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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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good morning, america. trapped inside. the oakland concert fire, young lives perishing in the flames. >> this is a devastating scene. >> concertgoers blinded and disoriented by thick, black smoke. scrambling for the lone >> at least nine people killed. possibly dozens more missing, the agonizing wait of friends and family praying for word. >> we're all looking for you. your mom, your dad, everybody. >> crews working through the night to carry out a grim search. >> this morning, with the smoke cleared, survivors sharing their stories. now thankful to be alive. the chaos inside as the flames broke out and the investigation
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tinderbox. an artist community where people were living cluttered with old wood. >> the slew of complaints this morning. >> debris, gar back and trash, those violations were accurate. >> could this all have been prevented? were the warning signs missedy complete coverage of this deadly fire starts right now. good sunday morning, everyone. thank you for a solemn morning where we're trying to understand the scope of the loss from this fire at a concert in oakland, california. inside a dilapidated warehouse which was known to hold parties, firefighters working through the night picking through debris from the burned out structure. a collapsed roof making the recovery efforts slow and potentially dangerous. >> overnight there was a memorial for the victim, people leaving flowers in memory of those who died as many questions are swirling right now over how this fire started.
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at least nine people killed. there are possibly dozens missing. this venue a spot known as the oakland ghost ship. >> it's a tangle of makeshift spaces filled with clutter. some of the survivors telling us they lived there. officials say the building appeared to have no sprinklers, there were stacks of wooden palettes serving as kindling but we'll begin with the latest on the recovery effort. abc's neal karlinsky is this oakland to start off our team coverage. good morning >> reporter: paula, good morning. such a tragedy. it is still a very active scene out here right now but with one major problem. it's just too dangerous for fire officials to get in to all of the areas of the structure they're trying to reach right now because they're worried the entire building might come down on them. it was 11:32 p.m. when the calls came in. a party at this oakland warehouse and artist collective was erupting into an inferno
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total panic. >> reporter: firefighters could be scene breaking in with pickaxes, desperate to reach people trapped inside. bob was on the first floor and saw flames spread so fast he barely made it out. >> i had some burns on my arm, hand, shoulder. >> reporter: by daybreak it was clear the fire was far worse than anyone imagined. >> it's very heartbreaking and this is just an extreme version of the loss. >> reporter: dozens were people began flooding facebook desperate to find lost loved ones. >> everybody on facebook is like they're going on her page and posting about her and how she related to their lives. >> i just want to know something. >> reporter: this man looking for his brother. i hate to say and i don't want to sound selfish but i'm only thinking about my own -- and i have love for everybody. i don't want anybody to be hurt. but i mean that's my little
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some of the dead. officials say nearly all of them appear to have been trapped on the second floor. there for a party featuring electronic music by an act called golden donna. officials believe the victims trapped on that second floor had little chance to escape. the only exit a makeshift stairwell constructed with wooden palettes. quickly overtaken by flames leaving no way out. eventually the entire roof collapsed from the heat, crashing down on the second that upstairs soon burned through as well partially falling and burning to the ground. >> this is going to be a slow process for us. we are anticipating being out here for a minimum of the next 48 hours, so we will be at this scene, the scene will remain active until it's entirely searched and gone through. >> the warehouse known as the oakland ghost ship was well known as an eclectic gathering of artist, some even living
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at nine with some two dozen people still unaccounted for. there is no official cause yet of the fire but arson is not suspected right now. dan and paula. >> neal, thank you. we want to speak to some of the survivors of this terrible fire beginning with bob mule. bob, you're a photographer and an artist. you live in the building and we want to ask you. how were you able to get out of the building in time? >> well, i was like one of the first peoplo yelled and notified everyone as best of my abilities and was trying to find a fire extinguisher. i wasn't able to get it to work and i ran back to get my camera and that's when i ran into my roommate. he is a larger gentleman and coming down from the loft inside of his space he broke his ankle.
