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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Saturday  ABC  December 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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>> now on wisn 12 news -- andy: a milwaukee woman thrown to the ground, her car gone in a flash. the warning to other dve traffic. local students draw inspiration from dr. martin luther king jr.. how they are sharing the lessons they have learned from this leader. a chilly start to the day. we are timing out when the snow arrives tomorrow and how much you will need to shovel. good morning. thank you for joining us on wisn 12 news "this morning." 5:00 a.m. on saturday, december
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am let's get your day started with a look at your forecast. here's weatherwatch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson. good morning, jeremy. jeremy: we have snow in the weekend forecast. mortuary with -- more dreary weather. in the city, it is currently just above freezing. at the moment, with the mp lot of wind this morning. it is seven miles per hour. let's break down the forecast for the first half of the weekend. maybe a peak of sunshine, but it is mainly cloudy with a high of 37. snow on sunday. stay with us, i will go over the timing and how much snow you can expect, coming up.
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warning for other drivers after she says she was the victim of a bump and run. the incident happened near 74th and locust around 8:30 yesterday morning. the victim speaks only on wisn 12 news with our ben hutchison about the sudden attack. >> he threw me to the ground, jumped in my car. i held on to my door, and i was like, no get off. i couldn't put up much of a fight, because i didn't know what he had on him. ben: crystal gonzalez describes it as fast paced and traumatic, the victim of a bump and run near 74th and locust friday morning. a suspect and accomplice vehicle speeding off hours later, the suv is back in gonzalez's possession. police found it in a parking lot and told her a 16-year-old is in custody. >> you can tell they had blunts in the car, cigars. ben: she says the suspects didn't really steal anything. >> i have a $300 diaper bag, $200 ugg boots. ben: also, a $1000 dollar camera. >> in a way she's feeling lucky. just minutes before her car was stolen, she dropped off her 10-month old baby at the sitter's house. the bottom of the car seat still inside here.
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that's my life, you know? ben: all in all, gonzalez feels violated. >> you're not going to catch me stopping if anyone hits my car again. i'll drive to a police station, tell them i got hit, but there's no way i'll ever get out of a car. andy: a scary situation. ben hutchinson reporting. the woman says a few hours later, a man and his daughter dropped off her wallet. they found it on the ground, license and debit cards all inside. in milwaukee county, election officials are expected to tally more city of milwaukee ballots in the presidential recount despite a lawsuit. a federal judge rejected a request for an immediate stop to the recount. group supporting donald trump say the recount is a violation of the constitutional rights of people who voted for trump. the court did allow the lawsuit challenging the recount to move forward, scheduling a hearing for late next week. clerks in all 72 counties have
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get through all the ballots. milwaukee county is expected to count ballots from the city of milwaukee, tomorrow. in northern wisconsin, menominee county has finished its recount. jill stein, who's paying for the recount, and gary johnson, both picked up votes. the clerk blames human error for the discrepencies. "we shall overcome ." accepted -- when he accepted the nobel peace prize. that is the same for the we energies mlk speech contest. you're invited to watch as the top five students from kindergarten to 12th grade give speeches on that theme.
