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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 5, 2016 6:00am-6:59am CST

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some patchy fog. 34 over 30. now the temperatures 30 at walk saw. 32 at the dells. 35 port. 33 for racine and kenosha. for today, mostly cloudy skies this morning and into the afternoon, the peek or two of the sun with highs around 38. clouds tonight. >> sal, thank you. southeast wisconsin is up from snow. if you parked outside, look at this. time to brush off your car before leaving for work or school today. hillary mintz is live with more on the clean up. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, melinda. a little nuisance snow. we are in a subdivision here off of barker road, north of blue monday. this is an idea of the neighborhoods this morning.
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the plows have been out yesterday and overnight. but if you look as you mentioned the cars that were parked outside, yes, they need clearing off. this is all right. you are going to drive over it. like sal this afternoon. again, most of the streets in the neighborhoods are clear. just allow a little extra time. for now, live in brookfield "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. 6:01. utility crews are working to restore the power in southeast wisconsin. tim is live in the news room
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energies outage map, we have 176 homes without power and businesses. you can see here this blue triangle on the map, that is racine county. the outages were up to 6,000 customers yesterday. we is saying that tree limbs and branches were touching the power lines because of the snow piling up and breakers to blow. crews have been out and making repairs. there are 175 homes and businesses without power in our area. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> freeways are good condition this morning. taking a live look from the roads. some of the side streets still covered with a little slush and snow. speaking of time, we are checking on the current times on
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new, a federal ruling, the state is ordered to start the resount in michigan today. there were efforts to delay the count. this is at donald trump is continuing with the apointment in the new administration. we have a report, trump is defending the weekend call to leader of ta >> president-elect donald trump took to twitter as explaining the call is nothing more than a courtesy. today, president-elect is taking heat after speaking to the leader of taiwan. >> the conversation that hadded with the presidented of taiwan was a courtesy call, she reached out to the president-elect donald trump and he took the call from the leader of taiwan.
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with taiwan in ho years and recognized with china as well, and did china ask us if it is going to tax our products or mild a military complex in the middle of the sea, i don't think so. >> i am working to stay a thousand miles away from the trump transition. >> john kerry reserved the comment. they have not been contacted about the calls as the trump team is expanding the search for his replacement. >> secretary of state is a very important position to fill. >> president-elect is filling other vacancies this morning. ben carson is selected to serve as the housing secretary and
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defense today. >> thank you. a week left in the wisconsin presidential recount, and the state is planning to finish up a week from today. the federal dead liep is next tuesday. the green party and former candidate jill stien is covering the cost of the recount. >> 6:05. former brewers owner is voted into the baseballing hall of fame. he talks about the milestone this he ran the brewers until 1992 until becoming the commissioner of baseball. >> it may look like winter, but thinking warm thoughts, the brewers spring training games are going on sale this morning. >> there is no off season in baseball. the spring training tickets are
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a.m., the first day of spring as we are concerned is this monday. >> pitchers and catchers report february 14th, the full first workout is february 18th. brewers home opener april 3rd. >> this morning a trip to the playoffs is still possible for the packers after yesterday's win 21 #-13. it wasn't an easy the snowy field proved to be tough. scoreless in the first quarter. in the second, nine yard touchdown, cobb maybing a snow angel. quarterback rodgers said that the snow made the game more enscombroibl. >> these are the fun ones. this is lambeau field in the winter that we love. last year the games were rain
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snow. it is easier to throw a football when it is snowing than when it is raining. so that helped. >> next up seattle at lambeau. >> you may have noticed the packers wearing the color football, maybe not because of the snow, but the players were allowed to veer from the strict uniform rules at honor a charity of their choice and raise funds by auctioning the cleating off. >> local construction crew surprises a neighbor with tickets to the packers game. this is such a cool story. >> i was hat the game and a hot shower felt great when getting home. yeah, this story now, a favorite story i have had a pleasure of working on. crews have been building an apartment complex in hartland
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across the street and greets the crew as they come to work and compliments them on the work. he's retired as suffering from a stroke. the construction crew wanted to do something special, they got him two tickets to the game yesterday. they are photos showing rich and his son at the game and taking in the snow. big smiles here. he's looking so happy. >> no spirits. this guy is so jolly and so much fun. he was a great guy to meet. >> check out the story at >> yes, please do. it is good for the holiday spirit. >> the smiles on the face. i love it. thank you, tim. >> after a tough loss to penn state over the weekend. this hurt, it stung.
