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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:30am CST

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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: after such a great run the season, this is not with the badgers wanted to happen tonight in indy. they lead and the first half, letting it slip away, falling to the nittany lions. let's head to lucas oil stadium. badgers already up 7-0. and running back corey clement adds to that lead. look at the senior turn it on as he races down the sideline 67 yards for the score, bucky up onto the second quarter. wisconsin up by seven. and look out trace mcsorely, the penn state quarterback cannot handle the bad snap, fumbles the ball. the badgers ryan connelly scoops up the loose change and takes it in for the touchdown. bagders up 14 again. but don't sleep on the nittany lions just yet. closing stages of the first half, and mcsorely connects, and he does the rest. penn state cuts the lead in half before the intermission.
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back saquon barkley gets the call and muscles his way in to the endzone. and all of sudden it's a tie ballgame. to the final quarter now, wisconsin up three after an andrew enditcott field goal, but that lead will not last as mcsorely hooks up barkley on the wheel route. penn state with their first lead of the game. and then this was big. wisconsin driving. late in the fourth quarter. the nittany lions stop the badgers on fourth down. he finishes the night with 384 yards and four touchdowns, and in heartbreaking fashion, the badgers lose the big ten championship the final 38-31. , joining us now is emmy award winning reporter stephen watson. seriously he just won an emmy tonight. good night for you, bad night for the badgers. stephen: the badgers certainly didn't win an emmy. this wisconsin team, at one
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quarter. according to espn, they had a 97 probability rate of winning this football game, but after that, they were outscored 31-3. they allowed a lot of big plays. in six plays over 20 yards, very uncharacteristic of this wisconsin defense. i caught up with them, of very dejected locker room. let's hear from the emotional badgers. >> it sucks , especially when you pride yourself on bouncing back when your back is against the wall. we did not do that. we could not stop the slide tonight, and we have to go back and figure it out. >> extremely disappointed, extremely sorry to the badger nation, to the fans, extremely disappointed. there is a lot of good that will come out of this. we will play. we will persevere. we will work hard.
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brothers. stephen: wisconsin, all three losses this season have come to top 10 teams in the country, all by seven points. i talked to shelton after the game and asked him if this loss was top for than that lost two years ago to ohio state, and he said it was tougher for this team. the season is not over. it looks like the badgers be heading to the cotton bowl to face western michigan. we will find out in a couple of days. back to you. stephanie: thank you, stephen. in the acc championship you saw right before tonight's newscast, clemson takes care of business against virginia tech. the tigers claw the hokies. 42-35, meaning more than likely it'll be clemson, washington, ohio state and alabama competing in the college football playoff. we will find out for sure tomorrow when the four teams are announced. the quarterfinals of the
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playoffs were today. whitewater hosting john carroll -- john carroll. warhawks trying to keep their home game winning streak alive. second quarter down quarterback 7-0. cole wilbur on the keeper gets into the end zone. game is tied at seven. that was the score at the third half. quarter now. a ten yard td strike warhawks trailing by seven. fast forward to the fourth quarter. whitewater now trailing by 17, trying for a comeback. wilbur fires over the middle to touchdown. war hawks cut the lead to but 10. then with just over two minutes to go ten yards for the score , and puts the game out of reach . the season is over for the war hawks. they lose it's whitewater's 31-14. first loss at home in 33 games and first loss at home in the postseason in 34 games. john carroll will meet uw-oskosh in the semifinals. the packers and texans meet tomorrow, but after practice
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injury list. his groin once again giving him trouble. on offense the packers have , passed the ball 69% of the time since eddie lacy went on i.r. last week's 28 rush attempts were actually the most since lacy went down, but still far short of a 50-50 split, run vs pass. >> we are just taking it one week at a time. whatever we have to do to win is key. we don't think about the sustainability of twice as many times as you run it. it is just based on the personnel we have up that are healthy. stephanie: on to the nba bucks , hosting the nets in a rare saturday matinee at the bmo harris bradley center. milwaukee up ten at the break -- the break. some good passing by giannis antetekounmpo in the third quarter. first, the bounce pass to jabari parker.