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at the we energies public service building auditorium on michigan street in milwaukee. later today your family is invited to new year celebrations hosted by the hmong american community milwaukee. the first families came to milwaukee in december 41 years ago. there will be music, dancing, and food at center. the opening ceremony is 10:45 in the morning. today, the wisconsin badgers face penn state in the big 10 championship game. quarterback alex hornibrook and defensive lineman connor sheehy are questionable for the game. both badgers head coach paul chryst and penn state's coach james franklin won a big 10 coach of the year award. franklin was on the hot seat after a 2-and-2 start, but penn state brings an 8 game winning streak into the big 10 championship. they are averaging 46.5-points per game over the last 5 games. >> it is a team that has been getting better. i don't know. like to me that they are a team
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it looks like they are playing with confidence. andy: big 12 sports stephen watson is in indianapolis for the big 10 championship. look for his live reports tonight on wisn 12 news, including big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. to the pros now. aaron rodgers and clay matthews are both listed as questionable for tomorrow's game against the houston texans. that said packers coach mike , mccarthy said yesterday that he expects both will play. the texans won their only previous appearance at lambeau field in 2008. that was the last time the packers missed the playoffs. kick off tomorrow is at noon. today, your family is invited to lambeau field for the 11th annual festival of lights. starting at 5:00 tonight, you can visit with santa, make packer-themed holiday cookies and cards, and listen to area high school choirs. the tree lighting ceremony is at 6:30. it's all free. you are encouraged to bring new, unwrapped toys to donate to toys
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on the wisn 12 news holiday lights tour, we took a drive to 64th street in kenosha. this home has holiday favorites lining the sidewalk: snowmen, santa, reindeer, and a penguin. if you see a holiday lights display you think we should highlight, send us an email at make sure to give us the address. then, watch monday through friday at 10:00 p.m. wisn 12 news time is 5:07. it is the busiest time of the special deliveries. this year ups expects to deliver more than 700 million packages between thanksgiving and new year's eve. mike anderson got inside the local ups distribution center, where they are busy and looking for help. mike: it's the busiest time of the year for parcel deliveries in america, and ups drivers are on the case like elves on santa's sleigh. >> and then we'll meet on the second floor, alright?
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too. ups anticipates it'll deliver about 700 million packages between now and christmas, and they have job openings. >> there are awesome opportunities for persons who are looking for some extra holiday money. how great is it to be santa's helper in brown, so it's a great opportunity. it's very flexible, it's outside, you're able to get a lot of exercise, and be able to make some additional money. mike: ups encourages customers to sign up for a program called my choice, allowing them to get an email when their package arrives. and there are other ways to keep your deliveries safe. >> we really suggest that any of our customers try to get their packages rerouted potentially to their work place or being able to get those packages also rerouted to maybe friends or family members. mike: of course, the advice that's always good, get your packages ordered early. be certain that they'll make it in time for christmas. in milwaukee, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. andy: we thank them for their
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the us postal service says mind december 15 is the last day , for retail ground. the postal service first-class mail deadline is december 20. fed-ex last day to ship via ground is december 16. ups has december 19 as last day to ship 3 day select. of course, many will ship up until december 23, but you're going to pay a price. wisn 12 news time is 5:09. a 5-k run that gives you cookie breaks. the race happening today that gives you a sweet reward for your hard work. plus, grinning from ear to ear after a trip to the dentist. how an appleton girl was able to get a whole new smile for free. here's jeremy nelson in the weather center. good morning. jeremy: i don't know how many people will smile about the snow tomorrow, but we are tracking snow in your weekend forecast. the timing, and what you can expect, you are watching wisn 12 news "this morning." >> like, comment, and share with the news team you trust.
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important location coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news "this morning," with andy choi and weatherwatch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news "this morning" continues. andy: welcome back to wisn 12 news "this morning." you are taking a live look outside on this cold saturday at 5:13. we will check in with jeremy to see how that day and weekend is shaping up. your time is 5:15. we have seen communities drug needle exchanges in the hopes of cutting down on the spread of hiv, a new study shows more needs to be done. according to the centers for disease control, 54% of people who inject drugs used a program in 2015. up from 36% from a decade ago. the cdc says one in three users still report sharing needles. an estimated 9% of new hiv cases are spread by sharing needles. happening now, a first of its kind initiative to end drug abuse in southeast wisconsin.
