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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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it is tuesday, december 6th. two businesses in downtown milwaukee robbed overnight, what the workers continue to do. >> bringing more people from around the world to wisconsin. the new project that impacts some of your neighborhoods. >> first, weather and traffic; matt is on deck and here is sally severson with the check on the forecast. good morning, sal. sally: everily today the temperatures 39 is where we find the airport. 32 waukesha. it is a mostly cloudy skies. some patchy fog inland this morning. the holiday train a live picture in the background. holding in the 30s. temperatures will slowly fall as the cool front is going to pass and tapping in on the canadian air mass.
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snow to the west and we look at a few flurries with it between 1:00-4:00. >> low clouds, low visibility. we are in pretty decent shape. there was a closure overnight that is picked up and moved out of the way. system wide, we are seeing green on the freeways. we have had a report of a crash at a morgan and 108th street. great on the freeways. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. new, two restaurants robbed in downtown milwaukee. this morning the police are looking for the people who are responsible. tim is here with the latest. tim. tim: jimmy johns was one of the businesses that was hit overnight. but that didn't stop the drivers from making the deliveries we saw the workers headed in and
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now this happened at the location across from the marquette university campus. a suspect ran inside last night, stole the cash, and got away. marquette police sent a safety alert to the students. the crime was not related to the university. at the same time, someone tried to rob the real chili restaurant. the suspect made a threat and tried it is unclear whether the robberies are related. the good news in both of the incidents that one was hurt. andy? >> the family of a man shot and killed by the police are requesting a federal investigation into the case. hillary is live with the latest. hillary? reporter: andy, we are here at
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and this is where the da decided not to charge the officer who pulled the trigger. now, we are going back, the shooting happened in madison park in wauwatosa in june. the officer shot anderson six times while the 25-year-old was in the car. the police say that acted in accordance with the law because of fearing for his safety. the video from the dash cam was released yesterday and shows anderson seated in the driver's side in the black vehicle and his hands are raised and the officer fired at anderson appeared to reach for a gun. the officer is returning to the force now that he's cleared in
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that. for now, live outside of the da's office "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:04. today marks a week until the federal deadline for the presidential election recounts. wisconsin's recount is in day six. the state expects to finish on monday. the wisconsin elections commission is significant issues have been reported. >> later today, president-elect donald trump goes back to the road for another stop on the thank you tour. we are live in washington with a report and hosting a round of meeting to fill the administration. >> president-elect donald trump travelled to north carolina for a thank you tour. it is his second up with after the stop in cincinnati. he's visiting iowa and michigan
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that hold holding more meeting e trump tower. >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. i'm just going to leave it at that. >> we are glad gore came. mike pence said more decisions were made yesterday. >> thank you. governor walker is saying that the thank you tour could come to wisconsin soon. details on the possible visit have not been released. >> how much you could pay for a gallon of gas. lawmakers are looking into how to find more money to fix the roads.
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d.o.t. and proposing increase in the gas tax. senate senator says that the tax would have to be raised by 90% or 28 cents per gallon. they would rather borrow 500 million and cu state programs. >> bringing more visitors to wisconsin. that is the goal of a new driving route. the frank lloyd wright trail takes travellers to nine sites, including in spring green. >> wisconsin has the graetest concentration of frank lloyd wright buildings in the world, 41 of them.
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attract international visitors to wisconsin. >> the 200 mile route starts at i-94 along the illinois, wisconsin line. so cool to have that many. >> i tell my friends about it aum of the time. see it. o it is a secret to keep for ourselves in wisconsin. >> we have a lot to see. >> right now, it is cold. >> well, it is we are moving to the puffy coat weather. we time out the deep cold coming in with a cold front this afternoon and a shot of the low pressure later tonight and tomorrow. we have a couple of snow chances. one is today with the cool front. the light snow is showing up to the west. the light snow will move into central and northern wisconsin. temperatures are a little cooler to the north and west as you can see. that is the chilly air headed
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go. >> from the ground, the chopper is parked with the low clouds and low visibility. we are in decent shape on the roadways. we have a crash at 108th and morgan. it is a serious crash here. they have used the jaws of life to get the person out that was driving. southbound lanes of 108th street are closed at right now, you are seeing that the travel times good shape just 5 minutes northbound from the hale up to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. security is tiekt at the train stations in los angeles. >> that is after someone claimed a terror attack would happen today. tim? >> as of right now t trains are running on schedule. authorities are not sure if the threat is credible or not.