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hot and i was like felt my skin melting and i couldn't breathe and it was way too hot and i had to leave him behind and to know that he didn't make it is just -- i yelled and i just -- i ran out after that just screaming his name. in complete disbelief through all of this. >> bob, that just sounds absolutely horrible and we here are sending you our condolences. do you have a sense of what may ha >> i'm not really sure. i mean i just kind of seen it through a wall and like i don't know what could have caused it. i mean, maybe it could have been anything. electrical, could have been -- i don't know. >> we're hearing from some other survivors that in order to get up to the loft it was basically a makeshift staircase. is that where you were when the fire broke out and when your friend asked you for help?
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paint and all of a sudden another member of the collective smelled smoke and called me and said investigate and that's when like, you know, we awasom smoke and the power went out shortly after we saw that and i saw the fire and that's when i notified everyone and just like a mad scramble and everything just kind of went really quick after that. >> bob, how many people were living in the building and there any fire safety precautions taken? >> there was anywhere from like 15 to 20 of us that are in and out of there, you know, we have like -- went out of our way to put fire extinguishers all around the house, all everywhere and, of course, just like in that moment it's just like where are they? you know, you don't have enough time to like think about where they are even if you like seen
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like it just happened all so quick. >> you said there were fire extinguishers but there were no fire alarms present at the building? >> correct. >> and how quickly did it go up in flames? we are hearing reports that it was basically a tinderbox. >> i don't a tinderbox but definitely within like minutes, you know, like it happened so quick. i was just -- i was about to start painting that night everything was like pretty mellow and after i started running through the halls screaming fire, another housemate, you know, he ran upstairs to try and get everyone like to let them know what was going on and it was -- it was all very frantic like once it kind of came out and people started smelling smoke and the power went out, you know, so it was like -- it was dark. >> bob mule who has been really
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we really appreciate you coming to talk to us this morning. we're very glad that you're okay and we're very sorry for the loss of your friend. again, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you for being. >> this is, of course, an agonizing time for friends and families of the missing. >> so desperate showing up at the scene of the fire. also using social media. all in hopes of finding their loved ones and diane is covering that part of the story for us. hi, diane. >> dan and paula, good morning. answers right now. both trying to confirm whether their loved ones were at that party and whether or not they made it out alive. for many of those questions are still unanswered this morning. >> if you are out there, i hope you are safe. >> reporter: this morning friends and family are crying out for their loved ones facing the horror of not knowing. >> i pray that you made it out of the fire. >> reporter: this woman is overcome with emotion as the silence sets in with no word
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>> she's not answering her phone. he's not answering his phone and no one can get in contact with them. and i tried calling and it's not like her to not respond to a text. >> reporter: some in this oakland community are starting to lose hope. >> i have four friends who i believe probably perished tonight in the fire, bodies are probably right there now. >> we're missing some people and we've been we have so far. >> reporter: even witnesses are having a hard time dealing with what they saw. >> they were in the party. they ran down the stairs, because the smoke and they stood there crying because their friends didn't come with them. >> i didn't see very many people come out at all. that's what really bothered me not seeing anybody come out. >> this woman is desperate to her hear daughter's voice again. >> please, just call us.
