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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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good morning, america. new overnight the new details about the man who police say admits to fatally shooting the former nfl player joe mcknight. now released from custody. >> mr. gasser did not stand over mr. mcknight and hit him. >> his past run-in with the law at the exact same location. the reaction overnight as mcknight's family speaks out this morning. hello taiwan. donald trump shaking up diplomatic protocol to take a call from their president breaking with nearly 40 years of tradition. will this stir up an international firestorm, plus, sarah palin at odds with trump
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caught on camera, holiday delivery warning. a robber dressed as a u.p.s. worker gets a homeowner to open the door, three others burst in, guns blazing. >> we started tussling over it. it was discharged in the house. >> the things to look before before you open the door. and the abc news exclusive. sharing his wife's story keith papini revealing new details about his wife's kidnappers. >> i will share with yout their faces were always covered. >> plus, what sherri relied on to survive her horrifying ordeal. >> hey, good morning. so many talking about that "20/20" interview this morning. keith papini revealing new details about his wife's terrifying and bizarre ordeal only to abc's matt gutman and matt is going to be here with
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we start with the ang gli reaction this morning after the latest twist in the case of former nfl player joe mcknight. we want you to look at this flood of tweets from people in the pro football community. he was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident in louisiana and the next day the police decided to release the shooter. they have not charged him. we're learning the same man was involved in yet another road rage incident in the same location. abc's eva pilgrim is in louisiana, for us. hi, eva. >> reporter: good morning. ten years ago court documents show ronald gasser was accused of beating up a man at this gas station over an apparent road rage incident. now this week at this stoplight he admits to shooting a man. this morning, new details about the man who police say admits to shooting a former nfl running back during what authorities are calling a road rage incident. >> we definitely need answers.
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they have usurped and corrupted the system. >> reporter: he shot 28 joe mcknight three times. the jefferson parish coroner telling abc news the man was struck in the hand, shoulder and chest. >> mr. gasser admitted to shooting joe mcknight jr. >> reporter: mcknight's family and supporters outraged his killer was released from custody and has not been charged. i want the truth to come out. >> it's not a white or black thing. it's a right or wrong thing. >> reporter: according to records released by the sheriff's department gasser was arrested for a violent fight during a road rage incident in 2006 at a gas station at the same intersection where he allegedly shot and killed mcknight. charges from the 2006 incident were later dropped. on thursday, investigators say witnesses reported seeing the two men arguing. the sheriff telling abc news mcknight was not armed when
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>> mr. gasser did not stand over mr. mcknight and fire shots into him. >> reporter: still the sheriff says charging gasser before a thorough investigation was completed would be a rush to judgment. mcknight's family overcome with emotion. >> i lost a friend, i lost my everything. >> reporter: and the sheriff is saying this case is very personal for his department. e a sheriff's deputy. dan. >> all right, eva, we'll pick it up from here. we want to bring in brad garrett, a former fbi special agent. brad, thanks for joining us and people understandably right now are outraged. no denying ronald gasser killed joe mcknight, why would gasser be released and not charged? >> because under louisiana law, looking at justifiable homicide, if you are in your vehicle and
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i'm going to presume that for a second, that mr. mcknight tried to get into mr. gasser's vehicle, he's justified in shooting him and the sheriff basically alluded to that yesterday in a press conference that justifiable homicide may play into effect into this case. >> a lot said there is no video of the incident and gasser was not tanning over mcknight when he was shot. gasser's prior record as you heard in the piece he was arrested in 2006, another rage road identical location. is this going to factor into this investigation? >> it will not factor into the investigation of this particular situation, paula and i'll tell you why, i worked a lot of murders and what happens is a person may have been charged with murder in the past or a suspect but you have to look what's in front of you and i think that's what the sheriff is trying to do. if he is charged, it becomes more relevant once you get in court. >> all right, the sheriff promising a deliberate and
