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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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several inches fell in some of the areas. we are keeping our eye on the conditions. sally: we are done for the snow for today. the skies remaining mostly cloudy. the temperatures 32 or better. we melt a lot of the snow that fell across southern wisconsin. 34 over 30. winds are west at 11 at the airport. this is a look at cathedral square. a few minnesota and iowa. i anticipate a few thin spots in the clouds for today. but we are melting some of the snow. mostly cloudy skies this morning. 30s. we look at a thin spot or two in the clouds. for tonight, mostly cloudy. >> sal, thank you. >> southeast wisconsin is cleaning up from the first snow of the season f. you parked outside, then take a look at
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time to brush off your car before headed out today. hillary mintz is joining us more on the clean up. hillary? reporter: speaking of cleaning up and brushing off, yes, this is handy. i just put it in the car over the weekend. take a look around here, snow covered here and slushy. if you left the car out, this is what you are morning. this is how much they got here in waukesha county. so yeah, take a little effort to scrape the snow here. if this is your car, you are welcome. again, this is a couple of inches. allow a few extra inches to clean off the car. but again, if you left it here over the weekend, there is work to do before rolling out this
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fine, so no worries about that. that is the latest from brookfield. >> thank you. hillary. utility crews out and working to restore the power in southeast wisconsin. tim is live with a look at the progress. tim. tim: we are watching the we energies outaj map here. 177 homes without power right now. you can see some of the them in the morn part o situated in racine county. the number of outages was higher yesterday. at one point six thousand customers were impacted. the tree limbs and branches were touching the power lines. now the crews have been working overnight making repairs and 177 homes and businesses without
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condition. to the drive times up on the screen now... andy? >> new, a federal judge makes a ruling about the michigan presidential count. this is coming at president-elect donald trump is working on the new administration and trump is defending the weekend call with the leader of taiwan. >> president-elect donald trump is taking to twitter and saying that the call is a courtesy. today more meetings at trump
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of taiwan. >> the conversation was a courtesy call. she reached out to the president-elect donald trump and he took the call. >> the u.s. hasn't had ties with taiwan for 40 years and recognized china instead. >> i'm consciously working to stay a thousand miles away from the trump transition. >> secretary of state kerry is staying away from it. >> secretary of state is a very important position to fill.
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he's going to name general james maddox today. >> a week left in the recount in wisconsin and the state is planning to finish up a week from today. the federal deadline is next tuesday. green party and jill stien is covering the cost of the recount. >> form into the hall of fame. he brought the baseball back to milwaukee. >> new this morning it may look like winter but thinking warm thoughts. the tickets for the spring training games are going on sale today. it is 35 games and tickets for the schedule are available by
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baseball, the spring training tickets going on sale on monday at 9:00 a.m. you can get the tickets as low as $8. >> pitchers and catchers report in arizona february 14th. the first full workout is february 18th. the home opener is april 3rd. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:06. >> this morning a trip to the packers after winning yesterday 21-13. but it was pt an easy win. a snowy field proved to be tough. scoreless in the first quarter. that changed in the second with rodgers finding cobb with a touchdown. and cobb making a snow angel and no penalty there. rodgers said that the snow made
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enjoyable. >> these are the fun ones. this is lambeau field in the winter that we love. we had games last year where these were rain games, so it is nice to have the snow, it is easier to throw the football when it is snowing rather than raining so that happened. >> up next, the team is facing the seattle seahawks next weekend at lambeau. >> glad they got that w. you may have noticed the wearing the colorful footwear, the players were allowed to veer from the program to hop nor a charity of their choice and raising funds for their project by auctioning the cleats. >> i didn't know them from the snow. >> 5:07. local construction crew surprises a neighbor with tickets to the packers game. this is just, this is just too much.
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tim: yes, i have been doing this for a while, this is one of the better stories. this is definitely a favorite. this guy, rich, he lives in hartland and he befriended the crew across the street build an apartment complex and he greets the guys and compliments the work and he's construction workers wanted to do something for their friend and pitched in and got him two tickets to yesterday's game and here he is. these are new photos this morning. rich and his son ryan at the game under the statute there. look at the smile there. >> he's so happy. what a memory there. >> as a huge thank you, the family baked cookies for the
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story, this is online at and when he actually got the tickets. >> this guy is so lovable. >> the energy and positivivety from him and the crew. so up spiring. >> what happened to him could have made him bitter but it has nts. >> after the loss to penn state, this stung a little. silver lin they are invited to one of the six bowls and facing undefeated western michigan in the cotton bowl. the first trip for both of the teams and played at noon january 2nd, in arlington, texas. that is okay. that's not bad. >> at least we have heard of that one. >> the weather will be much warmer than the weather here now. >> yes, much better there.