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points. giannis finishes with 16 points -- 16 points. bucks win 112-103. milwaukee has now 14 in a row. finally college hoops. , 17th ranked wisconsin taking on oklahoma at the kohl center -- kohl center. first half, watch this, badgers trailing. khalil iverson grabs the iverson grabs another one and finishes with a dunk. uw down by three. later in the ethan happ is first half, fouled by khadeem lattin who then performs an unbelievable flop. lattin may receive an award for flop of the year and nigel hayes can't believe it. too funny. badgers down at the break but , they fight back in the second half. vitto brown the bounce pass to
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badgers up by the sooners one. keeping it close. christian james off the inbound pass. drives and makes a nice spin move to the hoop. sooners down by but in the end one. the badgers too tough in the wisconsin goes on a 20-3 run. second half. and hayes finishes with a season high 28 points. badgers bounce back in the second half and win 90-70. that was hard tonight, especially after that comfortable lead. adrienne: too bad there was not a camera in the newsroom. there were a lot stephanie: the badgers football team not winning tonight.
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hello. and welcome to inside the huddle. >> we are with jordy nelson. >> all we back.>> [ overlapping speakers ] >> we are in the battle when. >> this life is better. >> yes. >>.. >> it is great. >> one of the best things is the way we play across the board with the offense and defense. everyone executed. everyone did there job and they played extremely well. it felt like we were in control again. we were able to put points on the board.
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second half. special teams made the plays they were supposed to make. >> mason made his kick. >> let's talk emotion. >> you needed this game to keep things in the big picture. >> your backs were against the wall. >> you got the first one other way? >> absolutely. >> we have a chance to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. >> you have to start with one. that was >> you know, it is eight up and varmint to go into. >> the eagles or 5-0. there is a big win. it is the way we play that is exciting. >> the first one in the loss column. we have to talk about divine day. he had a stooge night. >> you a huge smile on her face. >> i love it. >> we get so excited when everyone does well.
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bear, especially in the opening drives.>> everyone was involved. >> there was a touchdown. >> everyone was involved. >> was a big conversion on the third down and they kept it pains me. >> we had very impressive opportunities. one ended up over the shoulder. >> i don't think people understand how difficult of a plated us. had to almost stopping to get on his shoulders. that was a great play. >> it was explosive game for us. >> it we'll talk about your catches in a minute. the stat tracker, these are the numbers from this year. this is so far. from this game, 219 receptions, you leave. right now. >> [ crying ]>> there is a
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20 has taken over in yards. there are 23 touchdowns in pain. you have nine. i think that is the third best. >> it was crazy. >> the 20 oh -- devante , we've been talking. >> you think of the yards that are out there and to have this, we have a friendly battle going on. we will see how it turns out that everyone, especially the young guys stepping up. it allows us to threats on the field. >> rogers is throwing the ball great.>> he is first in wisconsin. you having other foundation that you give money. every act make, this thursday received money from the nelson family foundation. >> this is over $5000 to the foundation. >> that is phenomenal.
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>> absolutely. >> >> what does it mean? back it is a great opportunity to affect a lot of people. >> we were put in a situation for reason it is not just to play football.. >> the community as an effect on us. it is great to be a role model and get back to make an effect on other people's lives. >> for all of the kids, this is the people adopt children. >> it is a great cause. we have the first drive again. with talk about starting sex pic you came out and not playing from behind. we will look at the numbers quickly before we break this down. this is a phenomenal drive to start again. here are the numbers as we go through. 75 yards and time of possession is five minutes and nine seconds. devante had it down. >> you are ready to go.
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>> absolutely. >> we get the russians. >> even if we don't gain yards, were staying honest in the running game. >> we convert on the third down. >> are easily, we have to finish with the touchdowns. >> it seems like no matter where you were on third-down, you converted. was for something going in or did you just make his? back it is just making place. we weeks, were executing. >> it is the same place that we ran for years. while we do not execute, people say it is a play call. will be do, it is -- was, it is always on the players on what we need to do.>> we want to win our battles. >> you win the battles. you have seen amazing catches. what is the difference between the amazing touch and a drop pass? >> the drop pass is the easiest one to catch.
