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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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of the so-called alt-right. the name of his speaking tour includes a gay slur. he's set to speak here at the student union next tuesday night here at the student union and the protests have already , begun. a small group of uw-milwaukee students marched right into chancellor mark mone's office wednesday afternoon. the chancellor wasn't there, but they delivered a petition signed by more than 300 members of the campus community calling on mone to denounce the upcoming speech by controversial journalist milo yiannopoulos. >> we just want some clarity from him about what is acceptable on this campus and how we are supposed to at all feel safe when this kind of person is allowed to come here and speak. >> the group also posted fliers around campus promoting a rally to protest yiannopoulos' visit on tuesday. this is video of one his speeches last month on an ohio campus. >> they have decided that there are political conditions to being gay.
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wilkinson, who helped deliver the petitions, describes yiannopoulus' rhetoric as dangerous hate speech. >> it makes me feel unsafe on campus knowing that there are people who not only agree with this, but are actively bringing him here to say this kind of rhetoric on my campus. >> one of the campus groups sponsoring the speech told wisn-12 news in a statement, "while we don't fully endorse everything that milo says, we feel as though he has good ideas on political correctness and fiscal policy. we respect the demonstrators' right to free speech, as we hope they respect our right to host a speaker on campus." but the protestors don't believe it's a issue of free speech. >> the only kind of free speech he supports is the freedom to shut down other people's speech, and that's not acceptable. >> we reached out to yiannopoulos to ask about the protests but did not get a , reply. we are also waiting to hear from
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statement soon about the speech and the protest. kathy: thank you. if you haven't pulled those hats, gloves, and heavy coats out of the closet yet, do it now. winter has arrived and it's not fooling around. chief meteorologist mark baden is here. mark tonight will be the coldest , night of the season so far. mark: yes. we will have a lot of those coming up in the next week or so. yes, it is cold. tonight's lows in the teens, and that's not the only story. it will stay breezy. everybody in the single digits by 10:00 tonight. as that wind continues out of the west at 10-20 miles per hour and temperatures fall, some places fall below zero for the first time in over nine months in terms of wind chills, and is cold air is not going anywhere.
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snows, coming up in weatherwatch 12. thank you. joyce: thank you, mark. he's a career criminal who prosecutors say targeted women on their way to work in downtown milwaukee. as wisn 12 news' colleen henry reports new tonight, police say his latest crime spree started days after he got out of prison. >> seven years ago, melissa anderson was heading to work downtown, when a man approached her in the parking lot. she shared her story by by phone. >> he came in between the vehicle saying i have a knife, get in your car and give me your purse he got in her driver's seat a >> i was terrified. it's running through my head that he's going to take me to a secluded alley somewhere and leave me to die. >> but he couldn't drive her stick shift. police arrested ronald burrage that day. he served seven years for robbing her and two other women. this 29 days after his release june, from prison police say , burrage was back on this very same block and robbed a woman at
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at knifepoint. and last week, a third woman, here using pepper spray. police executed a search warrant at this north side home where the suspect lived and say they found a can of pepper spray. they say he's a serial armed robber, terrorizing women. burrage's landlord didn't want her face on camera, but believes the police have the wrong guy. >> do you think someone would spend seven years and then do this again? he's smarter than that. if he were going to do some robberies, he would have hit a >> burrage is now in the county jail facing a maximum sentence of 100 years. in milwaukee, colleen henry, wisn 12 news. joyce: if convicted burrage may , also face additional time for violating his probation. tonight, an arrest after several threats are made against the wauwatosa police department. a spokesperson says several people called the department and threatened violence after the district attorney decided not to charge the wauwatosa officer who fatally shot jay anderson. the person who made the threats is being referred for charges. police tell us they are looking
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kathy: a local pastor arrested and charged with molesting young children. thomas chantry is the pastor at the christ reformed baptist church in hales corners. wisn 12 news' terry sater has been looking into this story all day long. he's live at the church. >> kathy this is chantry's , church, but to be clear the , criminal charges are not for anything done here in hales corners. they stem from accusations in arizona. pastor tom chantry is accused in arizona of molesting children where he served as a pastor at , miller valley baptist church in prescott ten years ago. one case involves a child under the age of 10. this is chantry in a video posted on his website at reformed baptist church in hales corners. the video was recorded in milwaukee. >> my name is tom chantry and i'm the pastor at christ reformed baptist church in hales corners. everyone sins, but few realize how serious sin is.
