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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  December 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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melinda: right now, a local police officer cleared of any charges in a fatal shooting at a local park. why the victim's family is now turning to the federal government for help. andy: plus, fighting the country's deadly drug epidemic. what you might notice on your designed to save lives right here in southeast wisconsin. melinda: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. some fog is possible as you step out the door this morning. we're also tracking when snow might return. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning" i'm melinda davenport. andy: and i'm andy choi. ben has the morning off. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, december 6th. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center.
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pretty good. we see a couple of shots of chilly air and ahead of the cool front cloudy skies and temperatures holding in the 30s today. but on 12 news this morning we are timing out the cold, puffy coats beginning tomorrow and light snow chances. there is the holiday train. we focussed the camera there. right now over 34. overall today mostly cloudy skies. a stray afternoon flurry is possible. 26 tomorrow. 24 thursday. the lows in the teens. >> sal, thank you. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> no charges will be filed
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who shot and killed 25-year old jay anderson back in june. tim elliot is learning about the possibility now of a federal investigation. tim: according to the attorney for jay anderson's family, the u.s. attorney's office has agreed to look into the case. you will remember, anderson was shot and killed six months ago while sitting in his car in madison park. in keeping with state law, a different police department investigated the shooting. that was the milwaukee police after their investigation, the district attorney decided not to file charges against officer joseph mensah. also, yesterday a 28 second video of the encounter was released. there is no audio. anderson's family says the video shows he was following the officer's orders. the family is now asking for officer mensah to be fired. andy, back to you. andy: jury selection continues today for a milwaukee man charged in a homicide and a
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police say martez maclin dyson carjacked a woman last november then went on a crime spree. investigators say in the matter of days, he shot and killed tony vance, shot three other men, who all survived, and then got into a gun battle on i-43 near highland. this was in early december of 2015. police used bullet casings, finger prints, cell phone records and a statement from an informant to tie him to the crimes. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:33. a new effort to combat our state's heroin addiction epidemic launches today, and you are likely to see it on your drive to work. the drug enforcement agency is teaming up with cvs to put up billboards to increase awareness about the risks and treatment options for opioid addiction. the billboard will be up for the next eight weeks. the first one will be unveiled at a press conference at 11 o'clock this morning. melinda: today in the u.s. senate, lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would increase funding
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abuse of addictive drugs like opioids and heroin. the bill also overhauls mental health programs and increases funding for cancer research. vice president joe biden appeared yesterday in the senate to ask for bipartisan support for the measure. >> local students are going to learn about the dangers of texts and driving, there is a virtual driving simulaor to the boys and girls club. the teens get inside to learn about the driving. >> happening now, the sixth day in wisconsin's presidential election recount is coming to a close. six counties completed the work. all 72 counties are on track to finish by monday night. the deadline is a week from today. the county clerks are posting
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day. >> summerfest merchandise is on sale at five local stores. close to home is featuring a wisconsin theme. you can buy the merchandise at the grand avenue, bay shore, south ridge, brookfield scare and mayfair stores. >> that warms me up. >> cutting a step out of the morning routine. >> still ahead, how to get your hands on free >> plus, a special request for your family this holiday season. what you are asked to do to help
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>> mostly cloudy skies early this tuesday morning. 20 minutes before 5:00. the radar, it is quiet and showing the clouds this morning but the snow the well to the west and associated with the cool front. we are watching out for the
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mostly cloudy this morning. 36, 37 degrees. a stray flurry this afternoon with a cold front. >> now to traffic watch. a shot of 41, 45 at 1 # 24th street. things are looking good. andy: new this morning, a special request for you this holiday season. melinda: the salvation army is looking for volunteers to help with the upcoming christmas family feast. between eight and ten thousand people are expected to show up for a free holiday meal this year. it will consists of ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes, yams and all the fixings. as you can imagine, it takes a lot of effort to put this together, >> we are in need of volunteers
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especially in serving and helping guide people to their tables, etc. melinda: volunteers are asked to register in advance. the christmas family feast runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on christmas day. it's happening at the wisconsin center in downtown milwaukee. melinda: a popular milwaukee food truck gets an upgrade. andy: the gouda girls just opened their first brick and mortar store. it is inside the old pabst bottling building on 9th and highland. they are still serving up their rb space to work. huan xi express, tokyo express and bread house, upper crust pizza and meat on the street also opened in the news space yesterday. >> breakfast is on the house today at all area chik-fil-a locations. melinda: it's to celebrate the grand opening of the newest restaurant in west allis. the locations in brookfield, greendale, mount pleasant and oak creek are giving away
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10:30 this morning. the new west allis restaurant created 85 jobs. it opens thursday. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:40. >> a business is hit hard by the thieves. >> a store own is hit three times. >> plus, the holiday celebration gone wrong, what we are learning
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>> taking a look at the holiday train. how nice it looks with the lights on overnight for us. we are looking forward to a special visit there this afternoon and bringing you a look at the coming season sto celebrate program. this morning the focus is on the temperatures and the big changes headed our way.
