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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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the forecast tomorrow. the next news is at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. the bombshell inside the courtroom. the south carolina jury, and what they revealed a short time ago, after a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man in the back as he ran away from the scene. what happened inside that jury room. new reporting in the deadly california inferno. killed. and, new details. what the stairwell inside was made of. how so many were instantly trapped. the punishment. tonight, the father who left his boy to die in a hot car. what the judge says to the father in that courtroom. and you'll hear it. the shooting in the family pizza restaurant. the shooter with an ar-15, suddenly firing. authorities now say he came after reading a fake story news story involving the election.
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the deadly road rage. what we've now learned about the man who was freed. and the new surveillance video just out. good evening on this monday night. we begin with the headline breaking in the south carolina courtroom, in the case of former police officer michael slager. the video of scott running off, after being stopped for a broken taillight. steve osunsami is in charleston. >> the court, therefore, must declare a mistrial in this case. >> reporter: this former police officer, seen in this disturbing cell phone video shooting a black man in the back as he was running away, will go home tonight to the loving arms of his family. the mistrial means he will remain out on bond, but under house arrest.
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justice, no, there is no forgiveness. >> reporter: for the family of walter scott, and for black americans who thought that video of the killing would bring justice, they feel the system has failed them again. they're already looking forward to a re-trial, promised tonight by prosecutors. >> it's not over. y'all hear me, it's not over! till god says, it's over. >> reporter: at least two of the jurors, both of them white women, were in tears as the black foreman delivered the news. >> the statistics say that the next jury will look a lot like you. >> reporter: most of the nearly all-white jury looked like they were in disbelief. but there was one who refused to make eye contact with the judge, the lawyers, or the family of walter scott. >> something got to him. i'm sure we'll quickly hear from the rest of the jurors who
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>> reporter: a handful of people who came to watch stormed out of the courtroom in disgust. to so many, the crime was clear. slager fired eight shots, and when he fired his first bullet, scott was already 18 feet away. on the witness stand, he explained that he and scott fought before they were seen in the recording. he says at one point, scott got ahold of his taser, and says in his mind at the time, scott was a threat. >> i fired until the threat was stopped, like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: jurors could have picked between manslaughter and murder, and couldn't agree on either. >> and steve joins us live. what kind of timeline are we looking at for a new trial? >> reporter: slager first has a federal trial next year. they absolutely plan to re-try this case. as far as protests, there weren't violent protests here when walter scott was killed, and his family is begging the
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>> steve, thank you. we also have new reporting on the deadly inferno in california. the warehouse in oakland, the fire station just a block away. there was little firefighters could do. we're learning what the stairs were made of. neal karlinsky is on the scene. where prosecutors moments ago said murder charges are possible. >> reporter: tonight, the death toll rising, investigators searching for the cause of oakland's deadliest fire in history. >> the fire went up really, really quickly. >> reporter: it was 11:32 p.m. when the call came in, the warehouse engulfed in flames, packed with a late night party at this converted artists' colony known as the "ghost ship." >> like seeing everything, like this orange wall of fire, it was -- i don't know, it felt like seeing a monster.
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block away, there within three minutes, were already too late. firefighters tell abc news they believe it started on the first floor, in back. but the building was a tinder box. only two exits in all 10,000 square feet, people living in mobile homes inside the first floor. most of the victims were on the second floor for a concert. new images showing a stai staircase. >> it was not only dangerous, but it was disgusting. >> reporter: officials now conducting a criminal investigation, amidst mounting evidence this place fell through the cracks. with people living there illegally.
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loves, my future. what else do i have to say? >> please, can you just call any of us if you're around, something happened, we don't care. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> neal joins us live from the scene. and that woman has now >> reporter: david, that's right. tragically, she is believed to be among the dead, although she hasn't been officially identified. and the d.a. came out to say there is a potential criminal case, from involuntary manslaughter to murder. they're looking into it. >> thank you.
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punishment for a father convicted of leaving his son in a hot car to drive. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: as justin ross harris learned his fate today, he stood emotionless, sentenced by a judge who didn't mince any words. >> callously walked away and left that child in a hot car, in june, in georgia, in the summer, to swelter and die. >> reporter: harris, sentenced to life without parole, plus 34 years for the death of his 22-month-old son, cooper, who died after being left inside his father's hot suv for more than seven hours. while he was sexting with other women. his ex-wife, cooper's mother, testified she believes it's an accident. >> did ross love this little
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>> yes, he did very much. >> reporter: harris' attorneys argued that minutes after he was seen here getting breakfast with cooper, he simply forgot to drop the boy off. during sentencing, the judge said she reflected on what harris said after his arrest, that he hoped to be an advocate so that people would never do this again to their children. >> i would say, perhaps not in the way that you intended, that you have in fact accomplished that goal. >> reporter: harris' lawyers now plan to take his appeal to the georgia supreme court. david? >> thank you. next tonight, a terrifying moment. authorities sayan fire after police say he showed up at a family pizza joint after reading a fake news story. that a child abuse ring was being operated there. but the story was completely untrue. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: police descended on the family-friendly pizzeria after frantic calls about a man inside with an assault rifle. >> one of the hosts runs up and
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>> reporter: authorities say the suspect aimed the rifle at an employee, and then fired a shot into the floor. after 45 minutes, 28-year-old edgar welch, was talked out of the restaurant by police yesterday afternoon. police say 28-year-old edgar welch drove six hours to washington from salisbury, north carolina, to "self-investigate" a conspiracy known online as pizzagate. it's an utterly false story about child abuse here at this restaurant, linkinth manager john podesta, and the owner, an egregious and deliberate lie. the owner says he and his employees have been besieged by death threats since the fake news story spread on social media before the election. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories do come with consequences. >> reporter: one study found that during the election, fake news stories could outperform real ones.
