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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  December 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CST

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tim: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," changing -- three murders in milwaukee overnight and what we are learning about the victims and the kids that ran to hide. melinda: plus, it's the coldest morning of the season, but that's not stopping dozens of people from camping out here in southeast wisconsin. the big prize they're hoping to earn. tim: and flurries were spotted across parts of the area overnight. here's some new video of flakes flying in west allis. we're tracking when even more snow is possible. good morning and welcome to
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it's 5:30 this thursday, december 8th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is filling in for sally this morning. good morning, jeremy. jeremy: we have plenty of cold across southeast wisconsin. we have snow showers running. there is a chance for a light dusting of the snow. it is windy out there and just blowing bigger story is the cold this morning. you are going to feel the british prime minister. single digit above zero windchills. downtown milwaukee only feels like 8 degrees. we have a temperature around midday with the flurries of 24 degrees. it is not going to feel like that. the winds are 12-22 miles per hour.
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in the weekend forecast. first matt hit the roads. any snowflakes out there? >> we are travelling to the west, no flurries at this point. no problems on the reports no. reports of slick areas at this point. the volume is light. winds are blowing. everything is in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: right now we're following breaking news. three murders in milwaukee overnight. this happens this morning near 107th and appleton. we are going to hillary for the latest on this case. hillary?
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neighbor heard screams and gunshots, called 911 and when the police arrived to the home they found a man and a woman dead inside of a bedroom that were shot a number of times and hiding in the home, two children who were not physically hurt. they hid when they heard the gunshots. the police are loo did this and why. it is a very much an active scene and active investigation. there is a whole area here of 107th and appleton taped off here. and they seem to focus the efforts at a home where the porch lights are on. one thenning we don't know is the relationship between the man and woman and the children. we do expect to learn more as
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>> a car crash and a murder in a different neighborhood. this is 36th and thurston. police say a man from out of state was shot and killed late last night. it appears he crashed his car into a house after being shot. police are trying to figure out who is responsible for the shooting. tim: looking ahead to a big announcement about the future of downtown milwaukee. later today, b-mo harris bank is expected to announce a new office building that will change e our partners at biz times are reporting that the 25 story office tower will be next to the current b-mo harris building on water street. there's a parking garage there now. we expect to learn even more about the building later this morning. melinda: also later today, changes coming to summerfest. major renovations to henry maier festival park. summerfest's president and ceo is announcing new features coming to the festival in the coming years.
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to make the big gig even bigger. 2017 marks 50 years for summerfest. so far, only two headliners have been announced, pink and the red hot chili peppers. tim: new from overnight, doing whatever it takes to score some free chicken. right now dozens of people are waking up outside the new chick-fil-a restaurant in west allis. the business is located near highway 100 and cleveland avenue. the grand open something hour from now. the first 100 people through the doors will get a year's worth of free meals. that is why they are lined up overnight. our crew stopped by early this morning to see how campers are braving the flurries and cold temperatures. >> i just got my nice blanket here. i actually got here late so i didn't get to grab much, but i'm still going to deal with it. >> i'm pacing trying to keep warm. just trying to enjoy these 52 free combo meals because i love chicken. eat more chicken.
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packets, you name it. >> he loves chicken. tim: you can't argue with that. are there a hundred people in line? is a guy going to walk up for breakfast and getting a year's worth free and didn't know it is happening. >> you don't know. they have been in line for 24 hours. >> and it is cold. >> a statute comes crashing down. >> what happens before the statute fell on to a car and how it survived without a scratch. >> a front lawn turns into a
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oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. and don't forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. >> good morning. 5:39. we take a live look outside. a couple of flurries down by discovery world. no accumulations in the area. check out the temperatures, it is 7 degrees below zero, that is
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low 20s in milwaukee. they are not feeling so good with the windchills in the single digits above zero. dress warm. the flurries are sticking around for the entire day. we may touch 27 this afternoon. we talk about the weekend snow coming up. >> jeremy, thank you. melinda: a statue comes crashing down right on top of a car. tim: that car had hit the statue of christopher columbus in pittston, pennsylvania. people in the city are calling it unbelievabl police say the car drove over the curb, smashed into a fence and then the base of the statue. christopher columbus fell over and smashed the car's back window. the driver is in the hospital this morning. the statue, amazingly, was not damaged. tim: a real-life grinch strikes in missouri. melinda: the suspect targeted an inflatable frosty the snowman. take a look at this. the attack was caught on surveillance camera.