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37 cheboygan. almost everyone 31 # or better. we hold in the mid to upper 30s today before the colder air is diving in. we are a-okay for the day. a slight chance of a flurry and a cold front and bringing in sharply chilly air. >> sal, thank you. melinda: breaking news from overnight, three children are shot and killed in albuquerque, new mexico. tim, what are you learning about this shooting? tim: our sister station in four people were rushed to the hospital around 6:00 last night but the three children died. police believe this was an attempted murder suicide. a woman is in the hospital this morning. the names and ages of the victims have not been released. investigators won't say how the victims are related to each other. officers were on the scene overnight. we are told the neighborhood where this happened is mostly retirees.
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later this morning. andy, over to you. >> tim, thank you. andy: new this morning, gunfire breaks out during a christmas parade in north carolina. police in sanford, north carolina say one person is in serious condition this morning and another person has non-life threatening injuries. the shooting happened in a grocery store parking lot a little before 8:00 last night. the owner of the store says on his surveillance camera he could see a man firing shots as parade floats went by. one person is in custody this >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:46. melinda: a vigil is held to honor the victims of the warehouse fire in oakland california. 36 people died and more are still missing. california prosecutors say murder charges are possible after that devastating fire. the fire broke out friday night at a party. officials say they have identified 33 of the victims. about 75 percent of the building has been searched. investigators believe they've found that spot where the fire started, but they don't yet know
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the chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe says its time for the dakota access pipeline protesters to leave their camp. he says its purpose was served and there's no need to stay in the dangerous winter weather. they were hit with blizzard conditions yesterday and have winterized the camp vowing to stay put. on sunday, the us army corps of engineers denied the final permit for the controversial pipeline. the army corps says it will do a full environmental impact study in order to consider alternate routes. andy: new this morning, officials in north dakota decided to replace their capitol christmas tree with an artificial one. crews started assembling the fake tree yesterday. the process takes about 16 hours. this is the second year that a fake tree will stand in the capitol building instead of a fresh evergreen. the state's fire code banned real trees last year. workers say one benefit is that there are fewer gaps or holes in the faux evergreen. >> here in milwaukee, the garden district is hosting a holiday
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families can visit santa, enjoy free hot chocolate and cookies, and listen to music from the milwaukee police band. activities start at 6:30 at 6th and norwich. the tree lighting is at seven. melinda: the milwaukee county courthouse looks a little more festive this morning. yesterday county officials flipped the switch on the county tree inside the courthouse rotunda. the tree was harvested from the milwaukee county parks nursery. and happening now, the county is hosting a holiday gift drive for veterans receiving care at the va medical center. donations are due december 16th. so we talked this on facebook live, there's a big debate on whether to do a real tree or a fake tree. >> i said fake yesterday. i want to change my answer. >> really? >> the scent. >> there is a spray.