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david, authorities say the gunman told them he surrendered when he realized no children were being harmed here. but the shooting shows just how a fake news story can lead to a real, life-threatening situation. >> thank you. next to president-elect trump, and contenders for secretary of state. jonathan karl at trump tower tonight. >> reporter: romney didn't close the deal at that dinner with donald trump, and as many as nine consenters now, including john huntsman. >> hello. how are you? >> reporter: now, he's praising trump, and defending that controversial call with taiwan. >> president trump is going to
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power in the relationship with china. >> reporter: already, trump has caused trouble on the world stage. and trump has held many other calls with foreign leaders, but none with experts who could brief him on >> i would recommend it, but obviously it hasn't happened. >> reporter: trump tweeting, did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency? i don't think so. and the president-elect couldn't resist tweeting about "snl."
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the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. after the president-elect told "60 minutes," he planned to tweet less. >> i'm going to do very restrained. >> and jon, the president-elect also had a meeting with al gore? >> reporter: gore at trump tower. he came out saying it was an extremely interesting the president-elect also named ben carson as his secretary of housing and urban development. the first of trump's rivals and the first african-american to be nominated. >> jon, thank you. we move next to the extreme weather at this hour. a tornado watch and more flash flooding. as much of the country braces for an arctic plunge.
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ginger? >> reporter: the tornado watch on the map. alabama, parts of georgia and the panhandle of florida, all seeing tornado action, or at least the threat of. and the warm front will bring beneficial rains ar areas. and single digits in chicago, teens in texas. >> thank you. and overseas, the u.n. calling for a cease fire in aleppo in syria. russia and china defeating it. our team inside aleppo, and what they've witnessed already. alex marquardt is there. >> reporter: tonight, word there
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city of aleppo. russia now blocking a u.n. resolution calling for a week long cease-fire. syrian forces have already taken back two-thirds of the rebel-controlled area. today, we made our way into syria's largest city. a scene of incredible devastation. plumes of thick smoke, and the sound of heavy fighting. the small arms fire, the loud booms. this is just a few hundred yards away. drone footage reveals just what's become of aleppo. images like this one drawing global attention. 5-year-old omran daqneesh, dazed, moments after his home was bombed. 30,000 have fled the area where the rebels are staging their last stand, gathering in refugee centers. hands reaching out for food. but tens of thousands of
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the fiercest fighting. you can hear the sounds of the battle raging not too far away. this fight in aleppo could seal an eventual victory for the assad regime. >> thanks. and still ahead on "world news tonight," the deadly sink hole. the nfl star killed in a road rage disp the shooter freed for now. and the "made in america" christmas is back. again this year, we're asking for your one thing. and one viewer's idea coming to life. is it sitting in your living
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surveillance video showing what happened on the road just four minutes before the shooting, two cars matching the description of the ones involved in that road rage incident. the blue car in front, the silver suv following behind. nfl running back joe mcknight drove a silver suv. then a mile away, this. >> he shot that man! >> reporter: first responders desperately trying to save mcknight. authorities say ronald gasser stayed at the scene and admitted to the deadly shooting. many still asking, why he has not been charged. >> when we shoot and kil somebody, it's a homicide. the question, is it justified or not? >> louisiana law is if someone enters your vehicle or attempts to enter your vehicle, you have justification to shoot them. >> reporter: in a bizarre twist, court records show gasser was arrested ten years ago for punching another driver at a gas station at this same intersection. charges were later dropped. the sherriff promising a
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shopping bags pass by than people carrying them. the viewers, always a step ahead. elaine from michigan, look where she's sitting. says it all. a la-z-boy. it was 1928, two cousins starting a furniture business in their idea, a chair that reclines. they called it the la-z-boy. 90 years later, factories in five states, 75,000 worker, 8,000 pieces of furniture a day. how many people see this sign and comment on it? >> they know perhaps their neighbors and friends were involved in making it. it makes a difference.
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plywood, kentucky. and jose, testing the chairs. brandy, 19 years. >> i think people are surprised we're still made in the united states. >> people say, oh, really? >> reporter: while back at the store -- how important do you think "made in america" is for people coming here? >> extremely. >> reporter: i just need the tv now. >> you can watch your own re-runs now. >> reporter: for years now, asking just one thing. send us your idea next. >> we're in a lot of homes in america. >> reporter: watching the news. >> hopefully they're watching "world news tonight." >> tweet me your ideas.
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>> we start with breaking news. >> breaking news. no charges for the officer who shot and killed jay anderson. >> he discharged his weapon. >> the video of what happened was released. >> anderson was shot during a officer. for months, the family demanded that the camera video be released. >> we have team reaction and we begin with colleen henry and the police video that was just released. >> we have the video from the police and we will not be
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minutes and you can see the officer approaching the car and he said that he ordered anderson to raise his arms. again, issues were in order and he believed that jane anderson was reaching towards his gun and the officer hit anderson five times in the head. you could not hear the audio on that recording. he says that he believes that the district attorney made the right decision. >> i have watched the video 20 times. i will watch it in slow motion, forward, backwards, and i could


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