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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. a blizzard blanketing the north dropping more than a foot of snow. cars sliding and crashing. wind gusts over 70 miles an hour. temperatures plummet across the country and the deep freeze moving east. 19 states now on alert as a new snowstorm heading for the west. protests at a college campus overnight after a white nationalist leader is invited to the stage. >> white people are ruling right now. white people have tremendous amount of power. >> police in riot gear called in as thousands of outraged students storm the event. banding together. saints quarterback drew brees and other nfl stars appearing at the murder trial of the man accused of killing their former teammate, will smith, shot and killed in a road rage incident.
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justice. major detour. prince harry breaking palace protocol, making a surprise stop to visit his new love american actress meghan markle and what she is wearing around her neck that has everyone talking and why the trip is sparking a royal rumble. good morning, america. we hope you're well this wednesday morning and today we are marking a major anniversary, 75 years ago the attack on pearl harbor looking live at the white house flag at half-staff. more than 2,000 americans lost theilives in that attack which of course, propelled america into world war ii. >> more than 100 survivors made the trip back to hawaii for the ceremony today. >> i had a chance to go last year. it fills you with more gratitude for those who served in our
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here on the mainland, northeast bracing for more snow. out west a messy commute. take a look at denver right now. those are the roads in denver this morning. it is going to be a tough commute. >> tough commute, a little cold. check this out. this is in north dakota. this is a door, somebody opened their door and look at the imprint on the other side. it looks like the door. >> that's not an illusion? >> that's real. >> really something. >> ginger is standing by with the forecast, and abc's alex perez is in bismark, north dakota where the blizzard hit hard, good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. according to our thermometer it's just under 10 degrees here but the feel like windchill temperature is about 20 below zero. now, take a walk with me. the blizzard conditions so bad that authorities have shut down the main highway here in north dakota. i-94 shut down for 300 miles. this morning, dangerous driving
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plains. >> the hill just got us. and we just started sideways all the way down the hill. >> reporter: the blizzard striking north dakota making it nearly impossible to see on the roads. >> a lot of people spinning around getting stuck. >> one, two. >> reporter: over a foot of snow pounding some parts of the state. wind gusts reaching up to 64 miles per hour. >> it was hair raising. because i have never had to drive in that struggling to drive through the icy mess. >> everybody stuck down there. we're just having to hold up for 30 or 40 minutes. >> reporter: dozens of roads like this one closed and officials across the northern plains urging drivers to stay home. >> we want the traveling public to not underestimate the conditions, and overestimate their driving ability. >> reporter: and here in bismark, and in parts of the midwest, they are bracing. the deep freeze is on the way.
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>> i have spent some time in bismark. that brought back some memories right there. can't say they were all good. a little chilly and, ginger, you have more about not just there lder. going to get even country. check this out. i wanted to point it out in bismark, then you know taking the trash out has to go on, and that man is in shorts. the cold hasn't settled in yet but, boy, it will. it already is and you saw alex. rapid city, feels like 15 below, chicago, 14 and thates even oklahoma city. moves to the east friday into saturday, atlanta, 17. it will dip into florida then 19 states with all the warnings, lake-effect snow in the tug hill plateau could go up to two, even three feet in places and the heavy snow, seattle and portland both included. so everybody getting a taste of winter really. >> already hearing about lake-effect snow. >> and big. >> ginger, thank you. now to the latest on the donald trump transition.
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thank you rally in north carolina overnight. introducing his choice for defense secretary as he faces new questions about those boeing comments. abc's tom llamas is in raleigh with the trump team. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. overnight the columbus dispatch reporting the president-elect will head to ohio state tomorrow to meet with some of the victims and the first responders from that possible terrorist attack on campus. this as you mentioned t thank you tour rolls on president-elect trump is focusing hard on the business sector. nearly a month later and president-elect donald trump still bragging to supporters about election night. >> the numbers are good. i won't talk about -- we don't talk about numbers. we bring people together but, boy, were those numbers good. >> reporter: trump also talking up his transition predicting his administration is destined for greatness. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the all-time great cabinets that has ever been assembled in
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>> reporter: the president-elect making official his announcement to nominate retired general james mad with trump on stage as the crowd chanted mad dog. this as trump picked a new fight with an american company. trump tweeting, boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents, but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order. then at trump tower, taking the fight to the airwaves. >> well, the plane is totally out of control. i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> reporter: bloomberg reporting boeing executives reached out to the trump transition team after the tweet, expressing the costs could be lowered if the
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announcing a new deal and taking credit for a massive investment from japanese billionaire, masayoshi son. >> he pledged he would put $50 billion into the united states because of our victory. he wasn't investing in our -- 50 billion. 50,000 jobs. 50,000 jobs he's going to be investing in. he's a great guy. >> reporter: b providing no details of when or where those jobs are going. now, we also want to mention that president-elect trump's national security adviser, michael flynn, while his son has been asked to leave the transition team. the younger flynn promoted a story on twitter, a fake news story imply kat indicated in that d.c. shooting at that pizzeria and told the call to get rid of flynn came all the way from the top, from the president-elect himself. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk about it with matthew
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so, it's pretty clear that the president-elect is signaling a new way of doing business with businesses naming and shaming them when he has to, embracing them when he can as well. what are the implications? >> well, i think first of all we have no idea what his broad economic policy is, but i think it's very interesting he's sort of picking the winners and losers. much of what president obama was criticized by he seems like he's monty hall on "let's make a deal" figuring out which ones he wants and shaming those he thinks are doing bad and rewarding those he thinks are doing well. in the end, they have to be tested on truth or consequences. what he does and how it really impacts the economy. >> that's the end game, but jon, in the short-term, helping him? >> what voters see is see him doing these symbolic gestures, exactly along the lines of what he campaigned for bringing jobs to america, fighting government
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>> huge questions about all of these, but there's a new bloomberg poll out showing his approval rating at the highest point ever throughout the entire campaign, it's only 50%, low by the standards of new presidents but higher. but 55% of the country saying they're optimistic about a trump presidency. >> had president obama come in 2008 at about 78%. some concerning that poll about president-elect trump and his businesses. >> yes, the poll shows clearly two-thirds of the public says he has to choose between being president and being the head of his company. but the pollls public is optimistic he will do just that, and they know this is a very critical issue. that's a real vulnerability for trump. if he is seen as having conflict of interest, you will see big -- you'll see that approval number come way down and that's why he's divested. he says from all his public stock holdings and there will be a big meeting about his business. >> matthew dowd, how far does he go with that announcement neck week of walling himself off from the businesses? >> well, i think one of the questions is is how long are the conservatives and the republicans in congress going to