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[laughter] >> it is not the same as nature. >> needles all over the floor is too much nature from me. >> but we love the tree farmers. >> choose which is the best for you. we have a lot of animals, well. whatever you choose it is perfect for you. go the holiday train is cruising in last night. it is in milwaukee area. it is a mostly cloudy skies. december is getting wintry on us. we had the snow on sunday and now looking at the colder air beginning to move in tonight. the snow to the west, and most of that staying to the north and
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cool front. now we are still mild 36 at the airport and 30 at the twins. 8 rapid city and 5 at great falls. that is some of the cold air healeded -- headed our way. we are going to tap into the colder air mass. 9 below at yellowknife. we are here, mostly cloudy sk and north. 2:00, we could very well squeeze out a few flurries as the cool front is passing and rapid clearing in the wake of the cool front. tomorrow, dry all day tomorrow with at least some sunshine in place. it is nice to see a little sun. the temperatures back to the 20s for tomorrow. 37 for today. once the cool front passes, the
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26 tomorrow. 24 on thursday. we are lucky to see 20 on friday. i went 21. we get a chance for light snow, especially on sunday. melinda: that is cold, sal. melinda: an 21-year-old man accused of using a hammer to break into a madison business. it was all caught on camera. tim elliott is learning more about the case this morning. tim. tim: the owner of misty mountain sunday was the third time in a week that his business was targeted. after the first two crimes, ben rislove installed security cameras. the system uses motion sensors to send realtime alerts to his phone. the cameras caught the break-in and the take down by madison police. police say the suspect took a bag full of magic the gathering cards worth about one thousand dollars.
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the owner says this is the first time his store has had a problem with break-ins since opening eight years ago. andy, back to you. >> tim, thank you. that is a great game. andy: cameras capture a thief taking holiday packages off a front porch in texas. the homeowner watched the video feed from work. you see a woman grabbed the parcels then hopped into a waiting moving truck and drove off. now homeowners in that neighborhood are fighting back. one man filling a decoy box with 40 pounds of bricks. police are also stepping up patrols. andy: neighbors around southeast wisconsin have also been battling porch package thieves. so people going so far as to install security cameras or having deliveries sent to their office instead of home address. to protect your parcels amazon has lockers set up in milwaukee. you choose a locker location as your shipping address. amazon sends a code to enter at the locker to retrieve the package.
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places like shopping centers, retail stores and transit centers. melinda: this next heist doesn't involve holiday gifts but instead living creatures. 250 to 300 live salamanders have gone missing from the san marcos aquatic resources center in san marcos, texas. officials say the animals have been disappearing since thanksgiving and police think it could be an inside job saying there have been no signs of a break-in. investigators think whoever took them. melinda: 18 orphaned ducklings are safe and sound this morning after being rescued from a storm drain yesterday in florida. broward sheriff's office deputies and firefighters worked together to fish all the babies out safely. they are now being raised at a wildlife sanctuary until they can released back into the wild. andy: new this morning, a pair of co-workers turning heads at a lowes store in texas. this is clay luthey and his
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but when it came time to find a civilian job, many places wouldn't allow charlotte on the job. that was until he applied at lowe's two months ago. now charlotte comes to work with her owner everyday. she even has her own handmade work vest < "i'm just a disabled vet and i can't stand to be sitting at home. >> charlotte and clay have been together for 10 years and they are currently training lola his other pup. the only employee that can sit on the job and be paid. >> debating how much you should pay to fill up your gas tank. >> a the controversial plan on the agenda in madison today and
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you drive every day. >> plus, los angeles is beefing you have security, the phone call that the authorities received a threatening terror
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wisn 12 news time now is 4:57. a new study may make you think fwies about taking sleeping pills. >> some of the drugs can increase the risk for dementia. researchers found that people that took the drugs showed a lower metabolism and reducing the brain sizes and reduced the short term memory and problem solving. >> drivers who't hours of sleep double the risk of getting into a car crash the next day. the risk increases even if you are one or two hours short of the sleep time. if you slept less than # r four hours the inrisk increases.
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smokers had a 64% risk of early death and increasing for those smoking 1-10 cigarettes a day. >> smoking could be harming your pets, because the animals are breathing in the smoke and may ingest the residue from the smoke that lands on the furniture and the carpet. there is increased risk of the lung cancer and cats have timers risk of devel developing cancer. it is 5:00. the news continues right now. >> hello, good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." >> just going into the 5:00 hour on this tuesday, december 6th. right now on "wisn 12 news this
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overnight and what the workers continue to do while the crime scene tape surrounded the business. >> bringing more people from around the world to wisconsin. >> first, weather and traffic, matt is on deck and here is sally severson with the check on the forecast. good morning, sal. sally: good morning, it is all about the temperature change in the next 24 hours. a steady change as we look at colder air is sweeping in. snow to the west, most of that is staying in central and northern wisconsin. it is all associated with a first of the disturbances and the cool front. temperatures, 29d at twin cities. teens at pier, south dakota.


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