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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> i think he was surprised we were there. joyce: police use new technology to catch a runaway driver. only wisn 12 news has video of the new tool in action. and, a surprise found in a salvation army kettle. the big donation from just a single coin. we begin with breaking news tonight. with a few days to spare, the recount in milwaukee county is finished. christina palladino joins us from the newsroom with the latest information. christina: muk wrapped up this evening. and you can see a live look at waukesha county, where collection workers are still recounting the ballots there. about 80% of counties in the state are now in. the deadline is monday december 12. in the first count, president-elect donald trump won wisconsin by about 22,000 votes, becoming the first republican presidential candidate to win the state since 1984. the recount was requested by green party candidate jill stein. in earlier updates, few votes
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final results of milwaukee county's recount will be filed with the wisconsin election commission some time tomorrow. election officials will begin the final vote tabulation in the morning. joyce: thank you. according to the latest information from the wisconsin elections commission, 48 of the 72 counties in wisconsin are finished. some of the big counties that still need to finish are racine, dane, sheboygan, waukesha and kenosha. cutting down on police chases and taking suspects into custody by using technology. police, thanks to star chase, a gps monitoring device outfitted on police vehicles. only on wisn 12 news, ben hutchison shows us new dash cam video of star chase in action. >> surveillance video shows milwaukee police officers attempting to pull over a black car near 16th and capitol tuesday night for speeding and reckless driving.
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were able to adhere the gps tracking to the car. >> if you blink, you might miss it. take a closer look. the device is shot from the front of the police car hitting the sedan. once it sticks to the target officers are able to track the , suspect's location. >> it enabled us to follow the vehicle, even though the vehicle did not know we were there, and >> the man was taken into custody on congress street. police found drugs and a large amount of cash inside. the element of surprise, an added bonus. >> it helped us to do our jobs. >> it makes you look forward to catching these guys to the end of the day, taking them to jail, taking their drugs, taking anything they have. >> in milwaukee, ben hutchison,
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since getting star chase last spring it's been used , successfully more than 150 times. bundle up. hats and gloves are a necessity as temperatures continue to drop. the strong winds only made matters worse. mark is tracking the temperatures, and the snow, headed our way. mark: we have a lot to talk about with our weather. let's focus first on the cold. it is still chilly, wind chill as low as eight in waukesha. it is not as windy, but still as y teens. tonight, it is all about the base as we bring the snow down. temperatures into the 20's. it is cool, and then that big focus will be what is to come. that is this weekend, a couple of rounds of snow that may be one big round of snow. i will explain what i mean, coming up and whether -- in
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weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. four people dead in milwaukee at three different crime scenes. they all happened overnight. in one of the cases, milwaukee police say a man and a woman were shot and killed in their half of a duplex, and two children were found hiding in a closet. it happened near appleton and florist. a 36-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman are dead. police are investigating, trying to learn how the shooter got into the home. police also haven't said how the children are related to the two victims. two bankers charged in an elaborate check writing scheme worth nearly $400,000. according to a criminal complaint, tony tourtillott and anna chaberek worked at separate credit unions in waukesha county, but worked together to steal the money. she would use checks from the enterprise credit union where she worked, and he would cash them at the focus credit union where he worked. the complaint says this happened most every monday, wednesday, and friday. the two would use the money to buy percocet, a narcotic pain reliever. if convicted, each faces a
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earth has died. john glenn was a war hero, after not and u.s. senator. ,>> godspeed, john glenn. >> zero g, and i feel fine. capsule is turning around. oh, that view is tremendous. joyce: at 95-years-old, glenn was the last surviving member of the original mercury seven astronauts. at the height of the space race, john glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. glenn also was a u.s. senator from ohio for 24 years. returned to space aboard the space shuttle discovery. the mission was to study weightlessness on the elderly. >> one thing i promised the day we were married, in addition to our wedding vows of course, was i would do everything i could to keep life from being born in. joyce: he is survived by his wife. astronaut mark kelly tweeted,