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ouch. a silver lining, the team is invited to one of the new year's six bowls and facing undefeated western michigan in the cotton bowl it is january 2nd at cotton bowl. i like that. cotton fleece under the jacket today. >> january 2nd than in madison for sure. this morning snow melt right through tuesday. temperatures later today and tomorrow reaching into the upper 30s. temperatures will begin to fall tuesday night and wednesday and everybody is back in layers and long under wear. the temperatures are not bad. the readings in the low 30s. melinda, we have an accident up on the roadways.
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southbound i-43 and 13th street. the emergency crews on the scene there. traffic is getting by, but it is slow go and the pavement is a little wet from all of the snow that we had yesterday. give yourself time. >> new this morning, a man fires a rifle inside of a washington dc restaurant and told the police he was there to investigate pizza gate? >> tim has the latest on this bizarre ca a fake political news story called pizza gate, it is a hashtag that is used on social media, this fake article claimed the hillary clinton and her campaign chief were running a traffic ring in the back rooms of the restaurant. customers noticed when the man walked into rez restaurant.
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welsh fired at least one shot into the ground there. welsh did surrender to the police. back to you. >> tim, thank you. a night of partying ends in tragedy. >> dozens of people are dead after a weekend fire in oakland, california and the search underway right now for anyone that may be trapped in the debris. >> helping to feed the hungry in southeast wisconsin, where to go
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>> welcome back. we are watch 12, here is a look from 15th street, southbound i-43. there is an accident and the crews are on the scene of the crash. it is slow going. it looks like a lane closed going southbound in that direction. if you are headed out now, give yourself extra time.
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this time. >> 3.9 earthquake struck northern oklahoma. no reports of injuries. they are linked to oil and gas production. >> 33 people are dead after a weekend fire if oakland, california. the death toll is expected to rise. tim is live in the news room with the latest. >> the scene of the fire in a warehouse. people in the neighborhood say that the building was carved into artist studios and was an illegal home for a cast of a dozen or more people. the authorities are combing through the rubble and looking for bodies, several people are still missing. the death toll is likely to rise from 33 people. investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire.
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this morning. back to you. >> tim, thank you a. madison dj was scheduled to be at the venue. the latest post on his facebook page is saying he's heart broken and has a number of friends among the missing. abc news has a screw on the scene. look for more on "g.m.a.." >> the builder of the north continue the construction without rerouting around the lake. the company is claiming that the decision was politically motivated. protestor have been trying to stop the pipeline for months. it could hurt the environment and destroy the native american sites. >> today not one, two, but five
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their grand opening at the pabst bottling house. they have a variety of food, from american to asian and pizza and a gyro place. there are free samples tonight. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:17. new this morning, a sign of the season rolling into town. >> the canadian pacific holiday train is arriving today. it is scheduled to stop in sturdvent and milwaukee intermoal station. it is collecting food for the food pantries like the hunger task force. >> there will be bands and a choir, some food trucks there and also some fun photo opportunities, the grinch will be around, buddy the elf. the usual characterers. >> visitors coming to see the train are asked to bring a
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items. exciting. >> the led lights are something to see. and it is going to be part of the season to celebrate. i have inside knowledge. >> can't wait for that too. >> yes, that is coming up. this morning what we are talking about fairly mild temperatures overall. low to mid 30s. often after a snow we get the deep cold, this is couple of days. melting a good chunk of the snow that fell yesterday. we are live there. skies are mostly cloudy this morning. and we are going to look at maybe a thin spot or two up in the clouds as we move into the afternoon. the next weather maker not much of a moisture maker for us. low pressure is dragging a couple of cold fronts through, with the fiem one on wednesday,
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winds are west at 9. mid 30s in place right now. the cold air, northwest territories. 34 degrees below zero. we are not getting that cold. the canadian air is going to modty. the highs will fall to the 20s. this morning mid 30s. upper 30s this here is a look. clouds for us at noon. a couple of thin spots in the clouds for this afternoon. there we are over night for tonight. we have a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles. with the cool front, we'll see the clearing as dryer and colder air is moving in. mid to upper 30s. we look at a peek of the sun in the afternoon. mostly cloudy tomorrow.