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can be the most difficult. >> you look at tran 20, he dropped it from where the defending -- defender was but they could focus in and get it done. >> it is being sound of what you do. >> you cannot take anything for granted. >> a lot of times you try to catch it and run. >> it is a thing where you have to slow down and make sure you take it one step at a time and convert the play. >> we will have a t
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welcome back to inside the huddle . we are here with relevant. we have to talk about your
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there are you that everyone is talking about today. we have to start with a bobble batch, the concentration at it through a. >> i think it was the third down in short. it was going to go that way because of the route. we had done it summary times. we lost it for a second and tried to keep the focus and catch up. i'm glad we got it. it would've been a bad want drop. >> here's another one here. there's a back shoulder throw. got a rookie on you. >> it looks like you gave a little push. >> it was beautiful. >> this is the first time i've seen it. i've not gone through the elm yet. we got in late last night. >> we had to make the play. >> i wasn't too worried.>> i was on 70, if they would've called it, we would've backed up and punted. it would've been the same. >> he was there to catch it and convert the first down.
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to know, everyone is excited about this. what is your take? was for? have used a? back i have. >> this is a way to hide from everyone else in the cameras that are out there. >> that is about it. >> you would think they would find a bigger tent, i think? back is not the most functional thing when you're trying to ge whether it is injuries.>> sometimes you just have to go to the bathroom. >> it is one of those things that you think that they can make up pop up as a big. >> they don't have to run out. >> usually if you been to the stadium, you know how or the locker room is. aiken hop in there and do what they need to do and come back out. >> you can make it, you have it there. >> it's not like baseball we
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>> all right. we have to talk about injuries. it is clear coming out of this. >> there's an injury part. let's look at the guys. there's a couple of guys miss the game. dj is missing. we did get serious >>. >> with brian. a lot of guys on defense. they gave up 13 points. it has been more than that with the defense helping >> yes. they are getting healthy. the young guys are getting experience. they are getting more confidence and playing well. >> hopefully we can continue to get more goes. >> i think jake is getting close. the better we get healthwise on the defense and the team, the better situation it will be. >> for a lot of the country who could not be at the game, who was hurt any play through something the entire way
11:58 pm
back it is not fun. >> he was blindsided, which was unfortunate. >> you never want to see that, especially your own player. >> gutted it out. sometimes you have to deal with that. it is not fun to get that early in the game. >> he is very tough though. he needed to be out there. we needed him out there. he knew that. he played well. >> we got to see him for the we have a lot to come.
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huddle. bradley is popping. we are talking about fan questions right now. the audience members that gave you make question to ask them five, we will start with julian from whitewater. wears julian? >> the question? do you have a gift exchange? but we do not do it one. we do well with the receivers. everyone brings in a gift. with put a price limit on it, minimum. >> [ laughter ] >> we get good gifts.>> i think last year, we had a cooler and some drones in fishing equipment. it is fun to see what people bring and where they get it from and what they're -- their.our pick >> what is your favorite gift? >> lessee.>> i have no idea.
12:02 am
that is your favorite? back i am not a good gift person. >> last year, would've got the drone but i gave it away. >> that would be good to have. >> i kind every -- regret that decision. >> maybe you can take it over? back there you go. >> after the playoffs, i do not want to play with drones. > where is lynn from green bay? >> all right. in the back. was faster, you are back i am, of course. >> we are different receivers.>> what i mean that as, he is quicker than i am. he has and deceiving i-for someone who is not as tall. i will say that. >> i think i can get him in the longer distance. i think he can get me in the
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would give a damn. >> you are faster and he is
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that's better. >> you had to what you need to do to keep it rolling and of, was your goals and getting back to the playoffs? >> continue to execute. we go back to work tomorrow and continue the game playing this game plan. >> with bikers some things and try to be consistent. >> it is time for the quiktrip quiz. we will have some on. these questions are based on houston. >> they suffered.