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and then stabbed the snowman. who does that, really? the homeowner says he's disappointed that someone targeted his christmas decorations. he started a gofundme page to pay for frosty's medical expenses and he's planning to -- look at him. >> he's mad. >> i don't know why though. it is not a real thing. >> hopefully duct tape will fix him up. melinda: how much would you pay for a rock? tim: how about $85? a lot of people are paying that. nordstrom has sold out of its rocks wrapped in leather. there's even a smaller version that's also sold out. it sells for 65 bucks. a steal. nordstrom calls the rock, a smooth los angeles-area stone wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned american
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the store hasn't said if they'll restock in time for christmas. >> so you are paying for the leather. >> yes. i bet people are stoiching for their rocks thit at this time. investigators are starting over after a murder suspect turns out to be innocent. melinda: the evidence that made prosecutors drop charges against a detroit man and what they're doing to find the real suspect who killed a police officer. tim: plus, a state divided. whwm state want to split the state in two and why experts say that plan could be doomed to fail.
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>> bitter cold is gripping southeast wisconsin is this morning. the windchills in the single digits. and a few snow flurrieses and snow showers sweeping across the southern portions of the state. the flurries right now in waukesha. it is 19 degrees. we talk about the snow for the weekend. you may need to get the shovels out.
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>> it is not stick to the pavement. if you are headed out the door, no worries. the construction is picked up. looking good in all of the directions at this point. right now the travel times are all in the green... i will jump in the chopper and check back coming up. back to >> matt, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a detroit man is out of jail and all charges against him have been dropped. he was a suspect in a shooting that killed a police officer, but police say he's no longer a suspect and they're still searching for the shooter. a wayne state university officer was shot and killed last month while patrolling campus. police quickly arrested deangelo davis. he spent 14 days behind bars and was charged with murder. >> are you mad at anyone for
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>> so all murder charges against deangelo davis will be dismissed today. he is no longer a suspect at this time. melinda: investigators realized their mistake after surveillance video showed davis was at a local business when the shooting happened. now police are searching for the real killer. tim: right now, police in south carolina are searching for a suspect who stabbed an officer. it happened inside a walmart store in columbia late last night. the officer was responding to a shoplifting call at the time. she is expected to be okay. overnight police used helicopters to search for the suspect. >> many of the people killed in the oakland warehouse fire never had a chance. they say people on the second floor did not know there was a fire on the first floor until the fire was well underway. the smoke went up the stairwells
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fire officials say a refrigerator or another appliance might have started the fire but they're not certain. melinda: in tennessee, two teenagers are accused of starting the fatal fires in the great smoky mountains national park. those fires killed 14 people and wiped out entire neighborhoods. the two are charged with aggravated arson. officials haven't said how old the suspects are. they say they could face additional charges and could be tried as adults. melinda: country superstar dolly parton is helping people affected by those fires. she's planning a telethon benefiting the fire victims. it will air tuesday on great american country. parton, reba mcentire, kenny roge parton grew up in the area and now owns the dollywood resort there. tim: a suspect leads airport security on a wild chase across the tarmac. the man was waiting for a flight at the san francisco airport when he took off running and ended up on the tarmac. officers tried to corral him with vehicles and almost hit the man a few times. but he dodged out of the way. it's not clear how he got onto
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officials say he may have jumped over a barbed wire fence and then jumped from an upper level down onto the ground, that's a 30-foot drop. others passengers were stunned. >> who survives that type of thing? >> someone who is crazy and has no fear. tim: airport officials say this all began when the man started acting erratically. southwest employees called for security. they say he may have been on drugs. melinda: new this morning, students in chile are getting free laptopsnd access. the computers are being handed out to every student in public school. chile's president kicked off the program in santiago yesterday. it's part of a campaign called connecting to learn. the kids will get the laptop along with one year of free internet access. get on the computer. get a movie. stay inside. >> is that your suggestion for the day?