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do good. in fact, the bible says that we are in bondage to sin. >> we tried to contact pastor chantry at his waukesha home he but he has not returned my phone calls. i'm told he might be here at a service here tonight in hales corners. joyce: new at 6:00, attorneys for convicted killer brendan dassey ask a federal appeals court to make sure their clien' the u.s. court of appeals will decide whether to uphold a district court judge's decision to throw out dassey's conviction and release him from prison. a court ordered dassey to stay behind bars pending the outcome of the appeal. the appeal could take months. dassey is currently serving life in prison for the 2005 murder of photographer teresa halbach in manitowoc county. kathy: new at 6:00, a warning tonight for milwaukee county residents. the county says someone has been calling residents over the past couple of days claiming to be a
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that person tells people they have missed jury duty and need to pay a fine or be arrested. one victim said they lost $1000 after being told to buy a pre-paid credit card and give the card number to the caller. the clerk of courts wants to remind people sheriff's deputies do not call people about jury duty. and, any jury summons would come in the mail. new tonight, milwaukee police are hoping someone will recognize the man seen on this surveillance video holding up a south side liquor the video shows a man dressed in a black jacket and hood come into a-1 liquor, beer, and wine at 92nd and oklahoma around 8:00 last night, points a gun at the clerk. anyone with information should call milwaukee police. joyce: fire destroys a north side milwaukee church. the fire broke out just before 1:00 this morning at the all saints fellowship christian church at 12th and brown. no one was inside when it started. fire investigators believe it began in the upper corner near
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using social media to update the nearly 200 people who attend the church. happening now, wisconsin's presidential recount is more than 70% complete. while workers are still counting in waukesha county, as this live-stream shows, the wisconsin elections commission today said 34 of the state's 72 counties have completed their work. among those finished in southeast wisconsin, ozaukee, walworth and washington , counties. donald trump won wisconsin by some 22,000 votes. so far in thco is maintained, with hillary clinton gaining 82 votes. kathy: new at 6:00, how best to rehabilitate troubled youth in milwaukee county. that was the topic of a county board meeting this morning. right now, male offenders are sent to lincoln hills in irma in northern wisconsin. but the facility is under investigation, facing allegations of abuse and neglect. county supervisors today heard from those in community who work with youth every day about how best to handle juvenile incarceration.
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just build another facility. we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and failing our children miserably. we need to do something different, and it starts from the top. kathy: the governor earlier this weeek said he's open to having the state help pay for a new juvenile corrections center in milwaukee county. joyce: new at 6:00, pills kill. that's the lesson in a new campaign aimed at stopping drugged driving. >> here dose of reality, driving under the influence of prescription painkillers is just as illegal and just as deadly as driving drunk. joyce: that's part of the new public service announcement you'll soon see on the airwaves. according to the wisconsin department of transportation, 149 people were killed in drug-related crashes last year,
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the penalties for drugged driving are the same as drunk driving in wisconsin. creators of games like pokemon go will soon need permits for people to play their games in milwaukee county parks. a county board committee approved an ordinance requiring virtual reality game makers to get permits and pay a fee to incorporate park locations in their games. the move comes in response to complaints after thousands of people flooded lake park this summer to play pokemon go. the full board will vote on the ordinance next week. kathy: in summer time there. now we have to talk about just cold weather, we are tracking something else. joyce: we have snow in the forecast. mark: it will cause more trouble than last sunday's snow. when to expect a fresh coating of white next in weather watch 12. >> i am live in west allis. i will take you about the reward
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, step closer to opening its first wisconsin store. how the weather grounded the milestone the store hoped to reach today. announcer: get important local news wherever you are with wisn
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joyce: new at 6:00, we're just months away from the first von maur store in wisconsin. the department store is the anchor tenant of the new corners of brookfield development at barker and bluemound. the windy conditions today slowed the installation of von maur's signature cupolas. >> they are a signature for us. the lights at night offers a beautiful interior, wide open aisles, comfortable shopping for all of our customers. we are excited to open. joyce: the 150,000 square foot von maur store is scheduled to open in april. kathy: looking ahead, a major announcement from summerfest tomorrow. president and ceo don smiley is expected to reveal plans for a major renovation at maier festival park. no word on what it entails, but it's being billed as something that will improve the festival
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summerfest will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. joyce: happening now, the flame is about to be re-lit on the iconic gas building in downtown milwaukee. let's listen in. >> seven, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go. joyce: ok. there we go. very cool. picture from van buren and wisconsin where they're about to flip the switch. the original flame was first lighted in 1956. the building's new owners have also added new led lights to the highlight other causes, holidays, and celebrate sports teams' successes. kathy: that was very cool. joyce: i got a chill. all right, free chick-fil-a's for a year to the first 100 people in the door.
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the grand opening of the chick-fil-a at highway 100 and cleveland in west allis. weather watch 12 meteorologist lindsey slater is there. lindsey, are these people in line prepared? lindsey: i don't know if you can be prepared for something like this. that's the question, is free chicken worth the cold? some of the people have done this before. >> survive that's the word. , lindsey: it's going to take more than surviving to make it through this bitterly cold night ahead. blankets, a nice coat. >> i love chick fil-a. i love chicken. eat more chicken. lindsey: for some people, it's tradition. for others it's camaraderie that , keeps them coming out to events like this year after year to events like this. and a shot at getting a year of free chick-fil-a. it's not all bad because the franchise's owner david schiedt treats the crowd like family. >> so we're actually going to feed them throughout the day. we've got entertainment, a chance to use the warm bathrooms inside.