12:07 am
a former packer. you know who he is? back reggie white? back easy money. >> do you know who the other guys are? any guesses? >> lawrence taylor?>> no. he is close. >> bruce smith is 200. reggie has 188.>> true or false, the packers have never lost against a team . >> i was a true. and not, does our whole question. >> i guess it is horrible question. >> you have never eaten a team from houston. >> that is an extremely horrible question. >> we are saying a you are due. >> all right. >> will flip that around. >> if the super bowl is held in houston, how many times have a hosted the championship? >> i will go at twice>> money in the bank. that was perfect.
12:08 am
38. they beat the panthers. >> the quiktrip quiz, we will take another break on inside
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we have a great audience here on vista. you're coming off of a big win on the road. what was the plane ride back after the big win? back it was fun. this was different.>> bj had a speaker for locker room.>> he
12:11 am
back. that was nice and fun.>> he played some good songs. he knows what he is doing. >> there is a group of us that play cards. there are four people here playing cards. it was just relaxing and eating good food and talking about the place we meet. >> let's talk about the food. we know i football team can eat. what do they serve you? >> we do eat all the time. >> you could probably figure out which >> when you get on the plane, there is food. we take off, they bring us it trades.>> after that, once everyone is serve, we go by the yogurt bar. we have cookies. go to the back, there is chips and fruit or whatever you want. >> you should not be hungry. that is for sure. >> hopefully the team is hungry. you are talking about another chance this week moving forward. thank you for watching inside
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? the diva gets caught making out with her backup dancer. the must-see over-the-top photos. wait. did he just drop her? >> then katy and orlando's date night after the engagement rumors. >> we saw each other a lot. >> it's "e.t.'s" new interview talking about the relationship for the first time. but where was her huge diamond ring? >> plus new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have some police backup. then bradley cooper's
12:15 am
victoria's secret runway as "e.t." takes you backstage for all the model drama. >> i'm freaking out. our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars, and all the angels. >> here we go. then tears for florence henderson. >> she's just one i could have spent more time with. >> "e.t.'s" exclusive new interviews with her tv children. >> she's mine with all of my heart. ? i love rock and roll ? >> we're first on the set of the movie britney spears doesn't want you to see. >> get ready. it >> now this is "entertainment tonight." remembering "brady bunch" mom florence henderson. our most unforgettable moments are ahead. >> but first, major couples news. mariah looking lips with a backup dancer? and katy perry and orlando's love in full bloom after rumors he put a ring on it. it's all covered in our romance report. ? fantasy baby ?
12:16 am
tanaka tip as they kiss in the waves in hawaii. there's hugs and big smiles and a very playful piggyback ride. at one point the 33-year-old backup dancer shows off his strength, lifting mariah up and carrying her. not the most comfortable-looking shot. and in this one brian appears to drop mimi. ? mariah's ex nick cannon took notice posting his own similar-looking pics with mariah from 2008. the caption, "this is how you do it. lol #beingpetty." but just four minutes after his original post nick denied any diss saying it's all love, no hate, but dang we looked amazing. @mariahcarey will always be my family and the queen. so anyone looking to divide that or spew hate, check that at the door. back to brian.
12:17 am
love or is this a showmance for "mariah's world" which premieres sunday and is still shooting? here's what mariah said about brian when our carlie field sat down with her two weeks ago. >> brian of course, he's a hottie. love that bod. lots of speculation if you guys are dating or not. you have a lot of chemistry in the show. >> just wait and watch the show. >> let's move on to another romance rumor. is katy perry engaged to orlando bloom? ? you make ? >> why is it so good to have him by your side tonight? >> he knows it better than i, and he's been -- for over ten years. and i've only been a few years. so he's kind of shown me some of the ropes. >> orlando! >> bloom showed up together at usf's snowflake ball but walked the carpet five minutes apart. but we were wondering where was that giant diamond ring katy was wearing on that finger the night
12:18 am
looks like they're keeping us guessing. the couple have been dating for ten months now. finally a big congrats to bradley cooper and irina shayk. a mini cooper is on the way. we got our first glimpse of the supermodel baby bump this week at the victoria's secret fashion show in paris. the 30-year-old russian model used some pretty clever cover-up. a loose red beaded french tunic and a gold robe with an adjustable tie at the waist to accommodate her growing baby bump. we were backstage and saw marina calm with a bottlf an update on kanye west after his release from the hospital. we have the just released 911 call revealing dramatic new details about his breakdown. >> i'm actually one of his doctors. i'm just calling from my cell phone. he definitely is going to need to be hospitalized. i wouldn't do the police by itself. i think he needs -- >> what is the medical condition he's having, sir? >> authorities deleted that and any reference to kanye's private medical info before releasing the 911 call on thursday.