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usual. thanks, brad. dan. we are going to move on to an extraordinary impasse in the case of michael slager, the former police officer charged with murder. he was caught on video shooting an unarmed black man in the back as that man was running away. we may now though be looking at a hung jury all because of one juror. abc's steve osunsami is in charleston, south carolina, on the story this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. this is one of the first times i've ever covered a trial where we not o k hold-out juror but we're pretty sure which one. that said, this jury has agreed to keep going. >> if you bring the jury -- >> reporter: this morning the one juror who says he doesn't want to convict this former police officer is at home going over his thoughts. he speaks for many in this community who have trouble second-guessing a law enforcement officer even when the officer is seen here in video recorded on a cell phone shooting a black man running
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wrote to the judge. >> i cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict. at the same time my heart does not want to have to tell the scott family that the man that killed their son, brother, and father is innocent. >> reporter: michael slager is fighting murder and voluntary manslaughter charges. murder could mean life in prison. of the nearly all white jury it juror who looks visibly at odds with the others. it's clear he was listen when slager's attorney said they needed to send a message of support to police across america. >> don't make an example of michael slager. don't let that happen. >> reporter: the scott family and their lawyers hope this juror has a change of heart when the jury meets again. >> it's been a long day. it's been a tough day but it's not over. and we do believe within our
6:08 am
for my brother. >> reporter: jurors will come back here first thing monday morning. the jury foreman who is the only african-american of the group believes they can come to a verdict with a little more time. based on the questions they're asking, it appears they're looking at the manslaughter charge and not murder. paula. >> all right. steve osunsami, thank you. no doubt this case could really set a precedent for other similar cases around the country, thanks, steve. this morning in politics donald trump defending his decision toep from the president of taiwan. that's something that no u.s. president or president-elect has done in nearly four decades. this controversy, it's all brewing as the trump team continues crisscrossing the country in what's being billed a thank you tour. abc's david wright is at trump tower with the latest. hi. david. >> reporter: hi, paula. beijing this morning said it has lodged solemn representations to the u.s. over that call and trump is now the first u.s.
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taiwanese president since jimmy carter. it has the makings of a diplomat exincident and it's impossible to say right now whether this was a rookie mistake or a deliberate provocation. >> china is ripping us off. you know who is getting the oil, china. what china is doing to us is horrible. >> reporter: on the campaign trail donald trump made a habit of promising to be a thorn in china's side. >> they are the greatest currency manipulators ever. >> reporter: and now trump is keeping simple phone call. by accepting a congratulatory call from taiwan's president, president-elect trump broke four decades of u.s. diplomatic tradition, ever since nixon's visit to china in 1972, the u.s. has had a one china policy, recognizing only one of the two countries that call themselves china. overnight he tweeted defensively that taiwan's president called me. top aides won't say if the fact
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>> he's well aware of what u.s. policy has been. >> reporter: trump has yet to announce his secretary of state. the top diplomat whose job it would be to smooth over any back feelings in beijing, one of seven cabinet seats yet to be filled. and trump is now taking flack from a possible pick for v.a. secretary, sarah palin over the deal he truck with carrier. palin an early endorser of trumps is going rogue in this op-ed blasting the carrier deal as crony hallmark of corruption and socialism. now, trump isn't showing any signs of changing his approach to job displacement tweeting overnight about another indiana company that's taking its jobs to mexico, naming and shaming them. the company is called rexner, dan. >> i can't remember a presidential transition this eventful. thank you very much for your reporting this morning. let's talk more about all of this now with abc news political analyst matthew dowd. let's start, good morning, by