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em plying that an attack would happen at the subway station. because of that, security is being increased at all of the subway stations in the area and the fbi is taking no chances. the los angeles mayor is confident that the transit is safe and plans to ride the red line this morning as a show of support. >> tim, thank you. that terror attack threat is coming on a president obama as he's in tampa and delivering a counter terrorism speech. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:09. a sink hole opening in texas and swallowing up two cars. >> who jumped into action to pull a victim to safety. >> 2016 is almost behind us and now twitter released a list of
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>> good morning.
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not on the freeways. this is highway one hundred at morgan. you can see that it is a crash involving a car and a semi. the southbound lanes are blocked off. you can try the bypass. try 92nd. now on the freeways, we are in decent shape out there because of the light volume. that a commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. a sink hole in text text turned deadly. tim is following the story and tim, a part time sheriff is killed. >> yes, it is a sad story. this hole appeared over the weekend in san antonio and now the investigators want to know how this happened. the deputy was on the way to work on sunday when the road fell from under her suddenly and the car was recovered yesterday. another vehicle then fell into
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the driver in that car was rescued by someone passing by. the crews were not able to save the deputy. the officials are investigating the cause of the incident, but the heavy rain probably caused a sewer line to leak and create add gaping hole. >> tim, thank you. this morning a curfew in place and businesses are closed in tennessee after wild fires swept through and leaving 14 people dead and 134 clean up is continuing today but the residents are not able to stay the night. >> he's a professional fighter for a decade, and now, milwaukee native is getting ready for one of the biggest. i spoke with the super star yesterday and despite making it big in the usc and recent crimes at his home, the choice to live
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loves. >> i got a choice to make do i leave milwaukee or stay here. my dad is buried here. everything is rooted in this place. >> i love he loves milwaukee. he's fighting on saturday night at the air canada center in toronto. it is a feather weight title shot. you can watch it on pay per >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:15. strolling through the zoo through the holidays. the zoo's display of the christmas trees is up inside of the us bank gathering place and they feature the ornaments from designs from the local youth groups. it is trim a tree project. >> we have pink, purple, black, white, gray, green, red, orange,
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and the trees are all unique and the kids did a fantastic job. it is amazing. >> beautiful. hawks land scape donated the trees. >> ellen is getting into the spirit today with a new segment of average andy and sending the producer to learn from the experts in the field. this time andy is rehearsing with the for the holiday tradition, the christmas spectacular. >> she talks a lot. we are not on the number right now. are you the one that tells on people? >> i love this. the rockets do up to 300 kicks in just one show. how about that. we'll see if andy can keep up.