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>> you have to make sure you feel that digits. this is how it ends, right here. lindsey: again, the reward to waiting in this cold is a digital card loaded with free meals. so there's just a little under 12 hours to go. the wind is really picking up. it is hard to talk. my mouth is starting to hurt a little bit. right now, they have 72 people signed up for this. waiting in the cold. tonight will be the cold is of the season. mark, how cold will it feel? mark: you can see the tens lowing. it will be cold. the wind chills dropping down to near zero. some of you will go below zero tonight. it will be tough to take. we are not used to it yet. it was the coldest day we have seen in more than nine months in
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will continue for quite some time, and here's the kicker. this will feel warm what we have right now compared to what is coming next week. the wind chills are here already, then the true arctic air arrives towards tuesday and wednesday next week. i will be focusing on the week and snow potential. more on that in the second. there are some cool new lights on the milwaukee gas building. fun stuff. this is a live look from discovery world back into downtown milwaukee. 24 degrees currently, windchill of 11. everybody is cold, even without wind. the wind is strong, out of the west, and will continue at 10-20 with a gusts higher than that. it will continue into tomorrow and friday as. single digits in most spots are
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go down throughout the night. old crow at 46 degrees below zero. here is why it will get worse. let's take you into next week. we have this cold air making its way south into next week. it will be chilly. our next weather maker in terms of snow is saturday night into sunday. accumulation likely. how much is still up in the air. road temperatures are colder. temperatures will be colder than last sunday, and because of that, there will be slipsliding going on, and a once you to be ready saturday night into sunday. why haven't we put a number on here yet? we are three days out. weather changes a lot during that time. the storm track can make a huge difference. timing is not set yet, but it
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continuing into sunday. here's what i do know, i think we were all see accumulating snow saturday night and sunday. a few flurries possible tomorrow afternoon. 25 degrees on friday, 27 on saturday, snow developing later in the day and continuing saturday night. high temperatures sunday 32 degrees with snow likely. if you have travel plans saturday night and sunday, it will have impact, so be ready. the single digits. joyce: i will not be waiting for a free ticket in that weather. stephen is in for dan with sports now. more tough news on the packers' injury front. {dan/1-shot} stephen: the team will be without arguably their most productive player on defense for
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on track after blowing monday night's game against the spurs, hear what jabari parker thinks the team needs to do better, you're watching wisn 12 news. >> making sure your car makes it through winter. >> tomorrow on 12 news this morning the one thing you , probably have next to your seat that could save you hundreds of dollars, if you use it right. >> and we're in the ice box
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? stephen: another packers linebacker finds his way on the injury report. nick perry will not play against the seahawks on sunday after breaking several fingers on his left hand. he leads the team with eight sacks. perry hurt his hand on the eighth play of the game against the texans. after a quick trip to the locker room, perry came back out with a huge club on his hand and tried to play after halftime, but it was unsuccessful. he is out this week and there is no timetable for his return at this point. >> injuries are part of it. it is all part of your planning. i feel terrible for him. he is having his best season. he has had a setback.
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the same each and every week. stephen: the bucks continue their homestand tonight against another hot team from the west, the portland trail blazers. both them and the bucks have won four of the last five games. portland will be the seventh team with a winning record that the bucks face this season. milwaukee is just 1-5 against teams above .500. that lone win came against the cavaliers last week. on monday night, milwaukee blew a 13-point halftime lead against the spurs, but they are confident they can hang with any team in the league. >> away, like when we played golden state. they were up, but we did not execute, so it is just little things like offense of rebounds that we need to eliminate, get it stopped, find an easy way to get a basket when it is crunch time. stephen: over the past decade, the badger basketball team is 98-5 at home against unranked non-conference opponents. three of those losses came last season. they hope to avoid another
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-- idaho state. the bengals are just 1-7 this season, so you would expect the badgers to have little trouble, especially since they've won three straight and are averaging 87 points in that span, but wisconsin knows this could be a trap game. >> they're fast. they're athletic. they're going to try to pressure us. they have a great coach. they have a really good point guard. telfair, i think. we're going to really have to be ready to play soef toubted quarterback malik zaire reportedly took an official visit to wisconsin today. the dual threat q.b. left notre dame and is looking to transfer with one full year of eligibility left. he's considering florida, michigan state, and north carolina, very similar to russell wilson the couple of years ago. joyce: russell wilson worked out ok. mark: the weather not necessarily working out. people not so excited about the
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is all of a sudden here. it came in with a vengeance and will not go anywhere anytime soon. this evening, 20's, teens, windchills around zero in the morning. kathy: our next news is at
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you can't hide from us, prince harry. we know all about your overnight date with your hollywood girlfriend. how he tricked the prying paparazzi. >> this was something out of a spy movie. >> then brad pitt fights back in court. how he's sending a message to angelina tonight. >> plus our night out with emma stone and ryan gosling. we flashback to the "la la land" stars' singing and dancing past. >> my uncle was an elvis impersonator. >> inside the real housewives' outrageous closet. >> a wall of shoes. 150 handbags. >> there is a champagne door bell. >> wait a minute. back it up.


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