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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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morning. >> late night rescue, the latest on a crash that sends a car through a house. >> we are on weather and traffic watch. it is a cold morning. now to jeremy nelson. >> good morning, we have cold now, and snow over the weekend. we are starting off and getting out the door early this morning with a live look outside. the temperatures not too bad, in the 20s currentl 23 at cathedral square. a breeze at 10. it is brisk out there. that is giving a windchill temperature of 12 degrees in milwaukee. 13 in madison. single digits up to the north. it is cold morning for the kids. bundle them up. this amp chilly. the high in the mid 20s. we talk about the snow and when it is beginning and how much we are expecting.
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good morning, matt. >> good morning, no complaints. holly hill and 41, looking good. light volume. the pavement the dry for the most part. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> sheboygan county deputy involved in a crash along near county highway pp. the interstate was closed two hours early this morning while they cleared the scene. the deputy was trapped in the cruiser. >> with a few days to spare t recount in milwaukee county is finished. they wrapped up yesterday evening and now waiting for the results of that recount. hillary mintz is live with a look ahead.
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days before the deadline and wrapped up here at the warehouse, this is where the recount was going on here. now it is time to tabulate. that is starting this morning. the election officials will again start tabulating the vote results and file the numbers some time around and then we can see the results. in the first count, president-elect donald trump won wisconsin by 22,000 votes a the first republican presidential candidate to win the state since 1984. the recount was requested by green party candidate jill stien. the recount is complete here. that is ahead of schedule. after today, you can see the results online. you can find it by going to for now, live on the south side, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you.
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elections commission, 48 of the 72 counties are finished in wisconsin. some of the big counties still needing to be k078 pleated are racine, kenosha. >> all 72 counties are on track to finish by the deadline monday night. the results will be handed to the federal government on december 13th. the electoral college is meeting december 19th to next president. >> president-elect donald trump continues the trip and the country as part of his thank you tour. he's expected to hold more meetings to assemble the cabinet. we have in washington with the latest on the transition. >> tim, president-elect donald trump begins with more meetings in new york and travels to louisiana and michigan. ??
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>> we'll make america strong again. we'll make america rich again. we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. >> president-elect striking a softer tone. >> that's okay. that's okay. >> along with donald trump mike pence >> i am very proud to serve america in this important role. he's one of the several picks rolled out this week including the newist name for the labor secretary. the president-elect defending the choices. >> i want people to make a fortune and now they are negotiating with you. okay. >> before the president-elect headed to the next thank you rally tonight in michigan, he's meeting with the democratic
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going to baton rouge and campaigning for a louisiana senate candidate. >> thank you. donald trump is coming to west allis next week and at the wisconsin state expo center on tuesday night. mike pence will be with him. he's focussed on ohio iowa and now wisconsin. >> a serious accident, it happened near highway p and wisconsin avenue. look at the video from the crash that happened last night. the details are limited. at least one person was air lifted to the hospital. the emergency crews are about to leave the scene here. we'll bring you more details as they are coming into the news room. >> milwaukee police are investigating a double homicide from thursday morning. a man and woman shot and killed in their home. two children were found hiding
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now this happened near appleton and florist. the names of the victims are not released and no word on the motive. >> looking ahead, increase in patrols on the roads next week, the drive sober or get pulled over is picking up again on thursday. they are looking out for drunk drivers and speeding. >> only on 12 news, milwaukee police are cutting down on suspects into custody by using technology. star chase is a gps monitoring device out fitted on the police vehicles. this is surveillance vehicle of the officers attempting to pull over a black car on tuesday night for speeding and reckless driving. now the police activated star chase inside of the squad, they shoot a dart that has adhesive on it and sticks to the vehicle,
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the suspect's location. >> it is nice to have another piece of technology and tool to help us out to do our jobs. >> it is making you look forward to catching these guys, and taking them to jail and taking their drugs. >> now, milwaukee police since getting the star chase in the spring it has been used a 150 times successfully. james >> yes. >> i need one to get me an extra large coat, it is cold out there. >> well, extra layers is a good piece of advice. it is on the cold side and the winds are close to 10 miles per hour. the current conditions in racine, stars are shining out there. 21 degrees for the temp. we have the added chill in the
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single digits from walk through west bend, fond du lac and eden. snow making is continues at the rock sports complex in franklin. mid 20s in the forecast this afternoon. pretty cold evening and dropping into the teens with the early sunset time of 4:17. we look at the weekend forecast that includes the snow. we have the timing now to the morning commute. matt? >> so far so good on the roads. time to let the vehicle warm up. no delays out there. 41, 165, i-94, nice and smooth there. light volume. that is what we are seeing across the system. the travel times are all in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you.
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milwaukee bucks game. just 22 years old, ynannis is closing in on the records. a second triple double on wednesday night and the bucks win. he had 15 points, 12 boards and 11 assists. now the second most with the franchise >> the packers are preparing to take an the seattle seahawks sunday. there is a chance that the team could be without an outside line backers on sunday. rick perry has broken fingers and clay matthews is questionable. aaron rodgers was limited in practice but is expected to play. kickoff is 3:25. >> looking ahead, the milwaukee
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state fair park. check out the gear, get advice from the experts as well, and admission is $9 for adults and $4 for kids 6-12. free for those 5 and under. this is the third year for the show. >> honoring one of the last space pioneers. >> memories one wisconsin aviation community is sharing about astronaut john glenn. >> frozen in
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>> welcome back. you are watching "wisn 12 news this morning." we saw a little clearing overnight here in southeast wisconsin and stars out there early on and plenty cold. the first step out the door the temperatures in the low 20s. single digits to teens for the windchills. no the north west, there are actual air temperatures in the teens below zero. 14 below in bismark.