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the city of milwaukee teamed up with cvs pharmacy and the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district on this effort. through the program, you can simply pick up a tamper proof drug disposal envelope at 1 of 10 area cvs locations. the postage is already paid, and you send it pre-addressed to the local police department. all the drugs will be stored at the police station. wisn 12 news time is 5:14. true for one appleton teenager in the form of a new smile. reporter aisha morales shares how this teenager's life was changed forever. aisha: it's been a long time coming. >> 17 years. aisha: but the day is finally here. >> she's dreamt about this day. aisha: just a few more minutes and mom can hardly wait. >> i'm going to start crying already, and i can't do this because i am an ugly crier. aisha: today, her sweet daughter, 17-year-old lexi, will finally have the smile she's
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aisha: this is lexi before, and now the birth defect on her teeth is one insurances won't cover, so she learned to deal with it. >> ever since i started growing my adult teeth, i've always had it, and i mean people would bully me for it when i was little. aisha: dr. debbie herrick was and beautiful girl who wants to go to college and do big things in life, so she decided to help her, free of charge. >> she happened to be an appleton east athlete, and i was an appleton east athlete 40 years ago, and so it was in my heart to help her in the best i could. aisha: as a single mom, stacy schroeder says she couldn't afford the procedure that would have cost thousands of dollars. >> as a mom you always want to see your kids dreams come true, you don't want to see them deal with a birth defect of some kind . and to see her with it actually
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the kindest heart, how do you thank that person? andy: plenty of reasons to smile. a wish come true for one appleton teenager it. let's talk about weekend holiday events. milwaukee's lakefront will be filled with smiling santas a little later this morning. this is video of last year's santa hustle. the 5-k race open to runners of all ages, naughty or nice. everyone gets a free santa hat and beard, and there are coolie -- cookie and candy stations along the course. the race starts at 8:30 this morning and benefits keep greater milwaukee beautiful. your pet can have their picture taken with santa later today. the big man will be at la follette park in west allis from 9:00 a.m. until noon. each photo costs $10. the proceeds will be donated to local animal rescue groups and
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your family is invited to enjoy christmas on the avenue in downtown west allis today. the festivities kick off at 1:30 this afternoon. the tree lighting ceremony is at 4:00 with a christmas parade right afterwards. if you are going to a tree lighting or running around eating cookies, you will want to run the left. jeremy: even the average high feels a little col will have more clouds today. tomorrow, a return to winter with snow in the forecast. how much, and the events, the santa hustle 5k at veterans park , if you are going there, 32 during warm-ups. 8:30, things get going. not much wind. an hour later, grandpa chocolate.
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hot chocolate. 34-degrees. maybe we will see a peak of sunshine this afternoon. overall, mainly cloudy. maybe one inch or 2 of snow. it is how we get those that is key for travel. wednesday through friday, frigid , by far the coldest air this season. if you haven't had the winter gear out yet, i promise you you will go to the closet to make sure you know wher i 32 in the city and dry at cathedral square. this is the msoe camera. doppler 12 radar network showing clouds, but no snow. maybe a couple of flurries with the clouds, but i have not seen reports in the milwaukee metro area. futurecast, tonight into sunday
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claire, la crosse, the quad cities. this will expand and slide east. we will pause futurecast. around 8:00 a.m., the snow was getting going. already a couple of hours of snow in madison. green bay, no snow yet. if you are traveling north to green bay for the packer game, leave early. to maybe the snow. tailgating conditions, snowing in green bay by noon. we will have some snow in southeast wisconsin. this will transition into a light wintry mix or drizzles across southeastern wisconsin through mid to late afternoon. clouds hanging around sunday evening with a little drizzle here and there. snow accumulation, this will be a widespread 1-2 inch snow.
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the total might be closer to one inch, but across south-central and southeast wisconsin it is a 1-2 inch snowfall. the computer models range from just under 1 inch to just about 2 inches in the milwaukee area. pretty close to the 1-2 inch snow total. this is coming a hind the system , tuesday into wednesday, some of the coldest air into season. smelly on a, wrapping -- snowing on the sunday, wrapping up in the afternoon. we will see mainly wet roads with highs in the 20's next week. wednesday, thursday, and friday, below average temperatures. andy: wisn 12 news time is 5:20. taking a lunch break from the north pole. where you can go later today to hang out with santa claus. plus, using the force to recruit a few good men. the viral video one police
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cadets. but first, here's a look at last night's lottery numbers. good luck. z26zuz zvpz
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andy: the police department in fort worth, texas recruting cadets to the force with the force. >> stop jerking the trigger. looks. [shooting] >> well, you are closer to the target then i am. [shooting] >> finally. >> i don't need you to --
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[darth vader breathing] andy: definitely hire that guy. the department posted this recruitment video on its facebook page to encourage more people to apply to the academy. their tagline, "good luck, and may the force be with you." the video has more than 5 million views. speaking of the force the , countdown is one for the release of "rouge one: a star wars story." it opens in less than two weeks. page is counting down everyday with images like this one posted yesterday. the film is already breaking sales records. the hollywood reporter says the movie has brought in the biggest number of ticket pre-sales for 2016. it is expected to open above the $130 million mark when it hits theaters december 16. wisn 12 news time is 5:25. tis the season for snow and winter parking rules.