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right now, they're giving him a lot of leeway to go in this direction that seems much like an obama-type economic policy than a republican economic policy on trade, on taxes, on businesses and all of that. that is the real fundamental question is, will conservatives keep giving him a pass on going against traditionally conservative policy. >> a lot of big questions ahead. thank you both very much. we'll move on to those protests at texas a&m. thousand white nationalist leader. "nightline" anchor, juju chang spoke with the man at the center of the controversy and she joins us from college station, texas. good morning, juju. u, good morning to tempers flared on campus with crowds chanting "say no the hate." in fact, the protesters far outweighed the few supporters of the racially extreme views of richard spencer. he is the white nationalist who told us that it is donald trump who has catapulted his movement
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[ chanting ] tensions running high overnight at texas a&m as thousands came out to protest this man. >> white people are ruling right now. white people have a tremendous amount of power. >> reporter: richard spencer claims he's not a white supremacist. credited with coining the term alt-right and the creation of an all-white ethno state. going viral last month after this video of him sh trump, hail victory. after his policy event nazi salute. >> hail trump. >> reporter: spencer a racial extremist with controversy views of racial differences drowned out by protesters in college station, texas, the vast majority of his audience was there in protest. with multiple outbursts and clashes erupting during his speech. >> no fighting. >> reporter: security had to intervene to de-escalate several volatile exchanges. at one point police in riot gear entered the student union but none of the hostility took
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>> what i find fascinating -- i see myself as mainstream. i want to be mainstream. i want to be part of an elite. >> reporter: are you trying to normalize racism? >> yes, i'm trying to normal racism as you call it, absolutely i'm trying to normalize my ideas. our ideas of the alt-right. i do not want the alt-right to i do not want to be the alt-right to be a fringe movement. i want the dominant movement. >> reporter: texas a&m, you should know did not invite richard spencer, it was a former student who did that. even though they denounce his views they say once the room was booked they felt they had to adhere to his first amendment rights of freedom of speech. robin? >> i know you'll have more of your interview with richard spencer tonight on "nightline." can you give us a little more of a sense of what he talks about? >> reporter: well, i asked him about his controversial views and whether he was playing with fire using a lot of the nazi symbolism that went viral when his supporters did the nazi
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that was irony and exuberance on the part of the his supporters, but there's a lot to dig into. >> many will be watching you tonight on "nightline." thank you, juju. >> that's some explanation. >> no doubt. let's turn to new orleans where a murder trial is under way for the person who shot former nfl star will smith in a road rage incident. abc's ryan smith is here with more and, ryan, it was pretty powerful to see a saints teammate show up in support. >> you're right, michael. brees and others at the trial of cardell hayes. he is charged with second degree and attempted murder claiming that he feared for his life. he is pleading not guilty. this morning, the man accused of gunning down former nfl star and super bowl winner will smith is a deadly case of road rage on trial. teammates of the former new orleans saint including star quarterback drew brees, running back deuce mcallister and roman harper and steve gleason
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on tuesday as they argue cardell hayes pumped seven bullets in smith's back after a traffic incident turned violent. in april. this video showing what appears to be hayes' hummer on the night in question. seemingly bumped by a car matching smith's suv. that suv driving off with the hummer in pursuit. just blocks away according to authorities, hayes allegedly slamming the nfl star's car hayes opening fire. smith pronounced dead on the scene. his wife ra leg, taking the stand tuesday. she broke down in tears, telling the jury, i don't want sympathy. i want justice. adding of hayes, he didn't have to shoot my baby. emotional when recalling her 7-year-old son's reaction to learning of his father's death. mommy, i'll protect you now. prosecutors first witness was former saints star running back deuce mcallister who testified
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prosecutors are expected to call experts on traffic collisions sooner. if convicted of murder, hayes faces life in prison. >> tough case. >> thank you. moving on to the latest on that oakland warehouse fire. investigators say a refrigerator or another electrical appliance could have sparked the blaze. we're getting a new look inside the building before it burst into flames. abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene in oakland. >> reporter: this rn refrigerator as well as other electrical items inside the warehouse as possible causes for the massive inferno. all but one of the 36 victims has been identified as we learn more details about those deplorable living conditions inside the ghost ship warehouse. >> it was a hell hole. it was a death trap. >> reporter: shelly mac says she lived there five months taking this video before the fire showing crumbling walls and endless clutter. and one of those staircases,
7:16 am
navigate. the building was permitted for use only as a warehouse, not for housing. the city had received at least six complaints about the property in the last two years. including a police raid this past october. >> reporter: property manager, derick almena, offering this -- >> i have nothing to say. >> reporter: refusing to say whether he should be held accountable. most died of smoke inhalation. those trapped sending text messages to loved ones saying good-b the wreckage here that were holding each other and caring for each other as they waited to die. >> reporter: so, officials were able to recover several cell phones from inside the warehouse the night of the fire. and they contain pictures and video to help investigators put together a time george, local authorities have
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>> i bet they have. hearing about the techs is just heartbreaking. amy here with other top stories. >> a frantic rescue effort is under way after a powerful quake hit indonesia overnight. rescuers are working their way into collapsed buildings which came down after the magnitude 6.5 quake struck. the death toll right now up to nearly 100 people. that is the same region that was devastated by the 2004 quake and more than associated with this work-related. the threat against the los angeles transit system appears to be a hoax. overnight there is no evidence the threat was credible but police will stay on, quote, a heightened state of awareness. and it was 75 years ago today that japan attacked pearl harbor. when it was over, more than 2,400 americans lost their lives. today four of the five remaining survivors of the "uss arizona" all in their late 90s will attend a special ceremony in hawaii. and finally, if you say
7:18 am
when pigs fly, well, you should head to the san francisco airport. it now has a therapy pig there. >> ah. >> that's lilu on the time of animals who help reduce stress at the airport and already have therapy dogs and cats but she is the first pig at an airport complete with painted nails, by the way. so now nervous passengers can go whole hog. >> once again, wait for it. wait for it. >> it's coming. whole hog. h surprisingly clean. >> and really cute. >> yeah, adorable. >> i used to have a pet pig, betsy. >> you had a pet pig. >> betsy. don't ask me what happened but -- >> i'm afraid to ask what happened to betsy. and look at ginger. ginger is just shaking her head as well. >> oh, betsy. oh, my goodness. it doesn't just snow but look at that. mumford, new york, fresh accidents and lake-effect snow, the cold air piling on over the warmer waters and you'll get snow in michigan, western new
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let's get to the windy cities now brought to you by burlington. of sun and clouds with highs in the mid to upper 20s today and tomorrow. look for more clouds tomorrow and a few flurries tomorrow afternoon. windy and chill today-
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and coming up we have more on t and coming up, we have more on that road rage arrest. the man who shot joe mcknight now behind bars. we'll go behind that dramatic press conference and why they are waiting to charge him. dan and nancy here. they will weigh in. prince harry's surprise trip. did he break the rules to go see his girlfriend? rules to go see his girlfriend? this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that ntributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood,
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save on everything you need to make your home happy, at lowe's. >> wisn 12 news time is milwaukee church. crews responded to the fire around 12:45 this morning. it happened at all saints fellowship christian church. that's near 12th and brown. that is north of downtown milwaukee. flames could be seen coming from the church's roof. firefighters used equipment to cut through the roof all to make sure the flames were completely out. the building is badly damaged this morning. investigators are now trying to figure out the cause. police tell wisn 12 news no one was hurt. >> wisn 12 news time now is 7:23.