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many foreign policy experts are aghast that the president-elect did this. some people, however, are applauding him. so in your view is trump crazy or crazy like a fox. >> probably a little bit of both would be the definition of this. i was thinking about what sort of typifies this and i thought of the movie "rush hour." his supporters and staff are acting like he's jackie chan, knows exactly what he's doing and all this. everybody else thinks he's chris tucker, stumbling through this app maybe finds success in the middle. i think >> i hope our viewers have. >> there's three of them. you better have saw one. to me it's problematic for two reasons. if he did it unintentionally it's a rookie mistake but, two, if he did this intentionally but he did it without a far east policy in place to explain and a staff that could explain to the public why you are doing this, what's the outcome of this and what's the real strategy of this, my guess is this was
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visceral. he took a call from a leader and now is trying to figure out how in the aftermath of that to explain it. >> some of the other phone calls he's had with foreign leaders have raised eyebrows. just a couple examples. praised the president of kazakhstan even though that president is really a dictator. he invited the president of the philippines to washington even though there's been a lot of howling about massive human rights abuses in philippines in the last year or so. so, what do you think overall is going on here and could it be good he's shaking things up. >> i think, e, think it's really good getting in a fight with china is a good thing for most of his supporters in this. i think it does demonstrate he probably needs to get a secretary of state nominee on the board pretty quickly. one thing we learned in the campaign and that we're now learning as president he didn't play by the rules in the campaign, he won't play by the rules of diplomacy and international relations. he's just not going to do it. >> before we run here sarah palin, did she just cost herself a cabinet post. >> my guess is that was already decided before and then she
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right actually. this is a case of rewarding a specific company so in this case from conservative republican policy she's right. it's anathema to them that donald trump did this. >> matt dowd, thank you. appreciate it. and people from "hush hour" thank you, as well. a quick programming note, george stephanopoulos is going to go one-on-one with the vice president-elect mike pence tomorrow on "this week" right here on abc. thanks again, matt. >> thanks, dan. we want to send things 0 ever to ron claiborne for a look >> good morning. robert, good morning, everyone. we begin in midland, texas where a school bus carrying a high school cheerleader squad collided with a tractor trailer sending 11 to the hospital. two are reported in critical conditions. others in serious condition. the cheerleaders were returning home from a football game when the 18-wheeler crossed into the path of their bus. and in los angeles, a university of southern california professor was stabbed to death on campus and this morning the suspect a student is
6:14 am
bosco tjan was targeted by the suspect who attacked him inside of a campus building. the married father joined the usc faculty in 2001. and in sioux fall, south dakota, cheers erupting as a rescue worker free a woman trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building. officials say the 22-year-old was able to call her mother on her cell phone while trapped helping rescuers locate her there. she also managed to -- they also managed to pul alive, one construction worker died in the collapse of the building which had been undergoing renovations at that time. that daredevil teen that was busted for climbing up one world trade center in new york city two years ago is in trouble again with the law. justin casquejo is accused of reckless endangerment and trespassing after posting dizzy videos on top of some manhattan
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the number four team in the country, the huskies rolling over the university of colorado, the buffaloes, i believe. 41-10. final score in the pac-12 championship game friday night. that all but guarantees washington will be one of four teams contending for the national title. tomorrow is selection sunday when the four -- like that -- match-ups will be announced. 'bama, clemson, washington ohio state, no michigan. and finally, finally, nba superstar and very vocal cleveland indians fan lebron james proving that sometimes even the king has to eat some crow. you're going to see him wearing a chicago cubs uniform, paula, this should make you happy before his game against the bulls in chicago after losing a world series bet to close friend and former teammate dwyane wade. lebron taking it all in stride
6:16 am