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morning, what you need to know before the first snowflakes fall so you don't end with a ticket. here's a live look outside as we head to break. meteorologist jeremy nelson is tracking snow in our forecast. he will have an update after the break. stay with us. you are watching wisn 12 news. >d connect with the wisn 12 news team. chat, tweet, and get news updates from the team you trust. d breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs.
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this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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>> now on wisn 12 news -- andy: good morning. i am andy choi 5:20 nine on saturday, december 3. we will begin by checking in with jeremy nelson and the weather center. jeremy: we are focused on the chance of snow for sunday. let's get through the first half of the weekend. this is the pick day as we are expecting dry conditions. that is what we have outside the weather window from 19th and wells towards downtown milwaukee.
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chill temperature of 27. grab the thicker coat. readings and 30-33 in southeast wisconsin. 20 of clouds. we will warm up a handful of degrees into the afternoon. good travel weather. maybe a different story on sunday. we will talk about snow and how much you can expect where you live, coming up. andy: thank when you are on the go this weekend, make sure to take the weatherwatch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. a reminder for those of you who regularily park your cars in the city of milwaukee. there may not be any snow on the ground, but winter parking rules are officially in effect. that means drivers are going to have to keep an eye on the date to know which side of the street they're allowed to park on. also, be aware of the four-inch rule and any snow emergencies declared.
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find parking. since i go to school at uwm and i have classes late at night, it's always so hard. sometimes i have to park 2, 3 streets away. i have no other choice. andy: tickets can run anywhere from $20 to $60. if your car gets towed, expect to pay more than $100 to get it back. also, each community is different. it's best to check with your city to see what the rules are where you live. new this morning, one wisconsin community is making it easier for people to pay their parking tickets. is allowing citizens to pay their parking ticket fines by donating canned foods to local food banks. this is for drivers with standard parking violations, like an expired meter. organizers say people have been very supportive of the program. >> people are all of a sudden way more excited to pay their parking tickets, because they can feel like they're helping people out this holiday season and contributing to a need that's within our community. andy: the food for fines program has collected nearly $200 worth
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all of the food will be sent to a local food pantry and shelter in menomonie. in a developing story this morning, milwaukee police are investigating an incident after a milwaukee man was shot while standing at a street corner. officials responded to the scene near 28th and west hadley around 8:30 last night. they say the 23-year-old was taken to the hospital with a very serious injury. right now, investigaters are looking into exactly what led up to the shooting. decade in prison after being charged in the death of her 3-month-old son. officials say 36-year-old otisia scott fell asleep on the baby while she was drunk. according to a criminal complaint, scott had another child who died the same way in 2013. after that incident, one of scott's children went to protective custody. however, the baby who most recently died was allowed to remain with her. the department of children and families cannot comment on the case. scott has been released on bond,
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prison if convicted. >> i have made it clear. i think we should call it what it is. it is a fund-raising scheme for the green party. andy: despite oposition and a lawsuit trying to stop it, wisconsin's historic presidential recount continues as milwaukee county is expected to count ballots from the city of milwaukee, today. yesterday, a federal judge rejected a request for an immediate halt to the recount, but did allow the lawsuit challenging the recount to move forward. clerks in all 72 counties have until december 12 to get through all the ballots. looking ahead, donald trump is expected to announce more major cabinet posts next week. during a stop on his thank you tour, he made a surprise announcement about his pick to lead the pentagon. the president-elect also made some international waves recently with a phone call. abc's chuck sivertsen has the latest.
