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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. patrick: only on wisn 12, first a fender bender, and then much more. the victim's warning for anyone driving. adrienne: only on wisn 12 news, who would be watching the cameras watching you? patrick: and one of country music's biggest stars confronts a man in the audience. what drove luke bryan to slap him. adrienne: we start with evidence marker, fingerprints on the side of the car part of a , bump and run on a milwaukee neighborhood street. patrick: tonight, the victim is saying she feels like she was targeted. >> patrick, the victim tells me she did what most people do when you get into an accident you make sure you're ok then get out and check for damage moments later her car was stolen. >> he threw me to the ground,
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like, no, get off. >> crystal gonzalez describes it as fast paced and traumatic the victim of a bump and run near 74th and locust friday morning a suspect and accomplice vehicle speeding off. hours later, the suv is back in her possession. police found it in a parking lot and told her a 16-year-old is in custody. >> you can tell they have their blunts in my car. >> she says the suspects didn't really steal anything. also, a $1000 camera. >> they could have taken my kids. that is my life. >> all in all, gonzales feels violated. >> i will drive to a police station and tell them i got hit,
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get out of the car. >> if there's any good news a man and his daughter dropped off her wallet. they found it on the ground license, debit cards all inside . patrick: thank you. snow is in the works for the weekend. for many of us, mark, it will be the first measurable snow of the season. mark: that means we will have to remember how to drive again. slow down, lots of room between you and the car in front of you. montana, and that will bring that first measurable snow rolling in on sunday. just be ready. we will let you know when it starts, stops, and how much you can expect in your neighborhood as that's snow moves in on sunday. adrienne: thanks. police are still looking for answers in a disturbing reported sex assault in a south side milwaukee neighborhood. a young teen girl says a man attacked her last night near tippecanoe park, next to clement avenue elementary school.
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wisn 12 police haven't informed them the girl is a student there. >> we are new to the neighborhood. i close late some nights at my workplace, and so we were just a little bit concerned. adrienne: police spent the day interviewing the victim and witnesses. they still don't have anyone in custody. patrick: a new safety tactic could be the norm in the bay view community. as christina palladino reports one alderman iyi installed so neighbors are always watching. >> the largely popular bay view area has seen a surge in growth over the years. new restaurants, coffee shops and other stores continue to , expand, bringing more people to live in the neighborhood. but it's also seen a recent uptick in violent crime. alderman tony zielinski says a new security camera program could help. >> anyplace you go all throughout the world, they are getting cameras.
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>> zielinski wants each street in bay view to get a surveillance system. then neighbors can take turns monitoring the camera. >> with the technology being what it is nowadays you can , monitor it on your own computer. >> however, to some people the , program sounds a little too big brother-ish. >> i don't feel like more scrutiny, more surveillance is a good answer. it's just not the kind of atmosphere i would want to promote. >> but others like tiffany gorski are very concerned about e women. >> i'd feel more protected if i knew people were watching over me a little bit. >> the reason bay view does not qualify for any cameras given out by the city is because not enough crime happens here. but zielinski is looking for any additional city funding or grants that can pay for the enhanced security. patrick: a public safety meeting will be held on tuesday, december 20 at bay view high school starting at 6:00 p.m., to discuss the cameras. adrienne: investigators are now looking into medical care at both the county jail and the house of correction. this after four deaths at the
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telling 12 news his staff will investigate whether armor correctional health services is meeting the requirements for medical care. the four deaths at the jail include a baby born there. county executive chris abele is taking sides tonight. he tells me the sheriff's interactions with the medical examiner regarding some death investigations are totally inappropriate. in an email to abele's office from dr. brian peterson, the medical examiner, says sheriff several times and told him how to do his job. even threatening he could lose his license. >> i think making a threat to try and seek revocation of his license is hard to imagine its as appropriate in any circumstance. adrienne: abele also telling me this afternoon the sheriff should be less consumed with picking fights and more focused on the deaths in his jail. patrick: the presidential recount will continue in
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and so will a lawsuit trying to stop it. today, a federal judge rejected a request for an immediate halt to the recount. it comes from pro-donald trump groups, who argue that it's a violation of the constitutional rights of people who voted for trump. the court did allow the lawsuit, challenging the recount, to move forward, scheduling a hearing for late next week. clerks in all 72 counties have until 8:00 p.m., december 12, to get through all the ballots. milwaukee county is expected to count ballots from the city of milwaukee, tomorrow. in northern wisconsin, menominee county has finished its recount. jill stein, who's paying for the co picked up votes. the clerk blames human error for the discrepancies. adrienne: a mother charged in the death of her own three-month-old baby boy. according to police 36-year-old otisia scott fell asleep on him while she was drunk. police say she also killed her two-month-old baby the same way in 2013. according to the complaint, after that incident one of scott's children went to protective custody. however, the baby who most recently died was allowed to remain with her. the department of children and
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case. patrick: cars parked in a tow lot in waukesha county go up in flames. today, we learned the fire might have started from an electrical issue inside a vehicle towed to the lot. it happened thursday morning at a.m. towing on national avenue in big bend several cars were on fire. adrienne: the season of giving is in full swing. and volunteers from kohl's are embracing that. workers donated and delivered one thousand gifts to the most kids there come from families who live at or even below the poverty line. kohl's also gave $25,000 to support programs at the center. fireworks lit up the sky over the third ward tonight. it was part of the annual christmas in the ward celebration tonight. the tree lighting ceremony, live music, and a visit from santa were also part of the festivities. the event continues tomorrow with horse-drawn carriage rides
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the third it cef meteorologist rk baden is trking snow in the weather center. mark: i'll time out when the roads could get a bit slippery and when we are heading for the deep freeze next in weather watch 12. patrick: helping people get jobs and cleanup abandoned homes the part of a milwaukee program , that federal officials hope other cities copy. adrienne: be careful the next time a delivery driver rings your door bell. the frightening video ' patrick: and country star luke bryan slaps someone in his audience.
