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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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at and make it a great friday and a better tim: overnight a deputy in sheboygan county trapped in her vehicle after a crash. what we're learning about the crash and where it tied up traffic early this morning. melinda: and summerfest set to make another announcement today. the details we learned overnight about who's joining the lineup at the big gig next summer. tim: plus, a cold start this morning. there's snow in the forecast when you may see flakes start to fall in your area. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. ben has the day off. it's 4:30 on this friday, december 9th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center.
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snow is in the forecast. there is clearing across the southeast corner of the state. snow showers near janesville and madison. this is the rock sports complex. 21 degrees in franklin. now much wind to speak of there. the winds are a little lighter today but brisk by the midday. the temperatures in the mid 20s. the average high is 35 to see this, i updated the snow forecast, maybe a little higher than you are thinking. >> thank you, jeremy. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. melinda: new from overnight, a sheboygan county deputy involved in a crash along i-43 near county highway pp. that's between sheboygan and kohler. the interstate was closed for about two hours early this morning while emergency crews worked to clear the scene.
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trapped in her cruiser but responders were able to get her out. tim: looking ahead, addressing concerns about milwaukee's water safety. the city's water quality task force is meeting later today. they'll talk about how to pay for new pipes so they can replace the old ones that are made of lead. officials will be taking comments from the public at the meeting. it starts at nine this morning at city hall. tim: new from overnight, all signs point to another big name is set to perform at summerfest. ?? overnight tom petty and the heartbreakers announced a new tour with two dates at summerfest. according to the band's website they'll play at the marcus amphitheater july 5th and 6th. summerfest hasn't officially made the announcement yet,
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tweeted out this image with the words "there's something good waitin' down this road." those are tom petty lyrics. >> cant wait for that. melinda: a milwaukee man apologizes in court for his role in the death of five-year old laylah petersen. the little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap when a bullet flew into the house two years ago and killed her. police say the gunmen meant to attack a rival but hit the wrong house. yesterday a judge sentenced arlis gordon to 30 years behind supervision. >> i would like to give my condolences to the family and the friends of laylah petersen, not only because of the tragic incident but because i, too, know the feeling of losing a loved-one close to me. melinda: gordon is the third man sentenced in the crime. the other shooter, carl barrett, was sentenced to 65 years in prison just last week. paul farr, the getaway driver, received five years probation.
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worth nearly $400,000. according to a criminal complaint, tony tourtillott and anna chaberek worked at separate credit unions in waukesha county but worked together to steal the money. she would use checks from the enterprise credit union where she worked and he would cash them at the focus credit union where he worked. the complaint says this happened most every monday, wednesday, and friday and the two would use the money to buy percocet, a narcotic pain reliever. if convicted, each faces up to 40 years in prison. melinda: a green bay man working to remove the city's mayor from office. he claims mayor jim schmitt should have been removed as soon was he was convicted of violating campaign finance laws. >> i'm hoping the judge let me down. melinda: he's filed a petition to have the mayor removed. it needs support from 75 percent
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authority to remove schmitt from office since the violations happened during the campaign not during his term. tim: students at several uw schools will pay more for tuition next school year. the board of regents has approved a tuition hike for out-of-state undergrads and graduate students. the campuses affected include madison, milwaukee, eau claire, la crosse, green bay, and stout, plus all the two-year schools. students at uw-madison will see the biggest increase, $4,000 a year. the schools say they need the extra money because of the governor's four-year freeze on in-state undergraduate tuition. melinda: some important christmas deadlines are coming up. if you are mailing presents, the us postal service deadline is december 15th for standard post. you have a little more time if you do first class mail. that deadline is december 20th. the 21st for priority mail and december 23rd for priority mail express. tim: right now, sharing holiday
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this is 16th and holt avenue in milwaukee. so pretty. every square inch is covered in lights. from the led's in the trees, to the icicle lights around the frame of the house. if you see a holiday lights display you think we should highlight, send us an email with the address. then watch 12 news at ten monday through friday for more colorful displays. >> that's a good spirit with that. 54:36. tim: wisn 12 news time is a disappearing shipwreck. melinda: the world war two wrecks that are causing some serious confusion this morning decades after the ships sank. why the wreckage is sparking an international investigation. tim: plus, a series of powerful earthquakes. the areas they hit including right here in the us and the damage that's been done this
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>> happy friday morning. you are watching "wisn 12 news this morning." we scan the horizon right now, all is quiet across southeast wisconsin. the forecast for today, maybe a little sunshine.