5:34 am
telephone call from the leader of taiwan, tsai ing-wen. trump tweeting, "the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you." but the u.s. broke off diplomatic relations with taiwan in 1979, and now recognizes only the government of mainland china. the call is a breach of diplomatic protocol that foreign policy experts fear could infuriate the regime in beijing. in a second tweet, trump says, "interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of not accept a congratulary call." it was back to transition business at trump tower friday. a parade of officials in the lobby, even street performer the naked cowboy was spotted. also on the list, former defense secretary robert gates. >> we had a wide ranging discussion. chuck: gates also endorsed the man president-elect donald trump wants to be the next leader of the pentagon, retired marine general james mattis. the respected leader earned the nicknames of mad dog and the warrior monk for his tough military tactics and thoughtful
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the president-elect is promising to build a "dream team" to keep jobs in the u.s. his picks for economic posts, billionaires and millionaires. >> certainly you've got big business in there, but we're trying to get a free enterprise system going again, why not pick a few people from the free enterprise system?" chuck: chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york andy: more deaths are being reported from those wildfires in tennessee. yesterday, the death toll was raised to 13 as families forced from the fireser their belongings. nearly 1,000 structures have been affected by fire. they were either destroyed or severely damaged. lawmakers in the area have talked with both president obama and president-elect donald trump about getting help. this morning, a professor is dead and a student is in custody after a stabbing at university of southern california in los angeles. authorities say a 50-year-old psychology professor was attacked inside an academic building on friday. the suspect is reportedly a usc
5:36 am
>> what we want to make clear is that this was not a random act. this victim was targeted by the suspect. the safety of this campus is not in question. andy: the president of usc released a written statement saying the trojan family is mourning the professor's untimely passing, and keeping his family in their thoughts. less than after being added to 24-hours the fbi's most wanted list, a suspected killer is in jail. police arrested marlon jones after a traffic stop on a los angeles freeway. jones is suspected of killing four people at an l.a. party last month. the suspect took off on foot after police pulled over the car he was in, but the escape was short-lived. jones is expected to face several charges. this morning the city of , santiago is preparing for the funeral of fidel castro. crowds of cubans lined the streets last night to see the former president's ashes taken
5:37 am
to seize havana. today, a mass commemoration will be held for castro in the city, his ashes will be placed in a cemetery there tomorrow. wisn 12 news time is 5:30 seven. a reminder for brewers fans, today is your last chance to cash in at the annual clubhouse sale. wisn 12 news hillary mintz shows us, there's something for every milwaukee baseball fan. hillary: it's a sale that brings the die hards out. >> we have a brewers licen we went to 7 games this summer. hillary: today mariel , hildenbrand is shopping for a future brewers fan, arriving next year. >> you never know what you locate when you come here. hillary: greg koentopp picked up this cooler bag for himself, and this garden gnome, he just had to have. >> we have a wisconsin sports
5:38 am
we put it in there. hillary: speaking of unique -- does this interest you? >> yeah, look at that. hillary endless clothes, hats, : posters, even locker name tags, most with prices slashed 75%. the brewers have so much for sale, it has spelled out into the tunnel. when they say they have everything, they are not . how about this chorizo sausage racing sausage. >> we have taken the sausages you can race, you can buy those. hillary: the brewers 36th annual clubhouse sale, once again proving there's something for everyone. at miller park, hillary mintz wisn 12 news. andy: at miller park, make sure that you wear your favorite gear. the brew crew want you for a special fan photo shoot. a photo station will be set up
5:39 am
between 9:00 and noon today. the pictures will be used for next season's marketing campaign. for those baseball fans thinking spring training tickets go on ahead, sale monday at 9:00 a.m. the first game in arizona, is february 24. their home opener is april 3. coming up, a home filled with a holiday twist. where you can go to check out the lastest local project from habitat for humanity. plus jeremy nelson is in the , weather center. not exactly spring training weather. jeremy: snow for the second half of the weekend. how much snow you can expect in your hour-by-hour forecast. you are watching wisn 12 news "this morning." >> get important local news wherever you are with wisn 12's
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>> leading the way with important location coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news "this morning," with andy choi and weatherwatch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news "this morning" continues.