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tuned for wisn 12 news at 5:00. >> much haned in 2016 and much playing out on social media. >> we love twitter here. you have to follow us. >> what is yours? >> don't sell yourself short. >> at wisn underscore tim. they have released the list and calling no. rio olympics, donald trump's election, gaming sensation pokemon go. oscars of course. we all remember beyonce's album that blew up. becky with the good hair. this
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most popular posts in 2016, this had 1.4 million retweets. we don't know why. >> i don't get it. >> he loved beyonce so much. >> he's a verified user too. he's somebody in spain. >> he must be. >> who knew. on the cold air, the temperatures beginning to fall slowly later this afternoon and for tonight. this morning dense fog. there is dense fog advisory covering dodge and jefferson county. you can see juneau 3/10s of a mile. foggiest in the southwest corner of the state. but this dense fog advisory in
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low beams and low speeds. the concern is the slippery stretches. the temperatures are in the low 30s across dodge and jefferson and frost formation getting the slippery spots going. take it easy. mostly cloudy skies. the snow is moving out of most popular posts -- of of minnesota and iowa. look at te 36 mequon. it is 30 at this hour in waukesha. 32 watertown. 34 west bend. 37 racine. today at lunchtime, the ribbon of the snow associated with the cool front. into the afternoon hours a few flurries. the air mass in the wake of the cold front is chilly and dry. we boot the clouds to the east
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sunshine. very cold air for wednesday, thursday and friday. today we hold 30s this morning. a few flurries in the afternoon. 26 tomorrow. 24 thursday. windy and chilly for thursday and friday. matt? >> we have a crash off of the freeway, border of west allis and greenfield. it is a semi and a car. it is south of oklahoma at morgan. the southbound lanes are blocked off. you are seeing that we are not seeing the delays. you can see the car badly damaged. one person was injured we are told. now, as far as getting around it, 92nd street. you can use 894. or hop out to 124th street. plenty of ways to get around the crash. the travel times looking great
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commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:20. a bell ringing volunteer breaks a world record for charity. >> coming up, what happened years ago that made him want to stand outside of a walmart for six days straight. >> teaching your kids about the dangers of texting and driving.
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>> good morning, pewaukee. thank you for morning scoot school shout out. if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the logo, while there, submit a nomination for the monthly top teacher award. >> they are ready to learn this morning. >> i love that. salvation army volunteer now a world record holder. >> that is after ringing the bell and asking for donations
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a walmart for 151 hours, a break for fif minutes every four hours and he wanted to give back something to the group that helped him when he was homeless. >> we felt like they became family to us. >> the emphasis all along has never been on jamie. it is on the the work. he went to church and then straight to bed. >> we have to mention the favorite local volunteer, tinker. they ring the bells for the red kettle campaign. you can catch him in action at fair park in west bend this
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cabela's christmas eve. there maybe snow on the ground in some of the neighborhoods. >> but this morning, warm thoughts and where to go to celebrate summerfest in style. >> plus, hundreds of animals missing from a center. >> first, a live look at the scene of a crash on highway one hundred near morgan. this is a view from at least one person with injuries.
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melinda: right now, a local police officer cleared of any charges in a fatal shooting at a local park. why the victim's family is now # turning to the federal government for help. andy: plus, fighting the country's deadly drug epidemic. what you might notice on your way home from work today that's designed to save lives right here in southeast wisconsin. melinda: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. some fog is possible as you step out the door this morning. we're also tracking when snow
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i'm melinda davenport. andy: and i'm andy choi. ben has the morning off. it's 6:30 on this tuesday, december 6th. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sally: good morning, tracking on "wisn 12 news this morning", a dense fog advisory is posted for dodge and jefferson county until 11:00. the concerns are the slippery stretches. very well get a glaze showing up, especially on the bridges. we are and the single digit windchills. we have a look at the dense fog advisory. so low beams, slow speeds in the fog. it is warmer with the temperatures 30-37. light snow is flying to the west ahead of the cool front and we are squeezing out the flurries this afternoon. 37 for a few hours and then
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>> we are watching a crash along the border. this is southbound at morgan. it is a semi and a car. the emergency crews are still on the scene. the vehicle is badly damaged. now, on the traffic watch, a couple of ways to get around this. 92nd to the east. you can try jumping on the freeway in the stretch. so you have plenty get around it. we don't have freeway delays right now. right now, it is easy trip getting around. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> no charges will be filed against the wauwatosa officer who shot and killed 25-year old jay anderson back in june. tim elliot is learning about the possibility now of a federal investigation. tim. tim: according to the attorney for jay anderson's family, the u.s. attorney's office has