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cloed, the mid 20s. the wines are lighter to the west 8-16. for the weekend forecast, this is critical if you are travelling, snow saturday evening. long duration light snow through sunday and the cold is really hitting us next week. we have more details and how much snow for the wnt and how cold next weekend. melinda: new this morning, a head-on crash caught on camera. tim: a tow truck and a car collided in pensacola, florida. state troopers say the tow truck crossed the center line. a van managed to veer out of the way but a trailer behind that van clipped the truck. that sent the tow truck even farther into the opposing lane and then crashing into a car. the driver of the truck and the car are both in the hospital this morning. tim: a crash in north carolina sends tons of food onto the highway.
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macaroni and cheese and more. two lanes of the interstate had to be closed near charlotte whoa! that is a lot of mac and cheese. while crews cleared the scene. it took around seven hours to get the road clear. see the little blue boxes of the kraft. state troopers say the driver may have fallen asleep and then sideswiped a car parked along the shoulder. the truck driver has been cited for reckless driving. melinda: also new this morning, three shipwrecks disappear from the oc they sank. tim: the dutch government is pushing for an investigation into where they went. a dutch warship along with a british ship and an american submarine sank off the coast of indonesia during world war two. recently, divers discovered that the wreckage is no longer there. indonesian officials are baffled. they're working to find out what happened to the shipwrecks.
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they'll pop up some where. 4:41. still ahead, a woman accused of identity theft. melinda: the problem, the card belonged to her. the misunderstanding that put her face on a wanted poster. tim: plus, undoing the damage. done by package thieves. the police officers who took matters into their own hands and delivered the mail.
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>> we are scanning the skies reekt now right now and all is quiet. th lower 20s in the city. 23 milwaukee. breeze at 10. still that windchill out there, it is feeling cold with the single digits in some of the locations. we have the cold in place, snow on the way for the weekend. we go over just how much we are expecting coming up. >> jeremy, thank you.
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remembering an american pioneer. john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth, has died at age 95. the former astronaut had been in an ohio hospital for more than a week. the cause of his death has not been released. in 1962, glenn orbited the earth three times. he later served as a senator representing ohio for 24 years, melinda: american leaders are honoring glenn including president-elect trump. he tweeted out this message calling glenn a hero who inspired generations of future explorers. working to identify the victims of a plane crash in pakistan. 47 people died in the crash. yesterday, their remains were taken to islamabad where dna testing will help identify the victims. the plane was traveling from a city in the mountains to islamabad when it crashed on wednesday. everyone on board was killed. melinda: new this morning, police have released new video that could help identify the suspect who killed a police officer. officials believe this person
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earlier this week, charges were dropped against one man after surveillance video proved he was not at the scene of the crime. tim: right now, rescue crews in indonesia are searching through rubble after an earthquake. they're looking for survivors and the remains of victims. more than 100 people are confirmed dead after the 6.5 magnitude earthquake. hundreds of buildings were destroyed in the quake which hit just before dawn on wednesday. melinda: a 6.5 earthquake hit off the coast of california but there are no reports of injuries or damage. the us geological survey says the quake hit early thursday morning about 100 miles off the california coast. people in the town of ferndale felt shaking. >> i just thought (inaudible) was shaking. >> yes, i felt the earthquake in eureka. it was long, it kind of rolled, but it was long. melinda: again, no damage reported after the earthquake, but san francisco's public transit system did slow down yesterday as a precaution. melinda: an earthquake triggers
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right now, those tsunami warnings have been canceled. a powerful earthquake shook the islands in the south pacific. the 7.8 magnitude quake hit early this morning. more than 500,000 people live on the solomon islands. they took to higher ground while those warning were in effect. tim: new this morning, a pair of conjoined twins successfully separated. the two-year-old girls were joined at the sternum down to the pelvis. a team of surgeons in california carefully planned out the 50 different specialists helped carry out the operation. their parents knew it would be a difficult operation but the girls' organs were beginning to suffer because of their connection. >> i want to go chasing after one this way and go chasing after the other, that is something i look forward to doing. tim: this morning, the twins are recovering from the operation. they're both in stable condition and doing well. that is amazing when they do
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con joined at the head. >> here at home. brr. that is all. >> yes. the shocker will be seeing how much snow we are expecting overthe weekend. >> maybe 8 inches? >> oh, i don't know. maybe. we'll see. >> that is his prediction. >> yeah, i know. we'll talk about it. it is not a we'll talk about the changes ahead. the cold is in place and cold enough to make the snow at the rock sports complex. the temperatures starting at 20 this morning and mid 20s this afternoon and sunshine out there but the chilly breeze 8-16, that means the windchills staying down single digits and teens today. here are the actual temperatures in the area. 19 in beaver dam.