paula, a bet is a bet. >> why are you looking at me? do i owe you something. >> we bet on ohio state/michigan. >> don't you owe rob some -- >> that's between rob and i. >> the problem he often pays in singles and pennies so i don't often -- >> a bet is a bet unless you're ron claiborne apparently. we have to change the subject while you explain things to rob. we do want to tell you about this harrowing 911 call. a man talking to the operator while three other men break into the home. then the homeowner o with his shotgun. the story now from abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: two got out, this he's getting ready to jump the fence. >> reporter: capturing the moment a florida homeowner makes the split-second decision between life and death. >> they're in the house. >> reporter: that's the voice of 31-year-old warren darlow whispering to a 911 operator that three have broken into his home then gunfire. >> tell me what did happening, sir. >> i killed one, i think. >> reporter: according to
6:17 am
around 11:00 a.m. monday darlow told police he saw three men he didn't know get out of a car after pulling into his driveway. >> i have you on speaker. >> reporter: darlow grabbing a gun and calling for help as they shatter a glass door. darlow firing three times, police telling us one of the men a 21-year-old died at the hospital. the two alleged accomplices to that deadly home in their 20s left the scene but were quickly captured. this week a judge ordering them held without bond. >> there's a co-defendant in the case who is dead. you are young men. i don't know what you did. i don't know what you didn't do. but here's what i know, you don't want to wind up dead. >> reporter: even though they didn't fire the weapon those two young accomplices still face murder charges. we weren't able to reach the homeowner who will not be
6:18 am
he said multiple times to the 911 operator he feared for his life. >> scary stuff. adrienne, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, adrienne. let's send things over to rob. what's shaking? >> the trees were shaking in southern california. winds mr. blowing yesterday, damage in and around the los angeles area. the 101 just outside of studio city. i made this drive many, many times and trees were down and blocked traffic and beverly hills, trees coming down. so 50, 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts in the hills with a problem again today. red flag warnings, high wind warnings for this amp and fire danger will be critical, as well so we need to be wary of that. winds could gut easily in the mountains over 50 or 60. speaking of fires obviously the eastern tennessee fires will take all the rain they can get and get a little from this system that's rolling across texas now. very wet day in texas and oklahoma today then the next couple of days several rounds of it locally 4 to 8 inches, could see flooding across houston and
6:19 am
franklin as we go through the next 48 hours and severe storms on monday.morning! currently: cloudy skies rule this morning with temperatures starting in the low 30s. a dry day ahead with highs around 37. by sunday, light snow develops during the morning. snow continues into the afternoon before ending as a light wintry mix or drizzle. 1-2" of snow is possible. much colder weather arrives by wednesday with highs only in the 20s. ke with you anywhere with w- i-s-n dot com, facebook, twitter and all our mobi in the next half an hour we talk hawaii and we talk cold and snow. not mutually exclusive. so look forward to that in 15 minutes. >> so, tiger woods trying to stage a comeback. >> trying and succeeding at least so far. tiger had a phenomenal day at the world challenge yesterday meaning he enters today within range of the leaders.
6:20 am
fluke or is tiger finally back? this weekend the world is getting a little glimpse of the old tiger woods. that's the putting legend shooting a 65 on friday, 7 under par in the second round of the hero world challenge in the bahamas. not bad for his first return to the sport in 15 months. and classic tiger fashion he sinks this long putt on number 12 sealing the deal, of course, with a fist pump. >> it was very important for me because i competitive flow and the feel for a long time. >> reporter: once the number one ranked golfer his career went into a stale tailspin after a smashed up suv and string of exposed infidelities. 12 weeks later after losing millions in endorsements he made a public apology and announced a 45-day stint in rehab. it's been plagued by injuries and false starts.
6:21 am
of the worst golf of his career. >> just totally out of sorts now for tiger. >> reporter: but on friday with four birdies and a final score of 4 under par tiger ser once again giving fans hope he may finally be making his long awaited comeback. >> i've made subtle changes here and there. i've tried to go back and do some stuff that used to do as a junior. >> looks like that strategy is paying off. in case he's not enough of a lure, he's paired with rickie fowler for the third the challenge and tee off at 12:26 eastern. even i might watch. >> that says a lot. >> not normally a good mix. >> i can't imagine having four knee surgery, three back surgeries trying to come back. in his 40s. everybody knows things get better in your 40s, correct? >> well, he's back. the big concern right now, that's the big worry. he says he's feeling great. >> tiger drives the ratings so all the players want him back. >> they don't want to be that good. >> thank you, rob.