12:19 am
michael farzam. >> don't let him get any weapons or anything like that. if anything changes and he does become physically combative between now and when the police and/or paramedics get there, call us at 911. >> will do. thank you so much. >> the call was placed november 2 is 1st while kanye was at the home of his trainer harley pastrnak. who was asked about it then. >> is kanye okay in. >> you can reach his publicist. >> kanye spent nine days at the he left the hospital wednesday morning at around 2:00 a.m. a source confirms to "e.t." that kanye right now is in his bel air home with kim and their two children. i'm told he's happy to finally be back with the kids and that he missed them very much. saint's first birthday is this coming monday and he's really happy that he can be home for that. my source always adds that people in kanye's inner circle are really hoping that this hospital stay makes him realize that he had to take a step back and focus on his mental health
12:20 am
>> so what happened? we played kanye's 911 call for dr. charles soef carrie. he's a mental health expert but has not treated kanye. >> it must have been a tough situation where the doctor felt there was no way to transport this person in a car or a safe manner to a hospital. >> we just want him to get better, right? >> that's exactly right. >> absolutely. let's talk about kim's sister kendall jenner and her and her fellow models in paris where the victoria's secret fashion show is take place. >> we'll see monday, right? but kevin frazier got the very tough assignment -- >> oh, man. >> -- to talk to the angels before thfr main event. and kendall finally broke her silence on kanye. >> how's everybody doing? any upsets on kanye or anything? >> everyone's okay. everyone's doing okay, yeah. just praying. >> we were with kendall right before news broke on wednesday that kanye would be going home after more than a week in the hospital. she was getting ready to strut her stuff wearing her wig. >> any of the family members coming tonight?
12:21 am
you guys just get me. [ cheers ] >> hashtag "e.t." team. >> here we go. >> now it is showtime. it is go time. you're about to see all the magic. >> let's go. now i'm freaking out. >> backstage controlled chaos. on stage the 5'1" lady gaga wore platform boots to be as tall as the models, and we found out she even gets preshow jitters. >> i'm nervous. theseom amazing, you know. they should be given an incredible amount of credit for how vulnerable it is to walk out in front of the world in your underwear. >> yeah, try doing it in front of your ex like bella hadid. she walked the runway with the weeknd on stage but told us it's all good. >> he's the best. we're still great friends. >> how was it? >> look at me. >> no nerves for bruno mars, who also performed.
12:22 am
runway in tears. >> what was going through your mind? >> i don't know. just hit me out there. >> kevin spent the week with the angels leading up to the show starting with the plane ride to paris. to the photo shoot at the eiffel tower where security was tight. >> it's cold outside. your nose is red. >> my nose is red. >> but when the show finally wrapped these ladies were ready to hit the afterparty where we hear kendall hit up the dj booth and gigi hadid had a moment with r >> it seems like a beautiful moment where you first came out and you looked over at your mom. >> i saw you at first, i was like -- >> don't cry. you'll make me cry. let's go have some drinks. >> oh, j'adore paris. this year it cost $3 million. it's made of 9,000 gem stones and model jasmine toot gets to wear it on the runway. she had to sit in a mold for three hours just to get this fit right. you know it's going to be a great show. now to another big headline
12:23 am
henderson. "e.t." spent nearly four decades with the "brady bunch" mom. we are the only show talking to three of her brady kids in mourning. we begin with marsha, maureen mccormick. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news? >> just total disbelief. just total disbelief. i had just been with her. i'd just seen her. i think everyone was shocked. >> maureen fought back tears, remembering the woman who played her tv mom and became one of her best she competed on "dancing with the stars." >> she said "hi, sweet maureen. i got so many calls and messages saying how wonderful you were last night. and you were. thanks so much for dinner." >> and her actual very last television performance was for you on "dancing with the stars," where she came out and said "marsha, marsha, marsha." >> marsha, marsha, marsha. >> what was that moment like? >> it was amazing.