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head to break. it is cold out there.
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>> traffic watch 12 now, a check on the morning commute, this is 41, at college avenue. traffic is picking up. drive times... and now to weatherwatch 12. >> here is sally with a check on the forecast. >> war this morning and the windchill index single digits and low teens. a couple of clouds are filling in. throughout the day, a mix of sun and clouds and highs will make it up to the upper 20s. right now 23 at the airport. cooler 19 waukesha and also for beaver dam. this is a look at the windchills, single digits away from the lake.
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so bundle up for the tree lighting spread some holiday cheer and give a cozy night's sleep. kohl's. ? hmm, hmm, hmm. that is of course, beyonce's smash hit "formation" up for nine grammys going head-to-head with adele. that's in three major them. milestone year for women in comedy, and chris connolly is going to tell us about it coming up. right now president-elect trump back on his thank you tour in north carolina last night. he was there on the stage with general james "mad dog" mattis. donald trump officially nominated him to be defense secretary. and the northeast digging out from a blizzard this morning, facing more
7:31 am
the country and cold is moving east as a new snowstorm heads for the west. >> usually snow means holidays and holidays mean celebrating, and victoria and david beckham's son, amy, he is celebrating. >> taking a page out of his mom's book making a singing debut. some are calling him the next justin bieber. he's only 11 years old. >> wow. >> the next justin bieber. we'll see what happens there. we begin this half hour with that major arrest and new charge for the man who admitted to mcknight, during a road rage incident. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest on the case. she joins us from new orleans. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. ronald gasser is waking up here this morning behind bars, this after days of outrage that the admitted shooter hadn't been arrested. the sheriff now firing back defending why it took so long. this morning, ronald gasser, the
7:32 am
alleged road rage killing of former nfl player joe mcknight is behind bars charged with manslaughter. >> two people engaged in bad behavior that day. >> reporter: the sheriff slamming those who criticized him for not immediately arresting gasser who police say had admitted to shooting mcknight right away. >> we have a very forward leaning, stand your ground, self-defense justifiable homicide laws that creates for us, an onbligation to make sure that >> reporter: the sheriff arguing that the four-day wait for the arrest was for a reason, allowing investigators to question gasser without a lawyer present and giving other critical witnesses time to come forward. >> mr. gasser never did ask for an attorney. we have over ten hours of noncustodial interviews with him. if people don't think that we know what we're doing strategically, tough. i don't care.
7:33 am
the community, not buying it. do you trust the sheriff? >> no, i don't. no, i don't and that just goes to show how divided we are. >> reporter: the sheriff saying the deadly confrontation wasn't about race but started when mcknight allegedly cut gasser off driving on a bridge and gasser then sets out after mcknight. the two drivers tailing each other for miles, and the surveillance video just a mile from the shooting scene, you can see the two vehicles matching the description of mcknight's silver suv and gasser's blue car speeding through a turn. minutes later, the two stopping at this light, and mcknight boxing in gasser's car both arguing through open windows until police say mcknight got out of his suv leaning down toward gasser's passenger window. >> mr. gasser pulls his weapon and fires three shots at joe mcknight, killing him. >> reporter: police finding three shell casings and blood in gasser's car according to multiple sources. it was not the first time gasser had been involved in a road rage incident. abc news learning he was
7:34 am
station at this same intersection. charges were later dropped. the sheriff saying gasser claims mcknight threatened him while the two were arguing, but we're told that witnesses contradict part of his statement. gasser has not entered a plea, george. >> let's welcome our insiders, dan abrams and nancy grace. the sheriff fired right back. >> i don't know that the sheriff has done himself a o with his press conference, but with that said the end result here is probably the right one dealt in the right way meaning you don't necessarily want to charge someone from the moment you begin the investigation. that would then be used against them later, and the fact he is charging him. manslaughter versus murder, i think is also helpful. we have seen in a lot of these cases, the tendency to overcharge. >> here we go with overcharge. >> look at -- have you not seen it. >> well, you've been saying that
7:35 am
i think is totally bass ackwards. you don't shoot somebody and then let them out of jail. that's not how it works, so i don't know where your theory is coming from. >> it's called an investigation. >> he confessed on the scene. here's the thing and all this about stand your ground, he, gasser is the pursuer. he's the one that chased mcknight down, and another thing. he is in his vehicle. if you look at the injuries according to the autopsy, mcknig i hand which is defensive, the right shoulder, it pierced his lung, his kidney, his liver. there's no injury to gasser. >> gasser in the vehicle. >> gasser being in the car actually hips his case because under louisiana law, he's to argue that, i was trying to prevent him from getting into my car. >> and doing what. he was unarmed. it goes down to self-defense. gasser is armed.
7:36 am
i can't start an argument with you, george, and we're having a verbal confrontation. >> sure, can you. >> and you shoot me or i shoot you with an uzi. sticks and stones, dan. words don't count. >> do you agree that in a case like this where it's clear there was a fight that -- >> verbal altercation. like we're having now. ooh, let me run and get my m-16 out of there. >> that a manslaughter charge is appropriate in a case like this? >> no, i think that -- hold on. premeditation under the law can be formed in an instant. the time it takes you to reach in your console, get a gun and peel off three shots, that is time for premeditation under the law. whether anybody likes it or not. >> and i think -- >> three shots on an unarmed man. it is a murder charge. >> they could have, and i think they were smart instead of looking for an actual conviction instead of -- >> you make that argument. >> media headlines saying we charged him with murder and having to go to the jury and saying, you know what, jurors, we prefer to get manslaughter and then potentially risk getting an acquittal. >> every jury trial is a potential risk for an acquittal.