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news "this morning." 5:42 on saturday, november 26 as we patiently wait for sunrise. it will be cold, but relatively cold. it feels cold. jeremy: it feels kind of chilly. we will really feel the chill in the seven day forecast. how about this weekend? a a lot of clouds today, dry travel tonight. sunday is when snow will overspread the area, and you will want to slow down. some of the treated roads will stay wet, others will turn slippery. it is dry, chile 33 degrees with a window 5-10 miles per hour feeling like 27. we have new data from overnight.
5:44 am
the first snowflakes will all and how much we are expecting, coming up. andy: this morning, santa clause is coming to town. jolly old st. nick will be at the salvation army lake camp in east troy for an all you can eat pancake breakfast. kids will have the chance to decorate cookies, get a picture with santa, and even receive a small gift. the event gets underway at 8:00 a.m. ages 13 and older will cost $9 at the door. kids ages 5 through 12 are $7, four and under get in for free. if breakfast is too early for you, don't worry. later today, you and your child have a chance to eat with the big man in red and check out some animals. santa and his elves will be making a special trip to eat with children at the milwaukee county zoo mrs. claus will even make an appearance. you'll want to reserve your spot fast. breakfast has sold out, but there is still lunch seating available. tickets are $20 for each child or adult.
5:45 am
and while you're at the zoo, make sure to check out their newest additions. three tiger cubs made their public debut yesterday. the cubs, kashtan, eloise and bernadette, got a lot of attention. the 10-week-old cubs each weigh about 20 pounds. you can check them all out in the big cat country exhibit at the zoo. this weekend, it's your chance to get into the holiday spirit while helping local students. right now, more than 40 gingerbread houses are on display at the milwaukee public market. they were made by students in the baking and pastry arts program at milwaukee area ch wisn 12 news got a sneak peek at the creations. >> not only is it the gingerbread the candy and the icing to make it, but the students they get to pick their own design. and it's something they feel passionate about. they give it all their energy. it probably takes 15 or 20 hours to make each house. andy: awards for the houses will be given out during a ceremony on december 15.
5:46 am
gingerbread houses as part of a silent auction. proceeds will be used to offer scholarships to students. and today is your last chance to check out habitat for humanity of waukesha county's second annual gingerbread event. stop by the habitat re-store in waukesha to see a display of gingerbread houses. for a $1 donation, you can vote for your favorite. for $5, kids can decorate a house-shaped cookie. some of the houses will be auctioned off. proceeds help provide affordable housing to families in need. if you are making gingerbread homes inside, you will be warm. outside, you will want to bundle up. jeremy: a couple of extra layers this morning in the 30's. tomorrow might be a good day to make the gingerbread house. let the snow fall, then a be the kids will want to go out and play. i've heard that there is a packer game tomorrow at noon. traveling to lambeau field, you
5:47 am
during the game, there will be light snow with a snow globe-affect with a packer game. steady snow during the game, then tapering off during the fourth quarter. starting off with the forecast for saturday with dry conditions. lots of clouds, it will be really tough to shake the clouds out. we may get a peek or two of sun otherwise a mai morning, here is why we are saying it is chilly, it feels like 24 in fond du lac. refer to, menomonee falls, and downtown milwaukee, it is 25 to 27 degrees. 24 in kenosha. not much of a temperature climb with cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.
5:48 am
light at five to 10 miles per hour with a high of 37. that is right on target for our average high in milwaukee. most are wondering about the second half of the weekend, the first measurable snow we have seen this season in milwaukee. to the southwest, rain near wichita with the snow spreading to the central plains into the upper midwest tonight. across southeastern wisconsin, let's jump to sunday's forecast. the west. valley skies across the southeast part of the state. snow moving into walworth, jefferson, dodge county's with cloudy skies and a flurry in downtown milwaukee. hours moves and 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. with a general light snow from the morning into the afternoon. in green bay, still snowing at 12:00 noon.