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and upper teens and lower 20s. we have the snow coming in later on saturday. allow the extra time travelling. we get to this and let you know how much snow we are expecting. now to matt. this morning the roads are dry. you can see light volume here. things are moving smoothly. the travel times are all in the green at this no crashes on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, slippery road conditions are blamed for a 40 car pileup on michigan interstate yesterday. this happened 50 miles west of detroit. the officials shutdown the highway in both directions and three people were killed. 11 people were take ton the hospital. >> another pileup along the ohio
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90 south of erie involving 13 vehicles here, including semis. 15 people were hurt and sent to the hospital. >> the search for a suspected cop killer in georgia the over. two officers were fatally shot. the police found the suspect dead inside of a home. police say that he was already wanted on when the officers answered the domestic call. >> this morning the world is remembering astronaut john glenn. the first american to orbit the earth died yesterday at the age of 95. we was the last surviving member of the first astronauts. the reason and the cause of his death are not disclosed yet. the people in wisconsin are remembering glenn as a pioneer
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columbus, you know, they went to places that none of us will ever get to and for the first time. >> now in a statement, president obama said quote john always had the right stuff and inspiring generations of scientists, engineers and astronauts that will take us to mars and beyond. >> new this morning, defense secretary ash carter is making unannounced visit to afghanistan. this is the last planned trip beforehanding off the responsibilities to the successor james. scheduled to meet later on friday, the afghanistan president. ten thousand troops remain in
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tail almost became a piece of jewelry. the feathers were found preserved in amber for last 99 million years. they found in at a market in asia. this is a once in a lifetime find. this creature was the size of a sparrow. >> 5:17. early gift for the salvation army in waukesha county a. rare gold south african county found in a anonymously at wal-mart. it is estimated to be wovrt close to $12,000. they say they are thrilled with this generosity. >> it is very special and it is important to us because right now we are running behind in our kettles by 25,000 and we have a long ways to go. >> is salvation army may auction
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more money to meet the goals this year. >> the arctic blast denied the grand opening of the red arrow ice skating park. it was scheduled for december 15th, but with the temperatures expected in the single digits it is postponed until december 21st. the crews are filling the rink with water. >> that means -- >> just too cold to work? maybe. >> i think to get the ice on there the temperature has to be perfect when creating the rink. the past years too warm. now too cold. >> at least here for christmas. >> yes, should be. for christmas, we'll have probably snow around, at least some this weekend. we are not burying the lead. you can say it.
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>> total snowfall in most areas 4-8 inches. >> yes. that is from saturday evening through sunday. so the snow time line snow developing around 6:00 p.m. or after on saturday. most of the day on saturday is dry. the snowiest weather is saturday night into sunday. it is a long drawn out light snow for most of sunday. quiet at cathedral brisk winds. the winds generally 8-16 today. chilly, the highs in the mid 20s. since we are in the low 20s, we don't have a lot of warmth headed our way. let's jump ahead and to the weekend forecast. saturday, we may see a little sun in the morning and the clouds in the afternoon. here comes the snow. northeast in parts of the area, still dry, about to see the snow
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snow coming in saturday evening and saturday night a. brief lull some time on sunday morning before more snow is filling in and continuing in the afternoon. some periods of steady snow going from saturday night through probably early sunday evening. this is wrapping up by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. total is 4-8 inches for all of southeast wisconsin. coming at us 2-4 evening and sunday about 2 the-4 inches. we quiet down on monday before the temperatures plunge, maybe below 0 morning lows by next thursday and high of 9. >> here it comes. >> aaron rodgers' girlfriend has unusual hobby.
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see the mushroom i found and he's nice about it and then throws it away. he's not into them. >> okay. >> i feel that could be dangerous. >> that is a fungus. >> yes. >> catch the interview at ellen at 4:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00. >> he just wanted to make himself at home now he's in jail. >> why the police after taking a shower in his old home. >> wes and elizabeth are here with the weekend picks. >> good morning, a big game happening in milwaukee tomorrow. >> go golden eagles taking an madison. >> go badgers. my dad went to wisconsin. >> golden eagles. we are milwaukee.
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good luck to both of the teams. it is a fun game. >> coming up, tigers, and santa. you can do both.
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>> good morning. >> hello. >> good looking class. thank you for the great friday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the schools across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:25. >> we have made it to friday. this weekend plenty to do to get into the holiday spirit. >> wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix are here with the weekend picks. >> good morning, when you think of santa, do you think of tigers.>> yes, that is actually what pulled the sleigh in the old, well, never mind.
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is breakfast and lunch in santa at the zoo. three baby tiger cubs. >> nothing cooler. tigers are awesome. >> how cool is that. >> santa is cool too. >> yes, santa is a big deal. are you on the naukty or nice list? >> really? really? are you going to ask that? >> he's on definitely. >> 5:26. keeping the water you drink staf for the family. what the leaders are doing to keep the led autoof the water supply. >> rare risk, how con joined girls are doing afterbeing separated.
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tim: overnight a deputy in sheboygan county trapped in her vehicle after a crash. what we're learning about the crash and where it tied up traffic early this morning. melinda: and summerfest set to make another announcement today. the details we learned overnight about who's joining the lineup
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tim: plus, a cold start this morning. there's snow in the forecast when you may see flakes start to fall in your area. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this friday, december 9th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is the weather center. >> good morning, we have the cold temperatures across region. the radar will be showing quite a bit of snow over the weekend. layer up this morning. single digits and feels like 12 above in milwaukee. feeling like 8 in waukesha. the kids will be greeted by a brisk wind and highs in the mid 20 #s this afternoon. this weekend the kids can play in the snow.


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