7:37 am
ten years ago count against gasser? >> i think it will come in at trial and all this being a race hate crime, maybe it was, but remember, his first victim was a white male. right there, the same crescent city connecter. it is so identical. >> we'll see if he testifies. if he doesn't testify -- >> it's coming in. >> isn't he going to have to testify? >> probably. >> probably. >> but, you know, i mean, look, it depends on -- we'll learn a little more about what happens and what the eyewitnesses said. >> those charges were dropped too in 2006 but a bad act doesn't have to be a conviction to come in. >> i'm sure we'll be coming back on this. to michael. what's coming up on the big board? coming up on our big board, more on donald trump's twitter battle over air force one and why it really costs billions. plus, prince harry is in some hot water for visiting hi american girlfriend. we'll tell you why when we come back in two minutes. s american girlfriend. we'll tell you why when we come back in two minutes. american girlfriend. we'll tell you why when we come
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? ? get off my plane. >> classic. >> loved it. >> harrison ford "air force one" and that's what we'll talk about here on the big board. donald trump sparking a heated debate over the famous plane in a tweet on tuesday. he called on the government to cancel boeing's contract to bill an upgraded version and david kerley is joining us, our so tell us a little bit about what's going on here, david. >> reporter: well, robin, there is no contract yet, so there is no price tag yet. there is no $4 billion for new air force ones and we are talking more than one aircraft. what has happened boeing has been hold, we want to use your 747-800 and given money to figure how the what they should build. the trump says they were using a
7:41 am
could cost up to $3.2 billion. that's not $4 billion. the pentagon saying it's about 2.7 billion. that could go up or down, no contract yet for new air force one. >> still a lot of money. >> yeah, that's still a lot of money. why does it cost so much? >> all right. let's start with strahan airlines. you want to buy a 747. it's $380 million list price, okay? boeing probably is going to knock some off that because they'll build it from scratch so say they knock off 50, 80 million, $300 million just for the airframe, okay. now, you want your opt, come on in. i got some things for you. so the secret service and the air force want an aircraft that has superior defense systems that can ward off missile attacks or rocket attacks and they also want to have shielded against electromagnetic, and nuclear attacks. they want secure connections, uplink, downlink, and have to be
7:42 am
they'll test them and add that to the cost. could it be $500 million? $600 million a plane? are we talking $2 billion? $3 billion? who knows. could it get to 4? it is the government. >> yeah, that's right. >> that doesn't sound so bad. >> when you look at that. tell us about it. you've been on it. >> we ge this one is up here. the first time you fly they give you a certificate that says that you flew on air force once. we sit in the back. we never see the president unless he comes back to see us. the seats are better than economy. they're a little bigger. the crew is nice. you get the m&ms with the presidential seal. personally i'm a hot sauce guy so i have my little hot sauce with the presidential seal that came from air force one. it's cool. i was in seattle working when they built the two air force ones flying now and the boeing workers and executives very proud that the president is flying in their aircraft. >> they've been in service for quite a few years, decades, haven't they? >> reporter: you're getting -- i think it was 30 years ago, robin, when i was working in seattle that those planes have been flying.
7:43 am
they'll need to be replaced and want a 47. it's the only american 4 engineer craft. >> it was only three years ago, not 30, my friend. up next, prince harry is under fire for extending a vacation with meghan markle following his official caribbean tour. the prince is now back in london today after breaking palace protocol by mixing business with pleasure and lama hasan joins us live from buckingham palace. and lama, we have beai he found love, and he did this all in love, so what is the pushback he is facing right now? >> yeah. exactly. he was doing it for love. good morning to you, michael. here's why prince william's little jaunt to toronto have some people up in arms about it. prince harry was on an official 15-day, seven-country tour of the caribbean, a grueling tour i hasten to add all on behalf of
7:44 am
were covering the prince's tour we're told by the palace all along that as soon as the tour ended, he was going to head straight back to london because he has official business here, so you have to make it back in time. this morning he is at a couple of charity event, well now we know that prince harry made a slight 1,700-mile detour to toronto, which is, of course, where his fr markle lives. so the question this morning, did he break palace protocol? well, buckingham palace insists it actively discourages members of the royal family from mixing official business with private matters and, of course, this is a private matter. so who pays for it? well, the palace says this is -- the cost is going to be settled privately, so sounds like he will pay for it. what happens to the security who pairs for that? it is us, the taxpayers. those are the questions asked today. >> it's a private matter but they're becoming more public.
7:45 am
tell us about that. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, robin, yes, there's one picture that says it all that was snapped in the last 48 hours, and the last 24 hours, that royal watchers saw what was on the gold necklace. it shows meghan markle walking down the street wearing a necklace with "m" and "h." their initials, a sign this relationship is pretty serious. >> all right. you know what, maybe we'll be making a trip over to you to see you for the royal wedding if it ever happens. >> i'm here. >> we could fly with david on air force one. >> i knew that was coming. >> wrap it all up, put it all together. >> a nice big bow, thank you to you both. and coming up in two minutes, the queen of comedy, dominating this year's grammy nominations. have they finally cracked that
7:46 am
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on the count of three, ok? one...two... barbie town house!!! ...three. sorry, got a little excited. we noticed. buy one, get one 50% off all barbie dolls, play sets and more! toys"r"us ...awwwesome! ?? what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ?? we are back now with the women ruling the grammys. these comedians are making history and guess what, beyonce and adele set for a fierce face-off. abc's chris connelly is in los
7:48 am
good morning, to you, chris. >> reporter: and good morning, amy. you know, always plenty of story lines in the wake of all those grammy nominations. what jumps out is the strong showing across the board by women artists. especially in some key categories. sets up some serious showdowns. ? the host of a-list ladies of multiple grammy nominations to celebrate. tuesday's announcement putting her higness beyonce at the front of the line leading the way with nine nods. thanks to h "lemonade." ? they don't love you like i love you ? >> reporter: clean sweep would make queen bey the most honored woman in grammy history. that won't be easy given her competition. ? hello from the other side ? >> reporter: that's right. it's diva fever. adele squaring off with beyonce in three top categories. album, record and song of the year. pop powerhouses currently sharing the mark for the most grammys won by a woman in one
7:49 am
>> reporter: wait, there's morey has eight new grammy nominations to enjoy. on february 1th will she be the one doing work? ? here's another female first. three women earning nominations for best comedy album? i'm sorry. don't people need food to live? they were like, that's a myth. >> amy schumer, tig that tara and margaret cho each looking for their first and the fourth woman ever to win it. ? as for country music -- ? church bells ringing ? >> reporter: carrie underwood joins miranda lambert, and maren morris holding down four of the five noms in best country solo performance all up for glory on a night that may indeed prove that the future is female. and if you're wondering what woman has the most grammys, that would be one of my favorite
7:50 am
bluegrass artist alison krauss with 28 of them. >> wow. >> good luck to beyonce and all nominees, guys. >> yes, yes, yes, but girl power on display. >> you're excited about the comedy. >> yeah, tig, my hometown is celebrating. she has family that lives there. she once lived in the pass. she might be our first. >> so proud to be a woman, right. i did nothing to earn any of it but i'm proud watching it. >> own it, baby. a workplace revolution. the new policy that could change the game for parents. and where is lara? she's upstairs. [ applause ] >> hello, you guys. today in the audience it's all about our concealer challenge. we've got our makeup artists to the stars here with some of his best tips for you. we'll reveal which ones really work then, oh, chris pratt is with us live. [ cheers and applause ]
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning at 7:56 a.m. him and enticing a teenager >> walking home from school. >>the suspect of its is in his late 20's or early 30's and approach the girl at least three times allegedly route -- yelling sexually explicit comments. the 13-year-old and her mother agreed to talk with us did not want their faces shown. >> yes, the first time i thought he would leave me alone but he
7:57 am
i ran all the way home. >> you need to turn yourself in because you have terrified my family, my daughter. we have now gone through numerous messages from the community offering rides. she will not walk home anymore. >> the teenager says the man was light, medium build with a brown beard to his chest and was wearing a baseball hat. he was driving a blue or gray four-door nor model car. if you have police. >> this is a live look from the department of transportation and it looks good at 94 and wisconsin but drive times are not so good. 22 minutes to downtown on i-43. sally: teens and 20's this morning and our windchill is showing up in the single digits and low teens.