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we are keeping the readings close to 20 degrees. we are focussed in on the pacific coast and the rockies. this is meandering through and spilling into the plains and developing the snow across southeast wisconsin. we are going over the timing, saturday travel is looking great for most of the day. the snow is spilling across the mississippi river, coming into southern wisconsin by saturday evening, that is 6:00 p.m. the western counties and latest up around sheboygan. the snow is continuing overnight saturday. the one changes, this is one long event through sunday, especially late morning and into the afternoon, we have a renewed area right snow.
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24 hour window with the snow across the area. the snow forecast 2-4 inches saturday evening and night and again on sunday. add those up and most of southeast wisconsin could pick up 4-8 inches of snow this weekend. yes, tim, did you see that, there is 8 on the map. if we get the 8 inches he's volunteering to shovel. >> i have a bad back. >> now you have >> we'll see. if you have travel plans allow extra time. high of 9 on thursday. >> that is cold. jeremy is saying leave the forecast to the experts, tim. melinda: new this morning, a woman in arizona is accused of stealing someone's identity after using a debit card. the problem is it was her own card! isabel ponce didn't know there were any issues until she saw a wanted poster with her face on
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she says it's all a bank of america mix up. she's had problems before with the bank confusing her with another woman who has the same name. >> are you a criminal? >> no, i'm not a criminal. >> you are not a criminal? >> no. i don't have time, i work 44 hours plus a week. i don't have time for that. i'm police closed the case once they found out about the mix-up. but ponce says she's still worried about how the wanted poster could affect her future. >> a woman in arizona wakes up to a stranger in the shower. it happened the weekend of thanksgiving. that mother quickly got her two daughters and hid in the closet and called 911. when the police arrived they arrested the man that was wearing just a towel. he left behind a lot of damage as well. she didn't want to be
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>> he left blood on the walls. heer to out of the plumbing in the shower. he ripped off the shower rod. >> police say that just hours before, he was intoxicated and got into a fight. instead of going to his home, he went to the home he used to live several years ago. >> new this dakota bus driver is in trouble. he abandoned kids alongside the road after yelling and swearing at them. the driver was caught on camera calling the kids names and using racial slurs. the surveillance video is showing the driver pulling over and forcing the kids off the bus and he drives away.
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>> so-called porch pirates thwarted by the police in maryland. someone saw the thieves stealing the packages from the porch and called the police. they tracked down the suspects that filled a truck with stolen mail. and in all, 70 packages for stolen. the police returning all of the stolen packages. >> theedz belong to you? >> the people who didn't answer their doors have to pick up the packages at the police station. two men are facing charges for stealing the packages. >> more and more people are getting those surveillance cameras. >> it is a thing now. >> it is saving the day. >> it is catching the bad guys. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. riding along to see a new police tool in action.
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they get away, all thanks to a high-tech dart. >> you have seen them, the salvation army bell ringers are out and the unexpected gift dropped off in a red kettle and just how much it is worth.
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>> new, a diabeteses drug is showing promise in treating parkinson's disease. >> the treatment wassee created in michigan. it is treating the brain cells and reducing inflammation and reducing the need for other medications that have serious side >> small increases in blood pressure have sere owes health risks, they have studied 5,000 african-american adults and the higher number is linked to increase in heart failure. >> and the u.s. surgeon general is saying that e-cigarettes are a public health threat to the youth.
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e-cigarettes have the possible to create a whole generation addicted to nicotine and they are not harmless and too many teens are using them. >> for the first time in nearly 80 years the makeup industry could be facing more government regulations. a group is requiring the f.d.a. to look at the safety of five chemicals a year and giving the f.d.a. is power to recall dangerous produc regulated by the f.d.a. for the use in cosmetics. 4:59. the news continues. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5:00, friday, december 9th. big head line days away in the
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morning. >> late night rescue, the latest on a crash that sends a car through a house. >> we are on weather and traffic watch. it is a cold morning. now to jeremy nelson. >> good morning, we have cold now, and snow over the weekend. we are starting off and getting out the door early this morning with a live look outside. the temperatures not too bad, in the 20s currentl 23 at cathedral square. a breeze at 10. it is brisk out there. that is giving a windchill temperature of 12 degrees in milwaukee. 13 in madison. single digits up to the north. it is cold morning for the kids. bundle them up. this amp chilly. the high in the mid 20s. we talk about the snow and when it is beginning and how much we are expecting.


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