crazy. a 10 pound fishing line is what he used. patrick: another look at your forecast after the break. announcer: got a big job to do?
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your commute will be naughty or
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mark: snow on sunday. you are all right tonight and tomorrow. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the jury deadlock. the police officer charged with shooting an unarmed man in the back. we will go straight to the courtroom. deadly road rage. a former football standout shot and killed. police releasing the shooter. building collapse. and tornadoes and fires this weekend. and the cold air sweeping across the nation.


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