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shot and killed six months ago while sitting in his car in madison park. in keeping with state law, a different police department investigated the shooting. that was the milwaukee police department. after their investigation, the district attorney decided not to file charges against officer joseph mensah. also, yesterday a 28 second video of the encounter was released. there is no audio. anderson's family says the video shows he was following the officer's orders. the family is now asking for officer mensah to be fired. andy. andy: jury selection continues today for a milwaukee man charged in a homicide and a shootout on the freeway from last year. police say martez maclin dyson carjacked a woman last november then went on a crime spree. investigators say in the matter of days, he shot and killed tony vance, shot three other men who all survived, and then got into a gun battle on i-43 near highland. this was in early december of
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finger prints, cell phone records and a statement from an informant to tie him to the crimes. >> southeast wisconsin is dealing with a heroin em epidemic. hillary? >> marquette intercng here, and it is one of the busiest interstates in the state and the dea wants to put up the billboards so get out the message. it is part of a campaign that is launching this morning and their focus is on the misuse of prescription opioids, heroin and drug abuse. the message is on 20 billboards and up for 8 weeks. they hope to bring public
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addiction and sparking conversations about the dangers of these drugs. this morning the billboards are starting to scroll, and on the digital ones on the interstate. if you or someone you know are dealing with an addiction, they are hoping that this message gets to u. lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would increase funding for state grants over the next two years to prevent and treat abuse of addictive drugs like opioids and heroin. the bill also overhauls mental health programs and increases funding for cancer research. vice president joe biden appeared yesterday in the senate to ask for bipartisan support for the measure. >> later today, local students will learn firsthand about the dangers of texting and driving. the wisconsin department of transportation is bringing a virtual reality driving
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milwaukee. teens will get inside to learn about the risks of distracted driving. the event starts at five o'clock tonight. >> happening now, the sixth day in wisconsin's presidential election recount is coming to a close. no significant issues have been reported. six counties have completed the work. all 72 counties are on track to finish by the >> new this morning, the first floor of uw-madison's memorial union is back open for business. university officials held a ribbon cutting on the new space yesterday. the remodel includes new restaurants and and more space to study and hang out. workers also made the building more accessible. the first floor remodel is the most recent part of the larger memorial union restoration project. that is expected to be finished next fall. >> well, it might feel like
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summer. summerfest merchandise is on sale. close to home features a wisconsin theme. you can buy the merchandise at the grand avenue, bay shore, south ridge, brookfield square and mayfair stores. >> matt? >> highway one hundred at morgan, a serious crash involving a car and the semi. now, on computer, a number of options to get around that. 92nd, 124th or the freeway lanes all showing green. get back on at beloit. otherwise, the rest of the freeways are in good shape right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. andy: new this morning, a special request for you this holiday season. melinda: the salvation army is
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family feast. between eight and ten thousand people are expected to show up for a free holiday meal this year. it will consists of ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes, yams and all the fixings. as you can imagine, it takes a lot of effort to put this together, >> we are in need of volunteers to help with that both a little bit in preparation but especially in serving and helping guide people to their tables, etc. melinda: volunteers are asked to register in advance. the christ from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on christmas day. it's happening at the wisconsin center in downtown milwaukee. melinda: a popular milwaukee food truck gets an upgrade. andy: the gouda girls just opened their first brick and mortar store. it is inside the old pabst bottling building on 9th and highland. they are still serving up their curbside comfort food with more space to work. huan xi express, tokyo express and bread house, upper crust pizza and meat on the street also opened in the news space
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speaking of food, breakfast is on the house today at all area chik-fil-a locations. melinda: it's to celebrate the grand opening of the newest restaurant in west allis. the locations in brookfield, greendale, mount pleasant and oak creek are giving away chick-fil-a chick-n-minis to every customer between 6:30 and 10:30 this morning. the new west allis restaurant created 85 jobs. it opens thursday. 6:38. >> business is hit hard by the thieves. >> a store is hit 3 times in a week and what he did differently on the third time that led to an arrest. >> holiday celebrations going wrong, shots are fired during a christmas parade.
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>> 6:41.