7:58 am
and we will see the sun here from behind the clouds. 23 at the airport and 19 at waukesha. this is a look at our windchill indices. we will be looking at chilly air in place for the next few days
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. over a foot of snow in 24 hours. as 19 states from new york to california on snow watch. a new storm is heading towards the west. ? we are family ? changing the game. the company revealing a big expansion and family leave time for all new they're saying it's all about work/life balance when it comes to bringing up your kids. is this the start of a workplace revolution? ? you're so beautiful ? cracking the concealer code. we put thee to the challenge. triplets trying out three different brands from $9.99 to more than 65 bucks. do you really have to spend big to get the best? ? get ready to cruz into christmas. the son of david and victoria
8:01 am
dad crashed his interview. >> he's having fun. he's enjoying it. ? get ready to go rogue. we're counting down to "star wars" with ben mendelsohn here live. he's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] america. on this wednesday morning. something that we're starting a little bit earlier up here because we know you're up here and we just don't want to miss out on all the fun. we miss you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are going to have a lot of fun this morning because we have a big star here, chris pratt is here live this morning. there he is right there. [ applause ] he is a brand-new movie with jennifer lawrence having a lot of fun on this publicity tour.
8:02 am
all that stuff but, wait. but she may be getting him back right here this morning on "gma." they have a little something for him from jennifer. we'll see. >> that's a good tease. i love that. we're also kicking off our brand-new beauty series about finding the best concealer for you. three different -- it is. it is a big question for us women. we'll try to solve it with you. three different price points. >> oh, mara. >> coming up. you hours. >> we do wear makeup. >> sharing, george. >> i volunteered for that. they told me no. good morning, guys. the big story this morning, that extreme weather on the move. they are digging out in north dakota after a blizzard dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas and the next big concern is the incredible cold that is on the way and ginger is here with those wintry details.
8:03 am
to hear. >> so sorry, amy. i have bad news. yes, we had up to 16 inches of snow in north dakota and montana. you had 72-mile-per-hour wind gusts and then this is what happens. this door is looking like a door in the snowdrift that went right up to it. we saw that image but couldn't stop showing it. this is what it looks like out people's backyards. now the air has settled feeling like 17 below in rapid city. feels like 2 in minneapolis. if you're in kansas city it's 17. don't think you got away with it friday morning. the code settling in. more snow, more storm coming in to the pacific northwest today and tomorrow. amy. >> all right, i guess it's that time of year, ginger, thank you. we have some breaking news to report. president-elect donald trump is "time" magazine's new person of the year. take a look at the cover there. "time" calling trump president of the divided states of america. trump says it is a great honor and he is fresh off the latest stop on his thank you tour.
8:04 am
his pick for defense secretary, general james mattis. there is a scathing new lawsuit against stanford university. it's been filed by a student who says she was sexually assaulted by another student with a history of attacking women. she says the school knew about the man's history and did nothing. it follows the sensational case of former swimmer brock turner who served just a few months in jail for assaulting a woman on campus there. stanford responded to the new lawsuit saying it has deep sympathy for the plaintiff and violence. it is cooperating with the federal investigation into the matter. well, billy bob thornton's bad santa has a real-life cousin in atlanta. a 9-year-old says he was body shamed. anthony says his town's santa told him to lay off the hamburgers and french fries. well, the comment left anthony devastated. >> i was crying when i went to bed that night. even though what shape or size you are, it doesn't matter.
8:05 am
santa eventually did apologize but anthony and his mom want him fired. well, finally nordstrom may have the answer if you find yourself between a rock and a hard place this christmas. it's a rock for $85. officially it is a leather wrapped stone and the nordstrom website talks about the handmade pouch which it says is from vegetable tanned american leather in a los angeles studio. the internet, however, has been fast, fierce and pretty funny with comments, this one, it's just a rock in a pouch. is it from somewhere special at least i.e. the moon? nope, it's a los angeles based stone, guys, for $85. >> it's an old idea. remember pet rock. >> that's right. >> expensive pet. >> that's different. >> the leather pouch makes it very fabulous. >> makes it worth 85 bucks. >> oh, yeah, i'll take two. "pop news" time? >> we'll take "pop news." >> "pop news." [ applause ]
8:06 am
this morning. i love it. david and victoria beckham's youngest son has released his debut single. who knew. here it is. ? underneath the mistletoe kissing when nobody -- >> he's good. he's good. that's cruz beckham singing "if every day was christmas." it just dropped this morning on britain's capital fm. 11 years old telling the program's host it contains two of his favorite things, singing and christmas. a cute little kid and listen, we could be listening to the next justin bieber. there he is. there is his dad popped in with him. cruz is being managed, already has a manager by scooter braun who helped launch justin bieber's career and brought him from youtube to superstar dominique dawes. if we aren't already chopped enough all of the proceeds from
8:07 am
it's available. [ applause ] i love that. he's got a nice little voice and sounds like a young justin bieber. >> cute. his mom and dad. >> the genes are strong. the chances are good. also in "pop news" this morning, by the way if you like this song you can get it on itunes. all proceeds to charity. why not. also in "pop news" "bachelor" fans who is excited for the new season of [ applause ] i mean it's my guilty pleasure and now get to enjoy it with my other guilty pleasure. it's about to get more exciting with the release of a bachelor inspired wine collection. i know. duh. i should have thought of this. appropriately famed fantasy sweet, one called one-on-one and my favorite, the final rose. they wanted to capture the excitement and spontaneity of
8:08 am
would use to describe it. indulging the passion of viewers. plenty of wine on screen when the new season premieres january 2nd. so mark your calendar. love that. it's fun. >> guilty pleasure. all about that. finally if you're looking for a romantic rendezvous, a new dating app could help your love life. it could help it take off. it's going to be my new row manziel section of "pop news." >> , keep going. >> yes. two very important things. so this is -- kind of like tinder but it's called air dates. it's like tinder for travelers encouraging users to connect in flight so -- >> there's already a name for that. >> yes, there is, robin. and this -- >> just saying. >> they put it up on the screen.