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patrick: a dramatic rescue. a woman trapped under debris from a building collapse. it happened in sioux falls, south dakota. the 22-year-old was able to call her mother from the rubble, which helped rescuers find her. a construction worker who also trapped did not survive. investigators are trying to figure out why the building collapsed. a vigil tonight or the mother of killed in a hit-and-run. three >> justice for peggy. >> justice for peggy. patrick: friends and family gathered in west milwaukee. peggy cetnarowski was hit by a car near the intersection of mitchell and beloit while walking home the night before thanksgiving. she died this week. >> the little bit of comfort i have in this whole thing is that with the organ donation process, somebody else is able to spend and live with their family for
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so peggy was able to still give yet one more gift. patrick: her sister says there's a $5,000 reward. the driver is still out there. a neighborhood rocked by unrest over the summer is in the spotlight tonight for a housing program giving people jobs. adrienne: that's right. i was there as the u.s. housing and urban development secretary stopped in sherman park to see this all in action. no one's lived in this neglected sherman park home for more than six years. >> first, then we'll take the plaster down. we do it in sections. >> workers hired by the adult build program will demolish it and start fresh. u.s. housing and urban development secretary julian castro travels the country. this is the first program he's seen that employs adults. usually teens are doing the work. >> the focus of this adult build program on folks who can gain
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they served time, but they can be contributing members to society. this is a fantastic model for other communities to follow. >> adult build has rehabbed or rebuilt more than 300 homes in the city of milwaukee over the last six years. just the start here on 36th street. >> these folks while they're gaining good skills that makes them more deplorable are also , making this a better place. adrienne: county executive chris he said he's trying to actively empower a population that's been ignored for too long. a tourist attraction in washington, d.c. will stay closed for at least another two and a half years. since august, there have been significant safety concerns about the washington monument's elevator system. thanks to donations there is now , money to fix the issues. but officials say it will take time. construction to build the monument honoring president george washington started in 1848. patrick: country star luke bryan steps off stage to slap a fan. he was performing last night in nashville for a veterans
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bryan's representative says a man in the front row was making crude and insulting hand gestures. the representative went on to say the gesture was insulting to nearby military families. bryan continued to sing while security escorted the man out. some american airlines flight attendants want their uniforms recalled. 70,000 workers received the new look in september. but more than 1000 employees say the uniforms are making them sick. there are complaints of headaches, rashes, hives, burning skin and respiratory the airline says its done three rounds of testing and everything appears normal. american also says hundreds of employees have been allowed to go back to their old uniform and the company ordered hundreds of non-wool versions of the uniform in hopes that will stop some of the reactions. ford is recalling more than 680,000 cars. it comes after at least two people were hurt in two separate accidents. the vehicles in question are certain fusion, lincoln mkz and
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ford says the problem could cause a seat-belt to snap during a crash. you'll get a notice from ford if your vehicle is impacted. adrienne: a judge is saying no to a mistrial in the case of a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man. the jury in the michael slager trial will resume deliberations monday. earlier today, the jurors told the judge they had trouble reaching a consensus after three days. the judge told the jury they need to keep trying. slager, a former south carolina police officer, is charged with killing walter scott in april 2015. the shooting happened after a traffic stop and scott started to run away. if convicted of murder, slager faces 30 years to life in prison. a former nfl player gets shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident on a louisiana highway. police say 28-year-old joe mcknight is dead after an argument thursday with another driver. mcnight last played in the nfl in 2014 for the kansas city chiefs. police questioned and released the shooter.
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>> why was he released? this young man begged for his life. >> everyone should pause and reflect and recognize that a rush to judgment does not equal anything. adrienne: the sheriff's department says mcknight did not have a gun on him or near his body at the time of his death. they are still tracking down witnesses. patrick: more deaths are being tennessee. 13 people have now died. today we also learned that nearly structures have been 1000 affected by fire. they were either destroyed or severely damaged. families forced from the fires were able to return today to see what's left of their belongings. lawmakers in the area have talked with both president obama and president-elect donald trump about getting help. here in southeast wisconsin snow is on the way. adrienne: i'm hearing mark baden is a little giddy about it.