12:24 am
it was so great to be with her. >> i'm so proud of you. we've been through a lot together. >> haven't we? >> then almost two weeks ago florence was in the audience for the show's finale. just three days later, on thanksgiving, she passed away at l.a.'s cedars-sinai medical center. the cause of death was heart failure. we showed maureen our last interview with florence, which was just two months ago. >> you got very emotional when you saw maureen dancing. what were you feeling then? >> well, you know, i know what maureen' all she's been through. and you know, i still feel like she's mine. and so i love her very much. >> i'm hers, she's mine. i mean, how lucky, how lucky i am. how lucky we all are. florence's heart was so good. you know, it's so funny because yeah, she played this mother that, you know, many people joke about and say oh, you know, it's
12:25 am
she was that sweet. she really was. >> she was the lovely lady they sing about in the brady song. >> she was the loveliest of ladies. but she could tell the dirtiest joke too. i've been reading so many things from so many people that kind of spent time with her. and it's so beautiful to read all the different comments. and you know, they said she's saucy and spicy and a dame and just such an florence right now, what would it be? >> thank you. thank you. i love you forever. >> and maureen wanted everyone to know that in lieu of flowers florence's family has asked that donations be made to broadway cares. a family service is planned for florence at the end of the month and there will be a public service in january. >> gosh, we'll miss her. >> absolutely. >> there's still so much more to come later in the show.
12:26 am
brady reunion show. florence on set with her tv husband the late robert reed and of course alice, ann b. davis. dolly parton on the raging fire that threatened to destroy her beloved amusement park. our new interview. plus meet the cast of the new "celebrity apprentice." plus meet the cast of the new "celebrity apprentice." lholidays are about joy again.we where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. ok! impaciente! manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? take off your hat!
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ions are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. you're fired. >> well, there's a brand new boss in charge on the ne we are less than four weeks away from the show's big return with its new host. i'm talking about arnold schwarzenegger. ? money, money, money, money ? >> i am, you know, the boss. >> the terminator is the new "apprentice" ceo since donald trump has a new job of his own. >> i've been governor twice in california. and for him it's great to go from this to politics. only in america. >> we've all come to the new
12:29 am
apprentice." >> i'm 68 years old, and it's a whole new challenge, something that i've never done before. so this is relate wally wonderf. and i think the characters they picked, that will be major drama. >> let's break down the celebs. first the wild card snooki. >> i'm not scared of you. >> forget "jersey shore." the reality star has changed her ways. >> i'm not going to clubs anymore, getting drunk and wasted. like i'm home with my kids. and i love my life so far. the brand is still snooki but as a kyle richards. since this season the show moves from new york to l.a. we're calling her the local. >> i think what is an advantage is that i'm born and raised in los angeles. >> athletes layla ali and lisa leslie are the contenders. and boy george, '80s icon. ? karma, karma karma chameleon ? >> it's going to be very interesting to see whether i am a team player, whether i can survive. we'll see. >> the billion-dollar question?
12:30 am
tag line? >> you're fired. >> so many ideas. from hasta la vista, baby. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> to "you won't be back." or "get to the chopper." >> some great potential tag lines. but it's got to play off him being the terminator. like -- you're terminated. >> i love it. do it one more time for me. >> you're terminated. >> i think you could be fill-in. i think you've got it. well, coming up, we are talking to dolly parton on that wildfire that's near dollywood, and she shares very painful memories on her childhood and how she got her famous look. >> people say oh, she's just trash. and i said, well, that's what i want to be when i grow up. then, secrets from the set of the new "hairspray live." >> plus john legend on his wife and baby girl.


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