8:09 am
aisle 14. so anyway, you post your itinerary so that you can get chatting even before you board the plane and also allows viewers to block anybody who seems a little off. >> you're on the same plane. >> or intimidating. >> think, people. think. >> that's a captive date actually. stuck. >> so anyway, i thought it was a great idea. i think these websites are fun to talk about and tinder apparently is popular. is anybody had success with would you want to try? yeah. >> what did you say? right here? >> i feel like if it's a long flight that's a lot of wasted time. you could do other things. >> i love the fact that he said he had connects on tinder and showed somebody completely different. that poor family are going, you are on tinder? what do you know? >> there you have it. new wine, a little christmas music and a little romance in
8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, lara. everybody, stay right there. because coming up the new family leave plan that could change the game for so many people out there. plus, a man who makes up beyonce and more taking on concealer challenge. question tell the difference between three different types at three different prices. major different prices.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
and we are back now with news about parents. all the salary and hourlied american workers, four months paid leave and rebecca jarvis has the details. >> a number of companies have been following this trend but this new change goes above and beyond most of what's out there and could improve time with a new baby for thousands of
8:15 am
to call home. >> reporter: it's the superstar best known for its ready to assemble furniture. >> at ikea we believe that everything you need should be within reach. >> icona pop ya u.s. announcing a new hands-on option for both its salaried and hourly employees at the company. offering up to four months of paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers and adoptive and foster parents to ensure co-workers have the opportunity to bond with their children and connect as a new family. based on their time at ikea, employees can receive eight weeks full pay and another eight for bonding with their new child at 50% pay. in the u.s. some workers are legally permitted to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave but there's no federal mandatory paid leave policy. evening ya now joining the list of companies often in business and tech worlds with generous and parental leaves like netflix
8:16 am
leave for salaried employs for up to a year. and basic of america entitled full and part tief i'm employees up to 16 weeks off. this is about work/life balance improving the culture but is going to help them retain employees. you give employees benefits like this they are much more inclined to stick around plus they'll have a little extra time to make the crib -- to bill it. >> that's true. >> let's talk to ericka souter from about it. you can this is important. the united states is one of the only developed countries that doesn't have a paid parental leave policy. icona po ikea stepping in. >> motherhood hasn't been respected enough in companies to warrant this kind of leave. it's not a priority and this is probably one of the best policies that we've ever seen. and it's amazing when you consider that most people in
8:17 am
12% actually of people have it. so it's really great when a big company like this does something like this. you're opening that it sets the new standard and people follow that lead. >> wonderful that they're recognizing that families look different and talking about if you have the child yourself, if you adopt a child, a foster child, that's wonderful because that's what we're seeing in society now. >> right. >> when you look at this policy and knowing what it is going to do, there is a stigma, some workers feel that they're a parent in the workplace. >> the parenting penalty is real. a lot of moms tell me when they get back to work they feel the perception of their work ethic has changed. their path to promotion has changed and a lot of men are feeling it too. this goes a long way in helping everyone feel that making this life change is important and cared about in their company. >> you don't think this is a good policy to have? [ applause ] i can't believe we're talking
8:18 am
thank you both very much. coming up here, do you need to spend a lot on -- this is called a segue -- to a good concealer. there is no segue here. the good concealer challenge when we come back. here's your cue. go go go! ? ? [ bark ] cut! cut, cut, cut, cut... good job everybody, but i feel like we're missing something... something special. [ door knocking ] somebody looking for a star? [ laughs ] [ gasps ] dude! this was just sitting out front! ? ? people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. if you could see your cough,
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back here on "good morning america," lake jackson, texas, jacksonville, texas and san antonio, texas. we have a lot of folks from texas. we're of sun and clouds with highs in the mid to upper 20s today and tomorrow. look for more clouds tomorrow and a few flurries tomorrow
8:23 am
all right. now to our concealer challenge. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the details. hi, mara. >> hey, lara. women spend an average of $216 on makeup each year and a must have item for a lot of us is concealer but how much do you really have to spend to get top notch coverage? well, we went to the blushington spa to try some out. life gets busy and our skin can pay the pric often the best defense, concealer. so i'm trying out three at different price points. $9.99, $23 and one costing more than $65. here i am bare face the and wearing each concealer. there's more than a $50 range in cost from the lowest to the highest priced product. can you see a difference? here to judge the results, "allure" magazine's jenny beye. >> this one gives you the best coverage.
8:24 am
item. >> you got a great color match. >> reporter: next up a triple threat. identical triplets judy, maggie and katie morris from minnesota getting made up using our three concealers. here's maggie in the $9.99 concealer. judy in the $23 and katie wearing the most expensive. so just how will they hold up over time? our third and final challenge, will the concealers make it through a hot yoga class with trisha done began who lady gaga as one of her students. >> no makeup. >> after half an hour of sweat, steam and 110 degree temperatures, our makeup artist checks. she is surprised by the condition of the most expensive concealer. >> this definitely separated like i could see your skin. >> reporter: and by the one she says did the best. >> the least expensive makeup held up through the yoga class. that is miss. >> maybe ling's instant age
8:25 am
treatment concealer for 9.99. knowing what we now know what's the big takeaway. >> i think there's no one size fits all. >> this is so helpful. i appreciate this. joining us now beauty consultant sir john who does everybody. so this is a big deal. we've got three women. one has very high-end. medium and one is low priced. we want you to guess. >> let's do this. so i would >> you worked with these gals all morning so what is your thinking behind this? >> it's all about -- >> the finish. >> the texture is key. so i'm going to say most expensive, least and midpriced. >> lady, flip them over. sir john, were you right? >> were you right? >> i believe so, yeah, i think so. >> you got all three. [ applause ] >> so is there a big difference? >> well, there's a difference.
8:26 am
more? you get more when you pay more and texture is key so making sure the consistency isn't too watery and lasts throughout the day. >> and not too dry either. oh, boy. mara schiavocampo, gorgeous, doesn't need a thing but you'll give us a couple tips in make sure you have a color that's one to two shades lighter than your complexion is a great tip. >> you like that little pat, pat, pat. >> i like to use my ring finger. it's the weakest finger and picks up the least amount but warm up your body heat will warm up the product t like a second skin which is amazing. >> ring finger and pat, pat, pat. >> anything you should flurj on. >> if you splurge on anything it would have to be foundation. foundation is the brick and mortar of your routine. if you skimp on anything it's going to be mascara because you're going to throw it away quick. >> good tips. we'll be back.
8:27 am
>> good morning at 8:27 a.m. let's look at your morning commute.
8:28 am
smoothly and those areas. drive times are in the green except for one with 15 minutes on 43 southbound into downtown. now take a look at your forecast. sally: keeping an eye on that mix of sun and clouds today with sunshine but a few areas of clouds. dry and cold, gusty west wins in place for much of the day today with temperatures 23 at the report and 19 waukesha. the windchill makes it feel like 2. cold-weather gear for today. fair skies for tonight and
8:29 am
8:30 am
? ? come and get your love ? >> all right, welcome back to "gma," everybody. and our audience is excited but we might be even more excited than they are because we have a very special guest. he starred in "guardianses tof the galaxy" and "jurassic world" and a new movie with jennifer lawrence so give it up for chris pratt. [ cheers and applause ] welcome. >> how are you doing, man? >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> hi, robin. >> mwah. >> love this man. love this man. >> hi. mwah. >> nice to see you.