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your husband, please. can you just call any of us if you're around, something happened, we don't care, we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> reporter: and we've seen the number of people unaccounted for fluctuate so while some are losing hope the bottom line is we really don't know but for some of these families that's the hardest part, dan and paula. >> certainly is, thank you, so heartbreaking. while officials are focusing on recoveringti about the warehouse and whether or not it was safe before the fire even broke out. >> this is such an important question and abc's lauren lyster who is also in oakland this morning is covering that angle. lauren, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. and paula, officials say that building was under investigation for safety violations and a number of people in this community say they had feared the conditions might lead to something like this. this morning, an inside look at the oakland ghost ship, the
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space that burned through so quickly early saturday morning. >> it looked pretty junk? >> reporter: now questions over the venue and may it played into turning the fire into a terrible tragedy. >> it's a little scary, the steps, the lighting, the steps getting up to the second floor. >> reporter: in fact, records show a slew of past complaints about the building'saf appearance. the most recent three weeks ago, citing junk piling up outside. >> debris, gar back and trash. we were age to confirm those violations were accurate. >> reporter: showing furniture, c sculptures stacked near the entrance. >> a lot of debris and a lot of stuff coming from inside onto the streets. >> reporter: inside the wall, floors and ceilings covered in
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infinite collection of flammable material. seen here in photos from the artists collective facebook page. it wasn't just the selections. authorities say an unknown number of people were illegally living inside and the building's owners warned about illegal construction as far back as 2005. >> we had received recent complaints about light and unpermitted construction at the property. >> reporter: in those photos you can see the only staircase leading to the exits steps made up of wooden palettes. on friday night ghost ship's fans gathered for a party like this one earlier this year at that venue, deejays, dancers and other revelers packed in. officials believe it's the ragtag layout and apparent lack of sprinklers that may have played the biggest roles in the number of deaths. at this rhode island nightclub back in 2003, similar safety violations contributing to a massive death toll after a fire broke out at a concert due to
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and according to the "l.a. times" family members of the owner of that warehouse say no one lived there but clearly we're hearing from some people who called that building home. dan and paula. >> all right, lauren, thank you. joining us now are abc news contributors former new york city police commissioner ray kelly in studio and former fbi special agent brad garrett. let's talk about those 48 complaints against the building and ongoing investigation into possible illegal construction. was there plenty of warning to prevent this tragedy. >> sure, hooibdzsight is 20/20 but 48 violations is an awful lot. that will be part of the investigation. usually if criminal charges come forward it's because of gross negligence, sort of a defrayed indifferent view of the situation. so i think that is certainly a possibility down the road. >> and, brad, you think this place should have been shut down. >> there's no question about it, paula.
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going on here. this was zoned or had a permit as a warehouse. you weren't supposed to live there. there wasn't supposed to be anything inside that other than perhaps storage. but, you know, as the reporters have mentioned this place was just full of stuff that would once it caught on fire you're not going to be able to control it. >> do you think, brad, that there's a potential for criminal charges? >> well, i think commissioner kelly has got a point here. i mean not probably that it was arson, nothing is indicating yet, dan. it's somebody who is basically saying this is just a warehouse and you can see visually from the pictures it was a multitude of things including apparently rvs parked on the first floor. >> although, chief, you said you were surprised that they seem to be ruling out arson so early. >> yeah, i wouldn't rule anything out at this juncture. the people were saying the flames spread very quickly.
6:16 am
certainly wouldn't say that it's not a possibility. >> we know that the intext gritty of the structure has been damaged significantly making the recovery effort really difficult so how difficult is the recovery effort going to be considering that the roof collapsed and firefighters aren't really able to go in right now. >> very difficult. i think the goal today make certain that nobody else gets hurt. they're going to be use heavy equipment. they have to use it with great respect for the bodies that are there, so it's going to take time. no question abot going to take time before i think the investigators can get in there and start a full-fledged investigation. >> chief, very quickly, how exactly do investigators figure out what caused this fire? what is that process. >> well, usually a process of elimination, they're going to go in there. they'll re-create the scene before the fire as much as possible. they're going to go in and look at the electrical system and look at any accelerants or fuels. the fact that this place was
