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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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out of the door. even as police arrived at the jimmy john's moments later, they were also dispatched further east on wells street to the real chili near cathedral square. according to a worker, the suspect got a much more chilly reception from staff there. we're told he ordered a bowl, then implied he had a gun demanding money. staff told him flat out no. he then ran out. the bold robber remains on the loose and police are hoping someone recognizim marquette university's police department sent out a text and a safety alert within minutes of that robbery here at the jimmy john's. they told us, "our marquette officers remain vigilant in our protection of our campus community, and all members of our marquette community are strongly urged to use the university's many safety resources at night." milwaukee police say of course
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patrick: you can see the surveillance video again and share it with your friends. we've posted it on the 12 news facebook page and on joyce: hats, coats, mittens, gloves, scarves, boots. you name it, we needed this week as temperatures are about to drop. lindsey: you could feel the change. right now, it feels like 26. you can imagine what it will feel like in a couple of hours. right now, 35, feels like 26, partly cloudy skies. that does not help us. it acts like a blanket and keep
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has moved towards the east, so the editor cold air is starting to spill into southeastern wisconsin. 20's as we head into overnight tonight. coming up next, i will talk about what the windchill will be and how long this cold snap will last, and the potential for another snow maker this weekend. joyce: thank you. don't the forecast with you wherever you go with the free 12 news mobile app. >> my information has been merged with another david martin. a case of mistaken identity, and it's not the first time. a germantown business owner is trying to convince people that he's not a thief. his retirement savings is now in limbo. as wisn 12 news kent wainscott reports, it's a strange problem that's come back to haunt him after 25 years. >> identity they denied it. they denied my application and i'm confused. >> david martin was stunned when
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to work with him on his retirement account. >> i asked for details and they said, we can't disclose that to you. >> the company, scottrade, also wouldn't tell us why it flagged his account, but they did point martin to the company that does their background checks. >> even though i've never committed theft. i've never been arrested. i've never been convicted. i've never been tried. all of a sudden, i have a history of theft on my record. >> but it wasn't his record. martin told them he says he's being mistaken for someone with the same name and almost identical social security number, someone with a criminal past. >> here we go again. >> he's sure that's what happened, because it's happened before. >> unpaid hospital bills and everything, and i knew nothing of those. >> we spoke with martin 25 years ago, when his credit report was confused with that of another david martin. that error was corrected with no more problems for a quarter century, until now as martin
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another fix, with his retirement funds on hold. >> for me, that's my nest egg. what am i going to do? >> he has contacted that background check company and they are working with him to clear this all up. patrick: if this happens to someone else, what can they do? >> it can be difficult. you want to find out where the mistake was made and get it corrected. in this case, it appears it was a clerical error it was a mistake he hoped he would never have to deal with again. patrick: what a hassle. thank you. joyce: a 19-year-old homicide suspect is in custody tonight after a standoff with police on the city's northside. officers and u.s. marshals went to a home near 13th and burleigh at around 11:00 this morning. during their investigation, police say people inside the home refused to come out. tactical officers and negotiators were called in and the teenager was arrested about two hours later. right now, there's no information about the homicide investigation that prompted the standoff.
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. overnight firefighters were , called to the scene at around this morning at 11th and wright. 3:20 a.m. {toya/vo} joyce: when first responders arrived, the entire home was filled with flames. they were able to get the fire under control in about an hour. investigators say the two-story home was vacant. witnesses are thankful no one was hurt. >> it looks like a bomb dropped on it. it looks like a bomb it doe' look like a normal fire but if , you look at the exterior i don't know what happened it just looks like a bomb dropped on it. toya: investigators are working to find out what caused the fire. one person is hurt after a crash on highway 100. it happened near morgan avenue along the border of greenfield around 5:00 this morning. police say a car and a semi collided in the intersection. a 33-year-old greenfield man was hurt. the investigation continues. patrick: president-elect donald trump might cancel a new air force one project. he was spotted in the lobby of trump tower today. stepping out from behind the
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the president-elect, who's remained largely behind closed doors. this morning, he answered questions related to his most recent tweet about boeing building costly new 747 air force one planes for future presidents. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for this air force one program, and i think it is ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want money, but not that much money. thank you. patrick: on the other side of the aisle, vice president biden has been joking that he'll soon be announcing a run for president in 2020. meantime, trump continues his thank you tour tonight with a stop in north carolina where , he'll officially introduce his pick for defense secretary, retired general james mattis. toya: it's day six of the wisconsin recount. so far no issues to report. , the wisconsin elections
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counties have totals. the remaining counties are on track to complete everything by the deadline of 8:00 on monday, p.m. december 12. in michigan a federal judge in , detroit ordered a statewide hand recount of roughly 4.8 million ballots. that process has now started in eight of the state's 83 counties. republicans have appealed the ruling. also, state legislators passed a bill that would make jill stein pay retroactively for the entire recount cost. patrick: officials in oakland, california resumed recovery efforts inside the burned building where at least 36 people died this weekend. investigators say all of the victims died of smoke smoke quickly filling up the warehouse during a friday night concert, trapping people inside. we're also learning the warehouse was uninhabitable, with no permits for residential living. the manager of the building is now facing scrutiny for his role in the tragedy. >> you can barely stand here right now.