5:49 am
wintry mix or drizzle across southeastern wisconsin. 8:00 p.m., pockets of drizzle. temperatures will warm to just about freezing. we think the treated surfaces, main roads, should stay primarily what. -- primarily wet. early in the morning there could be slippery spots. 1-2 inches from the morning into the afternoon. what is strong cold front. frigid conditions, the coldest air of the season will sweep across the midwest. our highs will be stuck in the 20's for at least 3 days or longer. today is the pick day of the weekend. sunday, snow in the morning continuing through early afternoon. 1-2 inches of very wet snow with a brief one tree mix on tuesday
5:50 am
andy: the chill at the end of the week. thank you. wisn 12 news time is 5:49. at the box office, a new film with a unique perspective on the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a preview of jackie. first, here is what is next on "good morning america". >> anger over the decision of police in new orleans to release a driver that opened fire former nfl player joe mcknight, killing him. the same shooter was involved in another road rage incident 10 years ago at the same location. those charges also dropped. china reacting to donald trump's decision to break with 40 years of diplomatic policy taking a phone call with the president of taiwan. what the consequences could be for our national security. surveillance footage of armed men forcing their way into a
5:51 am
how to protect your self and your home this holiday season. it is coming up on gma, we will see you soon. >> got extra time in the checkout line? download the free wisn 12 mobile
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete! so on my 400th workaversary, i moved on to greener pastures! see you on the green!
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andy: welcome back. you are taking a live look at, almost 6:00 on saturday, december 3. we will see how much snow is coming this weekend. we will check in with jeremy and a bit. new this morning, a real life is playing out in one san francisco neighborhood. "full house" creator jeff franklin purchased the iconic san francisco property where the tanner family lived. the house has been on the market since may. franklin was able to get the property for $4 million. he is planning to redo the interiors to match its sitcom heritage, making it appear as if the tanner family really lives there. very cool. at the box office this weekend, natalie portman takes on the role of the iconic first lady jacqueline kennedy in a look at the days following jfk's
5:55 am
scenes look at the film. nancy: this week, natalie portman creates an intimate on screen portrait of one of the most iconic first ladies, jacqueline kennedy, in the days following jfk's assassination. >> i lost jack somewhere, what was real, what was performance nancy: natalie portman stars as first lady jacqueline kennedy in the days immediately after president kennedy's assassination. she is forced to find a balance between grieving personally and publicly. >> how would youl like him remembered? >> there should be more horses, more soldiers, more crying more , cameras. nancy: the film recreates the assisination and other critical moments, with portman nailing jackie's voice, mannerisms, and look to a tee, despite the challenge in playing such a legendary person. >> it was very scary to take on someone that people know so well, because you need to be believable to an audience first and foremost.
5:56 am
to try and portray someone that people know so well. you know the way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she moved. you have to overcome that hurdle before you can even get people to sign onto like emotionally empathize with you. nancy: and in portraying the iconic first lady, portman could shed new light on a fascinating woman. >> i think that one of the great things about the film is that it doesn't try and just idolize her. it doesn't try to tell you what to think about her. it allows her to be a human being and you see all of these different aspects of her, and also leaves a lot of mystery. >> i have grown accustomed to a great divide between what people believe and what i know to be real. nancy for entertainment tonight, : i'm nancy o'dell, now back to you in the studio. andy: checking in with jeremy. jeremy: it is a good day to stay
5:57 am
then go out and play in the snow. today, it is the pick day, drive with great travel conditions. maybe one inch or two of wet, slushy snow. it will be a drastic change with highs falling into the 20's. andy: if the packers win we will need some confetti, right? jeremy: it will look like a snow globe at the packers game. andy: and of coursef the game leave early.
5:58 am
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good morning, america. new overnight the new details about the man who police say admits to fatally shooting the former nfl player joe mcknight. now released from custody. >> mr. gasser did not stand over mr. mcknight and hit him. >> his past run-in with the law at the exact same location. the reaction overnight as mcknight's family speaks out this morning. hello taiwan. donald trump shaking up diplomatic protocol to take a call from their president breaking with nearly 40 years of tradition. will this stir up an international firestorm, plus, sarah palin at odds with trump


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