6:17 am
make the investigation more difficult. but it's going to take time. >> a lot of questions and it may take a while before we get answers. ray kelly, thank you very much. brad garrett, thank you, as well to you. we want to switch gears now and check the forecast and for that we kick it over to rob marciano. hey, rob, good morning. >> good morning to you. breaking overnight actually flash flooding across southeast texas and southwest louisiana. i want to show you pictures out of texas city in and around galveston county. their wettest december day on record in some spots inches and some spots over 9 inches and lake charles, louisiana, also getting a half a foot of snow in a short period of time and there's ryan street flooding out, familiar with that for sure. flash flood watches out not just through today but tomorrow as well. another batch of rain will come through and this will get up in the northeast where there's cold air, chicago, detroit, milwaukee, snowy day today and some gets into upstate new york as well tomorrow. but tonight and tomorrow, this low will spin its wheels and
6:18 am
severe weather as well and more in the way of flooding rains.wet between now and 10am. look for a steady snow to fall much of the day. mixing with rain at times lakeside thanks to a warmer lake michigan. 1-2" snow lakeside and 2-4" snow inland. highs in the mid 30s. snow tapers off after about 7pm. tomorrow. there will be a few nfl games today that will be in the snow, fun to watch. talk about that and the approaching snow for the northeast in the next half hour. winter is coming. it's here actually. >> it is here although we haven't seen any snow. >> sounds like he may have bad news for us. >> so far. ron, great to see you. let's check in and see what you're covering. significant news out of cuba
6:19 am
tens of thousands of people gathered for one final public memorial to their former leader, the dictator fidel castro castro's ashes arriving in santiago saturday. cubans gathering in the plaza de la reve lucien, the revolution square to pay respects ending a nine-day period of mourning for cuba. cassian tree's ashes will be buried in a private ceremony. back here in the u.s., a massive ten-alarm fire through eight buildings in cambridge, massachusetts. 60 people have been displaced and two police officers and a firefighter suffering minor injuries fighting that thick smoke from the fire spreading all over the boston area. no word yet on what caused that blaze. and a wild scene in philadelphia where an entire city block got covered in foam. see it there. the foam gushing out of a local power company substation in some places reaching up to six feet high. it looks like snow, doesn't it, rob? crews pushing it down sewage
6:20 am
a power outage triggered a fire alarm which triggered the mess. >> a clean mess. army sergeant bowe bergdahl who is facing a court-martial trial for desertion in afghanistan is now asking president obama to pardon him before the president leaves office in january. bergdahl, of course, walked away from his post and was captured by the taliban and held for five years. he was released in a 2014 prisoner exchange. president-elect donald trump has been very critical of that exchange. he called b good traitor who should have been executed. and in sports tiger woods looking sharp in the third round action in the bahamas playing in the hero world challenge. the former top ranked player bagging four birdies, those aren't birds, not hunting. >> thank you for clarifying. >> i'm not sure dan understood that before cooling off at the end, 11 strobes off the lead going into sunday's final round
6:21 am
following a 15-month layoff due to back problems. >> i know what a birdie is? i know what back problems are. finally a woman in arizona got a call police found her stolen car, a car she reported missing in california back in 1976. here she is modesto fleming, great name, reunited with her 1964 corvette stingray, 40 years later the california highway patrol tracking her down after a fan at a car show noticed something awry with the corvette's prompting the owner to go to the police. that's pretty wild, isn't it? 40 years. >> increased significantly. like an investment. >> a few miles on it, i think, in the meantime. >> maybe five or ten, excellent story. >> justice delayed. exactly. thank you, ron. coming up on "good morning america," we're going to have much more on the tragedy in oakland an the investigation into that deadly warehouse fire and go back to the scene for an update and hear from a lucky survivor. also in other news we'll
6:22 am
to the fatal shooting of joe mcknight. witnesses recounting what they saw just before the shots rang out. we will be right back here on a very busy and very sad sunday morning on "gma." "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. ? what if an insurance company wasn't only there ngs went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ?
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professional tennis in the 1970s known for his antics and hot temper on the court. >> mcenroe. >> no. >> winner of eight grand slams. >> jimmy connor. >> jimmy connor? where is pete sampras? >> should have been ruled, you know -- >> disqualified. >> you're filibustering. >> charles lindbergh the first to fly across the atlantic 1927, i remember it well, the spirit of st. louis and in honor of his supporters in it that city where >> reese develop field. >> long island to -- >> i don't know.