8:31 am
>> well, you know -- >> isn't that your favorite cookies. >> my favorite cookies. >> those are mine too. i just want to you know that? this brings me right back to christmas in and actually -- >> i'm going to eat them all. >> they're all yours. >> we were playing red bones' "come and get your love." the crowd was so happy to see you. >> this isn't live, is it? >> very much so. >> good? >> you got it. >> thank >> peanut butter. >> is it christmas all over? >> yeah. have some. >> peanut butter with little hershey kisses. did you ever eat these growing up? oh, my gosh. yeah, you guys have them. >> i was trying to think the last time i saw you and i think it was on the red carpet at the oscars with your beautiful wife. anna. and i hear from her that you are great with it comes to giving gifts. that's your thing? go ahead and swallow.
8:32 am
i'm not -- yeah, i've given her some nice gifts and get excited about it. i like giving gifts. >> she says you put a lot of thought into it. it's a lot of pressure on guys. >> i get nervous. i don't want to mess up. >> dogs your wife give you hints like very clear hints? >> no, no, like i kind of take it upon myself -- i have a sense of what she's going to want. i make little notes throughout the course of the year. >> sm >> that's the key. all right, that's one that's loaded up. anniversary next year. if you give gifts, you want to know the real key. don't do it on a holiday. just do it out of the blue. you know what i mean, i got you this. don't be like -- >> i don't do it but it's smart. >> like valentine's -- you know, and it's not about like i don't know if they have this here but in l.a. you drive down the street.
8:33 am
flowers, you know. if she's in the car, don't buy flowers from that guy because that's not going to make her think you're romantic. don't be like, oh, a dollar, check that out. >> yeah. >> you got to pretend like you did -- you can buy the flowers from that guy but just when she's not there. and then be like i picked this for you. >> there are guys in the audience right now taking some serious notes. >> you're giving romance tips and we'll give you parenting tips. a he's 4 now. 4. >> so i'm getting a little more experience. [ applause ] >> we want to show -- there he is right there. >> well, maybe you don't need it anymore but we wanted to show jordan watson from down in new zealand i think has a new -- teaching people how to shop with kids. there it is. >> you put a balloon on them. you never lose them. >> just let them go. >> let them go.
8:34 am
>> let me show you how this works. go, kid. >> listen, you have some experience. is it true you were a baby-sitter. >> yeah, i was a baby-sitter. >> good one? >> no. i got to tell you i was a bad -- i was not a good baby-sitter. i have -- >> did you invite friends over. >> no, no -- >> you lost the kids. >> i wasn't qualified. i was the youngest child so i never really been around kids. i was like i can baby-sit. just be like, i guess i'm here and at one point i remember this little boy, i was baby-sitting him and his sister and i fell asleep on the couch and i woke up and he was in the oven. >> oh. >> oven was off. it was off. i would like to point out. >> statute of limitations is passed. >> eating a plant in the oven. true story. >> did you ever tell the parents
8:35 am
are you watching? in the oven. >> you want to talk about your new movie "passenger." >> it's good. >> i mean, i've seen it, it is really good and you and jennifer lawrence, you're on a spaceship. you wake up earlier than you're supposed to and you're just alone on this ship. there's one person you had to be stuck with, just you and one other person who wouldt >> can i say my wife and my kid or does that not count? >> again, very smart. >> makes sense to me? that would be pretty bad ass actually. i think we'd like that. but i mean, yeah, i'd go with my family. i think that would be -- >> a safe bet. >> yeah, we do and like i said we saw it. it is i'm telling you it's one of those s that you just got to see and here's a little bit of
8:36 am
>> it's the fourth planet in the system. >> right. >> and where are we. >> we are in transit from earth to homestead 2. you will arrive at approximately 90 years. >> what? >> we land on homestead 2 in 90 year, three weeks and one day. >> how long ago did we leave earth? >> approximately 30 years ago. >> i woke up too soon. >> oh, the whole premise of it. [ cheers and applause ] >> woke up too soon before the other passengers. you and jennifer, you're the two main ones that we see throughout the entire film. >> right. essentially, yeah, we're these two passengers, there are 5,000 people on this ship but all of them are in a state of hibernation and due to this miss earous malfunction in our pods, we wake up 90 years early and so it's the two of us and we're in isolation and, you know, going
8:37 am
there's another actor michael sheen plays a character 0 who is this android robot because -- >> brilliant. >> he plays this humanoid type bartender character who is in -- >> i'm glad there is a bartender. that's a long time. >> wouldn't be so bad. and we're so desperate and longing for any kind of human connection we try to find that with him and so there's a lot of like comedy and also, you know, dram attempting to find some interpersonal connection with something that's not a human being. >> your chemistry with jennifer is really remarkable. i have not seen the movie yet. we cannot wait to but i'm loving these photos that you keep posting. >> oh, yeah. >> can you explain, you're like hazing her. >> she's not on social media. she doesn't do -- >> you're intentionally cutting her out of pictures. >> the fan -- that one is, yeah -- >> oh. >> like you said she's not on
8:38 am
i don't think she knows what's going on and but she's got such a -- such a -- like a very passion nall fan base and they're hitting me up on instagram and twitter and stuff like, please give us photos of jen. we just want photos so bad of jen. >> and you delivered sort of. >> i just can't help but have a little fun with those fans. there's a really great photo coming up. >> stay tuned. >> at pratt, pratt, pratt, instagram at pratt, pratt, pratt. >> she wants to have fun with you. i had a chance to sit down and talk with her the other day. she has a question for you and check it out here it is. >> chris, this is really tough to ask. i'm kind of embarrassed. what's your favorite part about me? >> oh. >> if you had to choose and be
8:39 am
pressure. >> ah. >> well, i mean, thankfully, thankfully she's beautiful on the inside. you know, sh -- >> i don't think that's what she was asking? she's got a great -- honestly her sense of humor. she's funny and rolls with the punches. she's genuinely hilarious. we laughed every day all day making this movie so my favorite part about her woulde sense of humor. >> and she had nothing but compliments for you, as well. she said you are an incredible actor who made her laugh so much off the camera. i said how do you keep from laughing on the camera. chris is so incredible you're just so locked in. >> incredibly talented. >> that's very -- what a compliment. she's an oscar award winning actor. i feel like i learned a lot working with her. >> all right. thank you for coming. >> you're welcome. >> such a good guy. >> eating another cookie.