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and be trampled by the parents. i'd rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. patrick: a majority of the 36 victims have now been identified. authorities are still investigating exactly what sparked the fire. toya: new on wisn 12, aurora health care and walgreens are joining forces to keep you healthy. aurora will operate retail clinics inside walgreens stores at eight different locations in wisconsin. the new aurora quickcare clinic at walgreens locations are here on the map. in our area that's milwaukee, mequon, south milwaukee, the transition will happen next spring. a beloved holiday tradition is on the move. patrick: kathy mykleby is live at the holiday train in wauwatosa, where the holiday train is about to arrive. kathy: i think news chopper 12 is flying over us. what will it sound like when the train arrives?
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come on. i did not warn them. the train is arriving any minute now. toya: thank you. then, americans are making history. the record low number of smokers , coming up. patrick: and ikea is expanding parental paid leave for u.s. employees. the new benefits the furniture store says helps customers, too. >> good evening everyone. doing your research before you shop. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning e , anyone who's giving, or getting, certain high-tech gifts this year. >> and an arctic blast is on the way.
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there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service
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patrick: protesters of the facing another battle this week , harsh winds and bitter cold. the chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe is calling for the demonstrators to leave the camp because of the dangerous conditions, but hundreds have announcer: now on wisn 12 news. the chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe is calling for the demonstrators to leave the camp because of the dangerous conditions, but hundreds have pledged to remain there all winter. they believe the pipeline threatens the tribe's drinking
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the u.s. army corps of engineers has denied a permit for the pipeline and plans to continue to look for alternative solutions. on high alert. authorities are stepping up security around metro stations in los angeles tonight. toya: it's after the fbi received a terror threat on one of the city's subway stations investigators say it came from an overseas anonymous tip line. commuter traffic has not been affected, but officers in full gear having been standing guard at the station. investigators are still looking into the credibility of the threat. patrick: a resolution to repeal the affordable care act is a top priority for congress heading into the new year. that's according to u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he told reporters on capitol hill today that removing the law will be the first item on the agenda when congress begins its session on january third. toya: fewer people than ever are smoking. that's according to new data from the centers for disease control and prevention. the report shows the number of smokers now stands at 36.5 million people. it's the first time that number has been below 40 million since the cdc started keeping track 50 years ago. patrick: ikea is giving new parents more time with their newborns. the home superstore says starting on january 1, workers are eligible for up to four months paid parental leave. the retailer says the new plan applies to birth mothers and
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workers a better feeling about the workplace and that results in better customer service. this will impact employees at ikea's first wisconsin store, in oak creek. the grand opening is set for summer 2018. toya: right now we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00 -- >> there was aot off-duty police officer shot and killed her dog. the special role the animal played in her disabled son's life. then, a human skull and bones discovered at a popular wisconsin tourist spot. where investigators believe they may have come from. join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. patrick: thank you. right now, the holiday train is on the move. these are live pictures from news chopper 12. the canadian pacific train
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in wauwatosa soon. that's where 12 news kathy mykleby joins us live tonight. toya: kathy, how exciting is it down there tonight? kathy: it's all about food collections and donations to local food pantries. there are volunteers here from tosa cares who are waiting for this big train to arrive. reports they're hoping the , community helps stock their shelves for so many in need. >> here we are inside the tosa care food pantry in wauwatosa. even though this may look like a lot of food, they say this is only half full. they are counting on tonight's event to fill this place back up. they say being able to get back to people in need is what their
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trucks, two tables, grocery carts going to the crowd collecting the food, and we were also accept cash donations. this community answers these calls for the need of the community. >> with the popularity of the holiday train event, last year, they were able to collect 13,000 pounds of food. they are in still plenty of ways to give. kathy: all right, so here we are doing what everyone in this crowd is doing, looking down the tracks. i think we can hear the holiday train arriving. it has a few blocks to go. we've for sure will show you at 6:00 what is going on. it is fantastic we have a news