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when we get this. takes you back to your childhood. if you were a weather geek like me, you were always excited to get that first of snow. i know nobody wants to drive on it. i get it. the nice thing is that it will be a wimpy amount. yes, that first measurable snow coming in. what does measurable mean? at least i think we will have more than that, but not a big storm. here we go. tonight, dry. tomorrow, dry, but over all the clouds continue. on sunday, dicey, getting slippery. sunday snow, slick roads be ready. at always causes trouble, that first one, because people still drive the same kind of speed as if there is nothing on the ground at all.
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the salt will work really well because temperatures are right around freezing. there will still be slippery spots out there. it will be that wet and heavy snow. let's go right into future cast, jump into sunday morning, this is when the snow moves in. when the keep you from going church? you should be a ok into sunday morning, then sunday afternoon, w day. it will not be incredibly heavy, but adding up over time. sunday evening, temperatures get warmer and resume mixing in with the snowflakes. we will really start to see any snow on the ground start disappearing as we head into monday. the computer models we are using here, not huge amounts of snow. a general one-two inches expected around southeastern wisconsin, and most of that will
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be accumulation on area roads, sidestreets, driveways, overpasses, bridges, but highways will be ok for the most part, including heading up to green bay for the game on sunday. watch out though. you may want to throw a little salt down on your driveway and sidewalk. so it is a light impact event, so we need to be ready for it. pretty high confidence we will see wet snow, sticking on grassy surfaces. sunday morning, 7:00 a.m. to noon, light snow developing, continuing into the afternoon. we may have some next in the afternoon, especially lake michigan temperatures above freezing. saturday, 38. 36 on sunday, the snow changing to a mix. decent day on monday, temperatures above average.
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the middle of the week system does not look like too big of a deal. light snow possible on wednesday. look at these temperatures. highs in the 20's, lows in the teens. winter always makes it to wisconsin. adrienne: getting cold fast. tonight's holiday lights take us to 64th street in kenosha. patrick: they have holiday favorites lining the sidewalk snowmen, santa, reindeer, and a penguin. if you see a holiday lights display you think we should make sure to give us the address, then watch monday through friday at 10:00 p.m. three of the milwaukee county zoo's newest animals made their public debut today. the tiger cubs kashtan, eloise and bernadette got a lot of , attention. the ten-week old cubs each weigh about 20 pounds. you can check them all out in the big cat country exhibit at the zoo.
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bet they are fears. stealing packages from your front step. they're called porch pirates. patrick: coming up, how a woman fought back when she saw it happen and how she knew the , thief was full of lies. adrienne: then, the harry potter franchise has another feather for it's hat.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the most important player on offense and on defense for the packers, aaron rodgers and clay matthews, are both listed as questionable for sunday's game against the texans. but mike mccarthy said today that he expects both will play. the texans won their only previous appearance at lambeau that was the last time the packers missed the playoffs. rodgers knows to keep the post-season streak going, the monday night win in philly has to be the catalyst. >> i don't think we are out of the woods yet. we are just one game better than we were last week, so i think it is important to keep that focus. there is still a lot in front of us. bad performance in this week or any upcoming week, we know that
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focused on what we have to do to win each week. >> you know it's a process. unfortunately in this game you will have adversity, but it does make you better. i just think with all the work that we have been putting in, everything has finally started to click. dan: two wisconsin starters, quarterback alex hornibrook and defensive lineman connor sheehy, are questionable for tomorrow's big ten championship game against penn state. both paul chryst and james franklin won a big ten coach of the year or this week. after a 2-2 start, but penn state brings an eight-game winning streak into the big ten championship, and they are averaging 46 and a half points per game over the last five games. >> it is a team that is continually getting better. i think as a coach, one of the things you strive for and hope for and want his that your team is playing its best football. i don't know, it looks like to
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really hard, and it looks like they're playing with confidence. dan: 12 sports stephen watson is headed to indianapolis for the big ten championship. look for his live reports tomorrow on wisn 12 news, and big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. the brewers were not able to trade chris carter by tonight's deadline, so he becomes a free agent. scooter gennett did sign a one-year deal to avoid arbitration. and, milwaukee native skip kendall has qualified to play on the pga champions tour next year, along with jerry kelly and steve stricker. patrick: little bit. only on 12 news, a special bond between a local man and a construction crew. adrienne: coming up, how that bond formed and the surprise way the crew is now thanking him. >> the election is over, but bitter, angry emotions between
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patrick: it's been nearly a month since election day, and the feelings are still strong. adrienne: between election recounts and nasty exchanges between the campaigns, post-election emotions are incredibly high. jennifer davis is covering the
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on display all week at a trump rally, on twitter and tv and even at a long-established post-election forum where sparks flew between the two campaigns. the start of donald trump's thank you tour thursday in ohio looked a lot like a pre-election campaign event with supporters chanting, 'lock her up' about hillary clinton -- hillary clinton. protesters turned up at the venue, and donald trump criticized them whene >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple of weeks ago. they forgot. >> there were fireworks thursday night at a forum at the harvard institute of politics as top strategists from both campaigns gathered to break down the election. >> let's also be honest, don't act as if you have some popular mandate for your message. the fact of the matter is is that more americans voted for hillary clinton than donald trump. so let's put it in total context. >> and there was nothing that said the road to popular vote


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