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with real guts. he inspired the nation with his courage and dedication to public service. godspeed, john glenn." president elect donald trump tweeted, "today we lost a great pioneer of air and space in john glenn. he was a hero and inspired generations of future explorers. he will be missed." donald trump will be coming to west allis next week. it's part of his thank you tour. he'll be at the wisconsin-state fair expo center tuesday night. vice president elect mike pence will be with him. he's been focusing on battleground states like ohio , iowa, and now, wisconsin. get ready for a new look at summerfest. u.s. cellular stage will come down in 2018 and be replaced by this. this is a new space that will seat 9,000 people, complete with a backstage loft where you can meet and greet the artists. the stage offers charging stations for your phone. plus -- >> it will feature a 25-foot led video screen the largest video , screen on the festival grounds. {sot full}
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backwards. joyce: the new stage is another way summerfest strives to compete with the best venues worldwide. again, this will be ready for 2018, but summerfest next year. its 50th anniversary year, runs from june 28 through july 9. the cold is here, and the snow is close behind. mark's watching it from the weather center. mark: there are a few tweaks to the weekend forecast. the latest on the timing of rounds one and two next in weather watch 12. >> every year there is something that may come in that is a little unexpected. joyce: some unusual pocket just how much that one coin is worth. and a local daycare center , flooded with sewage. the clean-up that could wipe out the small business. and a kitten shrink-wrapped to a
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joyce: breaking news a serious accident and oconomowoc. 12 news crews just fed back video from the scene. ben hutchison is there and says the only information so far is that one person was airlifted to a hospital after a car crashed into a house. emergency crews are about to leave the scene and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. an interstate pile up in pennsylvania today. take a look. the crash involved at least 13 vehicles, including semis. interstate 90, south of erie, was shut down for several hours today. as many as 15 people were hurt and sent to area hospitals.
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make phone calls when you fly? the department of transportation is proposing that airlines allow their their passengers to make phone calls during flights, if they do so using wifi. even though flight attendants and others have gone on record saying the calls could be disruptive. the proposal is open for public comment for at least 60 days. the widespread search for a suspected cop killer in georgia is over. two officers were fatally shot, responding to a domestic dispute wednesday morning. tonight police confirm they , found the suspect, manguell lembrek, dead inde >> in this case, he has comitted suicide. but he was a very dangerous individual. he was a convicted felon and he had a criminal history record of 32 pages. joyce: police say lembrek was already wanted on kidnapping charges when officers answered the domestic call. families are scrambling to find childcare after sewage backs up into a port washington day care. >> i need to be up and running or everything i've done for the
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joyce: crews are ripping out the floors at julie younger's kid port child care center after sewage suddenly started pouring in through drains on monday. parents of the 50 children enrolled there have had to find other child care since then. >> what am i going to do? i'm a full-time student with two kids and two jobs. yes, it's hard. joyce: the city says crews found a coupling in a sewer line that may be to blame. the city is denying responsibility, and younger's insurance won't cover the whole cost of repairs. she's hoping to reopen soon and may pursue legal action to recoup costs. the v.a. hospital in tomah finds itself under federal investigation, again. wisconsin senator ron johnson and his colleague, charles grassley of iowa, sent a letter to the v.a. secretary, asking him to investigate after a dentist at the facility failed to properly sterilize his instruments. the tomah v.a. sent letters to 592 veterans, asking them to
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the dentist resigned last week. the tomah v.a. has been under a separate federal investigation after former marine, 35-year-old jason simcakoski, died of an overdose after being over-prescribed painkillers in 2014. we are getting a better idea of what the new bmo harris headquarters will look like. the company plans to build the 25-story office tower at water and wells, where the bank's parking structure currently stands. these are artist renderings of what the new building will look like. construction on the $137-million project will begin next summer with the demolition of the parking structur the new tower is expected to open in late 2019. >> i grew up here. it was a big deal to everybody at bmo that when we bought m and i, we would stay true to the traditions m and i had. and we've tried to, and that's in large part due to all the people in this room from bmo. so i'm very happy for milwaukee. i'm particularly happy for our employees that are not going to