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for the weekend. cold in store. a couple of snowflakes this morning. by this weekend, well, dint story. we have the potential for accumulation of snow in the forecast. today mainly cold outside. a couple of snowflakes in the wind out there. flurries on and off throughout the day. the winds are 12-22 miles per hour and keeping the feels-like temperature in the single digits to around 10 degrees. we have a flurries if you focus in here, you are seeing them drifting through. it is 20 degrees. a brisk wind close to 15 miles per hour. it is the wind, 10-20, locally higher gusts and mushes the windchills down into the single digits. this is the coldest below
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we are talking about the snow potential for the weekend a. couple of flurries around today and friday no. accumulation. a different story for saturday and sunday. at least the potential is there for some accumulating snow. on saturday at noon good travel. going up to madison mid afternoon the snow will be developing. it is holding off until l southeast wisconsin. this may be part one of a potentially two-part storm system. part two later on sunday and monday and more snow accumulation. we want to watch how that develops. cold blast for middle of next week. highs by the middle of next week stuck in the teens. so now to a winter looking feel
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snow on saturday and sunday. more snow showers possible and monday. another round of the snow with the arctic front on tuesday. wednesday high of 15. melind: protesters who are fighting against a pipeline in north dakota have a new opponent, winter weather. some protesters who had been camping out for months left this week as temperatures dropped and snow fell. a casino near the protest became a makeshift shelter for hundreds of people. >> it was an extraordinary event this past few days, it was life-threatening that's why we took the measures we did to make sure people were warm, that they had someplace to go. melinda: many protesters say they aren't giving up even though the conditions are dangerous. north dakota's governor has ordered protesters to leave the campsite by monday because of the harsh weather. tim: new this morning, a movement to make eastern washington the 51st state.
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they want to call the new state liberty. one rep says the cultures and lifestyles are dramatically different in the two halves of washington. critics say the plan isn't realistic. even if it got approved by state and federal governments, eastern washington couldn't pay for schools roads and other services. washington residents say they've heard this suggestion before. >> i always find it fascinating that this resurfaces from time to time, but no, i wouldn't support it and don't even think it's even a realistic possibility. tim: experts say the proposal comes up often in washington and in oregon. melinda: an oregon couple returned to the site of their first date, a mountain in the cascades. mount bachelor is where justin coats got down on one knee and proposed. they went for an early-morning hike after a fresh snowfall. cassie foster says she didn't see it coming. >> he started to getting down on
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kidding and i thought he was joking and than he pulled the ring out of his pocket and i was like, oh that's real. melinda: her fiance says he wanted to propose while dog something they enjoy in a spot that they'll return to often. now they're beginning to plan a wedding set for late next year. >> it is mount bachelor. tim: if you visit the milwaukee county zoo, you'll like this. the zoo will n b study by uw milwaukee, the zoo is estimated to have a $155 million impact on milwaukee, ozaukee, washington, and waukesha counties. the zoo says that total number represents money entering the local economy in 2016. there were an estimated 600 thousand visitors from outside the milwaukee area during the year. >> we're surrounded by a major construction project with the zoo interchange, and we don't want that to be a disadvantage
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it's still the same price, still a great value for all our visitors. tim: a similar study took place in 2006. this year's study shows the zoo's economic impact jumped nearly 25 percent from a decade ago. good news there. wisn 12 news time is 5:55. new in the skies above wisconsin. >> why a pair of fighter jets are on the way. >> plus, debating the cost of education. >> plus, we want to make sure your car makes it through the winter, the one thing you may have that could save you hundreds of dollars.
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." right now, people are starting to file inside of a new restaurant in west allis. >> cleveland. it is opening in two minutes at 6:00 a.m., the first one people will get free meals for a free. the people have been camping out. i guess your photographer is inside. >> who knows. very nice. we'll continue to watch that for you and let you know what is
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>> the irs is saying some tax refunds could be delayed this year. it is required to hold the checks until at least mid february. the date change is aimed to battle the tax refund fraud and identity theft. be aware of the changes for your planning purposes. >> delta airlines could be bringing back a perk, how about free food. they are giving hot meals to the right now they are testing it between new york city and the west coast. united brought back the limited food back to coach and followed by american and delta. >> starbucks is going to add 12,000 locations over the next five years. the plan is to boost the revenues, including one thousand starbucks reserve stores
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food. >> we have one two blocks away and 1 across the street from my apartment. they are everywhere. >> it is 6:00. the news continues right now. >> tim: good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, thursday, december 8th. breaking news, three homicides in milwaukee and what we are learning. >> plus, making sure your car is getting through a wisconsin winter, the thing to grab before headed to the roads this weekend. >> we are on track and weather watch and matt is on deck, and we beginning with jeremy nelson. good morning, jeremy. jeremy: the windchills this morning you are going to feel they will.


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