8:40 am
theaters december 21st. check out chris pratt,
8:41 am
8:42 am
and back now on "gma" i'm here with bullseye, our sponsor target's official mascot and he is co-directing the new musical short "the toycracker"
8:43 am
that come to life. bullseye, we know that john legend -- yes, i'm talking to a dog. we know that john legend is a big part of it. the rat king. how was he to direct? [ barking ] >> fascinating. let's see what john thought of that experience. he also has a special message for you. >> bullseye, chrissy and i had such a blast making this movie and i'm excited to share with all of you this special sneak peek of "toycracker." take a look. ? >> you used to love the nutcracker. ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> many thanks to john legend
8:44 am
of sun and clouds with highs in the mid to upper 20s today and tomorrow. look for more clouds tomorrow and a few flurries tomorrow afternoon. windy and chill today- thursday before >> all right. michael, let's head on back to you. >> all right. thank you, ginger. and now to a revolutionary way to treat traumatic brain injuries. athletes teaming up with veterans to fight the effects of and they're already seeing major results. they are some of america's strongest, pillars of strength on the gridiron and on the front lines. but their battles have left thousands of veterans and pro athletes with traumatic brain injury. >> so once my nfl career ended the transition for me was rough knowing that this was it. my brain, i just couldn't fathom like what do i do next and for
8:45 am
in michigan paired veterans with ex-athletes in treatment and the hopes of building a path to recovery together. >> you don't know how bad you feel until you feel good and it's not unmanly. it's not being a sissy. you're not weak. you're just damaged and a damaged vehicle can be fixed. you're not broken. >> reporter: after four years of study, amazing results. the athletes and vets in treatment together saw improvements in depression, anxiety, ptsd and even pain. the impact fund will help these groups to get treatment in their own dedicated facility in jacksonville, florida, opening early next year. >> what we're trying to do is help people who need help. it comes down to that. >> all right, and joining us now are three board members of the after the impact fund, matt burke, a former 15-year veteran of the nfl, retired u.s. army brigadier general rich
8:46 am
>> nice to see you. and, coach, i want to start with you. you've been around the nfl for over four decades, and we saw mike ditka, nfl hall of famer in that piece. why are so many nfl legends coming together to help with this cause? >> well, it's something we need to find help for these guys. i played back in the '60s. we had an awful lot of guys that are really struggling right now with these issues we're talking about and we've got a place they can go for help and it gives them hope things can be better. >> and, matt, why a treatment facility that's for military veterans and nfl veterans? what do they have in common? >> well, if you look at football and military, the cultures are very similar. all the guys are tough, they're team oriented. they're mission driven so we found the last four years with this pilot program is that the two -- there's a mutual respect that they can build upon and support and inspire and encourage each other and, therefore, they heal stronger and heal better.
8:47 am
the military operates without all the fanfare of the nfl. you know, in certain ways so different but does it help the soldiers to know that some of the nfl players, these stars that they watched on tv, that they're going through some of the things that they're going through? >> it's a tremendous help. what we've seen is when you pair two football players together for the treatment, they do fairly well. you pair two veterans together, they do fairly well. but when you take a veteran and a football player, put them together, they open up more. they respond to the treatment better, and we've seen much stronger results and it's just been an incredible experiment over the last four years, so we think going forward this is going to be the way to treat these young veterans and also these football players who are struggling with traumatic brain injury, ptsd and other things. >> how many guys do you have in your program right now? >> well, the facility will be able to accommodate 27 impatient facility for extended stays, comprehensive.
8:48 am
also offer services to their families. sometimes that's the forgotten component when the ex-veteran or football player is struggling the effect it has on his wife and kids. so it's going to be a -- it's a comprehensive model we're obviously very excited about. >> now, if you're a soldier or you're an nfl vet, how do you reach out to this program? >> is our website. you can find out all the information there. >> all right. well, you know what, thank you all for bringing light to this and thank you all for doing the work you're doing to help so many everybody needs a little help sometimes, and you guys are getting it done, so thank you so much. you know what, you guys, stay right there because when we come back, "star wars rogue one's" ben mendelsohn is
8:49 am
8:50 am
? i'm trying to get scoop on the whole "star wars" thing.
8:51 am
story" and he tries to recruit an old friend to the dark side. take a look. >> what is it you want? >> the work is stalled. i need you to come back. >> i won't do it. >> we're on the verge of greatness. we were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy. >> you're confusing peace with terror. >> well, somewhere. [ cheers and applause ] >> so tell me about captain carrick in the world of bad dis where does he rank? >> he made the death star so, snap. >> drop the mike. >> there it is. >> who else can say that. >> you know, once you've made the death star everything else is like, yeah, yeah. well, force smorce. when you can blow up a planet. >> yeah, you got it covered.
8:52 am
this movie. >> i wouldn't say that. i'd say misunderstood. i think he's very misunderstood more than horrible. look, some planets just need to be brought into line. that's -- >> get in line or death star coming. let me -- a little something we found on imdb that will explain all this. says your trademark ben is that you often play arrogant, unlikable and borderline sociopathic charrs hmm. interesting. >> i would say they're misunderstood. [ laughter ] >> is it enjoyable to play characters like this? do you seek them out? >> no, look, i'm not quite sure why. >> this has become a therapy session. >> they're pretty fun. yeah, yeah, look, it's bad guys have more fun. i mean, there's a payoff, all right.
8:53 am
>> they do too, blonds, bad guys, snap. >> what's it like being part of the "star wars" experience? >> it's awesome. it's -- it's a great honor. look, i'm a fan first. i saw the original when it came out. et cetera, et cetera, so for me it's like a dream come true. >> everybody that we've had on has said that. it's really a pinch yourself moment. >> oh, very much. very, very much. lots of pinching yourself. >> i wanted to be very, very about this movie but will we see you in more movies? >> look, unfortunately, i can't. >> i tried. coming out soon "rogue one: a
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by university of phoenix. we rise. oh, i'm just getting more "star wars" scoop and i have scoop for our everyone here is getting two tickets to "rogue one" in imax 3d courtesy of our friends at imax.
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>> it's 850 7 a.m. and an overnight fire damaged a milwaukee church. it happened around 12:45 a.m. and it happened near 12th and brown in flames could be coming from therc figure out the cause. police say no one was injured. today is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor which plunged the united states into world war ii. ceremonies are happening around the country to honor those who lost their lives. a program starting at 7:00 p.m. at the milwaukee county war memorial has an event and at the veterans home in union grove. president obama's ordering that
8:58 am
it's known as pearl harbor remembered's day declared to help honor those who died in the attack 75 years ago. let's get a check on the forecast. sally: nice to see at least a little sunshine for today but it's chilly. the gusty west wind is on assuring in temperatures have been showing up in the teens and 20's. high pressure south and a really gusty west wind today that stays in place tonight and tomorrow. this morning and we have readings in the low-to-mid 20's along the lake. that's close to where we will stay today. single digits and low teens for
8:59 am
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