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bank and a great building and is moving to another great building. joyce: some 700 workers from the current building, and 175 employees from bmo's office on kilbourn, will move into the new building. the downtown law firm michael best and friedrich also plans to move into the tower. an early gift for the salvation army in waukesha county. a rare, gold south african coin was found in a red kettle. the salvation army says the kruggerand was given anonymously on saturday at the mukwonago wal-mart. it's estimated to be worth close to $1200. donations have been down significantly this year for the salvation army, so they're thrilled with this generosity. >> it's very special and it is important to us because right now we are running behind in our kettles by about $25,000 so we have a long ways to go. ,joyce: the salvation army says they may auction off the 1978 coin, which would help bring in even more money to meet their goals this year. and now, on the other end of the spectrum, the christmas spirit
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video of a man getting out of pick up truck. he slices the giant inflatable frosty the snowman with a knife, then tries to cut the rope. he gives up and runs off. the homeowner patched up frosty, but is still annoyed by what he calls silly vandalism. the world's tallest animals are on the brink of silent extinction. according to the international union for conservation of nature, the population of wild giraffes has plunged dramatically over the last 30 years by more than 40%. the report found that there were 163,000 giraffes in 1985. in 2015, there were a little more than 97,000. giraffes are now rated as vulnerable on the official watch list of threatened and endangered species worldwide. the feathers of an actual extinct animal have been found. they were preserved in amber for the last 99 million years. here is a picture through a microscope. a chinese paleontologist found it at an amber market in china. the person selling it had no
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the feathers prove not all dinosaurs had scales. as for the dinosaur the feathers came from, scientists think it was the size of a sparrow that could fit in the palm of your hand. amazing. some important christmas deadlines are coming up. if you are mailing presents, the u.s. postal service deadline is december 15 for standard post. you have a little more time if you do first-class mail. that deadline is december 20. the 21st for priority mail. and, december 23 for priority mail express. you can find all this information on a few tweaks to the weekend snow forecast. mark, you are narrowing in on the timing for round two. mark: and round one and round two might get really close together. this may end up being a long duration light to moderate snow. round one still moving in saturday evening. that will continue into saturday night. round the two will start earlier
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snow saturday night, slippery around here, snowing again on sunday. possibly monday morning as well. then a certainty as the cold air will come next week, so just be ready. think this is cold? this is nothing. let's focus first on tomorrow. a quiet day, some passing flurries, much like today and right now. this is our next no wyoming and colorado, just getting its act together right now. we have flurries across the state. lake effect snow machine is kicking in and some areas, picking up more than one foot of snow. saturday at noon, future cast, here is 5:00. i think the snow will hold off until the evening saturday. if you have plans during the day, i think you are ok.
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steady snow throughout the night. all of a sudden, here comes the next round. this is noon on sunday. this may end up being one same similar snow that continues hour after hour after hour. here is 7:00 on sunday. second round, the heavier focus will be in our southern counties, then areas and he amounts expected in our northern counties as this system will stay south, but nonetheless, a fair amount of snow for everyone. this is round one, saturday night, 2-4 inches of snow across southeastern wisconsin. round two, an additional 2-4 inches of snow, 4-8 for the weekend is a fair amount of snow. be ready. it will not, as an all out assault, it will last a long
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sunday night, possibly monday morning. travel will be impacted by air or on the ground. here is that snow impact for your timing around one saturday night, 2-4 inches expected, some slippery roads. round the two sunday into possibly monday morning, confidence is not as great in this. there are still some questions on how this will play out and where the storm track will be come a but i want you to be days, but especially starting saturday evening and continuing into sunday, possibly monday morning. here is your weather watch 12 week ahead, quiet day friday, quiet for most of saturday. here comes the snow saturday night, continues into sunday, may be a tiny break sunday morning, then snow all day, possibly into monday morning, then it should quiet down a
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temperatures falling during the day, a couple of snow showers as the front comes racing through. 12 for a high on wednesday, and that might be on the high side. ninenine for a high on thursdayh a fresh no pack, temperatures likely to fall below zero for many nights in a row. joyce: a lot of people, kids esci snow. thank you, mark. tonight's holiday lights take us to 16th and holt avenue in milwaukee. every square inch is covered in lights. from the l.e.d.'s in the trees, to the icicle lights around the frame of the house. if you see a holiday lights display you think we should highlight, send us an email with the address. then watch 12 news at 10:00, monday through friday, for more colorful displays. you may not be getting the deal you think you are when you go shopping. coming up, a lawsuit targeting four major retailers. what they are accused of doing to the price tags. and, have you ever heard of a seeing eye camel?