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welcome back to "gma" on a sad sunday morning covering that devastating oakland concert fire, the damage clear from these visuals above the scene. bodies are still inside that warehouse which doubled as a home. artists, studio and raven knew. the recovery effort is going to unstable structure. >> so let's go back to neal karlinsky right there on the scene. he has an update for us. neal, can you describe a little bit what's happening behind you? >> reporter: yeah, dan and paula, still a very active scene out here right now. you can see the blue sentences back there. they are still deep in the process of looking to recover more victims, even at this hour they still don't know exactly how many people they're dealing with. this old warehouse was a converted artists colony
6:31 am
party friday night when the fire broke out. officials believe most of the victims were on the second floor and critically they think they were trapped up there with only one way out, a makeshift stairwell described to us as just wooden pallets that were stacked up. that was quickly blocked engulfed with flames trapping people, tragically on that second floor. the fire burning so intense eventually the roof actually came down on them. right now at this hour the official death toll is nine, but some t reported missing, dan and paula. >> describing such a harrowing scene with that roof collapsing. how long before investigators are actually going to be able to go back into this structure? >> reporter: it's really a challenge for them out here and we see them with their heavy equipment and machinery coming back and forth. they are worried about the building coming down on them. it's just so unstable. fire officials have told us there are more bodies they have seen but that they are not able
6:32 am
they've actually had drones up in the air trying to look down in and get a sense of the structure. so they're moving slowly and methodically. >> neal, thank you. we want to turn now to another person who was at the party on friday night. his name is michael rosen, it was his first time at the warehouse. michael, you described the place as a tinderbox. can you tell us more about what you saw inside. a ton of kind of wooden elements to the space, there's literal rooms that were kind of constructed out of antique wood. it was just very clear that the space was very much constructed of wood, very much kind of, you know, primed for something, if something -- if a tragedy were to happen, the elms were in place for it to happen, yeah. >> michael, you and your friends stepped outside for a little bit
6:33 am
erupted but you were on the second floor in the loft where so many of the victims were found, the roof had collapsed. how tough was it to get up that staircase to the second floor? >> yeah, i mean, it wasn't, you know like climbing a mountain or something but, yeah, it was certainly an unstable experience. it's a very steep incline and there wasn't much to latch your feet on to. >> gives you a sense of how difficult it may have been for people up on the second floor to get down and out in time. as paula friends had left to go to the store nearby and when you came back, you saw the place up in flames. how bad was it when you returned? >> when we returned, you could kind of see a flume of smoke and it was billowing. it honestly didn't look that bad when we got there. i think it had maybe just started. the ambulances, the fire trucks weren't even there yet when we showed back up. but we stayed for a little bit
6:34 am
as we got there. >> knowing what you saw and basically the tinderbox conditions, how surprising is it that it did go up so quickly? >> i don't know. it's hard to say. i'm no fire expert or anything, but i think in the morning after putting the pieces together it was, yeah, i could kind of see how that might have been the case. >> well, michael, we're really glad that you are okay and that your friends are okay. we really appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> we do want to turn to some other news this morning. family and friends are gathered to remember joe mcknight, the former nfl player who was killed in what police are calling a road rage incident. >> abc's eva pilgrim is in new orleans with the tributes pouring in right now plus more about what the witnesses saw when that driver opened fire, eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke with several businesses here in this area that say
6:35 am
security video as they try to piece together exactly what happened in this intersection. growing outrage about what authorities are calling a road rage shooting taking the life of former nfl running back joe mcknight. >> if he was man enough to pull the trigger, he should be man enough to take his lick and still be in jail. >> reporter: police say this man ronald gasser seen on the ground in cuffs admitted shooting the football star in the hand, shoulder and cht. those nearby staring in shock. >> i just stood there with my hand on my face like oh my god he really just shot this man. >> reporter: authorities say it all started just after 3:00 on thursday on the crescent city connection when one of the drivers cut the other off. the cars drove almost six miles stopping when the two pulled up to this stop light. witnesses say they heard the two men arguing. the sheriff telling abc news mcknight was out of his car not