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skies. 34 right now. winds are light and west. we look at a west wind for much of the day. the clouds are fairly stubborn. look at the temperatures that climb up into the upper 40s. we have a look at the snow totals as we look at the clouds across southern wisconsin. snow, heavy to the west. jefferson county and dane county, 5.7 inches. an inch andy, melinda. >> thank you. 5:10. new this morning, a man shoots a rifle in a business washington dc restaurant and saying he was there to investigate pizza gate? >> tim is following this story. he's referencing a fake political story, it is a recent hashtag and this fake news article claimed that hillary
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running a child trafficking ring in the restaurant's back room and this guy was going to investigate. the customers noticed when edward walked into the es are trant, workers called the police and got the people out of the building. he fired at least one shot into the ground there. welsh surrendered to the police. >> a night of partyin >> dozens of people are dead after a weekend fire in oakland, california. >> helping feed the hungry in southeast wisconsin, where you can go today to catch a glimpse
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1-3 inches of snow across much of southern wisconsin. mostly cloudy skies and the temperatures ranging from 31 #-33. we climb to the upper 30s today. we look at mostly cloudy skies and a peek or two of the sun. the temperatures not bad today and tomorrow. cloeder air is coming in later tuesday night and wednesday and highs in the 20s and lows inhe teening. tim. >> sally, thank you. president-elect donald trump is choosing ben carson to be the housing secretary. he ran for the president. donald trump beat him in the primary. once again, dr. ben carson choosen as the housing secretary.
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the u.s. geological survey is reporting a 3.9 earthquake struck northern oklahoma. no reports of damage or injuries. experts say that the oklahoma earthquakes are linked to oil and gas production. >> 33 people are dead after a fire in oakland california. the death toll is expected to ri. of the fire that broke out friday night in a warehouse used as a concert venue. the building was carved into studio artists. authorities helicopter to comb but the rubble and looking for bodies a. number of people are still missing. the death toll could continue to rise. they are looking into the cause of the fire.
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>> a madison dj was scheduled to head line the night of the fire. the latest post on his fiek page is saying he's heart broken and has a number of friends among the missing. abc news as a crew on the scene and look for more coming up on good morning america. >> the hoping to still reconstruct despite the denying a permit to build there. protestor have been trying to stop the pipeline for months and saying that the project could hurt the environment and destroy native american sites. >> it is great when a new restaurant opens, not one, not two, but five new restaurants
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it is the former pabst bottling house. the new restaurants have a variety of food and pizza and euro place and free samples 4-6 tonight. i don't know if i can wait that long. >> yes, we are hungry now. >> new, a sign of the season rolling into town. >> canad train is rolling. the train collects food for local food pantries like the hunger task force. >> while the people are waiting for the train, you can listen to bands and choir and food trucks will be there and fun photo opportunities, the grinch will be around, all the usual characters that we have when waiting for santa to arrive.
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a donation of healthy nonperish able food. tomorrow it is moving on. that is such a beautiful train. >> it is great to see as it is going by. bring a donation to the station. >> perfect plan. will be there. >> ho ho ho. >> yes, it is beginning -- beginning to look like christmas. yes. here is a quick look at the snow totals from yesterday. it was west that picked up more of the snow. 5.7 inches in madison.
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forecast yesterday was pretty good 1-2 inches along the lake. all quiet. the snow is well to the west. -- well to the east and north. look at the low clouds, 34 at the airport at this hour. winds are southwest at 9. pavement is wet. salting is in place overnight and with the temperatures in the low to mid 30s, the salt is we could be looking at slippery stretches. the clouds around for us this morning. maybe a sprinkle or two and a couple of holes in the clouds for this afternoon and allowing for a few breaks in the sunshine. cloudy throughout the morning. by lunchtime the clouds are thinning and the temperatures climbing into the upper 30s. think we are going to melt a good deal of the snow today.
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today and tomorrow. clouds around tuesday morning. dryer air is filtering in on tuesday and wednesday. we look at a cool front tuesday night and colder air by wednesday. 39 today. 37 tuesday. 27 wednesday. thursday, friday, a slight chance for a few flurries. andy. >> sally, thank you. 5:2 # 1. >> crime ahead of the
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>> thank you for the amazing morning shout out. we love it. it is a great way to start the workweek on this monday as well. >> wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast
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interested in a visit, go to and click on the school logo and submit a nomination for the top teacher award. >> a grin nch louisville, kentucky nearly ruins christmas by stealing her favorite holiday decorations. >> can you believe it, a blow up santa was stolen from the house. the mother shared on facebook and a complete stranger reached out and >> it really touched my heart and wanted to do something for the family. >> the family calls the new santa a perfect match. >> well, maybe sunny and warm in southern california, but that's not stopping celebrities for dressing up for the winter holiday. >> in los angeles, they are
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sweaters. taylor swift there. there is rihanna. visitors to the attraction get half off admission by donating warm clothes. >> very nice. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:26. a terrifying experience for airline passengers. shutdown after a plane's landing gear collapsed while it was touches ing down. >> out of this world incident
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melinda: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," time to cleanup after southeast wisconsin's first measurable snow of the season. coming up, the areas that saw the most snow. andy: another presidential election recount just hours away. the overnight ruling from a judge demanding that another state start counting ballots later today. >> plus, the green bay packers celebrating a big win over the
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tundra where players even made snow angels on the field. melinda: good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. andy: and i'm andy choi. ben has the morning off. it's 5:30 on this monday, december 4th. if you parked outside, you'll probably have to brush your car off this morning before leaving for work and school. several inches of snow fell in parts of southeast wisconsin. the snow wrapped up overnight. let's start your day with a check of the weather watch 12 forecast. in the weather center. sally: i thought that the snow was pretty and pretty drive in this morning. temperatures are not bad. often after a winter storm, we get much, much colder air, but that is not the case. 34 at the airport. skies mostly cloudy. in fact, a little bit of low clouds and patchy fog early this morning.


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