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environment. we are looking forward to it, and we have to be tough-minded. we want a tough environment to we look forward to those situations. i'm hoping it is snowing, a downpour of snow, so that will be great. stephanie: the former badgers and seahawks starting quarterback russell wilson at his weekly press conference, and perhaps wilson will have more to consider when he comes to lambeau field on sunday. that is because clay matthews was not supposed to practice today for the packers, but after a discussion with head coach mike mccarthy, he was on the practice field, although on a limited basis. matthews says his damaged shoulder is feeling stronger. he was shut out in the game on the stat sheet verses the texans, basically playing with one arm, but he does not see that happening again. >> i mean it was my decision to go out last weekend.
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pants being a short week, so i was encouraged by getting the range of motion back. after the first three place, it was not where i was at, so we stuck to pass situations where hopefully i can do something, but even in that role, i was still limited. i did not set myself back, which i think is a positive coming out of the game. you have to be smart, but at the same it's moving in the direction. hopefully that is good news. stephanie: meanwhile, the nfc west leading seahawks have their own injury issues, the biggest being the lack of safety earl thomas, who broke his leg last week and was replaced by steven terrell, who gave up a bomb touchdown before settling in against carolina. >> i prepared for that. you're always think he's going to take shots deep. teams are going to do what they
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the field, and he has done that against us in years past, so you always have to expect about. stephanie: and in baseball news, the brewers lose a top prospect in today's rule five draft. 22-year-old right-hand pitcher miguel diaz was taken by the twins, who had a pre-arranged deal to trade him to the padres. coming up in our second half hour, the 1-94 rivalry is this weekend, renewed between marquette and wisconsin. why the badgers are feeling confidenad saturday's game. joyce: we will see you then. thanks. he was the first american to orbit the earth, and is being remembered as a hero. >> i guess i have looked at my whole life is being service to my country. joyce: up next, we look back at the extraordinary life and career of former astronaut john glenn. plus, this kitten's amazing survival story. wait until you hear how he was accidentally shrink wrapped and
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starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. joyce: he was one of the original mercury astronauts, the first american to orbit the earth and a u.s. senator for
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abc's karen travers looks back at his extraordinary life. >> as a statesman, fighter pilot, and astronaut, john glenn had a knack for being at the right place at the right time, with the right stuff. >> i guess i've looked at my whole life as being of service to my country. >> the son of a plumber and schoolteacher, glenn was born and raised in ohio, where he met and married his childhood sweetheart, annie. in 1942, he quit college for the military, and as a highly-decorated marine pilot, flew dozens of missions in the flew dozens of missions in the pacific during world war two. in the korean war, his co-pilot was baseball legend ted williams. >> as the as cannot prepares for spaceflight. >> -- as the astronaut repairs for spaceflight. >> after years as a test pilot, glenn was selected in 1959 to be one of nasa's original seven mercury astronauts. he became the first american to orbit the earth. >> oh, that view is tremendous. >> despite technical problems aboard friendship 7, glenn made three orbits and landed safely.


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