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patchy fog. taking a quick look at the visibility, good along the lake. but across dodge county, visability near zero and lower visibilities across rock county as well. my concern is not so much the fog, but the temperatures are near freezing and frost formation and that creates slippery conditions. we are going to watch this afternoon for the cold front and the colder air that is moving in. matt? >> we are watching the crash clean up. a semi and a car slided at morgan. it is closed now in the southbound lanes as we are working on the crash. a person was injured. we have a couple of options to get around the crash, 92nd, 124th or the bypass.
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troubles. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: breaking news from overnight, three children are shot and killed in albuquerque, new mexico. tim, what are you learning about this shooting? tim: our sister station in albuquerque is reporting that four people were rushed to the hospital around 6:00 last night but the three children died. police believe this was an attempted murder suicide. a woman is in the hospital this rn the names and ages of the victims have not been released. investigators won't say how the victims are related to each other. officers were on the scene overnight. we are told the neighborhood where this happened is mostly retirees. police plan to give an update later this morning. andy. >> thank you, tim. andy: new this morning, gunfire breaks out during a christmas parade in north carolina.
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serious condition this morning and another person has non-life threatening injuries. the shooting happened in a grocery store parking lot a little before 8:00 last night. the owner of the store says on his surveillance camera he could see a man firing shots as parade floats went by. one person is in custody this morning. melinda: a vigil is held to honor the victims of the warehouse fire in oakland california. 36 people died and more are still missing. california prosecutors say murder charges are possible after that devastating fire. the fire broke out friday night at a party. officials say they have identified 33 of the victims. about 75 percent of the building has been searched. investigators believe they've found that spot where the fire started, but they don't yet know how it started. thousands of animals have
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since thanksgiving and the police believe it is an inside job. investigators think whoever took the animals will be selling them. >> 18 ducklings are safe and sound after being rescued in florida. broward sheriff's office deputies and firefighters worked together to fish all the babies out safely. they are now being raised at can be released back into the wild. andy: new this morning, a pair of co-workers turning heads at a lowes store in texas. this is clay luthey and his service dog charlotte. he served five tours overseas, but when it came time to find a civilian job, many places wouldn't allow charlotte on the job. that was until he applied at lowe's two months ago. now charlotte comes to work with her owner everyday. she even has her own handmade work vest. >> i am just a disabled vet and
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instead of medications i have charlotte. >> clay is so friendly and allowing charlotte to sit down and be pet. >> what a great story this is. i love it. they have been together for ten years and they are training lola. >> new this morning o. officials in north dakota decided to replace the capitol christmas tree with an the process takes about 16 hours. this is the second year that a fake tree will stand in the capitol building instead of a fresh evergreen. the state's fire code banned real trees last year. workers say one benefit is that there are fewer gaps or holes in the faux evergreen. >> here in milwaukee, the garden district is hosting a holiday tree lighting party tonight. families can visit santa, enjoy free hot chocolate and cookies, and listen to music from the milwaukee police band. activities start at 6:30 at 6th and norwich. the tree lighting is at seven.
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yesterday county officials flipped the switch on the county tree inside the courthouse rotunda. the tree was harvested from the milwaukee county parks nursery. and happening now, the county is hosting a holiday gift drive for veterans receiving care at the va medical center. donations are due december 16th. melinda: another sign of the season, here is a live look at the canadian pacific holiday train. it chugged into milwaukee yesterday. dozens of families came to s the lights and visit with santa. the train heads to wauwatosa, hartland and watertown later today. wisn 12 news' kathy mykleby will emcee the festivities in the village of wauwatosa starting at five o'clock tonight. and sal, you are there too? >> yes, and we are recording a special segment about the holiday train and its mission that will air on the season to
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folks will be there. it is nice that the lights were left on overnight. now, early today, dense fog advisory for two of the inland counties dodge and jefferson county. watertown three. waukesha three miles. this is patchy dense fog. low beams and slow speeds. the primary concern is the frost on the roadways roadways. along the lake 35 or better. now we have a bubble of the warm air ahead of the cool front. you are seeing the snow and mix moving into the western part of the state as well. with the holiday train in the background, 38 at the airport. dew is 33. skies are mostly cloudy. the winds are light and south and becoming west in the afternoon. upper 30s along the lake.