6:36 am
witnesses say after the shooting gasser got out. >> he walked around to the front part of the car and he kept -- but he kept his arm locked. >> reporter: and pointing. >> pointing at the front of the car. >> reporter: mcknight's family and supporters in the community incensed his killer is not in custody, not charged in connection with mcknight's death. >> we got a serious problem on our hands. >> reporter: fellow usc running back reggie bush planning to honor his friend tweeting out his cleats for today's game uniform with the dates of his birth and death. the jets will take a moment of silence for their teammate monday night when they take on the colts. and mcknight's family telling me that they now want an independent autopsy done, dan and paula. >> eva pilgrim on the scene there, thank you. let's check the forecast and get it back to rob. >> hi, dan, hi, paula. want to show you a picture of light and hope that the holiday
6:37 am
of them. there's snow falling in minneapolis and dubuque, iowa. over two inches, chicago, green bay, two football games happening there if you like to watch football in the snow be aware and tune in and also some of the snow will get into upstate new york outside of new york city and the ground still kind of warm so it'll have a hard time really accumulating. not going to be warm for long. big-time cold coming in all through next week. windchills below zero all the a the morning. snow will spread in from west to east w steady snow to fall much of the day. mixing with rain at times lakeside thanks to a warmer lake michigan. 1-2" snow lakeside and 2-4" snow inland. highs in the mid 30s. snow tapers off after about 7pm. >> this weather report is brought to you by petco. take care of your pets this week as it gets cold. bring them inside. >> bring them inside. back outside for football. coming up, you guys ready? >> ready. >> the big day in college
6:38 am
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it is a big day in college football. >> selection day. >> it is. what is it again? >> selection day. >> that's right. the selection committee will announce the playoff semifinal match-ups. new year's bowl pairings and final top 25. the only thing that any of us care about at least the three of us. maybe you, diane. the selection committee has to pick the four teams that will play for the national championship january 9th. that is the big game. we know that clemson and alabama. debate amongst yourself who the other two should be. >> should be? >> yes. >> university of washington with one loss, ohio state with one loss. >> there's people who would argue that penn state, you know, should sneak in there. arguably one of the weakest conferences in the pac-12 and the big ten, the toughest conference and penn state came roaring back and they -- who did
6:43 am
it gets muddy but some people will say and amongst the weather community, it's a big weather program. there's a big meteorology department and should say penn state should be in. >> i think michigan is probably the four strongest teams but it's hard to make a case for them having lost to ohio state. >> they lost two games. >> washington lost one. >> in the final seconds i believe they collectively lost those two by three or four with a two-game loser. >> if you can't decide solve it and put boston college in there. they had some really good upsets. >> earlier this season in college football, there's 'bama and then there's everybody else. >> basically it. >> no one is going for my boston college recommendation. >> retired from boston college a while ago. >> hey, matt ryan played for us too. >> western michigan, undefeated. how much are they kickening themselves they didn't schedule
6:44 am
four? >> you know what, it's all about strength of schedule too and has so much -- that plays such a big factor in it, as well. listen, i think there will be a lot of intrigue regardless of what happens, a couple of teams -- >> you think michigan will make it. >> i don't think that we're going to see the best four teams but i think it's going to shake out the top four teams will be the way that the dice roll. >> it's going to be a significant and fun bowl season because the other bowls are going to be a whole lot of fun, the orange bowl. >> the quick lane >> the taco bowl. i could go for a taco bowl in not talking about food. >> i always say it's about strength of schedule and speaking of schedule let's take a quick break. catch the selection show starting at noon on espn. championship game coming up, of course, on january 9th and coming up next, george stephanopoulos, our chief anchor down in washington talking about theover night political news.
6:45 am
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whoa. i just got retweeted. >> by who? >> oops, i did it again. >> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all these random people. you're not getting any work done >> that's not true. i was elected 25 days ago and already unemployment is at a nine-year low. millions and millions of people have health care and osama bin laden is dead. >> yeah, yes, he is, dead. just like my soul and all of my hair. >> alec baldwin playing donald trump on "snl" overnight trump tweeting his displeasure shortly after saying just tried watching "saturday night live."