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saturday morning the abc news exclusive with the husband of that california mom who vanished for three weeks, he tells us what sherri papini did to survive that horrific experience. plus, caught on camera the robber posing as a u.p.s. delivery man. what you need to be on the lookout for this holiday season. "good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. walgreens presents a holiday mini miracle. this is for you. you didn't really have to... getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 30 percent off photo purchases, just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. when cold and flu hold you back
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all right, hometown trivia time recognizing our memphis, tennessee affiliate wat channel 4 in memphis. are you ready? this famous singer songwriter wrote the song whose lyrics go in part the mississippi delta was shining looic a national guitar i am following the river
6:28 am
cradle of the civil war. >> elvis presley. >> bb king. >> dolly parton. >> anybody? >> well, thank you. paul simon. thank you. matt gutman. okay. >> off camera. >> this is esteemed veteran of native of west memphis, arc, loutelious for obvious reasons he does not use that. >> i'm going to guess. steve osunsami? >> t.j. holmes. >> t.j. holmes from -- >> i thought he was from arkansas. >> west memphis, side of the mississippi river. >> i didn't catch that part. >> shining like a national
6:29 am
6:30 am
welcome back on a saturday morning. happening right now calls for calm in louisiana as the man who police say admits to shooting the former nfl running back joe mcknight is released. this morning new details emerging that ronald gasser has a history of road rage with an arrest and p same spot back 2506. phone call controversy. donald trump defending his decision to accept a call from the president of taiwan, something that no u.s. president or president-elect has done in nearly four decades. and a rash of complaints, american airlines employees say their new uniforms are making them sick. the garments were just unveiled in september and since then more than 1600 crew members have
6:31 am
they want the uniforms recalled and they're now testing them to see what is going on. >> flying american this week. i'll take a look. i'm on the indication. >> don't put the uniform on. you'll be okay. >> i won't. coming up on the show this morning, caught on camera, look at this. the robber posing as a u.p.s. delivery man followed by three accomplices waving guns bursting into the home. the important warning from police coming up here but first the husband of sherri papini, the woman three weeks is revealing more details of his wife's ordeal in an abc news exclusive interview. >> the search continues for the kidnappers and matt gutman the first to sit down with her husband keith joins us with the latest on this investigation. matt, good morning. >> good morning, paula. it's possible we may never know exactly what happened to sherri papini. but in that interview her husband keith spent hours walking me through their lives and her ordeal including, he says how she was forced into the
6:32 am
gunpoint. he says she didn't go willingly. >> she's alive and you just got to be happy. >> reporter: speaking excl exclusively to abc news, keith papini sharing what his wife sherri papini saw and heard during 22 days. did she know the people she was with? >> no. >> did she ever see them? >> i will share with you that their faces were always covered. >> reporter: and how she was roadside kidnapping. >> she literally lived through hell. the things she told me that she did talking about our kids and told she took a piece of cloth and rolled it up like it was violet and she would rock it. she's so strong.
6:33 am
>> reporter: keith says that survival instinct was with her the day her captors mysteriously released her. >> she was bound, she had a chain around her waist, she had a bag over her head. they cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle. pushed her out and drove away. >> reporter: in the predawn hours on thanksgiving day sherri was able to flag down a motorist on the side of busy interstate 5 where responding police found her battered and keith racing from the couple's home 150 miles away to be reunited with his wife in the hospital. >> i just ran past everybody and i, you know, throw open the curtain and she was there in a bed and her poor face. i just hugged her. i just held her. the bruises were just intense. everybody gets a bruise once in a while. not these types.
6:34 am
live with. >> lights are off, door's shut. when she hears certain sounds it's something i don't know how to deal with. >> reporter: the cure, keith says, is their children. >> he hugged her and my wife obviously very emotional and started crying and she said, i'm so happy and my son, of course, is like you don't cry when you're happy and my wife said, when you're this happy you cry. >> reporter: keith acknowledges they have a bumpy road to recovery ahead which is one that undisclosed location. this he say they need privacy but also they're concerned about security. now, what is so disturbing to the family that community and law enforcement is that whoever did this to sherri is still out there, guy. >> such an emotional raw interview. there are still skeptics that say something doesn't add up. you asked him about accusations about this being a hoax. >> he vehemently denies anything to do with a hoax, conspiracy theories and one of the reasons
6:35 am
he wanted to put all of this to rest. he gave us three, four hours of his time walking us through everything. that said, the sheriff just told me last night that no one has been eliminated from his list of possible suspects yet. >> no one. interesting. all right, matt gutman, fascinating reporting, thank you for that. let's check the weather once again with rob marciano. hey, man. >> hi. a rare fogbow, the basically same concept land of rainbows, hawaii all islands in a flash flood watch so you get the sun after a passing shower and rainbow but winter storm warnings at the higher elevations on the big island with those volcanoes above 11,000 feet so could see a couple of feet of snow. western snow, looking at heavy snow across the cascades. the bitterroots and tetons could see a foot plus and this is the edge of the arctic blast, some
6:36 am
down into the deep south and tonight's big game of many at -- in orlando, acc morning with temperatures starting in the low 30s. a dry day ahead with highs around 37. by sunday, light snow develops during the morning. snow continues into the afternoon before ending as a light wintry mix or drizzle. 1-2" of snow is possible. much colder weather arrives by wednes this weather report is brought to you by championship saturday for college football. big 12 championship in norman, oklahoma, sooners against the cowboys of the it's going to be wet so that will be a fun one around noon. >> don't make any bets with ron claiborne. >> i like clemson. >> they're not -- >> going out on a limb there for the acc championship. >> yeah, i'm going out on a limb. while ron is on that limb. what is coming up next the frightening home invasion caught on camera. how to protect yourself this holiday season. keep your diet on track
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look at this video.