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24 and windy on thursday. 23 as a keep chill is moving. >> thank you. on ellen justin bieber is making his 26th appearance. >> wow, he talks about touring and sharing an announcement. >> we have another announcement? >> yes, i am doing stadiums in the >> he's starting a stadium tour. >> oh. >> bieber stadium tour kicking off at the rose bowl in august. stay tuned for wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick. >> crime ahead of the holidays. >> the theft that left one toddler heart broken and the unexpected help she's getting
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>> the green and gold a step closer to the playoffs, you have the chance to congratulate some of them, the cause that has members taking a break from the
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>> good morning. thank you for the good morning school shout out. >> wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. if you are interested in a visit, go to there, submit nominations for the top teacher award. >> a grinch in louisville, kentucky nearly ruining christmas for a little girl by stealing her holiday decorations. >> a blowup santa was stolen from the front lawn and her mother shared the story on facebook and a complete stranger reached out and finding a replacement santa. >> it just touched my heart and
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the family. >> the family is calling it a perfect match and now restored with the help of a new friend. >> for every grinch, an angel is out. >> it is sunny and warm in los angeles. >> wax if i can yurs are decked out in ugly christmas sweaters. justinme swift. the members are get half off by donating warm clothing. >> 6:25. terrifying experience for airline passengers. >> the airport shutdown after a plane's landing gear collapses.
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home, the out of this world incidents that trigger alerts on your cell phone. first, looking at the roadways. slippery spot this is morning after the snow. take a look 43, 94, 15th street. an accident on 13th street. we check in with the conditions
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melinda: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," time to cleanup after southeast wisconsin's first measurable snow of the season. coming up, the areas that saw the most snow. andy: another presidential election recount just hours away. the overnight ruling from a judge demanding that another state start counting ballots later today. >> plus, the green bay packers celebrating a big win over the houston texans. my houston texans. we have reaction from the frozen tundra where players even made snow angels on the field. love that. melinda: good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. andy: and i'm andy choi. ben has the morning off. it's 6:30 on this monday, december 4th. if you parked outside, you'll probably have to brush your car off this morning before leaving for work and school. several inches of snow fell in parts of southeast wisconsin.
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check of the weather watch 12 forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning. sally: we left with a fair amount of low cloudiness. early morning clouds and then the sun will peer out midday. the colder air isov wednesday. right now it is mild across southern wisconsin. 35 at the airport. dew .30. the winds are west at 9. this morning, cruising into the mid 30s. hitting the upper 30s for this afternoon. then mostly cloudy skies. lows tonight holding in the low 30s. we talk about the chilly air and when the first breezes roll in. >> right now, communities across southeast wisconsin are cleaning
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but you will need to get in the car this morning and probably brush that snow off if it was left outside. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, melinda. yes, this is coming in handy this morning if you parked outside. we are in brookfield and off of barker road. a lot of people were using this this morning. the side mainly wet. the plows have been through. no problems getting around this morning. most of the snow is clinging to those tree limbs and the grass here. one thing we noticed is what a picturesque snowfall. really, just a nuisance of a
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driveways in the neighborhood just a coating. you don't really need to shovel and it is going to melt later in the day. again, keep the snow brush handy. allow just a few minutes to clear off the car. >> thank you, hillary. a 175 homes and businesses in southeast wisconsin are without power, down from six thousand yesterday. we energy is sayth touching the power lines. andy: a wisconsin state trooper is ok this morning after a driver slammed into his squad car during yesterday's snow. he posted this picture on facebook as a reminder for drivers to slow down in bad weather. trooper dave schmidt says the crash happened while protecting another crash scene. he says the cruiser is totaled. it is state law to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles.