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second, the train is arriving. i will take my cue from you guys as to whether we want to keep that live in watch the actual arrival of the train as it arrives from a number of stops are ready, starting in canada back in november. tonight is pretty chilly, but everybody is keeping warm right now. we are waiting got big moment when the train will arrive a wonderful holiday tradition. we will send it back for you guys, and we might come back during the 5:00, but certain we will see you at six. those permanent donation sites are on our website, patrick: it is already cold out there. lindsey: i'm excited for
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the temperatures are taking a serious plunge. it has already started to happen and will continue to happen throughout this week. today the high was 37 degrees. later this evening, it will feel like 12 in milwaukee, and may feel like nine. that's nine and waukesha. it is bitterly cold, coming in from canada, and that will stick around for at as already to the east of us. it did give us a bit of drizzle, but that is about it. that area of low pressure is sitting right about here. even though the cold front is way over here, we are basically waiting for the cold air to get into southeastern wisconsin. if you thought it was here, it has not even gotten here yet. tomorrow morning, it will feel
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it is wrapping that cold air around. temperatures are just going to be tanking. you can see the cold air right here. we have not hit it yet in milwaukee, but it will hit you in the face. right now, it feels like 26 degrees. lots of teens for tomorrow, that's it, single digits for thursday. look at some of these overnight lows. look at lake . thursday morning, it will feel like zero. honestly, can you tell the difference between zero and negative two? we have done this before. we know how to prepare for cold. where your layers, the hats, the gloves, the scarves. i personally love fuzzy socks. make sure you are warming up your car. don't leave it unintended.
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the wind will be gusting. and, snow on the way as well. it will be an issue on sunday, our next weather system from the pacific northwest. it could go up or for their south. either way, would talking a couple of inches of accumulation. i'm not talking amounts now because it is far out. 35 degrees right now. little bit of the stars, temperatures in the 20's. your weatherwatch 12 week ahead, can i put that on the graphic? 20's and overnight lows into the teens. saturday night into sunday, this is the next chance for snow. it's looking interesting.
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we are not even easing into it. we are all in. slowly going away. still ahead, what do beyonc?, donald trump, and vladimir putin have in common. toya: they are all finalists for
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patrick: tonight's tuesday's child will have you climbing the walls, literally. and kathy mykleby gladly joined him in a pursuit beyond her dreams. that's right. kathy: with that, we were off, finding our footing, feeling more and more confident about reaching new heights at adventure rock on the east side of milwaukee. cory is 11, the youngest of nine kids, and looking for some one -on-one attention that a volunteer big brother provides. the goal is to keep kids on the right track, with smiles on their faces. cory's older brothers and sisters are big fans of big brothers big sisters of metro milwaukee. they all have had matches now
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what do you think he can do for you? >> help me more. kathy: adventures? >> yes. kathy: someday he wants to play pro sports or become an astronaut. his friends and family see him as mediator and problem solver. >> what do you say to yourself when you look at a problem? >> i say i can fix this in my head. kathy: you can? that's fantastic. right now he would love to have a volunteer big brother to help find his footing in life and feel even more confident about reaching new heights. patrick: you can find out more about big brothers big sisters of metro milwaukee by calling 414-258-4778. we will soon learn who will be named time magazine's person of the year. toya: today, we we've learned who's in the running. the eleven finalists include democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and president-elect donald trump. also the residents of flint, michigan, and the whistle-blowers who exposed the city's water contamination
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other people include russian president vladmir putin and the prime minister of india, singer beyonce, team usa gymnast simone biles, and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg also made the list. time will unveil the winner tomorrow. patrick: we will go back out to the holiday train. it is pulling into wauwatosa. the holiday train on the move in wauwatosa. we will check back in in just a
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patrick: holiday train has finally arrived in wauwatosa. it just pulled then, a slow roll into wauwatosa. look at all the people out there. toya: amazing. patrick: from here, it will head the heartland, so it is on the move tonight. it's going to be cold out there. announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin
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teens, so be ready. patrick: world news is coming up next. toya: tonight, new charges. the deadly road rage that killed a former nfl star. this evening, the other driver has now been charged. and the sheriff tonight with a blistering message about how his investigation were treated. you will hear from him right here. also breaking, for the first time, images fm warehouse in california. our interview with the d.a. on possible criminal charges, and what authorities are now looking at as a possible cause in that inferno. at this hour, the winter weather advisories across several states. the snow and freezing rain moving in. the east coast getting hammered right now. president-elect donald trump and his message to an american giant, boeing. threatening plans that could have paid them and their workers billions for a new air force one.


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