6:49 am
ball win impercent says just can't get any worse, sad. baldwin responded 15 minutes later saying release your tax returns and i'll stop, ha. so a new twist there in the ongoing trump twitter saga. there is more substantive political news out there so let's bring in george stephanopoulos down in washington where he'll be hosting "this week" later this morning. >> good morning, dan. >> so let's talk about this phone call that trump had with the president of taiwan. the chinese who see taiwan as a breakaway happy. no president has communicated with a leader in taiwan for decades. do you think it was a deliberate strategy or a mistake. >> one of the big questions out there. we'll talk to the head of the trump transition vice president-elect mike pence the first time on since the election. that has rocked relations between the u.s. and china. china says they've already complained we want to get the trump response to that as well. so a lot to talk about with the
6:50 am
that carrier deal and all the fallout. president-elect trump on a tweet storm also saying any more companies that move their jobs overseas are going to face that 35% tariff and we'll talk about that with the vice president-elect as well. >> you'll be interviewing the retired general david petraeus. he areportedly in the running for secretary of state as many people may remember he had to step down after it was pointed out he his mistress. after trump railed against hillary clinton about her e-mail server. will it be difficult to explain why he would pick petraeus if he does so? >> well, that's going to be one of the key questions, i'll put it to vice president-elect pence and david petraeus and somewhat of an unusual occurrence. politico reporting that the trump transition is going to be watching general petraeus this morning to see how he does, now
6:51 am
of course, he met with the president-elect this week, president-elect trump said he had a good impression of general petraeus. we want to talk with general petraeus about that as well but several republican senators have said they have a high level of angst over there and we'll see if general petraeus can answer those questions, reassure she's senators. >> you talked about the politico article saying that they're going to be watching him. do you think very quickly here trump is deliberately applying some reality show this transition. >> we see it. he's out there tweeting every day and i don't know if it's reality show tactics or not but it's very clear that he wants to see how his team is going to do and so we'll talk about that this morning with general petraeus. we'll talk about it with vice president-elect pence. we have a big show. >> you always do. george will be speaking with the vice president-elect mike pence and go wub with david petraeus as he said and we'll be right
6:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit. >> we want to thank everyone for watching this sunday morning. our thousands and prayers go out to those affected by the oakland fire and a reminder george has a big show with general petraeus and mike pence. we'll see you here next weekend and tomorrow morning on "good morning america." good morning, america. welcome in to "sportscenter." i'm lisa kerney. he is kevin connors. the big ten unanimously the best conference got to pick a champion. >> right and you know what, we had about as good a game as you could have hoped for, penn state and wisconsin having at it. nittany lions trail 28-7 at one point, the fourth quarter down 31-28.
6:57 am
trace mcsorley who got a couple of nothing byes from james franklin. badgers down 38-31. cory clement on fourth and one. stuffed like a turkey. grant haley and marcus allen make the tackle. penn state has beaten ohio state and number six wisconsin and they are big ten champions. they've made a case. how about over in the acc championship number three clemson taking on virginia tech. opening drive, here deshaun watson takes it up the middle. and it is an easy just like that one of five total tds for watson but just like they've done before, clemson trying to give this one away. hokies had a chance down seven, a buck five and that will do it. clemson hangs on to win it 42-35. >> you can find out who is in the college football playoff noon eastern on espn plus the full day in the nfl on sunday, the wrap-up at 11:00 eastern.
6:58 am
i am lisa. enjoy your sunday, everybody. thanks for hanging with us. test. test.
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test. wisn. aukee hitting the streets overnight with a salt and water mixture. we're timing out when the snow hits your neighboo our big story this sunday morning: that snow and the potential for a rain snow mix that could make our roads slippery. let's go right to meteorologist sally severson tracking it all for us. good morning sally! winter weather advisory kicks in the morning. snow will spread in from west to east between now and 10am. look for a steady snow to fall much of the


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