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look at the roads from our department of transportation cameras. this is weatherwatch 12. crews are on the scene of a crash at 43, 13th street here. a little extra time there. travel times are looking the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. there you can also keep an eye on road conditions. melinda: new this morning, a recount in michigan must start by noon today. tim elliott is in the wisn 12 newsroom learning new information from overnight. tim. tim: late last night, a judge rejected an effort by state officials to delay the hand counting the state's 4.8 million ballots to wednesday. green party presidential candidate jill stein, who requested the recount, said this
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too close to the december 13th deadline. president-elect donald trump won michigan with a little more than 10,000 votes. this weekend she gave up her bid for an election recount in pennsylvania. stein is supposed to make an announcement about her next steps later today outside trump tower in new york. back to you. >> tim, thank you. election officials in wisconsin hope to have the presidential recount finished one week from today. workers in milwaukee will spend today sorting through the city's 65,0bs that's a new record. they will start work at at 8:00 this morning. during the recount yesterday, the clinton campaign picked up 13 votes in racine county. those voters were not counted on election night due to non-standard pens used to mark ballots. the recount must be finished by next tuesday the federally mandated deadline. the green party is covering the cost of the recount. >> packers are back to the 500
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the season and the players have their eyes on the playoffs. yesterday taking the lead into half time and tied up in the 4th and back to back drives for the packers. held off the texans for the 21-13 victory. >> it really talks about where we are at as a team and injuries unfortunate part of it, through it. with where we are, every game is a must-win. fortunate to get this win, especially with the conditions, but you know, on to seattle and making the corrections that we did. especially on the defense, we had a good game until the big play which we gave up. andy: tonight at lambeau field, julius peppers and nick perry are signing autographs for fans.
6:36 am
on monday nights this holiday season, different players are signing autographs to raise money for those red kettles. fans are asked to donate a minimum of $20. quarterback aaron rodgers has pledged to match each of those donations during the autograph signings. >> we have a crash, crews on the scene of a crash southbound 45 and 13th street. the roads are still slick in some of the spots. be careful and account more times toet drive times are looking good, all in the green.
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china. according to chinese state media, more than twenty thousand people are stranded thanks to thick clouds from smog and heavy fog. planes cannot take off from the airport in chengdu. officials are calling it the worst fog to hit the city in years. melinda: wisn 12 news time is 6:37. new this morning, the front landing collapses as a plane lands in texas. andy: the skywest flight was on its way from houston to monterrey, mexico yesterday but had to make an emergency landing. a passenger from another plane captured the moment the plane's front wheel gave way. the pilot had diverted the flight to san antonio where the plane's nose gear collapsed after landing. crew members deployed emergency slides and evacuated the passengers. thankfully, no one was injured. skywest is still looking into the exact cause of that landing gear issue. andy: also new this morning, a baby born in mid air on a flight to orlando. melinda: other passengers stepped in to help when the mother went into labor
6:38 am
you can hear the infant crying on this cell phone video captured by another passenger. two doctors and a nurse helped deliver the baby boy. the southwest jet made an emergency landing in charleston. emt's met the plane and took the parents and newborn to the hospital. >> wisn 12 news time is 6:38. construction halted on the pipeline. >> speaker of the waying in on the decision to stop the construction for now. >> a welcome hero for the survivors of the parl pearl harbor attack.