6:41 am
delivery man, he gets the homeowner to open the door. >> frightening. all susceptible to this when three of his cronies storm in after him still on the loose and neal karlinsky joins us with more. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. this is a scary one. we're all getting so many packages. in this case the house did have a security camera like this one. now, it didn't prevent the attack but it did capture some important suspects. when lawrence berry heard the doorbell and saw this man dressed in a brown u.p.s. jacket and hat carrying a package, he didn't give it a second thought. >> as soon as i do, he grabs the 45 and sticks it in my face. >> reporter: the camera picks up the scene that unfolded. the man pushes his way in. followed by another with a gun in a hoodie. then another, his face masked. and another in a dark hood.
6:42 am
>> they came in in masks. the four -- i was trying to shove them out the door and throw them out but i grabbed the gun and we started tussling over it. the weapon was discharged in the house. >> reporter: his wife and kids run and hide in a closet as the gun goes off. firing into the walls. barry is beaten and hit with a stun gun four times. criminals have been caught impersonating delivery drivers before. look at this 2013 surveillance video of this u.p.s. impostor in $40,000 package. and these gunmen dressed as flower delivery men moments before they charged into this home and rob it of valuables. with heavy demand during the holiday season, u.p.s. has a couple of simple tips, first, always keep a lookout for the carrier truck and always check for i.d. >> you should get to know your regular driver. you should get to know who delivers in your neighborhood. >> reporter: barry says he's just thankful his family is
6:43 am
everyone needs to know that the holiday season this can happen to anyone. >> reporter: houston police say the four suspects remain on the loose and stress once again look outside for that delivery truck before you open the door. check for i.d. or if you're not sure, just ask them to leave the package on the step. paula, dan. >> great advice, stay vigilant this time of year, thank you very much, neal. coming up on "good morning america," luke bryan taking a swipe at a guy in the we'll tell you why. coming up in "pop news" with diane macedo. o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. put a 70" screen on a wall. get a 10x optical zoom. get excited world. hello moto.
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? it is the holiday party
6:47 am
of anxiety about overeating then entering a deep, deep shame spiral so let's try to avoid that now with the help of dave zinczenko, abc news nutrition and wellness correspondent, also the author of the upcoming "sheer row sugar diet worth with tips to navigate the party circuit. is it possible to have your cake and eat it too. >> let's not start with the cake. what we'll do is start with appetizers and what you're going to find is that we can eat, drink and still shrink and here's how. you're going to start here, a crab cake a blanket, prosciutto wrapped melon balls. i will give it to you in this perspective. one crab cake equals two pigs in a blanket equals ten prosciutto wrapped melon balls and 20 shrimp. >> i will not hear any bad words said about pigs in a blanket. it ruins all my bar mitzvah memories.
6:48 am
parties there are bars. >> yes. >> what do you do about the bar? >> i think you probably belly up to it and but what you want to do is steer yourself toward the clear beverages except with one exception tonic like so for a gin and topic i call it a gin and toxic. that has as much sugar as a glass of soda. have a vodka soda or cosmo with a splash of cranberry far better shape. >> no pigs in a blanket and yes to a cosmo. interesting. i didn't see that coming. you have this book "zero sugar diet" coming up do you say we shouldn't have dessert. >> no, just try to eliminate some of the added sugars in your diet. if you do that you'll drop a lot of weight and dramatically improve your health so should have dessert and what i'm showing is one of the best pies out there pumpkin pie with whipped cream. just a few hundred calories.