6:49 am
32 beaver dam. 33 waukesha. that supports a little frost on the roadways. take it easy. now this is a look at the temperatures for this afternoon at 4:00. you can see a slow fall has begun. the winds shift from the west and moving to 7:00 tonight, mid to upper 20s. the tumble is continuing overnight. we are mostly cloudy this we have precipitation we are watching. but look at the rapid clearing, that air mass is colder add dryer and clearing skies tonight overnight. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00, skies, well, generally a little more sunshine with the colder air for wednesday. as we get to thursday and friday, the coldest air of the season is coming in. 37 today. party sunny. breezy cooler tomorrow.
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sunday. >> sally, we are watching the trash clean up highway one hundred and morgan a. semi and a car collided. one person injured. right now, southbound highway one hundred lanes are closed there. you can try 124th street or 92nd street. right now, travel times one in the yellow. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: an 21-year-old man accused of using a hammer to break into a madison business. it was all caught on camera. tim elliott is learning more about the case this morning. tim. tim: the owner of misty mountain games says the break in on sunday was the third time in a week that his business was targeted. after the first two crimes, ben rislove installed security cameras. the system uses motion sensors to send realtime alerts to his
6:51 am
the cameras caught the break-in and the take down by madison police. police say the suspect took a bag full of magic the gathering cards worth about one thousand dollars. the take down is happening here. he is behind bars this morning facing burglary charges. the owner says this is the first time his store has had a problem with break-ins since opening eight years ago. andy. >> tim, thank you. andy: cameras capture a thief taking holiday packages off a front porch in texas. feed from work. you see a woman grabbed the parcels then hopped into a waiting moving truck and drove off. now homeowners in that neighborhood are fighting back. one man filling a decoy box with 40 pounds of bricks. try stealing that. police are also stepping up patrols. andy: neighbors around southeast wisconsin have also been battling porch package thieves. so people going so far as to install security cameras or having deliveries sent to their office instead of home address.
6:52 am
has lockers set up in milwaukee. you choose a locker location as your shipping address. amazon sends a code to enter at the locker to retrieve the package. the self-service lockers are in places like shopping centers, retail stores and transit centers. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:52. >> first to a live look outside. grab the layers, it is colder this week.
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>> wisn 12 news time now is 6:55. a check on the headlines. >> family of jay anderson is asking for a federal investigation into his death. he was shot and killed by an officer in june. charnss against the officer. >> the dea is putting up billboards to increase awareness about the risk of op yoitd addiction. >> the police respond to restaurant robberies overnight, jimmy johns and real chili.
6:56 am
train is in town. we have a live look at the train stopping near the intermodal station downtown milwaukee. it is making stops in wauwatosa, hartland and watertown. >> we have some breaking news on the roads, it is a crash in the west allis, at morgan. the southbound lanes are closed. now, on to the computer, a couple of ways around it 92nd, 124th street and bypass. things are in decent shape on the freeways. the choper is parked because of the low clouds and fog out there. >> we do, dodge and jefferson counties with a dense fog advisory. half mile or less visibilities. the primary concern is the frost on the bridges.
6:57 am
we look at the chilly air coming in wednesday, thursday and friday and highs in the 20s. the daytime chills in the teens. i do think we stand a chance for very light snow on thursday, saturday and accumulation on sunday. >> time toe bundle up. >> yes, it is acting like winter. >> take wisn 12 news everywhere. we are on f join us. >> right now. >> "g.m.a." is up next. we hope a local guy will be we hope a local guy will be featured
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror threat. authorities in los angeles warned about a possible imminent attack on their subway system set for today. >> right now we do have specific information. >> the tip coming in on a special line from overseas. the station at targeted. the city on high alert right now. millions brace for a deep freeze spreading across most of the country right now. texas facing single digit temperatures and snow creates a travel mess and dangerous commutes. 17 states now under winter alerts. and vice president biden hints at a run for president in 2020. he refuses to rule anything out while al gore meets with


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