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>> the overcast skies are hanging tough as we get a look
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an inch or two along the lake and most of the snow fell well to the south in illinois or madison and they had totals better to five inches. here at home this morning, clouds, well, they are tough to move out throughout the day, but winter is in full swing. colder air is diving in this week. the highs falling back to the 20s. the next chance of snow, coming up a moment. andy? >> we are checking out the scene of a crash. southbound 43, 13th street. add a little extra time to commute. we will keep drive times checked out here too. 94 east bound here... melinda: a victory this morning for the opponents of the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of engineers denied a permit for the pipeline
6:43 am
house speaker paul ryan is slamming that move. on twitter, he called the decision quote, big government decision making at its worst. the army corps announced yesterday that it will not allow the three billion dollar pipeline to be built under a lake in north dakota. the standing rock sioux tribe has been trying to stop the pipeline construction for months. they say it could contaminate their water and destroy some ancient native american sites. the developers are being told to find alternate routes. andy: crews are still tryio nightclub fire in oakland, california. tim has more on the details of the search. tim. tim: so far 33 people have been confirmed dead and investigators say they expect to find more victims. reporter dana griffin from our sister station in oakland has the latest in what's now the deadliest fire ever in that city. >> the work is continuing this morning here as the investigators are continuing to
6:44 am
the victims in the warehouse. they say it could be days before finding the official cause of this fire. they are saying they are confident they'll determine what happened inside of the building. it is a pain staking process for investigators as they comb through four quadrants of this building and we have seen some raw emotions over the past several days, families, loved ones and flowers and candles. >> no one deserves to die like this, no one. >> i lost ten friends as i know of right now. >> the death toll is expected to rise. there is a portion of the warehouse that still needs to be searched, including trailers
6:45 am
spaces. >> thank you so much for the report. a dj from madison was supposed to have played at the club the night of the fire broke out. joel shanahan who goes by the stage name golden donna posted on facebook that he is safe but that several of his friends are missing. andy? andy: we're getting a look at all the damage left behind from the massive wildfires in tennessee. around 1700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the flames. the death toll in the fires is also rising. 14 people now confirmed dead. the latest was an 81-year-old woman who died after crashing her car while fleeing the fire. 134 others have been hurt. melinda: wisn 12 news time is 6:45. wednesday is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor which plunged the united states into world war two. right now, 75 of survivors of the attack and other world war two veterans are in hawaii for a week of events to commemorate the bombing. they received a hero's welcome
6:46 am
some of the men were 18 and 19 years old the day of the attack. their entire trip to hawaii was donated by the honor flight. >> it was a great flight and everybody was so good to us. it's unbelievable. really. i don't have the words to say what i want to say. it's just great. >> we have just learned the president obama and the prime minister the usa arizona memorial in pearl harbor together at the end of this month. here in wisconsin ceremonies are planned on wednesday. the wisconsin veterans homes in king, union grove and chippewa falls will hold programs to honor the 2400 people who died when the japanese attacked the base in hawaii. andy: later today, the milwaukee police department will swear in a new class of recruits. the ceremony is at 10:00 at the
6:47 am
46 men and 12 women make up this class. the recruits will go through six months of training and should hit the streets by next summer. melinda: later today, the great lakes distillery in milwaukee is holding a party to mark the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. the national ban on alcohol ended december 5th, 1933, with the passing of the 21st amendment. the distillery will sell bottles of a special reserve label rye today. the party tonight starts at six o'clock. prohibition era attire is encouraged. so maybe long strands of pearls. >> yes, a broach. >> great gastsby there. >> you will need the longer underwear by wednesday with the highs in the 20s. until then, fairly mild. the 30s today and tomorrow. winter has settled in with the snowfall yesterday and the cold air that will be coming in.
6:48 am
and radar, clouds, well, tough to move out today. i do anticipate at least a few thin spots in the clouds. cold air is still well to the north and west. but we do get a taste as we move into wednesday. right now, it is mild. the winds are out of the west 35. typically after a snow, we turn cold. that is not the case with the last storm. we hold the highs in the mid upper 50s today and tomorrow. 28 at the twin cities. but take a look, northwest territories 7 degrees. old crow, that is 34 degrees below zero. we are not getting that cold. but chilly air is diving in the wake of the cool front. today at lunchtime, a couple of thin spots in the clouds in the afternoon. there is a little snow flying in
6:49 am
at moisture in the western part of the state. slight chance of getting a couple of clouds tomorrow and a light mix. with the colder air coming in, it is dryer and a little more sunshine. windy and chilly for wednesday and thursday. 39 today. 37 tomorrow. so we melt the sunday's snow. 32 tonight. a breezy west and northwest wind for wednesday and thursday. bringing in the chilly air. a fewrr deep chill in place for friday. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch, an update, the one crash earlier is cleared. now it is free to move about the how. 94 holly road looking okay. only one slight delay right now 894 northbound from the hale to the zoo.