6:49 am
in the 600, 750-calorie range. >> i stand by the pigs in blanket, though, dave zinczenko, thank you very much. "zero belly diet" coming out soon. your chance to own staents's north pole hideaway coming up in "pop news" with diane macedo. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated
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"good morning america" is brought to you by crayola. this holiday, the fun starts in the crayola aisle. time for "pop news" and the one and only diane macedo. >> we have a lesson to start off today's "pop news." that is do not mess with luke bryan. the country singer was being heckled while performing at a nashville charity concert when he suddenly decided to take matters foo his own hands. literally. take a look at this. a man in the audience reportedly making crude hand ygestures. he hits him with his microphone still in hand. check it out. holes one hand.
6:54 am
then -- >> the dude stay there is. >> then he just goes right back to singing his song "move" that he was performing. one line of the song, jumped right back in. the event raised -- >> why pay all that money to be in the front row to heckle the guy. >> maybe that's why. >> i can guess, dan. >> what's going on there. >> that's what happens at sporting events too. >> bryan's team says they're raising money for military veterans and that man was being insulting not only to bryan but the peoplro concertgoers there to support this cause so that's kind of -- he hasn't spoken out about it but what his camp is saying to defend the fact he decided to get physical then security came in and kicked -- >> you don't want him to ruin it for everybody else. >> you spent money on front row tickets to be part of the action, mission accomplished, right? amy schumer is apparently in talks to play barbie in a new live action bhfd. multiple reports out of hollywood say the comedian would
6:55 am
perfect enough but once in the real world she then realizes that being unique is actually a positive asset. schumer and her sister kim expected to have a role in writing the script. you can expect this to be kind of a different take on barbie than we've seen in the past. but a lot of reaction, you know, some good, some bad, but sort of creating a lot of buzz and say they're using movies like "splash" and "big" and "enchanted" as inspiration of how to go about it. >> anything she does turns is this she seems perfect. >> she wrote "trainwreck" and they say this will be a family friendly flick. santa has been to all of our hopes but now we finally get to see what his home looks like thanks to a new off market listing on zillow. there it is apparently. mr. and mrs. claus live in a north pole shottage valued at $657,000 and while it may sound pricey, the property is on 25
6:56 am
with three bedrooms, two baths, a gourmet kitchen complete with 12 different cookie settings and toy shop, state of the art and living room fit for rocking around the christmas tree. >> what about santa and mrs. claus? are they included in the price. >> they are not included in the price but maybe the elves. >> i didn't see any chimneys. >> where do they live? >> we'll address that tomorrow morning and see you then guys. thanks for watching. good morning, america. hope you have a great saturday. this is -- will be a lead-in to what i hope is a great saturday. it was a pretty good pac-12 title game up there in santa clara, washington and colorado, it was pretty good but when he got hurt and sat out for a good deal of the first half, came back in the second half and his
6:57 am
taylor -- rapp ends up picking him off. the pac-12 pressureman of the year. leo file had three interceptions in the second half and when jake brown is making play, told john ross, you know you're in trouble. coach pete and his crew in the college playoff playoffs. lebron james had a chicago cubs jersey bet on the world series to dwyane wade then went to work on each other, wade got free from lebron after lebron hit the jumper over wade and then james -- look, james had his game face on there. he's like, hey, man. james had eight turnover, six in the second half. wade 24 points, 5 rebound, james, 27 and the bulls win in this extended highlight.
6:58 am
i got ink on my tie. totally bummed but the weekend
6:59 am
7:00 am
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ] [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] andy: right now on wisn 12 news this morning, a milwaukee woman thrown to the ground. her car gone in a flash. the warning she has for or drivers after a sudden attack plus, not even a a live in their lifetime, local students draw inspiration from dr. martin luther king, jr. and first a live look outside on this saturday morning. a chilly start to the day. we're timing out when the snow arrives tomorrow and how much you need to shovel. with that, good morning. and thank you for joining us on wisn 12 news this morning. 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, december 3rd. i'm andy choi.


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