6:50 am
6:49. melinda: new information about why space pioneer buzz aldrin had to be evacuated from the south pole. tim elliott is live in the wisn 12 newsroom with those details. tim. >> he's the man and 86 years old and going to south pole. we are told he was showing signs of altitude sickness and his lung started to fill with fluid. more details about his health scare have been released to abc news. the 86-year-old traveled to the south pole last tuesday with his son as part of a tour group. on friday, he stte short of breath and his oxygen levels were low so a medical team had him medi-vac'd to new zealand. he will be there for a few more days until his lungs clear up. he posted this on twitter, check out the picture of him in the hospital. it looks like he's felling bet here. aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon, after neil armstrong in 1969. back to you. tim, thank you.
6:51 am
space station is flying over your house. nasa has set up an entire website to help you spot the station. there you can sign up for email or text alerts when it can bee seen from your location. the international space station is the third brightest object in the sky and visible without a telescope. andy: new this morning, we are getting another look at the upcoming sequel to guardians of the galaxy. >> try again. >> i am groot. >> mmhm. >> am groot. >> uh huh. >> am groot. >> noooo! >> nice to see the old friends. marvel just released this new trailer for "guardians of the galaxy volume two". there are plenty of new shots of baby groot. the trailer features the guardians in action, backed by the song "fox on the run" by 70's glam rockers the sweet. the film hits theaters next may. andy: warner brothers just announced the release date for "aquaman." the stand alone film starring jason momoa as the aquatic hero
6:52 am
that is according to the hollywood reporter. momoa had a cameo as aquaman earlier this year in "batman versus superman: dawn of justice." melinda: at the box office this weekend, disney's "moana" finished in first place for the second week in a row. it earned $28 million. the movie features the voice of dwayne, the rock, johnson and original music co-written by 'hamilton' creator lin-manuel miranda. the harry potter spinoff "fantastic beasts and where to find them" came in second pl sci-fi drama "arrival" dropped to third place. melinda: wisn 12 news time is 6:52. "g.m.a." is coming up. >> first to a live look outside. the snow is over, the ground is wet and slushy. you will probably need to brush off your car.
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>> welcome back. 6:55. now to a final check on the low cad headlines. >> president-elect donald trump picked ben carson to be the housing secretary. trump is saying carson has a brilliant mind and passionate about strengthening communities pd families.
6:56 am
underway. the green party will be in a pennsylvania courtroom and start add recountry there today. >> the death toll from a weekend fire in oakland california is standing at 33, but expecting it to rise. the crews are digging through the debris at the warehouse. >> and former brewers owner is voted into the hall of fame. selig is talking about the he brought baseball back to milwaukee in 1970 and served as commissioner of baseball. >> to traffic watch 12, we are looking at the d.o.t.s. give yourself just a little extra time. >> sometimes the bridges are slippery. a little slush on the sides of
6:57 am
the skies are mostly cloudy. the temperatures are mild. 34 degrees. west breezes. we top out with the temperatures that lick it into the 30s. i expect daytime highs 38 degrees for today and tomorrow. >> patience on the roads today. >> yes. >> take wisn 12 everywhere you go. we are live on facebook too right now. morning.
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good morning, america. now a criminal investigation. as the death toll climbs to 33 in that oakland concert fire. one of the nation's deadliest fires in decades. >> like, seeing, like, everything, like, this orange wall of fire. >> desperate families still searching for loved ones. >> please, just call us. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> firefighters digging through the rubble for answers. the fire chief at the center of the search right here on "gma." flash flood alert. water rising across the gulf coast. stranding drivers. a mother and son rescued from this bridge. and an arctic blast is about to sweep across the rest of the country.


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